Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Pragya thinking Abhi will gain consciousness now and gets happy. Saiyyara Re plays………….Nurse informs her that Abhi has gained consciousness. Pragya gets happy and runs to his ward. She asks Dadi, if anyone meet him. Dadi says no, and says you have first right to meet him, as you have saved him. Tanu gets scared of the consequences of their meeting.
Pragya is going there. Tu Meri Jaan hai plays……………Abhi sees Pragya. Pragya smiles seeing him. Abhi asks Nurse what is going on? He says I told you to call my family. He asks her to go and call his family. Nurse asks Pragya why did he say that, if he is not remembering you. Pragya is shocked and asks Doctor to check her. She tells him that Abhi is not recognizing her. Doctor says I will check him and goes.

Dadi asks what happened? Pragya says he is not recognizing me? Don’t know why? Dadi is shocked and asks her to have strength. Tanu and Aaliya looks on surprised.

Doctor checks Abhi. They come out. Dr. Sharma tells her that this is unfortunate, but truth. He says he can’t identify you, and it is not his mistake. Dr. Jatin says he is having retrograde amnesia..Dadi asks what is it? Doctor explains and says it is a memory loss. Dadi is shocked. Doctor says his mind was hurt which deals with short term memory. He says we can’t tell how much did he remember? Mitali says if he don’t know anything. Doctor says we don’t know. He don’t know anything about his accident and the thing before the accident. Aaliya asks him if he don’t remember anything. Doctor says he forgot few parts in life and asks everyone to meet him. Dadi says can we tell him who is the person. Doctor says it is not easy to make him remember and asks her to be careful. He asks them not to disturb his reality.

Abhi thinks why my family is not coming, and thinks if they came or not. Aaliya enters. Abhi sees her and says you…Aaliya says bhai. Abhi says you was in Australia for studies, then when did you come? Aaliya is surprised and says today I came. She asks do you remember me? Abhi says ofcourse, I sent you for studies. He says you should be there in Australia for your exams. Aaliya says exam was done, and even results came. Abhi asks why I couldn’t remember anything. Aaliya asks him not to stress his mind. Abhi says you must have top the exams. Aaliya says yes. Abhi hugs her.

Dadi says what do you mean? Shall we not inform him that Pragya is his wife and have saved him. Doctor tells sometimes it happens that the patient forgets his loved ones or others. Raj asks if there is any test to know when he will regain memory or if there is any medicine. Doctor says no, and says if he has to get well then he will be fine else he will be like this only. Abhi asks Aaliya about his accident and asks since when I am here. Aaliya asks him not to take stress. She thinks Abhi don’t remember anything since January 2014, and don’t remember his marriage with Pragya. She thinks he has become like old Abhi. She thinks we got the Jackpot today. Abhi asks her to send Dadi. Aaliya says okay.

Purab asks Doctor to tell what did he forget? Doctor asks him not to stress on his mind. Dadi gets worried. Doctor says this had happened with many famous people and now they are living normal life. Aaliya comes out and tells Abhi has lost memory since 2 and a half years ago. Purab asks how can you be so sure? Aaliya says I met him and he was asking me about my exams. I am assuming that he don’t remember anything happened since last 2 years, and says even he didn’t remember that he was angry with me.

Pragya asks Aaliya and Tanu if they are happy. She says Abhi don’t remember anything as of now, but he will soon remember.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. first of all many more happy returns to shabir I wish u have to celebrate many b’days like this all the best fr ur carrier

  2. Hi everyone… If you guys remember my previous post… What I have written…. I think my mind is much sharp then the witter of this story…
    Finaly Abhi lost his memory as I have written before..
    This is a bullshit serial…I just want to slap the witter and directir of this serial.. they have plenty of time and wasting our time. For last one year Pragya is trying to get rid of these stupid Tanu, Aliya and Nikhil…
    The story cone back to the same point…
    I bet everyone of you.. if you stop watching this serial… And come back after 2 years… You will see he story at same point…

    Ridiculous…I hate this serial.. why not everyone stop watching this stupid serial and conectarte on reality shows….

    Ekta Kapoor.. she have some mental problem… She should be sent to a Asylum. Is better..

    Everything is possible for her…. This serial should be end now..

    1. Shit serial a result of Shit Writer & Shit Director. Amit you will do all of us a big favor by slapping them both and bring some sanity to KKB.

    2. The people who don’t want to watch the show den y they r so much curious in writing a comment, y dey want others to stop watching, n I have seen many times people will watch all d episodes n comment on it n den later on say ‘ I just hate dis serial ‘ plz evry1 stop watching it .. First u stop watching d show n stop commenting on it..

    3. oh .we also know that abhi is going to lost his memory.don’t be too smart.we just not comment here.

      1. ok.but all other thing you said is right.
        this is going to be happen

  3. I agree with Amit Saxena 110%

  4. ye serial ke writers na aduians ka dimag karab karre jo brain mein aaya wahi karrpe aduians pasand ka koi value nahi hai
    every one stop watch this stupid serial

  5. Guys today is shabbir ka birthday so we all have to wish him, he is best ever,he is a real rockstar,cute?
    Happy birthday shabbir?
    U r the best

  6. Bakwas storyline, Bakwas serial, Bakwas writer, Bakwas director

  7. seriously you cant think of anything rather than abhi losing his memory.. i m not watching anymore…

  8. happy birthday Shabbir

  9. if you find it bekwas & shit serial pls stop commenting & watching this serial!!so simple..:)

  10. bored

  11. Many more Happy returns of the day Shabbir, my favourite Rockstar
    I pray God to bless you with all happiness in your life.

  12. This is nonsence. we are mad to watch these type of boring story.

  13. I had this doubt won’t Abhi think what happened to his long hair, he supposedly had long hair in early 2014 ???

    Oh yeah Aaliya will say due to head injury we had to cut it short..

    1. nice doubt sahithi so funny but I don’t know one thing is tanu also abhi’s childhood friend r she met him after he became rock star

    2. They mentioned contradicting details on multiple occasions. In recent months, once daadi said he knows her for 5 years. But in the party they have after back from jungle after kidnapping , there is discussion between Purab and Bulbul on why Abhi should accept Pragya’s proposal. There Purab mentions that Tanu always knew Abhi will be successful and rich so she had been tagging along.

      Either way, you think writers will look into such small details? They only want to keep Tanu and Aaliya in this track and may be more importance to Aaliya initially to calm down the audience who are irritated by Tanu’s presence. But later without conflict they wont have drama so they want Tanu to be the third wheel till end of this track. Mostly once Abhi starts liking Pragya, Tanu will come more into the picture.

      1. Itsme_reji

        Ya ryt sahithi !!..Me too think this only !!..I think Abhi knows Tanu for 5 years ..And moreover tanu is Aliya’s friend and she is also in modelling field like abhi in rock star ..But i hope that Dadi will do something as he remembers dadi Purab also will do as he is his childhood friend !!..Luckily at least abhi can remember purab and dadi

      2. I dont want Daadi or Purab to interfere and create such circumstances to bring them close. See they are trying to start again fresh, and since they have already showed how the relation worked between them in an arranged setup, where Daadi was always pushing Abhi n Bulbul was pushing Pragya. Of course they ultimately fell in love, but now it will be interesting to see if they have a love story like any other couple. As they say opposites attract. It will be good to see Abhi falling himself for Pragya based on how destiny brings them together, rather than someone’s interference. It should be a slap on Tanu’s face that even after Abhi supposedly forgets his past and love for Pragya, if he again falls for a simple girl like Pragya only. And not interested in a so called super model Tanu.

      3. Absolutely Sahithi 100% true !!..

  14. I think writers are writing their own lives as this story- one must be tanu and other must be aaliya. Thats why they are never affected. Great! Every beautiful relations in this story is lost but the evil deeds alone resides. You writers must be feel ashamed for bringingout such a negative type of story

  15. We know that track is not gud but still we are watching and we are scolding the writer
    and due to this TRP is going high
    that why writer may be thinking it’s gud track (rather he is just looking at TRP than Feedback/Comments)

  16. yaaaaa asmitha same question

  17. Happy birthday Shabbir

  18. Enjoyed reading all your comments and agree with most of you that the KKB serial is bakwas due to the idiotic writer and director with unrealistic dragging episodes. How can all of you do your best to translate this bakwas storyline into negative TRP ratings besides getting the entire families to switch off the TVs & quit watching the
    serials on TV. It is a numbers watching that affects the TRP I believe – pls correct me if I am wrong.

  19. Itsme_reji

    First of all many more happy returns of the day ! Wish you a very happy birthday Shabbir ??? have a blast ! . And Pratiksha Shobana sahithi asmitha brindha gowtham and everyone !!..And Pratiksha you are going to get a new phone as Raksha Bandhan is coming …Enjoy ???..And guys now Abhi forgot what happened in this 2 and half years now my doubt is Pragya got married to abhi in this years only but did he know tanu before itself ??..i think so she knows Abhi from the start when he became rock star and now. This memory loss is not permanent for Abhi as doctor said that this is some type of amnesia !!..So hope he will remember everything soon !??

    1. What is a Registered Member? I don’t think you should all crack your heads to find any logic in the story line as you all know the bakwas in the episodes so far written defies common sense and all normal logic hihihi. What do you expect from stupid writer so don’t waste time trying to get any decent values and logic in KKB as evil rules and wins most of the time?

      1. Moron registered member means now on the top they have given a new option called register so if you register there means u will get like this u can fix your photo on your profile and it will be very helpful if you write any ffs !!..and i like your logic about kkb

  20. Shabir happy bday keep smiling always

  21. many many happy returns of the day……..
    may lord give you even my age
    and keep continuing the serial
    as we dont see the story or script we just want to see abhigya’s acting
    so it doesnt matter what the story line is….
    once again happy birthday … we love u a lot

  22. Happy birthday shabbir ahluwalia – i am your very big no infact the biggest fan no invisible friend
    anyways i dont have words to describe about my relation with you but i have gone crazy thinking
    about your act and onscreen character – wish you the haiest birthday

  23. Hi frnds??????how r u all?missed u all so much……sorry I cudn’t able to comment past days…I really missed u all very badly…..i’m very happy that i’m back here to chat with u all……shobana sis,pratiksha,sahithi,reji,and all my dear fends??????????do you guys remember me?????

    1. Hey Karthika, good to see you back.. how are u?

    2. Hi karthika akka !!..how r u ?..here i am fine actually i also can’t comment here regularly now only being in touch . me too missed everyone badly !!..

  24. My dear shabbir …..wish u a very happy bday….?????????????????

  25. Nonsense!!!!! .. Why I keep watching this drama useless drama…After 2 and half years..after all that difficulty and drama.. my favorite on screen couple finally unite.finally the truth that pragya fighting for revealed….I’m so happy..but before they feel all the love & happiness…Withim a second you guys just destroy it…what the hell…I love this drama so much…but now I hate it as much I love it…stop making useless storyline…why keep making crazy ugly tannu and aliya win..they don’t even deserve it !!!!! Now we all can predict what gonna happen to pragya and abhi relationship…damn ><

  26. Plz…….change the story line it’s boring watching the same drama again and agaain

  27. Guys!!
    I thnk abhi is faking…. he is acting so tat he can get them red handed…..but its always pragya who suffers coz situations……we all forgot one thg according to him aliya & purab shd marry na in past …..so lots of thrills ahead lets wait & see….wt they r upto

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