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The Episode starts with goons coming to the jewellery shop planning to steal the jewellery. He tells that they have to call each other by number and not name, and asks them to take positions in the shop. Abhi asking shop keeper if Pragya will have pain while taking out mangalsutra. Manager says mangalsutra will not break. Abhi says he is concerned about Nikita, and not mangalsutra. Tanu gets jealous. Manager asks Abhi to let the mangalsutra keep on her neck and says you are blessed before marriage. Tanu goes to him and says she is his to be wife, and not her. Manager asks then why did he make her wear mangalsutra. Abhi says matter is complicated, and tells that she is too good and deserves a nice guy better than me. Manager says I couldn’t understand who is best suitable for whom.


asks Pragya not to get tensed as Salesman went to get the equipment to take out mangalsutra. The goons enter inside and keeps owner of the shop on gun point. Shop owner tells that his shop is under CCTV Surveillance. Goon says he knows and that’s why he asked his men to cut the connection. He asks owner to call his customers and employees there.

Tanu, Abhi and Pragya are shocked to see the robbers. Goons asks them to be silent and co- operate with them, else they will shoot them. Tanu asks Abhi, what we will do now? Goon asks Tanu to stand silently else. The robbers steal the jewellery from the shop. Tanu thinks her life is in danger and thinks Aaliya is not here to save me. She sees owner going to the safety alarm and thinks he will save us. Goon says we came here to loot owner and not customers. Other goon smashes owner’s hand with his foot just as he is about to press alarm. He threatens to kill him. Abhi looks on shocked. Pragya gets Purab’s call. She thinks Purab can save us, and picks the phone silently. Pragya tells him about robbery in the shop and asks to bring Police. She tells location is in khar.

Mitali tells that she taught Robin to buy vegetables through mobile banking. Dasi says you are intelligent. Purab comes to Dadi and tells about the robbery at the shop where Abhi, Pragya and Tanu went for shopping. Taya ji asks what did Pragya tell? Purab says she asked me to bring Police and says he will go. Dadi asks him to take her. Purab asks her to stay at home and says he will be in touch with her through phone. Tanu wonders where is Pragya and thinks if she went being scared. She asks Abhi, where is your secretary? Abhi also looks for Pragya and asks Tanu. Tanu thinks she must have ran away with expensive mangalsutra and thinks how I will be saved now. She then sees Pragya calling someone and informs Abhi. Abhi thinks whom she is calling and thinks goons will kill us. Pragya tells Inspector about robbery in the shop and tells that they are 8. Inspector praises her.

Tanu thinks to make Pragya’s plan backfired and thinks goon will kill her if she is caught red handed while talking on phone. Tanu silently tells goon that a girl is talking there on phone. Goon says I couldn’t see anything. Tanu asks him to go and check. Goon catches Pragya and asks with whom you was talking. Pragya says nobody. Tanu thinks you will die now for wearing my mangalsutra. Abhi is shocked. Goons check her phone and says she called Police. Other goon asks him to shoot her. Abhi is shocked. Tanu takes out her sandal as it breaks. Goon thinks she was about to hit him with sandal and says I will kill her first, she is more clever than this girl. Abhi thinks whom to save her now.

Police comes there. Goon blames Pragya for their unsuccessful robbery. Other goon says they shall kill her. Abhi thinks Pragya and Tanu are both in danger. Tanu asks Abhi to save him. Abhi says I will save you and asks her not to take tension. He tells Pragya that he will save her also. Goon asks him if he is filmy hero and came to save everyone.

Inspector asks Constables to take positions and asks Goons to surrender as the shop is surrounded by Police. Goon says we are caught, thinks what to do. Inspector says you will have less punishment if you surrender. Goon says he must be Inspector Prabhat. Purab comes there and asks Inspector to understand that goons can do anything. He says my didi and friend are inside. Inspector asks him to co- operate and not to worsen the situation. Goon tells Pragya that he was making this plan since 3 months and says now he will kill her.

Goon points gun at Pragya’s head. Sarla kisses Pragya’s photo frame and it falls from her hand. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    dragging and dragging . Already three days and possibly Monday also will see Abhi and Pragya and ofcourse Tanu the conpirator wasting serial in jewellery shop. Have mercy on viewers.

  2. Nadathunga da dei… Ungalala evalo mudiyuma avalo nadathunga!!?

    1. konjamaaavadhu oru twist koodungapa I am actually a dead hard faan of KKB but now it is actually boring ……

  3. Hey prathiksha sis your points are absolutely right even i too felt bad but i had great pleasure after seeing abhi ties ms on pragya neck i got excited but if we took it serious it was really disgusting n it is insulting the value of relationship n rituals so i am sorry that i shouldnt support this as it is insulting d purithy of ms.now as per today precap history is repeating itself as abhi is gng to take d bullet on his body to save his so called secretary(fuggi) so it may take some positive move in further ongoing story or it may also dragg as abhi went on coma even its better than this memory loss track abhi u better plzzz stay in coma for some years so that anyone of this two ladies will leave u n move on for a better life i think tanu will move on coz she is practical that she only wants to live her life with luxury or happiness but our sita devi(pragya) will never move on yet she will say that her so called ‘kumkum bhagya’was tied with abhi so she will wait for him forever if his memory didnt came back then as tanu said in yesyerday epi he will also take 7pheras with pragya n tell that its just a trial for the marriage which is gng to happen with tanu really d cvs are maddddd!!!!

    1. yea aishu i too go with pratiksha sis comments as she guesses wat will happen next in the show by the way i am anita as abhigya here

      1. Hii anita how r u????your name as abhigya was good n mee too agree with prathiksha

  4. I pity on writers… They don’t know what to do next and grinding the same thing again and again..

  5. when this will end always tanu coming between abhi and pragya.now memory loss track also boring and dragging like pregnancy track,when they will unite abhi and pragya…
    pls change into some interesting track…
    iam a silent reader of this page…but can’t control upset with kkb
    i am watching kumkum bhagya from the starting,its my favourite program i used watch it eagerly but now only watching it for abhigya kkb lost its many audience pls bring abhi memory and change track abhigya without tanu and aliya…

  6. hmmmm irritating wen are they going to put an end to this dragging

  7. Aishwarya your point are true and funny too, I only wish writers and CVS would improve their writing skills more by making our wish come true

  8. Jis moti chudail ( tanu ) ki wajah se sara scene create hua, abhi ko uski chinta karte hue dekh kar bahut bura laga… chudail tanu ne sara mood kharab kar diya… Abhi ji , aap apni hone wali stupid football wife ko bachaiye, pragya ne na hi aapse help mangi hai aur na hi use aapke help ki jaroorat hai…. Viewers ki wishes pragya ke sath hai…, One more thing, abhi ko chillati hui chudail ( tanu ) bhi sushil lagati hai ( from which angle ). I am waiting for abhi ka haath aur tanu ka gaal ( zordaar thappad ) but woh din kabhi na aayega..

  9. Tv channel should not allow any serial to go more than 400 episode otherwise writer go koko and make the serial a hell to watch like kkb.

  10. Mr. Robber, please shoot Tanu….thanks.

    1. Bwahahahaha

  11. Tanu cant leave else Abhi won’t be happy.??.hello.?he rather prefer 2 instead of just 1.????

  12. Was a good storyline initially but the director & writer are continuing with an illogical and unreasonable storyline that just shows the main characters as dumb and assume the viewers are dumber. Any normal person with just an average IQ would b smarter than the main characters in this story. I am sure they are losing viewership.

  13. Guys I saw an interview of Ekta Kapoor in the show koffee with Karan. I don’t know if it’s new or and old interview but in this interview, Ekta very clearly said that she makes shows not for someone sitting abroad or people who are sort of from a sophisticated background but for ordinary women who actually watch her show and make it a success. She also said “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it”. I thought that explains how clear she is about her target audience and her goals.. It also explains how shows like KB can gather TRPs for years without a logical story line.

    Guys those who r pissed with the nonsense story of Ekta’s shows and wants to see change in it according to u, then I think this interview will give many answers of ur questions.

    Here is a link of her interview – .


    1. silent reader

      that interview was in 2007

  14. kaash ki goon kah de ki use ( tanu ) chhod do, usi ( tanu ) ne is ladaki ( pragya ) ke baare me bataya hai aur abhi sun le…. Lakin isse bhi koi fayada nahin hoga, is scene ke end hote hi , abhi yeh bhi bhool jayega…

  15. We are waiting for the end

  16. Such a badly shot episode progya calls Purab instead of rushing to scene calling police he goes to inform dadi!!! And then staying to listen to all rubbish
    The goons not killing just saying they r going to again and again and again pragya mother giving photo dropping it
    deliberately such a clumsy episode a class 5 student would have done a better job

  17. Shooters plz shoot Pragya as she is not going to get anything rather than crying n taunting by d devils she doesn’t have any self respect too. Plz shoot Abhi too he is always enjoying with two girls even before ML as well as now..and only have trust on proofs, n always a puppet fr devils n never use his own brain at any stage. N finally plz shoot tat devil first, such a cunning creature n I don’t want to describe tat devil character too.
    At last plz go n shoot those writers n directors for illogical story…cheeeeee

  18. Hi all, aft a week am reading the update same old story….. pls change d story line writers…. wr is prathiksha…. hru prathiksha

    1. Hi pinku?I m gud. I was busy as it’s weekend after all. Time for chilling, shopping, hang outs and enjoyments to fresh up the mind. That’s what I likes to do in weekends and that’s what I was busy in doing. That’s it. How r u?

  19. I think if Jane Austen was alive as this story based on her novel sense and sensibility…she would have shed blood tears…seeing how the women characters being portrayed…Jane Austen showed women as most capable of taking of their own mess,smart and independent…and whatever going around here is totally opposite..

  20. Its tooo boring…
    Fed up..

  21. hi can i join u guys
    or not


    Pragya says before TaBhi marraige she will get her rights back as Abhi’s wife.

    Abhi is playing his guitar.

    Purab and pragya walk together in front of Abhi. Purab holds Nikita/pragya’s hand and tells to Abhi that he starts liking Nikita.
    Abhi sees both of them surprisingly and says “congratulations” and leaves disturbed.

    Pragya and Purab do a “high five” happily.

      1. Prathiksha.I think Abhi again do some discussing things like announce this news in front of his mad family….hahaha

    1. Heywhats this what abt d gun shot nowadays they r also showing wrong promo really kkb is becoming worst day by day how cheap this is that purab n pragya r lovers shane how can pragya become shameless like tanu by saying her sister hubby as her boyfriend pragya is becoming mad in abhi love n dont know again is d same crap is gng to happen that aliya will come n tell him that she loves purab so abhi will intentionally marry pragya again for her sister then d same things will happen mms,kidnapping,accident,killing,pregnancy,memory loss,etc really fed up what prathiksha sis do u have any guess abt this new promo

      1. Aishu it’s another disgusting thing that Pragya and Puran r going to announce their relationship as lovers, when they r like brother and sister for each other more than any other relationship. Firstly it was not needed. Instead of doing something sensible and solid and instead of taking some fast action for getting a him treated for getting abhi’s memory back, they r doing just time pass in all nonsense and disgusting things. And if it was needed then they can hire some other new actor in opposite of Pragya for this. But no, they r simply and easily ruining the story, characters and other side the relationships and moral and traditional values. Do u remember that how they dragged the pathetic pregnancy track just like this by showing rubbish, disgusting and annoying things. That’s what they r doing here also. They r just using tricks to divert the attention of audience from abhi’s memory as much as possible. If they will start showing sensible things and they will go from straight way then they will not be able to stretch the story more. Like pregnancy track, even after most easiest ways, they intentionally complicated the things and story just to stretch it. This is what they r doing here also. This track of abhi’s memory loss also have many easier ways by which it can finish easily but they r creating unnecessary, nonsense and disgusting mess just for dragging. CVS knew it very well that by which tricks they can drag the story with keeping maintain the audience interest. So they r doing this. They knows that abhigya r the key for locking the audience and the stuffs relayed to them, in which audience keeps any hope, they opts that ways and stuffs as a trick to successfully drag the story. They knows that audience r curious to know that when will abhi’s memory come back and if it comes then what will happen after it, abhi will simply punish the evils or he will punish them with planning by faking his memory loss, audience r crazy to watch abhigya and their lovely scenes together, in which audience could watch their chemistry of love and romance, audience was always desperate to watch a jealous and possessive abhi for Pragya, audience r curious to know that how tabhi will b separate and their marriage will b canceled, audience r excited to know that how Pragya will get her rights back on abhi as his wife and how will taaliya exposed this time and who will b exposed first? These r the some and main reasons become of which fans r unable to keep themselves away from the show and become of it show is still on top-5 and CVS r getting successful in stretching the story successfully as much as long and possible. So those who r keeping hopes for the end of abhigya’s separation and end of this memory loss track soon, then just look it’s previous record, it will not end any soon easily. They will keep trying the tricks as much as possible to stretch the story. Tricks and sub-tracks will keep u and ur interest and excitement for sometimes and then again we will back to square one and results of any of the trick and track will not b final any soon. They r tricking the audience by using audience’s weakness through misleading and curiosity and excitement increasing promo and sub tracks. That’s it.

    2. So last promo was partially fake. Aaliya was not present in that shop and as per this new promo looks like Abhi didnt get hurt. The last promo looks more for increasing audience curiosity to see who will get shot and if Abhi will get back his memory in the process.

      1. Actually it is true, i have been observing that what is usually shown in promos is not what is actually shown in the episodes. These writers have been cheating us.

  23. Wow….suprb?

  24. It’s totally disgusting. how can cvs portrays that purab and pragya is in love even though it is fake. Both are like sister and brother. y don’t they try new character as a pragya’s boyfriend. This new promo is totally irritating.

  25. Getting lot of bore to see this serial,how people can able to see this much of prolonging ,please do something good to see,and later make furtherchanges

  26. guys guys am really happy for this promo bcos is better to watch abhi being affected about pragya being in love than watching taliahs pranks which irritate audience most

  27. no for people who sitting aboard or sophisticated background but coincidental or not she was take some story line from audience suggestions here like pragya’s pregnant and now purab and pragya love..so lack creativity..and for the next tanu will marry with abhi..because if abhi not marry tanu, it will be short drama..maybe pragya cs tricks or dady’s bad health will not taking long time and much drama for foil this marry like usual as writer way..yeah abhi will marry tanu..after abhi go bankrupt then tanu and aliya will leave him..and maybe pragya and purab will fall in love each other for real for dragging more and make this BS continues..of course with same crap like before..

  28. I am watching and reading updates of KKB since last year but I found only the thing that up to what state a sister can harm his brother . And this serial is destroying the BHAI BAHAN PYAR. naturally neither a sister nor sister’s friend can think such bad about a brother . I am thinking to case Against this serial on the basis of human rights are being harmed by this.

  29. Storyline on this show based on Jane Austin novel is not this pathetic..it’s time to close the chapter on this booked b4 it is completely ruined

  30. but guys i jus now read an update that abhi gets shot..as tanu calls nikitha as pragya abhi gets some of his old memories and after bein shot he gains his mem back on the way to hospital he romances n behaves with pragya as he used to before ml..

  31. Yaaaa evn im satisfied with tis new promo see guyz if new character comes as pragya’s bf then.pragya will feel uncomfortable sooo its better to have purab only bcz with purab she is safe and also comfortable


    Goons threaten to kill Pragya. Pragya tries to run by hitting him but they catches her again and slaps her hard. Abhi looses his cool and says stop and walks forward. Goon asks him to stop and threaten to kill Pragya. Abhi angrily walk towards the goon. Goon shoots him and Abhi fall down. Goon about to shoot Pragya but Abhi gets up and come to goon and is about to strangle him. Other goon trying to stop Abhi and finally they stop Abhi. Abhi falls down. Goon about to attack them. Pragya hits him with a vase and starts crying holding Abhi’s head in her lap. Pragya cries a lot and asks for help. She says to abhi that why he came when she was stopping him and said that nothing will happen me. Abhi sees her Mangalsutra. He holds it in his hands and gets flashes of their wedding. Then he gets unconscious. Police and Purab comes to them finally. They rescues everyone and catches the Goons. Purab comes to abhigya. Pragya calls for help to take abhi to the hospital. Policeman gives support to abhi and he is taken to the hospital.Tanu looks all this from distance shockingly.

    1. Guys sorry for late update as I was busy with guests at home. Guys another thing is this that I will b unable to post any update or comment for almost two weeks as I m going out of station.

  33. oooooooooh pratiksha di hw possible, hw can we watch this series without ur early post especially those of us who are not Indians and rely on u for new segments especially the translation of it to english di I will really miss u plzz if it can be possible then u should do us a favor by not stopping what I mostly opt for in comment section plzzz

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