Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab, Akash and Rachna taking Abhi’s help in choosing the flowers for decoration. Pragya asks Abhi what is he doing? Abhi asks her to put heart there, stand on the table and if she slips, he will catch her. Pragya smiles. Abhi says okay, I will do it. Abhi slips and Akash holds him. Abhi asks why did you save me? Akash says then who will save you. Rachna asks are you waiting for someone else. Nikhil hires a man for ruin Pragya’s life and asks him to read all the details and events in Pragya’s life. He says he want to make Abhi and Pragya defeat with his one attack. Just then door bell rings, Nikhil thinks Tanu must have come and thinks he can’t reveal his plan to her. He opens the door and is shocked to see Dadi. Dadi asks why you are standing like a ghost and asks won’t

you call me inside. Dadi sits down on sofa and says I came to invite you for Pragya’s birthday party. Nikhil says it is really good. Dadi says it is not good for you and your girl friend and says there is a big surprise for you both which will change your lives. Nikhil says I will come for sure. Dadi says okay, and says she will leave. Nikhil thanks her. The man is seen hiding.

Nikhil thinks Dadi is showing attitude and thinks you don’t know what shock I am going to give Pragya, it will be fun when she will be kicked out. He says when will evening comes? Abhi plans surprise gifts for Pragya, and hides them. Abhi writes a letter to Pragya in his diary. He writes fuggi and calls her. He then thinks what to write. Pragya comes. Abhi says I didn’t call you. Pragya says you called me. Abhi says I just took your name as I got hiccups. Pragya asks him to move and says she will make bed sheet place rightly. Abhi says he is shame shame..Pragya says you are wearing clothes then why you are shying. Abhi asks her to go, gets up and makes her leave the room. He thinks it is good that he didn’t reveal his surprise and sits down to write about his heart, love and feelings for her. A song plays……………He thinks it is difficult to write romantic lines.

Tai ji comes to Mitali and says sorry for hurting her heart. Mitali forgives her. They are happy to see the decorations. Tai ji says so much money is spent on the party and asks if there is something special. Mitali says I didn’t spy today. Tai ji asks her to find out. Mitali wears detective specs and says she will spy now. She brings specs for Tai ji also and asks her to spy.

Purab asks Dadi where is Abhi and Pragya? He says may be they are fighting or romancing. Rachna says they might be romancing. Dadi says romance. Akash says they must be fighting. Purab says 2 votes for fight and 2 votes for romance. Dadi asks them to see what is going on? Mitali and Tai ji try to hear them. They see Taya ji and Dasi standing behind them and get tensed. Dasi scolds them. Mitali says we were just passing the time. Taya ji says okay, and asks them to serve everything from starter to main course. Mitali says we are ready just for today. Pragya wears a beautiful gown and tries to wear necklace. She thinks to take Abhi’s help and knocks on the door. Abhi is writing love letter to Pragya still. Pragya asks him to come out. Abhi opens the door and comes out. They look at each other romantically. Abhi thinks she is looking beautiful, whoever sees her will propose her. Pragya thinks he is looking very handsome today and thinks she couldn’t keep her eyes off her. She compliments his looks. Abhi thanks her. Pragya asks him to help her wear necklace. Abhi says he will and makes her wear pearl necklace. Bheegi Bheegi Sadakon me…Sanam Re…plays……… Tanu thinks Abhi has crossed all limits today and she couldn’t see anymore now. She thinks Nikhil can’t do anything and wonders what to do.

Purab asks abhi to propose Pragya. Dadi asks him to come after winning. Tanu threatens Nikhil and asks him not to show his face if he defeats. Nikhil tells Tanu that Pragya’s ex boyfriend will come here uninvited. Tanu is surprised and happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Christy john

    Not impressed kill abhi and pragya better let it b like Romeo and Juliet pls don’t drag like this

    1. When Will it be Over

      This is the Exact same STUPID story line that was in Doli Armaano Ki….when Samrat lied and hired someone to say that he was Urmi’s boyfriend/lover. It was dumb then and it is just as dumb NOW!. The show did not last long after that sorry story line ….These writers do the same story over and over and over. They have NO Creative flair – at all.

  2. This intro of so called bf of Pragya…..gosh why are the script writers heading in this direction. If Abhi believes Tanu it wld be frustrating as cvs have literally stripped Abh’is character naked off his intelligence.
    And Tanu….i feel sorry for Lena who plays her…simply no scope to her character & all her pregnancy outfits seems to be the
    same size frm day 1.. Shes 7/8mths
    pregnant! !! And doesn’t look it.
    CVs are really killing KKB.

  3. Oih god just stop it pri.. In all telly updates page you ate hiving this like an advertisement.. It is really irritating.. This links is not at all related to any serial..telly updates is not a place for tou to give such unwanted advertisementsx
    This is just a plce for discussing about serials,shows,etc.. Not for advertisements

  4. This serial is a total crap. Instead of kumkum bhagya , they can change the name to Tanu ke bhagya as she became the lead heroine of this bull crap. It’s almost one year since the pregnancy crap started. Even though my mom doesn’t understand Hindi, she was surprised to see the pregnancy track still going on with no improvement in the serial. Oh God please give some senses to the writers and save the fans of kkb

  5. Started pakkaAna. …backwas…..from starting episode m watching. …..now who da hell her ex boy friend…..y all these bull shit…..jus end it up pls I beg u end it up….

  6. Pragya”s ex-boyfriend.oh God …please first end tanu’s track.then think about other.innum abhi ex-girlfriend track mudikala athukula pragya ku ex-boyfriend.athu epdi ennamo nikhil ku pragya ex-boyfriend therium.

    1. No hency nikhil is setting a man as pragya’s fake boyfriend to separate abhigya!!.. That man is not real ek-boyfriend of pragya just takhils plan!! !!..

  7. Now Pragya go out of the Mehta house now and tanu Nicholas truth when it comes out its too much of dragging now directors not have brain now when these pergency drama close

  8. Its too much dragging

  9. pragya cant prove whts true inspite of all evidencez becz of hr stupidity….but takil can prov pragya has a boyfd who came frm no whr in just 1 day….wah re wah… kya story hai….dragggggg

  10. i reads precape only now a days. its enough because there is nothing new,,,…

    1. haha nice idea

  11. Why don’t they remove Abhi and Pragya from this series and then we know we are watching Tanu who apparently is the lead actress of this series.as for Abhi, I didn’t know anybody could be that stupid.

  12. Better stop this serial

  13. Rubina Karodia

    Please get to it, this story is draging on .
    It looks like India has nothing but a wheel of doom and gloom.
    Every story starts with mismatch couple and envying family and expartner.
    Nothing works out until viewer’s loose interest .

  14. Whatever it is today I came to praise Abhigya. The song selection is superb both looks great…. I felt like OMG…OMG….OMG…. They both looking wonderful when Abhi helps to hook her necklace. It’s really superb jodi I ever saw both in cinema and in real life. Really I repeatedly watching the scene….I love you Abhigya…

    1. Can’t able to explain in words…it’s just mind blowing….

      1. Really Megha the epi Today was awesome really I didn’t expect it kya lag rahi ho dono I can’t take eyes of them the way both r praising each other it really awesome he kept necklace to her it really not expected but both r looking like real couple will anyone see them newly na I think they will pucca say that they get married in real life also
        Song was so nice really I don’t know about storyline but today epi was awesome really

      2. Yup megha and asmitha
        Abhigya scenes was greatas usual. Yesterday along with pragya abhi too looked great. Abhi is always great. But yesterday he looked more handsome than before.

    2. Yes asmitha and shobana….

  15. Hi guys
    i am new to commenting
    i have been reading this for a while now
    why can’t pragya just tell abhi the truth that tanu’s baby is not his

  16. Abraham Lawer

    You people can kill pragya and abhi . So that we all will know that it has end. But is going on now is tooo much

  17. Totally fed up ?

    1. I agree
      it had been dragging so much that it makes no sense anymore
      Abhi has Tanu because of a baby that is not his
      Everyone else knows that Nikhil is the father excepting Abhi
      The show is promoting that Abhi supposedly impregnated one woman but he is going to happily propose to another woman without any guilt
      It all makes no sense
      Abhi loves dadi and sarla so much yet they cannot tell him the truth either
      and the villain Tanu is the only one succeeding in all her plans
      pragya is a big flop at all her plans, she should leave the show because of what the writers are doing with her character

  18. A news fr u guys our pragya aka sritijha got fresh face of the year award in gold awards and kkb got best fiction show

    1. kaha se yeh best show lagraha hai….ekta has good fate to earn money for all crap and drag she shows…other producer must hav vanished if thy make such serials

  19. Guys sriti has won face of the year award and kkb has won best fiction show award in gold awards. Leena have won balti award which gives by host to the stars for making their characters joke. It is not related to any prestiges award. It is just for fun by hosts of the award function. Rest info is left to come. As i will get, i will share it too.

    1. Wow its great that sriti has got fresh face award. Congratulations to her.

      But is kkb I really worth to get best fiction award????

      1. Ofcourse shobana it is not worth but we have to feel happy our favourite abhigya r acting in it

      2. Happy for sriti&arjit
        But not for shabir…?
        Hai frnds.. Hw r u all?

    2. Heard Arjit(Purab) got best supporting actor. But sad Shabir didnt get any, guess he didnt attend as well. Last year, I think Shabir got best actor male – critics award. I was disappointed for Shabir not winning.

      1. Same here sahiti…
        I too disappointed for shabir..??
        Instead of best fiction award for kkb zee wld hv gv shabir to best actor award
        He deserves it….

      2. &sahiti shabir attended #GoldAwards2016 yaar…
        I hv seen shabir’s pic on IG..
        He looks damn cute,hot,smart&handsome???

      3. sahithi, there is nothing to get disappointed.. u plz think last one year u can count tge episodes for best of Shabbir.. it will not b more than 10..there is no doubt he has lot of talent.. but it was not used properly… he didn’t get a chance to prove… his talent got wasted for a lady pregnant story for 15months..so obviously he will not get..

      4. Yes thanks kutty I saw after u mentioned, is it same dress as he is wearing in Pragya’s bday party? I immediately felt like both of them wore almost similar costumes to the awards yesterday.

        Brintha, Its always debatable when it comes to awards. I know this prolonged Tanu pregnancy and non-logical things are over shadowing everything else on the show. But I personally believe Shabir is worth it, for his variation of emotions, there are times when I feel Sriti can do better as Pragya, but Shabir as Abhi is almost flawless.

        Thanks to the writers they disappointed so many loyal fans who stopped watching the show and are no longer associated with it. Which shows in the award results also.

  20. Plz writer can u ppl plz put a end to tanu
    An nickel I’m so Fed up with them omg plz give a next version.an I hope that fake bf of pryaga not mash abi love for her

  21. what ish this? is this a tele drama or …………? plz stop this noz. I fed up this.

  22. What the hell is going on.dou think v are so job less.. How can someone drag so much. It’s really meaning less to watch this show now a days.

  23. tanu ka pregnency drama ko end karnese pehle dusri trak kyun start karre pragya ka fake boy freind ye konsa naya drama hai we cant see that

  24. I thought it was a good story it’s just like an old series please improve for better…

  25. Great show from the beginning, however it’s high time Tanu’s truth be revealed.

  26. Dragging.

  27. Hi guys
    Monday my school reopens
    Only on weekends I might be commenting
    I took a break because u had to do my holiday home works
    I no I’ll get busy but I’ll try to comment here
    Miss u nish, karthika,reji,shobana sis,go than Anna, hence

    Bye guys
    I’ll try to be active
    Miss u guys so much.

    1. I had to do my holiday homework*
      Sorry guys typing mistake

    2. Hai anjhana..

      1. Hi kutty
        I’m really sorry I missed ur name
        I miss u too sis!

  28. Even Aliya was exposed but the Tanu not as smart as Aliya couldn’t be exposed by Pragya and team. What a foolish serial. Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

  29. guys I think shabir got award best actor & popular jodi award

  30. pratiksha sahiti reji and many more plz can u plz give name of pragya fake boyfriend name air link of photo plz read my comments

    1. Shabir didn’t get award Shriti…
      &sriti’s Fake boyfriend name is champak?

  31. pragya fake boyfriend real name Or link of photo

  32. komuju prameela rani

    Boring story

  33. Maha bakvas serial from today i will never see & read its updates. They r making fool its fans.stop watching it

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