Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanu sees Dr. Shoba and gets worried what if Abhi sees her. Seeing manalsutra, Pragya is dreaming of her and Abhi coming together again. Abhi gets her out of her dreams by taking away mangalsutra. He asks what was she thinking. She says nothing.

Tanu is following Dr. Shoba. She doubts whether Aliya lied that Dr. Shoba left the city and then sent her there purposely, so only Tanu is caught. She calls Aliya and informs her about Dr. Shoba. Aliya says how that is possible. Tanu says she doesn’t care about anything.. she is in front of her. Aliya asks so she didn’t see Abhi. Tanu says no. Aliya says Tanu to let her think something.

Abhi continues checking mangalsutra with Pragya. All ladies in the shop are glaring at Abhi. Pragya is feeling cold. Abhi gives his jacket to her.

She says she doesn’t need. He makes her wear it and doesn’t let her argue further. They play a game now as Abhi manages to shut Pragya up. He asks her to answer her in gestures. He orders coffee for Pragya. He asks her to keep her hands in pocket (as she is feeling cold) and he makes her drink it. Pragya has mustache from it and he laughs. He cleans it then.

Tanu is out of patience and goes to the doctor asking why she came back when they asked her to leave the city. It turns out to be someone else. Tanu says sorry, she thought it was someone else and refers that lady as aunty. The lady gets mad and asks the store if they treat their customer like that. She demands for an apology from Tanu for calling her aunty. Tanu decides to say sorry before Abhi sees them.

Sarla is getting Pragya’s room cleaned. She finds her mangalsutra and gets emotional. She hopes Abhi again ties that mangalsutra to Pragya. Dadi says whether Abhi gets his memory back or no, he definitely will tie this mangalsutra to Pragya again.

Abhi is finding mangalsutra that he liked. He sees it in Pragya’s hands. He says their choices are so similar. He recalls seeing similar mangalsutra before, but then says he must have seen in someone’s neck. He asks the store guy to pack that one. Pragya says no. He asks why not. He asked her before and she said its good. Pragya says it’s good, but it’s not good for whom he’s buying. Abhi says then they will ask Tanu. Pragya says no. He brought her because her choice is good. Abhi says he will prove her that it is the best mangalsutra. He asks her to shut and tries mangalsutra on Pragya. Pragya says he can’t do that. He shuts her and ties mangalsutra. He tells her she looks so good, and asks the salesperson to pack that. While he’s removing mangalsutra, Tanu sees them and gets shocked and angry. She asks Pragya how dare she to wear her mangalsutra. She asks her to take it off right away. Pragya says she’s misunderstood. Tanu is angry. Abhi takes Pragya’s side. Tanu says she went away for 2 minutes, and he tried mangalsutra on her. Tomorrow if she goes to washroom for 2 minutes from mandap, then will he take 7 pheres with her? All laugh there. Abhi asks what she is saying.. Tanu says fine.. he tried on her, but she can’t see it on her anymore and asks her to take it off. Pragya says it is not opening. Abhi says he also tried and asks Tanu to try herself. Tanu doesn’t respond. Abhi asks the salesperson to remove it. Tanu gets more and more hyper as it’s taking time. She asks the salesperson to move and tries to remove it herself. She can’t remove it either. The store guy now goes to call an artisan. Abhi also goes with him. Pragya goes to Tanu and says her “Bhagya” has linked with Abhi. She can’t fight with “Bhagya”. He tied her mangalsutra again..and such a way that it’s not even coming off. It seems even mangalsutra knows who his real wife is. Tanu asks her not to fly high. That mangalsutra is on her temporary. Soon it will be off and will be on her for forever. Pragya won’t be able to do anything.

Precap: Robbers stormed in the jewelry shop while Abhi, Pragya, Tanu are still there.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. achha episode aur pragya’s mangalsutra scene was osm great slap to tanu but precap s somewhat interesting but shock tooo wants the maker not to drag the scenes again


    I am waiting for Abhigya wedding

  3. Omg..this writers r gone mad without any output from their mind..thts y they wrote a story like this..who will make it wear to see the design at mangalsutra…will anyone do this…this writers r just playing with marriage and mangalsutra….also with viewers emotion……

  4. Mudiyala.700 +++ episode analum kumkum bhagyam pathi than talking. No improvement in this serial forever

  5. oh god…writers you are driving viewers away from the show again with this tanu nonsense…she turns us off with her irritating screeching …and her faltu acting….her wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired….that dress is a disaster…one can see all the hangovers….I am sorry but I have not enjoyed the portrayal of tanu at all….and it is a serious turnoff …

    1. dying cockroach Tanu

    2. Didnt Tanu have that same dress design in white in a couple epis before?

  6. hmmmm wat kind of lady tanu is ohh my god I pity her maker

  7. These writers are driving me go nuts, I want to kill them.??

  8. The episode was someway in good n sensible that one cannot change d destiny of anyone it was good epi i dont know whether abhi did it intentionaly or accidently but anyway he tied that mangalsutra exactly like a husband n nobody cant remove that especially even abhi can remove that now i have a strong feeling that after this gun shot something positive will happen but dont know abt d cvs mind anyways lets hope for the best what u guys r thinking prathiksha sis do u have any guss????

    1. Aishu story is still uninteresting and nonsense for me to comment but if u asks my views about yesterday’s episode so aishu abhigya’s relationship is going out of sense and limit. According to abhi, pragya is his secretary Cum best friend Cum advisor but he is doing everything with her out of it’s limits. Caring and giving importance to a best friend is gud and other thing but behaving like a boyfriend or husband is other thing. He is going to marry tanu but he is treating pragya as his girlfriend or wife even after his memory loss. Audience would b amazed with this but this is disgusting and not so gud in right manner. It will b right then, when Abhi will accept and consider pragya socially his wife or girlfriend after breaking all the ties with tanu. But till then it is not right and gud that abhi is behaving and treating pragya more than his friend. Becoz of it, pragya is not getting only humiliated everyday by two witches taaliya in fact she will b getting insulted as third wheel between tabhi. Even I didn’t like how abhi make mangalsutra wear in pragya’s neck for trial that of it will look gud on tanu or not. Which boss or friend do this with his friend or employee? Is this not over? It’s like an insult of wedding rituals and pragya’s too. When the way of making mangalsutra wear is not correct then doesn’t matter that what will b it’s results if abhi will get shot by goons or saved becoz of that mangalsutra. For pragya, it could be gud or right but in present sense it is not correct when Abhi is going to marry tanu officially. Infact of something happens with abhi, it will give another chance to witches to blame pragya and her destiny. Peoples will also take their sides Infact pragya herself will think like after every tragedy that whenever Abhi’s name’s kumkum connects with her bhagya then Abhi’s life puts in danger. So what is the need and purpose of CVS here to firstly showing that abhi makes wear mangalsutra in pragya’s neck for trial and then showing that just after it his life gets into danger. What CVS wants to show that pragya and her kumkum is unlucky for abhi? If not then they should use such thing in those situations which could respective and correct. When they made a show on such a pure and respective concept of kumkum bhagya then why they r not keeping it’s respect in the show except of showing lectures on it only. Tanu’s reply was bitter but true yesterday that abhi only tried that mangalsutra on her but actually he is going to make it wear to her forever. Either pragya should do something to stop abhi to get married with tanu and to get back her right with respect or she should stop abhi to cross the limits of a friend and employee. Instead of taunting tanu and giving lectures on kumkum and bhagya, she should do something to stop tanu’s blabbering and screeching and her wedding with abhi. The way her innocence got proved in pregnancy matter, she should try to prove Abhi’s innocence too in tanu’s fake blame of molestation, if she is unable to help abhi to get his memory back. We knows that she loves abhi a lot and her right is mostly on abhi but in presence sense of abhi’s memory loss, it will b right only then, when she will get her all rights back on abhi and by abhi with whole respect. But till then this looks nonsense and disgusting. Here abhi and pragya both r on mistake, abhi should understand the difference between the wife and friend and should choose to whom he could happily spend his whole life and who is most important for him and his life between tanu and pragya. He should understand that he can’t travel on both the boats together. If he wants both the girls in his life then he should maintain limits with these two girls according the relationships which he have with them. Or Pragya should do something to stop tabhi’s getting married and to get her rights back on abhi or if she can’t so she should show some dignity and respect and should make some distance from abhi. As a whole I wants to say that the way abhigya’s relationship is presenting in front of us, it is only for keeping audience’s interest in the show becoz CVS knows it very well that abhigya r the main key to hook up the audience with the show if they will show their lovely scenes together. Aishu u and others r getting happy like pragya with some lollipop types scenes of AbhiGya but u guys r forgetting that this is temporary happiness until tanu is in picture and between abhigya. I m not happy with the story and not happy with the current status of abhigya’s relationship. To stay close with abhi, pragya is keeping her self-respect and dignity on stake, which is not right. Ya if she does this to expose taaliya and with intention and planning to stop tabhi’s marriage and to get her rights and abhi back then it will b right but for now nor the story makes any sense with not any progress in Abhi’s memory and not abhigya’s closeness with each other when Abhi is committed with tanu officially and going to marry with her for society. Infact I m seeing in updates that even after getting the true colors of tanu and after watching her bad sides, abhi still considers that he should marry with her. Even after getting doubt on her that she could b behind trapping of pragya in fake pregnancy news by doctor. He missed that doctor and instead of searching for that doctor to getting the truth and to clear his doubts, he was busy in playing games on mobile phone and later got ready to shopping for mangalsutra for tanu. The way abhi is behaving even after announcing his marriage with tanu, it shows only this that he don’t have any respect and values for marriage or any kind of rituals. He is not thinking even about ownself too. He is living like a carefree Rockstar, who is living only in today and not caring about past and future and who is dependable on others for his life and those others r also not guiding him correctly. Whatever happening in the story, everything is nonsense and baseless. That’s it. Characters r just medium but this nonsense story is created by only CVS and makers. It has no limits of nonsense. In fact it is a revision of pregnancy track for me. So when nothing going is new and sensible in the story then how I make my interest in it to watch? I don’t understand.

      1. Hi Pratiksha, I enjoy reading your comments but I now notice that your and some other comments are getting too long to read as most of us just want to get the gist of one’s thoughts. So will appreciate if you can keep it short and to the point as I have given up on the serials and the updates and now glance thru the comments only and if they are long I skip them too. No offence meant just my honest feedback. Brevity is the soul of wit. Thanks for your efforts though.

      2. Hi Pratiksha,
        On second thoughts I withdraw my comments on what I said earlier & my sincere humble apologies if I have offended you or anyone else that write long very long responses. It was just an impulse and written on instinct when I saw your two ‘very unusually long’ comments that I decided to share with you my initial thoughts on sticking to ‘brevity as the soul of wit’. I see that you were responding to other people who were asking your views. Nevertheless I admire your patience to write such long detailed analysis – keep up the good work and continue doing what you are doing right now as you know best how to write and make some sense in this otherwise crap boring KKB serial. I share your views and me too have had enough of KKB and the dumb ass writers & idiotic Ekta. On a serious note you should take up story writing as I think you have a natural flair for the role.


  10. Just because he put the Mangalsutra and some people seem to be very excited and nothing good getting bored seem like the Producers and Directors are liking Taanu and Abhi couple more than Pragya

    Bakwaas, Baakwaas

  11. Beginning was OK..then the same bullsh*t start rolling in again. It’s like the writers need to grow up and stop writing sh*tty stuff that’s actually happening in his life story..this applies to the owner of this series as well, usually I don’t watch this sort of series cos I don’t really understand the lingo somehow watchn kumkum in the beginning got me hooked now it’s a pity this has gone down the sh*t hole. Actors are doing great job somehow the writers should get medal for making them looking like idiots, repeating the same sh*t etc…also Writers need to visit doctor urgently to put screws back in his brains that has come loosen ..if he has any!!.???

  12. I wish if they could take tanu n leave the jewelry

    1. bwahaahaaaahaaaahhaaaaaaa

  13. I totally agree it seems like producers and the writers prefer piggy face Tanu as the hoe for Abhi then Pragya..she’s just there as a punching bag for Ahliya and Tanu..

  14. Shit dragging like anything I’m only watching becoz of abhigya

  15. Super episode I loved it

  16. And hii people this is rakshana from chennai and can I join u people

    1. Pls make up your mind – are you ‘Rashmitha’ or ‘Rakshana’ – you are the same person with the same logo. One comment you say it is – “shit dragging” and the next comment is “super episode”. Watching KKB has resulted in a SPLIT PERSONALITY!!! Take care and stay healthy hihihi

  17. Great drama 8.12.16 I enjoyed a lot some how abhi tied the mangalsutra to pragya. But this stupit tanu irritating very bad now also she can’t understand that abhi is for pragya. I think before removing the mangalsutra the robbers will come & shot abhi. let us wait at least after this scence abhi will regain his memory loss. pls writter do something..

  18. No wonder that mangalsutra cant come off so easily…didn’t you see how much effort Abhi put in just to hook it???

    1. haahaaaa i knooow right!!

  19. Writers are just stretching this. Really have gone mad like Tanu.. bakwaas tanu..

  20. Well said pratiksha. me also don’t like when abhi weared mangalsutra to pragya. being a friend he should keep some distance instead of behaving like a boyfriend or husband. I don’t like that scene particularly. or otherwise it was a good epi. better abhi die . atleast we got some peace

    1. Naren I m totally against abhigya’s current status of relationship between them. I was reading a comment on India forum site regarding it then I found that the thoughts and views of this commentator is same like me. So I m pasting here that comment which is completely similar with my thoughts and views regarding current status of abhigya’s relationship.

      A 30+ years self made Rockstar boss publicly flirting, being all touchy and romancing (without understanding he is romancing?) his female secretary actually seems disgusting and he always uses this phrase to silence Nikitha when ever she objects or has something valid to say ‘who is the boss and boss is always right’. Now that he found about nose button and her remote so I’m sure he will use it more elaborately to have his say on Nikitha.

      For family and viewers he may be Pragya’s husband but from Abhi’s POV and as per current story line from mid Sep onward she is Nikitha, his staff who is unmarried girl from conservative family. He is a caring, concerned and a sweet boss some times. But even in some earlier episodes Abhi was shown crossing his limits of decency as a boss in his home, home parties and in public places with Nikitha. Don’t understand why KKB writers/CVs/directors are still not realizing that they are insulting a boss-employee dignified relationship with such repeated scenes. Cleaning a girls lips with fingers in the name of wiping lassi or coffee publicly by a male boss; tying a dori or mangalsutra with mouth is definitely in bad taste when seen in an Indian environment. This kind of boss who invades your private space and seems wanting to have control on your life beyond job commitments is not many unmarried girls in India would want to aspire from their bosses.

      While KKB team may assume that some Abhigya fans may like such random scenes / lollipops since they are mighty pissed and frustrated with ML track for several weeks and want to see Abhi-Pragya closer but if you view them as Abhi-Nikitha from a boss-employee relationship such scenes lack decency as per situations that they are being show. It also unfortunately reflects Abhi’s character in poor light which they don’t seem to realize. Yes sometimes he does think why he gets drawn towards Nikitha and why is he dependent on her owing to past he has forgotten, but in the name of I’m the boss I pay your salary he can’t control a staff’s entire existence beyond her job profile and timings even if he wants her to operate from his home and not office. It was awful to watch mangalsutra tying scene even in promo and much more in actual episode.

      He proposed Tanu and announced in media to save his market image, has been entertaining Tanu to be all touchy with him from several episodes without strongly objecting her advances, agreed for marriage because of Tanu’s mom’s illness and started wedding functions, allowed Tanu to stay in MM before marriage without seeking his families approval and in parallel keeps being touchy and flirty with his secretary most of the times forgetting that she is a girl.. And more than that he mostly ignores Nikitha said several times she dislikes Tanu and don’t want to do any work related to her wedding preparations and he also witnessed Tanu insulting her few times. Can’t he be shown to be little sensitive to feelings of his friend cum well wisher cum secretary cum advisor cum servant?

      What amuses is Abhi is no longer shown confused or thinking if marrying Tanu is a wrong decision or right by the writers? Even after noticing from last few episodes Tanu’s high handedness, boasted attitude, rude behavior, top pitched talks, lack of decency in dealing with others, narrow minded thoughts & money mindedness, he simply ignores what ever he notices about Tanu?? Even the seed of doubt that Purab raised in his mind that Aliya & Tanu may be behind the doctor in fake pregnancy drama against Nikitha seem to have gone in vain. While at one end he seems now happy with his wedding preparation and knows Tanu hates Pragya he still allowed Tanu to take another chance to insult Nikitha publicly in a jewellery shop by tying Tanu’s so called Mangalsutra on his secretary, where did his wisdom or common sense vanish? Why does he allow his friend to get insulted by Tanu like that?

      1. Just to show abhigya’s some of lovely scenes together for hook up the audience, CVS r not only insulting Indian values and rituals, in fact they r insulting relationships too. Abhigya’s relationship is on such a disgusting status in present time whether it is boss- employee or it is friend – friend, which is totally unfair and unacceptable. Nor the same nonsense disgusting plottings, villains and stupidity is acceptable and not this way of Abhi’s memory loss is acceptable. As a whole, complete story in present is not acceptable.

  21. Next jewelry shop la enna nadaka pogutho..?

  22. Next update podunga pa pls…

  23. yes pratiksha you are right I think CVS are making a fool out of we the viewers by keeping abhi in touch with pragya to rise the interest in viewers for their own benefit, I think it high time for them to change their current track and bring back it charm which delight audienc most and pratiksha plzzzzzzzzz u should try to comment am not an Indian but this series from the start has given me a reason to give dignity and respect to Indians culture based on sritis (pragyas) nature but now is Luke CVS has dug a big pit and we ve fallen into it that we can no longer stay without kumkum so please my dear writers kindly put our views into consideration and do something about this current track and plzzzzzzzz pratiksha plzz do comment bcos sometimes ur comments are not only ment for makers of this series but also gives an inspiration to we those outside India so plzzzz do comment..

  24. plzzz correction “its not Luke ” but “like” tanx

  25. It pains me to see how Pragya is being tortured mentally as Abhi keeps trying whatever is meant for Tanu on her first, starting from the proposal. Men practice how to propose a girl in privacy or in front of a mirror or consulting male friends and not on a another girl, totally unacceptable. Is he also going to practice the 7 rounds on Pragya too? And if Abhi gets shot before removing mangalsutraI, will pragya be moving around with it? If Abhi still marries Tanu in the end, what will happen to Pragya, are the writers trying to drive her insane? Better kill her then. The so-called “KumKum Bhagya” really has no meaning in this serial. Finally, its obvious the goons must be Nikil & his team sent by Aliya.

    The only people with active brains in this show are two wicked witches, everyone else is a dumb.

  26. Hi Pratiksha,
    On second thoughts I withdraw my comments on what I said earlier & my sincere humble apologies if I have offended you or anyone else that write long very long responses. It was just an impulse and written on instinct when I saw your two ‘very unusually long’ comments that I decided to share with you my initial thoughts on sticking to ‘brevity as the soul of wit’. I see that you were responding to other people who were asking your views. Nevertheless I admire your patience to write such long detailed analysis – keep up the good work and continue doing what you are doing right now as you know best how to write and make some sense in this otherwise crap boring KKB serial. I share your views and me too have had enough of KKB and the dumb ass writers & idiotic Ekta. On a serious note you should take up story writing as I think you have a natural flair for the role.

  27. The wife is happy with her husband boss moving around her, unintentionally flirting with her and now with MS thing. As much as I detest the writers for one more character assassination of Abhi, he is just doing whatever comes to his mind as his secretary doesn’t seem to mind anything he does. Well she happily stares at him all the time.

    Like Pragya wearing MS in the last sequences in Lonavala, from precap looks like by the time goons attacked the shop, she still has it in her neck. Let us see what happens next and till when it hangs in her neck, till which sequence.

    Arora ladies also finding MS at their home at sametime and it getting struck in Pragya’s neck may have to do something with upcoming scenes.

    Like always, to arrive at a certain scene and situation, the writers always show some illogical scenes, which will lead to main sequence.

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