Kumkum Bhagya 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to come on a romantic date. Pragya says she don’t like waste things during work and says only one thing is allowed, and asks him to say yes boss. He says whenever you stand like this, then you looks like a cute robot. Abhi says I will not go to rehearsals etc. Pragya says if you go for rehearsals then we will go on a date. Abhi gets happy. Pragya thinks your next performance will be best till then. They come to the rehearsing venue. Emraan Hashmi comes with his film’s star cast for the promotion of his film Azhar. Pragya asks him about Cricketer Mohd Azhar uddin, says she is his big fan. Abhi teases her. Prachi says they look cute while fighting..Emraan says I am happy that you are married and says once we did vest ad. Nargis says oye oye is her fav song.

Nargis goes on the stage and dance with Abhi. Emraan asks him to watch the film. Abhi prays for the film success. They leave. Abhi says I will give you date 13 May..tera main…Pragya smiles at his humour.

Nikhil tells Sarla that she couldn’t tell anything to Pragya, or save her. Sarla gets angry. Nikhil says your hands are of no use, it can just shake. Sarla slaps him. Nikhil says once more. Tanu is shocked. Nikhil says your daughter will be punished because of you. Tanu asks him to come as anyone can see them here. Nikhil says Aaliya had killed your younger daughter, and we will kill your elder daughter. He laughs and says we will meet in the evening to asks how you are feeling after losing both daughters. Tanu says it is your mistake. Why did you get your daughter married in a rich family, and says it is happening because of her greed. Pragya opens the door, just then she hears Robin calling her. Pragya goes to meet doctor. Tanu asks Nikhil to come. Sarla feels helpless. Pragya asks Doctor to change the medicine dosage. Doctor asks her to have patience, and says patient takes time to recover. Nikhil says just look at her face. She thought Pragya will save her. She says destiny is with us, and says I will not forget this slap, and says bye. Tanu asks him to come out, before Pragya sees them. Sarla is helpless.

Abhi sees Tanu and Nikhil together and asks Tanu what is she doing with Nikhil as he was planning against him. Tanu says actually he came to meet you. Nikhil says I came to talk to you. He says my lawyer told me truth and I was very shocked. He says Aaliya was the person who made those papers, and says Aaliya had opened a fake company and bank account, which she was operating. He says she wanted to give your company’s control to that fake company and get all the money. Tanu says Aaliya could do such a thing. Nikhil says I saw aunty and was teary eyes. Pragya comes there just then with Dadi. Abhi apologizes to Nikhil and thanks him for getting info from the lawyer. Pragya asks Doctor to come. Nikhil says I will leave now. Abhi asks Nikhil to come inside and see Sarla. Purab comes and thinks may be Nikhil has fooled abhi again.

Pragya asks Doctor to see what Sarla wants to say. Doctor asks if something happened before I came here. Sarla tries to convey something. Doctor says she seems to be scared with someone or for some reasons. Abhi says it is not like that. Doctor says I will give her injection and injects her. Sarla points finger towards Nikhil. Tanu tells Nikhil that Sarla might tell pragya. Pragya asks Sarla not to get scared of him, and says he can’t harm anyone. Doctor asks abhi to support and pray for her. Abhi apologizes to nikhil again. He goes to meet Sarla and says she will be fine. Pragya looks on sad. Sarla sleeps because of injection affect.

Nikhil asks Tanu to bring Pragya at sign crossing road. Tanu asks what I will tell her. Nikhil shares his plan. Tanu gets excited and says you are a true rockstar. Nikhil says I have used only 20 % of my brain, and gives her private number which Police couldn’t trace. He asks her to be ready at 5 pm. Tanu thinks I will stay with Abhi as Tanu Abhishek Mehra.

Pragya comes to room and sees Abhi playing music on his guitar. She comes inside slowly. Abhi looks at her. Pragya tries to go hiding her face. Abhi says what you are doing here. Pragya says I don’t want to disturb you as you are composing the song. Abhi asks her to help him making the song. Pragya says so rockstar couldn’t make song today. Abhi says he needs time and empty mind to make song. Pragya asks him to use his heart and compose a good song. They argue. Abhi says until you give me respect I will not compose any song. Pragya says I will not give your pocket money, coffee, new guitar….Abhi says he can’t be away from his coffee and asks her to help him with words. Pragya helps him with lyrics. Abhi kisses her happily and says you are a magician.

Abhi tells Tanu that he has kissed Pragya as she helped him with song lyrics. Tanu asks Pragya not to think of throwing her out of house and says she has more right on Abhi than Pragya has.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • The Truth

      Pragya would be the biggest FOOL to trust Tanu enough to go anywhere with her. If she is that stupid then whatever happens to her Needs to happen.

  1. Ashu

    Today’s episode i could remember Kasamh Se which is my most favourite during my school days,in that Shabir acted as singer sandy n prachi desai as Bani Walia, very small portion only Shabir was there but i loved it,that only made me to watch Kumkum Bhagya for Shabir…

    • Seriously

      Are you guys kidding – ANOTHER let’s KILL Pragya story line!!!! Seriously. Give it a rest.

  2. ann

    seriously fed up of this recycling of Nikhil/tanu haunting sarla ma…planning to kill pragya…tanu will her stupid lyrics of having rights and of course Nikhil and tanu fooling abhi again…come on writers…can’t you all write something different for a change…this tanu thing has really gone beyond overboard….and it is making the story worst….

  3. Naveen

    Pragya could tell about tanu and nikhil plan how to Pragya kill by accident now who will stop this and when the tanu truth will come out guys it’s too much of late

  4. steffyrao

    I am really going bonkers watching Abhi going cluless. Not even a drop of suspicion on Takhil.
    Abhi made no investigation on Takhils presence at the lawyers office. Tanu lied & said she was having ice cream.
    And till today we dont kno who called Abhi & gave him the info to go to the lawyers office.
    Purab is Abhjs boss*m buddy…to the extent of having a “bromance” & he has no influence on Abhi to at least create a clear suspicion on Takhil.
    And Pragya who has knowledge tt Nikhil is the one who hurt her mum…she allows him to roam arnd MM freely. Cant she put a tap on him?
    Its sooo PAINFUL to see Abhi so dumb. Hes absolutely CUTE when he is romantic. The romantic scenes are cute & heartening. No doubt abt that. But really Abhi is a rock star. Y are u stripping his intelligence NAKED!!
    But pls CVs do some justice here with pregnancy track. I just hope praggys accident does not lead to a memory loss, back to square one where Pragya cant remember tt Tanus baby is not Abhis ect ect ect.
    I thought by now at least our RS/Abhi would’ve got his brain back. But looks like CVs have decided to put it in a sperm bank.
    Where is this story really heading???
    Can someone enlighten me pls b4 i really go bonkers.

    • mkc

      Agree with you steffyrao…Abhi is a good actor but he is not giving a good role…he seems to be dumb and stupid and clueless always!

  5. Shivanya

    As usual same things r going on reji shobana swetha Gowtham anna any new updates is there any chance to expose tanu

    • Reji

      shivanya…no new updates have come yet…so waiting for it…and till now they r telecasting only the promo….so we have to wait for updates…and still now there is no chance of tanu getting exposed….

  6. Sai

    Try to bring some changes in the story pls…. It’s soooo boring with the same revenges …. Make abhi and pragaya together…

  7. Rishma

    Cvs are hurting Abhi’s character really bad.
    I dis like how they are making him look dotish

  8. Tweety

    Will tanu ever be exposed?? Ufff writters completely lost their mind.. Even after seeing TRP’s rate.. They r making another twist.. Again pragyas accident .. I hope so this is dream but don’t know wat is going to happen.. Wish they could expose her soon or please end this serial..

  9. Leila

    I think aaliya will sell out tanu n nikhil or sarla will write on paper since she can move her hand

  10. ruhi

    ???lovely n very romantic epi
    but now tanu should be exposed by some different way i mean unique bcz we r still stickd to kb jst bcz of abhigya are smwt unite other wise…….
    i imagine smthng new daily abt tanu’s truth to be exposed lyk i imagine abhi slapping tanu cntnsly n marry pragya in frnt of tanu ???

  11. Wendy

    I guess Abhi would have got small doubt on Tanu. that is the reason he is saying directly to Tanu that he kissed Pragya .. what you all say ??

    • how you find it nice, just for one kiss,? i find it very disgusting episode each time hurt to Pragnya team, and easily make fool to Abhi, hurt to disable Sarala, and now turn to kill Pragnya, again Nikhil team will success and cvs team stretch it as pragnya’s recovery.कुछ चेन्ज करो Direction teamऽ its boring, torturing and hurting to us it’s not source of entertain but its a source of frustation.

  12. gowtham

    actually these are all the clear indication for dragging it further…. on that day cvs persuaded us that abhi got some doubts on nikhil.. but juz in 5 minutes of tanus talking abhi forgot everything…. ok its useless to say.. bcoz its kkbs routine wrk of putting the the audience in the edge of the seat and again pulling them back.. so not a big deal… till now we didn’t know who juz infrmed abhi about lawyer office incident…. you know what aftr a long time my dad scolded me yesterday.. why watching this serial how could a lady be pregnant fr more than one year lik that he scolded … main reason is whn he left home i was watching iniyq iru malargal at 7.30 and whn he returned i was watching kumkumbhagya at 9.00…. this is the main reason…. always kumkum-bhagya… dnt get mad on this lik that he scolded… i should have watched it in my room… but the fact is he ll also get the updates from mom about the serial whenever he gets time??? i juz thought of it in my mind and kept quiet…

    • shobana

      Tanu has done master degree in manipulation so its not a big thing for her to make abhi a fool as always. And about lawyer office incident I think the person who has informed abhi will be known to us only when Tanu is exposed.
      Actually gowtham my mom used to scold me for watching kkb. So that I stopped watching IIM but I will give her all updates regarding kkb. If episode is funny I will make her to watch retelecast. My dad wont say anything even if I watch both kkb and IIM.

    • Reji

      Ayyo gowtham bro. ..unga dad solrathu 100% crct…updates therinja thathuke unga dadukke ivalavu kovam varudhuna….2 years ah thodarndhu pathukuttu irukkura namakku evalavu kovam varanum?? My mom will go to office and return at 10 o clock…she is not getting time to watch im and kkb.. she likes im more than kkb..but whenver she returned home she will ask im kya hua? ? (In home we will speak little bit hindi only) tanu is exposed ah??I will say wat happnd today in im …my mom is fed up of this tanu track…!!

      • deepa

        Nanum updates matum than padikuren ana sathiyam mudiyala eppo than indha tanu track ah end ku kondu varuvanga….indha serial mudiyira varaikum idhu matum than story ah…..tanu ah expose pandradhulaye serial ah mudichiduvanga pola…..irrirate agudhu…

      • deepa

        Haiii reji,shobana,gawtham,nithya,karthika&shivaya…….how r u frnds???can i joined with u frnds???

  13. If sarla’s hand works why cant she write and show the plan to pragya that takhil are gonna kill her… This show is going pointless nowadays -_- !!

    • becoz of dragging. if instead of Aliya’s marriage tanu’s marriage will be then the cvs team at once make situation to expose Tanu like Aliya’s but it’s not, so, just in the time of role playing character the serial is leading.that’s why i am saying it’s illogical serial. for whole 2 year they are leading an issue of pregnancy as a main story of serial, how disgusting.

    • shobana

      I have heard somewhere that paralysed people cant write. I’m not sure but I think that they cant write

  14. Gowtham is right. During some days, after tabhi’s marriage cancellation, Episodes r clearly showing the dragging. And it will more continue but don’t know until when. How easy to make abhi fool. He gets easily convinced with everybody and easily accepts any excuse. How he reached on this much height of fame with this attitude. Pragya is also silently waiting for don’t know what, abhi and pragya both r enjoying in their wonderland of love and sarla maa, when she is easily moving her hands then why they r not taking a written note of her statement against takhil? What r CVS showing on the name of dragging? Enough of stupidity and heights of rubbishness. That’s it. This accident promo will b nothing. They easily tied us with the seats to watch the show by using abhigya’s scenes. But on the name of further story of the track, they r just showing dragging and what I think now that CVS will not finish it until it will start affecting the show’s popularity and trp. Shikha is on vacation, so they have only takhil as a choice of villain for showing twist and turns, at least until shikha’s aka aliyaa’s come back. So once, shikha will b back then may b they will think to finish it but till then I don’t think so they will finish it. They will just drag the track like this. That’s it.

  15. Brintha

    purab thinks nikhil wud hv made abhi fool again…boss hw come one can make fool again who is already fool for more than a yead..

  16. naren

    Too much dragging and coming to the promo they shows pragya accident. whether it is a someone’s dream or not. If it is not a dream then what will they show in next epi. In previous epi they shows corporator and again they shows Nikil. The writers didn’t stick with one to expose. They just showing dragging only. If they want to concentrate Nikil as a villan then what is the necessity to bring corporator to get back the shows. I am sure after pragya accident they don’t show Nikil and bring corporator back. There was lot knots are still untie still they are bringing a new villan in abhigya life. And coming to the promo is it necessary to show pragya accident .

  17. tere dinner ka de du bill agar tu de de apna dil!!!! ha ha ha….so funny…really she is the magician…kissing scene was like cherry on the cake.Pragya’s expression was mindblowing as always.but seriously i don’t get it enough…i m ean last epi ended with the dhokla scene where Pragya told before doctor came she want to meet with her mother…so definetly today’s epi should start from that part…bt don’t understand how episode start with Azhar team!!!!Abhigya were in home…when they got ready for the meeting and all?no meeting bt some big fan of Azharuddin and all…oye oye…can’t get it…then suddenly they were in home wearing the same dress which they wore last epi…when they came back??/i guess they didn’t matched the sequences….anyways pls end Tanu track it’s really irritating…want #abhigya reunion….

  18. sham


    Saral can lift her hand can show Nikl and Tanu but she cannot write and explain what is the problem even every body knows except Abi
    Nikil tell one lie and Abi believe in that but he will not believe his own people (Pragya, Dadi, Rachana, Akash Purab) if they tell him that Tanu is not carrying his baby.

    Tanu is much clever than Pragya. Pragy look dumb

  19. jay

    Haiiiiii Friendsssssss……….This Is Jay again with 2nd Kural…..Thank you Frndz……….for all your supports

    Here we go with 2nd couplet (Kural)….

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : கடவுள் வாழ்த்து/The Praise of God/Katavul Vaazhththu

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)

    கற்றதனால் ஆய பயனென்கொல் வாலறிவன்
    நற்றாள் தொழாஅர் எனின்

    Transliteration in English :

    Katradhanaal Aaya Payanenkol Vaalarivan
    Natraal Thozhaaar Enin

    மு.வ உரை:
    தூய அறிவு வடிவாக விளங்கும் இறைவனுடைய நல்ல திருவடிகளை தொழாமல் இருப்பாரானால், அவர் கற்ற கல்வியினால் ஆகிய பயன் என்ன?
    In Normal Words:
    தன்னைவிட அறிவில் மூத்த பெருந்தகையாளரின் முன்னே வணங்கி நிற்கும் பண்பு இல்லாவிடில் என்னதான் ஒருவர் கற்றிருந்தாலும் அதனால் என்ன பயன்?

    Couplet in English:

    No fruit have men of all their studied lore,
    Save they the ‘Purely Wise One’s’ feet adore


    What Profit have those derived from learning, who doesn’t worship the good feet of Him who is possessed of pure knowledge ?

    Hope you understand the explanation …. Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz

    • Brintha

      what are you trying here jay.? i worship Thirukural as it is tamil and my mother tongue… but why u posted here..? can u tell me the reason?… in our routine life to relax we are spending some time with entertainment.. thr also ur teaching some lessons.. come on yar.. some times i dont lije ti comment in tamil.. why because i can understand hindi while watching.. i can’t understand whn hindi us written in english.. same way if we comment in tamil all can’t enjoy apart from tamilians.. and this is the hindi serial.. we are talking here only about serial.. if we need any lessons or bajans we know when to do how to do… just publishing here thirukural is not praising our mother tongue.. in fact its a gr8 insult.. it should be always proper forum.. and for ur information this is not the forum…

  20. Worst worst worst serial ever on zee tv..
    Once upon a time KKB ws wortj wtchng..
    Bt nw thy hv decided oly to drag d serial in order to bore d viewers…
    Hopeless serial… ?

  21. Dumb n satya savitri pragya.. she chngd hr personality, bcam selfish n cam to kkb to teach abhi’s enemies a lesson.. nw its been 1 yr… dumb serial… dumb sarla cn wrte on a paper n give tht nikhil n tanu tried killng hr.. bt no… this cvs wanna continue foolng ppl ova here…

  22. Sana

    Pratiksha u obsrvd dat pragya eyd dat mobile which is in tanu’s hand nikil gaved tanu dat mobile to trap pragya in dat hav tanu’s video dat stold nikil

    • Sharada

      Very true sana…..I too thought so. Maybe pragya will be finding an opportunity to show video to abhi….or better yet let’s say tanu idiot will leave that mobile somewhere wen abhi will casually take it n find out abt the video wen he browses thro it to check whose phone it is? ??well we can at least imagine n dream of tanu s exposure rite??

  23. Sahithi

    One of the most boring and repeatitive episodes, which didnt make sense at all. Azhar movie promotions looked forced at the beginning, they didnt introduce the movie characters and Abhi Pragya with the movie cast also looked out of place.

    Then it is same old junk, Nikhil comes n threatens Sarla but no one sees that. Tanu can put a cam in her room, but Pragya leaves her mom again n again like that. Nikhil speaks about divorce papers n Alia but Abhi believes n in addition apologizes to him. It is still not clear if Abhi knows some truth or not. Why does he believe everything that anyone says. For a moment looks like he is acting n next moment feels like he is innocently trusting everything n everyone.

    And in precap he is telling Tanu about his kiss for Pragya. Why did Abhi suddenly give up the idea of Tanu n baby as his responsibility.

    In second part of precap, Tanu is again taunting Pragya, looks like Pragya tried to search for something in Tanu’s room or Tanu got doubt that Pragya is upto some plan again. Or Pragya found that new mobile that Nikhil gave to Tanu.

    But the highlight joke is Purab saying I will keep an eye on Nikhil, really, everyone says they will keep an eye but are always busy in their own dreamland.

  24. Shaz

    Ennappa nadakudhu?? Thalaye sutthudhu…. What is the problem to abhi?? Abhi must want to face the accident. Bcos I hope after that definitely his brain will work correctly. But I am sure tanuwuku kalikaalam start. Kkb startla tabhida romance pragya partha ippa abhigyada romance tanu pakura. It’s all fate….

  25. Elda

    Hi dears,

    By reading the updates itself i am getting irritated, this much dragging. What would be the feeling of people who watch it regularly. The writers should have some pittiness to stop this crack track.

    And guys, do you read an update in tellychakkar, Sriti suggesting five books for her fans to read? Prathiksha, Reji, Brintha, Karthika, Gowtham anyone?

    And Jay nice work. 🙂

  26. Elda

    Also, as of last week the TRP rating has been slipped to the fifth position. Are the CV’s aware of this dears?

    • gowtham

      fifth ah… ?? what are top4?naagin YHM saath nibana saathya….. these three i knw what is the fourth

  27. Guys new update-
    Pragya faces accident. Just like the promo, in episode, pragya crosses the road. Just then a DCM vehicle comes and hits her hardly. Pragya falls badly She gets unconsious. Reporter says pragya faces the accident becoz of takhil’s planning. She is not waking after getting unconsious and now only her kumkum and it’s bhagya only can save her from takhil’s plotting. Sahithi she was in same saree, in which we saw her, in that mother’s day pic and video.

    • Sharada

      Good one reji. …Promo for new episode wen shifted to see tamil…..but nice it looks. Gud to know they truly appreciate the Tamil audience

  28. Reji

    guys watch this video …….Pragya promoting iniya iru malargal promo ……..even though it is a dub promo…….i felt that she is speaking with us in tamil

    Promo video link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5I1ntQtBIs

    see this and share ur opinion …….i felt like pragya speaking with us in tamil!!……….

    • razia

      Reji .. Bt this is an old promo .. Polimer la irundhu zee Ku serial mathunanga la apo indha promo Dan potanga …

  29. Shaz

    I wish to see the blind useless & deaf-and-dumb security of the Mehra House. I think abhi would have selected the security by using his useless brain. Sometime may be he was also manipulated by the security. So sad about abhi.

  30. Hai friends.. I just came to know that the accident is real.. Pragya is in unconscious state.. She is in yellow attire

  31. farida

    AR – May be can wish the same for you so you can stop watching.

    What needs to happen is that NIKHIL/TANU get exposed

  32. gowtham

    i dnt knw about North… but tamil guys election polling is gonna take place… i thnk reji shivanya are kutties so vote irukathu… but shobana razia and rest of the tamil people ll have vote i guess… so do vote and we must have to do it to show ourself as a citizen of india…. so plzzz do vote guys….

  33. Mittenzz

    CVS are really extending their hands here. Plot to now kill Pragya is extreme, but there is a silver lining. Sad that Pragya will get knocked down, sad that she will fall unconcious , but good that Abhi will now see it as his responsibility to take care of her. Tanu believes that doing this will get Abhi away from Pragya but it will only bring them closer.
    Tanu will try to get Abhi to marry her once again and he will put her off. He’s still idficially married to Pragya. She cannot get control of the house or anything else for all are in Pragya’s name.
    Question still… After seeing what happens to Pragya, will her team still remain mum? Will they still not say anything to Abhi about their suspicions…because I know they might suspect who could be behind it and not take it as a random accident.
    Whenever Tanu and Nikhil are together nothing good can come out of it.
    But seriously though how many circles are these writers going to draw? Aren’t they giddy with all these turns? We sure are. It’s time to draw a straight line and expose these traitors and thieves. Trying to claim rights that don’t belong to them. Enough is enough. please get the story under way.

  34. So long pragya take to expose tanu .and she did not tell abhi anything about tanu but now she meet with an accident well it’s good this serial is mad I think tanu will never get caught so mad………………

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