Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil says you hid this fact from everyone. He asks if she has any set up with Pragya. Sarla says she needed money for Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall and that’s why blackmailed Tanu. She says she thought to inform Abhi about Tanu’s secret once she gets the money. Tanu says mother is far ahead of daughters. Sarla says your home will never build. Tanu says your daughter have snatched my Abhi from me. Sarla says you are having someone’s baby and claiming that you loves Abhi. Nikhil tells Sarla that Tanu feels money is also important and he is letting Tanu marry Abhi for his money. He says Tanu will get his property and return to him. Right tanu. Tanu nods yes. Sarla says you can’t marry Abhi. Nikhil asks Tanu if she has any problem if he kills her. Tanu

says she will kill him if he doesn’t kill her. Nikhil asks his goons to keep Sarla in the car. He tells Tanu that he will push Sarla from the cliff and will make it look like a suicide. He hits Sarla with a rod and she faints. Tanu thinks Sarla would have died by now and thinks everyone will mourn for her death and the mourning will continue for days. She thinks her marriage will be delayed for few more days now.

She calls Mitali. Mitali asks if she is still alive and says Abhi will throw her out of house. She says we were waiting for you in the court. I had convinced Abhi to marry you and had done all the arrangements, but you didn’t reach there. Abhi got furious. Tanu is surprised and thinks to talk to Abhi today itself as Abhi will mourn for Sarla’s death in the morning. Janki calls on Sarla’s mobile and sees mobile in the house. She thinks what to do? And thinks she can’t inform Purab also as he might be busy.

The goons bring Sarla to a godown and asks Nikhil why did he change his plan. Nikhil says he has changed his plan after a thought. Nikhil thinks something is suspicious, and thinks he shall let Sarla alive for 2-3 days. He thinks if Tanu gets blackmailer call again then it means Sarla is not the blackmailer. He asks his men to take care of Sarla’s food as she needs to be alive for few days. Tanu comes home and sees Abhi still awake. Abhi asks her to make him fool or if she think that he is already a fool. Tanu says I don’t want to disturb you and thought you will get angry on me. He says I was waiting for you madly in the court and you just made fun of me. He says everyone was laughing at me as you didn’t turn up. He asks her not to show her face again and says I don’t want to hear marriage word with you. Tanu says even if I come there, I would not have married you. She says it is my helpless to marry you. I want to be your wife and not your illegal wife. Abhi asks her to shut up. Tanu says you have signed on the property papers and not divorce papers. He says you are still married to Pragya. Tanu cries. Abhi thinks how can he forget that. Tanu says you might be thinking that I am telling you fake stories, but this is truth.

Tanu says how can I marry until you divorces Pragya. She says my baby will get a bad name then and says it is her responsibility to think about her baby. She acts as innocent and says you always scolds me, and I hear it silently. She says whatever she was doing is for her baby. She says today she went to meet lawyer and that’s why she couldn’t meet him today. She says lawyer said that he can get divorce easily if he gets divorce mutually. She cries and says she was thinking all this. Then she parked her car to a side and took a nap. Abhi looks on.

Pragya tells Purab that Sarla might have been kidnapped by the goons. Abhi hears her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Episode starts with tanu cries in front of abhi and doing drama in front of him and try to convince him by manipulating him emotionally. Abhi says her to not to worry as he will get divorce from pragya.
    Abhi comes in his room and sees pragya is sleeping. He thinks to not to disturb her and talk with her calmly in morning.
    Pragya wakes up in morning and sees abhi is sleeping. She thinks when he came? She puts blanket on him. Dadi comes and takes pragya along with her out from the room silently.
    Dadi ask to pragya about last night’s planning. Pragya tells that how their plan got failed as tanu and her boyfriend took some other person with them as blackmailer.
    Mitali meets with tanu and they have some taunting arguements. Tanu tells to mitali that she made abhi mad on pragya instead of her.
    Janki informs pragya about sarla’s missing. Purab, dadi and pragya comes to sarla maa’s home and starts searching for her. They searches for sarla maa in market and asks from the peoples. That students who dropped sarla maa on that studio, they comes to pragya and invites her for their wedding and tells her about the location where they dropped sarla maa last night.
    Tanu comes in abhigya’s room and tryies to wake abhi up. Abhi wakes up. Tanu asks him that did he talk with pragya about their divorce. Abhi sees pragya is nowhere in room. Abhi calls pragya and says to meet with him as he wants to talk with her. Pragya refuses and says that she can’t come as she is busy in an important work. Abhi says that his work is more important and asks her to tell about her location so he will come. Pragya tells about her location.
    Abhi and pragya reaches on the location where pragya calls abhi. Abhi tries to talk with pragya but pragya tells him that maa is missing. Abhi asks why u care for her? Pragya says she will tell him everything later as they should search for maa first. Abhi says to pragya not to worry as we will inform the police. Abhi goes with pragya.
    Nikhil asks sarla maa about pragya or anyone’s involvement in blackmailing. Sarla maa denies. Nikhil doesn’t satisfied. He threatens sarla maa. Sarla maa says that she will not tell anything if she will die. Nikhil give orders to goons not to give her food and water from now.
    Pragya discusses with pirab and dadi about sarla maa visit at studio’s location. Purab gets it and says it is the same studio where they called tanu and his boyfriend. Pragya says if they took sarla maa with them assuming her as blackmailer. Abhi walks in and looks on pragya and purab. Purab avoids interaction with abhi and looks on pragya. Episode ends here.

    1. Guys In starting of today’s episode’s, u will see tabhi’s hug which abhi give tanu for consoling her.?

      1. Best thing about today’s episode is abhi knows that sarla is missing

    2. pratiksha purab and pragya came to know that it is the same studio where they kidnapped sarla i don’t have idea that how will they find sarla ?????????? as u said today first itself tabhi’s hug oh god so sad for pragya but i can guess onething tanu’s exposure is nearing soon !!!!! her countdown starts !!!!!!!! and this nikhil wat sarla want to tell that he is expecting for money or for what!!!! ?????

  2. I don’t know y they r dragging the show till now. according to montage it’s don’t like abhigya reunion. its like they separate each other I think the writers will bring twist in that promo which we never expected. nowadays this tanu irritating a lot. The writers bring Nikil is more smarter than everyone in kkb. If tabhi marriage will happen also Nikil don’t care about. I think he don’t want and his baby he also looking for abhi’s money.thatswhy he keeps quite to allow tanu doings. but if it happens what happened to abhi. He surely doesn’t deserve pragya and pragya also doesn’t deserve abhi. becoz she could tell the truth to abhi then y still keep quiet.all the family members knew the truth then y can’t abhi.

  3. Today’s episode highlightTannu further cries in front of Abhi that how do they marry without divorce, that he can throw her out, but she will still care for the baby she is doing everything for the baby etc. ((blah blah- Tannu’s typical rant)!

    -Abhi says sorry, tells her he will get divorce from Pragya and asks her not to cry and relax.

    -Abhi goes to his room and sees Pragya resting on the headboard with her eyes closed. He moves her a bit but she falls on the bed. She is asleep. He thinks let me not disturb her now, he shall ask her in the morning calmly. Because he doesn’t want her to take it to ego and not give him divorce.

    -Morning Pragya wakes up. She wonders when did he come to the room. He is asleep. She thinks about how the last plan was also a failure. How things never work out despite her doing so much. She thinks she dreams of getting back too early with him before achieving truth. But next time she will not do that and get to truth first. She puts the blanket properly on him.

    -Daadi walks in to AbhiGya room and she takes Pragya out so that Abhi doesn’t hear them.

    -Daadi asks Pragya about the last night’s happenings. Pragya says she didn’t tell because Daadi was asleep. Daadi says she was worried and Pragya should have woken her up. Pragya describes how they didn’t really get anything, how Tannu came with her BF, how they caught some other person as blackmailer etc.

    -Janki calls Pragya and informs about Sarla Maa missing.

    -Pragya, Purab and Daadi go to Aroras. Janki describes how Sarla Maa didn’t come home etc. They search for her in the market. Pragya calls Mamaji but no info she gets. Then the students that dropped Sarla Maa come to invite her for their marriage. And they inform Pragya that they dropped Maa upto some location.

    -Mitali wakes Tannu up and tells her Abhi would be mad. Some tu tu main main between these two (I ignored). Tannu says she made Abhi mad at Pragya instead.

    -Tannu comes to Abhi’s room and wakes him up. She asks him if he talked to Pragya. He realizes Pragya is not there. He calls Pragya and she tells him she is busy in some important work. He tells her he has more important work and wants to meet right away. He asks her to tell him where she is and he will come and talk. She tells the location.

    -Pragya reaches location and Abhi reaches too. Abhi tries to talk but Pragya tells Maa is missing. Abhi asks how come she is worried about Maa but then Pragya says that can be discussed later. Pragya asks the manager there about her Maa. He informs she didn’t have any order for catering the last night but she had previously. Abhi tells Pragya to not worry and that he will inform police. They walk off.

    -Nikhil thinks Sarla Maa is hiding some secrets from him and wants her to tell him everything- if others know about TaKhil secret, if Pragya knows etc. Maa says if Pragya knew the truth would have come out by now. She basically denies anyone else’s involvement. Nikhil doesn’t really buy it and threatens her etc. Sarla Maa says she will die but won’t say a thing. He asks the goons to not give her food/water.

    -Pragya is in Arora house (not sure if Abhi came with her or not) discussing with Daadi and Purab about how Maa had been dropped to that studio etc.. Purab figures out that studio is the same place that they used for blackmail. Then Pragya wonders if that is Maa that Tannu and her BF took. Abhi walks in right there and suspiciously looks at Purab. Purab avoids his eyes and looks at Pragya (precap scene)..

    Epi ends here.

    1. Purab n Pragya – use ur brain for once, go check the video footage, instead of checking Tanu’s face expressions while on call with blackmailer. When u know ur mom went in route of that studio, why still delay.
      Relieve viewers from this brainless writing.

      1. They should change shows name from kumkum bhagya to something new like”mere bachhe ka bap kaun ” or “innocent abhi & shatir tanu ” or ” khooni maa ” something like this

        Becoz now a days there is no use of kumkum in the serial and bhagya is definitely not on the pragya’s side and moreover pragya is not using her kumkum , tanu is not having right of using kumkum also it doesn’t suit tanu and bulbul is dead so no kumkum

      2. Hahaha understand the frustation, Abhi is back to his confused days before Pragya was kidnapped. Remember he would feel for Pragya but still go ahead n make marriage promise to Tanu.

        To top this all, Nikhil is added to list, and I could bear Aaliya, Tanu, Mithali, Raaj everyone’s crap but somehow Nikhil is getting very difficult. Everyone else had something to do with the family or Abhi. This Nikhil doing all this drama is like final nail in coffin.

        And to top it they show such promos, wish the writers realize the leads r not in teenage, to have such confusion going on. One of them believes she will soon get back her husband and the other now thinks they r not divorced n still a couple.

      3. Jaydeep I think the best name should b “Kumkum ka durbhaagya”.?

      4. Its the perfect name pratiksha “kumkum ka durbhagya”??

      5. very nice name guys

  4. Upcoming spoiler is Abhi taking pragya for Valentine day out and it is one year now from last valentine day and now Tanu is 11 months pregnant. is there any sense in this story line

  5. Ekta mdm plsssssssssssss just change something i just cannot c tht tanu going just near to ahbi n make abhi know the truth atleast on valentines day n its so funny n u think v viewers r stupid a mother carring a child for 11 mths pregnant is there sense like wat sham said very true or making us mad i just cannot even relax my bcause mind but i cannot stop seeing kkb bcause atleast a bit of abhighya’s scene also will do the others just fast fwd.

  6. For heaven sake either abort Tanu’s child to drag it more or stop this nonsense… TooooOOOOOOO long dragging. What i guess is Tanu will again win because if her secrets comes out then what would the writers do????

  7. New promo is out. New promo is same new segment promo. Promo update- Abhigya r sitting in some village types area, between bonfire, in front of each other but with some distance. They looks on each other. Voiceover says trial of love will happen in confusion. Abhi thinks why destiny writes distances in love then pragya says in her thinking becoz destiny wants to bring us more closure. Then abhigya remains sit but then stands in their imagination, or else can say their souls comes close to each other and hugs each other. Voiceover says abhi and pragya will write a new era of love.

    1. pratiksha i think this promo is for valentine’s day but still tanu is not exposed for what they r releasing these type of promo any idea about it ?????

    2. So the montage is only valentine week then, as per the promo.

    3. wats dis new era.. with d upcoming track they can create new era by abhi stay with tanu bt loving pragya.. and pragya too will allow tanu to be with abhi by hiding more and more truths from abhi..

    4. Guys promo is only showing what they r showing on show since long that abhigya loves each other and wants to live with each other but rising distances becoz of circumstances doesn’t allow them to unite or close to each other. So nothing is new but they only want to attract audience by making them satisfied through this new romantic montage. And if it is only for valentine week so we should b ready for another montage which would b abhi and pragya and between them tanu and her baby.?

      1. Nope this time montage would be rockstar Abhi with his Fuggy.
        Tanu n Nikhil may be irritating us for now but the day Purab n Pragya realize about the video footage, both the evils game will come to a closure.

      2. that’s true sahithi but when it will happen

      3. I know sahithi and I want it too but I was just kidding to make everyone’s mood refresh from irritate things.?

  8. Yeah valentine bhi waste hone wala hai last abhi n pragya kidnap hui thhe n sab sarla maa

  9. really a very boring serial . I dono y these ppl are draging like this .moreover most of them in the family came to know about tanu’s acting then y should they keep quiet . Main person dadi only know den wats the problem intelling the truth to Abhi….OMG!!!!!!!!!

  10. really a very boring serial . I dono y these ppl are draging like this .moreover most of them in the family came to know about tanu’s acting then y should they keep quiet . Main person dadi only know den wats the problem intelling the truth to Abhi….

  11. Bul bul is not dead she will back in few days with new face.i hope

  12. Heights of stupidity.I stopped watching.too much dragging.as some one mentioned before need to change tittle.

  13. guys i read a spoiler that as happened purab will try to gather evidence by recording her conversation on phone and tanu and nikhil kidnap sarla maa but after that our abhigya will try to search sarla maa by searching her they will come to a village or some place and there they will have some romantic movements and connecting to this to the valentine’s week special promo we will see them sitting together near the burning fire that is because as to the spoiler for one romance scene in the night abhi will burn this fire to take care of pragya as she will get cold and abhi will caresses pragya i don’t know whether it will happen or not but it’s my guess but my doubt for searching sarla maa y they have to go to village or some other place aby connection to it guys pls tell me ????????!!!!!!!!

    1. heightnss f stupidity..its actuaaly thy wnt fa searchin sarla ma..but in btw hoe do praghya get romantc wid abi..bullshit..praghya cares fa hr mum lyk she dos fa abi..thn hw dos she get romantc inspte of her mum missing!!jus irked?ohh mg..

  14. I don’t think Abhi would hear what Purab and Pragya were saying but I am definitely sure Abhi will ask Purab what he is doing with Prague…Writers need to do something good for fans sake with this drama…Its been months now and Abhigya aren’t reunited as yet….Now there is a new twist with Sarla ma and Nikhil…But I must say Nikhil is smart fr not killing Sarla ma as yet….Then again hats off to the writers for making such a stupid twist…
    I think because of the dragging and new twists Kumkum Bhagya didn’t receive much awards at the Zee Rishtey Awards 2015…
    Honestly I can’t wait when our Abhigya lovers begin their love making fr real in the series..I am sure that their night would be hot!!!! So please writers reunite Abhigya and let tanu truth be out soon in front of Abhi!
    I am definitely looking forward fr this drama to be rated as number 1 as always!!
    But fr that to happen good things have to happen in the series…So Ekta madam please bring out some positive things in the drama!
    So I am gonna keep reading and watch on with this drama…So let’s see what will happen next.

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