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The Episode starts with Purab saying that no one can escape from Rockstar’s home, and says why did you leave from here. Pragya says if you remember everything then you might have remember me as well. Vijay asks who are you? Pragya slaps him hard. Vijay is angry. Everyone is shocked. Pragya says you all want to know why I am caring for him, and spending money on his treatment. She asks Tanu to ask her now, and says you might have forgotten to ask. She says you might see yourself in other’s face in the mirror and says that’s why you calls everyone characterless like yourself. Aaliya asks what is wrong with both of you and says talks to Vijay. She says they got his treatment done with the best doctors, and says you have hit Raj on his head. She asks him to get out and tells slowly asking him

not to take their name else they will get him killed. Abhi says 1 min and says let clear everyone’s doubts now.

He asks Pragya to tell why she was taking care of him. Aaliya says that doesn’t matter and says he deserves a punishment. She says I will call Police. She calls police and asks them to come. Pragya takes the phone and says she has a relation with Vijay which has no name. She says he is not a ordinary decorator, but a professional killer. Everyone gets shocked. She says he came here to kill me on Dussera day. She says everyone knew that someone tied me inside the ravan, and says Vijay was the one who tied her inside the ravan. Aaliya, Tanu and Raj get shocked. Abhi gets angry at Vijay and says nobody feels safe because of your kind of people. He beats them asking him to think about his family. He asks why did you tried to take Pragya’s life.

Aaliya asks Abhi to stop it and says we don’t know if Pragya is saying truth or lying. She says she will never trust Pragya. Abhi says I trust her fully. He says I can feel it that she is saying truth, and asks why you are taking his side. He asks do you know him? He says big proof is that he feigned to have a memory loss. If he is not lying then why did he try to escape from here. Aaliya says I am not taking his side, and says let Police come and decide who is truthful. Tanu tells Aaliya that it is good that Vijay didn’t take their name else they might have been caught.

Pragya asks Vijay, how you are feeling now, and says you know well how the Police behaves with your kind of people. She says it will be better if you tell the truth. She says if I can spend so much money to get your treatment, then I can do anything to bring out the truth from you. Vijay asks what do you want to know? Pragya says do you remember the Dussera night, and asks him to keep quiet and speak infront of Police, or tell her the truth now itself. She says if you choose to tell me then I promise that I won’t let you go to Police station. Vijay says few people chooses their own way. Pragya says you told me that day that someone gave you money to get me killed and asks who is that person. She asks him not to get afraid of her and says you can go from here smilingly if you tell that person name. Vijay thinks I have to take that person’s name to save myself.

Police comes and asks Aaliya why did she call them. Aaliya says it is good that you came and tells Inspector to arrest Vijay. Pragya says just 1 min, and says he wants to give us some important information, and asks Vijay to tell that person’s name who hired him. Vijay looks on. Aaliya, Tanu and Raj get tensed. Vijay says it is enough now, and says my mum says that one shall say the truth and be happy. He says I will tell the truth and says that person is from your family. He says he is from your family member and might be thinking how can I do this with him. He apologizes and says I have to take his name to save myself. He asks Pragya to promise that she won’t do any complaint against him. Pragya asks the Inspector to arrest the person, who has hired Vijay. Vijay says I thought what is the need to do Ram Leela, when there are many enemies at home. Pragya asks him to tell truth fast. Vijay says I did wrong by dealing with your family. He asks her to identify his enemy who gave him money, and says he is the one…………He says he was that man…………..Raj, Aaliya, Tanu and Abhi were standing at that place.

Pragya says Raj Bhaiyya…….Vijay asks him to move…..Pragya says Tanu…….Vijay asks her to move……..Pragya says Aaliya…Vijay says she is the one who gave me money to kill you. Pragya says I knew it. Vijay asks Aaliya to move from there and asks if she wants to go to Jail. Vijay takes Abhi’s name. Pragya and everyone is shocked.

Abhi says you are lying again, and says if I wanted to kill her then why would I save her. Vijay says you said that you want to kill her and shots the arrow. Inspector asks Constable to arrest him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys an awsum news I have for all of u. I just saw a pic on instagram of pragya and abhi with dilwale’s movie’s cast. Means abhigya were with sharukh, kajol, varun and kriti along with some other peoples on kkb’s set. Gus they all came to promote their movie in kkb. We will see a special episode with them, like we saw with salman khan.

    1. Oh really nikki 1 I am so happy and I am waiting for it can you please tell me when they are going to put this special episode

  2. I’m fed up of not revealing the truth soon

  3. ya nikki-1 not the entire family of kkb only AbhiGya with the crew of dilwale

    1. Ya srimathi only abhigya was with them in pic. Hopefully we will get more pics soon, with other cast of kkb’s with dilwale’s cast from the set too. May shikha aka aaliya will b missing from this episode becoz she is on vacation na but other members of kkb’s will b definetly there.

  4. Gud episode… But wat ll happen next… I don’t have any idea abt tat… Just blank.. Nikki any guess… Wat ever in case now only kkb in rit track… But some lacking.. Slow too.. But pls reveal the truth… Tanu’s truth alone reveal it 1st.. Gud ans she gave to tanu.. Awesome.. But I expected more from abhi but little disappointed too… Let’s c wat ll happen today…

    1. Well PRIYA I still only this much knows that pragya will take her case back and bring out abhi back from police arrest. I m also waiting for what will happen next after this? We haven’t any new segment yet after last segment of killer’s catching and abhi’s arrest. I have sent only some pics of kkb’s cast from the it’s set and today I have seen abhigya’s pic with dilwale movie’s cast ( sharukh,kajol,varun and KRITI) but I got no idea from these pics, except this that abhi is out from police arrest. So waiting for new segment or update. In this week, we have still not get any new segment. I m hoping today may b we will see. Whenever I will get new update regarding this, I will definetly tell to all of u.

      1. Thanq nikki.. But after police arrest how this abhi ll react… Don’t know.. Whether again he ll start hatred to pragya.. In my mind tat alone going..

  5. As we have seen abhigya’s pic with dilwale’s cast so it means abhi has came out from the police arrest. Now the only thing is left to see that what will b his reactions towards pragya and what will b his next step? Well I know many of u felt bad for abhi that he is innocent even after this he is forced to go to jail becoz of killer vijay. But I think it was happened gud with him. It was necessary to teach him lesson that how feels when someone accuses u without any mistake and how feels when no one supports u, not ur trusted and beloved ones, like he was not supporting pragya when tanu and others were accusing pragya. And it was also necessary for abhi to finally taking serious step and taking action against what is going on around him. And what I feels another thing is that pragya should tell him whole truth now, becoz all pragya’s plans r back fired on her and mostly on abhi. He is getting affected most with each and every failure plans of pragya. So before he trap once more or face anymore problem, pragya should tell him everything then he could get alert and as I m saying it since long that pragya and team needs abhi’s support most to win.

    1. Ya nikki 1 now abhi will understand the pain as you and I think he will find the truth of vijay

    2. Ya nikki 1 now abhi will understand the pain as you said and I think he will find the truth of vijay

    3. I think now Pragya will tell everything to Abhi n he will ask her to plan bulbul n Purab wedding cast of dilwale will come on wedding everything will happen on xmas day hope it goes this way

      1. Maggie .. Yua guess ? Or this will happen fa sure

    4. Or may b before that as dilwale is release on 18 Dec so marriage will happen at that time n aaliya will do something to stop it in anger but this Abhi won’t spear her or Tanu will do something n will b caught

    5. One more thing, that killer vijay has played a very smart move. Everybody was trapping him but he haw turned the tables and trapped everyone by taking abhi’s name. Becoz abhi is everybody’s biggest weakness and as well as golden bird too for them. So by taking abhi’s name, one side vijay has taken his revenge from everyone for trapping him and otherside he has saved ownself. Now problem will b accure more for pragya for further and most for taaliya and raaj. Problems for pragya,Becoz after saving abhi, she will have to save owmself from abhi’s confrontation and tricks to get to know the truth and problems for taaliya and raaj becoz they have to go through team pragya and abhi’s investigations and plans to find out real culprit. That’s how vijay has trapped everyone.

      1. I know some of u will feel strange but i liked this killer vijay’s character. He has every quality of a dangerous villain. In ywsterday’s episode how he was describing about abhi’s family and how he showed so much gutts to take abhi’s name as a culprit and to standup infront of pragya without any fear. That was so Puff. His will power, strength, intelligency and cleverness and capacity of understanding and identifying. the peoples is appreciable. Means a complete package of a gud villain. In yesterday, episode he was hilarious at some points, when he was describing abhi’s family as ramleela’s characters and when he was pointing his finger on that side where abhi, taaliya and raaj were standing, I was laughing on the way he was saying from them to move from infront of each other’s. But as a whole mohit did a gud job as killer vijay and story will demand and CVS will want then he have a gud chance to being popular by playing as a gud villain in the show. I want that CVS cast him for troubling aaliya. That will b fun to watch aaliya in trouble and fear.

    6. But if Pragya reveals the truth by just telling everything to Abhi then what’s the use of her new makeover and all efforts, if she can just tell the truth means she would have told this very long back, and Abhi also tried many times to get the truth from Pragya thinking she is hiding something, his efforts will also become useless..so in order to give a good meaning to all these past episodes, let Abhi himself will find out the truth by his own efforts and and maintain secrecy that he found the truth and come more closer to her..this time since he realizes why pragya is doing all these and he can indirectly supports her and he can move closer to her honestly with full hearted love.. in this case we can have more fun instead of confusion about Abhi’s behavior, we can see true love of Abhi confess to Pragya..

    7. Bulbul n Purab will get marry this time for sure in coming episode
      It’s confirmed
      My hubby told me by next or so

  6. Guys new promo out it seems can anyone tell

  7. Guys new promo out it seems can anyone tell.. I missed it

  8. For heaven sake stop dragging guys…..

  9. im really fed up with this serial…..tanu’s truth must come out soon….reunite pragya and abhi soon

  10. यार इन लोगो ने तो पब्लिक को तो एक दम फूल समजा है
    ये लोग अन्धे है क्या जो इन लोगो को सच्चाई दखाई नहीं दे रही जो पब्लिक को पागल बना रहे है लगभग २ -३ महीना हो गये है जो तन्नु और आलिया की कहानी ख़तम ही नहीं कर रहे है या तो कहानी को जल्दी ख़त्म करे नहीं तो मैं इस नाटक को देखना बंद कर दूंगा ओके यार हो जाता है कुछ महीना का तुम या तो बनाना वाला या फिर दखने बाला पागल है जल्दी ख़त्म करो समझे की नहीं

  11. this serial is just. wastevof time?did the production team think that the viewers r just a bunch of idiots. technically tanu claimed tat she is pregnant in the month of may.now acc to the fact she must be 8 month.iswear i ll kill jer if she caught in my eyes. in add to tat the great master planner aaliya.i ll kill her 2

  12. ada pongapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. AaravDr. Upendra Kaushik Head, Publication Department Ref.No.BVB/DK/Pub-AM/2015 November 18,2015 Dear Shri Sankarankuttyji Mr. K. Balakrishnan, D-7/1, WElcom Group, CGHS Ltd, Plot No. 6, Sector-3, Dwarka Phase-I, New Delhi- 110 078 has enrolled an Associa

    what a stupidity. Tanu and aaliya ko dismiss karne keliye ithna dar kyon. ye donom narrator ko dhamki deren kya.

  14. What stupidity is being shown in this serial…. why are they fooling the viewers…. Feeling bored watching the same again and again with no reality. When will the bad suceed…… It’s high time that evil tanu, aaliya and raj are caught and put behind bars…. enough is enough……

  15. What the hell is this so boring and dragging

  16. It would be nice if the truth is revealed as soon as possible

  17. Guys is tanu really pregnant it’s been almost a year since she has been pregnant and you can’t even tell if she is. By this time she should have the baby. It’s so sado man!!! And I think that vijay played his character really well and I like him. Is it really b happening that will bulbul die ? I don’t want bulbul to leave kkb.

  18. Guys any new updates??

  19. The writers are damn idiots to think we enjoy their stupid tactics to prolong the truth.
    Expose those 2 bitc…….s soon. Poor ABHI / PRAGYA

  20. Hai nandhu..what it going on..epa than mudium

  21. Guys do u see my Comment plz tell yaar

  22. No new segment srimathi ya but there is a gud news for all purbul fans as I have been seen in promo that pragya is going to take an important decision of Bulbul’s life and as I was predicted that it may b purbul’s wedding, yes guys purbul r going to get married in upcoming episodes of kkb and their marriage will b arranged and done by pragya. I read an artical which says purbul will get married in upcoming episodes, pragya will bring them as a married couple in front of everyone which will make aaliya furious and then she will leave no stone to take revenge from pragya. Guys usually I does not believe on any artical or spoiler but I have seen a pic of purab in which he have a tilak on his forehead, and bulbul have kumkum in her maang. They both clicked their pics with different peoples. Purab with tanu and bulbul with sarla maa and some other girl. They both were dressed up in casual cloths, not in wedding cloth. It means they will do court marriage. Now it is unrevealed that if it is pragya’s plan against aaliya or evils or purbul will really get married. But they r coming as a wedding couple in front of everyone becoz of pragya.

    1. And other thing is this guys, that those pic of abhigya with dilwale’s cast, I have seen today, it was not in mehra mansion. It seems like they were somewhere outside. From the background location, I assumed that they have shooted in a restaurant or hotel type place, where only abhigya were with dilwale’s cast. Becoz I haven’t seen any other cast’s member’s pic with them yet so I think this shoot will b only with abhigya. Well let’s see how CVS will shoot this?

    2. Guys or may b purbul will do court marriage or simple marriage in a temple only in presence of pragya or may b abhi.

    3. Really good news yaar… But in whose instagram page u saw.. Purab r bulbul???

    4. There is maha something on 12 Dec n it’s jashan ki raat like at regular time 9-9.30 just saw

  23. Even I feel it will defeat the purpose of Pragya makeover if she reveals truth herself to Abhi. Either she and her team expose them or Abhi finds himself, but both discussing at this point seems a lame way to close this track. And I am hoping it wouldn’t end that way.

    Also, Nikhil was in the on location pics last week along with Raj, Tanu, Aaliya. Trying to guess what is he doing in these scenes.

  24. These CVS makes the negative characters so intelligent n clever n he clearly understood the characters of mehra mansion .. BT this blo*dy ppl inside mehra mansion wer supposed to be so fool especially abhi pragya .. Y they show lyk this .. BT I shud say. . def the choice of cast sriti n shabbir illana definitely the show wud b an utter flop

  25. And Sriti was looking very pretty in the picture with Shahrukh, and making a good pair with him. Are u hearing Shahrukh?

    Their costumes were also well color coordinated. Shabir was not completely seen in the pics though 🙁

  26. new pics are updated

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