Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu saying that let Pragya stay in the family gathering. Pragya thinks something is fishy. Mitali asks what will be the topic to discuss and bores them. Everyone look on surprisingly with boredom. Abhi says I will give you topic, and asks everyone to tell what they are feeling new in their life, and what they want to do to feel something more new. Aaliya likes the idea and asks Dasi to start. Dasi sings the song Kabhi kabhi mere dil me…….Tai ji says we asked you to start a topic. Abhi stares Pragya and she feels uncomfortable. Tanu says can’t we do some other thing. Aaliya says we have to keep them busy as told by Raj. Pragya thinks why they are acting and messages Bulbul. Bulbul says until they are here, vijay is safe. Pragya asks her to keep eye on them and goes

to check Vijay. Tanu asks Bulbul to tell. Bulbul says okay and says whenever I meet Purab, I feel good spending time with him and that’s why I want us to get married soon, so that we can feel, spend, and live our married life. Aaliya gets jealous.

Raj talks to his men and says he has opened the window to help them take Vijay from there. Mitali thinks the family members laugh at her. Raj thinks to check on everyone, and thinks Mitali shouldn’t come. He then sees her and thinks devil is here. Mitali tells him that everyone is busy. Raj thinks it is good and asks her to go and sleep. Mitali thinks there is something wrong and tells Raj that she will also come with him. Raj says I am getting late. Mitali insists. Raj asks her to bring her ID card. Mitali says you are a boss, and I am your wife. Raj asks her to bring ID card if she wants to come. Mitali goes. Raj enters Vijay’s room through the window.

Abhi stops Pragya and asks who are you? Pragya says I am Pragya. Abhi says which Pragya. He says only my fuggi can talk about heart beat and feelings, and asks why she is playing game with him. Pragya says I am not playing any game and says you are playing game with me. Abhi asks who are you, who taught me love, or who gave a new meaning to money. Abhi says nothing can changed. He pulls her closer and says what did you say that I need eyes to identify you. He asks her not to ignite hatred in his heart. Pragya says you will get everything at right time. Abhi says I can’t wait any longer and you have to tell now itself. A flashback is shown….Pragya asking him to feel her heart beat without touching her. Rang De Tu Mohe……………………

The goons enter Vijay’s room. Raj tries to wake him up. Vijay shouts. Pragya hears his shout and tells Abhi. Abhi says I need your answer. Pragya asks him to let her go, but Abhi doesn’t let her go. Pragya makes an excuse and goes asking him not to follow her. Raj hears Pragya’s words and asks the goon to hit on his head and escape. The goon hits Raj on his head with a stick and runs with Vijay.

Pragya and Abhi come there and are shocked. Mitali asks Raj why did he become hero and tried to save the decorator. Raj says he didn’t know. Tanu says you would have called us. Aaliya says we got him treated and he betrayed us. Tanu says so much have happened, but Pragya is still concerned for that decorator and not for our brother. Mitali says why she will care for my husband, when she left her own husband. Tai ji says Pragya will punish you. Mitali says when she came here after marriage, I wanted to be like her, but now I am angry on myself now. She asks her what is your relation with that man, and asks can’t you see Raj’s pain. Tanu calls her shameless and careless, and says she is having affair with that man. Abhi looks on angrily.

Tanu says Pragya is shameless and asked Ronnie to stay outside room when she was in his room. Pragya is shocked and silent. Tanu says don’t know how her nights will be spend without him. Pragya asks her to stop it. Tanu asks what you will do, will you beat me. Pragya says if I tell your truth then you will be shocked. Tanu says you are making stories and asks her to reveal her truth. Pragya is silent. Tanu says she is threatening me, she is greedy, characterless, have relation with many men, and when the truth is out, she is blaming me. Purab comes and asks her to stop it. He asks the guards to bring him. Everyone is shocked to see guards bringing Vijay inside.

Pragya asks Vijay not to get scared of anyone and tell truth. She says she will free him once he tell the truth, and asks if the person is among her family member. Aaliya, Tanu and Raj are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Nothing New

      You are Kidding …Right? Per the Precap = Vijay will say Abhi told him to kill Pragya and this tired ass story line will continue to go on and on and on. Get a LIFE!

  1. variin

    I dont think vijay will say truth…..I know they will drag this track…..now we r getting bored with dis track….please end this and reveal d truth of 3 idiots……

  2. Si

    What is really going on?? Please end this and let Abhi realised the truth but he can play along and be silent about??? But right now its dragging ….

  3. Rishi

    Hope truth will be revealed. . I read spoilers that abhi will beat vijay so that vijay will reveal d truth about aliya hired him..

  4. shamim

    omg for gods sake plz reveal d truth its boring nd highly irritating.fr hw long vl thy drag ths track?????????????????disgusting.

  5. Omg! Too much torchorous episode for pragya. Everybody was accusing her and poor girl was forced to listen everything helplessly. Abhi, dadi, bulbul nobody stopped anybody from badmouthing against pragya. Abhi doesn’t know her truth but atleast he could stop tanu to raising question about her character becoz this much abhi knows na that pragya is not in relationship with anybody. Becoz pragya herself have been told this that she doesn’t want to have anyone in her life and wants to live alone. And dadi and bulbul! They knows her truth. I know they can’t support her directly but they could shut everybody’s mouth somehow na. They have trapped pragya between emotions and they r all r enjoying their life with innocence. Thank god purab came on the time and shut tanu’s mouth by giving her very gud answer. I was waiting for abhi to take this step. But he just remained gud for nothing. Purab has stole today’s episode. And this abhi! Everything was going gud, his plan was going gud, he was near of pragya’s truth, just some more efforts were needed. But he have again spoiled everything by his questioning from pragya. I don’t know why he is asking same question again and again from her, when he knows that she will not tell her truth becoz if she wants to tell then she tells it very before. But she didn’t so don’t know why he asks her again and again. Can’t he find out secretly as he did during tanu’s pregnancy thing time. I was enjoying abhigya’s cute and romantic scenes now will we have to see abhi in previous hatred mode again! Nooo.. Not again. Already we r torchering by delayed truth revelations now if we will again come back to square one of abhi’s hatred then it will b disastrous. Now according to that segment, abhi will say that he have full faith on pragya. What right he have to say this when he didn’t open his mouth when tanu was accusing pragya as characterless and mitali bhabhi was saying her cheater. Very smart guy, first he have hurted pragya by his silent now he is again trying to get back pragya’s trust and love by saying it that he have full faith on pragya. Now it doesn’t suits him. Anyways now tomorrow, we will see the segment
    scene of killer’s confrontation.

    • nivi

      ya ryt purab was really gud nd i felt happy 4 his entry at tat ryt time
      bt abhi??????
      tanu is talkin abt character ah wooooooowwwww tat dharmapathini tanu can u cum 4 d DNA test????
      nikki hz long they ll torture ta poor girl pragya?????
      is d canal 4 d people in mehra house who can they shwo their angry nd hatred towards her?????
      omg if killer vijay killed her also all ll blame her ly
      highly disgusting nd no 1 have d ryst to talk abt her in d house even 4 dadi too
      helpless dadi then y she put tat stupid plans????

  6. Kiara

    Vijay is going to lie that Abhi hired him to kill Pragya so Abhi will go to jail. Pragya knows that Vijay is lying so she takes back her complain so Abhi can be free from jail

  7. abinaya

    As i alrdy read..vijay vl put te blame on abi..nd says tat abi has hired to kill praghya..uffff….????dragging..ekta kapoor shw…plss hassan atlst exprss tanu’s truth so tat..thy would xprss their luv without any hesitation?latr on u can move on wid alaiya nd raj?

  8. srimathi

    I didn’t see the episode but from the written update I have an doubt is Abhi is dumb while tanu saying that pragya is shameless and blah blah pls anyone Clarify this

  9. Shweta

    Yes variin I too think the same….i think this is the update which our friends were talking about in which Vijay will take abhi’s name and Pragya has to loose again……i don’t know why cant she directly tell abhi the truth….if she could have said that before her new avatar then he would have happily accepted the truth about Tanu as he was so deeply involved with Pragya……..and she could have brought out aaliya’s truth later on…..I just don’t get why abhi will be her interruption when ever she tried to reach the truth….

  10. kowsy

    Pragya should have slapped tanu for taking such nonsense… What a characterless b*t*h talking about characters of others…. Tomo episode will be interestimg i guess .. Abhi beating vijay…

  11. preethi

    Why abhi so silent? How dare u tanu u r character less Che ne pesura character pathi abhi, bulbul, dadi yen ivolo silent ta irukanga tanu Pragya va pathi avolo kevelama pesura adha kettu summa irukanga

  12. kowsy

    srimathi Abhi was already manipulated by tanu… Then how he ll speak …and also according to tanu abhi is acting for getting his property back..

  13. pooja

    Too much dragging of story…really the serial has started boring me now…kitna kheechoge yar…bachche ki jaan loge kya…ek hi track bar bar dikha ke paka daala hai…stop this drama…show something sensible

  14. ♡♥Maha♥♡

    Abhi Pragya part was so cute
    Tanu is character less b***h yeppa pa taliya, raj truth expose pannuvinga

  15. Ayesha

    Srimathi .. I just want to say check abhi face reaction when tanu was talking ..

    Where are you nikki 1 waiting for your comment ..

  16. Sahithi

    So Abhi is back to his I hate Pragya mode again. On lot of occasions I feel if not for Purab, who keeps the relation between Abhi n Pragya going, directly or indirectly, Abhi would be married to Tanu by now.

    More than dafi, Purab helped them in important situations, starting from running away from marriage with Aaliya to making Abhi realize where his heart truly is, till today catching that killer.

    So after this confrontation, how can Abhi act nicely with Pragya and hope to even get a sign from her on property papers.

  17. sonia

    Wait krte krte 2015 khatam ho jayega..ye track shayyad 2016 main b chlta rhega aur aise hi pkata rhega…writers r just the biggest fools..whynot they admit that they dont have any story for the serial…even then the serial has got awards..but not for the next time…better to shut down it

  18. sonia

    Abhi aur pragya milne se rhe…guys can u tell me ki ekta kapoor ne aaj takk kisi serial main lead pair ko sath rkhaa ho…kuch ek romantic scenes dikhaye jaate hai just to fool ppl so that they dont leave their couch…aah! she cant change story line

  19. reji

    Y abhi is so quiet and this tanu she crossed her limits when she was speaking to pragya as character less …… pragya should give a tight slap to her and say the truth to everyone and what all tanu said to pragya will suit for her only tanu is only character less ….. bla bla bla

  20. srimathi

    OMG why he is so dumb this is not at all fair!!Before that scene he tried to get the truth from pragya and he feels her love but after this while tanu saying these things why cant he stop her poor pragya feeling bad for her and one more thing guys on yesterday’s episode when dasi said na outsiders can do their work and not to sit with the family members at the time too Abhi doesn’t react this so weird how can be a man can tolerate when someone says bad about his love!!Especially from the b*t*h tanu its not fair he should has been opened up!!I just hate tanu’s character!!CVS has to finish her pregnancy track and get her out of Abhigya’s house!!

  21. lissie

    Hey chill atleast enjoy the negativ roles as they r doin bettr its fr sure tat abhigya wil join oni wen world ends

  22. razia

    Getn irritated wit this abhi often .. Watta man he’s I really can’t guess .. BT truly m fed up of abhis behaviour .. He makes me hate him sumtymz

  23. Pri

    Pragya is shameless tanu? You are the one who is faking to be pregnant with Abhi’s child when the baby belongs to someone else!
    Vijay is gonna say Abhi, for sure. The truth won’t come out until Tanu’s baby is born and is old enough to start investigating if Abhi is actually the dad or not LOL give it a few years everyone 😛 😛

  24. "Revelation"

    Abhi is silent because the script is such. Pragya is being bullied and ridiculed because the script such. Dadi the master mind behind this and bulbul is quiet because the script is such. The script writer who recently won best script writer has written it in such a way. At end of this vijay hunt…pragya is defeated once again. Vijay protects the villains n blames Abhi. Abhi
    ends up in jail with Prags bailing him out.
    Thats how the award winning writer has written the script. He writes a good story with no Sense or Sensibility . Thats how Zee awards “brilliant ” writers.
    If not of the amazing cast this senseless script will make NONSENSE. Although its NONSENSE. …the cast give it some SENSE.

  25. Ayesha

    Guyzz just wait for tomm episode and wait for next segment to come ..

    Nikki-1 abhi will doubt aaliya this time and he will say that he have full faith and I can feel it .. Aaliya was defending that killer ..

    But you also say that SBS reporter was saying that when abhi will come out of jail .. He will find aliya truth and will punish her .. But I am still confused regarding abhi character ..

    They will not show us any rape scene I am saying it because the channel denied any track of pragya getting raped .. It was a rumour and old news ..

  26. Ayesha

    Nikki-1 what is abhi trying to do ?? I think abhi have found some clues regarding pragya changed behavior that’s why he was quite But he won’t take pragya sign on property papers until he finds pragya truth ..

    Waiting for new segment ..

    Nikki 1 waiting for your reply …

    • Ayesha abhi has become completely jerk during these days. Abhi was questioning with pragya in yesterday’s episode becoz of pragya’s that words which she said to abhi in their bed room. Pragya said that if u will count my heartbeat without touching me then I will believe that u loves me. According to abhi, this only his fuggy can say becoz only she understands his feelings but new pragya is money minded so how can she talk about heart and it’s feelings. That’s why abhi gets doubtful that if she is his fuggy and just faking as money minded. Becoz if this he was questioning with pragya about her real identity. That’s why ayesha I m saying that why he is not understanding that if pragya wants to tell her truth then why she does this much fake drama in front of him so without doing any question, he himself should find out this. He was come very near of pragya’s truth becoz of his love antics but again he has spoiled it by his questioning. Some more efforts were needed and after that he gets back His fuggy but he has spoiled again it. His biggest problem is that he us becoming very impatient that’s why he is spoiling his own plans by doing mistakes again and again. Ya but after yesterday’s confrontation between him and pragya, if he will have used his mind then he has got this clue that pragya is hiding her reality or truth from abhi. Now let’s see what will happen after thus killer vijay’s confrontation sequence.

      • And ayesha he was quite becoz of his anger. He was angry with pragya for not giving him reply of his questions and caring about that decorator ( killer vijay). That’s why he was quite and was letting everyone to say anything about pragya. And as we knows from begining that his anger and igo r biggest things in his life than any other thing. So he gets blind and mindless when these two things accurs in him. Now with both these weaknes ,one more weakness has come on him, which is impatience. He is getting impatience every time becoz of which he is failing in his every attempt of find out pragya’s truth.

  27. simar

    bulshit episode tanu ko sharam nhi aati aap to hau hi galat dusro ko bi bol rhi hai how can she talking about pragye

  28. OMG.I cannot take it anymore..Come on the truth needs to be out! I am surely waiting to see the revelation..Still rate Kumkum Bhagya as number 1!!:-)

  29. razia

    So is there any new segment .. Spoilers .. Waitn fa it .. If Anyone cums to knoe .. Plz do let us knoe ..

  30. Ayesha

    Yes i agree with you nikki 1 but we can’t judge in one episode .. Wait for upcoming episodes to see abhi behaviour ..

    Maybe after today’s or tomm episode everything will be clear in abhi mind that she doesn’t have any kind of affair with that killer vijay.. But if he coming back to hate mode than what about the love contract ??

    When pragya takes her case back against abhi .. This time I am sure he will ask reason why she saved him . maybe she will tell truth or makes some excuse ..

    What do you think about abhi face expression when tanu was doing nonsense ???

    But we are not writer or producer .. Waiting for your reply ..

    • Sahithi

      In my opinion, Pragya melts quickly seeing or listening to Abhi. If he could sit quite when Tanu was blabbering all that, next time he comes back to Pragya when she gets him released, Pragya should not forgive so easily. Better she shifts from that room unlike last time, when Dadi sent Abhi out.

      Abhi needs to be given back a dose of his own behavior. Its so insulting to Pragya to say that she has affair with Vijay. I mean if she even thinks of getting some one cured it is having affair. Tanu going to have child out of wedlock and that is fine with everyone. Not only in yesterday episode but from last few episodes, every says Pragya has affair so concerned for Vijay. Tanu always moves around in their house from the starting as if she is family member and now she is staying there without any reason. Why didnt Pragya push Tanu out after stopping their marriage?

    • Ayesha off course he will support pragya. Becoz according to last segment when aaliya was supporting that killer, abhi said that he have full faith on pragya becoz this killer did fake drama of memory loss and tried to run away and on dushehra everything was happening wrong. So it’s proof that he is guilty for trying to kill pragya and he was trying to escape from the fear of catching coz pragya knew him. Ayesha that’s how he will support pragya and believe on her. But this does not justifies his silent when everybody was accusing her, even I saw in segment that he was also doing question from pragya that what relation she have with this decorator, why she is so concern for him? I m waiting for that time and scene when he will b free from police’s arrest and how he will face pragya after that? At that time what will b his reactions and steps, for that I m waiting. Becoz only then I can say about his thinking and future plans for pragya.

  31. srimathi

    Guys anyone had Watched bad company first episode in zing TV where sriti and divyanka had came in that sriti told”I love kumkumbhagya no doubts in that and shabir is my sweet heart and the best I had ever met in my life he is such a person who can change the mood whenever I’m in upset he is my the best friend whatever I’m in kumkumbhagya it is all because of shabir “and about arjit taneja aka purab she told ” he is a very very cute boy he is like my adopted son”and recently in zee rishtey awards after winning the best pair award she told “It is all because of shabir and he is the best” and winning ITA awards for best pair “Shabir is simply the best and she repeats the same whatever I’m in kumkumbhagya its all because of shabir” She is so humble and moreover shabir had stated recently that “sriti is my best and comfortable co-actor love to work with her and its not that about work we have a good bond even in Offscreen that’s why we are looking to be a best pair” they are so humble and this best friendship is the reason for their incomparable adorable chemistry on-screen just cute pair!!

  32. srimathi

    Guys just now saw yesterday’s episode while tanu and mitali insulting pragya Abhi’s expressions was like that “U r not at all deserved these kinda words I can’t bear that u r getting insulted please open up” according to my view his expressions are like this

    • Madhu

      Right srimathi..atleast they would have shown us that Abhi is thinking this way even if he doesn’t speak out..

    • Well srimathi what I assumed from abhi’s expression that he was like come on pragya speak up the truth,just speak up something to shut everybody’s mouth. Say that u r not like this. Say something atleast now, if u will not speak up then how I will support u and how I will shut everybody’s mouth. Then in his last expression when purab came and shut tanu’s mouth then abhi was like what use of shutting tanu’s mouth when pragya herself r not saying anything to prove tanu wrong.

  33. rrr

    ha ha ha..after a long time to read ds updates….still remain the same…stupid n idiot director….waste serial…y they telecast…waste 500 episodes to expose…feeling ridiculous….still now abhi joking,pragya act stupid but imagine smart,asusual purab n bulbul waste,aaliya tanu raj escape,mitali n tai ji boring….TOTALLY SUCH A MOST TREMONDOUS WASTE N SRUPID SERIAL….TIME WASTE…GUD BYE FOOLS

  34. Shraddha

    Production team ko show ka naam kumkum bhagya se dragging bhagya type kuch rakh dena chiye…
    Itna dragg to koi show nhi krta h…
    Tanu k pregancy ko itna tym ho gya but she looks like model…
    Aliya ka sach sbko pta h fir b sb usiki baat aasani se maan lete hai..
    RAJ jo itna sidda saada h vo itna change ho gya h iss baat pr kisi ko koi shaq nhi hota hai.. tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòooooooooooo much drag ho raha h show…
    Show na ho gya rubber ho gya jisko pull kre hi jaa rehe h…
    I hve to lost the interest in watching it…

  35. srimathi

    Ya razia he is just manipulating himself fedup of guessing his character anyways lets wait for today’s episode

    • razia

      Gud .. Really I want abhi to trust pragya more than himself.. As u replied nikki-1 yua assumption is gud like yu don deserve dis so speak out pragya nu abhi is waiting itseems

  36. srimathi

    Exactly nikki-1 u r absolutely correct!!After when the vijay accused Abhi he may realize truth behind pragya because while speaking to pragya he said that he doesn’t know what is ryt or wrong and who is my enemy and all but dadi made me to marry u that u can able to take care of me and save me from my problems so When vijay accuses Abhi after that pragya ll take back her complaint and relive Abhi so from that Abhi can able to realize she is the same pragya i.e, his fuggi who saved him from the problem.And regarding Abhi’s expressions u r absolutely ryt because we had already seen on-screen updates regarding this where pragya revealing that vijay was the person who kidnapped her and tied in the effigy after revealing this Abhi supports pragya undoubtedly and he became aggressive and start beating him moreover this time he doesn’t trust tanu or Aaliya!!so this is the real inner personality of Abhi and his love and feeling are still the same on pragya!!

    • Ya srimathi, Abhi should not take lightly this killer’s incidence. It is a major indication for abhi. If he will carefully assume all the things then he will definetly come near to the truth. But as I said he has become impatient during these days becoz of which he is spoiling his own plans and every chance to find out the truth behind pragya’s change. And his biggest mistake is doing questioning from pragya by which he is disappointing every time and becoz of which differences r increasing between them. He should handle it and find out it by ownself without telling about it anyone, not even pragya also. Becoz of his love efforts, he was near of pragya’s truth. If he continues with his efforts then he definetly finds out the truth but again he has wasted it by his impatience. Well let’s see now what will b his next step for pragya?

  37. datinsanity

    Ive been wtchn dis drama fr a whle n I wz crayzeee abt it. But wen it gt draggin I din wtch fr 2 mnths n nw ive strtd wtchn… so guyz cn anyne tll me if prags knws whos de fathr of tanu’s chld??

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