Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Dasi to bring a nice lehenga from her room. Tanu asks what is happening? Is Pragya leaving? Dasi says why she will leave. She has given us good news. Dadi is very happy and informs Pragya is pregnant. Tanu is shocked. Tanu comes to room and asks Abhi, how can Pragya get pregnant. Dadi says why it can’t happen? Pragya is Abhi’s wife, and if not she, then who will get pregnant, you? Tanu says Pragya is not pregnant. Dadi jokes, you are talking as if you are a doctor and Pragya came to you for getting her test done. She shows the report and asks Tanu to get her eyes tested(wow well done dadi). She asks Pragya not to remove dupatta from her head and goes to get lehenga. Dadi goes to her room. Dasi says there is no new jewellery now. Dadi says how it will look, if

we don’t keep anything in her hand. She gets tensed. Dasi asks her not to get tensed. Mitali comes and asks what happened. Dasi says Dadi wanted to give gift to Pragya, but there is nothing new in her jewellery to be given to Pragya. Mitali tells that Taiji brought a necklace recently and they shall give it as gift to Pragya. Taiji says Pragya will not like it as it is old designed. Dadi says Pragya will like it and asks her to bring it. Taiji goes hesitantly.

Tanu asks how can Pragya get pregnant? She asks him to tell. Abhi says he doesn’t know from where all the babies are coming in his life. Tanu says I thought to stay here after fooling everyone, but you people are fooling me. She asks when did it happen? Did you people get closer in jungle. Pragya gets angry and says I am not like you. Tanu says I loves Abhi and doesn’t love anybody else. Pragya says I also loves Abhi and then says my family……Tanu says from where did this report comes. Abhi says whatever happens is for best eventually. He reminds that Sarla came to the hospital when they went. Dadi comes and asks why you people are fighting. Abhi says they were fighting with the gender of the baby and its names. Dasi says they are deciding about the baby names. Dadi gives the necklace to Pragya as a gift and blesses her. She says I wanted to give all my jewellery to you, but you have to give me more happiness. I will give you all my jewellery to you for the happiness. She blesses her and gets dizzy. Abhi holds her. Dadi says she is unable to hold on the happiness. Dadi goes downstairs and asks Abhi and Pragya to come there.

Bulbul asks Biji about Sarla. Biji says she went to get my cough syrup. Bulbul asks why you are sweating and asks are you hiding something from me? Biji tells that Sarla went after getting someone’s call. Bulbul thinks she might have went to Pragya’s home. Tanu scolds Abhi for wanting a twins babies. Abhi says he didn’t know what to say. Tanu says Dadi will think that you have confirmed her pregnancy. Pragya gets Bulbul’s call. Pragya picks it up. Bulbul asks her to meet her. Bulbul informs her if Sarla came there. Pragya says no and disconnects the call.

Tanu asks what is good in her pregnancy? Abhi says if it was your name in the report then everyone would have questioned you. Pragya says Sarla might come here. Tanu asks Abhi to tell Dadi, that she is pregnant instead of Pragya and asks him to stop the celebration. Abhi goes unwillingly. He thinks it is not easy, how to tell Dadi that Tanu is pregnant and not Pragya. Dadi is very happy, but she will be shock if the truth is revealed later.

Dadi asks the eunuchs to play the dhol and dance. Abhi gets shocked. Mitali dances with them and thinks she will get money. Dasi makes Dadi sit and goes to bring ajwain water. Sarla comes and asks what is the matter? Dadi drinks the water. Sarla apologizes from Pragya’s behalf. Dasi says Dadi forgave her. Abhi comes rushing to room and tells Tanu and Pragya to come out and see Dadi. Dadi tells Sarla that it is happy tears and asks her to distribute sweets in her neighborhood. She says I am going to become dadi and you are going to become nani. Sarla gets happy and emotional. Pragya, Abhi and Tanu see Sarla and Dadi happy.

Abhi and Pragya are drunk. Abhi says if you gets really pregnant then Dadi would be happy. Pragya says how will I get pregnant, you didn’t even kiss me. They get closer for a kiss.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. kowsi

    Im really happy..finally pragya come to know about the tanu truth..but they r dragging tooo much.. may be this episode aired in thursday or friday ..apdiyum ilana nxt week tan..i want abhi apologizes pragya..bcoz how much he torture her…antha tanu kuda senthu..waiting for nikil entry..

  2. kowsi

    Aahaannnn….waiting for tom episode…..but its anyone dream ah…i really njoyed this episode….

    • priya

      I think it’s not a dream. But they ll speak a lot and fall down and sleep like last episode when they drink cough syrup in Pragya’s house.

  3. TT

    End preganacy track, its been dragged more than kindap one
    next week it will first marriage anniversary of pragya & abhi, hope they will unite by then

  4. narendran

    Super the owner of tanu child will come in next episodes and pragya will join abhi and purab join bulbul nice spoilers I like this after long time

  5. Ya super episode . Waiting for tomorrow. Abhi and pragya plz confess your love. Waiting for abhi and pragya happy moments. Abigya rocks !!!!! Make it fast… I AM WAITING!!!!

  6. bst

    Tanu is pestering Abhi to marry her as she is pregnant with his child. She had trapped Pragya with her great acting, She propelled Pragya to leave Abhi and gets bad in everyone’s eyes. Pragya being a humble soul, obliges to Tanu’s every sayings and decides to free Abhi from the strong relation of husband and wife. She decides to get Tanu married to Abhi and give the best gift (baby) of her life to Dadi. It will be revealed that Tanu is indeed pregnant with producer Nikhil’s child. Nikhil confronts her and questions her decision to marry Abhi. Nikhil tells Tanu that it is his child and why she is lying. Tanu accepts to have been carrying his baby, but says she has to marry Abhi. Pragya is shocked with Tanu’s revelation. She decides to expose them and gets back again in Abhi’s life. With this, Abhi’s confusion between Tanu’s forced love and true heart inclination for Pragya will be cleared and he will stick to Pragya all his life for sure. He has learnt a lesson of his life now after being ditched by Tanu badly. Will Pragya succeed in bringing Tanu’ truth out? Keep reading.

    • Sue

      Hi BST.
      I sincerely hope this is true. Can’t wait for this episode. OMG Pragya, don’t be so hasty to give up on Abhi so quickly for the sake of a spineless cow like Tanu. Does she know what will happen if Abhi discovers this truth about her pregnancy. I do hope that in tomorrow’s episode Prags and Abhi get inebriated to the point where they FINALLY consumate their marriage.

  7. hhh

    New twist

    In tomorrow’s episode it will be shown dat they are drunk and abhi will say dadi will be happy if you really get pregnant and pragya says how will i get pregnant i didn’t even kiss u…after dat abhi in that state will kiss her and they have their first kiss and then abhi guides her to the bed and they finally consummate their marriage and have 14 hours of s**

    • Sue

      Just 14 Hours of s$%…
      ARE YOU KIDDING ME… F$%# NO!!!. That’s too little (even for me) for them considering they spent almost a year apart from each other. They’ve got a lot of sessions to catch on.

  8. priya

    If they confesses her love also mrng they won’t remember anything yaar. On that day they confessed but no use of it

  9. this serial is soooooooooooooooooo much shit fed up now why don’t they take it off the air please it is way toooooooooooooooo boring the kidnapping scene was dragged out way toooooooooo long and nothing came out of it now the pregnancy scene is also dragging out way toooooooo long this serial is just nonsense if you ask me

  10. Vijay Pawar

    all our viewer think is different than producer I think producer was reading our comment and making story differently and interesting I think tanu has lied about pregnancy she is not pregnant she had gave money to doctors and conviced them and pragya known this truth secretaly and making pregnancys fake drama or if tanu is really pregnant wanting her child as tanus child

  11. priya

    I think for tanu only Nikil ll turn to bad. Tanu likes abhi for his popularity property and so an so. So Nikil dislikes abhi to take revenge he ll make abhi to suffer…. Paar da nama kuda writer ayiduvom pola serial mudiyatharakula

    • suvida

      Thanku……nangu nimanna meet madi tumba kushi aitu…….!!….niu yestu dinadinda kumkum bhagya nodta idira!????……..i think ur grt fan ofyeh he mohabatein…….

      • haa my fav serial adu
        nanige tumba ishta yhm serial
        nanu recet agi kkb nodth yidhini
        go to google search gravatar.com
        then create an account
        then set dp in that account

  12. harsha

    Why these kind of bullshit is shown in ekta stories,they don’t know things other than intimate,pregnant,dumb heroines and brinless heroes.

    • gree

      I understud but cant speak … Nuvvu almost 2-3 yrs ayivuntundemo kada bglr vachi… Baga vachestundile neeku… C u take care study well

  13. shruthi

    omg ,i just came across something shocking !!! ..i don’t know whether it’s really true or not but i just read in a wikipedia page that in the upcoming episodes viewers will see the sudden death of abhishek mehra…that he will be killed by tanu’s baby’s father and that Pragya will really be seen pregnant with abhi’s child..this really sounds ridiculous but hope this isn’t true at all ….

  14. avantika

    I love today’s episode. I have been watching this serial from the start and I love it. But seriously they shouldn’t drag this serial sooo much. Plus rachna seriously needs to give birth to that maybe 1 and more year baby

  15. kowsi

    Omg….im damn sure flop…if abhi dies so many viewers cant watch the show…pongada nan vidama pakura serial ithu tan…i really love u abhi so much…ithaiyum ipdi panna nan enga poven..y ektha doing lyk this…its based on sense and sensibility novel…intha novel ah apdilam ilaiye…ipa tan happy ah irinthen athaiyum keduthetenga …pls dnt do tat ektha mam…we want abhi and pragya..rabul avlo tan…vera ena venalum panikonga

    • priya

      He won’t die yaar. If so surely he ll come back kowsi. But don’t worry I think it won’t happen

  16. Ya kowsi u r right. I too love abhi his acting is fabulous if he is not in the show thn I too will stop watching.

    • kowsi

      EPdiyum sagamatan abhi…bcoz the spoilers told once pragya leaving abhi…tanu pregnant with abhi’s child…bulbul marry suresh..purab marry alaiya…but ethum nadakala…tanu pregnant thank god athu vera oruthanoda child..

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