Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking Tanu and Aaliya have spoiled Abhi’s mood. She wonders how to cheer him up and gets an idea. She thinks music…She plays a song. Abhi asks her to stop it. Pragya wonders what to do now. She starts playing his guitar and stops. Abhi asks her to continue playing. She plays the guitar. Abhi looks at her….She sings Pal Bhar Theher Jawo…Agar Tum Saath Ho…………….He sings with her….Pragya recalls Abhi singing song and playing guitar. Abhi thanks her and says sorry. He says you are feeling bad as I brought Aaliya back. Pragya says I have no problem if she stays here, but have problem with her doings. Abhi says situation was such that I have to bring her home. Pragya says I can understand, but don’t believe that she is changed. Abhi says she has saved

Tanu’s life. Pragya says we can’t oversee her mistakes and says you have forgiven him being a good man. Abhi says my fuggi knew about me. Pragya says your fuggi told about you to my rockstar. Abhi asks what else she told you.

Tanu and Nikhil meet somewhere. They sit in the car. Tanu asks why did you meet Pragya and why she called me. Nikhil says Pragya called me for some business proposal, and says tells about the proposal. Tanu asks him not to help Pragya and orders him. Nikhil asks her not to order him, and says you think about yourself..being extremely selfish. I will also think about my future now. Just then Nikhil hits a man. Rachna and Tai ji come to market to buy vegetables. Tai ji starts bargaining with the auto driver. Rachna sees people gathering there and sees Nikhil and Tanu responsible for accident. Nikhil offers to give money and asks the people to let them go. Constable comes and asks if she is your girlfriend? Nikhil says she is my wife, and asks Tanu to do overacting and try to get sympathy. Rachna sees them and thinks Nikhil have told Inspector that Tanu is his wife. She thinks to inform Pragya.

Aaliya hears someone coming and lie down on the bed. Pragya comes there and taunts her for hurting her loved ones. She says I will make sure that you get out of this house, and asks her to rest till then. She thanks her for saving Tanu and her baby, and says that baby is Tanu’s last support. She says if you support her then I will make sure that you stay in the outhouse. Aaliya says I didn’t do any planning to come here, and says she saved her from accident. Pragya says her eyes are on Tanu, and also on her, and asks her to remember her words. Mitali brings juice. Pragya asks her to bring badam milk to sharpen Aaliya’s memory. Mitali tells Aaliya that she will drink the juice and asks her to drink haldi milk.

Purab says Nikhil said yes. Pragya says he said that he is interested in this job. Purab says it is a good thing. Pragya says if he agrees then….he might get against Tanu. Just then she gets Rachna’s call. Rachna informs her that she saw Nikhil and Tanu doing an accident and says Police came to arrest them. Nikhil said that Tanu is his wife and is pregnant. She asks Pragya to take Abhi to Police station. Tai ji calls her and she goes. Pragya thinks their relation truth will be revealed infront of Abhi now. She comes to Abhi. Abhi is seen hearing music. Pragya tells him that they need to go to Police station as they called to take his statement for Aaliya’s accident. Abhi agrees.

Nikhil talks to Constable politely and says my wife is unwell. He says I am ready to give money to the victim and will get him treated. He tries to bribe Constable. Constable gets angry and locks him inside. Pragya and Abhi come to the Police station. Pragya asks him to hurry up. Abhi says I am rockstar and will come in style. Pragya says come fast. Abhi says I am thinking as if you are taking me forcibly. Pragya says I am helping you and you are doubting on me. She says they are police and might file case against you. Abhi says there is something else. Pragya asks him to come inside and see the matter. She says you might be scared. Abhi says I am a rockstar, and police will stand up seeing me. Pragya says staff is changed, and you don’t know. She says new Inspector doesn’t like any celebrity. Abhi says ok, I will call Tanu and inform her. Pragya asks him to come inside and says she is also here. Abhi says you are hiding something from me. Pragya says there is wrong happening with you and I won’t let this happen. Abhi looks on.

Aaliya tells Purab that they were close before. Purab says we can’t meet like two different ends of a river. He says I can’t believe that you are changed and must have returned with a motive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. MDave

    Now it is too much dragging of revealing Tanu’s secret…that people no more interested to watch the show…!

    • Naj

      Omg this show is getting very boring I used to watch it but not any more, they just dragging the episodes and this abhi never takes anything serious come on man behave like a man.

  2. Fowziya

    Damn .. always the same crap, Rachna instead of calling Pragya in phone she could very well take the situation into video, n finally Pragya n co could b able to show it to Abhi na ?? Abhi and Pragya as usual arguing nd wasting their time ! ? Even if they have a chance to expose Tanu, they always screw up..

    • shobana

      No use fowziya if video is recorded again Tanu and co will steel and we cant see the same thing being repeated for yrs

  3. Madhu kumari

    Really I already left seeing this show. Pls change some thing . bring some positivity and love not in dream but in reality in the show . it’s already two year past of starting this show but still there is no patchup between hero heroin and their love life still not started it become so boring.

  4. Fowziya

    And one thing was very good in tdy’s episode Nikhil’s words towards Tanu ?? (hope he will turn against Tanu) nd i think as usual Takhil will get escaped this time also ? Its my guess but maybe this time somethin’ positive could also happen..

  5. jaan

    every time tanu confess to her crime pragya always has a phone in her hand cant she record what tanu is tellin her n show it to abhi duh or she only knows how to answer it as i said before they have to prolong this serial cuz they have ran out of a story line n hey no one is askin me to watch

  6. love u kumkum bhagya

    Wish they have a new twist where abhi knew the truth from the beginning but was waiting for tanu to say it
    lol wish something like this happens but faster
    kinda getting tired of this
    oh and by the way does anyone in kumkum bhagya have snap chat plz let us know

  7. Okay this is stupid!!! Pregnancy drama has been going on forever and I don’t see a bump yet….every time ugh every time good is revealed sooner than bad!!! Just because there’s a lot of negativity in the show doesn’t always bring the trps up it’s also because of what is being shown in the drama!!! If this keeps dragging all the trps will drop and the drama will be not so popular!!! Secondly WHY THE HECK IS PRAGYA NOT SAYING ANYTHING TO ABHI!!! She always keeps her mouth shut in front of him and doesn’t tell him anything!!! SHE THINKS ONCE EVERYONE IS EXPOSED THAN SHE CAN SAVE ABHI FROM THEM AND BOTH CAN LIVE THEIR LIVES HAPPILY!!! NO NO NO NO PRAGYA IF U DONT TELL ABHI SOON HE WILL STOP BELIEVING IN EVERYTHING AND LOVE!! IF U THINK HE WILL FORGIVE U AFTER EVERYONE IS EXPOSED THAN HE WONT SO EASILY BECAUSE FIRST OFF HE WILL BE BETRAYED BY HIS TWO CLOSE PEOPLE ALIYA AND TANU AND SECOND HE WILL STOP TRUSTING U TOO AND HIS LOVE FOR U BECAUSE HE WILL THINK EVERYONE CLOSE TO HIM BETRAYED HIM SO U WILL TOO!!! ABHI IS SENSITIVE!!! AND WHY SHOULD ABHI ONLY SUFFER EVEN PRAGYA SHOULD NA SHES DOING ALL THIS FOR HIM BUT AT THE END WHAT WILL SHE GET?? ABHIS LOVE OR HIS HATRED??? You guys might be thinking why hatred well because pragya isn’t opening her mouth in front of abhi which will slowly drift them apart and she will get nothing at the end!!! AND IT WONT BE ABHIS FAULT IT WILL BE PRAGYAS BECAUSE SHE ISNT TELLING HIM ANYTHING!!! She just wanted to do everything herself and be great but what about abhi? Isn’t he your husband? Isn’t he your love? He is so why don’t you just tell me so you both can expose her and he won’t even be mad later at u!!! But maybe it’s too late for pragya to say the truth to abhi because now he won’t even believe you!!!!

  8. Abraham Lawer

    Aaliya is back to bring problems to the house but she as forgotten that Purab is there. Pragya is planning very well to expose Tanu.Well done pragya



  10. Annalisse

    Time to bring the story line update Pragya and Abhi can’t be so stupid. After all Tanu brainless and Pragya as a high school professor can’t be so stupid. Hurry up let love prevail.

  11. Annalisse

    Time to bring the story line update Pragya and Abhi can’t be so stupid. After all Tanu brainless and Pragya as a high school professor can’t be so stupid. let love prevail.

  12. shobana

    This episode was nice

    Conflict between Nikhil and Tanu has started. That’s really good. The way Nikhil spoke to Tanu was superb. He should stand against Tanu but he should not leave Tanu because if he leave Tanu and her baby it will be an advantage for Tanu.
    Pragya spoke good to alia . Alia says her entry in Mehra house will be slap on Pragya’s face but on seein pragya’s speach I feel its a slap on alia’s face. Now I think alia might stop helping Tanu as alia is selfish she will only think about her. And she try to fool Tanu, but her intension won’t be to save Tanu.
    I really feel our rock star is back . I think this Tanu Nikhil accident drama is for abhi to get doubt on Tanu. This wont be successful but abhi will have doubt. If he ask Tanu what she was doin with Nikhil, she can’t answer anything. And Pragya has seeded doubt in abhi’s mind. If this seed grows into tree it will be nice. Abhi on Pragya’s behaviour found that she is hiding something. If he show the same attitude towards Tanu it will be nice.
    Tanu in police station again should not manipulate abhi. If she does so he will act against Pragya saying only u r betrayed me not anyone else. I don’t want that to happen instead abhi should doubt on Tanu.
    And its good that purab didn’t believe alia. Is alia again thinking to marry purab??? Because y she needs purab to believe her ??
    Yesterday abhi and Pragya scenes was so nice.

  13. karthika

    thank god nikhil didn’t come in tanu’s words.nikhil is trapped but it will take more time to expose them.i think pragya’s plan of catching them redhanded in the police station gonna fail.becoz takhil will leave before pragya’s arrival or if they even caught redhanded they will tell some other reason to abhi.as abhi will get easily influenced by their lie. pragya will not expose tanu with the evidences as tanu will destroy all evidences.if pragya wanna expose she will do everything and at end she will try the ideology of confession.pragya will make abhi to hide somewhere and kindle tanu, due to aggression tanu will tell each &every thing to pragya.when abhi hears it,will be confession by tanu.if the CVs go threw this idea it will some what easy not more time consuming work.

    • shobana

      Idea.is nice karthi but CVs wont do like that. Because they won’t let us happy. If abhi comes to knw abt the truth then our fuggy will be back and abigya reunion will happen. As a result we all will be happy, which the CVs don’t like. That’s why they are dragging like chewing gum.
      But to be honest after this face to face fight starts I really don’t feel that the story is dragging rather I am enjoying a lot

  14. Surie

    What a waste of time watching KKB. I have switched to watching Korean dramas. Now Hindi dramas are becoming like the Latins as so dramatic and one incident will drag for months before it finally shed some light!! But I must say the first half episodes of KKB were great until they confused the plot and I guess gets greedy to prolong the drama…

  15. karthika

    our abhi is really back to his form.atleast they hav shown some love amid abhigya was awesome.abhi should realy realize that the mogambo is actually his fuggi.becoz if abhi thinks woman who deceives his husband and come back to defame him will not console and make him happy when he’s dissapointed.CVs team should keep it in their mind and make abhi really think as pragya is mogambo or fuggi.if he tried to investigate about it then he will reach the rim of truth easily.when he asked to pragya and then whatever my fuggi said to rockstar,pragya didn’t say anything i think she should have to say that ur fuggi loves u lot.if she says this statement that all misunderstanding will be cleared.anyway the CVs team should make abhi to think over pragya.

  16. gowtham

    actually from the precap itself its understood this police station is a failure too… but even without a precap its easy to say bringing abhi to the police station is not gonna wrk…. its obvious that tanu easily able manipulate abhi.. juz Fr a lift, she came to nikhils car and accident happened and police thut them husband and wife like that she will say… so its not very difficult situation fr tanu to escape… but from this line one good thng happend which is prgya put doubt on abhi… this is the frst time that abhi comes wd saying prgya s hiding something… like shobana said seed is been put by pragya, so lets see whn this grows into a tree… and onemore thng prgya talks nice to abhi fr past few days. so he may be get some attachment towards prgaya even pragya is in this avatar… as i told, by seeing aaliyas reaction, m sure that she ll not help tanu… coz prgaya warns her so she may thnk selfishly… and even if she plans it ll fail coz her confidence level shown in her face… precap i dnt lik that much… y aaliya again comes to purab now her oly motive is to take revenge abhi… obviously purab wont trust her neither abhi…. and tanu and nikhils conversation was good… nikhil is starting to go against tanu which is a good sign… but how long it ll take cs the biggest question… i am ver happy that past few days dadi is not in the screen often if she is thr, she ll say some idiotic things… obe more thing i remembered today is my bday… during last bday tanus pregnancy was started, successfully completed one year…. i m nt very sure in my next bday also they wont finish the track i thnk… m hoping fr good thngs to happen

    • shobana

      Wish you a many many more happy returns of the day gowtham
      May this year brings lot of happiness and joy in your life.
      Wish you all success

      • shobana

        Hey Gowtham
        Just Shobana is enough no need ji and all
        I feel little awkward while reading.
        And im not such a girl to give this much respect

      • gowtham

        thank u so much all for yr kind wishes….. anjana aiswarya reji razia shobana prtiksha…. i am sry ig i miss anyones name…. but thank you so much all fr the wishes…. it feels good☺☺☺whn reading all your wishes………. and in this grp i am the oly boy who is commenting regularly…. i thnk

      • gowtham

        thank u so much all for yr kind wishes….. anjana aiswarya reji razia shobana prtiksha…. i am sry ig i miss anyones name…. but thank you so much all fr the wishes…. it feels good☺☺☺whn reading all your wishes………. and in this grp i am the oly boy who is commenting regularly….
        i thnk

    • razia

      Bt gowtham bulbul uyiroda irunfhapa vae aaliah purab a vidala .. Nw bulbul too is not alive so she’ll try to get purab na 😉 fa now abhi a destroy panradhu aaliah Ku mukyama irkalam bt ava main motive eh is to get purab at any cost na 😉

    • Reji

      Piranthanaal vaazhthukkal gowtham ….intha varudam iniya varudamaga amaya an vazhthukkal….

    • Aishwarya

      Wish u a many more happy returns of d day gowtham i wish this year should give u all happiness n success in ur life god bless u

  17. razia

    Exactly said karthika .. Actually sterdays some wer askn if dadi purab aakash rachna n bulbul can believe whatever pragya said widout proof y can’t abhi believe? I think it’s cuz .. Tanu can manipulate only abhi she can’t manipulate dadi or purab or aakash n dadi aakash purab bulbul al has trust on pragya more than tanu .. Bt abhi loves pragya bt he believes tanu a bit n tanu can easily manipulate abhi so tat abhi may not believe whatever pragya says if there is no proof .. Tas wt I felt

  18. Myra

    Hii everone out there!!
    Morning u all
    Can anyone tell me when will the replaced bulbul back.
    Kajol shrivastav.
    When she will enter thr show?

  19. karthika

    u r right shobana sis.theCVs will never do anything in favour of viewers.but to make viewers hooked to the serial nowadays they r showing abhigya’s love scenes.atleast after many months we would able to see abhigya’s love .u r right.i’m also enjoying this good Vs bad fight.i’m anticipating more from pragya.at last she should not leave even 1% of chances to escort tanu.

  20. karthika

    iniya pirandhanaazh vazhthukal gowtham.i wish u many more happy returns of the day.be happy and make people around u happy on this day.

  21. karthika

    aliya is always obssessed for purab. now she is having a better chance to get back purab becoz bulbul is no more.this is also an advantage for team pragya becoz if purab makes aliya to trap in his love,by this way she will help purab to expose tanu.later they can deal with aliya.if the story goes by this way alia will not help tanu but help purab.instead of trapping nikhil this idea will work.

  22. This reminds me aaliya helping purab to join abhi and pragya remember the promo shoot of abhigya don’t tell me they are repeating tracks after the kidnapping scenes now I want them repeat the mms scenes now

  23. Guys what I think that definetly this police station’s plan will get failed again as tanu was not shown with nikhil during the conversation with police constable. I think she will b somewhere sit in police station and somebody from nikhil or tanu may see abhigya and then tanu will get hide. But nikhil have to handle police when abhigya will enter in police station and will see nikhil. Nikhil will explain that accident happened by mistake. Pragya can’t ask about tanu directly to him as they can suspicious. Pragya will give bail of nikhil as she have to work on her plan of trapping him through business so like this takhil will again get saved. Or may b if abhigya will see takhil together then also takhil have so many excuses to escaping and fooling abhi. So this plan will get fail. If abhi will have some doubt on takhil then it will b gud but I don’t think so he will as there were many situation happened in past between takhil who could put doubt in abhi’s mind but abhi ignores every time becoz takhil always makes them fool easily by some excuses. And about abhi’s doubt on pragya! So it is also running since long time that there were many situations came like this where abhi could doubt on pragya’s reality but becoz of pragya or some other reasins , he ignored it also. And now after seeing him, it seems like now he completely believes on it that pragya is actually changed and only selfish and money minded. That’s why whenever a situation comes, when some think clicks in his mind about pragya then he thinks about her only negative. These scenes r just executing by CVS only for giving us satisfaction and a hope so we could not leave the show to watch. And about aaliya! so after getting warning from pragya and after knowing pragya’s and purab’s state of mind about her, aaliya’s chances to go against tanu will b more I think. Becoz aaliya can’t take this risk which could finish her plans and could spoils everything which she wants to do. So if she will start go against tanu and help purab and pragya against her then it will not b surprising.

    • And as karthika said that aaliya is obseesswf for purab so she will not let this chance go from her hands to getting purab with everything which she wants. For completion her aims, she needs everybody’s trust on her and only helping in tanu’s exposure will make everything possible for her. After nikhil’s entry in business, aaliya will try to use him for her benefits, for which she will need tanu’s help so she will not do anything against them until her work will not complete with them. But when she will see that she is going to trap then she will turn the table on takhil’s side by putting all the blame on them and by helping in exposing them. She could do anything to save ownself and to get her aims. But this is sure that she will not useful for tanu anymore. She will only help tanu just for show that she is helping her so she could use tanu but she will not help her on the big level for now this is for sure.

      • reji

        and pratiksha so now too aliya is obsessive for purab…as billu said this remembers the episode 267-269 aliya helped purab without tanu’s knowledge …….so now she want purab means there is a chance to against tanu ….and in today’s convo nikhil is the enemy for you not for me ……so nikhil started to go selfishly …and tanu is left alone ……this is a nice chance for pragya to expose tanu….

      • reji

        sorry sentence is wrong …nikhil says to tanu that pragya is the enemy for u not for me…so nikhil doesn’t care abt tanu in this situation his aim is on the CEO position…

      • shobana

        That’s what I am also thinking reji
        If Nikhil doesn’t care about Tanu now itself means after becoming big CEO he will leave Tanu and find some other girl. This will be an advantage for Tanu. Because if Nikhil got away from Tanu’s path it will be easy for her to manipulate abhi.
        Nikhil may even say to Tanu that u find abhi better than me so u left me and went to marry abhi. Now I felt some other girl better than u so I left you and marring someone else.
        I think so lets see what happens

      • May b shobhna that nikhil may think to leave tanu but he can’t as he loves her and his baby too. He said it in yesterday’s episode also, that he gave her company in completion for her aim to getting abhi just becoz tanu promised him to give him CEO post by abhi. She he could rich like abhi as tanu had problem that he is not rich like abhi and can’t give her and her baby gud future. But if tanu will try to come between getting this CEO post and his future then nikhil can go completely against her, if he will see himself or pragya will promise him to give him more opportunity for making his carrier and future bright.

      • shobana

        Anyhow prathiksha
        If conflicts among villians occurs then I LL be happy and that’s going to happen for sure . So im happy with that .

    • reji

      Pratiksha ur guess is right …..so now we r very sure that this time also takhil is saved ….

  24. minna

    Problem is not just the serial makers but also u all who write reams and reams abt each episode when one word is enough… yuck

  25. karthika

    guys,if nikhil plans to ditch tanu in the greed of CEO post.there is one advantage becoz if pragya negotiates with nikhil and puts condition in front of him like he should tell truth of tanu only then he can able to get CEO designation,in the greed of post perhaps he can unveil the tanu’s baby truth.

    • shobana

      But karthi
      Pragya wont do that because still now Tanu and co thinks that Pragya don’t know about Nikhil. So if she puts a direct condition in front of Nikhil , Pragya will be caught.
      And Nikhil too wont accept because he may be greedy on CEO post but after exposing Tanu there is no guarantee for him to get that post and even aft exposing he too might have been sent to jail because he tried to kill sarla ma

  26. Sorry to say guts these sensitive comments are provoking ekta kapur to not reveal the truth of tanu n she is dragging the story

    but she doesn’t know if she stretches the story like this people will leave n ignore the serial n don’t care about the suspence nd revelation

  27. Sahithi

    Watching the precap in previous episode n seeing guitar in Abhi’s hand, I thought he must have played it. But the surprise was Pragya playing it and Abhi joining her was like cherry on cake. Reminded of the sangeet of Aaliya where Pragya sang ‘Sun raha hain na tu’.

    I saw this pic of a jail set in IG 2 days back which the show CVS have posted but I thought it was an old pic. We have to wait n see if this sequence will atleast give Abhi some doubt or if it will be dragged as usual.

    And what Aaliya will do next will be interesting as we didnt see her first step yet. Will she try to help Tanu n throw Pragya out, get close to Purab or manipulate Nikhil for Abhi’s company related stuff?

  28. Jayakumarisuresh

    Belated wishes growtham. Guys I’m the silent reader of this updates for quite some time. But your conversations forced me to say my opinion. When Saralama able to catch hold of Nikils hand, then she can write the truth in piece of paper n show it to abi right. Why can’t she do it. And if she wants to express something she can put it in the paper. Also I wonder how come Noone is accompanying with her like nurse or some caretaker, being she is bedridden. I think the writers want to prolong the story further. Definitely they will drag the story further. In MMS track we had some hope by seeing abhis expression that he will do something good to pragya. But nowadays the chances are very less from his gestures.

  29. yeah!!!!! hope tanu will escape and pragya will not be successful…..
    abhigya to unite will always b a dream …….so
    now onwards i will support tanu’ s team

  30. gowtham

    thank you so much all fr yr kind wishes…. anjana karthika aiswrya razia reji pratiksha shobana… and everyone sry if i miss the name….. i am very happy aftr reading your wishes…. gives me such a pleasure ??
    and i thnk i am the ly boy who is commenting more in this grp.. am i right??

  31. gowtham

    ok shobana… actually neenga ena vida elder so only…. i called likr that… hereaftr i will use only yr name….

    • shobana

      No gowtham
      I’m just 22 yrs old if this Sept comes I will turn 23
      That y I said im not such a big girl to give that much respect

  32. karthika

    yes gowtham.u r the only boy who is commenting regularly in kkb fan page and in this group.

  33. sunny kamal

    writers and actors are stopped using their brains. they just follow a senario.
    1. Alia, tanu, and abhi together plan did pragya’s marriage with abhi.
    2. ATA again tried so muh to oost pragya while slowly started singing ‘fuggy’
    3. they ould not oost pragya as abhi, the rock start slowly turned happy love song to i love u fuggy song. now there is no concert to be held. he just always and any time situation calls he starts singing fuggy (some imaginery chasma. I do not many observed, the word fuggy used to bring smile. now they overused to suh a level that it does not make me interested any more.
    4. in tetween tanu and alia’s characters got promottion to killing. they started killing people to achieve their love (lust and own ATM machine). Amazingly their truth will not come out or even if it came, forgiveness is way too east for them to get. As Abhi the rock star is blind, deaf, dumb and braindead person.
    5. one day the rock star can’t spend little bit of time that his chahiti girl friend (tanu) went ahead and piked up a random man on roads to spend her valuable body, mind, and time. i cannot say soul. soul is purity. tanu is ek trash.
    6. first fuggy beame so tyagmurthy that she gave her place to tanu.
    6. now fuggy back oost tanu and alia from home in the proess first she oosted abhi from home for a day or so.
    sine them how many times aliya is getting oosted she happily comes back.
    since they pragya beame super duper detective that tanu happily carrying her lover and her fianice / lover 1 in kitty and whole kkb knows except abhi.
    7. tanu became ages bak and remains flatty pregnant wali.
    8. after all comments viewed by writers and makeup artists. they made a small chane. tanu beame a huge pregnancy wali with so much padding and pillows. it is hard for people to see her face has her body will be very far off and her huge tummy is visible and she remains like this forever and forever.
    9. abhi and nikhl have to be careful. next time onwards if they do not do what tanu says, may be tanu will pick up another man from platform.
    10. in all this i do not know where is Kumkum ki Bhagya taking plae. pure lust, killing, saajish, vile is taking whole screen space.
    story running in circles. writers forgot what they wrote. pragya forgot she can change hairstyle often. writers and artists are doing same thing repeatedly that they do not have to use brain. they automatially doing it for years.

  34. karthika

    guys i hav posted my ff epi-9 4parts just now. the team will review it and publish after 4or 5hrs.i hope u all will read it.

    • Anjhana

      Sure will read it
      Send the link so that there won’t be confusion pa..
      Anyways I’m entering 10th this year
      Neenga 10th clear panitigala? ??

  35. raj

    I think writers are blind,dumb and deaf.they can’t see that fans are hating them because of this dragging. I used to watch this show.

  36. razia

    I jus loved pragya singing .. Abhigya expressions .. It was jus lyk anytng .. I loved it alot .. Afta long .. It was awesome instead an eye lock

  37. Sana

    Go to hell u efed up writers… What do u think of urself??? That u can mess up and dragggg the story as u lyk?? Tanu’s child should have been 1 month old by now but these writers are just dragging this story..

  38. Megha

    Yesterday episode is nice…really Abhigya’s romance is superb. I like to see repeatedly(only that part). Alia is trying to restart her love life on Purab. Apart from that – Abhi started to think that pragya is hiding something to him. Nikhil started to react again Tanu. Sarla ma is getting well. I think the track is going on positive side. Only negative thing is Pragya’s plan is getting flop. May be it has the reason that Abhi may make the truth comes out as most of you guys think. But if abhi gets doubt on Tanu, surely he will find the truth. Let’s wait and watch this accident makes abhi to doubt on Tanu.

  39. Kalpana

    Another plan floped!! Whaat!? Again?? I’m seriously pissed by the show makers.. Why are they trying to make us watch the same Tanu issue.. I feel like why Pragya is soo dumb nd on the other hand Aliya nd Tanu are soo smart that defeating Pragya has become their habit now.. I know nobody force me to watch this bt… Im gonna stop watching this crap.

  40. Nandu

    2 min of silence fr us..hw can v hope pragya acts smart..in today’s epi she blurted truth to nikhil by askng about tanu…hw cme she can’t control her emtns!!!oh god by watching yesterday epi I thought pragya acts smart..but no..at the end she herself spoiled her plan..uffff..!!atleast I hope nw nikhil may kidnap pragya…again same storyy repeatsss…chi chii..really cvs r out of mind

  41. Sana

    I’m new here. I hope you guys don’t mind me posting. I stopped watching this show when alia records the video of ronny being alive with pragya and rachna.
    I was so disappointed.
    And i read today’s update. What I don’t understand is. Doesn’t nikhil know that pragya already knows that he’s tanu’s baby’s father?
    Did aliya and tanu not tell him that pragya and team recorded tanu’s confession on the phone? Then why doesn’t nikhil understand that this is all plan of pragya you trap him?

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.