Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Abhi’s jokergiri. He rolls in bed falls on Pragya who is sleeping on floor and panics. He nervously comes out starts his usual senseless talks and nervousness. He thinks why did she sleep on floor. Robin comes and asks who slept on floor. Abhi says he does not listen to him when he calls and no he listened his murmur. He gets into his rehearsal room and asks Robin not to send anyone inside. Pragya comes and asks Robin if he saw Abhi. He says Abhi is inside rehearsal room and asked not to send anyone in. Ugly mined vamp Tanu comes calling Abhi. Abhi thinks of taking her help and takes her in. Tanu smirks at Pragya, gets into room and locks door, leaving Pragya sad. She tries to manipulate Abhi against Pragya, but he says she saved his life and her kiss was

mouth to mouth breathing to save his life, so he should apologize her instead. Tanu vamp thinks he is getting attracted to Pragya again and she should stop.

Bulbul confronts Purab and tells how can Abhi ignore Pragya for Tanu. He says Abhi knows Tanu since childhood and is comfortable with her, but he gets nervous seeing Pragya. She asks that means Pragya should not go in front of him. He says she is right, if Pragya does not go in front of Abhi, he will start missing her. Pragya asks what is he gets angry on her and leaves her (independent, educated professor behaving like an illiterate villager). Bulbul says he will not and they will see if Abhi loves her or not and she will have to listen to them to check that. She takes Pragya down in hall where Daadi and other ladies are around. Daadi asks servant to bring Abhi. Tanu asks Aaliya vamp why is she calling Abhi. Sarla who is present there asks why did she call her, if she made any mistake. Daadi says yes, she did.

Abhi comes down and asks Daadi why did she call him. Daadi asks what is he doing even after many days of coming back. He jokes he was constructing taj mahal with Pragya. She asks him to start Bulbul and Purab’s marriage functions and finish their marriage soon, says tomorrow should be bulbul’s mehandi function. Aaliya says it cannot be, daaadi says it will. Sarla asks how will she arrange function so soon. Abhi says it is his responsibility and asks her to just attend the function.

Purab and Purab start following Abhi. He sees them and asks why are they following him. They say they are searching Pragya and asks Abhi where is she. He asks how can he know. o She says he is her husband and should know where she is. Purab says Pragya is not even in room. Abhi gets happy hearing that, he enters room and starts his jokergiri, shouting and mocking his concert. Bulbul and Purab peep and see his jokergiri. Pragya comes and asks what are they seeing. Bulbul says rock concert and takes her from there.

Abhi gets restless not finding Pragya and thinking without him, he cannot find any of his things. He reminisces Pragya keeping his diary in cupboard and picks. He continues his restlessness. Purab and Bulbul see his restlessness and smile.

Precap: Pragya goes to daadi’s room and asks why did she call her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. update fast yaar…..

  2. When abhi and pragya will be unite and thanx for fast update

  3. Coming down the pike....

    Writers—- Don’t use Bulbul’a accident as an EXCUSE to bring Purab and Ayalia together – WE – the VIEWERS – have NOT forgotten that it was Ayalia that concocted the kidnapping scheme. She should be PUNISHED NOT Rewarded for her evil ways…. This does NOT make for good writing or entertainment.

    1. Bulbul’s accident is an excuse to hide her face , cause for now on, for some time she is on leave, and will be back in few months , its not cause they want to put Alia and purab in same game.

  4. Ds show is vry dragging one

  5. O m g bulbul is going to have an accident

  6. Wow. Great plan Abhi can find anything without Pragya

    1. “He can’t find anything without Pragya??” But he sure can “disrespect” the hell out of her. He allows/pulls tanu in the room and his WIFE he leaves out in the hall!! Really… you guys don’t see anything wrong with that???

      1. So Tanu should not mean anything to Abhi yah when she was his first love and stupidity and blackmail made him marry that dirty Pragya. PLEASE BRING ABHI AND TANU TOGETHER!

      2. That’s ridiculous. Do you know how many people all over the world would be disrespecting their husbands or wives – if they were still catering to their 1st love for the reasons that you think make sense??? LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL

      3. He pulls tanu into the room. But he didn’t take her advise. She told him to reject pragya’ proposal but he told her he does not want to break her heart. Overall he’s just one confused dude.

    2. LOL……

      1. they are BOTH Dirty Skanks….LOL

      2. If tanu meant sooo very much and they are CHILD Hood Sweet Hearts – then “why” did the dummy let him marry another woman in the FIRST PLACE???? Kick that STINKING Tanu to the curb!!!

      3. Yeah, that’s right. she had her CHANCE

  7. Boring

  8. Good episode but next one is better

  9. Good episode but hope next one is better

  10. Hey! Don’t do that we can’t see once again that ugly minded nearing purab

  11. Hai saranya, meenu, kowsi, roshid, nibir, susi! U guyz too tamil rite? Tat’s realy nice to hear.

    1. I’M also a Tamil guy Priya.

  12. Hai saranya, meenu, kowsi, roshid, nibir, susi! U guyz too tamil rite? Tat’s realy nice to hear. A worm welcme to all of u

  13. Purab and bulbul’s new idea to bring pragya and abhi closer is a gud one …. I think this willl work

  14. I found Abhi’s gig on the bed very childish and almost ridiculous…would a real rock star actually be acting like this? I would have understood if he were a teenager dreaming about his idol- Hmmm! Absolutely nothing happened in today’s episode!

  15. Yeh toh acha hua. Aisa kuch karo ki abhi pragya ki value samaj jaye aur usse pyar karne lage

  16. this serial is toooooooooooooo boring and slow for me this serial is real shit end it now

  17. Yes !It is time for Bulbul and Purab to get married.When Abhi is around Tanu ,he acts like an idiot.He has a wife and rudely insults her most of the time.Whether he had known Tanu for a long time now he is still married.Pragya did not force him to marry her .It was the same Tanu and Aliya’s plot.But why Abhi never revealed who kidnapped them.This crime has been thrown in the back burner now.This is the time to reveal the culprits.It does not surprise me if is Aliya’s tricks to get Bulbul into an accident.Abhi act as a man and not as a boy toy.

    1. Right you are…..

  18. this episode bohot fantastic

  19. Today’s episodes was nice…

  20. @¥$MÛCHEND

    bit good.

  21. Guyss read ths upcumng twist in kkb http://goo.gl/u5FNkl

  22. Nice episode…. But don’t ever make both duo’s ( abhigya & purbul) seperated…

  23. It was so painful to watch the episode both acting like children come on writers this is suppose to be a mature drama not even kiddies programme is this ridiculous and down right silly

  24. hasan update todays fast
    pls pls pls plseee

  25. Hey! Wat hapnd 2day pa? 9th april episode? Pls yar update!..;-(

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