Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tanu calling Abhi and asking where is he? Abhi says he reached Police station, but Pragya is already left, so he is going to her home. Tanu says okay. Nikhil hires a goon to kill Pragya. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks him to kill Pragya before Abhi reaches there. Purab drops Sarla and Pragya home. Purab apologizes to Pragya on Abhi’s behalf. Sarla bluntly asks Purab to leave and says we will talk tomorrow. Purab leaves. Beeji asks Sarla, why she is taking out her anger on him. Sarla takes Pragya inside the room. Dadi and Dasi are happy and think that Abhi might have gotten Pragya by now, and laugh. Aaliya comes there and says she is not scared of their stories and laugh. Dasi says you are not like Tanu, but more than her. She says we shall leave her and go. Aaliya threatens

to throw them out of house. Dadi thanks her for conspiring against Pragya and says Abhi went to bring his love, partner, life and wife from Police station.

Aaliya asks what rubbish? Dadi says Abhi’s heart is crying for Pragya and he is now dependent on her. She says Abhi can’t live without her, and that’s why they get back again. Aaliya says you have grown old, and that’s why day dreaming. She says Abhi don’t remember her name also, and says he will not bring her back here as his wife. If he try to remember anything then I will make him forget it. Dasi tells a proverb. Dadi says she is brought up in Australia and don’t know this proverb. She explains to her about the arrogant cat. She tells the more you try to separate them, the more closer they will come.

Pragya asks what happened? Sarla starts packing her bags. Pragya asks if we are going somewhere. Sarla says yes, we are going far from here, and you will know after we reach there. Pragya asks why? Sarla says I am taking you far from here to save you. She says you thought about your kumkum as your destiny. She says Abhi don’t remember you or your name or your sacrifices. She says Aaliya and Tanu can’t let her live, and that’s why I have decided to go far from here. She says it is good that this relation end. Pragya says he lost his memory, but I remember everything and applies kumkum of his name. She says how can I forget that you had risked your life to save him. She says I am afraid of him, as he has more enemies in his life who are backstabbing him. Sarla asks her to forget everything. Pragya is shocked.

Sarla cries and says I have always taught you wrong and asked you to be good. She says I was wrong. Pragya says you taught me good always, then why you are saying this. She says I am fine. Sarla says you will be fine once we go from here. She says you have to choose between your mum and husband. Pragya is shocked and asks her not to do this, asks how can I choose between a mum and a husband. Sarla says you have to choose any one. She says I have given birth to you and have kept you in my womb for 9 months. She says she has mortgaged this house and will start afresh in a new city. She asks her to decide. Pragya is shocked.

Sarla says I don’t have strength to lose you, and reminds her that Bulbul died while saving you. She asks her to take a decision for Bulbul, Abhi or her sake. She says if you go near Abhi, then Aaliya and Tanu will harm Abhi. If you go far from him, then they will not harm Abhi. We will go far from here. She asks her to decide. Pragya is shocked. Abhi is in the car and thinks it was his mistake that he let her go to jail. He says I will tell her that I am with her always. Sarla asks what you have decided? Pragya says I am ready to go with you. She says I am taking this decision for Abhi, and says if I am with him then Aaliya and Tanu will harm him. She says I am going far from him for his betterment. Sarla says I know you will take this decision and says we will go so far that nobody will be able to search us. Beeji comes there and hears everything. Pragya hugs her and cries.

Nikhil and his goon are in car. Goon asks Nikhil to let him drive the car. Nikhil says this revenge is mine, so I will do this work. I have given you money so that you can take blame on yours if we are caught. He recalls Abhi slapping him, and says I should kill Abhi with Pragya. He thinks this is the good chance to kill Pragya and Abhi together. He sees Abhi coming there and thinks to kill them together. Abhi thinks what I shall tell to Sarla. Pragya looks at rockstar toy and thinks if she will not be able to meet Abhi once, and thinks may be their story is destined to end right here. She looks at Abhi’s photo frame. Abhi is in dilemma and thinks how to go inside.

Abhi rings the bell and thinks why it is not ringing. He knocks on the door. Sarla asks Pragya to come. Pragya asks she will see who is at the door. Sarla says may be some neighbor and says we will not answer anyone now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pragya take a gooood decession she should go far 4rm abhi.

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Drag drag drag…..get on with it..pls…

  3. Whistles for Sarla today..
    Pragya still thinks she can protect n save Abhi.. hmm some ppl never learn..

  4. Guys u now 500 and 1000 notes are banded today’s onwards

  5. The story is not in an right path and its liking expanding try to improve I love the actors who were working for kumkum bhagya and so happy to have such an serial

  6. I think sarla is rite take her away since aaliya n tanu can’t see her live in peace n abhi need to prove he is in love with her to stop her from going n tell the 2 witches that lives in his house to get out

  7. Boring serial now. Story is dragging on forever! I don’t watch it anymore, just read an update here and there and still the story doesn’t progress


    1. Agree with you that the less we write on this crap serial the better for our well being. Truly a torture to watch & now fully given up. Too many people writing comments gives Ekta and team the impression that there is still a great following for their bakwas storylines.

  9. this is an unexpected twist… Sarla mortgaging her home so they can leave!
    what happens next will really be a surprise… let’s see if both Pragya and Abhi end up in the hospital…first time we heard Aaliya threaten to throw Dad and Dasi from the house… if the translation is correct…

  10. the only person who have some sense here is sarla ji..she is the one who enacts the real worries that a mum have for her child..others including dadi is getting completely misleaded from what they have to be…

  11. The serial is dragging lot it’s a shame this serial has really good actors, there doing really well. It’s all writers producer and directors at fault, they are dragging the story line to much but waiting in a way for abhi and pragya to reunited but I think it needs to be shown more feeling as to why abhi is going to stop pragya like what’s he feeling for her. I think she should go and not go with him in a way .

  12. The writer himself is evil and does not appreciate love because he always makes the evil of Tanu and Aliya overshadow the love between Ahbi and Pragya. Those of us who appreciate love must not waste our time on the movie

  13. Kunwar saharan

    I had a doubt after abhi knows truth about aliya tanu nikhil abhi did’nt meet nikhil so how nikhil knows abhi slapped him

  14. Serial storyline is same after tanu pregancy same planning and ploting by nikhil, tanu and aliya to seprate abhi and pragya or kidnap /kill pragya and abhi

  15. boring… plz moving faster

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