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The Episode starts with Pragya thinking Tanu and Aaliya have spoiled Abhi’s mood. She wonders how to cheer him up and gets an idea. She thinks music…She plays a song. Abhi asks her to stop it. Pragya wonders what to do now. She starts playing his guitar and stops. Abhi asks her to continue playing. She plays the guitar. Abhi looks at her….She sings Pal Bhar Theher Jawo…Agar Tum Saath Ho…………….He sings with her….Pragya recalls Abhi singing song and playing guitar. Abhi thanks her and says sorry. He says you are feeling bad as I brought Aaliya back. Pragya says I have no problem if she stays here, but have problem with her doings. Abhi says situation was such that I have to bring her home. Pragya says I can understand, but don’t believe that she is changed. Abhi says she has saved

Tanu’s life. Pragya says we can’t oversee her mistakes and says you have forgiven him being a good man. Abhi says my fuggi knew about me. Pragya says your fuggi told about you to my rockstar. Abhi asks what else she told you.

Tanu and Nikhil meet somewhere. They sit in the car. Tanu asks why did you meet Pragya and why she called me. Nikhil says Pragya called me for some business proposal, and says tells about the proposal. Tanu asks him not to help Pragya and orders him. Nikhil asks her not to order him, and says you think about yourself..being extremely selfish. I will also think about my future now. Just then Nikhil hits a man. Rachna and Tai ji come to market to buy vegetables. Tai ji starts bargaining with the auto driver. Rachna sees people gathering there and sees Nikhil and Tanu responsible for accident. Nikhil offers to give money and asks the people to let them go. Constable comes and asks if she is your girlfriend? Nikhil says she is my wife, and asks Tanu to do overacting and try to get sympathy. Rachna sees them and thinks Nikhil have told Inspector that Tanu is his wife. She thinks to inform Pragya.

Aaliya hears someone coming and lie down on the bed. Pragya comes there and taunts her for hurting her loved ones. She says I will make sure that you get out of this house, and asks her to rest till then. She thanks her for saving Tanu and her baby, and says that baby is Tanu’s last support. She says if you support her then I will make sure that you stay in the outhouse. Aaliya says I didn’t do any planning to come here, and says she saved her from accident. Pragya says her eyes are on Tanu, and also on her, and asks her to remember her words. Mitali brings juice. Pragya asks her to bring badam milk to sharpen Aaliya’s memory. Mitali tells Aaliya that she will drink the juice and asks her to drink haldi milk.

Purab says Nikhil said yes. Pragya says he said that he is interested in this job. Purab says it is a good thing. Pragya says if he agrees then….he might get against Tanu. Just then she gets Rachna’s call. Rachna informs her that she saw Nikhil and Tanu doing an accident and says Police came to arrest them. Nikhil said that Tanu is his wife and is pregnant. She asks Pragya to take Abhi to Police station. Tai ji calls her and she goes. Pragya thinks their relation truth will be revealed infront of Abhi now. She comes to Abhi. Abhi is seen hearing music. Pragya tells him that they need to go to Police station as they called to take his statement for Aaliya’s accident. Abhi agrees.

Nikhil talks to Constable politely and says my wife is unwell. He says I am ready to give money to the victim and will get him treated. He tries to bribe Constable. Constable gets angry and locks him inside. Pragya and Abhi come to the Police station. Pragya asks him to hurry up. Abhi says I am rockstar and will come in style. Pragya says come fast. Abhi says I am thinking as if you are taking me forcibly. Pragya says I am helping you and you are doubting on me. She says they are police and might file case against you. Abhi says there is something else. Pragya asks him to come inside and see the matter. She says you might be scared. Abhi says I am a rockstar, and police will stand up seeing me. Pragya says staff is changed, and you don’t know. She says new Inspector doesn’t like any celebrity. Abhi says ok, I will call Tanu and inform her. Pragya asks him to come inside and says she is also here. Abhi says you are hiding something from me. Pragya says there is wrong happening with you and I won’t let this happen. Abhi looks on.

Aaliya tells Purab that they were close before. Purab says we can’t meet like two different ends of a river. He says I can’t believe that you are changed and must have returned with a motive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ok shobana… actually neenga ena vida elder so only…. i called likr that… hereaftr i will use only yr name….

    1. No gowtham
      I’m just 22 yrs old if this Sept comes I will turn 23
      That y I said im not such a big girl to give that much respect

      1. Maybe a yr or some months will be the diff for this y neega ji and all so only I said

  2. yes gowtham.u r the only boy who is commenting regularly in kkb fan page and in this group.

  3. writers and actors are stopped using their brains. they just follow a senario.
    1. Alia, tanu, and abhi together plan did pragya’s marriage with abhi.
    2. ATA again tried so muh to oost pragya while slowly started singing ‘fuggy’
    3. they ould not oost pragya as abhi, the rock start slowly turned happy love song to i love u fuggy song. now there is no concert to be held. he just always and any time situation calls he starts singing fuggy (some imaginery chasma. I do not many observed, the word fuggy used to bring smile. now they overused to suh a level that it does not make me interested any more.
    4. in tetween tanu and alia’s characters got promottion to killing. they started killing people to achieve their love (lust and own ATM machine). Amazingly their truth will not come out or even if it came, forgiveness is way too east for them to get. As Abhi the rock star is blind, deaf, dumb and braindead person.
    5. one day the rock star can’t spend little bit of time that his chahiti girl friend (tanu) went ahead and piked up a random man on roads to spend her valuable body, mind, and time. i cannot say soul. soul is purity. tanu is ek trash.
    6. first fuggy beame so tyagmurthy that she gave her place to tanu.
    6. now fuggy back oost tanu and alia from home in the proess first she oosted abhi from home for a day or so.
    sine them how many times aliya is getting oosted she happily comes back.
    since they pragya beame super duper detective that tanu happily carrying her lover and her fianice / lover 1 in kitty and whole kkb knows except abhi.
    7. tanu became ages bak and remains flatty pregnant wali.
    8. after all comments viewed by writers and makeup artists. they made a small chane. tanu beame a huge pregnancy wali with so much padding and pillows. it is hard for people to see her face has her body will be very far off and her huge tummy is visible and she remains like this forever and forever.
    9. abhi and nikhl have to be careful. next time onwards if they do not do what tanu says, may be tanu will pick up another man from platform.
    10. in all this i do not know where is Kumkum ki Bhagya taking plae. pure lust, killing, saajish, vile is taking whole screen space.
    story running in circles. writers forgot what they wrote. pragya forgot she can change hairstyle often. writers and artists are doing same thing repeatedly that they do not have to use brain. they automatially doing it for years.

  4. guys i hav posted my ff epi-9 4parts just now. the team will review it and publish after 4or 5hrs.i hope u all will read it.

    1. Sure will read it
      Send the link so that there won’t be confusion pa..
      Anyways I’m entering 10th this year
      Neenga 10th clear panitigala? ??

  5. I think writers are blind,dumb and deaf.they can’t see that fans are hating them because of this dragging. I used to watch this show.

  6. I jus loved pragya singing .. Abhigya expressions .. It was jus lyk anytng .. I loved it alot .. Afta long .. It was awesome instead an eye lock

  7. Go to hell u efed up writers… What do u think of urself??? That u can mess up and dragggg the story as u lyk?? Tanu’s child should have been 1 month old by now but these writers are just dragging this story..

  8. Yesterday episode is nice…really Abhigya’s romance is superb. I like to see repeatedly(only that part). Alia is trying to restart her love life on Purab. Apart from that – Abhi started to think that pragya is hiding something to him. Nikhil started to react again Tanu. Sarla ma is getting well. I think the track is going on positive side. Only negative thing is Pragya’s plan is getting flop. May be it has the reason that Abhi may make the truth comes out as most of you guys think. But if abhi gets doubt on Tanu, surely he will find the truth. Let’s wait and watch this accident makes abhi to doubt on Tanu.

  9. Another plan floped!! Whaat!? Again?? I’m seriously pissed by the show makers.. Why are they trying to make us watch the same Tanu issue.. I feel like why Pragya is soo dumb nd on the other hand Aliya nd Tanu are soo smart that defeating Pragya has become their habit now.. I know nobody force me to watch this bt… Im gonna stop watching this crap.

  10. 2 min of silence fr us..hw can v hope pragya acts smart..in today’s epi she blurted truth to nikhil by askng about tanu…hw cme she can’t control her emtns!!!oh god by watching yesterday epi I thought pragya acts smart..but no..at the end she herself spoiled her plan..uffff..!!atleast I hope nw nikhil may kidnap pragya…again same storyy repeatsss…chi chii..really cvs r out of mind

  11. as usual with all the excitements, this will also be a failed plan of Pragya…

  12. I’m new here. I hope you guys don’t mind me posting. I stopped watching this show when alia records the video of ronny being alive with pragya and rachna.
    I was so disappointed.
    And i read today’s update. What I don’t understand is. Doesn’t nikhil know that pragya already knows that he’s tanu’s baby’s father?
    Did aliya and tanu not tell him that pragya and team recorded tanu’s confession on the phone? Then why doesn’t nikhil understand that this is all plan of pragya you trap him?

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