Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode start with corporator’s goon spraying water on Abhi and Pragya. Once their faces are washed, he asks his men to catch Abhi and Pragya. They both run.

Corporator enters room, gets irked seeing Aaliya disguised as Bulbul trying to get intimate with Purab. He tries to hold her mouth and kidnap her. Aaliya frees herself and slaps him. Corporator is shocked to see her. She asks how dare he is to enter his room. Bulbul comes there searching for Purab. Aaliya hides corporator behind curtais. Bulbul asks what is shedoing with Purab. Daadi and whole everyone come in. Bulbul asks Daadi to ask Aaliya what was she doing wit Purab. Aaliya shouts that someone gave bhang to Purab, so she brought him into her room. Sarla sees corporator’s shoes behind curtains and shows it

to everyone. Aaliya gets tensed and shouts that nobody is there and they can check. Corporator hears their conversation, leaves shoes and elopes from window. Daasi opens curtains and does not find anyone. Aaliya asks Daadi if she is doutbing her. Daadi says she is not. She asks everyone to get Purab into another room.

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Abhi and Pragya continue running with kidnappers following her.

Tanu apologizes Tanu for being unable to hold Bulbul. Aaliya says her whole plan got ruined. She was had started recording and was about to get intimate with Purab when corporator came and ruined it. Corporator comes from window. Aaliya asks why did he come into her room. Tanu asks when he told he killed Pragya and released Abhi, then how come Abhi and Pragya escaped and coming home. He says he was abou to kill Pragya when Abhi entered and eloped after rescuing Pragya. Kidnappers catch Abhi and Pragya again on gun’s point and inform corporator. He informs Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya asks him to kill Pragya soon. He leaves from window again.

Bulbul takes care of unconscious Purab and thinks Aaliya is up to something. Purab wakes up and asks what happened. She asks why did he go to terrance and hugs him.

All ladies enjoy a casual talk. Pragya’s daadi jokes about her cough syrup. Purab and Bulbul come down. Daadi asks who gave him bhang. Purbi says someone must have by mistake. He asks if Abhi called her. Daadi saays not yet and say as usual Abhi will surprise them.

Corporator reaches an underconstruction building where Abhi and Pragya are tied. His goon tells he has tied them to a pillar and has spread his men all around the building. Aaliya on the other side thinks if she wants to clear her bad image, she has to free Abhi. She calls corporator and asks where he has kept her brother. He says in an underconstruction building in Powai. He asks to leave her brother. He says he will kill both Pragya and Abhi. She tries to frighthen him and says she will inform police. He says he is not afraid of her and asks her to come and see her brother dying.

Abhi tells corporator if he holds him even for a few minutes, he will repent. corporator laughs and asks if he is not afraid of him. Abhi says before becoming rock star, he had struggled a lot and had met many baffoons like him and knows what his thinking is. Corporator jokes and asks him to tell what is in his mind. Abhi says he will try to frighten him by telling he will push Pragya and says he knew his plan when his men brought him here and says now police will come in helicopter. Just then, they hear helicopter sound and panic. Abhi laughs and says he was just joking.

Aaliya says her puppet Tanu that corporator told her his hide out and she will go and release Abhi as she cannot live without his brother. Tanu says she will accompany her. Aaliya says she will go alone. She tries to walk out. Daadi asks where is she going when Abhi and Pragya aer about to arrive. She is going to give a surprise plan for them and leaves. Bulbul thinks she is goign somewhere else and if she was not waiting for Abhi and Pragya would have followed her. Purab asks Daadi to give her number from which Abhi called. She shows number and says her battery is low. Purab goes to bring his mobile.

Corporator tells Abhi that he does not know his complete plan and asks his men to take them both from that building.

Precap: Purab tells Daadi there is no use to wait for Abhi and Pragya as kidnappers kidnapped them again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Abcd

    How many weeks they are going to drag this plot of kidnappings things and need to change soon as we are going to fed up this plot too long..

  2. Abcd

    How many weeks they are going to drag this plot of kidnappings things and need to change soon as we are going to fed up this plot too long..

  3. Same Old Tired S*#%

    Which of You DUMB b*t*hes are calling this “excellent”??? Get a F….ing Life!!!

  4. nish

    Lol kidnap the writer 😉
    sheesh bekar track. Oooffff tired reading also abt this show watching toh leave far behind

  5. Majesty

    Isn’t there anyone who can call the production house and tell these guys that this track needs to end immediately- We are now totally bored by it and it is plain too unrealistic!!! I am not even thinking about stinky Pragya and Abhi….the black and red anarkali is now making me want to throw up!

  6. sun

    this serial has turned out to be the worst ever it is dragging too much and has passed the point of boring have truly stopped watching i only read the updates

  7. sharmi

    The writers are brain dead, no point in getting worked up. I am surprise that they get so much air time. These shows should just come to an end. Mostly just read updates now, when everyone stop watching and their ratings flop like their show, then maybe they will get some brain 😉

  8. Jaysh

    This is becoming ridiculous!!! I’m disappointed that the same story line is going on for 3 weeks. Sadly the show is well on its way to declining viewership.

  9. anonyomous

    I stopped seeing this rubbish and idiotic boring serial. Only reading the written update.

  10. rosey

    Are these producers and writers for real.How many times will Abhi and Pragya get kidnapped?Are these writers viewing this show or they had some of the spiked drink Purab drank.This soap is a suspense drama just tilting in the wrong direction and waiting to crash.How is it that a strange shoes in a room and the shoes was filthy and no one used their brains to look out the windows.What the hell Abhi was doing in a holi display before he tried to borrow a phone and call the police.So I will assume that there was no net work also.These two numskulls just stayed there and enjoyed themselves and did not study the consequences of getting caught.Therefore it is three weeks going to a month that Abhi ans his wife had not a good bath and a change of clothing.And by the way ,how the hell Pragya could be running in these long clothes.Writers and producers you all are magicians.If you wanted this to look real you will show us that their clothing is so tattered from the running through the forest ,her feet are all bruised ,he is all banged up but there is nothing like this for all these weeks.When will Abhi and his wife come home? When will they find out who is behind this crime?Come on writers do something.I am tired drinking cough syrup and bhang.Give me some champagne and caviar please.

  11. SANDY

    This shows is like hide and seek as writer has no story to create. Please do not waste people time – just end the show.

  12. Fay

    Will this kidnapping story line ever come to an end? It is SOOOOOOOOOOO BORING!
    I can’t watch this CRAP again!!!!! These writers must be idiots.

  13. roloo

    Hahahaha…corporator nd his goons came three times from Abhi’s home to dhaba bt purab and police can’t…m getting realy realy mad…hehehehe…whta joke….

  14. rrr

    Wat a rubbish is ds ?how long they drag ds..Hello writer pls kill idiot abhi n pragya…end this kidnap scene..how many times they kidnap?abhi use is mind n call police even any child could do..he s hero…but behave like joker…y the bhaang scenes….very boring…try to do something…the serial like joking…change the title n put JOKER .I thought u expose aliya n tanu in 2020 nly./..chilly writers he doesnt have anything in his head….

  15. Mercy

    I agree with Rosy. this serial is just a child’s play. Abhi and his wife don’t look like kidnaped persons at all. 3 whole weeks! in-fact most Zee TV soaps are becoming boring. just one story line no originality. For me I hardly sit to watch any of their soaps these days, they are just one and same. there are a lot of issues out there that can be focused on. please writers, WAKE UP!

  16. rishma

    the writter may go to hell…..f**king boring!!! like shit the flow of story n yeah….i love jamai raja

  17. it’s getting so bored… why can’t they end this drama!! uuughh
    why can’t the cops do nothing? what are the cops for? cops should be serious but these aren’t. tssk tssk

  18. Donna

    Abhi will get shot, Pragya will take care of him, Doctor will say he will not get better, Tanu will move on with her life and Aaliya will obserive it all, more than Abhi, Aaliya will be the one to realise Pragya’s love. Abhi will recover Tanu will want him back and he wouldn’t go back..Unfortunately Pragya’s devotion and trying to prove her love is not yet over, not until she proves herself to Aaliya, its the only way Tanu will not exist.

  19. Donna

    Pragya getting shot wouldn’t prove anything to Aaliya except that her brother loves her and that will still not convince her to keep Tanu out of her life…Tanu cannot be a part of Aaliya’s life, its the only way she will not be a part of Abhi’s life

  20. neha

    First nd last comment from my side
    Aftr Reading this crap dragging drama story i can say that.

    I hate this serial.. Rpt tellycast

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