Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu emotionally blackmailing Abhi. She says if you want to leave me then you can. I will not let my baby suffer and will give a good life and upbringing. She cries and says she will work for her baby’s good life. Abhi falls in her trap and apologizes. Tanu says we can’t marry until you get divorce from Pragya. Abhi says I will talk to Pragya and asks her not to cry. Tanu looks on. Abhi comes to his room and sees Pragya sleeping. He thinks to talk to her nicely as Pragya might refuse to divorce him. In the morning, Pragya wakes up and thinks she was waiting for Abhi and slept. She sees Abhi sleeping. She thinks she will prove truth first and then will think of other things later. She covers blanket over him. Dadi comes and takes Pragya with her. She asks what happened

yesterday? Pragya says I came but saw you sleeping. Dadi says you might have waken up me. Pragya tells that Tanu and her boyfriend came with goons and took someone else thinking her to be blackmailer. Dadi says what is happening now and asks God to show the way. Janki calls Dadi and says she needs to talk to Pragya. Dadi gives call to Pragya. Pragya asks about Sarla. Janki informs her that Sarla is missing since yesterday. Pragya says she might have went to market. Janki says she is not there. Pragya says I will come there. She tells dadi that they shall go there. Dadi prays to God again.

Mitali sees Tanu sleeping peacefully and wonders if Abhi didn’t tell her anything or she trapped Abhi with her cunning words. She wakes her up and asks her to pack her stuff and leave. Tanu says do you think Abhi will throw me out of house. She says you can’t control your husband and think same of others. She says Abhi is not angry with me, but with Pragya. Mitali says you might be dreaming. Tanu says I wouldn’t marry Abhi even if I come there as Pragya and Abhi are not divorced yet. She says she solved a trouble yesterday. Mitali asks what did you do? Tanu asks her to go and talk to Raj. Mitali says he is just angry with me. Tanu says if you wake up me again then I won’t let you stay in peace. Mitali gets angry.

Pragya tells that they will enquire about Sarla. Dadi says she will be found. Janki, Dadi, Purab and Pragya search for Sarla on the road and enquire about her. Pragya gets tensed and thinks nobody saw her. She calls Mama ji and asks if he talked to Sarla yesterday. Mamaji says no. Pragya says she might be here only and disconnects the call. Pragya’s students came to her, who gave lift to Sarla and greets her. They say they met Sarla yesterday and dropped her somewhere. Pragya congratulates them for their marriage. Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and sees him sleeping. She thinks Abhi might not talk to Pragya till now. She wakes him. Abhi wakes up and asks where is Pragya. Abhi says I will take her class and calls her. Pragya says she can’t come home. Abhi asks her to come home. Pragya says she can’t argue. Abhi asks her to say where is she? Pragya says she is going to Malvani Church. Abhi says I will come there. Tanu tells him to divorce Pragya and come home. Abhi leaves.

Pragya comes to the hotel, but is stopped by guard. She calls manager and tells that she is Sarla’s daughter. Abhi comes there and asks Pragya to come. Pragya says Sarla is missing since night. Manager comes. Pragya asks if Sarla took catering order. Manager says no, and says she took order before. Pragya thank him. Abhi says we will inform Police. The goons wake up Sarla. Nikhil asks her to tell the truth. Sarla says your game will end soon. Nikhil asks if Pragya knows about it. Sarla says Pragya doesn’t know else your truth have come by now. She says I would have deal with Pragya rather than Tanu. Nikhil asks his goons to keep Sarla hungry so that she tells the truth.

Pragya tells that she went there, but came to know from manager that she didn’t took any order. Purab says studio is near there and says Sarla might have came there. Pragya says why we couldn’t see her then. She recalls goons kidnapping a woman and says she might be be maa. Abhi comes and hears her.

Abhi asks Pragya, if she got any info about Sarla. Pragya says not yet. Abhi says I will talk to commissioner. Tanu and Mitali argue over opening Abhi’s parcel. Pragya takes it from her hand. Tanu snatches it back and asks why she wants to open Abhi’s parcel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Crap regularly they show almost the same thing now pragya will try to rescue her mother from kidnappers same thing in different form

  2. Godddd…..stop this dragging yaar..this is too much !!

  3. I am not even excited for to see Abhi’s reaction when he knows Pragya’s truth because they already showed it many times in dreams.

  4. OMG!!!!!! whats happening to this written is he y cant he think some thing new, always kidnapping one or the other .first aliya asked the corporator to kidnap pragya n now tanu asked nikil to kidnap sarla …its really boring man ….same repeated story

  5. Hi commenters pls dont tel abhi is stupid he is not stupid but tanu n the director making him stupid u all know tht he is a very good husband he really cares for his sweetheart n whenever he carries his sweetheart did u all c the way he looks at her really very cute but wht ever v can say but the director wil do as their wish v just comment n in future wen abhigya is together i wish abhi wil start calling her sweetheart its very nice the way he called her as he as called her sweetheart 2 times in the maha episode aiyoo i donolah where it wil end but whatever i only want abhigyaaaa to unite am i right fans

  6. sorry i thought i didnt post the comment

  7. Heights of *DRAGING* 🙁
    All of those people who desperately want our abhigya back on kkb pls comment
    *abhigya reunion* here and maybe the makers will read our comments and reunite abhigya soon! 🙁

    1. Nimirit u r a true fan of kkb luv u yaar *abhigya reunion* i m with u nimrit

    2. Nimrit i am also with u alwayz *abhigya reunion* :'(

    3. If my comment makes any difference to the makers nimrit g.. then i will comment *abhigya reunion* pls

    4. *abhigya reunion* desperately waiting i support u nimrit i want abhigya back 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    5. *abhigya reunion* i am thinkg this plan will work aarohi very nyc plan made nimrit makers u have to listen us

    6. *Abhigya reunion* makers of kkb pls listen us pls yr stop dragging fr gods sake

    7. God knws kitna drama hoga abhi iss show mein main toh pakk chuki hu i only want see abhigya together makers u suck bring abhigya back enough of drag *abhigya reunion* i support nimrit

    8. Ya I agree with you ‘Abhigya reunion’

    9. abhigya reunion….. this d only thing every fan of kkb wants…

    10. *Abhigya reunion* makers pls do it dnt u want ur show fans to be hppy??????????? :@

    11. I never commented here but today for abhigya i will *abhigya reunion* a thumbs up for nimrit ji u r great a true fan of kkb just like me i am glad u r doing this for kkb may god listen to all ur prayers n keep u happy for life time…

  8. Cv$ r making u$ fool…tanu is pregnant from 1 yr…BT $till thy $how hr 5 month pregnant ..n within 5 month thy have taken leap.. Celebrate diwali new yr makar sankrani etc..now thy r showing anathr Valentine day …but tanu is still 5 month pregnant. Last yr thy show us that tanu get pregnant on valantine day then how can thy make us fool..worst serial of ekta ever..Abhi is biggest dumbo.. Who knows only to cry..and prgya is double dumbo..

  9. Guys I write a ff on swaragini… It is swaragini a little happiness a little sadness pleaseeee read and do comment:)

  10. I can tolerate the dragging if cvs can at least improve on abhis intelligence just a little n show logic n sensibility to the flow of the storyline. Its so hard to digest when the dragging becomes so unrealistic n the flow of story loses its direction. Jus so sad as KKB really has alot of potential of breaking the norm of indian serials n shifting the paradigm to a fresher level… especially with the cast they have. N KKB has lost some gd ppl like Faisal, Mrunal & Purvi .

  11. Yes nimrit i stand with uh may makrs hear us *abhigya reunion*

  12. Parvati Edwards

    most stupid and aggravating indian soap ever

  13. I must say Tanu is the most irritating character i have ever found

  14. New segment update- Abhi and pragya in jungle type area actually they were calling it jungle but it was like village type area. They both were in today’s episode’s dress which we saw in yesterday’s precap. Pragya was sit on the a big stone and she was crying, worried and shivering from cold. Abhi collects woodsticks and dry leafs to light up the bonfire. At a time pragya starts crying and they have some arguements. Pragya says abhi to leave her alone. Then she slowly falls on stone and goes into sleep. Abhi lights up bonfire for her.

  15. There is new segment today in which pragya and abhi are in jungle pragya is shivering due to cold so abhi lights the fire and pragya gets sleep … in between abhi tries to speak with pragya but she is crying and told to abhi to leave her alone for sometime because she is sad and after that abhi is shown talking with someone on phone there is not much dialogues shown

    1. And both are wearing same clothes which are shown in today’s precap

  16. C many of the ppl hu replied *abhigya reunion* most of dem not commented bfor .. This shows how many of dem dying to see abhigya united .. Wake up CVS .. Do sumtng to make yua shows fans happy .. Y can’t u do tat .. Whole day v r thinkn abt kkb bt the episode vl disappoint us to the core

  17. Today’s episode highlights plz

  18. yes my support is also for nimrit *ABHIGHAYA REUNION* plsss

  19. anything about today update

  20. Guys I just saw a pic on sriti’s instagram of her. It is her off screen pic but she is in almost her shooi g look, in which she have a bindi on her for head and kumkum on her maang too. Her hair was long like she have in show but was not ready for shoot becoz hair was like as usually before setting up for shoot. She wore same watch and rings in her hands but she wore a sweater. Looks like, she is somewhere after the shooting taking rest. Her pic was black and white so we can’t get clear picture of it to say anything surely. Sriti’s maang is naturally looks like she have kumkum on it and becoz of that black and white colour that’s why it is not clear that she have kumkum on it or not but she have a bindi on her for head so we can guess that she will have kumkum in her maang also surely and if we will see carefully so then we can see that kumkum. So guys what could the mean of that pic? Do u guys have any idea? But this look is related from the show, this I can say surely.

    1. are u sure….bcz the background seems to be very diffrt…kumkum in her forehead is not soo visible as the pic is black and white 🙁

    2. Pratiksha i also saw that in IG that pragya little bit in her old shoot ….. in one of their comments i read that it might be an old picture chances r there for it i think so but i take ur guess too may be pratiksha any idea about it ????

      1. Might b but I feels it is fresh. Well let’s see what is the purpose behind it.

    3. Yup the picture is confusing. I think we have to wait n see. The hair is not what she is having right now outside of show, it is much longer. But the rings n watch r what we see in the show.

      But one thing I observed from other actors of the show, they use their personal accessories in the show also. I have seen Shabir, Shikha doing that.

      But again, if it is old pic, generally they mention as throwback right 🙂

  21. today’s episode highlights
    starts frm wer they left off last night. abhi says oh all of them so worried sarla aunty has no enemies then who would this !!!! if some1 kidnapped sarla we would have got a call by now pragya says u r abt to go hme na ……. abhi says he went to police station to enter a missing person complaint janki says sme1’s evil fell on this family thats y all of these r happening abhi says that he won’t let anything happen to sarla maa

    – abhi asks evry1 to take rest as they must be tired looking for sarla maa since morning and police must have started their search ………. pragya tells dadi to go home and she’ll cme later coz there r still sme places left were sarla could be and she’ll search there …….. abhi takes dadi and leaves…

    – abhi and dadi in car dadi asks wat’s the matter abhi says that he can’t understand pragya shez weird… she says smethng and does smethng dadi says u r saying all this seeing pragya’s concern for sarla naa…. dadi says ppl change but not relations… and pragya has blood relation with sarla…. first she lost her sister and now her mother is unknwn…., she must be crying a lot inside naa….. Even u felt bad watever happened raj and alia u felt bad wen alia and u r still feeling bad u forgave raj immediately abhi asks alia must also felt bad doing all this to him naa.. dadi says no… not all thinks like this…… only ppl pure at heart think like this like u abhi says then pragya is also pure at heart naa shez also feeling the same pain for her mother wat i feel for alia ….. no…..she can’t be gud at heart….. if she then she wouldn’t have betrayed me….. but she never did any bura to me ….. i can’t undrstand wat is truth and wats lie

    – dadi says leave evrythng to God and truth will come out sme day…..purab says if pragya says is truth then maa’s life is in danger.. will tanu take such a huge risk of kidnapping sarla ? pragya says tanu knws very well that abhi sees sarla as his maa and b4 harming they will think 10 times don’t know wat is truth and wat is not we can’t be sure pragya says i have to watch her harkate after sterday weathr she relaxed or tensed. i’ll call her .. this time blackmail is not enough we have to do sumthng so that if shez is involved in this she has done a bigg mistake.. purab says we can’t take risk until we knw abt sarla maa coz if shez with them then her life is in danger Pragya says we will do evrythng carefully…. she’ll go home and keep an eye on tanu and call her at the right moment purab wants to accompany her pragya says no and asks him to cme in the mrng ….

    – All r at brkfst table in the mrng and dadi is lost in thoughts…… mitali asks rachna abt raj rachu says that raj stayed at office for sme work mitali call raj but he cuts the call… mitali calls frm rachu’s phone he lift and asks her not to disturb him and cuts the call ……

    – purab and pragya scene frm the segment purab gives the idea of him video calling t pragya while she calls tanu

    -Pragya calls tanu and gives her dhamki tanu tells we alredy caught a person in ur team right?? pragya have u seen wat face that whom u caught ???? and tells that she sent a parcel on abhi’s name ….. tanu gets tensed and pragya cuts the call… tanu thinks that sarla is not the real blackmailer and thinks of informing nikhil tanu tells nikhil nikhil says i have a doubt on wat shez telling and i was right nikhil asks her to meet him and he has a surprise for her tanu hesitates at first but agrees

    – pragya sees all this on video call and thinks who tanu is gonna at 7 in the evnng… tanu sees purab and asks him wat hez doing and he gives some bahana……..

    – abhi thinks in his that he can’t ask divorce from pragya as shez worried abt he maa…. one’s this matter is solved then he’ll talk to her abt divorce…. pragya comes in thinking wat is next step for tanu and she sees abhi …and thinks wat hez thinking now…. might be about maa… precap scene abhi thinks no info abt sarla maa and don’t know wat’s going on…..

    – tanu walking here and there and thinking of meeting nikhil at 7 purab tries to calm dadi dadi says don’t know wats gng on in my home nothing is gud b/w raj and mitali and sarla ji is missing…. purab tries to assure her that evrythng will be fine and see how alia’s and raj truth came out ?? dadi says that is all ok but can’t see abhi’s pareshaani…. purab says soon evrythng will be ok dadi asks wer is pragya purab says shez cmng now she wat kamaal shez gng to do

    – dadi pragya and purab r in the hall and tanu is walking here and there upstairs purab sends a msg to dadi saying now see how tanu’s hosh udte hai..
    Parcel cms for abhi tanu cms running and even mitali and both fight for it (it’s very funny hahaha we have to watch) precap scene when asks to see the parcel tanu asks mitali to give the parcel to abhi taking it frm pragya’s hand

    – abhi talks to commissioner regarding sarla mitali cms in wth parcel and asks abhi to put it on the bed tanu cms running and tries to take the parcel purab&pragya watch all this from outside the room……abhi sees tanu taking the parcel and asks wat shez doing… abhi take the parcel and says kamaal hai… there is no name or address and tries to open it….. tanu gets tensed ….. abhi opens the cover and the box falls down frm his hands……

    EPISODE ENDS HERE…………………….

    1. guys pratiksha sahithi and jaydeep we guess right only that pragya only sent that parcel to abhi to make tanu tensed so it is confirmed that pragya sent the parcel now tanu came to knw that sarla is not the real blackmailer wat will be her next move any idea it !! becoz if they release sarla means sarla will tell the truth that nikhil is the father of tanu’s child and easily tanu will be exposed !!! i like this move of pragya to expose tanu any idea about it guys pls tell me

      1. and ya sahithi u guessed right that abhigya’s divorce is postponed becoz abhi thinking not to talk to pragya abt divorce till they get sarla so i am happy for sometime we can see abhigya happier and tanu tensed

      2. Sarla’s life was always in danger no matter what bcoz Nikhil knows that she knows her truth so he is definitely gonna kill her but pragya’s call as blackmailer will lead him to get more suspicious on pragya bcoz now he knows that Darla is telling lie to him so he will definitely got hint that she is lying to save someone so its becoming more complicated that Nikhil will definitely try to find whether pragya is the actual blackmailer or not ????

  22. Prathiksha if the photo is real nd it happen in serial tn its an treat for sanda we r waiting for abigya union since longggggg… if pragya wear kumkum Thn only two things is possible dream or abigya union.. already they show so much of dreamzzz.. so lets think positive it as abigya union …

  23. So as per new segment, Abhi n Pragya will leave on same day n Tanu will go to meet Nikhil. Thats Tanu’s fate, actually from start Aaliya n Tanu always planned to separate them and also do some loss for Pragya but most of the times, they ended up making idiots of themselves.

    Because of Sarla missing, Abhi is again back together with Pragya and thats how both Aaliya n Tanu always indirectly helped Pragya to get close to Abhi 🙂

    Imagine about Tanu, losing Abhi forever after he got married to Pragya is one thing n bringing Nikhil herself into her life is one thing. Now whatever we are seeing of Nikhil is to show us the future of Tanu, that kind of guy she will end up with. Hoping to give baby Abhi’s name n to fool Abhi n Pragya, she didnt abort till now.

    Once her truth is out, at this stage she doesnt even have an option but to have that kid. If she is exposed in time in this crime of Sarla, her dream will come true, of having a baby in jail.

  24. Guys plz clarify my doubt prathiksha rejuvenate sahithi billu jaydeep… in valentin day promote they show abhi nd pragya in jungle pragya with brown saree nd abhi with yellow shirt.. in today segment pragya with green saree nd abhi with blue t shirt.. which means that vdo is just promise na.. it didn’t happen in epi ah???

  25. I think Sriti Jha can accessorise her dressing style a bit more not only in the serial but fr real life too…She needs to look more and more like a Diva!
    Am I the only one thinking this or do u guys think the same too?
    Please share your views!

    But I must say I really like Shabbir Ahlwaia(Abhi) dressing style in the serial….He rocks it….He is so my favourite!!

  26. Namrata Rathod

    Yr plz milwado pragya n abhi ko kitne din ho gae? ek hi ek chlra kbhi aisa n kbhi vaisaa…?

  27. me too “ahighaya reunion”

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