Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode continue with Aaliya blaming Abhi for insulting her and treating Bulbul as his own sister and getting her married to Purab. But as destiny had she is no more now. Daasi also tries to tell Aaliya that Pragya can behave like that but u being Abhi’s sister cant behave like this.

Daadi also tells that Aaliya is in the house because she recommended to Abhi last time to excuse her else she would have been out of house. And now she is behaving like this.
Aaliya says now her first order is that Pragya should leave house in 30 mins and asks Tanu to take responsibility to send Pragya in 30 mins.

Pragya goes n packs her suitcase n takes along Fuggy doll n a picture of Abhi n thinks that she wants to see Abhi’s longing for her before she leaves.

Mithali thinks

that Pragya was only torturing them little, Aaliya will become a burden on all their head. Meantime, Akash n Rachna think how to stop Pragya from leaving n that Aaliya wont listen to anyone. They call Purab n inform him all that is happening in MM n ask him to come n stop Aaliya as only he can control her.

Pragya comes down with suitcase n before she can leave, Aaliya asks Tanu to check her suitcase for any valuables. Tanu pulls out Fuggy doll n taunts Pragya. Pragya warns her to put that down. Abhi who was looking away till then, is surprised to see Pragya taking along Fuggy doll.

Tanu then takes out Abhi’s picture n tells Pragya there is no need for her to take it with her. She throws the frame in fron of Abhi, Abhi is now more surprised n thinks why is she taking his picture. There is a long eye lock n Hamari Adhuri Kahaani plays. Both Abhi n Pragya recollect past events starting from their marriage n cry.

Daadi think if Pragya leaves house now, the whole family, house and Abhi-Pragya relation everything will be spoiled.

Purab tries to take a shortcut but the road is blocked, so he is delayed n thinks has to take a longer route now.

Pragya packs her suitcase n leaves, when Daadi calls out Pragya n falls doen. Everyone is tensed, Pragya stops and comes back, but stops seeing Aaliya in her way. Seeing Daadi’s situation, Abhi folds hands n requests Aaliya to allow Pragya in n he will do anything that she will order him later. Aaliya does not heed, but Tanu says that they should allow Pragya for daadi’s sake.

One point I missed, Aaliya says she is giving concession n not permission n that Pragya can stay only one day, till next day 10 AM, after which she doesnt want to see her in MM.

Daadi is in her room lying on bed, Abhi asking her why she is calling out for Mogambo, got emotional that she was leaving n spoiled her health. Does she still feel for Pragya like she did before. How could she forget all the torture that Pragya did n what expectation they can have from outsiders when family members are only cheating them. Pragya stands outside the room n is listening to Abhi.

Update Credit to: Sahithi

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  1. Dunno wats the pblm bt even.if I refresh the page I cudn view the newer comments from 1 o’clock
    Tu wats wrong?

  2. O God when will Abhi and Pragya meet???

  3. y cmts r nt published ?? pratiksha,sahithi reji razia u guyz thr ?

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    The story goes on a Boringgggg track for a longgggggggg time………

  5. Gia around 12:30 itslf I posted tat aaliya exposed by abhi n he slapped her .. Bt stil my comments wer not been published

  6. N also in ff updates
    Thr is a ff by xoxo n its title is uff Teri ada it is not been posted in kkb ff page
    It’s jus been posted in swaragini ff page alone bcuz the story involves characters of both kkb n swaragini leads
    Y dint they post it in kkb ff
    So tat some of them may miss those episodes na its episode no 16

  7. no words to say very happy waiting for monday episode … but when will she be fully exposed … and next its tanu s turn .. after so much dragging and flop plan finally 1 happy news ….

  8. oh noooooo……what the hell is going on….

  9. Pragya will trap aliyah and abhi will give a slap and polish will arrest her. But how she will catch tanu and plus point is without aliyah tanu is powerful I think pragya will trap tanu fast

  10. what!!! thats what i thaught but what about fuggi doll and abhi’s photo was it pragya’s plan to show her love to abhi .
    and this tanu 9 months have already passed and look at her belly .
    ganesh chaturthi durga puja dewali i think that writters think that all these festivals are only in a month or tanu has some supernatural power

  11. plzzz will dadi will expose the truth before abi marsh all plz yaar did bulbul is alive she is also a female side role

  12. The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Aaliya makes fake property papers and tells everyone that now she is owner of Mehra house.
    Aaliya asks servant to throw Pragya out of the house shout seeing Pragya sitting on big chair.
    Pragya shows some evidence which proves how Aaliya prepared fake paper with lawyer’s help.
    Aaliya is angry and is about to hit Pragya but Abhi comes in between saving Pragya.
    Abhi gets Aaliya arrest doing fraud
    Abhi gives a tight slap to Aaliya and makes her arrest too.
    Pragya finally get successful exposing Aaliya to BAhi.
    After Aaliya, now Pragya had to expose Tanu get reuniting with Abhi.

  13. finally one good thing happend in kkb but who is the owner of MM??pragya or abhi one thing is for sure who ever the owner might be but pragya will remain in MM

  14. Ranu was saying in mehras house for past two years, guest donot overstay””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    “uestsdonot for such a long time, She should be shuntted iimmediately

  15. it is tanu and ranu. Plcorrect y comments

  16. very interesting new segment!

  17. tomorrow episode may interesting

  18. Why aliya so stupid and she only lettin prigya stay until 10AM next mornin she so dum and daddi fainted and aliya sond care. I beat the hell out of aliya

  19. Eagerly awaiting the Monday episode…..to see abhi slapping alia ??????

  20. Guys I ve a request
    Since I don understand Hindi I’m here in TU
    Bt in terms of abhigya I want to feel their conversation better than now I want any of u wud write the exact conversation sentences in English so tat I wil feel happy
    Pls its my request hope any of u vl help me wid this
    If anybody agrees wid this plz let me knoe
    Plz guys hope u understand my feelings

    1. Only abhigyas part it’ll b very less I hope
      I wan their dialogues alone to b translated
      Even many of my friends suffer wid this
      Tas y askn
      I was abt to ask this from a very long bt hesitate to ask

      1. S i agree with u.. I m also from TN.. Anybody plz help us

      2. 🙂 for me to


      4. Ya I am also from TN and I agree with you somebody pls

  21. Yep guys even im feeling d same. Can anyone plz translate fully..so tat we can also enjoy their nok joke or any dialogues btw them…
    thanks razia:)

    1. :)_nithi

  22. two ques r there 1. what wil be dadi s ans for abhi qs in precap`
    2. wr r fringer print result in sbs segment they showed next day .. tn wt abt rst that com in 10 … any update gys

  23. I don’t understand Hindi, please write your comments/conversation in English.

    1. Need to have sub title in english. I am also from TN not knowing hindi But u may have some problem in doing it since Hindi is our national language . KKB can’t take a call on that.

  24. New SBS segment .. Pragya will be accepted by the family members after aaliya exposure ..

    1. really do you mean sas bahu and sazish by the sbs :-/

  25. Hi guyz .. Wat s cvs and sbs??..
    Then in Tamil the kidnapping scene has over. But yet still in Hindi tanu’s preganacy drama and pragya’s mogambo drama is draaaggiinngg. When will they finish this part.

    1. CVS is creatives

    2. SBS nu oru program pa.. In ABP news channel saas bahu aur saazish. In tat show they ll discuss upcoming scenes of all Hindi serials.

  26. Sorry guyzz no new segment camed .

  27. Srimathi any new updates?

  28. The upcoming episode will show that Aliya has got property papers signed by Pragya.Pragya uses power of attorney to become owner of the property Aliya returns home and insults all and declares herself the owner and boss of the family.Aliya insults Abhi infront of all, and humiliates him.Aliya’s truth revealedAbhi got shocked seeing Aliya’s changed behavior and got shattered.Aliya sends Pragya out from Mehra house, and insults her.Pragya will soon reveal that this all was Pragya’s plan to expose Aliya.

  29. The upcoming episode will show that Aliya has got power of attorney papers.Aliya transfers all property on her name and returns home.Aliya insults Pragya and asks her to leave Mehra house.Aliya also insults Abhi, Abhi is shattered seeing Aliya’s changed behavior.Dadi faints and Abhi requests Aliyato let Pragya remain here for oneday.Bulbul returnsAbhi and Dadi are upset about what all is happening in their house.Purab is on his wayto Mehra house to reveal some truth infront of all.The later episode will reveal that Bulbul’s suicide was just a drama toreveal truth.

  30. Now this aliya will be exposed and wats next any guesses pratiksha sahithi razia

    1. There are spoilers that Pragya will be back as Fuggy and in one segment also towards end reporters were saying Pragya will be accepted by family now after exposing Aaliya.
      I would rather wait to see episode than believe the spoilers about Pragya revealing truth. She wont tell so easily about Tanu to everyone, I think.

      In today’s episode we will also see how Daadi justifies her affection for Mogambo and why she couldnt see her leaving MM. Then Bulbul re-entry is also pending and who will help her for the surgery and suicide drama.

  31. its another loads of crap!! keep on dragging this drama and soon only the writer will watch these Kumkum bhagya..

  32. The upcoming episode will show that Purab comes to Mehra house and reveals all truth.Abhi gets shocked knowing that Aliya prepared fake documents to get the property.Abhi is also shocked knowing that Aliya tried to attack Pragya to killher.Aliya gets out of control and also reveals that she still love Purab and done all this for him.Fuggi returnsAbhi slaps Aliya and sends her to jail and is sad knowing about her betrayal.There Pragya finds it a right time and reveals her truth of being his Fuggi.She tells that she was doing all drama to bring truth infront of all.

  33. Guys I just saw 11sec video in that they are saying that after Alia’s exposure whole Mehra family ll accept Alia and AbhiGya ‘s reunion. And I read somewhere that pragya ll back as fuggi and reveal the truth.I don’t know whether it is true or not.

    1. Ya I saw in instagram they are telling like tat only but I heard whole family ll accept pragya.

    2. srimathi i won’t pragya will reveal the truth as fuggi tp abhi do u think shaithi and pratiksha

    3. What ‘s the mean of accepting pragya here? They couldn’t accept her as a daughter-in-law becoz of tanu and not as daughter becoz she is mogambo, an enemy for them. So what r they trying to say here? If pragya will remain the owner which she will for sure so what’s the need of accepting her by family. They have to accept pragya in the house, it doesn’t depend on their wish. They r just talking rubbish. Ya only this could happen that family will b thankful for pragya to saving them from aaliya’s cheat and revenge but it does also not make sense becoz oragya is also doing same with them according to them so why they will b thankful for her? So this line is useless and just said for making a spoiler. That’s it.

  34. Now this is really interesting

  35. Guys,I’ve a doubt
    Some pls clear it…is this true that it’s all pragya’s plan of this alia’s track nd all that…
    Was the video of the shooting shown where this alia will be exposed

    1. ya harini it is pragya’s plan to expose aliya in this away and one more job is for pragya to expose tanu soon it should also happen

  36. Could someone a send me the link of this alia’s truth revelation???

  37. Please upload it with picture to enjoy it to the core

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