Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode continue with Aaliya blaming Abhi for insulting her and treating Bulbul as his own sister and getting her married to Purab. But as destiny had she is no more now. Daasi also tries to tell Aaliya that Pragya can behave like that but u being Abhi’s sister cant behave like this.

Daadi also tells that Aaliya is in the house because she recommended to Abhi last time to excuse her else she would have been out of house. And now she is behaving like this.
Aaliya says now her first order is that Pragya should leave house in 30 mins and asks Tanu to take responsibility to send Pragya in 30 mins.

Pragya goes n packs her suitcase n takes along Fuggy doll n a picture of Abhi n thinks that she wants to see Abhi’s longing for her before she leaves.

Mithali thinks

that Pragya was only torturing them little, Aaliya will become a burden on all their head. Meantime, Akash n Rachna think how to stop Pragya from leaving n that Aaliya wont listen to anyone. They call Purab n inform him all that is happening in MM n ask him to come n stop Aaliya as only he can control her.

Pragya comes down with suitcase n before she can leave, Aaliya asks Tanu to check her suitcase for any valuables. Tanu pulls out Fuggy doll n taunts Pragya. Pragya warns her to put that down. Abhi who was looking away till then, is surprised to see Pragya taking along Fuggy doll.

Tanu then takes out Abhi’s picture n tells Pragya there is no need for her to take it with her. She throws the frame in fron of Abhi, Abhi is now more surprised n thinks why is she taking his picture. There is a long eye lock n Hamari Adhuri Kahaani plays. Both Abhi n Pragya recollect past events starting from their marriage n cry.

Daadi think if Pragya leaves house now, the whole family, house and Abhi-Pragya relation everything will be spoiled.

Purab tries to take a shortcut but the road is blocked, so he is delayed n thinks has to take a longer route now.

Pragya packs her suitcase n leaves, when Daadi calls out Pragya n falls doen. Everyone is tensed, Pragya stops and comes back, but stops seeing Aaliya in her way. Seeing Daadi’s situation, Abhi folds hands n requests Aaliya to allow Pragya in n he will do anything that she will order him later. Aaliya does not heed, but Tanu says that they should allow Pragya for daadi’s sake.

One point I missed, Aaliya says she is giving concession n not permission n that Pragya can stay only one day, till next day 10 AM, after which she doesnt want to see her in MM.

Daadi is in her room lying on bed, Abhi asking her why she is calling out for Mogambo, got emotional that she was leaving n spoiled her health. Does she still feel for Pragya like she did before. How could she forget all the torture that Pragya did n what expectation they can have from outsiders when family members are only cheating them. Pragya stands outside the room n is listening to Abhi.

Update Credit to: Sahithi


  1. Gia

    Guyz sahithi reji pratiksha n othrs wat do yu gutz think nw abt tis ?? is tis really pragya’s plan r hee carelessness ?? any new updates ??

  2. Reji

    Thanks for the update sahithi but y this aliya doesn’t have humanity pratiksha in the precap something is surprising will dadi reveal the truth to abhi

  3. So our doubt of pragya planning all this is confirmed…..it is not her plan it just happened ok……my god wat is going on don’t know what this cvs is upto. …..when is the new segment going to come

  4. teju

    what a dragging serial. When will abhi come to know about the truth and is bulbul alive or really dead as she is the parallel female lead..

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Tooooo much emotional episode…
    Feeling bad for pargya and Abhi…. ??
    But kya ab bhi kisi ko samjg nhi aaga ki how selfish is aaliya, as she only love money.. and what about finger test report??? I hope uske through atleast sach samne aa jaye aaliya ka….

  6. KA

    Abhi deserves this but still he s not believing or thinking good about pragya… Aliya made tanu het servant but still that idiot doing what aliya is telling …if she knows also she can t do anything bcoz her secrets r with aliya … Where is nikhil… Vijay had a better role than nikhil…

  7. KA

    Guys now my ques is what will purab do to stop … Will he marry her and is this pragya s plan to trap aliya very confused … Any guesses guys…

  8. prachi

    pls stop all this nonsense , kb has started with aalias plans ( abhi married to pragya ) , aalia always play games n always escape from being exposed ……………………rubbish……………………
    its a request to writers , don’t stretch the story so that it irritates viewer

  9. Sahithi

    Waiting for today’s segment. Abhi slapping Aaliya, thr r 2 lawyers, Purab n Daadi also looks fine.

    Pragya was showing something, may b proof. Aaliya boss only for 1 day .. LOL .

    • Priya $

      Everything was pragya’s plan.. Aliyah changed the name in POA papers with the help of lawyers… Those lawyer was arranged by pragya to trap aliyah.. First scene aliyah called Ronnie and some other servants to send pragya out… Purab came with lawyers… Abhi and dadi coming from upstairs.. Some conversation goes on I didn’t hear tat.. Pragya showed some photos to aliyah ( when aliyah wit lawyers) .. In anger aliyah tore the photos and tries to hurt pragya physically … Abhi stopped her and gave a tight slap.. They he called police aliyah got arrested.

  10. Dave

    Omg… aliya getting slapped by abhi… arrested… pragya winning?
    Just can’t believe… waiting for the episodes…

  11. Rehana

    Actually i think that its pragya ‘ s plan so that abhi can see taliya ‘ s true colors what u all guys think ???

  12. riya

    wowww this was pragya’s plan as expected…
    Iam eagerly waiting for monday’s episode….
    finally Pragya wins against aaliya….?
    Abhi slaps aaliya and she is arrested for forging the documents….
    Now the story is finally moving….

  13. New segment update- firstly congrats to all those were assumed that it was all pragya’s plan to expose aaliya. So guys yes it was pragya’s trap plan to aaliya and now finally she has exposed her. Abhi slapped aaliya and send her in jail. Full update- Pragya sits on the sofa in hall and reads magazine calmly. Aaliya comes and shouts on her to leave coz she is the new boss of the house. Pragya doesn’t give any attention to her. Aaliya gets angry and call out everybody in the hall by shouting. She gives order to raaj, akaash and tauji to throw pragya out from the house. Abhi, dadi, dasi everybody looks on calmly. Just then purab comes with lawyers by whose help aaliya fakely transfered property papers on own name. Pragya says to aaliya to remember about them and says if u couldn’t then I have more proof that u had transferred property papers through the help of these lawyers fraudly and fakely. Pragya shows some pics to aaliya in which she has shown as stealing property papers and transffering it fakely. Aaliya torns that pics and throws it on pragya’s face and tries to prove her wrong. Pragya says that she have video proof too of it. Aaliya gets mad and tries to throw pragya out from the house. She moves towards pragya, just then abhi comes behind, stops her,holds her hand, moves her in front of him and slaps her hard on her face. Abhi calls police to arrest aaliya. Police comes and takes aaliya with them by arresting her. Reporter says that finally aaliya is exposed but she will again come back to taking revenge becoz her hatred has increased for abhi after this.

    • Guys finally pragya’s first win but still left a lot to do becoz she has exposed aaloya only into property matters, aaliya’s more bad works r left to b exposed like she was also culprit of attempt to killing pragya and also culprit of Bulbul’s death. Aaliya could come out by someone’s help from jail by bail becoz she had gone only for fraud. And tanu and her matter is also left to sought out and exposed. And pragya will have to sought out tanu’s matter before aaliya’s come back.

      • Sahithi

        I am not sure if Raj’s response to Aaliya’s this property drama will be shown or not. But it would have been interesting for Raaj n Tanu to see Aaliya’s treatment for them in next few days, when she alone has property, if Pragya didn’t expose Aaliya in 1 day.

        Also, in yday episode, it was gud to see Aaliya treat Tanu like her assistant, like Ronnie n Payal πŸ˜€ Purab, Daadi, Bulbul, Akash, Rachana, Payal, Ronnie, even hidden in his heart – Abhi , have a diff respect n love for Pragya. But Tanu, no comments!! That is a clear diff shown by writers between Pragya n Tanu.

        But good thing was also that they didnt show Purab agreeing to marry Aaliya even if drama to get property for Abhi; that would have been straight out of a 70s movie.

        Also, if it was Pragya plan then why was she taking the doll n Abhi’s picture, she would have come back in a day with the proofs..

        But above all things, after today segment, I had this question, now the POA papers n Abhi taking Pragya sign on them r out for everybody. After Aaliya arrest, who will now officially have property – Pragya as per old docs or Abhi will take?? This twist is very interesting πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        What will Tanu say about marriage now?

      • reji

        and paratiksha now pragya’s full aim is on tanu and will aliya come back for revenge ??? and they didn’t caych vijay and the third person who is helping aliya i mean raj and more thing i want to ask now will abhi’s will be more for pragya by doing this plan???? and coming to tanu’s point nikhil is the father of tanu’s baby will tanu marry abhi or again nikhil will give entry

      • Ya sahithi it is left to know who will owned property now, abhi or pragya? But after watching pragya’s attitude in segment, it was looking like, she is still the owner of property. Becoz if she does not then she will not show bossy attitude during exposure time of aaliya. So I think only she will owned the property for now until she gets succeed in her all missions. I think pragya was taking fuggy doll and abhi’s photo with her to know abhi’s reaction and feelings for her after her going or before her going. Becoz she was saying to herself during packing that she wants to know about abhi’s feelings for her so I think this was the reason. And about tanu then as I said now she is screwed becoz she has again came at that point when she was during pragya’s come back with makeover and change. Becoz everything has came back in pragya’s hand again and now no chance to cheat her or fool her through abhi or anybody becoz now she is more alert than before. And now when aaliya is also out from the house and not with her then it is going to b very difficult for her to escape now. She will definetly do some mistake or stupidity in her nervousness and fear which will give to pragya a way for reaching her to her truth. Now pragya is full on power mode becoz of Bulbul’s death. She is handling everything alone now without anybody’s interference and help. She will not leave a stone to unturned to complete her missions becoz she considers it as Bulbul’s last wish to expose evils and defeat them so it is more important her for now to fulfill her last wish at any cost and after watching pragya from two- three days that she will put her all power and efforts in it. Upcoming episodes will b more interesting, I think.

      • Reji yes aaliya will definetly come back to take revenge from everyone specially from abhi and pragya. Shikha was saying in interview that she will definetly do something. She will try to win everybody’s trust back to enter in the house and after that she will back stabbed on them. So reji she will come back but how and when it is yet to b revealed. And about raaj and tanu so exposing raaj and get to know about him is difficult almost but ya tanu has become weak now without aaliya. Raaj also could not help her directly,he could give him suggestion just. That’s it. But raaj doesn’t like tanu and to interfere in her matter. So his part in her help is not so much. Tanu is almost alone and weak without aaliya becoz she was only the biggest helper for her. Now this is exact and most fitted time for pragya to find tanu’s baby daddy and expose her soon during aaliya’s absence. And after exposing aaliya also abhi’s love will not come out for pragya fully becoz she is still in mogambo’s getup and wrong for him and everybody. Still a lots of things, on which pragya have to work on it and sought out as u know aaliya still has not exposed completely, tanu is still left to expose and raaj also. To show love of abhi for pragya, pragya have to expose tanu also at least. Only after then she could come in her old fuggy’s getup infront of abhi and everyone and when she will come in her old getup and abhi will get to know whole truth and reasons behind her change then only we could see abhi’s complete love for pragya. Becoz abhi does not like pragya’s mogambo’s getup and he will never like it as we have been seen it. So we have to wait for it more.

      • As shikha said that aaliya will come back, try to win everybody’s trust again and after that back stabbed them again. So what could b her weapon to win everybody’s trust? I think if pragya will not then aaliya by ownself will exposed tanu’s truth to win everybody’s trust back. Otherwise after showing poisoness inside her for abhi it will b hard for to win abhi’s and everybody’s trust back. It will b also interesting to watch both the vamps fights with each other. Well let’s see what will pragya’s next move?

      • Sahithi

        Yes Pragya showed her Mogambo attitude in the segment bfr Aaliya arrest but after she is gone, I see Abhi feeling bad for having called police for his own sis. Aaliya who is very smart generally trapped herself because scared of the finger prints n evidence. She can’t come back to MM for now but will now b no. 1 enemy for Abhi, Pragya, Purab.

        Raaj may try to bail her out or not, we got to see. Finger print results – what will be their outcome, has to b seen. We need to wait till mid next week to get more clarity on happenings. As right now there r too many open things.
        But by using POA papers incorrectly, Aaliya closed chances for Tanu to b happy. And her marriage. So what will Tanu plan also to b seen.
        For Abhi also big disappointment knowing his sis real face n also losing papers. But how will he behave with Pragya from now on, after seeing his pic n Fuggy doll, no expectations as of now.

      • Sahithi

        Aaliya exposing Tanu’s truth – that’s quiet interesting. Will she bring Nikhil and show him as Tanu’s boyfriend. That would be biggest twist ever. But that wouldn’t be so straight forward, as Nikhil showed someone else as his girlfriend in front of all family members. And there would be number of questions on how Aaliya suddenly knows this truth. As to why she suddenly has such love for her bro.

        Tanu’s parents have been missing for sometime now, may be Aaliya will get them back. The writers exposed Aaliya partially, in a way we never expected to happen. When the POA papers were going around between Abhi, Pragya n Bulbul, we didnt expect Aaliya to finally use them, but thats where the papers ended.

  14. Madhu

    Heyyyy guyyyyysss…it’s a trap..Yes Its Pragya’s trap to expose Aliya….
    The next morning Aliya orders to Pragya to leave house but Pragya shows the videos and pics of Aliya taking the papers from their room (not sure what exactly the proofs are, lawyers are also there at home) .. Abhi questions Aliya and gives a tight slap and then police come and arrest Aliya..
    Superb twist yaarr..not sure she is exposed about murder plan or not…

  15. abinaya

    will dadi tell the truth??? hope so she wont..and in btw eagrly waiting fa kajol’s entry..as thy said abt tat func afta 2days..hop so tat wld be bulbuls re entry track..waiting..f any upates o segments..plss inform frns..

  16. razia

    Dunno wats the pblm bt even.if I refresh the page I cudn view the newer comments from 1 o’clock
    Tu wats wrong?

  17. razia

    Gia around 12:30 itslf I posted tat aaliya exposed by abhi n he slapped her .. Bt stil my comments wer not been published

  18. razia

    N also in ff updates
    Thr is a ff by xoxo n its title is uff Teri ada it is not been posted in kkb ff page
    It’s jus been posted in swaragini ff page alone bcuz the story involves characters of both kkb n swaragini leads
    Y dint they post it in kkb ff
    So tat some of them may miss those episodes na its episode no 16

  19. KA

    no words to say very happy waiting for monday episode … but when will she be fully exposed … and next its tanu s turn .. after so much dragging and flop plan finally 1 happy news ….

  20. hani

    Pragya will trap aliyah and abhi will give a slap and polish will arrest her. But how she will catch tanu and plus point is without aliyah tanu is powerful I think pragya will trap tanu fast

  21. anya

    what!!! thats what i thaught but what about fuggi doll and abhi’s photo was it pragya’s plan to show her love to abhi .
    and this tanu 9 months have already passed and look at her belly .
    ganesh chaturthi durga puja dewali i think that writters think that all these festivals are only in a month or tanu has some supernatural power

  22. The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Aaliya makes fake property papers and tells everyone that now she is owner of Mehra house.
    Aaliya asks servant to throw Pragya out of the house shout seeing Pragya sitting on big chair.
    Pragya shows some evidence which proves how Aaliya prepared fake paper with lawyer’s help.
    Aaliya is angry and is about to hit Pragya but Abhi comes in between saving Pragya.
    Abhi gets Aaliya arrest doing fraud
    Abhi gives a tight slap to Aaliya and makes her arrest too.
    Pragya finally get successful exposing Aaliya to BAhi.
    After Aaliya, now Pragya had to expose Tanu get reuniting with Abhi.

  23. finally one good thing happend in kkb but who is the owner of MM??pragya or abhi one thing is for sure who ever the owner might be but pragya will remain in MM

  24. Ranu was saying in mehras house for past two years, guest donot overstay””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    “uestsdonot for such a long time, She should be shuntted iimmediately

  25. razia

    Guys I ve a request
    Since I don understand Hindi I’m here in TU
    Bt in terms of abhigya I want to feel their conversation better than now I want any of u wud write the exact conversation sentences in English so tat I wil feel happy
    Pls its my request hope any of u vl help me wid this
    If anybody agrees wid this plz let me knoe
    Plz guys hope u understand my feelings

  26. Nithi

    Yep guys even im feeling d same. Can anyone plz translate fully..so tat we can also enjoy their nok joke or any dialogues btw them…
    thanks razia:)

  27. rose

    two ques r there 1. what wil be dadi s ans for abhi qs in precap`
    2. wr r fringer print result in sbs segment they showed next day .. tn wt abt rst that com in 10 … any update gys

    • Need to have sub title in english. I am also from TN not knowing hindi But u may have some problem in doing it since Hindi is our national language . KKB can’t take a call on that.

  28. davy John

    Hi guyz .. Wat s cvs and sbs??..
    Then in Tamil the kidnapping scene has over. But yet still in Hindi tanu’s preganacy drama and pragya’s mogambo drama is draaaggiinngg. When will they finish this part.

  29. revathi

    The upcoming episode will show that Aliya has got property papers signed by Pragya.Pragya uses power of attorney to become owner of the property Aliya returns home and insults all and declares herself the owner and boss of the family.Aliya insults Abhi infront of all, and humiliates him.Aliya’s truth revealedAbhi got shocked seeing Aliya’s changed behavior and got shattered.Aliya sends Pragya out from Mehra house, and insults her.Pragya will soon reveal that this all was Pragya’s plan to expose Aliya.

  30. revathi

    The upcoming episode will show that Aliya has got power of attorney papers.Aliya transfers all property on her name and returns home.Aliya insults Pragya and asks her to leave Mehra house.Aliya also insults Abhi, Abhi is shattered seeing Aliya’s changed behavior.Dadi faints and Abhi requests Aliyato let Pragya remain here for oneday.Bulbul returnsAbhi and Dadi are upset about what all is happening in their house.Purab is on his wayto Mehra house to reveal some truth infront of all.The later episode will reveal that Bulbul’s suicide was just a drama toreveal truth.

    • Sahithi

      There are spoilers that Pragya will be back as Fuggy and in one segment also towards end reporters were saying Pragya will be accepted by family now after exposing Aaliya.
      I would rather wait to see episode than believe the spoilers about Pragya revealing truth. She wont tell so easily about Tanu to everyone, I think.

      In today’s episode we will also see how Daadi justifies her affection for Mogambo and why she couldnt see her leaving MM. Then Bulbul re-entry is also pending and who will help her for the surgery and suicide drama.

  31. stacie jane

    its another loads of crap!! keep on dragging this drama and soon only the writer will watch these Kumkum bhagya..

  32. revathi

    The upcoming episode will show that Purab comes to Mehra house and reveals all truth.Abhi gets shocked knowing that Aliya prepared fake documents to get the property.Abhi is also shocked knowing that Aliya tried to attack Pragya to killher.Aliya gets out of control and also reveals that she still love Purab and done all this for him.Fuggi returnsAbhi slaps Aliya and sends her to jail and is sad knowing about her betrayal.There Pragya finds it a right time and reveals her truth of being his Fuggi.She tells that she was doing all drama to bring truth infront of all.

  33. Srimathi

    Guys I just saw 11sec video in that they are saying that after Alia’s exposure whole Mehra family ll accept Alia and AbhiGya ‘s reunion. And I read somewhere that pragya ll back as fuggi and reveal the truth.I don’t know whether it is true or not.

    • What ‘s the mean of accepting pragya here? They couldn’t accept her as a daughter-in-law becoz of tanu and not as daughter becoz she is mogambo, an enemy for them. So what r they trying to say here? If pragya will remain the owner which she will for sure so what’s the need of accepting her by family. They have to accept pragya in the house, it doesn’t depend on their wish. They r just talking rubbish. Ya only this could happen that family will b thankful for pragya to saving them from aaliya’s cheat and revenge but it does also not make sense becoz oragya is also doing same with them according to them so why they will b thankful for her? So this line is useless and just said for making a spoiler. That’s it.

  34. Guys,I’ve a doubt
    Some pls clear it…is this true that it’s all pragya’s plan of this alia’s track nd all that…
    Was the video of the shooting shown where this alia will be exposed

    • reji

      ya harini it is pragya’s plan to expose aliya in this away and one more job is for pragya to expose tanu soon it should also happen

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