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The episode starts with Janki telling Sarla that she is equally sad about Bulbul’s death, and says she is their servant but loved her a lot. She asks her to take care of Biji and goes. Purab tells Sarla that Bulbul came to him in his dream, and told that her mum is not eating food and not keeping well. She said she will not come in my dreams, if you don’t eat food. Do you want her to go away from my dreams,……no. He asks her to agree and have food. Sarla says I will eat food, as I don’t want her to go far from your dreams. He makes her eat food.

Aaliya comes to meet her friend and says she came to take her help. Her friend asks what? Aaliya says she needs her lawyer’s help, as there is some technical issues with the papers. Her friend says you have your bro’s lawyers. Aaliya

says she don’t want to take his help. Her friend says if I refuse to help you then…..Aaliya reminds her that she had helped her with the promotion of her company, and convinced Abhi. Her friend agrees to help her with lawyers. Aaliya invites her for party which is after 2 days.

Pragya comes to the room. Abhi comes and says he wants to know about the person who tried to kill her, and says he is restless and wants to know. Pragya asks him to wait and says reports will come tomorrow. Abhi asks why did you announced today and says it will be risky for your life. Pragya says she won’t hide that person’s name when the reports come. Tai ji and Mitali talk with Akash and Rachna’s baby. Mitali says I am your Tai ji. Pragya comes downstairs. She tells everyone that finger prints report will come at 10 pm and asks everyone to gather there, else they will be punished. Tanu thinks where is Aaliya, she is missing since night, don’t know if she got anything from Pragya’s room or not.

Aaliya comes and asks everyone not to follow Pragya’s orders. Pragya says I am boss of this house. Aaliya says I am owner of this house. Everyone is shocked. Pragya says she has no time for waste people. Aaliya says you are the unwanted person in this house, and shows the papers. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya asks if she wants her specs and asks Ronnie to bring her specs. She says you will look good in old specs, and shows the POA papers. She says Pragya has named her everything on my name. She says everything is mine now, her money, property, house, bank balance and everything is mine. She asks Pragya to accept it fast and says I will order you now. She says you have to say “yes boss”. Pragya is shocked.

Abhi asks what you are doing? He says a big accident have happened in the house. Aaliya says I am owner of this house and says she has to leave. Abhi says that POA papers is with me. Aaliya shows the papers and says it is written clearly that everything is mine now. Abhi goes to get papers. Aaliya says Pragya’s signatures and these papers are real, and says everything will happen according to my will. Abhi gets the fake papers which Pragya kept in the bed. Tanu asks Aaliya how did she got the papers, and says Abhi’s name was written in the papers. Aaliya says she got her name written on the papers. Tanu asks why did she take a big step without informing her. Aaliya asks her not to mess with her else she will expose her. Tanu thinks to stay silent and see the drama. Abhi brings the papers. Aaliya says it is all waste.

Abhi wonders how is this possible? Aaliya says lets not waste time, and shows the papers. Abhi says this is the same papers on which I took Pragya’s sign, but my name was written on it. He asks did you steal papers from my room. Aaliya says there is one answer to your question and says everything belongs to me now. Abhi asks what do you mean? Aaliya asks Pragya to explain Abhi. Abhi asks her to talk clearly. Aaliya says history is repeating itself, and says Pragya claimed that the house and property is hers few months back, and now I am informing you all that everything is mine. She says I will not do anything with you like Pragya did and will increase your salary. Abhi shouts? Aaliya asks him not to dare?

Aaliya says I will rule on this house, and says you all got the habit of becoming servants. She says Pragya made you cry for money, but I have decided to increment your salary. Abhi asks her to keep quiet else he will slap. Aaliya asks him not to raise even eye brows infront of her as all powers are with her, else she might do anything in anger. Dadi asks what you are saying? Aaliya says did he think about me? What special did he do for me? He just got me educated and taken care of me, infact mom and dad would have done this if they were alive.

Aaliya says I am new boss and gives order that Pragya Arora will not stay in this house. She says I am talking to you. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I have only 3 words … Going to hell

  2. Hey guys I think dadi pragya bulbul…are playing A. Drama again to expose taliyaa and Raj……

  3. guys ii think so its praghya’s plan..but in btw wat is the use of letting pop got frm her hand?? i think so it would give a major twist..we all knoe alaiya is soo selfish..she might even say tanu to get out of the house..as her revenge is more important dan tanu’s favour..waitng for bulbuls entry yar..ohh godd..cant wait fa further segments

  4. I think After aliyah gets property papers she shows her true face in front of abhi and abhi will not have even a single penny because of this tanu will not marry abhi and she will tell the truth that the baby is nikhil’s and I think this is all pragya’s plan because she is not reacting or shocked,sheis just silent

  5. wht d hell.. bkwas kr diya yr ye serial. mera to dekhna bnd. yr pta ni kitne month bad sab expose honge. writer tum bht bkwas story likhte.

  6. Any updates pratiksha

  7. Any new segments?????

  8. I think After aliyah gets property papers she shows her true face in front of abhi and abhi will not have even a single penny because of this tanu will not marry abhi and she will tell the truth that the baby is nikhil’s and I think this is all pragya’s plan because she is not reacting or shocked,she is just silent

  9. Shit I just started to hate this drama.. I was a big fan of Kumkum Bhagya.. But now is like rubber band.. U guys r stretching the story.. Even though I started to hate I can leave this serial.. Plz stop this nonsense… Let abhi know all the truth and get back his property and fuggi.. I just wanted to give a tight slap for alia and tanu..

  10. Very interesting
    Too much of questions in mind
    N the CVS really play smart n does wt v neva guess
    Waitn fa it
    Aaliyah yoll def ve to pay fa wt u do
    As u al guys says it is pragya plan of aaliyah getn those papers then def she’ll have some idea of getn those properties back even
    Hope so 🙂

  11. N now it’s fastened
    Super gud it is

  12. No segments yet 🙁

  13. Pls tell me what happened? Didn’t watch the episode.

  14. Waitn fa the updates from a very long
    Fed up tu
    Y dint u update yet?

    1. ya razia i am waiting for the updates from 9.30 itself

      1. Me too. I am also waiting from 9.30

  15. wow etk tha mam its superb.waiting for kajals entry.i loved the only coz of the crew and still now.if u dragg u make something intresting at the last..i waiting for update mam

  16. Anybody pls update
    I dunno hindi 🙁

  17. Srimathi pls tell me what happened sterday waiting for a very long time

  18. What a stupid story board…..gud things nevr happens……and why?????

  19. guys it mi8 b pragya’s plan to reveal aaliya’s mask… c nw abhi js realized abt aaliya.. thn I thnk tanu ll fi8 wit aaliya fr taking hr properties on hr name instead of abhi’s name.. so they ll fi8 wit each othr n reveal their own truths by themselves n by tat tym kajol ll gv hr entry n help pragya..

  20. I think pragya may have named her all property on Bulbul’s name earlier only nd now just pretending to be shocked nd may bulbul will be back with original papers…

  21. When they update

  22. Why is Jan 9th update not put up still? I’m waiting for a loooong time??

  23. anyone give update guys. i watched vdo but a little not understandable . many tamil gys are waiting for updates …

  24. The episode continue with Aaliya blaming Abhi for insulting her and treating Bulbul as his own sister and getting her married to Purab. But as destiny had she is no more now. Daasi also tries to tell Aaliya that Pragya can behave like that but u being Abhi’s sister cant behave like this.

    Daadi also tells that Aaliya is in the house because she recommended to Abhi last time to excuse her else she would have been out of house. And now she is behaving like this.
    Aaliya says now her first order is that Pragya should leave house in 30 mins and asks Tanu to take responsibility to send Pragya in 30 mins.

    Pragya goes n packs her suitcase n takes along Fuggy doll n a picture of Abhi n thinks that she wants to see Abhi’s longing for her before she leaves.

    Mithali thinks that Pragya was only torturing them little, Aaliya will become a burden on all their head. Meantime, Akash n Rachna think how to stop Pragya from leaving n that Aaliya wont listen to anyone. They call Purab n inform him all that is happening in MM n ask him to come n stop Aaliya as only he can control her.

    Pragya comes down with suitcase n before she can leave, Aaliya asks Tanu to check her suitcase for any valuables. Tanu pulls out Fuggy doll n taunts Pragya. Pragya warns her to put that down. Abhi who was looking away till then, is surprised to see Pragya taking along Fuggy doll.

    Tanu then takes out Abhi’s picture n tells Pragya there is no need for her to take it with her. She throws the frame in fron of Abhi, Abhi is now more surprised n thinks why is she taking his picture. There is a long eye lock n Hamari Adhuri Kahaani plays. Both Abhi n Pragya recollect past events starting from their marriage n cry.

    Daadi think if Pragya leaves house now, the whole family, house and Abhi-Pragya relation everything will be spoiled.

    Purab tries to take a shortcut but the road is blocked, so he is delayed n thinks has to take a longer route now.

    Pragya packs her suitcase n leaves, when Daadi calls out Pragya n falls doen. Everyone is tensed, Pragya stops and comes back, but stops seeing Aaliya in her way. Seeing Daadi’s situation, Abhi folds hands n requests Aaliya to allow Pragya in n he will do anything that she will order him later. Aaliya does not heed, but Tanu says that they should allow Pragya for daadi’s sake.


    Daadi is in her room lying on bed, Abhi asking her why she is calling out for Mogambo, got emotional that she was leaving n spoiled her health. Does she still feel for Pragya like she did before. How could she forget all the torture that Pragya did n what expectation they can have from outsiders when family members are only cheating them. Pragya stands outside the room n is listening to Abhi.

  25. One point I missed, Aaliya says she is giving concession n not permission n that Pragya can stay only one day, till next day 10 AM, after which she doesnt want to see her in MM.

    1. So what u think sahithi about all this? Does u still feels that it is all pragya’s plan to trap taaliya? And what u think about precap? Will dadi tell the truth to abhi finally or not? And now when pirab is also going to b part of this whole drama which is going on in mehra mension by aaliya then what u think how will purab stop aaliya from doing all this and stop pragya from leaving after a day or will aaliya convince purab to marry with her for saving abhi- pragya and family from her? What’s ur opinions or predictions on all these?

  26. Ada ponga pa…… Ivanga epdium aliaya tanuva ipothaku expose pana matanga. Tanu oru vidyasamana piravi…. Ivlo NAL ahium pregnant anathuku oru symptoms kuda therila…. Inum2 varsam kaluchu baby deliver aanapram than 2 perayum expose panuvanga….. Thayavu senju pragyava veliya poga vidunga… Yenna vetukula iruntha mattum kilikava poranga… Athe mari dadi pragya kudi pesi aluvanga.. Plan piduvanga… Flop ahum….epdium abhi pragya Sera oru 3 varsam ahunu nenaken… Bulbul vanthalum onum perusala nadakathu.. Kidnaple irunthu IPA varakum antha tanu aliyava yaralaum onum pana mudila… Pongapa neengalum unga serialum….. Sami mudiala

    1. aahaha…divya..adhae feeling dhan..nanum romboo wait panra alaiya expose ava nu..adha vida mukiyaam tanu expose avanum..praghya abi servae matanga pola..avanga kandipaa mudikamatanga tanu track ah…na tamilla cmnt ae pana matan..ena yarume inga tamil cmnt pana matranga nu..but ne panirka..ahaha..oru company kedachuruku..

  27. This content is getting boring now

  28. This content I
    Is damn boring

  29. What happened in Saturday episode still now written update is not uploaded .somebody tell what happened in that episode

  30. Guys I heard tat aliyah’s truth going to expose.. Saw some pictures.. Abhi slapped aliyah is it true.. 2.30 in which show r showing can anyone know abt this

  31. I think diya u r corrrect…its too long..like javvumittaiii…

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