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The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to come on a romantic date. Pragya says she don’t like waste things during work and says only one thing is allowed, and asks him to say yes boss. He says whenever you stand like this, then you looks like a cute robot. Abhi says I will not go to rehearsals etc. Pragya says if you go for rehearsals then we will go on a date. Abhi gets happy. Pragya thinks your next performance will be best till then. They come to the rehearsing venue. Emraan Hashmi comes with his film’s star cast for the promotion of his film Azhar. Pragya asks him about Cricketer Mohd Azhar uddin, says she is his big fan. Abhi teases her. Prachi says they look cute while fighting..Emraan says I am happy that you are married and says once we did vest ad. Nargis says oye oye is her fav song.

Nargis goes on the stage and dance with Abhi. Emraan asks him to watch the film. Abhi prays for the film success. They leave. Abhi says I will give you date 13 May..tera main…Pragya smiles at his humour.

Nikhil tells Sarla that she couldn’t tell anything to Pragya, or save her. Sarla gets angry. Nikhil says your hands are of no use, it can just shake. Sarla slaps him. Nikhil says once more. Tanu is shocked. Nikhil says your daughter will be punished because of you. Tanu asks him to come as anyone can see them here. Nikhil says Aaliya had killed your younger daughter, and we will kill your elder daughter. He laughs and says we will meet in the evening to asks how you are feeling after losing both daughters. Tanu says it is your mistake. Why did you get your daughter married in a rich family, and says it is happening because of her greed. Pragya opens the door, just then she hears Robin calling her. Pragya goes to meet doctor. Tanu asks Nikhil to come. Sarla feels helpless. Pragya asks Doctor to change the medicine dosage. Doctor asks her to have patience, and says patient takes time to recover. Nikhil says just look at her face. She thought Pragya will save her. She says destiny is with us, and says I will not forget this slap, and says bye. Tanu asks him to come out, before Pragya sees them. Sarla is helpless.

Abhi sees Tanu and Nikhil together and asks Tanu what is she doing with Nikhil as he was planning against him. Tanu says actually he came to meet you. Nikhil says I came to talk to you. He says my lawyer told me truth and I was very shocked. He says Aaliya was the person who made those papers, and says Aaliya had opened a fake company and bank account, which she was operating. He says she wanted to give your company’s control to that fake company and get all the money. Tanu says Aaliya could do such a thing. Nikhil says I saw aunty and was teary eyes. Pragya comes there just then with Dadi. Abhi apologizes to Nikhil and thanks him for getting info from the lawyer. Pragya asks Doctor to come. Nikhil says I will leave now. Abhi asks Nikhil to come inside and see Sarla. Purab comes and thinks may be Nikhil has fooled abhi again.

Pragya asks Doctor to see what Sarla wants to say. Doctor asks if something happened before I came here. Sarla tries to convey something. Doctor says she seems to be scared with someone or for some reasons. Abhi says it is not like that. Doctor says I will give her injection and injects her. Sarla points finger towards Nikhil. Tanu tells Nikhil that Sarla might tell pragya. Pragya asks Sarla not to get scared of him, and says he can’t harm anyone. Doctor asks abhi to support and pray for her. Abhi apologizes to nikhil again. He goes to meet Sarla and says she will be fine. Pragya looks on sad. Sarla sleeps because of injection affect.

Nikhil asks Tanu to bring Pragya at sign crossing road. Tanu asks what I will tell her. Nikhil shares his plan. Tanu gets excited and says you are a true rockstar. Nikhil says I have used only 20 % of my brain, and gives her private number which Police couldn’t trace. He asks her to be ready at 5 pm. Tanu thinks I will stay with Abhi as Tanu Abhishek Mehra.

Pragya comes to room and sees Abhi playing music on his guitar. She comes inside slowly. Abhi looks at her. Pragya tries to go hiding her face. Abhi says what you are doing here. Pragya says I don’t want to disturb you as you are composing the song. Abhi asks her to help him making the song. Pragya says so rockstar couldn’t make song today. Abhi says he needs time and empty mind to make song. Pragya asks him to use his heart and compose a good song. They argue. Abhi says until you give me respect I will not compose any song. Pragya says I will not give your pocket money, coffee, new guitar….Abhi says he can’t be away from his coffee and asks her to help him with words. Pragya helps him with lyrics. Abhi kisses her happily and says you are a magician.

Abhi tells Tanu that he has kissed Pragya as she helped him with song lyrics. Tanu asks Pragya not to think of throwing her out of house and says she has more right on Abhi than Pragya has.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wish to see the blind useless & deaf-and-dumb security of the Mehra House. I think abhi would have selected the security by using his useless brain. Sometime may be he was also manipulated by the security. So sad about abhi.

  2. Hai friends.. I just came to know that the accident is real.. Pragya is in unconscious state.. She is in yellow attire

  3. hope pragya dies…thn atleast thy will change d story

  4. Hai reji ofcourse u r right and pragain voice is too good and now the songs also good?☺?

  5. AR – May be can wish the same for you so you can stop watching.

    What needs to happen is that NIKHIL/TANU get exposed

  6. Guys any further updates on Bulbul’s return? Will it be Mrunal?

  7. i dnt knw about North… but tamil guys election polling is gonna take place… i thnk reji shivanya are kutties so vote irukathu… but shobana razia and rest of the tamil people ll have vote i guess… so do vote and we must have to do it to show ourself as a citizen of india…. so plzzz do vote guys….

    1. Yes I will be voting its our right

    2. Yes definitely me too ?

  8. If they kill pragya in this soap then the writers need to get a life

  9. CVS are really extending their hands here. Plot to now kill Pragya is extreme, but there is a silver lining. Sad that Pragya will get knocked down, sad that she will fall unconcious , but good that Abhi will now see it as his responsibility to take care of her. Tanu believes that doing this will get Abhi away from Pragya but it will only bring them closer.
    Tanu will try to get Abhi to marry her once again and he will put her off. He’s still idficially married to Pragya. She cannot get control of the house or anything else for all are in Pragya’s name.
    Question still… After seeing what happens to Pragya, will her team still remain mum? Will they still not say anything to Abhi about their suspicions…because I know they might suspect who could be behind it and not take it as a random accident.
    Whenever Tanu and Nikhil are together nothing good can come out of it.
    But seriously though how many circles are these writers going to draw? Aren’t they giddy with all these turns? We sure are. It’s time to draw a straight line and expose these traitors and thieves. Trying to claim rights that don’t belong to them. Enough is enough. please get the story under way.

  10. So long pragya take to expose tanu .and she did not tell abhi anything about tanu but now she meet with an accident well it’s good this serial is mad I think tanu will never get caught so mad………………

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