Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Disha and Pragya join hands to get property papers


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The Episode starts with Mitali thinking if Pragya’s story was true or false. She thinks if she is caught while spying then she will say the same story. Inna Sona plays as Abhi thinks about Pragya. He thinks he is still in the city and missing her. Abhi thinks don’t know how I will live without her and thinks she is the best wife in the world.

Pragya thinks it is 11 pm now and thinks to steal the papers from Aaliya’s room. She thinks she will not make her elders go homeless and will not ruin Abhi’s life and his property go in wrong hands. Tanu gets up and thinks once Aaliya gets her property, she will kick Dasi out first and imagines kicking her out, and she apologizes to her. She imagines kicking her out of house with Aaliya’s help. She thinks it will be fun dreaming about him.

Pragya thinks she will fight with Aaliya and will not let her win. Disha comes there and asks where is she going? Pragya says she came to kitchen to have water. Disha tells her that Purab told her about her when she asked about his family members. She praises Pragya and asks why you are not sharing with me. Pragya says you are thinking wrong.

Disha gets emotional and asks if she would have replied this same when Bulbul was on her place. Pragya says I called you my sister thinking you mine. She says if I tell this to anyone then a big storm have come. She says I have faced many troubles to protect Abhi, but this time I couldn’t keep his enemies at bay, and have kneels down infront of them. She has accepted her defeat. She says just this night, everyone will change and will end. She says everyone is oblivious to the fact, only I am aware of this. Disha asks what is going to happen tomorrow. Pragya is silent. Disha says I will tell everyone that you are hiding something big. Pragya tells her that Aaliya have taken Abhi’s signatures on the papers and will register tomorrow. She says once she register then there will be nothing left with Abhi.

Disha asks how did you know? Pragya says she heard them taking and is going now to get those papers. Disha tells her that she will be with her in this fight. Pragya says we will burn the papers. Disha says it is risky and tells that they shall make Aaliya smell something so that she gets unconscious and don’t remember anything in the morning. She says she will make the home remedy medicine to make her unconscious and goes to kitchen.

Pragya and Disha come to Aaliya’s room. She asks Disha to keep eye on her till she searches the papers. While pragya is searching in her almari, torch falls down from her hand. Aaliya wakes up and asks who is here? Disha and pragya hides. Disha makes her smell the medicine. Aaliya sees Disha’s face. Tanu gets up and thinks it was a dream. She then realizes hearing some noise. Disha makes Aaliya rest on bed after she gets unconscious and asks Pragya to search the papers. Tanu thinks why she is feeling worried and thinks to go and check. She thinks everything will be good in the morning.

Disha thinks Aaliya is heavy. She asks Pragya to find the papers as soon as possible. Tanu comes out of room and thinks to hear if there is some noise coming. Just then a book falls on her. Tanu thinks if Munni is planning to kick us out and gets doubtful.

Tanu comes to Aaliya’s room and checks. Disha and Pragya hides. Purab tells aaliya that when husband and wife are awake then she must know what they are doing. He holds Disha closer. Aaliya cries angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nothing left over pragya is caught I think so because in this seial they make lead and and actress dumb so she will be caught with her stupidity then alwz dragging

  2. This hopeless show has sustained bcoz of abhigya.but still hats off to the creative for the hardwork n to be on trp chart.the most loveble person is abhi the king of romance he is the reason make us watch the serial.best person,best in all aspects.without any makeover abhi played so many characters.from angry man to lovable husban .sriti is good but personally I hate her within three years she lost her health but still she feels great of herself .she found a jobless bf,secret romance what not.she is another pratyusha banerjee .this show is only becoz of shabir.

    1. Exactly same pinch I like only her character in serial but abhi I feel pity fr making him dumb I feel sorrow fr that but in real life he is the best sriti I also hate get personally fr doing such nonsense things but like only her character in serial

  3. Wikipedia says Kumkum Bhagya is more popular in Ghana than any other country in the world, including India. Apart from showing the series on Adom Tv, there are other outdoor shows known as kumkum KETEKE (kumkum TRAIN). During Christmas, some gifts are presented as Kumkum gifts.

    By the way, there is a long told ”lie” about a football match between Ghana and India that resulted in India beating Ghana 100 :1.
    This year, Ghana will have a chance to clear that ”lie” at least 3:1 in favor of Ghana ??????.

  4. really i alsp hate her due t her selection of boyfriend i hate him same pinch but onluy due to abigya role only i love this show and for shabir cutee pie such a lovely person k feel sorrow for his charactwe in the serial maling dumb

  5. Shabir is simply wasting his energy carrying this stupid woman .he will also fall sick.he is so sweet n see her idiot boyfriend short alien.

    1. Really but if she is with shabie I love them but with kunal i hate her to the core alwz with her didn’t like him at y dont know I hate her when she with that idiot no one cones like shabir

  6. I don’t know for what reason he accepted the project with her as said in that interview

  7. Common guys enough with the name calling and bad mouthing. Her personal life is her personal life. You can’t expect her to be perfect. Especially you Leena…you are taking her personal life way too personal, she’s human, she’s not a god, you are making her into one…please calm down….we are here to talk about the show not their personal life’s….

  8. Who accepted the project.one more advice for sriti if she goes on the beach this new year with bf plz buy proper swimming costume.respect parents atleast

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