Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Abhi to stop it. Dasi comes and asks Pragya to come to take eunuch’s blessings. Abhi asks why? Dasi says their blessings are very valuable. Abhi asks her to take Tanu also. Dasi says is she pregnant? Abhi says yes, and then says she will get pregnant in future. Pragya does downstairs and gets blessed by the eunuch. Abhi sees Sarla and tells Tanu that he have to keep her busy. He goes to Sarla and says he needs to talk to her. Sarla says she wants to talk to Pragya first, but Abhi takes her forcibly. Dadi stops Abhi and asks Sarla to come.

Pragya is surprised to see Sarla. Sarla says why did you hide about your pregnancy from me. I don’t want to talk to you. Pragya gets sad. Sarla says she was just joking. She says you gave me a big happiness. I wants

to hug you tightly. She hugs and blesses her. Abhi looks on. Pragya tells Sarla that she wants to talk to her about something important and takes her from there.

Purab thinks Bulbul is angry on him and thinks to be careful. He talks to her and says he brought her favorite dress. He asks her to smile. Bulbul says her mood is upset. Purab asks her to tell what is the matter? Bulbul says someone ignored me. Purab asks whom? Bulbul says Pragya didi. She says she wants to meet Pragya. Purab says you can’t walk. Bulbul shows that she can walk. Purab is happy.

Tanu thinks why Pragya is getting special treatment and no one is bothering about her. She thinks if Pragya is doing all this intentionally. She might be playing game with me. She thinks I can’t trust her fully. I have to hold on my plan. Sarla tells that she has to reach home fast. Pragya thinks thank god Bulbul is not here. She asks Sarla not to tell about her pregnancy at home. Sarla says your family also needs to know it. Dadi comes and says a mum gets happy giving her pregnancy news. She is thinking to give this good news to you. Sarla asks if this is the matter? Pragya nods. Sarla asks Pragya to come home and tell everyone about the pregnancy news. Pragya nods again.

Aaliya is at her friend’s place. She says she doesn’t want to go home and sees old same faces. Her friend asks her to relax and goes to make coffee. Aaliya thinks she did planning, plotting and fake rape scene, but she couldn’t get Purab. She thinks she has to do something before Bulbul gets well.

Sarla comes home and tells Biji that darkness will move and light will enter. She tells Biji that you will start dancing hearing me. Biji asks what? Sarla thinks of Dadi’s words and tells that she didn’t tell anything. Biji asks her to tell. Bulbul comes out of room. Sarla and Biji get happy seeing her standing on feet. She hugs Sarla. Sarla says she will make her eat with her hands till she goes to her sasural.

Dadi stares Pragya and says she is looking at the time. She reminisces Abhi’s childhood and marriage. She tells that Abhi is going to become dad. She tells that this will bring big change in their relationship and says there love will increase with the baby’s arrival. She says she wants to see their happiness and prays for her love life. Abhi and Pragya feel bad as Dadi is happy and they can’t tell her the truth. Pragya thinks she has to stop Dadi from dreaming.

Abhi tells Dadi that the baby is not ready and he is also not ready. Dadi asks him to keep quiet. She says you were not ready for marriage too. She says my decision was right about your marriage with Pragya. She says once your baby comes, your life will gets stable and change for better. She says you will get happiness of the world when you takes baby in your arms. She tells Pragya that her responsibility will increase as she have to handle Abhi and the baby. She asks them to promise that they will be together always. They nod. Dadi blesses them for happiness. Pragya and Abhi leave from her room holding hands and look at Dadi smilingly.

Abhi asks Pragya, don’t you get shame to drink wine being pregnant. Pragya asks for a glass of wine.

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    • Raven

      As you can see they are DRAGGING it Out. They are going to drag it out even more knowing that is what we want to see.

  1. suvida gowda

    Plzzzzzz….don drag
    the story……i cant wait !!!…plz can anyone say is really abhi gonna die is upcoming days……!?…i read it in wiki…..:-(……..

  2. priya

    Guys precap scenes varalala nethu potathu. I m out of station so I missed today episode 🙁

  3. kowsi

    Bulbul is back…i think alaiya coming to her home tat day tanu will go out of mehra mansion…may be …

  4. Latest news in Wikipedia : Abhi will soon be killed by tanu’s ex-boyfriend nikil. OMG!!!wat this yaar twist mela twistu . Look writers plz don’t do that of abhi dies I will stop watching the show .

  5. kavin

    episode was little dragging but i am waiting for tomorrow episode and when they will finish this drama of tanu within two (or) three weeks? pls finish it quickly and start the new character and unite purab and bulbul soon as soon as possible

    • priya

      U r rit kowsi within 2 to 3 weeks this pregnancy prob ll b ovr. Before tat tanu pregnancy drama arambikama iruntha k than

      • kavin

        priya do you saw the comments of divya . do you think they would make abhi to death?i think so this is just a rumour to make fans confused.since they know if they do like that then nobody likes to see it and kumkum bhagya will lose it fans .kumkum bhagya runs successfully only because of abhi and pragya’s fans . so the writers are not fools to do like that. am i right priya? what is your thought?

      • Kavin even I don’t want abhi to die . If it is a rumour then it’s good. Even I am watching the show only for abhi and pragya.hope it should be a rumour

    • priya

      I think it may happen kavin….. But not now after I month I think so. But he ll come back its sure…. Apadiyae romba naal avan sethu pona mathiri kamicha everybody ll stop watching. So they won’t kill him damn sure

  6. Michonne

    EK is it necessary to drag a story to kill abhi? Or its rumor? I don’t have a clear image to see that these couples gonna hooked up soon. Why you guys even having romantic scene if u really wanna kill abhi? They suffers a lot and we neither. Pragya is really pity, hold onto so many responsibilities and sorrows. Even my sem break will ended up soon but not this dragging shit! *swooned*

    • kowsi

      Seen divya…y ektha doing lyk this..if abhi dies in this serial….thalaivar style ah solanuma katham katham…oru periya kumbidu serial ku…

    • priya

      S I saw namala yepadiyavathu konja naal kavalapada vaika venama athuku than athu. Don’t worry he won’t die.

  7. Wats this yaar I will assure that KKB will definitely loose all their fans if they kill abhi . DON’T KILL ABHI . PLZ MAKE THE STORY LINE DIFFERENT!!!

  8. No yaar now they have taken those lines out. But I read that viewers will be shocked to see abhi killed by tanu’s ex boyfriend.

  9. Vidhya

    Hey guys that will not happen. May be Tanu’s boyfriend will attempt to kill abhi and abhi will be in dangerous position; meanwhile, coz of Pragyas prayers he will again be back. Come on guys. It abhi and Pragya. If they die it means that the story will end up and I am sure Zee Tv will not air such stupid ending stories in their channel.

    • Hey !!! S it may like that . S v all r abhigya fans watching only for that couple who add spice to the episodes . Want to be like that only . Eagerly waiting for happy moments of abhi and pragya…..

      • kowsi

        Yeah divya…remember one thing…neil shoot pragya…pragya gng to dangerous position that time he realizes him love ..and also read that letter..but nothing will happd…fully ullta…abhi shoot…and then abhi gng to confesses him love to pragya…he know alaiya truth..she s master mind of kidnapping…but nothing will happd..instead of abhi got bullet attack…anyway i think..its rumours…but i hav a one doubt..anyone can misuse the wikipedia…or someone spread the rumours about the serial…bcoz none of other website till not tell about abhi die in this serial…y wiki…wat ever think in her mind…she will make a story…

  10. tas

    Omg?wil dey actually kill abhi.dats nonsense.da whole story is built upon abhi and pragya.we are actually dying to see a lil luv scene between abhi n pragya as tanu’s drama has become monotonous n boring n as wel as aliya’s obsession over purab. They should unite bulbul n purab before aliya teks a drastic step in der lives n tanu shld stay away 4rm abhi n pragyas lives. Plz show us sum gud romantic scenario between abhi n pragya

  11. Leila

    Me too I can’t wait for the drunk scene n wat will happen wen they find out wen pragya is not pregnant n tanu is

  12. abhi is a big joke he is the first rock star that you are not seeing giving a concert and look at the poor way he dresses what rock star you see with one attire over and over one pants fold up with one red sock some beads around your hand two stupid earings on your ear and that silly flat hair style like you put a pot on you head and just cut around it what a rock star LOL

  13. kowsi

    Hey guys wiki removed the story…just now im checked in wiki…they r stoping dadi upset with pragya’s rude behaviour…pragya secure th……smethng lke tat…

    • S kowsi even I saw that they have stopped till there only . I think it is a rumour only or any other twist is going to come like how it came in the kidnapping drama . Sorry yaar if I have created any confusion. Anyways I want abhi and pragya together bcoz watching only those cute couple abhigya . Want them to reveal theirs love soon . We all abigya fans waiting for those episodes. Make it fast…WE ARE WAITING!!!

  14. Lets lv this all. Abhi wont die if he die thy will stop the serial or we wont watch it. Today episode will be nice bcs pragya and abhi going to get intimates thy updates in bollywoodlife.

  15. kowsi

    Current track of Kumkum Bhagya shows that Tanu is upset to see that Abhi’s family is celebrating Pragya’s pregnancy news.

    Tanu thinks that Pragya will not go away from abhi easily and she decides to bring Pragya’s reality to everyone.

    It will now be seen that Abhi and Pragya get drunk during the celebration.

    Under the affection of alcohol, both Abhi and Pragya express their feelings for each other.

    Abhi and Pragya express their feelings for each other

    Abhi who loves Pragya comes closer to her on seeing her crying.

    Pragya also tells Abhi that she wants to spent whole life with him and scolds Abhi for having affair with Tanu even after marriage.
    Abhi tells Pragya that he still is not ready to believe that Tanu is pregnant with his baby.
    Emotional moments will bring Abhi and Pragya closer to each other and they some intimate moments together.

  16. KumKum Bhagya:

    The family is rejoicing and dancing together by the good news of Abhi becoming a father. Dadi is very happy and dances happily. She faints by getting tired. Abhi holds her and makes her drink water. Dadi says she is fine and asks him not to worry. Dadi says she is very excited. Mehra family is still confused about Pragya’s news. Abhi is worried as Pragya has gone away from home, and he wants Pragya to bring the truth along and end this melodrama.

  17. sruthika

    guys please dont let ur confident go away they will bring the truth soon if u ar not seeing the trp goes down and they will end the show quickly.In wiki not the the website user anyone can publish their own imagnaries but it cannot be true please……

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