Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Dadi that Abhi refused to perform in the concert. She says she tried all means and even threatened Abhi, but he refused her. She asks Dadi to do something and says it is last chance for her. She says her truth might come infront of him before Tanu’s truth comes out. Dadi asks her not to worry. Purab calls Akash and asks for his help in Abhi’s concert. Akash says he is busy with Raj and refuses to help. Raj takes the call and says Akash will attend the concert, and tells that he will take care of his work. Purab thanks Raj. Raj tells Akash that Abhi is doing a concert after many months and it should be a hit only, fears Aaliya might do something in the concert. Akash agrees. Dadi comes to Abhi and makes him have sweets. She says she is very happy as he said

to perform in the concert. Abhi asks her to sit and says he has refused to do the concert. He says I put one condition that until she divorces me, I will not do any concert. Dadi says you are ruining your career because of Pragya. She says Pragya is organizing a big concert, says his fans will be disappointed.

Abhi says I am doing all this for my baby and says Pragya is strict towards him. Dadi asks him to think about baby and says if you don’t perform then Pragya will not let you marry. She gives him idea to perform in the concert and makes an announcement of marriage infront of his fans, so that Pragya agrees to give him divorce because of fans’ pressure. Abhi likes her idea and asks which film she has seen to get this idea. Dadi asks him to say yes to Pragya. Abhi says okay and goes. Dadi thinks if Abhi makes an announcement of marriage on stage then…..gets worried.

Aaliya thinks she can’t rely on Tanu to get information about the concert. She thinks to go inside the house and get the details. Abhi waits for pragya and thinks he can’t hold on his excitement. He messages Pragya to come if she wants to hear good message. Pragya comes to room holding the phone just now. Abhi thinks she is fast and says there is a good news. He says I am ready to do this concert without any condition. Pragya asks if you are joking? Abhi says music is my life and nobody makes fun of his own life. Pragya asks did you change your decision of divorce. Abhi says my decision haven’t changed and says he can’t break his fans’ heart and will keep his professional and personal life separate. Pragya thinks reason is something else and needs to find out. Abhi asks if she is feeling happy thinking about the money which she will get, and says our lives will be changed after that. Pragya thinks dadi might have told him something and thinks to ask Dadi.

Pragya comes to Dadi and says I need you ask you something. Dadi says if you want to know why Abhi has changed his decision. Pragya says yes and says Abhi is very excited and seems like he is getting happiness for life. Dadi says I did a mistake and was thinking about it, how to correct this mistake. Pragya asks what? Dadi says when I went to convince him, I didn’t get any idea and tells her everything. She then apologizes to Pragya and says I don’t know what I said, I just wanted his approval for concert, as this was our last plan. Pragya says why this idea? She says if Abhi makes an announcement in the concert then I can’t save my marriage. Dadi says I won’t let this happen and will rectify my mistakes. She says I will make everything fine and asks her to make the arrangements. Rachna brings Sarla outside her room on the wheel chair and says everything will be fine. Tanu walks up the stairs and looks at them. Rachna hears her baby crying and goes to her room. Tanu thinks to take advantage of the situation and push Sarla from the stairs. She pushes Sarla and hides. Pragya runs to stop the wheel chair. Tanu thinks it is too late as your mum is going to your sister. Sarla’s wheel chair is about to fall from the stairs, but Aaliya comes and holds the wheel chair from falling down.

Abhi asks Aaliya, how dare you? Pragya stops him and holds his hand. Abhi says she was doing drama and said that she will not interfere in our lives. He asks Aaliya, if she didn’t feel shame for trying to kill a helpless person.

Abhi and Pragya spend some romantic moments while the song Sanam Re plays………..Aaliya says it is better to be called as thief than to get arrested on murder charges.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Aqua

      The revelation that we have been all waiting for in KKB is……
      DADI the main villain hahahaha

      dadi, tanu, Alia and nikil all have been working together to make fool out of Pragya and her team ( including the fans.)

      Honestly guys after all these months of dragging, this is the best twist KKB can give us now hehe

  1. Wt u r thinking guys??? Is there any possibility of revelation???
    I think this time also abhi not going to know the truth about tanu
    But may be Pragya..
    Anyways hv 2 watch the show…?

    • shobana

      I also think the same this time definitely pragya will come to knw abt father of tanu baby
      And as usual abhi doesn’t know

  2. grace

    SUCH A FAILURE… !!! First it was. Injustice on pragya ..watching all dat and wishing for a good turn turnd out to be like dis.. how much time is she taking to expose tanu.. abhi is another stupid.. !! He acts like a jaild girl nw a days…

  3. Ani

    On concert Abhi ll announce Abhigya’s wedding announcement,he would know about the truth before concert

  4. stepphyrao

    Really can’t understand wat the cvs are up to. Akash refusing to help Purab for Abhis concert. I thought he wrks for Abhi n vowed to unite Abhigya. N Dadi….wat on earth are the cvs trying to convey here. Dadi seems to create more hevoc in Abhigyas life. And how come Tanu still gets away with murder. Seriously when is this lady gona ne punished…at least built up her process of punishment.
    Truly illogical n senseless script. Such a lack of intelligence. CVs if you must drag this storyline pls do it with intelligence n
    logic. Dont spoil something that you people created n wrote n produced initially so uniquely. KKB started of so well in the 1st season. Its just getting too painful. You have too brilliant a cast to do this to the storyline. Its really unbelievable that cvs have taken Tanus pregnancy track so far. Catastrophical !!!

  5. abinaya

    omg..such an mess..idiotic track s going on..dy r totally messng yar…Im alrdy fed up in watchn kkb in tamill..whn i switch to hindi..its horrible dan tamil..pls unite abhigya..getting irritated nowdays..i rly do wondr..how do shabbir and sriti accpt to do te sam nonsns track fa yrs..thy r really paavam..I rly feel fa dm nowadays..ekta mam u need nt expse tanu..let her carry baby fa anothr 2yrs..??bst luck..

  6. Jaydeep

    Daadi is not helping pragya and instead giving the ideas which are creating even more problem for pragya ….who gives these types of ideas…..really she is just the dumbest person ever

      • Jaydeep

        I think dadi is having some personal problem with this aroras from the past and is taking revenge for that by making pragya going through this hell and at the end of this we will get dadi exposed instead of tanu….???

      • Sahithi

        Jaydeep, most hilarious comment I have read in a while 😀 😀

        Valid comment given the number of times Tanu escaped from start of the show. Never ever caught.

        Raises doubt if Aaliya was adopted given her over smartness when compared to other Mehras.

  7. stepphyrao

    The only good thing that came out of today’s episode in a really loooooonnnng time is Pragya stopping Abhi from slapping Aliya. Finally! ! WHEN IS TANU BE SLAPPED??? CONSIDERING ALL THE CRIMES SHE HAS COMMITED. Her character in KKB has been given so much of ridiculous privileges.

  8. Guys,today’s episode had something too interesting…
    Abhi is gonna announce abt his marriage which means that their marriage eoujd happen soon and I’m damn sure that pragya would gibe her proof against tanu only then..

  9. Naduni

    who had read da book sense and sensibilty ???
    in dat book sense is pragya(Elinor), sensibility is bulbul(Marianne)

  10. gowtham

    some rumours came ….that aaliya is going to spoil the abhis concert.. so again tanus truth wont be revealed….. is that true??? someone plzzzz sayyyyyyy………

  11. Naduni

    plzz abhi marry tanu and leave pragya alone….. bcoz of u she faced many problms .i think suresh is perfect for pragya coz he can understand her feelings and he knows whatever pragya doing is not for her happy. and abhi should marry tanu and should suffer a lot .

  12. jyo

    it’s too much dragging Abhi you have to find out the truth writers you can concentrate Abhi’s character he is rock star yaar we are watching this serial bcoz of Abhi he very good actor and soo cute you have to change his characterization plz plz…

  13. Nithi

    Nowadays im fully hated this story…and im not willing to watch also…
    Nowadays kkb is full of cheating, crime, blackmail, playing with other emotions…OMG… totally fedup…whr is this Ronnie he should be watch sarala ma room..but he is nowhr
    and Abhi told purab to keep anbeye on Aliya…but not even see her once..

    totally bullshit story line. …:(
    Becos of this stupid scenarios, im not interested to watch Abhigya romance r nokjok…. becos at d end again hatred words frm Abhi r pragya will escape…


  14. love

    OMG what is this some body plzzz help these writers .. These Writters and directors they really don’t. Know what the are.doing Help them end this boring crap

  15. jyo

    it’s too much dragging Abhi you have to find out the truth writers you can concentrate Abhi’s character he is rock star yaar we are watching this serial bcoz of Abhi he is very good actor and soo cute you have to change his characterization plz plz…

  16. sanjana

    Tanu is pregnanat for a year………. unite Abhigya…….. when Nikhil will be exposed????

  17. saliu

    hello guys
    if concert happens Nikihl will come there this pragya wishes him and inivite him and tell him to enjoy the show outside she will be observing all ppl and no proof will get same dragging story
    or raj may help pragya in this track
    i want to know how the writter is writted the story
    how he will end up the track
    any way salute to writer becoz this much dragging story i have never seen
    and pregnant women upto 2years

    plz end up this drama very very soon

  18. shobana

    I think dadi has done right thing by asking abhi to announce shadhi date

    Y im saying this is if abhi announces date means pragya will definitely try to bring the truth out at the earliest in order to save her kumkum

    By this one thing is confirmed there is going to be marriage and at the last minute pragya will expose tanu

  19. Madhu

    Guys ..see yaar..how they’ve created such an importance to the concert like pragya wants to reveal the truth of Tanu in concert, Tanu wants to find out the blackmailer in concert, Alia wants to destroy the concert..wah…everyone has their own game plan about the concert..but yesterday Abhi proved again that he is the Game changer… by putting a condition that he won’t do concert unless he get divorce..haha..(some how I like his logic irrespective of good or bad) But anyhow finally he agreed to do the concert for whatever the intention..
    CVs thinks we will eagerly wait and excited about this concert like what will happen, who will win..etc..etc by creating this much hype.. but definitely (ideally) it will become useless as usual..again Alia will do something and try to destroy the concert, Pragya will be busy in let her not to do it, takil will escape again and Abhi won’t have a chance to announce the marriage date..that will return to home…again same story repeats..Alia thinks alone in her outhouse for loosing the chance of destroying Abhi and what to do next, Abhi thinks alone in his room for loosing a chance of getting divorce and what to do next, Pragya team secretly thinks in dadi’s room for loosing the chance of revealing Takil and what to do next, Takil thinks secretly in phone about loosing a chance of catching blackmailer and what to do next…again some other plan..fails..one more plan..fails..it goes on..wufff..hope for the best..

    • Sahithi

      You have summarized it perfectly!! They are increasing expectations from what is gonna happen in concert, as everyone has some hidden agenda.
      In the last segment, Shabir was mentioning that this concert is important for the show and will bring a big twist. Last time he said so in one of the segment interviews, about the show getting lot of twists, Aaliya and Raj were exposed. So keeping the hope that this concert will indeed bring some positive change.

      But coming to the episode, the same concept continues, no one does things straight forward or share immediately with others. Bulbul ended up with the accident, because she wanted to find herself, instead of informing Pragya or Purab in their reception.
      Now its same, Raj wants Akash to take care of things instead of straight away going to Abhi n Pragya, making them sit down n tell Aaliya’s intentions of coming back to outhouse and how she will be bent on spoiling the show.
      Agreed Pragya has to save her Kumkum everytime, and do some heroic feats to save her husband by risking her life, so everyone has to be dumb but then what is the use of supporting characters if they only stand in background, like they r making Raj silent.

      Same with Pragya asking Daadi to convince Abhi for concert, it is need of Tanu as well to meet the blackmailer so why Pragya be desperate. Tanu is an expert at manipulation so she could have convinced Abhi for concert. And why should Pragya be bothered about Abhi’s divorce condition, she already told him that her mom needs to get better. So she can also be stubborn. If Abhi is in urgency for divorce, he will only come to terms n accept the concert finally.

      But writers have to create some interest if Abhi will announce marriage or not in concert, so keep viewers guessing till end – more twists, but poor twists actually.

  20. RIYON

    For my view… in this concert the big thing is going to happen . I think pragya plan again flop and abhi hates pragya totally and also my view is tanu and nikil going now about pragya is a blackmailer. They can make pragya situation to more difficult.

  21. They start pregnancy drama at the end of march… its almost going to complete one year…. in this pregnancy we saw several things… like pragya act to hate dadi , pragya fake pregnancy, nikil entry , rabul mrg stop by aliya and aliya turn to take revenge on abhi, raj help aliya, tanu pregnancy came out, dadi slap abhi, abhi’s romantic concert, pragya leave abhi completly, pragya know about tanu and aliya, pragay change make over, again pragya act to hate abhi, pragya try to reveal tanu and aliya, killer vijay intro, finally rabul mrg complete, bulbul died, aliya truth out, raj truth came out, pragya blackmailer call to tanu, bcos of that sarala get accident, and now pragya’s finall step..

    But it don’t know in this step pragya achive her goal but frnds we simply said kkb draging they don’t draging.. they are showing so many things. Kkb give a wonderful line that is pragya sacrifice everything for abhi so what abhi can do for pragya… pragya proved her love wat about abhi… these are basic line of this kkb..

    Plz don’t said draging draging… we like kkb if they are draging. Thanks for read

    • Sahithi

      Ramesh, viewers were fine with the show till Pragya makeover, whatever they showed till then was liked and appreciated by all. Once the makeover track started, everyone expected Pragya to expose the 3 ppl. She took almost 4-5 months to expose Aaliya. Raj’s truth came out unintentionally.

      If you watch the episodes in these 4-5 months, in summary you wont find much happening. Thats when actual dragging of episodes started. After that only Tanu was left to be exposed, but the watchman blackmailing thing actually had Nikhil face recorded in video with him claiming to be the baby father. It could have been ended there even if Sarla met with accident, Pragya n Purab could have gone n checked the video. Instead they again brought in divorce topic, new concert, Aaliya coming back.
      But from time Raj was exposed, what could have been shown in 1-2 episodes is being dragged to 1 week.

      If you are thinking Pragya is sacrificing everything for Abhi, that is wrong concept itself. Instead of telling him the truth Daadi made Pragya the scapegoat n playing this game for the sake of her grandson. In between the ppl suffering are Pragya n her family. Bulbul is gone, Sarla is paralyzed n Pragya has to bear hatred of Abhi everyday.

      • neha

        Yes you’re absolutely right,,,they’re dragging the story and not reached to the conclusion… This tanu’s drama is so irritated, I’m fed up of this tanu pregnancy drama….almost 1yr completed don’t know how longer this pregnancy drama will continue in the show????? Aliya is back to ruin abhigya’s life once again…. Most frustrated thing is why Raj not reveals the truth of tanu in front of pragya…Raj also know aliya’s intentions of come back but here he’s good for nothing…. Only negativity is increasing day by day, no positivity…

    • razia

      U ve said right .. I agree it’s not dragged tat much .. Bt v al r dying to c abhigya united n yes fa the past three months nothing hpnd fruitful only evilness increased

  22. arshi

    get the secret break yaar…. whats this… such an amzing serial loosing its charm….

    guyz..click here next epi of my story abt ishra and arshi.. u will definately like this…


  23. Jaydeep

    *Episode begins with wer they left off sterday. Pragya says to Abhi u misunderstood. she saved Maa.. Abhi says m got a bewakoof like you. she came here to kill aunty, but seeing every1 she changed her plan. Every including Tayaji, Rachu and Tayiji confirm to Abhi that Aliya saved Sarla. Aliya says that’s it. and no one needs to praise her. I dont care wat he thinks of me anymore. if u all take my side then he’ll think bad of you all also. Abhi asks Aliya to stop her drama n asks her y did she come to this house. Aliya says i came to give you and gives the papers.

    *Abhi asks Rachu to take aunty inside. Aliya says i found the papers outside and searched for the guards but couldnt find any1, she thought of keeping the papers with her but if any1 finds it they will say that Aliya is a thief. Precap scene of Aliya. Pragya takes the papers and checks them and says the papers are important , if they are misplaced then we would suffer big loss.

    * Aliya taunts Abhi and says i became bad wen i did bad. now doing good also m becoming bad. She says sorry and leaves .

    *Pragya gives Maa her medicines and aasks her not to worry and take rest. Pragya turns to Daadi n Rachu in the room and says how did this happen and asks who took Maa outside , if Aliya didnt come then dnt knw wat will happen. Rachu says its her mistake. and says call this happened due to her carelessness. Pragya tells Rachu its not her mistake. Daadi also tells Rachu not to blame herself. Pragya thinks how did Maa’s wheelchair go to the stairs? is this an accident of Tanu has a hand in this. Just then Pragya sees a shadow near the door .

    *Pragya while taking opens the door and Mithali stumbles inside. Tanu tells Aliya that she is ashamed to call her a friend. Tanu starts shouting at Aliya saying for ur selfish reasons u spoiled my plan. Aliya doesn’t give he bhav and reads some files. Tanu asks ALiya weather shez listining. Aliya says she is and Tanu cant see that she doing some important work and asks Tanu to move out of her way. Tanu asks weather her work is more imp than Tanu’s and Aliya says yes. Tanu keeps on shouting. Aliya asks Tanu to cut the crap and says wat ever happened is coz of Tanu and asks Tanu not to blame her.

    *Aliya gives a strong reply to ~Tanu saying u were ignoring my call and u said u would give me the concert details. U always come to me for help and wen i needed u always escape. Tanu tries to explain and ALiya cuts her off saying i thought of doing my own work and came there and saw every1 gathering and did wat i di coz i felt it right. Tanu aks y is it imp to her y does she need the details and Aliya says Concert is imp to me.

    *Aliya says if i can come into the house and spoil ur work then i can do anything. Tanu asks so u’ll go against me. Aliya says ppl who are not with me will automatically go against me na. and asks Tanu to decide weather she wants to stay beside her or opposite her. and asks Tanu to give complete details abt the concert. and asks Tanu if she cant to then tell her now and says I HOPE YOU GET IT.

    *Daadi questions Mithali why is she standing ther and secretly listening to her talks . and her silence is saying that her intentions are not good. And is she thinking of doing anything bad. and i think ur taking the side of our enemies and are trying to give info to them. Rachu says i think shez the 1 who tried to push aunty . Mithali says i didnt do anything and y would i push Sarla ji. Rachu says to take revenge on Pragya di. and tells Daadi that she heard Mithali herself saying that she wans to take revenge on Pragya .

    *Daadi questions Mithali and Mithali says yes i want t o take revange on Pragya but i didnt harm Sarla ji. I want to teach Pragya a lesson . Pragya tries to speak and Mithali cuts her off. Mithali tells Daadi that she did wrong in Raj’s matter and she accepts it. But Pragya cant be right all the time. Mithali tells pragy u dont knw wat u did. U dont knw wat m going through. And how will u knw as u leleft ur husband.wat will u knw abt a Husband and wife’s relation. and starts saying harsh things. and Mithali starts telling abt Raj to Daadi. and says Pragya is responsible for destroying her life

    * Pragya says to Mithali that she never wanted to do bad to her. What ever she did is for her good. but she neevr understood that. I was just asking u that if u didnt push maa then y are u listing to us. Mithali shouts and says M not listining to u but waiting for Daadi. Daadi ask y r u w8ng for me. Mithali says i wanted to talk to u abt Raj. and asks her to talk to Raj crying. Daadi consoles Mithali.

    *Purab, Akash and Ronnie meet. Purab tells Akash that the concert is part of their plan to trap Tanu. Akash says dont worry. Tanu wont escape this time. Akash says he know a place and its covered with CCtv cams. and its not at all isolated. Purab asks Akash to show the place. Akash agrees. Akash thinks here they are planning to catch Tanu and there ALiya is planning something. Shall i tell them or not. and decides to not tell them

    *Abhi in his room is thinking of wat happened. And thinks why does this always happen to him. Is it wrong to think of his family 1st before himself. why do bad things happen to me and i only get the pain.

    *Pragya comes in and see’s Abhi in thoughts. and says ur sitting here alone and doing timepass instead of preparing for the concert. Abhi asks Pragya to leave him alone. Pragya says ppl who are sad want to be alone. Why are u sad. 2 days back u were giving me leacture on how to be happy and now ur sad. Pragya says i think there are 2 Abhishek mehara’s. one who wants to be happy and other sad. Abhi says coz m a big stupid.

    *PRagya says u should be happy today. Ur sister who betrayed u did a good thing today

    • Jaydeep

      Abhi says u wont understand. u dont knw wat it is to loose ur own sister. Pragya gets sad and says ur right. how would i knw wat it feels like to get parted from ur sister. I dont have my sister with me na.

      *Pragya tries to leave and Abhi stops her and apologises to her. Pragya starts to cry and Abhi asks her not to cry and says sorry. and asks her wat he should do to make her mood right and ask her weather he should become murga. and makes some jokes. Abhi says u asked me to prepare the songs na i did. i shall sing them for you. PRagya says i dont want to listen . Abhi starts taling abt his songs. and tries to make some jokes.

      *Abhi thinks shez not even smiling and what he should do. Abhi tells Pragya that hez doing something different this time. Abhi says hez going to dance this time along with singing. And asks her weather she’ll practise with him as only 2 days left for the show. Pragya says she dosen t want to do any dance and tries to leave. Abhi pulls her and they come close.

      *Tu aaj phli bar song starts and Abhigya eye lock they start moving slowly.

      Episode Ends

  24. Kalika

    Dadi is the main villain which is why all their plans are failing that dumb Dadi should die the whole makeover Drama was her idea. Pragya could have got Abhi back easily without that old hags ideas

  25. Sahithi

    Read this spoiler on zee official website that Abhi will intentionally come late to concert to irritate Pragya.
    Tanu will b asked to come to a vanity can for deal with blackmailer n she will bring Nikhil along in burqa. The van will have hidden cameras to trap Tanu n her boyfriend.

    Nikhil will show his face for a moment out of the burqua. But spoiler ends saying, will Nikhil’s face b captured on cameras n will Abhi announce his marriage with Tanu on stage. To know that watch the show.

    The spolier seems to be true as Leena just now posted a pic from on-location. Tanu is in black short dress, Nikhil is in burqa n he has gloves on hands, also Nikhil wearing red ladies chappals n red nail paint on toe nails. To confuse ppl n to show that person in burqa is indeed a lady as last time in studio Purab saw Nikhil in burqa n realised it is a man in burqa.

    May b next segment they will show Nikhil burqa thing only, mostly.

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