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The epsiode starts with reporters surrounding Abhi after his concert and asking if he really loves model Tanu even after his marriage. He sees Tanu among crowds and says of course he loves Tanu and then shows an old lady saying she is Tanu, my biggest fan.

Mital asks Raj why did not pass her papa’s builder friend’s project. Raj says it was illegal, so he did not. She says he was giving 3 flats in that building for that. Raj says he has a reputation in market and cannot lose it. She says because of that, builder is troubling her papa. Raj says he would have borrowed money from builder, so builder is troubling him. His wife starts fighting with him saying she could not live a peaceful life after marrying him. Raj asks her to leave him then. Dadi hears their conversation, asks

them to stop fighting and to learn from Abhi and Pragya who love each other so much and have mutual understanding. Mitali says she does not know how they live and says they did not go to honemoney to
shimla aned are in Mumbai, Abhi is busy with his concert and asks her to go and watch TV channel.

Suresh calls friend from his friend and his phone switches off in between. He sees Rachna’s phone and tries to call from it, but sees Akash message asking Rachna to meet him in a hotel. He thinks Akash is trying to harm Rachna again and he will teach him a lesson this time, he will ask Rachna also what she needs.

Bulbul’s friend asks her about Pragya. She sees Suresh there and says her friend that didi and jiju are enjoying their honeymoon in Shimla and will also go to Switzerland next.

Daadi watches sees Abhi with his fan, hugging and kissing her on news channel and gets sad.

Suresh comes to hotel and sees Pragya in a hotel room. He thinks why did Bulbul lie about Pragya and thinks of finding the truth. He calls Pragya who asks her he should not call her. Suresh says he knows that, but when he heard she has gone to Shimla with Abhi, he thought of calling her and asks how is Shimla. Pragya says it is very beautiful and she is enjoying a lot with Abhi. Suresh thinks why is she lying, says Pragya he is happy hearing that and asks her to take care of herself. Pragya gets sad hearing that. She senses Suresh’s presence there and comes out of room to check, but Suresh hides. Suresh thinks of asking Pragya truth right now, but then she will feel guilty if he meets her now.

He thinks Abhi is doing same which Akash did to Rachna, whole family is like that. Pragya thinks she will enjoy honeymoon without Abhi.

Abhi asks Tanu if she believes him now. She say yes. He says he is feeling bad about Pragya looking at her innocent face, but when he remembers Aaliya in trouble because of her, he thinks of ruining her life. He says he will punish Pragya by keeping her alone. Purab hears Abhi’s conversation from behind and thinks Bulbul was right, Pragya’s life is in trouble because of him.

Suresh reaches Akash’s hotel room and starts searching Rachna. Akash says she did not come here. Suresh holds his collar and asks where is his sister. Madhavi calls him and informs that Rachna came back home. He warns Akash not to meet his sister again and goes from there.

Police start searching hotel venue for a drug peddlar. Drug peddlar sees Pragya sitting in hotel restaurant, keeps her drug purse next to Pragya’s chair in lieu of talking to her and goes from there. Inspector sees bag next to Pragya and asks constable to check it. Constable finds drugs in the bag. Inspector arrests Pragya and drags her from there.

Abhi is in his vanity van with Tanu. Tanu asks him not to think of Pragya. Abhi says she thinks of Pragya more than him. Tanu says she is waiting for her contract to finish and then she will marry him. Daadi comes to the concert venue and asks spot boy about Abhi who shows her Abhi’s vanity van. Daadi walks towards vanity van reminiscing she requesting Sarla for Suresh and Abhi’s marriage.

Pragya requests inspector to leave her as she is innocent. Inspector does not listen to her and pushes her into van. Suresh comes and requests inspector to leave Pragya as she is innocent. Inspector says if he tries to interrupt him, he will arrest him also and leaves with the van.

Daadi gets into Abhi’s vanity van. Abhi is romancing Tanu. He hears a sound and thinks who the hell is this. He is shocked to see Daadi there.

Precap: Inspector asks all the drug peddlers to call their family and he asks Pragya too to call her family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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