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The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Nikhil to take care of Dr. Sheela’s daughter and asks him to keep her until Dr. Sheela agrees to shift to other city. Nikhil says okay, I will handle. Tanu praises herself for calling Aaliya and asking for her help. Nikhil and Tanu starts arguing like husband and wife. Aaliya asks them to stop their fighting as husband and wife. Tanu says Nikhil can’t be a good husband and says she will become Abhi’s wife. She says her baby is her strength. Nikhil reminds her that he has given her baby. They argue again. Purab tells Dadi that Pragya is not in the house. Pragya comes to Nikhil’s house and sees it locked. She recalls Nikhil telling Tanu that his keeps keys in the vase. Pragya gets inside the house and checks for the proofs. Nikhil thinks he will sleep peacefully

today after switching off phone. Pragya thinks Nikhil is very clever. Nikhil comes home, looks for the keys and thinks if thief has entered home. Just then he hears phone bell, but then gets the keys.

Pragya picks Dadi and Purab’s call and says she is fine. She sees Nikhil coming and switches off her phone. Tanu calls Nikhil. Nikhil asks where is Pragya? Tanu says she must have gone to her mum’s place to cry. Nikhil asks Tanu to go and provoked Abhi against Pragya, so much so that he kicks Pragya out of the house. Tanu says okay. Pragya is hiding in his house and thinks do what you wants? Pragya thinks you people don’t know what I will do with you both. Nikhil thinks he is feeling strange today and heard some noise. He checks, but Pragya is hiding. Nikhil gets goon’s call, who asks him to come as the girl is crying a lot. Nikhil scolds him and says I would have hired an Aaya instead. He says I will be coming. Pragya thinks she will get some clue and follows Nikhil.

Abhi tries calling Pragya and thinks her phone is off. Tanu comes to Abhi, says Pragya has betrayed your trust, and tried to provoke you against me. She says why did Pragya tried to spoil your baby’s future and called him illegitimate. Abhi asks her to leave him alone and says he is having headache. Tanu says I will massage your head. Abhi says you have many favors on me and asks her to just go. Abhi thinks where is Pragya? He thinks why did she go? He thinks I couldn’t figure out what is right. Pragya reaches the place and thinks to inform Purab but the network is not there. Pragya thinks she shall not waste time and go behind Nikhil. Nikhil turns to look. Pragya hides. Nikhil asks the goon, where is the girl. Goon says she is in the room.

Nikhil goes inside and scolds the goon for tying girl’s hand. Pragya looks at Pari. Nikhil talks to her nicely and asks what is her name. She says she is Pari. Nikhil says he will make her meet her mummy and says tomorrow is no school. Pari gets happy. Pragya thinks apologetic and says she will unite her with mum. Abhi comes to Dr. Sheela’s house and says he needs to talk to her. Dr. Sheela refuses to talk to him and closes the door on his face. She recalls her conversation with Pragya and thinks I can’t tell him anything.

Nikhil convinces the girl to keep quiet and asks the goon to open her hands. He asks goon to take care of Pari and not to call him again. Goon says I will handle everything. Nikhil threatens him. He thinks Pragya might be thinking why did Dr. sheetal have done this with her and Dr. Sheela might be thinking why did she keep friendship with Pragya. He is about to see Pragya, but just then goon asks Nikhil to have food (strange). Nikhil refuses and goes. Pragya thinks she will get Pari freed and then expose Nikhil and Tanu.

Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi has fooled her and went to meet Dr. Sheela. Abhi scolds Robin and takes out his frustration on him as Pragya haven’t inform him before leaving and Sheela closing door on his face. Dadi looks on tensedly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ho no wht will happen next will tanu expose

    1. #END the Tanu Track#

      Why is it that Pragy always does DUMB stuff like NOT telling anyone what happened to Pari or where she is??? Pragya invites trouble by doing stupid stuff all the time.

    2. No You are forgetting that this is an Ekta Kapoor series therefore it will drag on and on and on and the truth will never come out

      1. ya definitely right.. I think nikhil give one more baby to tanu after pragya will expose tanu and nikhil ..hahaha

  2. One episode is good then another is again back to silly things. Pragya suddenly started driving car for convenience as no one should know where she disappeared, not even her driver. She wont tell Purab even if he is concerned for her. Pragya goes and lands in some unwanted mess and if Abhi doesnt turn up to save her, poor Abhi will be bashed by all audience in all possible ways. Poor guy, he seems to have married trouble for a life time.

    And Sheela behaved as per our expectations, didnt reveal anything. But lo, miss FBI, RAW, ISI, packed into one Aaliya will know every single move of every single person.

    1. Sahithi, description for alia is nice ?? did pragya knew driving?? I haven’t seen her driving before. Only for the past 2days she is driving.
      Sheela didn’t tell anything to abhi, then if pragya lands in trouble how will abhi help her.

      1. JoAn

        Must ve learnt recently n wanted to show off he he he

    2. LOL….Yes they do try to portray Ailya as being soooooo clever…She is as BORING as ever.

  3. Epi was as today segment but I think abhi is in so much confusion now is doubt increased more due to the response of doctor may we can see his thinking in tommarrow epi but how aaliya got to know abhi went to doctor really precap giving so much tense abhi’s frustration and aaliya tanu knowing his meeting with doctor so much confusion uff really very eager to know did abhi will know about pragya condition r not did doctor will inform him r not may abhi will know himself so many questions increasing curiosity

    1. One more thing alia knew that abhi went to Sheela’s house but she doesn’t know that pragya has also went to sheela’s house. Its somewhat illogical

  4. Guys 6-7 days more for tanu’s exposure till tht shd wait ….??? but today Pragya did stupidity…..

  5. what the hell wen will ekta close the chapter ….it is just going on

  6. So much happened just in a day!! Infact today!! Today we got it’s update and today we saw it in episode. I wasn’t expected this that we will see it on today. But that’s mean nikhil was right. We will definetly get it’s end by next week as from which speed story is running, it is giving indications towards it only but it is also proving correct that lots of tensions and suspense is going to happen in these days as onside, pragya is in trouble and no body have any idea of her whereabouts as she has suddenly and silently vanished and her phone is also switched off and otherside abhi still not decided that what he should do in this situation and next side, taaliya is getting aware from abhi’s moves. It seems that they will get to know that abhi is doubting on tanu so in this situation, they could try to divert abhi’s mind from the matter. One-thing is giving relief that sheela knows about everything and she is not in clutches of anybody. Ya she is forced to not to open her mouth becoz of her daughter Pari but pragya did gud that she suggested her to call the police next day, if she couldn’t come by the mean time with Pari. We have been seen it that pragya will b also kidnapped by nikhil along with Pari so now only sheela can help pragya by informing police or purab or abhi. Although sheela also don’t know where is pragya exactly but by informing about kidnapping and this that pragya went to search Pari, she can give reason to everybody to search of pragya but one-thing again happened wrong as pragya stopped her to tell about it from anybody. So let’s see if she will tell about it from anybody or not? Or else, abhi or purab realize it on time that pragya could b in trouble. Or pragya herself manage to inform purab or her team on time or she manage somehow to run away from there with Pari again. Let’s see. The not so gud situation is this that abhi is thinking that pragya leaved becoz she may think herself wrong or might b think tanu wrong. Abhi’s clear mindset is very necessary otherwise it could complicate the situation as one side pragya will b missing and otherside tanu could take thee advantage of abhi’s unstable mind. Abhi needs correct guidance here. Dadi and purab should guide him before tanu take it’s advantage in pragya’s absence. Constantly doubt is very much needed to increase in abhi’s mind regarding tanu’s guilt and pragya’s being right. Anyways let’s see that how the things gets solved as for now everything is messed up and tensionfull. But one-thing is clear that lots if things r going to happen in this upcoming week, who will change the story of kkb by the next to next week. Waiting for it and for more updates, keeping the expectations not very high.

    1. I was laughing on aaliya today. My brother was saying that had she gone Australia to get professional degree in starting or to get professional criminal degree? ??Becoz she plans everything like she is master in criminality. At that time, I laughed so much. Poor abhi, his all money got waste on her education.

      1. I think prathiksha, abhi is not in a mindset to listen tanu’s words since today he behaved some what rudely with her. In precap dadi is hearing abhi’s robin conversation. I think dadi will make abhi understand about the situation. And yes lots of expectations and tension is there. Don’t know how the story will move further.

  7. Praharsh shetty

    One is gud the other one is worst people watching this are fools did the director thinkzzzzz it stop this non sense

  8. The cvs took so long to expose this pregnancy track until Leena met with an accident & has caused so much of silliness in the whole script. The cvs suddenly bring Aliya back abruptly into the scene & she has so much power & knowledge abt everything. If they had done this exposure earlier. ..all this nonsense & illogical script & scenes wld be unnecessary.

  9. Please abhi tum tho Tanu ko expose Karo pragya ek saal se try karrahi ha Tanu ko expose karne keliye par ab tak Tanu ka bacha bhi pehadha nehi hua and Tanu expose bhi nehi hua what rubbish was going on in this dash serial hating Kkb ???????

  10. So people commenting this show also are fools

  11. More and more stupid writing…..and it’s so boring ….same shot everyday from d writers ..how in heavens name crooks like Tanu ,,,Aaliyah n mad max Nikkil get away wit their lying n kidnapping n killing …it’s a waste of time following this stupid show ….there’s no excitement ….lots of bullshit

  12. Now alliya is back so the track of tanu being exposed will never happen , it will drag for at least a month or so. How come the trp rate of kumkum bagya has gone to the top .

    1. Dinesh mohanty

      Bro not month.it will take another 2years to expose

  13. stupid animal

    yaro,every one is fool,those who are watching this KKB including me,what to say..

  14. Dinesh mohanty

    Who is that idiot who writes script for this serial.I hate this serial for his bakwas script and sometime I think if it possible to slap someone by entering into TV then I must slap that script writter.sala paka ke rakh diya hai.kabhi agar fusrsat se is serial ko dekh bhi liya toh apne aap ko kosta hoon ki kyu dekha.? Plz shut this serial as soon as possible.

  15. Frustated viewer

    After the incident pragya didnt go to her room thinking abhi wud scold her that time she was wearing a salwar and the next scene was at Dr.sheelas house where pragya is wearing saree.How??

  16. I have no expectation. ….one amazing episode nd den it gets back to stupidity. ….y ol d tym aliya is potrayed to b d cleverest nd abhi so dumb !!? …….nd pragya toh ol plans flop till date … nd from wen did pragya start to drive …….?? :0 ….like ol of a sudden ….. and she is so mahaan …never inform ny1 wer is she going r Wat is she doing …….nd wen she gets in trouble ……with ol intuitions abhi r purab shud cum to save her …….. she invites trouble for herself !! nd ol tym foolish is sheela. …..she cud have told d truth to abhi. ..she got nothing to lose more // abhi cud have helped her …..but things shud get complicated r els stuffs won’t run in hindi serials ……cummon ..plus make things practical ……show some positivity nd reveal d truth fast nd get done with dis ever longing track ….which ol viewed r fed up off …..v wanna c new line up in kumkum bhagya !! nd want d show to rock as it did b4 !!

  17. Ribakordor lyngdoh

    Phaltu serial…….f**k men truth never came out and there is no justice… Please ya don’t try to bring down the standard of Indian television because of your phaltu serial

  18. Worst serial of the Indian television I had ever seen.
    How could you see that type of serials guys. My friend tell me that it’s a good serial but I’m getting bored, I think I wasted my time in last one month. Worst storyline.
    I Hope shabbir should leave this show as he is one of the best actor of Indian television, and his character is like a papet.
    Same story from last one year, kuch to realistic Karo yr, ALL BAKWAS .
    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi OR Jana na dil se door are the best serials currently.

  19. I sure no pragya will find pari n abhi should take another dna test

  20. I think the writers have gone too far with this serial… Kidnapping a child to keep tanu from being exposed is too much hatred…

  21. the scriptwriter and director as well as zee TV makes the audience stupid with this series .. common people think something more reliable scene and don’t make Pragya and Abhi soooo dumb on this role .

  22. hi shobu how are u ? I was thinking about few points after watching yesterday and today’s episode they are
    1. why Abhi always realizes Pragya’s presence when she leaves the place
    2.till now Pragya doesn’t know how to drive but from past two episodes she is driving the car.
    3.the key which was with her after opening the door how it was on table in the next scene
    4.Nikhil who wasn’t talking with tanu in the whole party suddenly shown talking with her about the house
    5.it was funny to see takhil fighting for unknown reason
    6.How nikhil came to know that pragya is going to show DNA reports to Abhi.
    7.How Aliya knows about when and what Abhi is doing.
    these all things are need to be answered according to my point of view. what do u think and yup today Abhi’s scenes were superb specially when he went to shiela’s home I liked that desperacy and tensed scene alot

    1. Hi ? surbhi, im gud. Hope u r also doing good.

      Since Leena aka tanu met accident in real life lots illogical things came into the show.
      Abhi realized pragya’s presence because he love her. And I too was wondering when pragya drives. It was odd for too. I remember one thing which has happened long back. Im not sure since it happened long back I forgot but the scene must be like this. when abhi was drunken and drove the car met with an accident atlast pragya said to police that she was in driver seat and he was teaching her to drive. So basically pragya doesn’t know to drive. And alia she knows that abhi went to meet Dr Sheela but she didn’t know about pragya went to meet Dr Sheela.

      And not only this there are still more, Pari was in school uniform which means they must have kidnapped her in the evening but party was happening in night. When party was going on Nikhil has no idea that pragya is going to show DNA report so how can he suddenly kidnap Pari in evening. Tanu says she followed pragya and abhi after dadi said that they are going buy gift for Nikhil but at that time only tanu called alia and she has no clue what pragya is upto.

      All this Illogical things came into the show since Leena met accident. Else tanu would’ve exposed on that day itself and surbhi I feel that tanu will be exposed in the upcoming week. Though illogical things happen the CVs are taking story straight to tanus exposure so I didn’t give notice to all these things. Lets hope the best one last time.



      1. Abhi looks great in white shirt. I was admiring him throughout the episode ????

      2. Ya shobana yesterday he looks so cute I think it is the first time we have seen him in shirt and the last part also nice he was thinking about her

      3. haha shobu exactly bybtge way ny thoughts are the same about logic and illogical and about shabir then I must have to say that he was looking good in shirt pant rather than t shirts 😉 I think CVs should change his attire from tshirts to shirt pants that too white 😛

      4. Ya surbhi and asmitha I too think like that only.
        And surbhi I often used to think that if he changes his costume from t-shirt to something else. Lets see whether the CVs are changing his costume or not.

  23. stupid stupid ..waste of time . you have lost trinidad viewers. rubbish

  24. Mukesh sharma

    Abhi ko pagal dikha do to achcha hai .uske pass dimag nahi hai.pragya ka koi plan safal nahi hota hai wo kab tak stupid plan banayegi .bataye ki bulbul ki jinda hai ya mar gayi kab tak vapas aayegi

  25. Most worst serial I ever saw.

  26. Even if lots of illogical and chaotic things happen, CVS are upto somethiing, it will lead to Tanu’s exposure guys it seems, and it is half confirmed after Nikhil Arya’s interwiew and all!We can expect it for next week if i’am not wrong, but in between i guess there will be many suspense distress, we should bear it lol.. ?And glad that finally Abhi’s brain is getting on a roll, hope he will be the one who expose Tanu at the last as we all guessed at the beginning… Lets see ✌

  27. Xavier

    Seriously speaking.. this show is one of the MOST DUMBEST STUPID show ever in zee tv serials history.. the writers are A*SHOLES . They take us for idiots.. Ekta Kapoor mam. YOU CAN TO HELL !!

  28. shreya shrestha

    what the hell is ging onin this serial oh god xpose tanu fast as possible

  29. no update today

  30. This drama episode are too much pakistani dramas are much better than it too many episode are waste on tanu aliya and nikhil
    And this drama should be end or will be becoming cheap plz make a new drama

  31. Hating KKB. Writter go to hell.

  32. Hi everyone
    Abhi ko akkal kab aayegi

    waste of half an hour everyday.

  33. I am done with this utterly stupid show. There is a limit to these silliness. And God knows what kind of “pregnancy” Tanu is having! Ek saal se khatam hi nahi hota!!!! Seriously, its going from bad to worst.

  34. Bharti Singhal

    Pls stop dis serial which does not hv any gd end n is day by day being boring

  35. please stop this serial.It is very irritating.

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