Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Pragya’s house. Beeji asks him to sit. Janki brings cold drink and asks him to drink. Abhi refuses, but Beeji insists him to take. Abhi drinks it, and says you people might be feeling strange as Pragya is going on date tonight, but believe me she is my responsibility today. I will take her and drop her back. Janki says why she is taking so much time. Beeji says she is going on her first date and will take time to get ready. Pragya comes out wearing beautiful salwar kameez and looks gorgeous. Abhi opens his mouth and is surprised to see her beauty. Beeji coughs and asks Janki to apply black tilak on her. She says she will not get any bad eye effect as his loved one is going with her. Pragya shyly asks Beeji, can I go? Beeji says yes.

Abhi and Pragya

are in the car. Abhi compliments her on her beauty and says you are looking beautiful. Pragya thanks him. Abhi says one thing is missing and asks her to turn her head. She obliges. Abhi lets her hairs open. Pragya smiles. Abhi tells her that this color is suiting her well. Pragya thanks him. Abhi asks her to say something else, and says if nobody talks to me while I was driving then I get distracted. Pragya says what to say. Abhi says okay, I will ask you. He asks what do you like and dislike in the person you love. Pragya says I don’t like as he talks much while driving. Abhi says Purab don’t talk while driving. Pragya says I know. He asks what do you like in him. Pragya says when he winks his eyes while laughing, I like him. He looks so cute and handsome. Abhi says oh…and is surprised. Pragya says his eyes, smile are cute. She says when he thanks me after drinking my special coffee, I feel he is cute. Abhi thinks Purab is copying his style.

Pragya says when he holds the coffee mug….Abhi asks her to stop and says I am jealous. Pragya asks why? Abhi says why he got you? Pragya says why you are feeling so bad. Abhi says I don’t know. Pragya asks him to ask his heart. Abhi says he can’t take care of you like me. He says I feel good talking to you, then why others shall talk to you. He says when you tell others cute, I don’t like. He says I wants to stay with you always, don’t ask me why? He gets Tanu’s call and she says she is waiting for him at home since 30 mins. Abhi says I am coming home. Tanu says you said that you will pick up Nikita and then me. Abhi says he is struck in traffic. Pragya asks why did you lie to Tanu. Abhi says you know her, she would have started her talk. Pragya says you never lies to me. Abhi looks on.

Abhi, Pragya, Tanu and Purab come to the restaurant. Abhi tells them that it is the best restaurant and it is fusion of traditional and modern. Tanu says you have chosen best place and Nikita will not feel out of place. Abhi says if one feels out of place with clothes, then you would have never gone to temple. Tanu asks what do you mean. Abhi says where we will sit? Tanu says center temple. Pragya says some other table. Abhi says we shall give preference for their choice, as we came for them. Tanu asks what did you say….Abhi says Pragya and tells that her real name is Pragya. Tanu is shocked. Purab says if we name her Tanu then she will be traditional only and not modern like her. Pragya smiles. Tanu asks Pragya, why did you tell your real name to Abhi. Pragya says did I ask you ever, why didn’t you show your real face to him. She says lets see what I show him. Tanu asks her to stop dreaming as she is going to be his wife soon. Pragya says you are dreaming now and goes.

Abhi, Pragya, Purab and Tanu are seated on the chairs. Tanu orders her food. Pragya and Purab also order the food. Hotel Manager Ram welcomes everyone for the new year celebrations and asks about their new year resolution. Everyone hears him and smile. He announces a game and says it is called Rab Ne Banadi Jodi and invites everyone to play. He says we will make you meet your partner today chosen by God. This game is in our hands, but result is not in our hands. He says a machine Master jotish will decide the jodis, but not randomly. It will make your jodis matching the qualities in a couple. He says whoever wins will gets best couple trophy and that couple will dance on the stage. Tanu says game is interesting. Pragya says it is stupid game, how a machine makes a Jodi. Tanu asks if she is scared that machine will not make her Jodi with Purab. Purab challenges her that they will win. Tanu says lets see whose Jodi is made. Manager jokes and tells that answers related to their partners will be questioned. Tanu thinks she will get the trophy only. Manager/ Host asks what you see in your lifepartner. Purab thinks smiling face. Abhi thinks a heart who loves me. Pragya thinks someone who loves me as I am. Tanu thinks rich guy like Abhi.

Host asks another question, where do you want to go with your romantic date. Tanu thinks Paris. Purab says he will meet her in heaven only. Abhi thinks to be with her on a moon light. Pragya thinks if he is with me then all night is romantic. Host asks what is marriage for you. Purab thinks it is a promise for life. Tanu thinks marriage is sharing for me, whatever belongs to him is mine. Abhi thinks a relation made by destiny which is with you all your life as Dadi said. Pragya thinks it is a relation which is tied by the souls which will be with you, and will be with you like a destiny. Host asks about their lucky numbers. Abhi writes that his lucky no is 3. Pragya thinks her lucky date is their marriage date. Host asks them to give their post cards. Abhi asks Pragya what she has written. Pragya says she has written her heart feelings, and if she says anything then someone’s truth will be exposed. Abhi says I haven’t understand. Tanu says lets talk something else.

Aaliya, Dadi, Dasi and others are having food. Dadi praises the food made by Dasi. Dasi says she thought to celebrate Jashn with sarson ka saag and makke ki roti. Aaliya thinks what happened to them.

Mitali tells Tai ji that this happiness is because of something. They heard about Pragya and Purab’s relation two days back and now they are celebrating. Tai ji says they have gone mad. Mitali tells Dadi that she heard that Abhi took Pragya and Tanu on a double date, and asks why didn’t she stop him. Dasi says for us, Pragya went with Abhi. Dadi taunts Aaliya and laughs. Aaliya gets up angrily. Dasi asks if chilli is much in food. Aaliya says I am done. Dasi says someone might be feeding each other with love. Aaliya gets upset.

Host announces Abhi and Pragya to be the best Jodi. Abhi makes Pragya wear the tiara. Pragya looks on smiling. Purab is happy too. Tanu is upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for update…

  2. Hmmmmmmmm Thanks Only

  3. It is good. But draggggging…. will it end soon or no?

    1. Us sure but after 2 months

  4. auh they have copied d one which came in kasam……………….

    this writters don hav better work…………


    Voice over says that

    Pragya and Purab’s closeness is hurting Abhi.
    Abhi smashes his glass in anger remembering Pragya &Purab. Pragya who comes there is shocked seeing this.

    Abhi walks to her and tells her to choose someone who likes her.
    She asks who? He says myself.

    He holds her both hands and says I will cancel my marraige with Tanu for you.
    Tanu who comes there is shocked to hear this.

    Voice over:

    Are Abhi’s feelings changing towards Pragya?

  6. Really awesome episode. …

  7. Bhavani Kannan

    Thank you for the Update 🙂

  8. Oh God! They r going to drag as usual!
    Latest spoilers are saying that Abhi confesses his love to Pragya but Tanu emotionally blackmails him with suicide and he falls for it!!
    Seriously writers…just unite Abhi and Pragya already! This is the only serial where the couple have never been together for more than a day since it started!

  9. tooo sweet yaar I ve a reason to smile today but I wish it could continue this way without unnecessary draging

  10. and pratiksha welcome back

  11. it was dragging and didnot enjoy the episode much

  12. I love it! All u haters that want it to end go be creative plsssss . Great show love your updates

  13. Hi guys! M a silent reader of this crap. Pratiksha actually what u said is true but on d other hand tanu blackmails Abhi to marry her, on which Abhi changes his decision over pragya and so finally this stupidity continues!

  14. Hiranmaychellapat

    abhi you are rocking and nikku too . purab awesome and plan . I want see that two witches and nikil ghost reaction .

  15. finally some good epi!!! abhi jealous,this is what fans wanted to see long time befote….
    today not more torture of aliya and tanu….
    yes new promo is interesting but don’t want aliya to do anything against abhigya….she will plan something danger…
    eventhough i want abhi to burn in jealousy …..and should be in pain and should realise his love for pragya…

  16. Sowji

    I am hundred percentage sure they will never change the track….confirm tanu will do some emotional drama..this episode goes to abi and tanu marriage.. but maarriage will never happen with tanu suppose it happening TRP will go down…so they never will do that….same track repeating…I never feel new stuff added in this serial…they always showing same track…atleast they should introduce new villain…how many time we will watch track same villain…Oh ghosh it just irritating….boring serial…they will always show promo like comedy show…we will trust that promo but it will show worst crap again….

  17. Really it’s imagination I think.he is Rockstar understand everything but he can’t share his own love.dump a***””. Episode 750 reached already.but nothing happens in serial.i hope abhi Pragya will together before 1000 Episode.


    I have the feeling this will drag for few more months people we should not have hope that it would not drag for few weeks

  19. I think they should come with someone who will work against Aalyia, Tanu and Nikhil. Some faceless person, who will inadvertently work in favor of Abhi and Pragya. They should blackmail Niktalyia so their focus will be off Abhi long enough for him and Pragya to get closer. Secrets begin to come out and truths revealed and when all that happened it shows that Bulbul was behind the whole revelation.
    Then they can show Bulbuls journey from she jump from the cliff and how she gets the drop on Aalyia, Tanu and Nikhil. This can be a better twisting track if you ask me. Aalyia believing she’s 10 steps ahead of Purab and Pragya.
    Tired of Tanu’s “overreacting and whining voice”. Abhi’s ” childish and can’t think for himself behavior”. Pragya’s, ” never-ending cow bawling (tears)”. And the writers constant looping of the show….I mean, there’s only so many ways you can show the same thing, it’s the same thing. Bringing back Bubul the way I suggests can not only bring back life to this dying but increase the TRP they are running after and a great way to end the show.

    1. Bulbul should be working with Purvi and Suresh. and It should end with Aliya good and Tanu in a mental asylum or working as a maid or dying of leprossy!!

  20. Should be ***** Tanu’s over acting not overreacting

  21. Very good. Thats good for Tanu. She like talk too much lol.

  22. Good points Mettenzz from your computer to the writers brains. I can’t believe that Prague and Abhi will be married for 3 years and never consummate their their marriage. Oh what a story

  23. Should be Pragya
    Darn autocorrect

  24. this was a really fun episode… good to see everyone, well all the people we care about, happy!
    really good scenes with Abhi and Pragya…. love Purab… the new Purab fits the role perfectly.

  25. Oh, Cute precap. I wish that won’t be a dream of Pragya.

  26. arey writer must have changed…awesome yaar

  27. I have the feeling Aliya will come up with another dirty twist and damage the good episodes

  28. Somewhat better than last week crap

  29. Hi I’m swarna… I read this updates regularly…. I don’t know hindi that much but this website helps me a lot.. Thank you…

    1. Hi Swarna Welcome Sissy

      1. Thank you

  30. Seems like ABHI will be the DUMBO again

  31. kumkum-bhagya Abhigya dance

    Please upload full episode written-episode after the serial ends please because I don’t know hindi that much I introduce myself I am pavithra.

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