Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya takes help of NGO Women to return home

Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi talking to fuggi toy and says today he fought with Purab. He hopes Pragya returns soon. Pragya comes with woman organization. Dadi, Dasi and Mitali knock on Abhi’s room and tell that Munni has returned with Women. Aaliya thinks Pragya has stabilized my place in the house and feels relieved. Mitali informs her that Munni returned with NGO women. The women are surprised to know from Pragya that she is Rockstar Abhi’s wife. One of the woman get happy knowing that she is Abhi’s wife. Other asks her to keep her excitement in control. Pragya says she was kicked out of home, when she kept karwachauth fast and nobody gave her anything to eat. They ask why did he throw her out. Abhi comes there and asks how dare you to enter this house again.

He says mistake is

mine, I would have handed you to police and asks her to leave. Woman shouts at him and looks at his hand. Other woman says you are scaring your wife with bat and asks him to return his wife’s right. Abhi asks who are you to tell this. Woman says we are from NGO and works for women’s rights and protection. They ask him not to throw Pragya out of house. Abhi says he will give money. They say they need justice, but not money. Abhi asks do you fight for men’s justice too. He tells them that injustice happened with him. Pragya says he said that I am not his wife and asked me to leave. He even beaten me. Abhi says liar. Women organization get against him.

Woman tells that they will not get scared with him and asks him to leave the wooden rod. She says we thought you will understand the matter, and says women is not weak and says lakhs of women will gather here which you haven’t seen in your concert. She says just a phone call to ruin your respect. She asks him to take his wife with respect. Abhi says even I can call and says I shall get justice. He says this woman standing here is not my wife. Other woman asks him to spit anger and asks him to sit. Woman asks Abhi to take divorce in court if he don’t want her to stay here, Abhi says she is not my wife, but her lookalike and asks if anyone will keep wife’s lookalike at home. He says when my sister showed the proofs, I asked her to leave. NGO women are shocked. Aaliya says she is fraud and cheat street woman.

Pragya tells Abhi that she will proof that he is her husband. Woman asks her to bring proofs. She says she will bring and goes inside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is their acting or really he didnt recognize her anyway what will THS proof don’t knoe if abigya unites its k

  2. Frustrated Fan

    God.. Limits.. Today’s episode was supposed to be funny… Imagine a man can’t recognize his wife and is supposed to be drowned in sorrow in her memory… Why can’t they just unite abhigya and then play a prank on Aliya and tanu and get the truth our. Waise bhi is programme ke spinoff mein karan will get preeta,so let munni get rishabh… Something good in both the serials and fighting against negativity… Let good win once over evil.. Last 3.5 years only evil wins in kkb

    1. kkb no more...

      I totally agree with you. In a world where we need to know that in the end good wins, this show choose to show the opposite. I loved kkb and kept zee tv only to watch the show. I have now cancelled zee since kkb is just bad and dragging.

  3. round and round like a merry go round

  4. LOL, there is no limit to this BS…no use asking for any in this show, Let just consider it a circus with the characters as elephants, chimpanzee and donkeys. It will make watching the show more bearable.

  5. most disgusting serial

    I agree with you Seshni it seems that ekta kapoor has lots of money to waste on her writers for the stories to repeat the same thing round and round like a merry go round.

  6. Abhi has lost his marbles because of those evil w#@##$. Its a shame that one man has been duped numerous times by Aaliya and Tanu supported by his deceitful cousin Raj. Pragya has to be very smart in getting evidence to prove herself in the presence of everyone

  7. Who knows what evidence she has maybe the bullet scar on her stomach, this series have reached its guessing point maybe she will go inside and change her clothes come down and show everyone that bullet scar and ask abhi for a divorce.I HOPE SO ?

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