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The Episode starts with Dadi praying to God and asks him to show Tanu’s truth to Abhi, and says it is very late. Abhi and Pragya comes to Police station. She looks for Tanu and Nikhil. Inspector asks Nikhil why did he hit a man and tried to escape. Abhi asks Pragya where to give the statement. Pragya happens to see Nikhil. Just then Inspector and Constable identify Abhi as Rockstar and ask for autograph. Pragya asks him to come. Nikhil asks Inspector to let go of his wife. Abhi sees Nikhil and asks what happened? Nikhil gets tensed and says nothing is well…Inspector asks do you know him? Abhi says yes and asks what happened? Inspector says he hit a man and then tried to bribe constable. He says Nikhil was with his wife in the car and said that his wife is pregnant. Abhi is shocked and asks when

did you marry? Pragya says you used to come to your house, but didn’t tell us that you are married and your wife is expecting. Abhi says anyways. He asks Inspector to let Nikhil and his wife go…as he know them. Pragya says I will go and check his pregnant wife.

Abhi says where is she? Nikhil thinks he is trapped by them now, and wonders what to do. Nikhil asks Inspector where is his wife? Inspector asks Constable to bring his wife and says we will end the matter here. Abhi tells Inspector that he wants to talk to her and takes him to side. Pragya says it is not good for the baby if we divert mind for a second. She says bothof your are in trouble and says I will see your face. Nikhil looks on angrily and thinks about her CEO position offer. Nikhil thinks Pragya knows about Tanu and me, and thinks how to stop her from coming here. Pragya says he is trapped now.

Nikhil says if I come out from here, then I will not leave this Pragya. Pragya thinks Abhi is mine and will be mine. She holds Abhi’s hands. Abhi thinks why Pragya is behaving caring towards him and thinks he is feeling as if old days are returning back. Dadi asks Purab to take him to gurudwara and says she is not feeling good. Aaliya tries to talk to Dadi, but she ignores him. Aaliya thinks Dadi is ignoring her and feels bad. Purab comes there and sees glass breaking. He says it is a bad sign. Aaliya says we were very close before, but now? Purab says I can’t believe that you are changed and says we are like two different ends of the river who can never meet. They call Robin…and goes in different direction. Abhi tells Nikhil that he talked to commissioner and asks him to pay the compensation. Nikhil agrees and thanks him. He thinks what to do if Abhi comes to know about the truth, thinks Abhi will beat him mercilessly. Pragya asks Nikhil why is he tensed? Constable brings the lady and she happens to be the woman whom he brought to Pragya’s home. Nikhil hugs her and says I was so tensed about you. He thanks Abhi…He introduces her as wife Shanaya. Abhi congratulates them for marriage and pregnancy. Shanaya says she is in 3 months of pregnancy. Abhi invites them home.

Pragya wonders where is Tanu? Abhi gets a call and he leaves. Pragya asks who is she? Nikhil says she is my Shonali….Pragya asks where is Tanu? Nikhil asks why she is acting mad and asks from where did Tanu come? He thinks Tanu was right, you tried to trapped me and tried to give me a big offer. He thinks she has eaten the dust. Abhi asks Inspector about the statement for Aaliya’s case. Inspector says we haven’t filed any case. Pragya thinks why constable and Police Inspector kept quiet seeing the other woman. She thinks her hope was broken, but the truth will come out eventually.

Tanu and Aaliya drink wine and says cheers….Tanu thanks Aaliya for informing her about Pragya’s plan…and says she heard Pragya and Purab hearing Rachna’s call. She says then I called and informed you.

Nikhil says I was shocked when I see Pragya there. And says she has offered me a job, but then did a cheap thing. Aaliya smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. fatima mughal

    what rubbish………………………………

  2. Enakku paithiyam than pidika pogudhu. Kkb episodes are increasing without any best improvement. Again & again circle madhiri enga starto angaye wandhu stop aagudhu. Again planing and again failing. Awangaluke bore aagudhillaya. Fail aagurathuku edhukupa plan summawe irukalame. Tholvi wetriyin mudhal padiyam… Ivanga ethuna mudhal padi eritangalo…. OMG. Ennammaaa ippidi fail aaguringalema….

  3. Enaku nallawe vilangitu indha serial indha jenmathula mudiyadhu. Nowadays I don’t like to comment to dz serial.

  4. Feeling bored now not intrusted to see the show bcoz it so slow n u know can’t see pragya to be failure regarding tanu matter

  5. Haha i pity d author.. mayb they doest knw how to reveal d truth thty lagging lets suggest them

  6. Haha i pity d author.. Mayb they doesnt even knw how to reaveal d truth thtsy lagging too much lets suggest them our ideas here

  7. Rohit prashar

    Thank god, I stopped watching this kumkum bhagya, befcoof writers and made this serial so boring, however it used to be very interesting. They r not ending up this tanu’s chapter. They should get romance and new story in the serial. Salo doob maro, kisney writer bnaya tumhey…

  8. Too much dragging yaar

  9. This drama has lost its charm n I lost interest in watching it unless I putty for da acting crew…..shame on the writers for driving Apple crazy n wasting r time…..go to hell

  10. Simple thing called DNA test can b done…

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