Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi praying to God and asks him to show Tanu’s truth to Abhi, and says it is very late. Abhi and Pragya comes to Police station. She looks for Tanu and Nikhil. Inspector asks Nikhil why did he hit a man and tried to escape. Abhi asks Pragya where to give the statement. Pragya happens to see Nikhil. Just then Inspector and Constable identify Abhi as Rockstar and ask for autograph. Pragya asks him to come. Nikhil asks Inspector to let go of his wife. Abhi sees Nikhil and asks what happened? Nikhil gets tensed and says nothing is well…Inspector asks do you know him? Abhi says yes and asks what happened? Inspector says he hit a man and then tried to bribe constable. He says Nikhil was with his wife in the car and said that his wife is pregnant. Abhi is shocked and asks when

did you marry? Pragya says you used to come to your house, but didn’t tell us that you are married and your wife is expecting. Abhi says anyways. He asks Inspector to let Nikhil and his wife go…as he know them. Pragya says I will go and check his pregnant wife.

Abhi says where is she? Nikhil thinks he is trapped by them now, and wonders what to do. Nikhil asks Inspector where is his wife? Inspector asks Constable to bring his wife and says we will end the matter here. Abhi tells Inspector that he wants to talk to her and takes him to side. Pragya says it is not good for the baby if we divert mind for a second. She says bothof your are in trouble and says I will see your face. Nikhil looks on angrily and thinks about her CEO position offer. Nikhil thinks Pragya knows about Tanu and me, and thinks how to stop her from coming here. Pragya says he is trapped now.

Nikhil says if I come out from here, then I will not leave this Pragya. Pragya thinks Abhi is mine and will be mine. She holds Abhi’s hands. Abhi thinks why Pragya is behaving caring towards him and thinks he is feeling as if old days are returning back. Dadi asks Purab to take him to gurudwara and says she is not feeling good. Aaliya tries to talk to Dadi, but she ignores him. Aaliya thinks Dadi is ignoring her and feels bad. Purab comes there and sees glass breaking. He says it is a bad sign. Aaliya says we were very close before, but now? Purab says I can’t believe that you are changed and says we are like two different ends of the river who can never meet. They call Robin…and goes in different direction. Abhi tells Nikhil that he talked to commissioner and asks him to pay the compensation. Nikhil agrees and thanks him. He thinks what to do if Abhi comes to know about the truth, thinks Abhi will beat him mercilessly. Pragya asks Nikhil why is he tensed? Constable brings the lady and she happens to be the woman whom he brought to Pragya’s home. Nikhil hugs her and says I was so tensed about you. He thanks Abhi…He introduces her as wife Shanaya. Abhi congratulates them for marriage and pregnancy. Shanaya says she is in 3 months of pregnancy. Abhi invites them home.

Pragya wonders where is Tanu? Abhi gets a call and he leaves. Pragya asks who is she? Nikhil says she is my Shonali….Pragya asks where is Tanu? Nikhil asks why she is acting mad and asks from where did Tanu come? He thinks Tanu was right, you tried to trapped me and tried to give me a big offer. He thinks she has eaten the dust. Abhi asks Inspector about the statement for Aaliya’s case. Inspector says we haven’t filed any case. Pragya thinks why constable and Police Inspector kept quiet seeing the other woman. She thinks her hope was broken, but the truth will come out eventually.

Tanu and Aaliya drink wine and says cheers….Tanu thanks Aaliya for informing her about Pragya’s plan…and says she heard Pragya and Purab hearing Rachna’s call. She says then I called and informed you.

Nikhil says I was shocked when I see Pragya there. And says she has offered me a job, but then did a cheap thing. Aaliya smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji

    This show drama will never end..Guys have anyone noticed.. Pragya thought of exposing aaliya for stealing money from abhi ac right??But pragya exposed her for other thing..So she will start from first and expose aaliya then nikhil and atlast tanu so that only they told tanu will be exposed at monsoon..Guys everyone should stop watching this show..if trp decreases then they will change story line!!!!!!

  2. Sahithi

    All our guesses proved wrong, Pragya’s plan to show Tanu in police station or trap Nikhil with CEO post, all wasted in one day. Hope now Pragya won’t go ahead with idea to offer Nikhil.

    Though tanu truth is not out, but show is moving a bit faster from last few episodes.

    Abhi got bit of doubt, hope he is Pragya’s hope now before her mom gets better.

  3. Nandu

    2min of silenceee fr us..hw can v hope pragya can act smart..at da end she proved she had no cntrl on her emtns!!!evn today if she doesn’t bring takhil truth ..she could hav executed nikhils CEO plan..
    But no..she herself spoiled evrythng…uffff..once again…its proved pragya n abhi r dumb in the shw…n nw may nikhil kidnap pragya…ufff same story..cvs r really out of mind…n y can’t actors qstn abt script??

  4. Congrats to ekta kapoor for being a drama queen and airing these foolish serials with killing and destruction. These poor qualities continue to reign supreme so to even continue wasting valuable time looking at this stupid show is not worth it. Come better than this Zee TV. It is high time that you value your audience and credit the majority of us with an IQ that you have lowered our intelligence level with this obnoxious show.

    well done, continue the crap.

  5. susi

    Ever dragging and stupid serial. Will never watch here after. Why all ways this happens? Hw the police men also became tanus side. Y they are simply dragging dragging. We should all quit watching this serial then only they will bring some twists. Oh god! Still watching Tamil serials r better than this stupid ever dragging one.oh when truth is gonna come and reunion of abhigya will start?

  6. susi

    Still abhi didn’t get any doubt on pragya. If he loves her truly then y can’t him believe her? No aedhartham s found in this series. Cha dhudhudhudhudhu.

  7. Another failed plan but I have a gut feeling that this is going to end soon………..probably very soon I am expecting a positive segment ……..very soon remember tanu drunk in mms track toooo………its all the repeatation and I hope abhi doesn’t loose the doubts he developed on pragya. ………I think we can see the end soon as everything is going in full power. …… I feel abhi will expose her …..tanu lets see……

  8. razia

    Y dadi feels bad n glass break? As they said it’s a bad sign .. Vl anytng happen wrong or dangerous to pragya?

  9. Guiny

    Lol wat a joke! Nikhil can easily identify pragya’s plan but pragya cud not identify nikhil for nearly one year!! Do u think the audience r fools??? Such a crap! U ppl r taking their patience for granted! It is just for the actors ppl r watching it nd not for this story line! I wud appreciate tanu nd nikhil too but they r wastinf their acting skills here! Just get out of this serial nd find a new one. Purab cud do the role of hero if he cums out of this serial nd rachna is also cute! Alia plays her negative role very well! Nd atlast i feel sorry for abhi nd pragya!! GOOD ACTORS BUT BAD STORYLINE

  10. Rabgay

    I m still waiting for good time to come but it is same stretching twist. Why villain always win n actor only once that also takes to much of time n when one is revealed another arises. I think now i would be happy to see another twist arising after revealing tanus truth than to witness same story that has been streching for more than one and half year. I love this serial but i can’t wait anymore to see something good instead of repeating twist where pragya fails again when she is finally to reveal the truth.

  11. razia

    Also in just one day v al guessed whatever possibilities fa tanu exposure since pragya offered nikhil btil it al went in vain .. Jus in a second nikhil’l found pragya knows his truth n she trapped him .. Big trouble is v al thot aaliya may not help tanu since she’s selfish bt aaliah jus played well n overheard pragyas cal n informed tanu. . this is getn worst na

  12. anne

    what to comment y wen the good ppl talk in phone all the evils wil listen than give info but i tel u if i get to c the writer i donno what i wil do feel very sad but i hope abhi wil try to find the truth hope it wil happen by next week dont kill our heads i very depressed every day i wait for pragya to win but no n i break down in tears plssssssssss consider the fans v wil go mentally sick i like tis serial bcause of ABHI N PRAGYA.

  13. sach mei hadhh hei yaar itne bhi math kicho ki kahi kichthe kichthe kahi vaapas aane ka raastha khona jaye GO TO HELL U ND UR STUPID CRAP now nikhil knew abt pragya plan nd dis is the most disguisting thing how could tanu all of a sudden change into shonali god knows nd how could they invovle govt officers also in this crime my god gv some brain to abhi nd most evenly pragya wats the need of askng nikhil directly FED UP WITH THIS

  14. fuggy

    Plz end this tannu pregnancy drama yaar we are irritate with this stupid drama we hate this show

  15. Sangeetha

    Dragginggggggg omg!!! I am losing my control when they are going to stop this yar… Fed up with this ?????

  16. Omg! Completely opposite happened, what we guessed!? not only this, infact nikhil’s trapping plan also got failed! I knew it that this plan will b failed but like this! I didn’t expect it. Now I get it what CVS r doing. They r showing us hopeful and interesting episodes whole week so we can’t miss any episode to watch but last day of the week, they ends up again on a failure and disappointing note. How much CVS have love with this track, I just don’t understand. Why the hell they r not finishing this track. Every limits has been crossed now. After showing this much failure, they r showing pragya still living in hope. So again we watch to know that what will pragya do now after failure completely. With each and every plan’s failure i feels that takhil’s exposure will not happen by pragya and team and my doubt becomes strong that sarla maa will expose takhil and abhi will finish their chapter at last.

    • shobana

      Ya prathiksha definitely sarla ma is the one going to expose Tanu. From the day when she was bedridden I had a strong belief that sarla ma will expose Tanu and co. Even my mom too said the same. Actually my mom don’t like this story but I used to share her what all happened in daily episodes and what all happened in comment section. Yesterday night she said Pragya’s all plan will be failure, only if sarla ma opens her mouth Tanu’s truth will be expose.
      And yesterday someone ask if sarla ma can move her hands and grap Nikhil’s shirt then y cant she write in a paper and show it to abhi what all happened ??? Really the writers r killing our patience

  17. NS

    Rubbish! Have stopped watching it now won’t even read updates. Dumb writers..taking viewers for granted.. Other channels please take this opportunity & come up with some good show in the 9pm slot.. KB has lost the battle already..

  18. karthika

    i expected that this would only happen.now nikhil realized that pragya is trying to trap him.they came to know that pragya knows their truth.pragya’s plan to trap nikhil in the greed of CEO post also went in vain.how long they will take to expose tanu?this is really sick and disgusting.only team tanu r wining consequently.team pragya is not going to the core of the situation and analysing.they don’t even preparing any backup plan.as dadi said they r first celebrating in overconfidence.CVs team just don’t drag this bull shit tanu’s track.i think they will expose tanu only in the last episode of kkb.why don’t expose tanu and change someother interesting track?i’m fed up with tanu’s track.the CVS team don’t even bother about the fans wishes and their expectation..they r just taking the story in the way they want.just be somewhat realistic.without a nicksecond they r changing everything they and dumping the expectations of viewers.u guys hav dragged how much u want.but even after that they r not unveiling tanu

  19. karthika

    don’t make the fans dissapointed.veena enga vaithueruchalai vangikottikadhiga..i think the CVSteam is obsessed with the tanu’s track.so only they r not exposing tanu.now eventually they will draggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.i will never hope for tanu’s exposure.

  20. karthika

    don’t make the fans dissapointed.veena enga vaithueruchalai vangikottikadhinga..i think the CVSteam is obsessed with the tanu’s track.so only they r not exposing tanu.now eventually they will draggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.i will never hope for tanu’s exposure.

  21. Rakz

    I have not watched kumkum bhagya for like the past 8 monthw but now I will no longer be reading written episodes as well, there is no hope for this serial, I have officially given up! Just makes me angry

  22. Sharada

    Like I said n always say n believe….only evil will win in this stupid serial…..hate Etta kapoor n her bakwas team……nonsense…..tanu will remain blo*dy pregnant even next yr….abhi will be a fool even then….???

  23. aarti

    hi pratiksha,im ararti…a fan of kkb…….but after watching todays episode and precap,i dont have any hope left.becoz nikhil know about pragyas plan and pragya too know that nikhil wont come in to her trap now……..so how this exposure occurs?????and abhi,he just dont think about the seqnce of matters happns around him for past few days.he didnt even doubt on pragya……….all the guesses flop…………now what??????????what will u think?????????

  24. shobana

    Now Nikhil too escaped from Pragya’s trap. Pragya should talk less and work more. She is unnecessarily speaking as a result al her plans are failed. Again on monday she will speak 200 lines to tanu and will make new plan with dadi purab rachana and she will give hint to tanu abt her plan as a result Tanu will win. See Nikhil is also clever, Pragya just asked where is your wife with that he found that Pragya know everything. We should not underestimate villian team because first we thought that alia itself caught and Tanu is not that much smart, so she will caught soon. But Tanu has become more smarter. Yesterday I read in a comment that Nikhil is not as smart as Tanu so he will be trapped. Now what happened Nikhil has also became smarter to find Pragya’s plan.
    But how police could keep quite on seeing some other girl in tanu’s place??????????
    We shouldn’t expect anything because always this CVs are killing our expectations.
    I think alia helped Tanu just to make Tanu to believe that she will helping her always. But alia is very desperate to send Pragya out of the home. Really very hard to predict this story.
    Now I think as pratiksha said alia will
    ask Nikhil to accept the offer. So that she will be gained.
    While Pragya holds abhi’s hand , abhi thinks his old days are back. It will be nice if he try to find atleast y Pragya called him to police station.

  25. gowtham

    all our guesses are wrong…. i thut nikhil would fall in prgayas trap… now nw he also comes to about prgya… aaliya, though she is not sharing many scenes her activities are good.. yesterday it was like she wont and cant do anything against prgaya and since tanu brought aaliya in, she is silently helping tanu… but one thng m connecting strongly.. tday dadi prays to end it soon alredy its been so long same time abhi twice had mild doubt on prgaya tday….. bcoz normally it wont happened like that…. frst he was thnking whn prgya hold his hand he thut whether old days are coming back…. and second thing is case file…. inspector told no case file on aaliya… i am pretty sure ds ll definitely make something in abhis mind… thats y m connecting wd dadis prayer…. and i really like aaliya and purabs conversation and at the same time they called ronnie that was nice…. if kkb unite aaliya and purab though its against goodness but i personally i like that coz maybe something importance will be given to purab… lik aftr marrying aaliya… bulbul ll return and something like that… coz purab for a long days he is not given that much character…. tday talking wd aaliya made me thnk kkb writers are upto something…. episode was good… only bad thng is nikhil also comes to knw about prgya…. and good thing is surly aurly abhi ll get doubt on this… he thut two times today… so its time fr him to throw away the nonsense mind and to thnk brainy…. its a nice twist fr us making nikhil also found the truth…. now three against one….. takil and aaliya ll put their eyes on rachu and purab also…. so now i dnt knw wat ll they plan next…. wat u thnk guys???

    • shobana

      Ya gowtham as u said abhi was thinking like that. But will he try to find y Pragya has done so ?? If so it will be nice. Because we really cant believe this writers. Each and every time they have proved that our guesses are wrong. If we guess that abhi has some doubts on Pragya, then this writers should not change abhi as fool. Now only he is slowly changing as ur old rock star. That’s why I decided not to trust the writers.

    • Fowziya

      I totally agree with u two Gowthan nd Shobana ! The one n only good thing about the last two epiodes is that Abhi is doubting on Pragya ? so we can except some good things to happen but for that i think we should wait a little more.. ?

  26. anusha

    hi ..every one…its dragging to much.today’s episode was irritated like anything..pls stop the crap.

    • shobana

      Exactly gopu if this track proceeds still then the viewers will surely change the name to “Tanu Bhagya “

  27. Shangni

    Bichari Pragya always failed her plan…wake up pragya your abhi loves you so much why dont you tell the truth why dont you turn to fuggy….Abhi believed fuggy not mogambo……if u cant tell better keep quiet and watched tanu’s drama.

  28. Jasbir

    I was sure that tanu would not be exposed as usual. Boring and writer unnecessarily dragoing the story.

  29. Nithi

    Again pragya prooved tat she never ever use her brain…
    she is just giving chance to her enemies to identify her own truth…and their escape from her floppy plans…
    wowwwww wat a plan…..
    Omg…its boring to give a comment also to this bakwass story….

  30. Tashi

    Worst serial ever. The story is becoming boring and boring which is never going to end. Abhi will never know the truth. Waste of time to watch this series.
    I dnt knw how ekta kapoor manages to stretch a plot so long dat it gets boring. Amazing talent

  31. hamza

    Hi am hamza and am a srilankan am not going to talk about this epi but here they started recently the episides are superb and it’s made me to write a poem all tamil fans this for u all Kanavuhal mattume En vazkayai irukka adhatku vannaghal thanthavan nee adigham velichathai thanghada en kangalukkul latcham natchathirangalin oliyai therikka vittavanum nee un kangalil nirambi valiyum kadhal enakanadhu thaan ena naan irukka koduramai en mugham patri adhu enakanadhu alla en urthippaduthuvadil en inda avasaram un kangalukkul therium innoruthin vimbathai ore oru tharam poiyahak kooda alithuvida mataya ? Kathirupean anbe endravadhu or naal un vizithiraikul naanum vandu vida matteana endra ekkathodu

  32. Does Abhi don’t have any role of being a male lead of this show.does he don’t have any sence to think what is true and what is false.day by day its becoming more worst.if u still want to run the serial give any unexpected twist which shows the main role of abhi and pragya.

  33. Pari

    Really bakwass serial, same tanu, nikhil drama. Ekta kapoor ko shadi kr leni chahiye, lgta hai tbhi vo janegi ki bache 9 months me ho jate hain,12 mnths nhi lgte. Even 12 mnths pregnancy k baad v tanu sab jagah ja rhi hai or vo sab kr rhi hai jaise ki vo preg hai hi nhi. lagta hai ekta samjh rhi hai hum log bewakuf hai.

  34. kavs

    I mean its really so stupid…..if they dont want them to be together then atleast sepeate them n start a new storyline…..which baby will stay in mothers womb for 2yrs….

  35. How many months will tanu carry the baby its more than one year r u want to bring the child out r not at least child will tell the truth as dad I said.she was pragnent at last valentines day and in this year you have also celebrate d hole festitival also than when child will come out v r waiting for child’s arrival

  36. Reji

    Shobana nowdays if police r bribed means that r going for wrong doings ….and this time too tanu escaped becoz of aliya ….so our last guess is to trap aliya …it is thehands of purab only…

    • shobana

      Nothing to worry reji
      Sarla ma is there to expose only she will expose Tanu and co
      All other plans of Pragya will be definitely failure only

    • gowtham

      u have a point reji…. y dont prgaya and try wd aaliya….. if purab is ready to be close wd aaliya thn surly she ll fall…. coz b4 itself we have seen many times.. that fr purab aaliya is ready to do anythng…. maybe thats y there is a screen sharing between both yesterday… maybe chances are there…. if aaliya is driven by purab atleast one side tanu ll be weak…. coz yesterday bcoz of aaliya oly tanu escaped… so i thnk next plan ll be separating these three… but i dnt knw hw pragya gonna do this

  37. Nivetha T

    Hey hai guys I’m new to this group bit I read constantly the updates. I’m gonna stop today. If I watch this serial henceforth I will also turn to be a villian becoz only they win. Enough of all this kum kum and Bhagya. pragya and abhi were the main reason the show was a hit. Now it’s a show for tanu, nikhil and aliya. And this dadi and Raj who abhi trusts the most also will not tell the truth. Hell with this serial. Goodbye everyone. You too ekta madam. Sure you will have the same ending like bade ache lageta hain…..

  38. shwetha

    ohhhh goooodd ….. I think that the director had a plan to take tis serial soo lengthy lyk the ancient strys mahabratham nd Ramayana ……. if he has thn fr the damn hell sake better just infrm us bfr …. soo that v’ll stp watchng tis crap stry nd i hope even after tis if smbody is watching Kkb na thn that’s only fr abhigya Nd not fr ur damn stry???

    • gowtham

      correct swetha… i thnk all of us watching only for abhigya…. not fr this idiotic story… i have a slight fear whn its gonna reach tge saturation point…. aftr that even fr abhgya its difficult to c kkb…. no no like shobana said “tanu bhagya”…

  39. guys.
    pragya alway failed her plan coz this is not her regular work too exposed tanu that tanu always doing crime that is why she always escaping form pragya

  40. adithi

    this is the end………….bye friends cant watch this serial anymore ennama eppadi panringale maa?

  41. Maggie

    I think Tanu n team will know about dadi also in coming episodes, then sarla maa will tell to Abhi, he wil finally end this track
    For me track has speed up from last two episodes

  42. Madhu

    Same old filth yaar…and stupid Rachna instead of calling pragya can’t she record the incident in her mobile…..batch of dumbos…..this is the limit……pls end this track soon………else….stop the show….

  43. Fowziya

    Damn.. i was sure that it has going to end like this? Nikhil is becoming smarter too.. Pragya as usual so dumb, she gets in trouble herself. I really feel that this shit will end up like MMS track, at the end the true VICTORIOUS will b Abhi n Sarala ma i guess, i think they ll end this crap !?

    • You people man just calm down alright. You have to learn how to be orient and not high react.
      One day the time will come ok calm down ……….

      I’m bored as well like u guys of the same track always happening ok guys.

      • Fowziya

        Well Lisa,am not the only person who is overacting n frustrated by this track , there are lots of persons. We know how to be patient and oriented but there is a limit for everything.. i think u’ve just started to watching this track ??
        u can see through the comments how we people are fed up with this never ending track !!

  44. Fowziya

    Really SADDD that the writers r playing with our PATIENCE !? how could Ekta Kapoor do this everytime with all her serials?

    • Ranaji

      yes she does it becoz her work is playing with audience emotion… but her one and only show itna karo na nujse pyaar was the best show

      • shobana

        Bt ranaji u knw iknmp was the similar storyline of Tamil old flim ” Nalla Kudumbam ” staring sivaji ganesan. Few days back I saw the flim and I was shocked to see the exactly same storyline. Only diff is there is no pam and Dr amaron character. In this prog they added that character that’s it

      • Fowziya

        Ah really Shobana?
        At least IKNMP was full of struggles joy nd emotions, i think it was one of the best show of Ekta Kapoor !
        And it was a family serial too, my mum used to watch it often?

      • shobana

        Ya fowziya my mom was watching that movie. On that day I have no other choice other than to watch it. I was really shocked to see it.
        And ya it was nice program

      • Fowziya

        Ohh oké Shobana ?
        N lets see what they ll do next, each time we guess somethinn’ the opposite happends so paklaan ??

  45. sam

    END THIS SHOW..::: I started hating zee tv becoz of kumkum bhagya
    :: it was interesting before but now it’s bullshit::end the show!!
    Both leads have become shit… It’s alwys the bad that wins..
    Anyone who watches this serial will become like Abhi and pragya who looks fools at the same time are really big time fools:::

  46. sati

    Will also not be watching anymore.What message are they sending? It seems that evil always triumph.

  47. Aqua

    I am satisfied that I have stopped watching this show regularly in December 2015….and it’s April 2016 and still not.much have changed.

  48. Nicki

    Ok so this is already and now this is just to much this serial is Getting on my DAMN NERVES. How long will they keep dragging I really thought that they would catch yanu and nikhil but no the writers havn’t made up their mind yet to stop this BULLshitt of dragging!! Ugh my head I am so pissed.

  49. jaan

    good lord man this serial will go on for the next ten years and still tanu will not get caught jus tryin 2 b sarcastic guys but i am on edge rite now jus want tanu 2 get caught fast n like fast wont happen soon but am still lookin at it man what 2 do

  50. jaan

    toys no one is askin u 2 look at this serial n how can u wish ill of people like that come on man b mature its jus a damn serial u cant jus wish for people to burn in hell think before writing trash again

  51. alesia

    So true hmmmm everyone in my country is getting puss off with on story over and over i think they carrying this story for one more year God please help the viewers if there is any left

  52. Ranaji

    in zee rishtey awards this show got best writer award.But this time this show will get worst story line award nonsense full of crap..for this show sasural simar ka is 100 times better…becoz there evil wins at 1st epi means good will win at 40th epi so they are not dragging…if they bring paatali,black magic and ghosts….now i gonna watch ssk and stop watching kkb

  53. Chan

    Why pragya is gng lyk dis.abhi believes his dadi.then y cnt dadi tell him truth nd go for dna test.pls stp dis nonsense yr…try to strt new stry…
    Wat hapended to abhi..saying is big rockstr nd doesnt knw how ppl vl be..y he taken aliya to home.
    They are many ppl pragy,purab,dadi,sarla,rachna trying to expose tanu bt no one succed in any plan…that stupid tanu is wining everytym…nd this is gng on frm 6 months…
    Day by day becmg a nonsense story..

  54. karthika

    writer just consider about viewers.don’t eat their patience.how long we can able to bear this dragggggging bull shit?we r watching this show for abhigya but u r not uniting them.plzz be somewhat sensible and change the track.i think the writers don’t even know about the word EMPATHY.plzz understand the feelings of the viewers n end this track.

  55. Aawash Thapa

    its around 10 month that tanu is pregnent but she dont give birth why??????and if sarala can move her hand then why didnt she write??????????

  56. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Dear ekta kapoor you are making good people fools in front of bad people like tanu nikil n aliya n you are supporting bad people n it seems you are that you are also included with bad people that is why you are dragging the serial like a chew gum pls stop this n make abhi n praghya reunite asap because people in the whole world is feed of the serial because you (ekta kapoor) are dragging the serial.

  57. Next update aaliya , tanu and nikhil plan to trap pragya in her own plan ……I got from fb and then there are some pictures regarding some scenes I guess outside the police station ……..crap they are dragging. …..irritating

  58. They will definitely succeed since it is aaliya’s plan and aaliya’s plan never fails or backfires where as pragya’s plan always backfires and fails

  59. hema

    E serial enti mari intha worst ga thayaru iyyindhi .ika nundi updates kuda chadavadam waste anpisthundhi

  60. Shamna

    What the hell story is this….simply pulling the story long….coz once tanu is exposed then no any other story nd kkb vl end…thats y…nd abhi is mine nd always vl b mine ha ha ha….m hearing this from one year ..its been one year …its too much . Am rlly sick of this . Not intrstd to watch this any more …..doraemon is vry interesting than this…lolllzzzz. din expect such story…

  61. Sahithi

    I think writers want to show villans n situations r always tough for Pragya. She is not cunning like the evils. But ultimately she will be with Abhi because of the bhagya which her Kumkum will give her.

    I think whatever be the track, situation or sequence, writers will only show this as underlying theme.

  62. Mkc

    Hahahaha……what a joke….please make KKB a more interesting drama….dragging means director has run out of ideas and expect us to watch this cheap acts…believe me it is not good for our health….it is stressful to watch this kind of dramas….we watch dramas to relax and enjoy some good real life scenarios not have stress after stress…

  63. Kalika

    This show is shit cause Ekta’s life is empty no one will ever love that fraud, so she makes crappy shows where the villains win.

  64. gowtham

    hi my dear tamil guys…. after waiting one week, from tomorrow onwards iniya irumalargal wilp be telecasted on zee tamil….. one week pakama oru maari irunthathu…. but ena than hindi la paathalum nama language la pakra feeling is different…. it adds some taste to it….. but the wrst part is i can’t able to see the frst show in zee tamil coz tomorrow evening going out… so guys plz do update here , whch irumalargal episode they telecast…. i am eagerly waiting… and do update whether same voice is take over… plz do update my tamil frds….

  65. karthika

    really fed up completely with kkb.daily we r watching kkb with some new hopes.but the writers r not even considering us.

    • gowtham

      actually karthika… i read it t in fb… that abhi is planning to spying prgya… and this is the frst time abhi is trying this…. so whch means he has some mild doubt on prgya…. bcoz she is very caring for the past one week… so this lead abhu to get some doubt what she is upto… but i dnt knw whether he relates the doubt with tanu…. but he is doing something good and he has got away frm his dumbness by thnking like this… we can say this is the frst step frm abhi aftr so many months… so dnt loose hope on him… u lik prgaya he can able to do many things and he ll not get beaten up tat much easily once he get into it…. lets wait and see and plzz tomorrow do update about iniya irumalargal… i cant able to c since m going out.. so u abd tamil guys do update about iru malargal…. wht episode they telecast and about voice over…

      • shobana

        Is that true gowtham ???
        Abhi is going to spy eh ??? This itself a big positive point. If he didn’t relate it with Tanu also no problem because he can able to find something rather than being dumb.

        And abt iniya irrumalargal don’t worry we will update here

  66. Aishwarya

    Hey guzz i read a viral story in fb that abhi is gng to come to know abowt pragya truth tat he is gng to spie on pragya to becoz of her carrying behaviour towards him now a days n he follows her n find that tanu is d reason behind pragya change over attitude if this come true then our rockstar will be back but i dont know this news is true or false i wish it should be true

  67. karthika

    really gowtham.that’s a good news.abhi is spying on pragya.i wish this shud happen and he shud find the truth of his fuggi.i will surely watch iniya irumalargal tomorrow and update u about everything the voice and all.all tamil guys tom don’t miss to watch iniya irumalargal.

    • gowtham

      yes karthika…. its a good news… abhi is spying….
      whether he knws about tanu or not…. its not a matter… atleast he gets into his old rockstar track so its good….. but i dnt knw how much expectation and trust we can put in this…. many times kkb writers have ruined our thoughts

  68. karthika

    gowtham i think so they aren’t changing the voice,becoz i hav watched another promo of it in which pragya is saying that this is abhi’s first bday that he’s going to celebrate with her and cut a piece of cake and tried to apply on eachother but tanu came there and wishes happy bday to abhi.in this promo they didn’t change voice for any one.

  69. Guys these types of spoilers has been come many times in before during these track that abhi will get to know about pragya’s truth by spying on her but guys as we knows nothing happened like this. Now they r again claiming for same thing becoz viewers observed in last week that abhi is doubting on pragya’s intentions and on situations. That’s why they made a story and came with a spoiler. We r waiting for this since long time that abhi start doing something and come in his old form and whenever we expects something, CVS have spoiled it by their annoying tricks. If this time this will really happen then it will b so gud but till then i think we should wait for exact and true update.

    • Abhigya

      Yeah ur right pratiksha CVS always disappointed us…. But what I feel is that maybe this time it’s true as pragya’s plans r failing one by one my doubts r becoming strong that a hi wil be the only one to expose tanu…..I knw I am expecting a lot but still don’t knw why I hv a feeling that this time this news is true..hope this happens cuz it’s long time we have not seen our rockstar from a long time we r seeing a dumb abhi who always comes into tanus talks…..I really want a hi to come back into form..n moreover how much they can drag this track…well,let’s see what happens..fingers crossed…

    • gowtham

      pratiksha but one thing we can say knw…… we can believe that abhi may spying prgya bcoz of her caring activities…. but whether he comes to knw about tanus truth we cant believe until v see, since many spoilers are coming…… and one more thing last week itself it was like abhi had doubt on prgaya… so this news may be true… abhi might spying in upcoming weeks…. but we cant say sure that tanus truth he ll find…. but i thnk spying is gonna take place

    • shobana

      Exactly prathiksha unless and until we see in our own eyes in show we cant believe anything because this CVs has always betrayed us with false spoilers .
      Bt it will be very nice if this spoiler is true

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, next segment will clear it, if these spoilers will come true or not. All these failed plans are pointing to something like that only. From last one week I had this feeling that they will show some progress from Abhi side rather than he sitting idle.

      So ppl may be speculating as some open clues are left for Abhi or may be that is really the next thing we will see in this track. It will be really good if Abhi finds it himself, atleast as a starter first finds Pragya’s truth n family members involvement with her. May be later can find about Tanu, that will be like some progress.

      Also, team Pragya has exhausted all options. So only hope is Sarla n Abhi. Nikhil n Tanu wont ever confess from their mouth in current situation. And, the fact remains that Pragya is still the same old person and mostly her strength and new attitude comes from 2 things – Daadi n other ppl constant support n pushing , secondly she is scared if she will lose Abhi to Tanu. But with Abhi he is definitely the smarter one and I love his ‘I am the rockstar’ attitude. So after all this dragging n boring, hopefully writers will have something for the loyal audience. And as we saw in this track, or in the show from start, after hitting some low, the writers suddenly show something big to hold our interest.

      One more option can be Purab trying to be nice to Aaliya and take her help but very less chances for that, as 3 of them know about Purab n Pragya planning together.

      But above all this, if Pragya gets trapped back in Nikhil’s plan n hands him over the company, then I think I wont be interested to watch the show any more. We have seen far too much of one sidedness from the trio of evils.

    • Sahithi

      Abhi invited Nikhil n his WIFE for dinner and from precap looks like Nikhil came for dinner n was in secret conversation with Aaliya n Tanu. Pragya will definitely not leave the chance to get Nikhil in her words to get suspicion for Abhi or may be Nikhil n Tanu may themselves spill something. Let us see tomorrow.

      • shobana

        Nikhil might have came to dinner bt both Tanu and Nikhil are clever they wont spill anything. If Tanu spill also, she has done master degree in manipulating. So she will manipulate abhi by telling something.
        And as u said sarla ma and abhi is left out and they are the only hope. From last week abhi’s attitude looks positive. But we cant believe this CVs they will make the table reverse at any time. If the writers make him dumb again then it will be ridiculous.
        Purab trying to be good to alia is
        also a good move but in last episode alia saw purab and Pragya together. Aft seeing them will alia believe that purab is really good to her??? She knws very well that purab wont be good towards her forever. So if they go by this plan alia will
        clearly find that Pragya is trying to trap her.
        And as u said next segment will clear that the spoiler is true or not

      • Sahithi

        Shobana, if not tomorrow, some day the villans have to be caught. How much ever they have mastered manipulation, somewhere they will leave some clue.

        That’s true not only with show but in real life. The biggest criminals also leave behind something. It is a matter of time before they r caught. It generally happens when ppl get over confident that they r indispensable.

      • Sahiti these spoilers telling about abhi following pragya even I myself have seen in fb but maybe it can also happen but wat I seriously doubt is aliya tanu and nikhil will try to trap pragya in her own plan after that probably realise pragya’s truth. ……

      • shobana

        Yes sahithi one day definitely the villain group has to be caught eagerly waiting for that day only

    • After each and every plan’s failure of pragya and team, I too feels that it will b only abhi and sarla maa who will b the saviour of pragya, finally. But when all this will start, it is left to see. If cvs have started moving for this, like we observed last week that abhi is doubting on pragya’s intentions and situations, so this spoiler could b true. And it may happen that abhi constantly doubt on pragya’s intentions but if he will spying on her too silently and will do everything hidingly like mms track or as usual he will directly ask from her like he is doing every time when he gets doubt on pragya in this track, we will get to know only in the show or through new video updates. If he will start spying and will do everything silently and hidingly with surprise as he did in mmms track, then surely we will get it’s hint at some place in the show and our guess will get prove right. But if he will ask from pragya directly for clearing her doubts and will satisfied with her fake answers and excuses as usual in this track then it means we have to wait more for it. But after watching each and every failure of pragya, it’s surity is getting increased that only abhi and sarla maa will end this game. But as I said we should wait for new updates. I was wondering guys why CVS r not giving any new promo since last two weeks? Still we didn’t get any new promo for upcoming week! It means we r still far from climax, even from any big change or from any twist also!! Things r moving fast in shows but still not getting any new promo seems like CVS r not in the mood to show any big twist and important change in the show!! Well let’s wait for next update but if they gives new promo then we could guess that on which direction, track is moving? Anyways, waiting for new segment to get what’s next?

      • gowtham

        actually saying.. writers are out of ideas… there is nothing to move it forward… they juz dnt wanna end this track at the same time they dont get any ideas how to move the track further… bcoz now all knw about all and video capturing and ghost drama everything ends… so there are no other options left with the writers other than bringing sarla ma or abhi in….. wdout option only they put this police station scene….now its also over… next watever they start will be new and also my guess is there s nthng start…. so bringing abhi in ll be the only option… i am not very sure but my instinct says lik this…. but again m nt saying juz lik that abhi ll find the truth about tanu…. he ll juz spying prgya and there ll be some dragging part…. the next stryline ll be like this…. wat u guys thnk other than this could any other way is there fr writers…. all way is closed….. or am i missing something????

      • shobana

        Gowtham what I feel is
        While exposing alia and raj we didn’t expect that they will be caught at that situation. While alia’s exposure pragya was asked to leave the house and other dramas took place. We didnt expect that alia will be exposed at that point of time. Likewise the writers will expose
        Tanu will a suspense. Without giving any hints they will expose her.
        On seeing the situations now as prathiksha sahithi said I too think that only abhi and sarla ma has to do something. Lets wait and watch what the writers r upto.

  70. gowtham

    yes shobana i have seen in fb…. it says abhi ll be spying prgya…. he thinks about prgya y she is caring him so much.. so he plans to do spying…. but the thing is m ready to believe that he s spying… but aftr that its may be fake… whether he ll kmw about tanu or not… m not going to put tat much expectations until he comes to knw about tanu… so lets c

    • shobana

      I m also not going to expect anything because last week I expect more but happened something else.
      Idu pakum podu “idiyappam” comes to my mind. Idiyappam oda end eppadi teriyaa dho appadi indha Tanu pregnancy track oda endum namku teriyadu. Its really confusing like idiyappam

      • gowtham

        shobana i have noted many times… u really are good in giving examples…. ithum super… neenga solra maari idiyappam maari than poguthu… 🙂

  71. vaishali

    i have always had the feeling that abhigya is the best pair i would rather fight with my friends for this but becoz of this track i cant even justify it yaar we do also have patience cv’s want us to go to the extreme red level of our patience always gives spoilers which make us think that this dumb track is gng to end but the thing is always in reverse.. why can’t shabbir or shriti ask abt this how could they just act in this dumb track also but still just coz of abhigya i am reading updates i dont even want to watch i dont want to see abhi sitting dumb not knowing what is gng around him i think all the fans are like this only lets pray to god to give brains frm the ff writers to the cv’s

  72. razia

    No more expectations ..vl not wait fa a gud sequence anymore so I’ll jus watch it rather getn disappointed often .. So if feels lyk gud vk watch if not vk skip particular episodes .. So I’ll not get frustrated .. Wt els v can do .. Oly thing is fixing our mind tat tanu vl not expose as soon as v know so I’ll wait no other option

  73. razia

    Gowtham .. I jus saw a promo yaar .. They shown the promo of pragya feeding cake to abhi .. Their bday celebration of abhi .. So it’s sure again it’s not from the startn as shobana told .. N don worry yaar u can watch it by next day 11 am 🙂 let’s enjoy from tmrw our abhigya in Tamil as iniya irumalargal 🙂

  74. Jayakumarisuresh

    Guys I don’t think prabhu will get aliyas help since she had a chance of hearing rachnas call during pragya and purab secret discussion. So definitely she had a doubt about him in her mind. At least Abhi should take some steps forward to find the truth. He should have taken this earlier itself and he had many chances also for that like recent incidents like tanus video confession pragyas phone stolen saralama kidnap and last but not least bulbuls death

  75. adamu alhaji adamu

    I am sick and tired of this nonsense. Constable did not collect bribe, inspector lock them, Tanu was change to another woman. Please don’t take us like a kid. I am sick and tired of this useless story.

  76. bukky

    Pls ooo do dis writer think we are fools, it just getting worse nd worse everyday, is better dey show tanu truth nd add another twist of not making abhi nd pragya together for d past 1yr day hv being on dis track nd ignoring part of it is dat Aliya is back. Wht a waste of time to watch dis programme

  77. Bruce

    You know those bullies who like to pretend to offer some toy or food to a younger or smaller child, and then yank it away at the last minute, again and again and again? That’s how the writers of this show treat their viewers. They are cheap bullies, perversely playing with their “power” to disappoint expectations again and again just because they can. Sick of this.

  78. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Kkb has become a boring serial n so many people have stopped seeing kkb due to dragging the serial.

  79. Reji

    Hi guys sorry I can’t comment becoz I went out to purasaivakkam and Anna nagar to take dresses for my bro’s b’day so sorry I was so tired so I slept ….and guys i am eagerly waiting for iniya iru malargal …and i read it comments …ya new promos and segments r not coming yet….but as sahithi said” thief stealing for many days shuld be caught one day” (pala naal thirudan oru naal aga paduvan)…but the day is when? since waiting for 1 year. …now tanu’s exposure is dragging …this 1 year we tolerated how much twist slap dragging killing action …but romance is one percent …so really we r very great …if April 15th came means kumkum bhagya is completing 2 years …waiting for a good promo and segment… and we can’t decide anything without promo and segment …so let’s see track may change any time apart from our guesses…

    • gowtham

      reji… pala naal thirudan oru naal aga paduvan… but inga one year maatama irukanga…. namalum wait panite than irukom…. i agree naduvula aaliya raj nu neraya exposure happened…. bt ena than irunthalum one year is too much for tanu…..

  80. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Madam why are you troubling good people to suffer n bad evil people like tank aliya n nikil to enjoy but afterall good people like Abhi ,praghya n abhis family will get good result because god will help only good n god fearing people.

  81. arsha

    how can the viewers expect the truth to be out… if the truth is out they will have to end the serial… can v all boycott it so that the trp becomes zero n they ultimately stop this crap…

  82. Sahithi

    Guys I read this news just now, Kajol Srivastava who was reported to be confirmed as Bulbul when Bulbul’s character will make a come back, is now going to be part of another show(Ashoka). Though this news is not yet confirmed, many sites are running this news that she will soon be part of Ashoka show.

    Donno what is happening with Bulbul’s character and if Kajol is really going to play Bulbul .

  83. Shaz

    Enakku paithiyam than pidika pogudhu. Kkb episodes are increasing without any best improvement. Again & again circle madhiri enga starto angaye wandhu stop aagudhu. Again planing and again failing. Awangaluke bore aagudhillaya. Fail aagurathuku edhukupa plan summawe irukalame. Tholvi wetriyin mudhal padiyam… Ivanga ethuna mudhal padi eritangalo…. OMG. Ennammaaa ippidi fail aaguringalema….

  84. Shaz

    Enaku nallawe vilangitu indha serial indha jenmathula mudiyadhu. Nowadays I don’t like to comment to dz serial.

  85. Samruddhi

    Feeling bored now not intrusted to see the show bcoz it so slow n u know can’t see pragya to be failure regarding tanu matter

  86. Swara

    Haha i pity d author.. mayb they doest knw how to reveal d truth thty lagging lets suggest them

  87. Swara

    Haha i pity d author.. Mayb they doesnt even knw how to reaveal d truth thtsy lagging too much lets suggest them our ideas here

  88. Rohit prashar

    Thank god, I stopped watching this kumkum bhagya, befcoof writers and made this serial so boring, however it used to be very interesting. They r not ending up this tanu’s chapter. They should get romance and new story in the serial. Salo doob maro, kisney writer bnaya tumhey…

  89. Lara

    This drama has lost its charm n I lost interest in watching it unless I putty for da acting crew…..shame on the writers for driving Apple crazy n wasting r time…..go to hell

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.