Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya arguing. Abhi asks Pragya, why did you bring Tanu to hospital. Pragya says she didn’t want to take leave if anything happens to Tanu. She asks him to make a new song and talks about her profit. Abhi is surprised. Bulbul tells Purab that Tanu’s boyfriend escaped from their eye. Purab tries to motivate her and says you need a hug. Bulbul thinks who will hug my sister. Abhi tells Pragya that his sister have not betrayed him and was just careless. Pragya tells she knows and tells about Tanu. Tanu says I am not cheating him. She shows social networking site and says Tanu’s accident news was posted on the site. She reads comments. Tanu tries to suffocate her. Pragya gets angry. Abhi says she is just reading people’s comments. Pragya says I will not spare

her. Abhi asks them to stop fighting else he will do the accident. Dadi thinks why Pragya has not called her yet. Dasi comes and asks Dadi why she is waiting for them. Abhi, Pragya and Tanu comes home. Dadi says it is good that you came. Abhi says Tanu and her baby are fine. Dadi asks Tanu to take rest. Abhi goes to freshen up. Dadi signs Pragya asking her.

Aaliya asks Tanu, how she is feeling now? Tanu says better. Aaliya apologizes to her. Tanu says I am not blaming you. Aaliya asks did Nikhil came there? Tanu says Abhi saw me with him. Aaliya says Abhi will get to know about the truth. Abhi asks what she is hiding? He says if I get to know from outside then it will be bad. Tanu says I think I shall not hide this from you. She says Doctor said that I have a head injury and that’s why I gets hyper, upset, etc. Abhi says I didn’t come here to scold you. He says this baby is important to me. Tanu asks him to prove her. Abhi forwards his hand. Tanu happily hugs him.

Purab and Bulbul come home. Sarla asks Bulbul, what happened to Purab. Purab says she has beaten me? Bulbul says yes, I beat him. Purab says she has broken my hand for icecream. Sarla asks how did you come home? Purab says Bulbul drives the car and brought me here. Sarla asks her not to drive car and starts crying. Bulbul asks her not to cry. Purab says I forced her to drive car. Sarla asks him to stay there for tonight and says she will bring two glasses of turmeric milk.

Pragya recalls about her fight with Tanu in the car. She thinks to insecure Tanu to such an extent that she do any mistake. She thinks this will upset Abhi and thinks she will not do as such. Abhi comes and asks her not to touch his stuff. Pragya says sorry to him and says it is your personal matter. I should not have interfered. Abhi says you have learnt style and attitude, but didn’t learn to say sorry. He says sorry should be said from heart. Pragya says sorry. Abhi asks why you do such a work for that you have to say sorry. He says just go to hell, you and your sorry. Pragya looks on.

Abhi asks Ronnie, do you know Rajasthani. Ronnie says no and says he is from south. Abhi asks Payal not to let him go. He brings moustache and beard, and asks him to stick on his face. Ronnie refuses, but Abhi asks him to wear it. Ronnie runs from there and tells Pragya that Abhi is forcing him to stick moustache and beard. Pragya asks Abhi, what he is hiding? Abhi says it is of Chanchan/Payal. He asks Payal to wear it and thinks she looks like…….Pragya understands that Abhi is thinking about Bulbul in Sardar’s attire. She asks Ronnie to come and they leave. Abhi wonders where did he see it before.

Abhi tries beard and moustache on his face, and asks Pragya, how is he looking? Pragya says you are looking very scary and asks him to remove from his face. They argue. Abhi asks her to try it on her face. Pragya refuses and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Crap .. Such dumb writers they r just destroying the image of the serial

  2. Hmmm….Abhi knows…

  3. Everyone pls stop watching this serial or else they won’t change the track. Hate to c abhi hugging tanu. Even I started hating abhi nowadays. Shameless tanu now abhi too became shameless. I didn’t c yesterday episode just read updates for tat itself I m getting this much angry how u ppl. Stooopppp pls don’t like this track.

  4. Pls someone help hug pragya…no wan tc her she need a hug nw…

  5. hi ppl, why u ppl r wasting your tym watching n reading n writing comments on kkb?

    it’s simply not worth for your tym. plz watch something else.

  6. very worst episode…..writters r spoiling abhi ‘s charac so much…abhi wants to know abt the whom tat person rajastani and sardar ji getup..but y he did not take any step and investigate about pragya’s make over…i really fed up of this serial..so tats y i did not put any cmnt on this site…dear ektha mam pls stop the pregnancy track..there s nothing to change aftr pragya’s make over..i wish once pragya proves tanu and aliya true face infront of abhi..she will leav abhi for some days..or else bring some new male lead to pragya..abhi does not deserve pragya ‘s love ….

  7. Ivanunga intha year kula kathaya mudika maatanunga…….
    Kadupu vara mathiri kadha yezhuthathinga da na kekuringala……
    Hmmmmm ithan lachanathula apo apo romantic song vera…… can’t bare

  8. nanum Tamil thapa

  9. This is such a disgusting nd dragging serial….ivlo kevalama kooda story eludha mudium nu prove panranga script writers. ….

  10. Abhi nala yosi.. pragya bulbul dhadi la epdi irupanga nu yosichi paru.. apo tha unaku pragya oda unmayana face theriyum… so that u can trust her and help pragya in someway to show the real face of tanu and aliya…

  11. already most of us stopped watching kkb only reading the updates too worst track..really the worst from ekta better u can finish the serial by committing a wedding between tanu and abhi…I don’t get the meaning of kumkum bhagya in this serial…go to hell ekta

  12. I am so happy that so many peoples are from chennai. Me too from chennai..

  13. I stopped watching this serial. Nowadays, i am reading only telly updates. Thanks for the fast updates. Tanu hug panadhae padichadhuke enaku ivlo tension aguthu serial patha ungaluku epdi irunthu irukumo???

    Pragya leave this stupid abhi. un manasuku pidicha mathiriye nalla paiyan unaku kidaipan. Abi character ku tanu than correct.

  14. Roshni Subramani

    Evlo dhn izhupinga …mudila da saamii…power star movies eh thevalam polaye…

  15. Roshni Subramani

    But one thing …nikhil dhn chnce eh ila…sema grt vera…avanoda baby ah inoruthan sondham kondaduran..knjm kuda ve..maa..su…so…ilama irukan eh..ivanuku lam silai vache aganum…mr.maanamketavar nu…

  16. hai tulasi i am also tamil ni ishq ka rang safed serial papiya

  17. Ur right frnds. Naanum apdi dhan ninaikuran indha serial ah stop paniralam. Such a boring episodes.

  18. Hi nancy!
    7 to 7.30 timing la thaane varudhu?

  19. Che thu. Edhelam oru seriel. Karumam da

  20. Good seriel

  21. I think abhi is doing all this purposely. He stayed with his fuggi for a long time and he must know her character… What not did pragya do for abhi….. He can’t oversee all that. I think he wants pragya to succeed in her plan. Love’s trust cannot break soo easily…….

  22. Hi guys can you write your comments in English please. I don’t understand your language.I speak dutch and English.I don’t what to say about kkb. Very disappointed in kkb. I read only updates.I’m hope that abhi and pragya will reunite one day

  23. Hi .every one. pls unite abi and fugghi.now a days it boreing

  24. 10 10 2015
    Why Movies are censored and T V serials are not. Don’t mistake me because we are fed up with the stories, dialogues and above all their presentation of total show. These days we hardly have any mechanism to teach good morals/habits cultural nuances to our younger generations. But most the TV Serials of all languages depict only the influence of western culture. If the same trend continues we may have to forget our culture/tradition etc etc and one day end up in disarray.
    KKB is no exception to it. So far they have brought up the serial very well but for some contrasting portrayal. We find a wife sacrificing everything for the sake of her husband , a married man having an love affair with an unmarried woman who in turn betrays her lover , sister betraying her own brother for so called love/lust, and even going to the extend to tarnish her sister in law as character less and brother prepared to pardon all extreme evils of a sister and All functions having celebrations with liquor parties and women being party to it. Just tell me which one portrays our Indian culture, leave alone any religion/region. It is really shame that these serials do have a vast following and one can really feel that enough damages had been done and immorals taught as common and accepted. The violence and lawlessness portrayed as common which is mear mockery of our judicial system.
    Though our laws are not strong enough to curb the crimes effectively the social media has huge responsibility to uphold our culture, traditions and justice.
    People these days see anything that are televised that doesn’t mean it is popular and acceptable. We do not know how many are hurt and could not even swallow their grief over their valued culture/religious sentiments and traditions are being blown away. We all should know that these values are taught and practiced by older generations and passed on to next and to next and so on. Chinese are proud to be Chinese, Japanese proud to be Japanese and we Indians are so exceptional and we always remain to be some one else. Isn’t it. We do not have an identity to show to world on screen because we want to show ourselves as open to embrace whatever the west world preaches. Shame on us. Man became so civilized because of these cultures and traditions and no laws were there to enforce them
    So as a responsible media/entertainment producers kkb will be aware that whatever they do it will have a huge impact among the audience and should remember those days even physical contact by male & female characters are considered as symbol of s*xual expression and banned in the interest of larger audience.
    I would love to point out that KKB has been so far very lovable to watch and some scenes are so excellent and it will be there in our memory forever and should not forget Pragya that is our lady of the land ,symbol of love and affection and finally rest with a one final request that show to end with the Happy union of Abhigya , justice prevails and evils are punished

    1. From your response, you have enjoyed KKB and I went through the same rationale. India has moved on with its social norms.

      Chinese or Japanese also have the same social dramas with the influence of western serials and dramas. Mainstream Indians are still proud of our heritage. When there are these masalas, it makes these serials exciting to talk about with friends and neighbours.

      Lets just enjoy KKB or at least read the episode updates if the actual episode is boring.

      1. Thank u for the comments. As said the interest is diminishing and reading updates are also becoming bit boring. We have a lot of Tamil channels have plenty to offer as regard to TV serial,but only kkb was very interesting as I watched it from episode after Abhigra’s marriage. Any missing that charm and that after that rumour it is really punishing

      2. Thank u for the comments. As said the interest is diminishing and reading updates are also becoming bit boring. We have a lot of Tamil channels have plenty to offer as regard to TV serial,but only kkb was very interesting as I watched it from episode after Abhigra’s marriage. Any how missing that charm and that too after that rumour it is really punishing

  25. Guys there is some more scene included in yesterday’s precap, in which, after abhi and pragya’s scene, there is a scene where tanu comes to meet nikhil at his home. Nikhil opens the door and looks her from up till down and says what a surprise. Then aaliya also comes and stands next to tanu. They both looks nikhil with anger. It seems like they both came to threaten nikhil to hiding tanu’s baby’s truth. Let’s see what will nikhil do?

    1. noo..I don’t think so Nikhil will fall in their threat…but may be emotionally blackmailing can work out..as tanu has done dt to him before to keep him away for some days….
      and nikki I see in some places dt aaliya is asking pragya to get tanu and abhi married…is it true..
      obvio pragya will reject for it…but is this news true

      1. Sana it can possible becoz if pragya will keep aaliya’s proposal infront of nikhil then nikhil have to tell about the reason if he will refuse. And becoz he is doing his business with abhi so he have to accept it so his business relationship do not get spoil becoz of his refusal. And sana tanu doesn’t make him for CE for this marriage becoz she knows aaliya will kill her for this. And aaliya, as we knows that she is with pragya then she will also support pragya for taking this decision of aaliya’s marriage with nikhil and even abhi also likes him and if dadi will approve this wedding then aaliya will have no choice to refusing from it. Becoz if she will refuse then everybody will b doubt on her that she is still thinking to getting purab somehow. So abhi will definetly give approval for aaliya’s marriage with nikhil to keep away aaliya from purab forever. Aaliya have nothing now so she will not have any choice. Ya only one way will b left for her if she will tell to abhi and everyone’s tanu’s baby’s truth that nikhil’s affair was with tanu and he is tanu’s baby’s father. Even nikhil will also have this one choice to tell this truth to everyone if he will want to get rid from this marriage or he will really want tanu and his baby. By this way, tanu, nikhil and aaliya both will get trap and they will definetly end up by revealing this pregnancy’s truth for saving own self from each other and from this problem. And sana where u saw and got this news that aaliya will ask pragya to do tanu and abhi’s marriage? I don’t know anything about it even I did’nt read or saw anything like this. Well if aaliya will ask pragya for tabhi’s marriage then definetly she will refuse from it by giving that excuse which she was given last time. And if ur news is correct and this will happen then I think pragya will end up announcing her decision aaliya’s marriage with nikhil instead of tabhi’s marriage. Well let’s see what will happen exactly becoz these all r my guess except this news that pragya is fixing aaliya’s marriage. With whom it is our guess that it could b nikhil.

      2. Sorry sana I didn’t read ur question carefully. I thought u r talking about that news which I have given next that pragya is fixing aaliya’s marriage. Sana off course they will end up blackmailing nikhil emotionally to stopping him for telling the baby’s truth. And sana I read about that segment that pragya is fixing aaliya’s marriage. Aaliya is asking for tabhi’s marriage from pragya? I don’t know about it even I didn’t read or watched anything about it.

      3. lets hope for d best..atleast this tanus pregnancy track should be finished….
        fed up seeing tanus face

    2. Guys one more news. I just took a visit on india forum site where i read about a new segment, where pragya is fixing aaliya’s marriage. Don’t know with whom? But forum’s people’s guess is that it could b nikhil. Forum’s people’s r guessing that may b pragya has realized some connection between tanu and nikhil. That’s why she is fixing aaliya’s marriage with nikhil so tanu, nikhil and aaliya trio gets trap and to come out with this problem, someone among from them, will reveal this pregnancy truth. I don’t know much about it becoz I didn’t watch any segment of today. But I will try to know more about it and will tell u guys.

      1. Nikki it’s just a spoiler r really is going to happen. I think so it won’t happen.

      2. yes Nikki..i also read this news in Delhi News Network…

        Priya..it may happen or just a rumor …but onething is that, Pragya has clearly identified Tanu’s weakness that Tanu herself can split out all her truth if she is tensed..so she can actually plan something to get Nikhil infront of Tanu…

        but Nikki..today only I happened to see last week episodes…i really feel, Abhi is aware of Pragya;s truth…he is just acting or trying to find the whole truth… onething made me happy is… 🙂 when Bulbul came and told that Purabh is injured ..Abhi preferred to see Purabh first than Tanu 🙂 but if Pragya was in Tanu’s place..that won’t be the case i think 🙂 Abhi will not be in a position to think anything else if Pragya is a patient 🙂 and one more thing is…when Pragya was asking sorry..i felt..Abhi is expecting Pragya to tell him the truth..so he might have told that..if Pragya is really sorry, then she would have told the truth to ABhi … since she is not doing that, Abhi is disappointed 🙂 that is wat i felt, when Abhi told her that the person infront should feel that she is sorry 🙂

      3. Yes chittu.. also did you notice when Tanu hugged abhi.. he did not react at all.. I have a very strong feeling that abhi knows everything… also if he is really so upset with pragya and wants to move on, he would have removed his ring… but he has not done so… pragya has also not removed her ring which he would have noticed for sure… just that we all need to develop more patience and wait for the progress…

      4. Hi chithu! Gud to see u back. Chithu I can understand what r u trying to say. I hope ur prediction comes true about abhi even I m watching the show yet becoz of only this hope that abhi is up to something or he will find out pragya’s truth soon but chithu whatever yaar but I don’t lime his words and behavior which he uses for pragya ilin his talking. I can understand his anger for pragya not telling him the truth, if he really knows that pragya cannot changed and she is hiding something but chithu he could show her anger by keeping himself away from pragya na. Why he uses such hurtful and harsh words for her. I mean it is not fitted for a lover. And chithu if pragya is really going to make a planof aaliya’s marriage with nikhil which we r guessing that he could b, then it will b a very gud plan to trap trio- tanu, nikhil and aaliya but just need a careful and gud execution.

      5. but chithu tis nd al might b our imagination too na… bt he ly showed his hands towards tanu nd hold her, even many other ways wer there to prove na… highly disgusting da……. if pragya sees then she ll get heart attack itself, then tis nikhil??? coward nd cunning tis ll b d exact matching 4 him….. bt only 1 thing i can understand tat abhi guessed r smelled smthing abt their plans r tanu nd aliya, tats y he s behaving rudely nd idiotically…..

      6. yes Nikki..tat will be a nice track if Pragya is arranging marriage for Aaliya-Nikhil..but onething i doubt is..Aaliya is not the one who accepts the decision of others…even Abhi can not force her..only possibility is that, if Aaliya thinks that she can use this for her own benefit, then she may act like accepting the proposal 🙂

        but inorder to make her feel that, as you said, Pragya need to carefully execute her plans 🙂

      7. nikki bt my overall angry s gng towards on dadi ly…she s an old lady….. clever ly i agreed bt tats not enough to handle dis devils na…
        in case if she s not feeling wel r sm other thing happen to her who ll explain abhi abt tis nd al??? better tel to abhi during dheshra festival…… aliya s more dangerous devil… she ll do anythin……
        on during functions ly tis aliya devil ll becum more active pa

      8. Ya chithu and guys finally I got it. Thanks chithu for sharing the link. In this new video they r saying that pragya is discussing about aaliya’s marriage with family in main hall. Everybody was there except abhi. Aaliya refuses for marriage.Then pragya taunts her that even nobody will wants to marry with u. Then they shows aaliya and pragya argues with each other infront of family. Then they shows bulbul, pragya and dadi r doing party outside becoz abhi has thrown aaliya out from his business.Then they shows pragya taunts tanu in a room they says becoz nikhil comes to meet her. They says pragya has set a new trap for aaliya and now only thing which is left is tanu’s baby’s truth revelation.

    3. chithu55 wt u said nw is absolutely true .. even i felt the same .. i strongly believe in abhi .. so plz yarum abhi ya thitadhinga . (don scold abhi) .. plz nivi deepika .. plz abhi ah thitadhinga m;)

      1. ramya v dn hav any personal motivations to scold him ma….. actually i cant accept when he hugged tanu… highly disgusting…. even if abhigya reunion happen in future also it ll be tough to forget tis ly na….
        only 1 thin i wanna say u all guys…
        wats it i can remember til 350 episodes nd enjoyed a lot…
        even there were lots of fyts nd cute romance nd also luv in their depth in both of their hrt…..
        bt i couldnt remember any important nd memorable things aftr pragya tkn modern avatar…..
        even i lyk abhi’s charac more tats y im scolding tis much ya…
        by the way even abhi has d same nd true luv on pragya in d sense he too shld be angry on her for hiding d truths…
        bt he shldn’t hug tanu even 4 teasing pragya, she cant bare it…..
        hope so abhi knws everythin nd finally deserve our hrts….. bt plz dn hurt pragya bcoz she din get anythin from d day 1 of her marg lyf except ur torture nd hurtin……….

      2. Completely agree with u nivi.. same here ramya.. not having any motive to scold abhi. Can’t see him with tanu.. dats y

  26. Booring bring abhi n pragya close plzz??????

  27. So boring serial. I stopped to watch this serial.dragging dragging..dragging.writer making fool.will nothing to happen in this boring serial. No reveals any truth. Only showing some revealing incident but in fact all shows of kkb are bakwas

  28. OK thanks Nikki.that’s means that the pregnancy track will not ending yet,pfffff

  29. thanks nikki for news update…

  30. but the most disappointing character in this serial is Nikhil…

    i donno how this CVS are trying to justify his character… this Tanu has told multiple times that she doesn’t love him… that is also ok…but she is explicitly telling that she is trying to marry Abhi for his wealth and fame..and she has made them believe that the baby is Abhi’s…after all this…what kind of guy will be behind her… if he really wants to get his baby..then he should open up infront of everyone boldly like a guy… and he shouldn’t accept a girl like this…may be he can get his baby and leave Tanu alone..that is wat a true guy is expected to do… his character is shown as good in the serial..but not sure why with this much hesitation…

    1. U r right chithu but I think there could b some reasons behind nikhil’s silence infront of abhigya and everyone. May b his motive is something else and he just wants to use tanu for it or may b he is afraid from this fact that if abhi will get to know the truth, his business relationship with abhi could b spoiled or may b this is CVS trick for dragging this track. Otherwise, no other reason, I could see, for his silence except these. Mostly it’s look like only a part of dragging becoz tanu’s parents r also vanished from the track since long even after getting to know that her daughter is pregnant and still living without marriage. Nikhil’s intentions could b suspective but tanu’s parents! I don’t think so. So mostly, nikhil’s silence is a part of dragging of track by CVS. So it’s CVS r responsible for this, not nikhil’s. If their purpose is dragging by nikhil’s silence then they should clarify the reason of nikhil’s silence in the track. Or I think like bulbul was telling to pragya in hospital after watching his shoes in tanu’s hospital room, that which type of work he has done, he will only hide himself. Bulbul’s means was that he is feeling shame to come out infront of everyone. So may b this could b the reason that he feels shame but i feels, he looks like scared more than feeling shame. But whatever, his actions r not justifying his silence in the track so logically CVS should give us it’s reason.

  31. We are fed up with this kkb. Pls reunite abhi and fuggi. Nowadays. It is boring.

  32. Nikki I m having one doubt yaar. Before 2 days u told na tat they are planning for festival and drama something like tat. Whether this scene and marriage sequence scene r same r different one. R could b continuation of festival scene na. Becoz in marriage sequence scene there is no audio right so only asked. It may b continuation of festival na..

    1. Ya Priya, according to segment, pragya was just doing aaliya’s wedding talk. But for now they will go with festive functions, after that if pragya is serious with aaliya’s wedding thing then they will go with this.

      1. Ohh it means next week fully festival and aliyah marriage sequences only. But how aliyah ll accept it. Any Maha episode going to come???

      2. Wat ever in case surely aliyah won’t accept it some more spicy scenes ll b there and one more thing to maintain the trp they r doing doing this aliyah sequences clever.

  33. New segment update- Pragya rehearsing for raamleela along with all family members, sarla maa also came with bulbul and janki amma to take part in raamleela. They r also playing some characters of raamleela. Pragya was instructing all and watching their rehearsals. Aaliya’s rehearsals was so funny. She couldn’t perform as character. Taiji and mitali bhabhi was doing fight with each other during the rehearsals. Tauji also couldn’t perform well. Pragya shouts on all of them for becoming the reason of her lose becoz she is sponsored of dushehra function. She gets tensed and fed up and she scolds them for bad performance. Only dasi and Darla maa performs well. Then in other clipping, they shows, pragya was talking with dadi on upstairs corridor. She was telling to dadi that don’t know what happened to aaliya, she tried to kill me by knife. I could save myself with so much difficulty. Dadi gets tensed after listening it and consoling pragya by instructing and saying something. Abhi was going from that way. He stops after seeing pragya and dadi talking together by holding each other hands. He hides behind the pillar and watches them and tries to listen their talk. But it seems he couldn’t listen anything. Pragya and dadi couldn’t watch abhi listening their talk.Dadi moves from there after finishing her talk with pragya. Abhi gets suspicious and confused. Then he moves towards pragya. Scene gets stop here.

    1. I was happy when they said that abhi has become jagga jasoos and he is doing pragya’s jasoosi. I thought atleast finally now abhi will start investigate pragya’s truth and like before he will catch it again.But guys it seems abhi couldn’t listen their talk becoz he was on some distance from them. And the way he was coming towards pragya at last, he was looking angry. I think here also he will misunderstood pragya. I think heis thinking that pragya is troubling dadi and dadi is requesting from her for something. That’s why he was coming towards pragya in angry mood to scold her. And if I m right guys then definetly pragya will prove his misunderstanding right by giving some excuse by which her truth remain hidden and abhi couldn’t doubt on her and dadi.

    2. Wow…such a good news Nikki… Hope Abhi will get some clue about Pragya 🙂

      1. Chithu I wish now he use his mind at least from here and start his investigation of pragya’s truth but like I aid that he was coming towards pragya in angry mood. So I have a doubt if he will really get a clue or he will again misunderstood her.

      2. Ha ha…true ..this CVS may do anything

      3. same feelin nikki……
        CVS ll dumb his character as hz much they can….
        bt is there any relationship between tis dhesra and tat ganesh mahotsav episode???
        i mean exposing tanu r aliya fully………..

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