Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu seeing Abhi and Pragya romancing in kitchen and gets angry. Dadi talks to Sarla and says she is with Pragya and will help her win. Sarla blesses Pragya. Purab and Rachna come there and tells Dadi that Abhi and Pragya are romancing in the kitchen. Dadi says Tanu will get jealous now and says it is her plan, and feels proud. She says she made this plan to keep Abhi away from Tanu and tells about her conversation with her. Tanu hears Dadi. Dadi says when I talked to Abhi, he agreed and ran to Pragya. Purab says you are great. Dadi says Abhi will propose Pragya tomorrow and says she is waiting for the way when they will become three. Tanu gets angry. Rachna and Purab smiles. Tanu thinks how can Dadi think of a plan, although she couldn’t walk properly. She gets angry on Abhi,

and thinks he don’t have his own thinking. Abhi brings sandwich for Tanu and asks her to eat it.

Pragya says we made it with love. Tanu tastes it and says good. Abhi asks Pragya to come and goes to give sandwich to Dadi. Tanu throws the sandwich once they go, and thinks what to do? Abhi gives sandwiches to Dadi and says it is made by Abhigya. Dadi asks Pragya not to shy and says Abhi will surprise you. Rachna and Purab also tease her. Rachna says it will be shock for Tanu. Pragya gets happy hearing from Dadi and hugs her.

Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house and says I was celebrating alone and asks her for a dance. He says you couldn’t dance now. He says you entered Abhi’s heart and home in one go, and says it is called Tanu returns. He gives her wine. Tanu throws it and says we are wherever we were. She says Abhi is roaming around Pragya and not caring me. She says Abhi is going to propose Pragya tomorrow in the party. Nikhil says Abhi should get emotional with you as you are having his baby. Tanu tells Nikhil that Dadi filled Abhi’s ears and took him on Pragya’s side. Nikhil says I have an idea and says I feel like kicking myself, why didn’t I get this idea before. Tanu kicks her and says she is helping her.

Nikhil says Abhi will do now, I won’t do anything. He says Abhi will lighten Pragya’s kumkum, so that it doesn’t appear on her forehead. He will break all relations with her. He says Pragya will take much time to come out of it, and asks who will do the work now. Tanu asks what? Nikhil says matchstick work. Tanu asks him to do something before Pragya’s birthday. Nikhil says plan is easy and effective, and will not let Pragya to protect her. She will get my shocking surprise and she will think why did she born?

Later in the night, Abhi comes to Pragya’s room wearing a mask. Pragya asks Abhi to wake up, and thinks he is more scared than me. She asks who are you? Mask man says prince of your dreams. Pragya says you will take my life. Abhi is actually wearing mask and says he came to wish her birthday. Pragya tries to beat him. Abhi says he is Abhi, the rockstar. He says you have ruined my plan to hug and kiss you. Pragya smiles and says we will do again. She asks him to scare her again and switches off light. Abhi comes and hugs her, wishes her happy birthday. Abhi gives her black rose, then makes it red. Pragya asks how did you change the color. Abhi says see what your dream man will do tomorrow. Pragya is hopeful and thinks about Purab and Dadi’s words. Abhi asks her to sleep. Pragya thinks something good will happen tomorrow. Tanu complains to Abhi that nobody takes care of her and asks him to bring milk for him. Abhi says you would have called me. Tanu says she can’t climb down the stairs and asks him to bring. Abhi goes. Tanu wonders what Nikhil is upto some conspiracy.

Abhi asks Pragya to go out of their room. Pragya refuses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. uffff….dragging………………………..of universe no one can drag this much

  2. boring serial never ending tanu pregnency drama

  3. Nice n let tanu reap wat she sow

  4. Again the same thng wil hpn as usual. Pragya’s bday wil b flope coz of takhil’s plan of bringng som anoda guy as pragya’s bf… total shittttt

  5. N thnx fr d fst update..?

  6. Nothing special today…

  7. pls smbody help me. ppple in d house like abhis ant n gand ant are ssupposed to be angry with pragyha right? why do many pple seem to be on her side e if dey dont know d truth.. according to abi pragyas mom had disowned her so y does their sudden closeness n dos of evetyone at home not ring a bell in abhis dugmatic brain. dont ndersyand ds serial. was thinking raj wld be d best person to expose tanu

  8. Oh God. I think cvs r not willing to leave tanu

  9. Tanu has been pregnant for soooo long

  10. This thing is dragging on for to long, what happen Tanu and Nikhil has all the brain.

  11. This thing is dragging on for to long, it’s time to expose Tanu and Nikhil .

  12. It’s tanu pergency drama take so much time it getting boring and please close the tanu pregnancy drama and nikhil evil plan we cannot see these much of dragging of tanu . Please fast do it close the tanu pergency drama end it now it was going above coming 3years of tanu pergency drama only going when will director close these chapter please write new thing of kkb

  13. Tanu’s Character is really boring and worst…This serial is ruined because of her Character in the show,

  14. Boring serial never end tanu drama and never abhi and pragya live happly

  15. Verlinda Rambhajan

    Omg I an so fed up of this tanu crap come on stop it I was so in to this show now it’s like whatever I just read the written episodes it’s only showing u that evil always wins damn

  16. end tanu track .shabir can produce his own serial with sriti.audience will enjoy and they will earn too.

    1. Nice suggestion leena

  17. So now the storyline is changed they r not going to expose tanu but they r going to unite abhigya it’s really funny but we also need their union so we have to enjoy their union but it can’t happen so let’s see how it will not happen
    but onething which I was very eager to see is how nikhil is going to introduce a new person as a pragya boyfriend how it will be by this our abhi will misunderstand pragya r they both unite and sort out this problem which is very eager to know but in segment their dance wad so nice really pragya looking so beautiful don’t know this entry will unite them r seprate them hoping to unite them let’s see
    In today epi the most funniest part is tanu kicking nikhil ?
    Surprise by abhi so funny and cute ?and by the way pragya looks so beautiful in green saree
    Hai to all what u r all thinking

  18. amiyna williams

    i think its time that tanu truth should be out by now this story is dragging since last yr

  19. Someone please tell me when this show will end which is beyond reality?
    Why Praggya doesn’t record Tanu and her arguements?
    Unnecessary dragging!!!

  20. tanu is awesome by her activities….. kicking nikhil explaining about sandwich….. ha ha thats why i thnk i lik her very much…. and all dnt hope fr tanus exposure.. its very sure that it ll not happen so soon…. aftr delivery or end of kkb only it ll happen…. so m starting to forget about tanus exposure…. so that our disappointment will be less…. i am watching this fr abhigya act…. and yesterday also it was cute… but cvs are manipulating us like tanu manipulating abhi…… and we also fell fr this always… anyways lets wat they are planning wd this boyfriend drama….. but i am sure that reunion and all will not happen bcoz of this track…. lets see…

  21. pragya is d dumpest person in d whole serial…I want to kill pragya

  22. in yeh hai mohabbatein all the characters are united together after 7years but in KKB one baby is not born even after 10months. first Rachanna’s baby born after 2yrs and now Tanu. i think all the artists are working only for money in this serial with such lousy story.

  23. Any new Update Guys

  24. Can’t wait to see Nikil’s shocking surprise. don’t know what will he do. I am so excited

  25. Hi friends.. Like to share with u all… Today my birthday…

    1. wow sis….. my hearty wishes.. many more happy returns of d day…. u ll ave njoyable year fr sure…

    2. Happy Bday sheetha 😉 MGBU 😀

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    4. Thank u bro.. Thank u Sana, reji

    5. Happy Birth day sheetha. May God Bless you dr.

      1. Thank u sweety

    6. Happy birthday sheetha

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      1. thank you dear

    8. Hi sheetha sorry for late wish. I was busy in my work. Anyways, Happy birthday sheetha. May all ur lovely dreams comes true and u get all the happiness and success in ur life. Many-Many happy returns of the day.:)

      1. Thank you so much pratiksha for ur lovely wishes

  26. Nothing special the same thing is always happening

  27. Hello guys even my birthday is also coming !!!..my birthday is on June 19 i know i said on May 1 but i have two birthdays !!????actually my parents mistakenly gave may 1st to my school certificate !!..so still didn’t change it !!have to change it !! And my real birthday is on 19th June but anyways fasting also there so cant celebrate nicely !..and today’s episode i didn’t watch guys !!!..as i thought today’s episode will be boring but the episode was not bad !! That ghost is superb haha !!and guys sorry i am not in touch with u all !!!feeling sad !!how r u all ??

  28. guys got a new spoiler from telly express !!…….

    Kumkum bhagya spoiler – Abhi loves Pragya and thus plans to make Pragya’s birthday a special one by proposing Pragya.All r excited as abhi is going to express his feelings for pragya infront of all . Tanu is irked seeing abhi-pragya’s growing closeness and increasing romance and wants to seperate them . Tanu and nikhil plans to introduce pragya’s fake boyfriend to create rift amid abhi-pragya

    Pragya’s fake boyfriend makes entry in the party to spoil all Champak comes and claims Pragya to be his . Abhi and Pragya both r shocked with Champak’s entry but Abhi is shattered hearing about Pragya’s boy friend !!…

    let’s see will Tanu-nikhil plan gets successful in creating problems amid abhi-pragya !!!…

    so this is the update of spoiler !!.wat do u think guys ??!!….

  29. Ufffff… When.. This tanu nd nikhil… Will get exposed….. Nw they… Shuld end this… Misunderstanding….. Or this serial is becoming boring

  30. happy birthday seestha?????

    1. thank u tris

  31. Any guesses on how Nikhil will bring some random guy inside MM and indirectly convince Abhi that he is Pragya’s BF and spoil Pragya’s birthday celebration and Abhi’s plan to propose her?

    Will Pragya open her mouth atleast now, partially to defend herself or will Daadi enter scene and give lecture that ‘Truth will come out’.

  32. Ya sahithi me to thinking same really I to not get it how he gonna introduce him as his boyfriend really it’s very eager to me will abhi belive it r not

  33. Sorry it not his her boyfriend

  34. New segment update- Tanu spoils abhi’s proposal plan by putting doubt in his mind for pragya. Full update- According to takhil’s plan, tanu takes abhi near the bouquets which comes for pragya, where on many bouquets love notes included with them which is for pragya by champak. Tanu shows all these love notes to abhi. Abhi reads it all. Every note was written in pure hindi with love feelings and wishes for pragya, in which, at last name was mentiones champak. Tanu was showing as manipulating abhi against pragya through these love notes. Abhi gets tensed and angry. Tanu smirks after seeing abhi’s reaction. Reporter says tanu is trying to put doubt in abhi’s mind that pragya have a boyfriend and she have an affair with other man, whom name is champak. Love notes r the first step of takhil’s plan and tanu is moving with it. Through which she has stopped abhi from proposing pragya. Reporter says abhi and pragya were coming closure to each other becoz of which tanu got insecure and made this plan to keep pragya far from abhi by creating rift between their relationship and misunderstanding in their love. Leena told to reporter that this is all takhil’s plan. She tells that new entry is going to come in this plan further which will b introduced as pragya’s boyfriend.

    1. Totally disgusting track

    2. Though pragya has no affair with another man, tanu collects some proofs against her.
      But though tanu has affair with nikhil, pragya doesn’t have any proof.
      Hahaha nice joke frnds.
      What a logic????

      1. On a different note, sometimes it feels people like Tanu do exist in real life, but Pragya is not the right opponent for them to handle them. She is too naive and simple in thinking to counter attack Tanu and Nikhil. I feel to share life with Abhi, Pragya has to deal with all the animals prying on Abhi’s wealth. Added to that, the web of lies that Daadi created where Pragya is not able to come out, and time and again becoming victim.

        Imagine Pragya getting married into a normal family where people just mind their own business, then life would have been different for her. Too much trust and obedience from Pragya for Daadi is what seems to be reason for all mess.

    3. Looks like writers want to justify their stand on having proofs for everything on the show. First this money steaft sequence to justify Abhi may doubt Sarla also, now again samething being re-played.

      A wierd love that the leads share, Pragya doesnt reveal truth to her husband even if she has to go through this much pain and Abhi blindly believes anything he sees and anything he hears about his wife.

      Can someone convey to the writers that we audience believe in the over smartness of Tanu and Nikhil and need a break from it.

      1. So what r u expecting from abhi sahithi? When he can doubt on sarla maa then pragya is still a question for him becoz of her hidden truth and fake attitude. Becoz of which he always gets confused about her with each passing situations. And it will go on until pragya will not tell to abhi about her actaul love and feelings for him atleast. So if he will get supicious on pragya then it will not b surprising.

    4. Guys they showed in a scene that tanu was showing some pics to abhi but thry didn’t showed us that pics. They only made those love notes visualized for us and mentioned about it only. But in that scene i felt that tanu is showing some pics also too abhi, after seeing which abhi gets clueless, little tensed surprised and angry. Tanu tries to fill abhi’s ears against pragya. After which abhi reacts like he doesn’t believe that pragya have an affair but ya it is some guy who likes pragya and he is after her. I m not sure about that pics which tanu shows to abhi that was those pics or not or if yes then what pics. But after watching the segment i felt that abhi is not doubting on pragya for now but ya he believed on it that there is a guy champak who is after pragya. On which, abhi is getting angry and feeling insecure. I mean it seems abhi is angry on champak and tensed for pragya for now. Well let’s see. But i think takhil have to do more efforts to create rift between abhigya as after mms track and after getting it that pragya is still his fuggy, it will b difgficult for abhi to doubt on her. May b champak and takhil will get succeed in creating rift and differences between abhigya in sometimes but it is sure that this champak is going to do big mistake by coming in abhi’s way. He have to face abhi’s anger for this. And we knows how abhi’s anger is. May b takhil will get succeed in their first step becoz pragya and her team is unaware from this. But if tanu is there for putting doubt in abhi’s mind so dadi, purab all r too there to solving it. Tanu only listened dadi’s converstion with purab and rachna but she don’t know what dadi said to abhi. She don’t know that dadi already have been put this fear in abhi’s mind that someone could snatch pragya from him as she is so beutiful from outside and inside both and as well as rich too. So i think champak’s entry will firstly make abhi insecure and possessive for pragya and at the end takhil could get succeed or may b pragya will end up confessing her love for abhi, which will bring abhigya again close to each other. I think this track will b mixture of fun, love, jealousy, evilness, plottings, consipracies, misunderstandigs, insecurity, confessions, lots of plannings from every sides, takhil, pragya and her team and abhi etc. But this track is just for dragging, it is clear.

      1. Thats exactly the problem right, Abhi is again giving Tanu chance to speak. Pragya’s affair or BF or whatever is nowhere her problem. She should rather mind her business.
        Wish Abhi just asks her to get lost the moment she opens her mouth.

        Abhi never says that, of course we need drama in middle of living room of MM with camera focusing on all family members faces and capturing their reactions.

      2. Atleast to justify the montage, hopefully the writers wont make Abhi look dumb and doubtful but rather show him more sensible.

      3. That Dadi already fill Abhi’s ears with the scene that if he don’t go after Pragya then some other man will.
        If Abhi believes in what Tanu says to him about Pragya then he deserves to be made a fool of by Tanu and Nikhil.
        1) He’s never seen Pragya talking with another man
        2) He’s never seen or hear her acting suspicious on on any phone calls.
        3) He’s always around Pragya in or outside the house.
        So if anything this should not create doubt in his mind but instead make him more jealous and determine to keep Pragya closer to him.
        But these writers never allows Abhi to think for himself. Let’s see how they will let this play out.

  35. Hai sheeta ? ..happy happy birthday to you???. I wish u all success in coming years too?.I hope you done ur exams good

    1. thank you hency… and yes i did my exam well dear

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