Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Dadi and everyone that he saw himself in groom dress and asks if they have hidden something from him. He says he saw flashes of his marriage. Purab asks did you see the girl? Dadi tells him that it is a photo shoot pic surrounded by the crew members. She asks him not to stress his mind else he will have to take more leave. Dasi jokes with him. Abhi says I won’t get poor and will be a rockstar always. Dadi asks Purab and Abhi to have food together. Pragya is in the office and thinks about Aaliya’s words. Something falls down and breaks. Saira asks what happened? She asks her to go home and take rest. Pragya thinks it is just 3 pm, if I go early that maa will question me. She thinks to call Purab and talk to him. Purab gets her phone. Abhi teases her if his

girl friend called. Pragya asks him to meet her and tells that she has taken half day leave. Purab tells her that Abhi got flashes of his past and tells everything. Pragya insists to see him once and says she will wait for his message. She thinks how did that photo come in his room. Purab thinks how to convince him to come out with me. He tells Abhi that he has a good idea.

Aaliya asks what idea? Purab tells her that they were playing games. Abhi says lets go out somewhere and insists to go coffee shop. Purab says okay, if you go out then may feel better. Aaliya asks him to rest. Abhi asks her not to treat him like Dadi. Purab asks him to get ready. He thinks to message Pragya so that she reaches coffee shop fast. Abhi gets ready and come. Purab compliments him. Aaliya says I will also come with him. Purab tries to stop him. Abhi asks Aaliya to come. Purab thinks to message Pragya not to come, but Abhi stops him.

Sarla calls Pragya and asks her to get salt, chilli, masala and ginger etc. Pragya says okay, I will bring. Sarla asks her if she is outside. Pragya says yes, for office work. Sarla asks her not to stress herself. Abhi, Purab and Aaliya come to coffee shop. Abhi asks did we come here before? Purab says yes, and it was our favorite place. He thinks how to make Aaliya go, and tells her that she got special coffee made by the chef. Aaliya says it was invented by me. Purab says I want to drink that coffee. He holds her hand and takes her. Pragya comes to coffee shop. Purab sees her and gets tensed. He spills coffee on her and asks her to get her dress cleaned. Aaliya goes to washroom. Abhi recalls his marriage, and thinks I don’t do this types of campaign. He thinks I am against it, and get only less money. Pragya comes and sees people laughing on him, as he is lost in thoughts and drinking coffee.

He sees Pragya and asks what you are doing here? He says don’t tell me that you have also come to drink coffee here, and says rockstar and receptionist can’t drink coffee at the same place and asks her to go. Pragya says I was trying to help you. Abhi says will you make me drink coffee rightly….Pragya falls in his lap and have an eye lock…Allah Wariyan plays………..Pragya thinks what he is thinking that he don’t realize that coffee is smeared on his lips. Abhi thinks I can’t do this type of campaign and thinks with whom to ask. He thinks who will not lie to me. Pragya thinks how to stop him from stressing his mind.

Abhi asks Pragya if she is her true fan. Pragya says yes. Abhi asks her if he is married and asks her to tell truly. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. plz pragya say true to him that he is married & the girl is you……………………..i can’t wait anymore

    1. You know that is NOT going to Happen

  2. I was afraid Abhi will ask Nikita only about his marriage. He is doing same in precap. I think it became so predictable that we can pen the screenplay ourselves.

    Poor Abhi every track he is made the fool, everyone hides truth till end. If only someone exists in reality like Abhi, then he must be most unfortunate, really.

    1. Lol agree with you 100%….sadly infact not the least bit surprisingly she will lie to him as well….the level of nonsense these CVS write I only read mainly because of Shabbir and sriti but God cvs makes it so hard to even support your favorite actors when they portray characters of dumb and dumber

    2. Yes sahithi..while seeing precap I thought about you only..?? as usual dadi and co hidden everything from abhi.. I really wonder whether there is any other way to know about his past 2.5 yrs than asking Pragya?? Since we all know pretty well that Pragya will say he is yet to marry..as she has done master degree in hiding the truth.

      Today alia tried to be in-between abhigya but purab managed to grab her out.. Its gud to see… Still alia is in obsession on purab..

    3. leisa s morris

      In this day and age of technology all he has to do is check d internet. I cant believe that someone who lost two yrs of their lives doesnt want to find out what he had been upto atleast music wise. Even if his family doesnt want to tell him he doesnt need to ask nikita as bein a superstar he is news and there will b info on every aspect of his life. Guess writers wanna continue makin him dumb hero so he doesnt kno anyting bout d internet.

  3. Nice episode. Pragyavathu unmaiya solvala, ila valakam pola sothapiduvalanu parkalam.

  4. Jerry Justice

    Today’s episode is really interesting….should pragya tell Abhi the truth or not..????what do you think of this guy’s .?

  5. pragya say yes u r married then aliay bring tanu as abhi wife…………

    dadi always close mouth

    we r mad waiting 4 abhi memory will come back after years……????????

    abhi get memory that time again tanu pregr drama start……

    kumkum bhagya only recycling there is no story

    they do not bring pruvi or bulbul

    all pairs r separated “THERE IS NO BHAGYA 4 KUMKUM”


    1. ???
      ? right

  6. Wow what a precap this cvs r again making abhi character as a confusing person i wish that no girl should get a life like pragya feels so pitty for both abhigya a husband is asking his wife uf he is married god plzzzzz give some brain to cvs n guys prathiksha sahithi shobana reji all others share abt ur viws n thoughts plzzzzx

    1. Hi ? aishu, how did you done your exams???
      What I feel is, no girl in this world will like to have a life like Pragya and as well as, no girl in this world will like to have a husband like abhi…if this happens then life will be hell…
      I think while God was sleeping, HE created this CVs. Since HE was sleeping, forgot to give brain to CVs. That’s why we are suffering like this ?

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        Hi shobana sis, reji, prathiksha, vinodhini, asmitha…. What do u think about abhis ml? is it true or fake?
        Pragya never tell the truth to abhi… We all know that…. Cvs are making the story line worsening day by day….

      2. Hiii shobana sis yes i did my exams very well afcourse as u said exams r more important than kkb n tq sis for ur love n u correctly said no one should be llike abhigya but apart from this we talk abt love n care in that abhigya were just amazing no one can replace them i even love them if they both were strangers but cant tolerate when they were seperated n also that evil taliya i just want to kill them

    2. Hi aishu….how are you. …

      1. I m fine how r u hency ????

    3. Hi aishwarya !!..Even i am clueless that pragya will day the truth or not !!..I think we have to keep a poll to know !!?..No if you ask me i think she will say yes he is his married but will not reveal she is his wife !!..or she will lie to him saying there is nothing like that !..That sherwani getup was for an Ad !!??

  7. I thinks kidna track is best abhigya r together

    before LM (lady mogo) after ML (memory loss) r same

    only dragging n dreams always



  8. Abhigya

    I think abhi’s not faking memory loss… waiting for tomorrow’s epi what does pragya says to him.. hi frnds i am new to comment but i read pratiksha’s vinodhini’s updates daily…. with the updates…… don’t know what’s going to happen………

    1. thanks abhigya…Me too… I will also read your comments daily abhigya…??… really I too don’t know what will happen… surely pragya is not going to reveal the truth to abhi… even if she says that he is married, aaliya will take advantage of that situation by saying tanu as abhi’s wife… whatever happens, at last pragya is going to suffer…but I don’t know what reaction abhi will have when he gets his memory back…

    2. I don’t know whether I am right or wrong.. you will also comment on fan fiction no… in some fan fictions, I have seen some comments made by abhigya.. I don’t know whether it’s you or not…

  9. Abhigya

    I think abhi’s not faking memory loss… waiting for tomorrow’s epi what does pragya says to him.. hi frnds i am new to comment but i read pratiksha’s vinodhini’s updates daily…. with the updates…… don’t know what’s going to happen……… my name is anita

    1. Hi anita… how are you?

    2. Hi Anitha welcome to this comment section !!..I am Ragela !!..You can call me Reji !☺?..Abhi is faking his ml or not ??..This is the biggest question we all r thinking !!..But with abhi’s monologues i think he is not faking !!☺

  10. Definitely she won’t tel thr truth .. she vk jus cook up some stories ..

    1. Yes razia, she wont…but this is a good chance to tell the truth. In Mogambo avatar she has done a mistake by hiding everything to abhi. Atleast she should rectify her mistake by telling the truth to him. Abhi, himself is directly asking her…Pragya can use this opportunity, but she wont do so..

      1. Ritvi

        Hi shobana sis. ..I am fine. ..my studies r going good and actually I am little busy in admission in the clg. ..but now I am free. ..I think most of the friends r busy. ..

      2. Hi sis….Ritvi is my niece ….it’s my comment only. …

      3. Shobi .. pragya in mogambo avtar truth. Sonna abhi won believe nu she did tat was a very silky reason .. fa this silly reason itself she hide it .. idhula his health vl affect aagum na shell definitely won say .. now reason hide panradhu ku romba vae valid ah iruku . Chappa reason irukurapovae these pragya Dadi n co marachanga idhula reason very romba strong ah iruku .. kandipa next September la Dan they vl reveal or abhi himself vl start regaining his memory ?

      4. Correct ah sonna razia, next September vandha kuda indha track mudiyadu ?? . Serial bore adikama irrundha okay dha ?

      5. Hi ? hency , happy that you are free herethen ?

    2. Agree with you shobana and razia !!????..Chappa reasonuke oru varsham fulla marachanga !!..Semma reason sikki irukku kandippa razia next September kuda kidaiyathu !!Shobana sonna mathiri innum konjam naal aagum !Track boreadikaama irukanum !!?????

  11. Jerry Justice

    but why did his family lied to Abhi, i think this is the opportunity for them to utilize but failed woefully…..am just getting more irritated by this everyday stupendous act of kkb

  12. Jerry Justice

    The CVs has brought a very huge question on board now. Can anyone figure out what the question is….??????……..Hahahaaa,omg..!!!!!!

  13. Pragya vl bluff n d story vl drag fr anothr 100 yrs… Damn d writers n damn u ekta fr ur nonsense story

  14. Pragya won’t tell the truth, and the show will continue to dragg, like it has been for the past year. You guys are right, the writers continues to recycle the storyline. Aren’t they embarrassed to show these C grade kinda story line? I used to love this show, but I’m losing my patience with the writers.

  15. They’re making trp no 1 by making viewers as fools again.

  16. i really hope abhi is faking … and all other r to make everyone believe that he is faking …
    i thnk abhi is bothered abt each n every move of aliya.even doctor also knws that . he may be helping abhi to make it more convincing as abhi knws aliya is so much cunning .
    well writers must thnk abt new ideas to make the track more exciting …

  17. so everyone in the group got conclusion that abhi is not faking his ml. then what will be the further story again tanu entered his life

  18. I don’t think ki kisika kumkum itna kamjor hoga jitna is chasmis ka hea..is serial ka nam kumkum abhagye hona chahi tha..kiuki pragya ki mang me kumkum toh dikhta hi nehi he chasme ke elabha..uff..pakgaya hu..ur kitna jelu ische…pehle bulbul ki lia jela ur ab sabbir ke lia..

  19. I think abhi is acting out to catch aaliya red handed n plz tell him the truth pragya

  20. Dramani K Emmanuel

    Ghanaians are enjoying Kumkumbhagya alot. But I feel pity for Aliya. Dadi should always show love to the whole family

  21. Absolutely right.. This is shit!! Please don’t this serial crap!!! Ekta is crazy!! So don’t u be like that.. Tanu will come again.. Pragya will tell he is married to tanu.. Again tanuwill act she is pregnant.. f**king serial…..

  22. Again and again giving Aliya the main role is devastating. It is taking the patience out to see the same Aliya again and again. Why doesnt she change? If Thanu also appears again it is as good as the episodes getting repeated. Please bring some turning point interestingly

  23. pragya will never say truth to abhi r if she says truth that he is married then aliya with come there in b/w them and say let’s go home to abhi… if abhi ask alia she will say tanu is his wife

  24. Narifa Singh

    Abhi memory loss is real, from what we have seen so far. I feel he will get his memory back, and will pretend that he still has ml to take revenge on Tanu, Aliyah and Nikhil.

  25. never seen anyone fall as much as Pragya ????

    1. Come on she fell in her dreams this time, cant she 😀 😀

  26. kumkum bhagya

    hi every one abhi ka memory loss drama fake hai ya true kuch samaj nahi aara so confused hai agar ye news true hai kab reveal hota serial mein and abhigya ke chemistry bohot achi lagti sirf wajah ye hi saare aduians wath karneki and current track mein abhigya ke beech dooriyan badgaye and pregnency track ke baad sub ko ye hi umeed thi ki abhigya milan hoga par aduians ko sirf aur sirf disappointment hi mila we just hate this serial

  27. I don’t understand what to say about this ongoing second season and story? Story seems without leg and head. Don’t know what’s the purpose of this story? Where it is going and where it will b end? Same things and same story r playing again and again every time after roaming between tracks and twists. It seems with each passed year of kkb that we comes back at same place again and again, from where we had started it. No progression, no development and no improvement. Infact essence of the story is decreasing with each passing year. Story is out of mind, out of logics and beyond of understanding. Only this much I understood about kkb from the day one of the show. That’s it. This is only sriti and shabbir’s attractive, lovely and impressive chemistry becoz of which audience r still tied up with the show and show’s trp is maintained on the top in ratings still and further also if it will keep maintain it then also reason will b only sriti and shabbir. That’s it.

    1. Pratiksha u seemed to be very pissed off, is it because of yday episode or expecting Tanu to be back. I dont think its so bad dear, atleast for me personally I tried a lot of other shows after Mogambo track started but couldnt appreciate anything much. Most of them have same template and default performance by the actors.

      Atleast in this show the actors show good variation and different shades to their characters. Though the leads are the main attraction we cant take away the effort and talent of others like Sarla, Pragya daadi, Purab, the list goes on with the supporting cast also. Whenever I see Sarla she reminds of a mom who genuinely cares for her kids. After Shabir, Sriti, I love her portrayal of a mother.

      I personally felt this track is not as bad as we suffered with Tanu’s screeching and Nikhil’s expressions in past track. It is definitely not so annoying. So guess we can wait a little more for it to progress.

      1. Sahithi I m pissed off with the same repeat things. I likes changes in my life and that’s what I expects from others too. I don’t mind if it will b positive or negative but changes should happen. Life seems boring like this. Isn’t it? And sahithi I too appreciates other actors work but sriti and shabbir r most special for the audience, that’s why I mentioned only these two names. Audience can watch the show without other actors but without sriti and shabbir, do u think show will remain popular same as today it is? I don’t think so. Others actors r also talented and gud actors but it is also true that we can watch kkb without them but can’t imagine kkb without sriti and shabbir, our abhigya. For example, many actors vanished from the show or quit from the show, they all were so much talented and some of were lovely for us but then also audience didn’t left the show from watching and always waited only for abhigya’s union. We had two lead pairs and both r seperated. Bulbul is nowhere in the show yet so on whom base, show is running successfully? It is only and only abhigya na. That’s why I mentioned only these two names. But no doubt others r too gud. Sahithi u r saying to wait. Well this is what we r doing since long and we r doing this still becoz we have no other option except it. So ya we should wait still. What else we can do.

      2. That was only my suggestion Pratiksha, choice is urs. The show is actually losing flavor by reducing number of characters and variation in them. If only we had Suresh, Bulbul, Rachna, Akash, and many more, it will look more like complete package. Else it is repeating because the story is revolving only around those 3-4 characters.

        That is something bothering me as well, that looking at the ratings, writers are making the story uni-dimensional and not coming out of this Aaliya, Tanu circle, around the leads. If only they introduce new characters and new subtracks it will be more interesting. They had only Tanu n Nikhil in last 4-5 months and now it is Aaliya n Tanu.

        Writers should look beyond the leads and only then they can bring something new. These days we have an unnecessary dream sequence every episode just to have a scene between the leads.

    2. hi pratiksha, i am a silent reader of this page. read your comments regularly. i dont know that much hindi but would like to watch this serial a lot, but now for the past so many days just reading comments.

      can you pl check this link and let me know what are they talking

      and i read somewhere that abhi is going to reveal his fake ML drama to pragya on ganesh utsav, is it true, please confirm

      1. Hi saathu, nice to hear this that u read my comments regularly. Thank u so much for it. Saathu the link which u have given, it is about old segment during tanu’s pregnancy track, when pragya sees a dream that she told her changed look’s truth and reasons behind it to abhi and abhi happily hugged her. Saathu it was old segment. And according to the ongoing story, abhi is not faking, his memory has actually lost. But don’t know that what will happen further or how stort will unfold? U have to wait for it. How much? Can’t say.

  28. Purab is the smartest character in KKB. Bravo… He is even better than abi.
    all the others r useless. Specially daadi.. She’s always flop the plans. Even pragya..
    Dnt think pragya will tell the truth of abi’s marriage . Definitely Alia will come to them and stop the conversation.

    BDW wts the problem of these writers. they r always try keep separations between the society.
    C.. yesterday they hv written some dialogs as a receptionist and a rock star cannot use a same Coffey shop because of the user levels.bullshit.
    anw.. purab rocks.. keep it up 🙂
    love u abi as always. hope u will get both memory n ur cute fuggy soon.

  29. Pragya pls tell him he is married and he has two daughter too.Sathiyama mudiyala guys last week i am really enjoyed lot. But now more irritating . Pls aphi intha muraiyavathu unoda brain use pannen .How long we are waiting for abhigya union .

  30. Hi guys, i’m new for commenting here. Im from tamil and read the written updates in 1 year almost. i used me to learn hindi from kkb only and i learned some little things only. So. ur comments and updates are help me for understand what is going on kkb. So thank you so much guys, specially Prathiksha, Shobana, Regi, u guys are done so good and lot of thanks for u all.

    I think also the same pragya will not tell truth to abhi, Let see what is going to happen…………

    1. Hi Deepisri, welcome here. Thank u so much for reading our updates and comments. Feels gud to hear it that it helps u to understand about the show. Our efforts gets successful if u guys understand it. Whatelse we wants. Once again thanks a lot.

      1. Thank u pratiksha for accept me. How are you

    2. Hi Deepisri !Welcome !??..I am Hindi mixed tamilian !Eppadi irukeenga ??!!.Really happy to hear that our comments r very helpful for you !!..Ithuku mela engalukku enna venum ??!!..Once again thank u so much !!.Keep commenting !?

      1. Hi Reji, How are you???

    3. Hi deepisri… I am also from Tamil nadu … I too don’t know Hindi.. written updates are really helpful in knowing what’s happening in kkb serial… neega epidi irukeenga?? Last ah itha kekarathuku manichukonga…??

    4. Hi deepasri, thank you for reading our comments. I also from Tamil nadu

  31. Hi iswarya_santhosh..how are you?? Coming to the current track, due to some monologues of abhi, i am sure that abhi is not faking memory loss…but after getting his memory back, he may do fake memory loss drama to save his fuggi… I hope abhi will get his memory back soon atleast before 1 year because that cvs had dragged the pregnancy track for 16 months.. atleast they should do this favour for us… the main game will start only when abhi gets his memory back..

  32. Hi guys !!..successfully completed my first exam !..Then i have to prepare for tomorrow’s exam !..Aishwarya how did you do your exam ??..i did well …Pratiksha i followed your advice really it was helpful to me !!..Thanks to all for your wishes guys !!..Now coming to Kkb Pratiksha sahithi you both r ryt !!!..There is no Abhigya without Sriti Shabbir !!..All characters efforts and talents should be appreciatable !!..Even i love sarla’s affection towards her daughters !!.purely portrays a mother’s affection !!..And This track is somewhat toleratable than takhil’s track !!.Then coming to the precap …I also expected abhi will ask pragya only abt his marriage !!..As my expectation he asked pragya only abt his marriage !!.I think Pragya will lie to him or something is going to happen .So pratiksha sahithi shobana asmitha and everyone share your guesses !!..Will pragya will reveal that he is married and she is his wife ??What do u think guys ??..

  33. New promo of deva shree Ganesha special episode’s- Abhigya r performing on a romantic number. Others stars of zee TV’s others shows r also performing. Ritesh deshmukh also gives a solo performance on deva shree Ganesha song. Abhigya r in white costumes, abhi in white kurta pajama and pragya in white deep frock style suit with carrying a jooda for hairstyle. Both were looking awsum. Link for the promo- https://twitter.com/abhigya73/status/774208448208789504

  34. Hi frds ,annalum CVS abhi character ah ivlu confusinga katta kodathu.eppavum pragya be abhi kaga struggle pantrathave iruku.
    It will disappointing. Neega enna nanigiriga frds.

  35. plz pragya tell to abhi i cant wait more

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