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The Episode starts with Tanu thinking Abhi scolding her badly, even after she has proved that her baby is his. She gets irritated. She gets Aaliya’s call and she asks if you tried to manipulate Abhi against Pragya. Tanu says Abhi scolded her and said that he is having head ache. Aaliya says he has fooled you and went to Dr. Sheela’s house to know the truth. She says she called Dr. Sheela and threatened to kill her daughter if she tells anything to anyone. Tanu is happy. Aaliya asks her to go to Abhi and blackmail him emotional before his blind love wakes up. She says if you don’t do this, then I will kill you. Tanu thinks I thought she will understand me, but…I have nobody except my baby. The goons sit to have food. Pragya comes to Pari and asks her to come silently else goons will catch them.

Suddenly something fell down. Goons get alert and check the place. Pari is seen hiding with Pragya. Goons think she has eloped. Abhi comes home and calls Robin. He scolds him for not coming fast, and thinks nobody is bothered about him. Dadi recalls talking to Pragya.

A fb is show. She asks Pragya where are you? Pragya says she came to know something and is going there. She asks her not to tell anyone else Tanu might get alert. Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and the Bolna song plays…..Dadi thinks Abhi is worried. I couldn’t tell him that I talked to Pragya. She thinks what to do? She thinks I shall tell something to Abhi and then thinks to wait for Pragya to come. Pragya locks the goons and tells that Police will come now. Pragya brings Pari to her car and makes her sit. She says I will drive car like aeroplane. Goons calls Nikhil. Pragya sits in car. Nikhil is hidden in her car and puts black cloth on Pragya’s head. He says you tried to expose Tanu and says he has decided to kill her. He sings Twinkle Twinkle….Pari asks him to leave her Maasi. Abhi worries for Pragya. He thinks Pragya might be in guest room or Dadi’s room. He asks Rachna.

Rachna says she didn’t come till now. Nikhil brings Pragya back to kidnapper den.. and scolds the goons. He ties unconscious Pragya. Goon says you left from here 30 mins before. Nikhil says yes. He says when I was going I saw her car parked at a distance and understood her plan. Pragya gains some consciousness and says you can’t keep me for long. Nikhil says you came here as Jhansi ki rani, and thought you will fail my plan. He says now you will do my work, and says welcome to hell. Pragya says you will go to hell and even you don’t worth hell. Nikhil says he can risk others’ children for his own baby. Pragya challenges him that she will get him punished. Nikhil asks her to save herself if she wants to save Pari. He covers her mouth with a cloth and tells goons that if Pragya manages to escape then he will not leave them.

Abhi misses Pragya and thinks she kept herself far from her. He thinks he couldn’t sleep without her, and says you didn’t talk to me. He talks to her pic and says don’t think that I will forgive you. He says I miss you…please forgive me fuggi. I promise that I will not scold you, you can only answer to my questions.

Tanu tells Nikhil that he should not be worried and the one should be worried who is in trouble. Abhi hears her and asks who is in trouble.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. New segment update- Pragya escapes from kidnapper’s clutches, pragya’s dadi brings divorce papers to abhi and ask for his signatures, abhi refuses to sign without pragya’s presence. Full update – Pragya runs from kidnapper’s clutches. Pragya’s dadi brings divorce papers to abhi on behalf of pragya for taking his signatures as tanu and nikhil blackmails pragya’s mother and dadi by threatening them for killing pragya as they kidnapped pragya. Abhi wishes to meet pragya firstly and insists from pragya’s dadi to meet with her once. Pragya’s dadi refuses from it and says that pragya don’t want to meet with him and don’t want to talk with him that’s why she will not come here. Pragya’s dadi gives divorce papers to abhi and says that whatever pragya wants to say with him, she said it through these papers. Pragya’s dadi says to abhi that sign on divorce papers and give it to her back. Tanu smirks on her plan’s success. But her happiness doesn’t remain long as abhi refuses to sign on divorce papers without pragya as abhi gets confused and gets suspicious that why pragya didn’t come and sent divorce papers through dadi. Leena told to reporters that yes this is all tanu, nikhil and aaliya’s plan and she is trying that abhi get divorce with pragya and she get married with abhi. She says that she knows that pragya will not give divorce to abhi easily that’s why she chose this way to make divorce happen. She says that but abhi refused from giving divorce to pragya as he is confused. She says but she will continue force him for sign the divorce papers by manipulating him or by emotional blackmailing. She says that if abhi will sign or not, it will know tomorrow. Abhi’s dadi told to reporters that Along with abhi, everybody have this doubt that why pragya sent divorce papers through her dadi without coming by her own. Dadi tells that abhi is confused and suspicious that’s why he is not ready to sign on the papers without meeting with pragya and he will never sign on it. She says that by the end if the scene we will get to know that this is all tanu’s created drama to getting divorce for abhi from pragya as pragya can’t give divorce to abhi like this. She told to reporters that many secrets r going to reveal and enemies r putting their all powers to getting succeed in their evil aims. Reporter says but tanu will get failed in her crucial and evil intentions as at last pragya got free from kidnapper’s clutches and very soon she will expose her with her all truths by coming back.

    1. Guys exposure has been fixed for this week and this week the most annoying, irritating and worst tanu’s pregnancy drama will get finished.

    2. Guys watch and read the today’s onlocation video’s and update which I gave before it, if u wants to get full update. Onlocation videos have almost things which news peoples showed in their today’s segments, only few things added in dadi’s and leena’s interview which I have mentioned in segment’s update.

  2. Pratiksha it was so interesting and increasing curiosity and one thing is confirmed by dadi INT he will not sign papers it is gd and I think by tomorrow r Tuesday we can get climax it’s really nice to see like this

    1. Ya asmitha this upcoming week will b very interesting for us and important to kkb also. Track is going to end so it will b in it’s high peak. We will have to face lots of tension, suspense and drama along with our excitement in this upcoming week. We were thinking that things will get more clear after coming of new updates but here suspense got more increase. Although we have been get it know that what is going to happen in it’s climax but then also we wants to know that how it will happen, for which our curiosity got more increased for more new updates. We were waiting for which since long, when the day is going to come, time is getting too long and heavy to pass.

      1. Now it was gd this is what and the way to expose stupid tanu really waiting fr exposure and I was very excited to see abhi’s reaction after tanus truth he must punish tanu and nikhil as much as possible

      2. Asmitha, do u remember in Nikhil’s bday party, abhi said I don’t want to punish u so please leave this house. Likewise he should not say now. I really want abhi to punish tanu. And I want all of her truth to be revealed like sarla ma kidnapping and accident, pragya’s attempt murder and kidnapping… Im very much excited to see the upcoming episodes. And I wonder what will happen after tanu’s exposure.

      3. Hi all.. i totally stopped watching kkb as i promised.. but i used to read written update of any one day of the week.. only precap.. i again stopped reading that also… but after reading ur update prathiksha i got hope to watch.. the most awaited part of this show.. i appreciate few fans here prathiksha, shobana, sahithi, billu, asmitha.. and many.. havetolerated for nearly 400 episodes without story , logic, ethics,.. hats off to u ppl.. for ur patience.. by the way whr is gowtham?..

      4. Shobana at that day they r planned it suddenly due to leenas accident so I think they don’t want to drag by doing something so they kept like that here situation is different now her total truth is going to come out so may abhi will not leave them if suppose pragya got any injuries because of them I think we can’t expect is anger

      5. Hi ? brindha
        Its been long time since u comment here.
        I missed ur comic comment very much ?

  3. Really…I can’t believe…is this stupid track going to end??

  4. abhigya fan??❤


  5. It will be good if the truth is really out, but i would still say let’s keep expectations less till we see it.

    Chances r that Aaliya is in that car and if so how she will react, whether she will help Pragya to get into everyone’s good books or help Tanu to take revenge on Abhi one last time, by retaining Pragya, let us see.. if it is Nikhil in the car then it’s diff story.

    1. Sahithi after update I to thought this only may the person will be aaliya only like what u said in ur comment to be gd she may help pragya and being gd she will try to destroy abhigya relationship I am expecting this

    2. Ya sahithi although it is declaring that truth will b revealed and exposure will b happen but then also we r not ready to believe on it completely as we have been misleaded by CVS many times. Although we got updates but still lota if questions which is unanswered for us. Like where is pari becoz pragya was running alone? If nikhil have left pari on some condition so what it could b? If pari has reached at her home then qhwre is sheela? Did she told about pragya to purab or abhi? If no then why? Sid nikhil threatened her fir again kidnap her daughter if she tella about kidnapping and pragya to anybody? Pragya’s dadi brings divorce papers to abhi but the papers r signed by pragya too already? If not then how takhil gets her signature after getting abhi’s on divorce papers? Where is sarla maa? We saw pragya runs and stops a car and gets shocked after seeing that person in the car so who could b that person? Aaliya, tanu or nikhil? And if they will again caught pragya then how she will make herself free again and his she will expose tanu on time and if she manages to escape and gets successful in reaching back to mehra house then how she will prove it that tanu and nikhil did all this and why they did all this? Only sheela can help her but if she will b not there then how pragya will proof takhil’s guilt and how she will expose them? For now, abhi is not ready to sign on divorce papers but it is still not fully confirmed that he will sign on it later or not? He finds out about pragya’s missing before people force him to sign on papers or he will sign om it and we will get another tabhi’s marriage sequence? Pragya needs someone’s help to expose takhil or she can expose takhil if abhi finds out their truth by his own. How will pragya come out from all this and his she will make everything possible? Where this track will meet with it’s climax and how exposure will happen? These r many questions which r still unanswered for us and only answers of these questions can make us completely believe on exposure?

      1. If we talk about who could b that person in the car, after seeing whom pragya gets shocked? Then it could not b tanu as Leena and tanu both can’t drive becoz Leena is injured and tanu is pregnant and her tummy is heavy to drive. And tanu is enjoying her plan at mehra house and keeping her eye on everything so she can’t b that person. Nikhil could b but the expression which oragya gives, it looks like someone about whom she didn’t supposed to b there. Nikhil kidnapped her so why she will get shocked and if she sees nikhil then she immediately runs from there but she gets stop there and freeze for sometimes. Purab also couldn’t b there as he is in mehra house. When pragya’s dadi comes, purab was there in the house and without any info purab can’t b reach so near of the kidnapping place. Aaliya’s chances r most. May b she comes to see pragya hidingly but when pragya will suddenly come in front of her then I think she will turn in pragya’s favour for saving ownself as she just came back. If pragya will get to know that aaliya is back and she is helping tanu and nikhil then she can never take revenge from abhi and pragya as they kidnapped pragya until tanu will get marries with abhi but they didn’t kidnap her for killing her. If they tries to kill her then only aaliya will b trapped or she can trapped with takhil. Amd if pragya manages to run from there then it will b worst for aaliya. So I think that person is aaliya. She comes to see orafta in helpless and poor condition but before reaching at that place, she unknowingly comes in front of pragya as pragya comes in front if the car to stop it and then pragya will see aaliya and get shocked. Firstly, pragya will easily understand that aaliya is also behind all this with takhil but aaliya will again surprise her by helping her. Like this, aaliya will get her entry back to mehra house and she will again start her plannings with next track. I feels this becoz aaliya have just entered back in the show and if she will expose with takhil again then how CVS will take the story to another track with an evil after takhil’s exposure. Aaliya’s presence is needed for next track and for which her entry also is needed back to mehra house and it can only possible if she will help pragya and unites her with abhi for now. This will b a big favour from her side to abhigya by aaliya. No one will stop her from lliving in the house after this and she will get add in gud books of everybody as everybody will think that she has really changed and like thus aaliya’s way will get easy to do plannings and plottings in the mehra house under everybody’s nose. What say guys?

      2. Or else guys it could b sheela also guys. Becoz pari is not there with pragya so it means nikhil leaves pari. So may b through pari or somehow by following nikhil, sheela will come to help pragya as pari is free becoz of her. After thinking so much, when I again saw on location video, I found that when director indicates pragya to stop the car then when she stops cars and gwrs shocked, after it director instructs her to b calm means to give expression of calmness after watching that person in the car so I think it could b aaliya or it could b sheela. But whatever person it would b I feels it will b in pragya’s favour only becoz if pragya will again trap in nikhil’s clutches then it will b difficult for her from escaping this time and if really exposure is going to happen in this week by pragya then things r needed to b turn in pragya’s favour soon and pragya not only needed escaping from nikhil’s cluthches in fact she needs proof also in his hands to expose takhil. This can happen only if pragya get someone’s help who could proof takhil’s guilt, truths and crimes and it could b aaliya or sheela or if abhi will himself finds the truth. Only then it could happen but becoz news peoples and promo says that it will b pragya who will expose tanu’s conspiracies then i think she needs someone’s help to expose them. Well it is still confusing to predict anything. Let’s see what happens further.

      3. It could be BULBUL also. This serial will try anything……

  6. The person in the car…I don’t want it to be Aalyia or Nikhil. Please let it be Purab who is out searching for her. Or it could be Abhi himself. He could be upset about the whole divorce paper thing. It was told he was confuse about the matter and won’t sign without Pragya being present. He could go out for a drive to clear his head and there comes Pragya stopping a car that happens to be his. I hope it’s him, so he can see the goons that are chasing Pragya and gets to now that she was in danger.
    I want him to rescue her without anyone knowing he found her and takes her someplace where she will tell him everything.
    Goes back to the MM house alone and continue the drama of not signing until Pragya returns.
    Tanu and team will then get the call that she escaped and that they cant find her. Their reaction will be watched by Abhi.
    I would like to see it goes this way…how will the CVs play this out?

    1. Ya minttez if u r expectation will be true I think it will be awesome to see but CVS will not do it

    2. One of the best story ideas I saw on this forum, but I am not sure if we can wish for such things from the writers, they end up mostly showing silly things.

      1. Yeah Sahithi and Asmitha, I know the writers are locked around Tanu, but I really would like to see it play out this way.
        I really want it to be Abhi who finds her on the road. After hearing what Pragya has to say, goes back to the house and pretends to still be unsure about signing.
        Purab would leave after Abhi had left to see if he can also find Pragya, so left with intention to go to Dr. Sheela’s house only to see Aalyia returning Pari to her mother. He watched until she left then follow her to see where she is staying.
        Back at MM Abhi came in to Tanu rushing towards him and he backs her off stating he wants to be alone and goes off some where.
        The goons having lost Pragya doesn’t know how to tell Nikhil decides to call him once they leave town.
        Smiling that they are close to winning once Abhi signs, Nikhil enters MM house. Tanu sees him and rush over to tell him Abhi hasn’t sign yet. Just then he gets a call and goes off to answer. He goes into a room where he listens to the goons telling him Pragya escaped and was picked up by a car so they lost her. He treathened them that he will kill them for messing up his plans. Tanu came in and asked what happened and he told her Pragya escaped. He told her that she needs to hurry and get Abhi to sign or this will be the end for both of them if Pragya should get there before he signs. She agrees and both leave from the room.
        As they leave from there Abhi came in that same room from the verandah. A flashback was shown that after Abhi left Tanu he went through that room to sit on the verandah thinking over all the things Pragya told him. The door wasn’t closed so he heard Nikhils phone conversation and was going to confront him when Tanu comes in. He heard their conversation about getting him to sign. He heard everything and it confirms what Pragya told him.
        I want him to call everyone together and ask them to call Sarla, claiming he wants her to be there to be sure that this is what she wants for her daughter.
        While the evils smile and believe they finally won in will walk Purab with Aalyia and Dr.Sheela with Pari.
        A flashback will be shown where after Purab found out where Aalyia was staying, he went back to Dr. Sheela’s house where he convinced her to tell him what happen and to come tell Abhi the truth. Then it’s shown where he went back to Aalyia’s apartment and threaten her to come with him.
        Later in walks Akash with Sarla and guess who?..none other than Pragya.
        Nikhil tries to excuse him self and Abhi stops him and ask what’s his hurry? If he didn’t come to see him?
        And so the story unfolds.
        Well that’s my wishful thinking that this would be how it plays out but once again it’s in the hands of these writers. Who knows how they will spin this.

    3. Mittenzz I wish it happens but it can’t possible. Just look that car, it was not looking worthy for abhi’s use. Abhi uses big and luxurious cars and that car was small car, who usually uses by normal person.

      1. I didn’t view the car properly… Well there goes my wish. My next hope is that it’s Sarla ma in a taxi. 🙂 well let’s see how they’re going to play this out.

  7. Truly boring……???

  8. guys nikhil car color is black and alia too using black color car but in segment car color is white ?????.???? i hope mittenzz u r correct

  9. This writer has no creativity. For one year the story remains same. SHAME ON WRITER.

  10. But pratiksha i read a spoiler in fb that alia is going to die n thereby making exit from kkb. Since is going to quit kkb

    1. Tanvi these r all just rumours. Shikha won’t quit as now it is aaliya’s time to take the place as evil after takhil’s exposure.

      1. Then its good only..a new track will be there and we will able to enjoy post reunion romance of abhigya ???

  11. Frnds i know its a serial but have too much of fear in heart …. i don’t know y..

  12. it could be her sister bulbul… thats why her expression is like that and maybe bulbul has proof to reveal tanu nikhil and aliya…

  13. I guess its abhi’s car coz in one of d update i read tht abhi wil b pragya’s saviour. So its abhi guyz

  14. hi Brin …. me too commenting aftr a long time… how are u all?? and pratiksha nice update…. thanks fr the hope…. lets see how the track ll reach the destination finally… and kkb number 1 in trp…. everything is happening aftr i quit the show…. not fair at all… nyways if it goes good thn ok….. m afraid to see the episodes.. coz if i see the track again will go bad… yeah i knw superstitious thought…. but feel lik only if i stop watching it show is going good…. nyways eagerly waiting fr the exposure lets see….

  15. i have dought regarding bulbul. is her charactr gone or is she alive?

  16. Guys I just saw a pic of shikha singh aka aaliya which she has posted on her instagram account. This pic is from mehra house. It means may b what I m thinking it is right that aaliya helped pragya and gets her entry back to mehra house. Otherwise how aaliya could come back when abhi has been thrown her out from his house and life and without any strong favour and reason she can’t come back as abhi will not take her in mehra house and if she comes by ownself then she could b trapped as pragya is missing so blame and of abhi could b on her only. Or may b it is just a normally taking pic. But I feels that it is related to sequence of the show. What u say guys?

    1. Pratiksha me to thinking same and also nikhil said total truth is going to come out it means what they did and their each and every attempts will also be coming out so their all plans r known by aaliya only so she is the one who helped pragya

    2. Well if it is Aalyia that she ran into Pragya still would not have any evidence to proof Nikhil kidnapped her. They already have their plan to run Dr Sheela out of town so she won’t implicate them, so the only other way is for Abhi to overhear Nikhils conversation with the goons and with Tanu about getting him to sign the divorce papers.
      Aalyia bringing Pragya home will be in Aalyias favor of course because no one knew she is back except the other two evils. So Abhi will have no other choice than to take her back and be grateful to her for saving Pragya.
      Then the next chapter begins when Pragya finds out Aalyia was also behind the whole thing.

      1. Unless Purab gets to Dr. Sheela before she leaves town.

      2. Mittenzz if aaliya will come forward as saviour of pragya in front of her then question will b raised that how she came to know about it and this place and when she came back when she was in Australia? So aaliya have to reply it and if aaliya will help pragya then she have to reveal about takhil’s truth and help pragya to expose them otherwise she could b trapped and if this time abhi found her guilty then she knows this time no one could save her and she will b go to jail forever. So if it is aaliya who will save pragya then she will help her also in exposure of takhil.

    3. But wouldnt that be heights of foolishness as after being out from jail, and living in out house, Aaliya tried to save Sarla once and return back some papers. Hence trying to show she changed for good. But in next 2 days, she openly tried to steal from Abhi’s room and also was so unapologetic about killing/pushing Bulbul to death.

      Just because Pragya bumps into her, and if she brings Pragya home saving her from goons, if she is allowed inside MM again, then yeah, as usual we audience are taken for granted for our stupidity by writers.

      1. Sahithi this foolishness we r tolerating since long and see how they r going to show the most awaited exposure in rush and in such a dull way! We thought that exposure will b blastful as the way they spent more then one year on it. We thought it will b happen by pragya or abhi by their own efforts but if it will happen with the help of aaliya. Then what will b the use of pragya’s efforts and sacrifices. Ya it will b gud punishment for tanu if her own best friend will dig grave for her.

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