Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Tanu to tell if Pragya is responsible for her condition. Tanu recalls Ronnie threatening her with knife, and warning her not to take Pragya’s name. She tells Abhi that Pragya is not responsible, but she is the one who brought her to hospital. Abhi tells Bulbul and Pragya that he needs to talk to them and asks to come out. Abhi asks Bulbul to tell the truth. Bulbul says I didn’t come with her jiju. Abhi asks her not to call him jiju and says he has no relation with Pragya. She says she has no relation with Pragya as she has insulted him. She says I came here with Purab. Abhi says if Purab is not found here……………..Purab comes there and says he has pain in her hand. Abhi says Bulbul said that you have pain in your head. Bulbul says it is medical

pain, and it starts with hand. Purab says he is in extreme pain and can’t stand. Bulbul says we will sit. Nikhil comes and sees them busy taking. He thinks it is a good chance to meet Tanu. Tanu thinks when she will lead a normal life with Abhi, and hears someone coming inside. Nikhil comes and keeps hand on her tummy? Tanu with her eyes closed asks him to be with her always. Nikhil says I want to be with you always, but you……………..She opens eyes and is shocked to see him there. She asks if anyone sees you here then….Nikhil says let them see us together. I came running here after hearing about your accident. He says I don’t have anyone in my life rather than you and my child. He asks her not to play games when she is carrying his baby.

Sarla misses Pragya, Bulbul and Purvi and tells Jhanki that her house has become silent. Jhanki says girls have to go to their homes. Sarla asks where is Bulbul? Jhanki says she went with Purab. Sarla says she would have meet him here? Abhi asks when we can take Tanu home? Doctor says she is still unconscious and you can take her home when she is fine. Abhi says lets go and see her. Tanu asks Nikhil to go. Nikhil says I am not going anywhere, and my baby needs me. Abhi enters the room and sees Tanu sitting on bed. Tanu asks him to take her home. Abhi says let Doctor check you first. Pragya looks on.

Mitali and Tai ji think Dadi didn’t go to hospital to see Tanu. They laugh. Raj comes and asks her to serve the food. Mitali says I was thinking to go on candle light dinner with you. Raj says it means you didn’t make food even today. He asks her to get ready and asks his mum to get ready as well. Mitali thinks Tai ji is bone in the meat. Tai ji asks her not to eat bone and laughs. Mitali thinks she has heard my heart talk.

Bulbul thinks why Tanu’s boyfriend didn’t come till now. She looks at the shoes behind the curtains, and tells Pragya that he is hiding behind the curtains. She asks her not to look at him else he will leave. Bulbul says she is suffocating and says she will open the curtains. Tanu says no. Nikhil wears doctor’s apron. Tanu says she is having problem in keeping eyes wide open in light. Doctor tells abhi that he can take Tanu home. Nikhil comes out and stands with doctors. Pragya checks and says no one was there. Bulbul collides with Nikhil and looks at his shoes. She tells Pragya that he is the one.

They come out and stops other guy. Bulbul apologizes to Pragya and says man eloped from there. Nikhil comes out of hospital and collides with Abhi. Abhi asks what you are doing here? Nikhil says anybody can come here? Abhi says you was not in city? Nikhil says he was not here, but came on a short notice to see unborn baby. Abhi asks when did you marry? Nikhil says no, and says when you can become father without marriage, why can’t I? He says he came to see friend’s baby. He asks Abhi why did he come? Abhi says Tanu slipped and fell down. Nikhil asks how can you be so careless and acts concerned. Tanu feigns pain. Abhi holds her. Nikhil asks did you marry her? Abhi says not yet. Nikhil says I will attend your marriage.

Abhi asks Purab and Bulbul to take his car. Pragya asks how I will go? Abhi says I don’t know her. Bulbul says we can’t take her else she will start ordering us. Abhi says she is my boss, and must have money. She will go wherever she wants to. Pragya sits in car and says car and driver is hers. She asks him to decide how he will go? Tanu asks Abhi to come. Abhi sits in car and drives off. Pragya thinks a good chance left from their hands.

Abhi says you learnt good attitude, behavior etc, but didn’t learn to say sorry. He says you should not be sorry until you feel it from heart.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Guys just read the precap? Look who is teaching, that person who is not at all right in himself, for whom sorry word is so difficult to say and whose habit is doing mistakes and repeating those mistakes again and again. He is teaching pragya how to say sorry. ? Joke of the day. Abhi is more torcherous person in whole episode. And all spoilers gets failed and team pragya’s first effort of finding about tanu’s baby’s father has gone into vain. Looks like more dragging and torchers r waiting for us, until when? Only CVS knows.

    • Maggie

      I think Abhi knows everything n he is hurt n angry with Pragya for not sharing the whole thing n Pragya he also wants to know who is real father
      So like in today’s episode he was looking sespious at Nikhil
      I hope what I’m saying thinking is right?

      • Kanchi


        I am having this doubt starting from when Abhi sees Dadi and Pragya conversation..

        He is really upto something..

        Daily I am watching KKB with that hope..

        He wants Pragya to open up..

        Let’s see..

      • Kanchi

        All Abhi’s torture and harsh words are to make Pragya speak up about the truth..

        Hope for the Best…

      • Guys precap was like that as u guys r feeling. Even many things in today’s episode were questionable. Like bulbul was many times called abhi as his jijju to abhi. Bulbul convinced abhi as she has came with purab for treatment of his headache but purab came with hand injury. Then many times bulbul and pragya’s behavior were fishy infront of abhi. Then last nikhil was telling to abhi that he is going to become father without marriage. The fact is how he knows about tanu’s pregnancy and the baby is abhi’s, when it is not announced publicly yet. The question is that all these things happened infront of abhi. Did abhi noticed anyone or not? Or he will later notice? I hope what u guys r feeling for precap, comes true but let’s see if it will not b prove as another disappointment.

    • nivi

      im feeling ly 1 thing nikki… plz abhi u leave pragya as much as u can …bcoz u wnt suit her soft nd gud nature, u can do anythin even affair wit sm girl aftr ur marg bt ur wife shld be very 100% perfect na wat a comedy??? romance s enough means u can run ur lyf wit tanu happily bcoz she can act u 4 money bt pragya cant…… aen pragya ipidi oru purushan unaku thevayanu sollu???? ada po ma… tanuvayum aliyavayum vitutu poi lecturer job continue pannu….. bcoz evil ly finally gng to win tis serial……

      • nivi

        pesama abhi ne tanu va marg panniko, aliya ne purab a iluthukito illa kadathikito australia poidu, bulbul nd pragya plz saint agidunga, story mudunchuchu…. evlo periya poo suthareenga neenga……. apppada mudila da saamy, director neenga edutha indha serial a ungala ukkara vechu pottu katanum oru maasam, apa tha ungaluku enga vali puriyum, puthi varum…… serial edukarangalam serialu………………………

  2. Brenda

    Who is still watching and waiting for this Bull Shit to come out??? … Abhi is a pure asshole and getting worse. I have lost all interest in this show. Once in awhile I read here and of course there is NO Change. Anyone still watching KKB thinking they are going to reveal the truth any day now – is a FOOL!!

  3. meera

    this stupid Abhi realise the truth only in future when tanus chiid become a doctor and tests himself the DNA and will found the mismatch…. y can’t pragya tel directly to Abhi dat tanu is cheating him. and where d hell dis Nikhil was……. I have stopped etching did stupidity… only reading d updates..

  4. TINA

    Iam getting more angryness of abhi…. day by day it will incresing… y he behaving like this…..

    I really get angry in abhi told bulbul to don’t call him as jiju…. in that time i feel to kill him…

    In precap abhi teach pragya how to say sorry???? Omg!!!!! I really fed up guys….day by day my patient level get lowwwwww…. “god plz save pragya”

  5. aditi

    Enna ma ipdi panrengale ma! AbhiAbhi’s situation now : strtd lovin wife..aana wife tayum vada poche…ok..if abhi n pragya dont have brains to think,atleast this dadi,bulbul..r dey doing any gud..uhum…Purab adhukum mela…!! Gud bye KKB…see u next year…hope Tanu’s kid ll grow up and then find truth and may be he ll try to unite his father n his ex wife pragya like bodyguard movi!! :’-) a point to note is,even then bulbul n purab wudn’t have married :’-)

    • Chitti

      He he he same feeling here also ? Intha maari mokka ya epdi scenes yosikranga ne therla !! ?? Intha nikhil Oru maanam kettavan abhi Oru crack-u pragya dadi bulbul ku manasula periya master mind nu nenapu ? ipdiye pona velangidum ?

  6. kezi

    ??? please tell the end soon……. not having patients…..
    MUDIYALA da dai…. pothu neenga iluthathu…..shhhhhhhh?????

  7. ramya

    already one nite pragya told abhi tat ru going bcome papa of some others child nu .. tat time abhi yelled her n warned nt to say tat again .. bt still dis too happened cuz of pragya .. if she din act greedy abt money then abhi wud ve beleivd pragya

    • nivi

      pesama amnesia vandhu namma ellarukum indha serial marandhu poiduchuna paravalla ramya, gettin on my nerves, wat d hell tis abhi dng??? all bcoz of tis ssacrifice devi pragya ly happening, 4 wat non sense she left abhi aftr knew abt tanu’s preg???? big star nd his wife….. chi…. DNA test kuda edkua thonalaya????? writters r d devils more than tanu nd aliya pa….. aliya expose panreengalo ila tanu va expose panreengalo 1st abhi a expose pannunga….. ilaina plane crashla ella charactersum murder pannidunga, ilukareenga ilukareenga iluthukitte poreenga…. tanu ku baby girl porandhalum abhi pragya va than thittuvan, boy born aanalum abhi pragya va than thituvan, adhu schl polaina thituvan, sapidalaina thituvan…..sssssbbbbbbaaaaa………….. leave abhi mental soon pragya, marry sm guy who respecting u lyk ronnie bt he s lyk ur bro, so choose sm other hero, even suresh s better than tis abhi…………

      • ramya

        AGREE WID U NIVI .. BECAME crazy on this kkb bfor bt nw cant stay witout watchn dis.. lets hope for the good n lets wait fa it ..

  8. Sharad

    Abhi actually has lot of respect for his dadi….then y the hell can’t thus dadi tell the whole truth herself?? U jus want to drag the serial for the heck of it yaar…..atleast drag it after uniting abhigya na….

  9. sandhya

    Pragya pls pls pls leave abhi.. Leave abhis house soon… U wil get another gud pair surely better dan abhi… Atleast to irritate him u shud hav a new pair.. & only if u leave his house abhi will repent.. But rependance will not giv him anything.. Stupid abhi.. Pragya u deserve a better guy dan abhi.. Better move out of dat stupid house where r ppl r dumb.. And dadi is also showng dumbness in hr character.. She acts as if she cares for aaliya much..after all she nly gave d plan to pragya dat she shud tell evrythng to abhi indirect ly and not directly.. Foolish.. If pragya had told d truth to abhi dat tim itslf d matter wud hv com to conclusion.. Weird plans by dese ppl.. I quited kkb 1 mnth ago & was seeing writtn updates.. But nw left dat also.. Seeing nly cmnts of u ppl…abhi is not a rockstar .. He is a dumbstar stupid fool… Im really angry on him more dan taaliya ofcourse.. And pragya stop loving abhi nly den he wil learn a lessn..untill nw abhi desrves to b married tanu nly.. Let us find a new guy in pragyas life atleast to irritate abhi.. Becoz from day1 he irritates pragya by being close to tanu.. He has to pay for it.. Feeling bad for pragya . i cant even count hw many sacrifices she had done for him.. But no trust frm abhis side.. If he doesnt trust his lover atleast ge can trust hr as a frnd veciz he knws pragya cn never b selfish… Stupid abhi.. Go and pull a rickshaw man..

  10. "Revelation"

    Its such a pity that this serial is expanding to such an extent with 2 plots. Aliya n Tanu.
    I think if its drags with intelligent n sensible dialogue it wld make at bearable to watch.
    Its such a waste of the cast talent. Wat a pity really. Todays most intelligent dialogue must be handed to Nikhil.
    Dragging is fine if the script n storyline is engaging. The humour is a little over kill. I hope it can be played down abit as the issues involved in this storyline is serious. 1) Aliya to see her bro Abhi fallen desperate n broke.
    2)Tanus deceit in her pregnancy.
    Hope the tempo can pick up. And Abhi getting his brain n sensitivity back.
    Viewers are craving to see Abhgya reunite. But as the recent series hav been goin on it seems to lose that crave. Perhaps due to Abhis script. Its frustrating to see his character made so cluless and insensitive, especially to Prags. His character has already shown that he knows his Fuggy well enough. So he should be able to see tru her by now. If not 100%at least 80%.
    Hopefully the tempo picks up with a more intelligent dialogue n Abhi getting his brain n sensitivity back

  11. sibi

    Pure shit is this ..! Wat exactly you writers are showing.. Getting pissed off with this dumb serial.. They show the stupidity.. Pls make this serial interesting as well reality. Stop showing the sane old stories . Fed up with this storyline..!

  12. tina

    boring ………………… writers cant hold no to the new theme properly .

    not sure why they always show women as week and always wanting to get married and stay married.

  13. jhanvi

    Unmaiya sollanum na…. ronnie kuda pragya va romba nalla purunju vashurukkan… pragya ku ava nala enna help panna mudiyumo adhala seiran… ethanaikkum he is just assistent and pragya va konja naladan teriyum… avanuke pragya pati ellam teriyudu pragya words la ulla truth la puriyudu… but endha abhi pragya oda husband pragya va robba naala teriyum and eppa fuggi ya love vera pandraru ana praggya pandradu ellam tappu and v2la edhu nadandaalu adhukku karanam pragya…

    Abhi i want ask u one ques nee pragya mela vashurundha love la egga poshu?? annaiki pragya ta onna love pannumbodu tanu eppadi mrg panna mudiyum nu ketta but eppa pragya ku enakku endha relationship pu illainu solra. Nee unmaiyave annaiki feel panni propose pannirundha enakku fuggi dan venum nu kekkama pragya va fuggiya matiruppa… that means pragya eppadi erundalu accept panniruppa…

    And i really feel bad of abhi char bcos abhi ku unmai yennaikume teriya mattegudu eppavumu poi pakkam dan support pandra …… poiyana pakkam nallavana erundu endha projannamum illa abhi…. nee mattum nallavana erukkanum illa onna sutti ullavugalu nalla vaggalaa erukkanum..

    Onnai mattum dan eppaa pragya nambura nee unmai teruja avala açept pannikuva nu nabbi omakagadan evaloo vu seira kudave o veruppaiyum vagikira ……. plz think about pragya and stop think about taliya devils….

    Writers make abhi charc as intrest… eppadiye pona unmaiyave abhi chart rockstar pattatha elandudu e”ggalta erundu”.

  14. Which woman in this lifetime gonna do what pragya doing? Women leave men and tell them everything whether they wanna hear it or not. Its they have to suffer after to know what a good woman they had..

  15. Guys please stop watching this nonsense. This serial is really a pain in the ass now. And i think before tanu and aaliyah, they should throw Abhi out of the show and find a better pairing for Pragya. Who should not be a dumbass like Abhi. And how can he be a rockstar. He doesn’t even have any values, morals or principles in life. Abhi is a man without spine. Started hating him now. And writers please hang yourselves. And stop writing for this crap anymore.

  16. fireball

    So stupid now, no real plot, and climax huh…I watch this show once every 2-3 weeks and guess what, I miss nothing, same old shit, even after 2-3 weeks. I watched today’s episode, no difference from 2 weeks ago except for Nickl, writers your viewers are not idiots..

  17. I agree with all of you.abhi is not an rockstar but an dumbbbbbstar.he’s always irritated pragya,make her jealous with tanu,the whore. Is good if pragya leaves abhi’s house and find a nice guys to make him jealous.she deserves a good husband that can take care of her.not a husband like dumbb abhi.he’s acting like a child. Pffffff abhi ,get lost

  18. chithu55

    This week also KKB has got 2nd place in TRP..i hope CVS will do something to keep it high like this ..before it goes too late..once viewers count is dropped, then it is difficult to bring it up…

    • Priya $

      I don’t think so chithu they won’t bring any twist they won’t reveal the truth also they ll dragg dragg dragg. Once trp comes down then only they ll change the track.

  19. If pragya should speak the truth bcoz like a man a woman also can’t stay away from husband so long. What they r showing.being a teacher she spoke so much lies. If once she tells abhi will believe.abhi is a genuine person.he took care of tanu only bcoz of dadi. Pragya is overacting

  20. xavier

    This show is nothing but a bad dragging piece of shit.. Such a shame to see that whole cast actors/ actresses talents are being wasted to dumb nonsensical bull shit.. Ekta Kapoor . Please pick up your pace and MOVE FORWARD for once… I bet if we all stop watching this show and watch it next year . This same crap will be there.. Too STAGNANT !!!!

  21. xavier

    Abhi is becoming such a ignorant fool.. When he sits in his bedroom. Can’t he just think of all these happenings and put it all together like a puzzle and finally solve it ??? Such dumb fool

  22. Ellen

    Anybody knows update on upcoming episodes???? Any clue to pragya team about nikhil? Indha purab edhuku room a vitu velila pona, he could have hidden in the same room for some more time to find the truth.. Or anyone could have come in new getup (something like they disguised as producer in hotel) and watched from nearby location like who are all coming to meet tanu so that Abi also cannot qstn and spoil the plan.. Bad execution of the plan… Writer s thinking that people who watching serial are mads..

  23. New segment update- Pragya is planning to celebrate dushehra like they did before. Abhi taunts pragya and makes her joke that what’s the need of wasting money and giving orders to make raavan’s statue, instead of this, we should stand pragya there and burn her. Pragya wants to do ramleela before it so she discusses about it with abhi and all family members that how to perform it and who will do which role.She gives tauji raja dashrath role, taiji- manthara role and for aaliya- shoopnakha’s role.? Aaliya refuses to do it but pragya says that she is giving order her to perform this role not asking. Tanu doesn’t get any role becoz her pregnancy. Then tanu and aaliya notices a lipstick mark on abhi’s face which was mistakenly put by pragya’s fall on abhi. Tanu scolds abhi for that lipstick mark infront of everyone. Aaliya smirks. Abhi takes pragya in the room and asks her about that lipstick mark. Pragya denies from it. But abhi doesn’t ready to accept pragya’s denial. He blames her to taking advantage of him. Then pragya loses her control and tries to prove herself b y offering another kiss on abhi’s face. She says let me kiss once then it will b proved by it’s match that is it my lipstick mark or not. Pragya tries to kiss him forcedly. Abhi refuses from it and tries to run from there. It was a cute sequence between them. ??Reporter asks tanu now what u wants to do after seeing this lipstick mark on abhi’s face. Tanu says with laughing that I want to strangle abhi and kill pragya for this.

    • Guys navratri, dushehra these festivals r in the way in kkb. So it means two possibilities r here, they will drag this tanu’s truth exposure track by these festivals or either they will reveal nikhil’s identity infront of pragya and her team. Well mostly functions in kkb uses for bringing some twist, sometimes for evil’s planning and sometimes for giving positivity to guds. So I think this function will b for gud, I think pragya is organizing this festival’s function for find out identity of tanu’s baby’s father. That’s why she have not given any role to tanu in ramleela becoz if she will b busy on stage then how will tanu’s baby’s father meet with her. Well if my guess is right then lets see if she will b succeed this time or she will again slips this opportunity and we will again disappointed with more dragging again.

      • nivi

        b4 any functions episodes anythi happened nikki??? i couldnt remeber correctly bcoz of tis dragging making me frustrating………………..

  24. Priya $

    Kkb got 2nd position in trp. I wish too come 6th position or else they won’t change the story line. Again abhi started to lecture ohhhnooo how much gud he is… C how he saying tat much gud he is… Till now he didn’t do anything wrong he didn’t hurt anyone especially pragya.Showed how much Luv on pragya. And one more thing he asked sorry from heart many times I think u ppl forget it. How much stupidity getting irritated…

  25. Ammu

    I want tanu to be exposed so that abhi and pragya can get close . Why its going on like this pls…. Fast forward


    Best show ever…..never gonna miss it……..love it very much….I too feel 😛 abhi knows everything now lets see wat happens :-* :-* <3 <3

  27. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Nonsensecial bullshit draging
    n Writers ar ul of track rape for gods sake Pragya.!!!!! Find a anothr gud series n realist story
    rather pack up tis series fuming irked

  28. Kkb

    When would they bring back purvi and find out tht aliya is the one behind the kidnapping case…still dragging the story hope soon they will change the storyline …hope for the best

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