Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Aaliya pushing the chair when Bulbul is about to sit. Aaliya says there was a nail on the chair and Bulbul’s clothes might have tear. Aaliya asks Pragya to go and says she will take good care of Bulbul. Pragya asks Bulbul to obey Aaliya and not show any ego. Abhi talks to someone and asks him to keep them (Tanu’s parents) busy with court dates. Pragya comes and asks what you are doing? Abhi says whatever he is doing is for her, so that he gets time to spend with her. Pragya says why did you say that. Abhi says he will feel bad when she leave the house. Kaisa Yeh Ishq hain plays……………..Pragya says you will feel bad when I leave. Abhi says who will entertain me, on whom I will take anger, etc…..He asks her to make list of things in his room, says he has ladies’

handkerchief with him. Pragya says I will leave once Bulbul marries.

Bulbul tells that she is getting married afterall. Aaliya says she has been waiting for this day for long long time. She asks her to take a look, and says your make up is ruined with sweat. Aaliya says I will do your touch up. She asks her to closes her eyes. Aaliya ruins her make up and blackens her face. Bulbul asks her to marry soon. Aaliya says she will marry on the same mandap. Bulbul opens the eyes and asks how dare you to spoil my make up. Aaliya says I knew you were stupid. Bulbul says so you was acting. Aaliya says she was bearing all this and waiting for this day. She says Purab is mine. Bulbul says have you lost it. Bulbul says I did a mistake by trusting you and says she will tell the truth to everyone. Aaliya attacks on her head with a heavy iron rod. Bulbul gets unconscious. Aaliya acts madly and says Purab is just mine. I didn’t want this to do, and made arrangements for Purab and my wedding. She says today I will marry Purab and no one can come between us. She says good bye Bulbul, and get ready Aaliya.

Dadi praises Aaliya for making all the arrangements. Sarla tells that she will talk with Pandit ji. Dadi says we gave everything to Pandit ji. She says Purab is waiting for his bride anxiously. Sarla asks them not to tease her damad. Dadi says he is our son too. Panditji tells about importance of marriage and rituals. He asks to call the groom on the mandap. Abhi wishes that everything get back to normal, and wishes to carry on his marital life with Pragya. Pragya also wishes the same. Aaliya wears bridal clothes and says Purab is hers as he came in her life first. She says Pragya and Bulbul have a bad habit to keep an eye on other’s things. She says Purab will be hers and she will become his wife. She says Purab will initially get angry, but then he will realize his mistake. She says Abhi and Pragya have become typical married couple, and they were like them. Aaliya looks at Bulbul’s earrings and recalls Purab praising bulbul’s beauty. She tells you can’t do anything when Purab praises my beauty. Sarla thinks her daughter will leave after she gets married. She says we will be left alone after Bulbul leaves. Beeji says we shall be happy that our daughters are happy, and our responsibility ended with this marriage.

Dasi says Sarla ji started crying before her daughter’s bidaai. Dadi explains to her about a mother’s feelings when her daughter is getting married. Abhi says why a girl goes to her sasural, when she gets married and why not a guy goes to his sasural. Dasi asks Abhi to go to his sasural and set the example for his fans. Dadi says you can go whereever you wants to, but Pragya will not go as I can’t live without her.

Abhi and Pragya get romantic. Abhi tells about the long everlasting relation. Aaliya with ghunghat on her face is seen sitting beside Purab for their marriage. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anna

    for how long years does dis wedding drama gona last and rachana has’nt gave birth to d baby..
    fedup wid evil plots in every show and they only wining alwas…
    right before one day of the show to get air off,d villains wil get to their mistake and wil repent…………..
    god damn hell wid dis sort of shit in every serial…i mean it dat in every serial only dis is shown at d end.

  2. sony dcurz

    don’t worry guys tomorrow episode will be just awesome…abhi is going to give tight slaps to aliya can’t wait for tomorrows episode…

  3. Pathanga

    Aaliya!!! Omg!!! I thought ua screws wer lil loose!!! Bt unfortunately u dnt at al hav any screws!!! Abhi u hav to identify ua sistr!!

  4. priyanka yadav

    Hi frnds can I join this group.I like ur frndship daily I used to see ur comments.

  5. riya

    Can i join this grp… bcos i like u all and ur comments ..and also ur frndship bonding.. plz accpt my request drs.. iam also big fan of kkb..

  6. Pathanga

    Oh!! Realy!! Abhi s gonna slap aaliya!!! Bt i dnt thnk t wud b 2mrw!! May b ts n monday… 2mrws epi may end wid abhi lukng ovr ghungavali face… Dragggggging…

  7. srimathi

    Tmrw s gonna to b a weekend freeze letz c whats gonna happen..today’s episode is not fr abhigya 🙁

  8. Guys but in these kumkum bhagya serial all are dumb they will not do anything quick. See pragya she will be near tanu all the time but she will behave so dumb and abhi he was boy friend of tanu he is also dancing on her fingers they behave so dumbly
    I think these time also they will make dumb action after marriage

    • Gigi

      Sounds like you and I are the only ones watching this show – everyone else thinks it is so wonderful!

  9. At least some progress in abhigya’s scenes. I can say it after listen abhi-pragya’s talk. I love their today’s dialogues. At least they have started something sense full talks. I was expected this kind of behaviour since long. Now their love is going to get meaningful life. And mostly a gud one that abhi have started to try to make pragya understand his love for her and this is very good.

    • kowsi

      Any new update nikki…im also searching some websites…same as well as..abhi stop purab and alaiya marge..tats it…wat about tanu matter…i think tomrw and monday episodes they r show in marge drama…aftr tat they r move on to tanu or bulbul matter…i think …its true or not…i agree with ur point…

      • No kowsi next whole week will only dedicated to aaliya’s drama and tension. May b till the last day of next week, tanu’s entry again. Becoz I heard that Leena was on vacation but till when and from where she will start her shoot?I don’t know.And all of u know na that one track of kkb takes almost 2-3 week minimum but when wil this aaliya’s track’s end take place, only CVS knows. Till then wait for next latest update and on location shoot’s video.

  10. Child

    NOTE>> fr ppl Askng”shal i join d group” “m nw hr””shall i join d discussion” blah blah…. Ppl!! u al mst knw tat dis s a public site nt any1s property… So stop askng dose nuissance quest… F u want to cumnt dn cumnt…f u want 2 chat dn chat.. Bt keep away al dose formalities.. Sorry if i hav hurt anyne…

  11. Hello friends one news to all. Pls if anyone interested to join our group and comment daily. Please dont ask permissions. Welcome to our group to new comers.

  12. kavitha

    Intha kumkum bhagya sangathula yaar venumnaalum join pannalam.dont ask for permission guys.entry gate is open for all. And innaikku enna ‘permission asking day’ va .neraya friends permission kekkureenga….

  13. cousin

    I always used to read ur comments ppl……really nice…. especially kavin, priya, priya 2, kavitha, kowsi n all

  14. diana

    am jt desperate wn wil tis tanu’s pregnancy truth disclose…. still hw much shud pragya sacrifies

  15. Hazel

    Hey guyzzz m a big fan of kkb n i daily reads ur comments…… Nice bonding u’ll have created i like it…..

  16. ayesha

    hi I want to join ur group becoz I am a very very great fan of kkb n I like u guys god bless u all

  17. Sandhira

    Hi Guys love this group pity our times are so different , I am from South Africa
    getting a little tired of this serial taking to long to get to the point almost like they think we the fans are stupid

  18. Leila

    why did pragya leave bulbul n I hope abhi stop this wedding with Aaliyah n don’t let her get married to purab

  19. Me :)

    Hllo guyz evn i usd to cmmnt @ tyms but always do read updates & want to join ur grp nd bcum gud frnd of urs???☺️☺️☺️?……… Btw waiting 4 2morrow’s episode

  20. Child

    Guyzzzz dnt ask any any kind of permission to join d group…u wud b always welcumed to d group…

  21. Priya $

    If purvi comes in this marriage drama ma it ll b awesome. But writers won’t Bring her now. 🙁

  22. Child

    Aaaaaaaartttttiiiiii……Padaro padaro cousin… Keep ur right leg inside sry hr use ur right hand first to comment and make kkb blessed….

  23. Priya $

    If purvi comes in this marriage drama means it ll awesome. But writers won’t Bring her.

    • s aka . it will b awesum if she come …. aka intha marriage dramavum intha tanu voda drama vumae aduvara episodes ah irrukum nu ninaikiraen aka

  24. Wow so many peoples joined our group. Feeling very nice to see this.That’s great.This shows how much we r friendly and interesting. Anyways most welcome to all the new comers in our group and those who wants to join.

  25. Okay frds welcome u all. If u want to join in whatsapp group ask kavin. He will help you we alreadt created a group gor kb. So if anybody willing join there too.

  26. Precap is awesome. If relations are done by words it will end by words. If it done by heart it always same together. Their scenes wow nice yesterday their nhok jhok. And one thing if they use allah waariyan song especially it will be more nice

  27. Chithu

    Guys…can anyone tell wat Abhi was telling after Pragya left taking the kerchief from him?

  28. Dadi loves pragya a lot. She cannot suppose to live without her and now abhi also is in same situation. Time has really changed guys. That was a time when abhi was forced to live with pragya becoz of dadi but now he wants to live with pragya forever for ownself mostly becoz if dadi is his breath then pragya is his heartbeat, both r very necessary for his life and he can’t suppose to live without them, not even for a single moment.This is what I think he is trying to make pragya understand in precap indirectly.

    • kowsi

      Yeah nikki…he can’t live without dadi and pragya….but i want abhi realizes him mistake how he torture her…recalls al the moment….wait for marge scene…bcoz abhi will see alaiya true face…atlast she should tell al the truth who behind the kidnapping drama…it will be more super..i know im xpected too much…but if it s happen mean al the family members known purvi is innocent ….

      • And I don’t think so that aaliya will confess her involvement in kidnapping matter becoz she already has been made everybody so much angry by her this drastic step. And if she will confessed about it then god knows what will abhi do with her? And this time dadi will also punish her strictly becoz due to kidnapping pragya’s life was in danger and abhi was about to die. So she will not take this risk. Ya but if abhi will remind pasts incidence and will observe it deeply and cleverly then he will definetly get to know about aaliya’s involvement in kidnapping matter.

    • kowsi

      Yeah nikki…he can’t live without dadi and pragya….but i want abhi realizes him mistake how he torture her…recalls al the moment….wait for marge scene…bcoz abhi will see alaiya true face…atlast she should tell al the truth who behind the kidnapping drama…it will be more super..i know im xpected too much…but if it s happen mean al the family members known purvi is innocent ….

      • Priya $

        Kowsi but still now he didn’t feel for tat rit. Now only he realized his love soon he ll feel tat too.

      • He has already realized it guys that how much he has torchered pragya becoz of misunderstandings and for this he is so much in guilt and wants to remove it from his true love and care for pragya. Did u guys forgot that he has been already asked for forgiveness to pragya, when he was about to die after get shot by corporater’s bullet. But still he is in so much guit that he wants to give a lot of love to pragya and share his feelings with her but he is unable becoz of tanu’s matter.

  29. what I cannot comprehend is that abhi and pragya suppose to be married pragya is always wearing her wedding chain so you know it is real yet tanu wants to marry him how is that possible anyway any things possible with these serials another thing up to now abhi and pragya have not consummate their marriage wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tell me what is really going on with them are they for real LOL I think it was either Monday or Tuesday pragya came in and stop abhi from engaging tanu and she said tanu was pregnant was that for real or someone was hallucinating cant understand what is fake and what is real with these serials anymore because they preview one thing and then show you another come on writers you are confusing the viewers make up you mind what you really want to do

  30. another thing too abhi is married to pragya yet tanu is his girlfriend and they kept flirting all the time in front of pragya and he abhi sleeps with tanu sometime so tell me what really going on I am really confused

  31. Abhi and pragya had started their relationship from hate. Before it they was totally unfamiliar with each other from what they really were. They saw only that what situations showed them about each other. But when they got married and lived with each other then slowly-slowly as time passing, they became familiar with each other’s nature and qualities and time brought them close to each other. Pragya has understood it early becoz she understand the value of relationships and feelings but abhi understood it late becoz he had no faith in relationships, feelings etc. For him life was always money and enjoyment and love was only time pass. That’s why he was confused from his feelings to pragya since long but now after live with pragya, he has understood the true meaning of life,love and marriage and he understood that his feelings for tanu was not love but was only attraction becoz tanu was glamorous, modern and money minded like him. In a very first few episode , he was confessing it with tanu that becoz of her these qualities, he likes her. Abhi treated tanu always as his girlfriend. He went close of her many times but he didn’t cross his limits after marriage. He also has cleared it during the time when he was confronting to tanu about her pregnancy. Now he is in true and deeply love with pragya and he has realized it but now tanu is tricking him by claiming her pregnancy becoz of abhi.So abhi and pragya still have some distance becoz of it. But they both r in deep love with each other now but unable to confess from each other due to tanu’s plotting and planning.

    • Chithu

      yeah..actually Abhi started liking Pragya earlier than she did…she started liking her true nature when she commented about his songs openly …but he was confused due to the next incidents happened and started assuming that he hates her…if we observe the early stages of their marriage, he ll show care towards her in one or otherway though it is not that much explicit.. but due to his assumption about her character, he considers that he is doing those things only for Dadi who loves Pragya though that is not fully true…

  32. RisaB

    Good day everyone,dont worry aaliya’s drama will end soon.Abhi will notice her bracelet and uncover her face,upon discovery he will give her a good slap for her evil intentions!!! Pragya will tell her she doesnt deserve any relation!! Aaliyah will try to convinve Purab to marry her fooling him that Bulbul is dead, but Purab gets angry with her and runs fromt here to search for Bulbul.

    About Abhi, after realising he is in love with tanu,he lost interest in Tanu.Tanu fooled him about pregnancy,but he being foolish believed her deceitful lie..another b***c trying to manipulate her puppet.
    Pragya also has become Tanu’s puppet,so crazy,she being an intelligent teacher believes a crappy ho Tanu..only wants Abhi’s money.. went and slept with some man Nikhil to soother her Valentine disappointment!! Foolish and deceitful woman!!!

  33. RisaB

    I wonder how they all were fooled by Aaliyah’s magically fast transformation.. haaaaa this had me because i never believed this witch would turn anything but good..lol biatch always a biatch!!! Obsessive women… so many of these int he soaps always want someone else man.. geesh what a bad impression these writers are portraying about India!!
    The need to come up with better stories not give the impresson about obsessive women and witches for mothers in law… sasumas..smh!

    • This is exactly I don’t ubderstand . why abhi is unable to find tanu’s truth every time? I mean tanu is aaliya’s best friend and familiar with her every move then it is obvious that she too involve in aaliya’s matters. Then why abhi couldn’t observed it and ever confront her about anything? This question is clicking in my mind since long but I didn’t found any answer of this yet.

  34. Gayathri

    Yeah ur rit nikki…it’s too confusing and dey have to speed up and find out the truth…

    • Priya $

      Gayathiri till now so many things r like tat only like rachna’s delivery purvi and then mithali’ s husband

  35. Ayesha

    yeah everything is so confusing n abhi loves pragya so abhi simply tell tanu that I can’t marry you I am in love with pragya kab ho ga Yeh guys

  36. I just love the passion which abhi is showing in precap. I just want this passion only, from his side for pragya. CVS should maintain it in the show. And if abhi will going like this then he no need to say I love u to pragya. Pragya will b understand it ownself.

  37. Hazel

    No one is exposed till yet how disgusting this is…. no one remember dat one of the member is not present in bulbul marriage n dat is purvi they all treated her as their daughter n nw they dnt even remember her… poor purvi still she had not proved herself innocent

    • Hazel it is their habit to forget their family member. Pragya’s family forgot purvi and abhi’s family forgot raaj- mitali’s husband. Even mitali don’t any care about her husband and purvi’s mom too.

  38. hi yuvi…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  39. guys,do u remember me??? i came here after a long time. guys do u know about that new promo where pragya goes and says to dadi that she aboted . thats really very bad promo in one way, but its good in the other way.and guys, first i thought this serial is being dragged too much, but if go deeper it is fair, because this movement is the greatest step in this serial,which is more important than anything,as the vilan between abigya who really have kept some distance between pragya and abhi is been taken out of abhis life.this is the only movement which is awesome. actually guys if u see tanu was there in each and every step in abhis and pragyas lie. but this step tanu is gonna get out of abhis life as a girlfriend.so i think they have rights to drag. but anyways,they should not make us these curious.

    • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u r rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  40. Hazel

    After uttran dis is the second very most slow serial…… seriously cnt bear it…. i m nt getting dat if tanu was dreaming about dat of her expose den y dis dream was been viewed every site as tanu is been exposed….

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