Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab telling Dadi that Tanu will be in shock/sadma. Dadi laughs and says Aaliya will be more shock. Dasi says we have to call ambulance. Purab asks them to control. Dasi says they will be more shock when they come to know that Abhi married pragya. Nikhil’s goons are taking Pragya inside the place. Damru tells that Pragya is very clever and tells that he has to take revenge from her for his brother. He tells that abhi will be married to Tanu and then her conspiracy will be finished. He says your husband will become other in sometime. Pragya blames him and slaps him hard. She says you will understand when this thing happened with you sister. Damru asks them to tie her hard so that she feels pain.

Nikhil calls Damru and thinks if pragya’s mum reached there. They tie

Pragya in factory. Pragya says you are doing wrong and says once my husband come to know that you have tied me here then he will not spare you. Damru asks his goons to keep eye on her, and asks if their walkie talkie is ready. He demonstrates how to use it. Nikhil asks where is he? Damru says there is a network problem. He tells that pragya tried to escape and bitten his man’s hand, and have slapped and threatened me. Nikhil say she is yearning for her husband and asks him not to leave her. He tells that he will show her husband’s marriage live to make her more pained. Damru asks Pragya to see her husband’s marriage live and asks her to dance and sing song. Nikhil holds the phone near Abhi. Pragya cries. Nikhil sits there. Pandit ji asks him to do the rituals. Damru asks her to cry and says you will have slap pain now. Pragya cries…and recalls the moment spent with him. Hamari Adhuri plays…..

Nikhil thinks I am making Pragya hear the mantra and thinks her face is a must see. Abhi asks him why he is holding the phone strangely. Nikhil says your big fan wants to hear your marriage. Abhi says my big fan is pragya and wants to talk to her. Pragya shouts asking Abhi to come and save him. Tanu thinks what Nikhil is doing. Aaliya thinks he will do some problem. Abhi asks Nikhil to give call to him. Nikhil gives the phone. Abhi says hello….Pragya cries hearing him. Goon keep her mouth shut and keeps on her mouth. Abhi says you wants to hear my marriage, so I talked. He tells Nikhil that voice is not coming. Nikhil says may be network problem. He goes. Tanu thinks thank god, my marriage is not stopped. Nikhil talks to Pragya and says sorry as he couldn’t make her hear marriage mantras. He says you couldn’t see or hear marriage mantras now, but can tell you. He tells that Abhi put ghee in the havan. Pandit ji told Swaha, and says he will do commentary of rounds.

He says you have made my life hell pragya and made me beg for money. Pragya says what do you think that I will stay here for life and will take revenge. Nikhil laughs and says I shall be scared of you and infact I am scared. He jokes that he can die due to the fear. Pragya shouts that this marriage will not happen. Nikhil laughs. Nikhil tells that this marriage will happen as even God can’t stop this marriage now. Pragya says you will see soon what God will do. She says you will see miracle happening.

Nikhil tells that rounds will start now and your reverse rounds. He says I mean your reverse countdown have started. Pandit ji asks them to stand for round and rituals. Mrs. Mehta tells that they will lose and we will win. Aaliya says she wants to enjoy seeing their faces and says she will lift Tanu’s ghunghat. Dasi says we will win after rounds and garland. Sonali asks Tanu to get up. Tanu gets up, but falls down. Purab, Dadi and Dasi are shocked to see Tanu in bridal wear instead of Pragya.

Purab asks why Tanu hide her face under veil. Abhi and Tanu taking rounds. Pragya thinks marriage must have started.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bhumika Shrestha

    This is so ridiculous that even after 2 weeks tanu and abhiii marriage dramaa is still not finished??How can this be so much elongated like a rubber … I reallyy used to adore this serial but now I am reallyyy hating it due to over drama?

  2. Thirutha mudiadhuda ungala thiruthave Mudiadhu…

  3. How beautiful this serial will have been but the writers/producers have spoiled it with their prolonging/dragging and make the serial lose its charm.

  4. I am totally shattered guys I feel like cheated for watching this serial and also believing that abhigya will unite
    Even now also I believe that abhigya will unite but don’t know how and when
    I feel like crying not because of this series but for myself trusting that something will happen and trusting
    I don’t know y these CVS and YouTube videos also cheating us by giving us hope y are they always cheating us
    Once I used to trust these videos of CVS and YouTube videos but now I feel like asking why are they playing with us
    And also I am really hurt to the core
    But don’t know y I am not able to control myself from watching this kkb
    Is it because I want to see abhigya united or shabbir sriti’s chemistry and acting

    1. I really really agree to you what you are feeling only am I also feeling can’t stop watching kkb.

  5. I still hope dat tomorrow on feres abhi get his memory back he should remind the feres taken with pragya…..

  6. Stupid story writers and director. No brain at all. including caste all are gone made. shameless people. they spoiled really this story. there is no charm in this now.

  7. Whatever happened to moving on in life rather then chasing one person …???

  8. am sure abhi will get flashes of his wedding with pragya whiles performing this rituals n Dis drama will end…,

  9. Really the writers are 8th wonders of the world. How they even does not bother about the viewers. Javvu mittai ellam unga kita picha vaanganum antha alavukku iluthu thalluringa.

  10. All I can say is these episodes are annoying. I used to like KKB but now I dislike the series.

  11. just plain stupid drama
    writer is dumb too

  12. leisa morris

    its abhis time to prove his love for pragya and he should do it with his memory loss by stoppin dis weddin cause he cant live without pragya. doin so while havin no memory of her as his wife is d only way to prove his luv is real otherwise its as fake as dis serial. these writers has no desire to bring his memory back as it will signal tanus end and dey want to keep d sreechin banshee in d pic to keep torturing pragya..so abhi d balls in ur court and d writers hands. lets see if sensibility prevails and dey do justice to dis serial and let abhi do wat he said he wud jus before his accident and memory loss..

  13. Congratulations Tanu and abhi are finally married ! Mantras are done and pheras will take place do what’s left now?? Pragya is still with nikhil and no sign of Sarla to! I will be stupid to hope that a miracle will happen now. By the time abhi will get his memory back he would be married to Tanu. I’m done! Finally!

  14. nothing of that sot ever happens in real life neither in fairytale. I wonder what kind of writers and directors they have… It’s so damn boring to even watch it…blaaagh!!!

  15. Dumbest show ever….

  16. Good lord ppl done with dumbos tanu and Aliya it’s disgusting,u got to make the viewers happy,bring back bulbul to take revenge on those two dumbasses and that criminal Nikil.
    Stop playing with the viewers feelings.Everytime there’s a hope u just shatter it

  17. Good lord ppl done with dumbos tanu and Aliya it’s disgusting,u got to make the viewers happy,bring back bulbul to take revenge on those two dumbasses and that criminal Nikil.
    Stop playing with the viewers feelings.Everytime there’s a hope u just shatter it move on

  18. Friends did anyone got any latest news from the tellychackradhar about kkb
    If you got please post it
    And about this episode they are playing with the viewers emotions
    I feel very hurt to watch this episode

  19. So it all boils down to this,unless off cos they are planning to make an endless number of episodes of a merry go round.what will it be?is Abhi faking ML?will he stop the wedding?or will the makers of this very bad joke continue to insult the sacred bond of marriage?

    1. Sadly he is not faking ML it is real. but the real question is, will he gain his memory and how will the shaadi stop. or will it even stop? will he actually marry Tanu? worst case scenarion, he marries Tanu but in the future he will still gains his memory and realises marriage is void as he is married to Pragya. best case scenario, he gains his memory back!! Most annoying scenario, he gains his memory immeditately after completing pheras and he is married to Tanu!!! that is the worst and best that could actualy happen so…lets wait and see!!

  20. Ok that’s it..can someone give me a knife i want to kill the writers.I mean what the hell is wrong with me?do they even know what are viewers expecting from them and most importantly how long will they drag this effing track ..this is ridiculous.We surely don’t want to see this nonsense anymore.And are abhigya the leads or taaliya and their so called gang..i mean why do their cheap plans win??and what does writers want to convey with this that evil always wins..???blo*dy hell I am so disappointed with this.
    Ps:sry if it hurts..just my opinion.

    1. Lol correction what the hell is wrong with them**

  21. Wow is this serial still like this.its been a year since i washed off this serial from my hands and really glad to know nothing changed??.this is still stupid without any plot.hope its still like this when i come next year ?.enna koduma saravanan sir edhu?

  22. ChandaMaya

    I’m not new but have not commented much . . .busy with other serials that are now using the same useless stalling tactics, wasting our nanoseconds! Storyline is a piece of useless art. Simple evil garbage . . .so fedup. Slower than molasses and the moral of the story, evil is more powerful than good. Fake dream world! In reality justice and karma actually works. These dramas is totally adharmic!

  23. ChandaMaya

    Adharma rules in the modern world, or shall I refer to this age of existence as early Kaluga. Marriage sacred as it is has now become a useless human tragedy. The cornerstone of extended family life, no more like extended evil and corruption. Makes Indian society look as if it is cheap and barbaric with I!l placed values that have no place in today’s world but is archaic. I am appalled with this nonsense.

  24. ChandaMaya

    Meant Kalyuga

  25. ChandaMaya

    Please writers have some respect for all walks of life and respect humankind . . .we have enough unhappiness in the world, so be the inspiration for what love stands for. Marriage is sacred. I live in the West and Eastern societies​ have a lot to teach the world, regardless of religion. Deep rooted values and respect is what a lot of good Eastern marriages are built on despite there are familial issues. There is a lot of goodness and brotherhood and sisterhood still in the Eastern hemisphere. Modern societies in less than a century has lost its moral compass. Please, the various world watches these serials which are just mimicking the West.?

  26. i think next episode full of dadi,dasi and purab’s discussion only how to protect pragya this is the topic….what a stupidity?

  27. VINAL

    Why this show is still on 1 place on barc no one is liking the show

  28. This time they will can’t come top 5 .such a boring week

  29. I want somebody kidnap dadi n kill her… She is d main cause fr everything..

    No one is not giving any respect to her words r so…dunno y she is still thr in tat house….REALLY ITS A MAD N MENTAL HOUSE(MM)

  30. Director if u dnt hv story just stop tis drama it’s better then dragging the same thing to so many year.. I saw so many dramas but tis is the oni drama repeats wit the same story line like endless again and again same story don’t u feel boring.. For the god sake pls end tis drama.. such a stupid director taking a drama without a story..???????????

  31. Bhavu and Nithi i could not control my laughter do you guys wanna end up in jail lol one wants to kill the writers kudos to that and the other wants to kill dadi haha na man we have to understand dadi she is looking out for her grand son she wants nothing to happen to him some one needs to kidnap ekta and leave her alone in a room to watch this serial from the starting to where it is right now you guys wanna bet she will be mentally unstable for the rest of her life let her see what it feels like to have us watching a wedding that has been going on for close to three weeks now lets just keep our fingers cross hoping for the best

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