Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kiara plans for Abhi-Pragya meeting

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Abhi is with Kiara and ask if he looks fine to meet her mother, he ask where she is Kiara says that she went to get her water bottle and will come soon, Pragya gets worried when she is not able to find her, Sunny comes with Disha and seeing Kiara says that he will go and make the both of them meet, Disha says that may god make both of them meet and never make them go apart, Sunny gets interrupted by his teacher, she decides to do it himself but is pulled back by Tanu.
Kiara says that her mother told her to sit on the bench and that is where she will come, they both go there but Pragya moves forward, Abhi asks where she is and then sunny is told by his teacher to go to the back stage and that she will bring Kira, he dodges her and then go to meet Pragya, she says that he is looking good and

where Kiara is he says that she is at the bench, she wonders but then he leaves, the teacher comes and says that she is very happy top see how he was dressing her, he says that he is not her father but really loves her, the teacher takas her to the backstage as she tells her that she must prepare her, Abhi wishes her luck after that she leaves.
Tanu brings Disha asking why is she doing this as Tanu has always tried to do anything for them, she says that she bought expensive toys for sunny and also arranged parties for them but she still wants to bring Pragya back, Disha says that this was her version and now she will tell what she feels like because what she did was only for her, Disha sys that she did the necklace drama for her spotlight and never cared of Abhi’s feelings, she says that Abhi never wants to be with her and this is why he never shares a room with her, Tanu tries to hit her but she says that, their marriage is just compromise and if she tries to do this then she will make her feel a lot of bad luck. Disha says that Tanu never did anything for the family and that Abhi only loves Pragya, Tanu says that she will never let them be together again because Abhi only belongs to her, Disha says that they were always together, they are Prt for some reason but will come back together and this time non can separate them.
Kiara goes to hugs Pragya asking her where she was a she only wants her to meet her Superman dad, Pragya hears the announcement that the program is about to start and they must go, Kiara I sits her to meet her friend and they go.
A boy asks Abhi to tuck his shirt in, he agrees and when he finishes the boy points that Pragya is very beautiful but Abhi thinks that it is someone else and makes him go away for the function, he looks at his watch and is left amazed.
Pragya asks what clothes was he wearing, she says that he was wearing white , Pragya then asks who corrected her crown, she says that it was her second dad, Pragya informs her that she cannot make anyone her father but she says that she can and Pragya is left speechless.
Pragya takes Kiara when she is stopped saying that they must to take e photos as that they will courier it and she must stay back after the program has ended because the chief guest will hand the winner cup. Abhi is talking when Kiara comes from behind and accidentally falls, she is caught by Abhi who gets worried and hugs her, Pragya is left amazed seeing this, Abhi says to Kiara that he loves her, he says that she must walk carefully,.
Tanu says to Disha that she is just dreaming because no one can make them come back together, she says that there is someone, Tanu says that she knows who it is and none can hide anything from her, Disha says that she was right and that she was the one who hurtled Dasi, Tanu agrees saying that she will harm anyone who come in between her and Abhi. Disha tries to scold her but Tanu says hat she was doing wrong and she cannot do anything if she is older, Tanu says that she did something with Dasi but hearing this Disha gets worried, Tanu then keeps saying that Abhi only belongs to her. Disha says that she is sounding like Kans and he was stubborn like her and turned a criminal. It was then that God sent a helper like Krishna who came for a purpose and fulfilled it.
Kiara takes Abhi to meet her mother but she is not able to find her, she says that she wanted her to meet him but doesn’t know where she went, Pragya thinks when she was told about Abhi from Kiara.

Precap: Kiara says that she will make Abhi meet her mother after the show, Tanu says to Pragya that she must go away from their loves as she has married someone else now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    I actually got a headache reading dis update… dey meet no different directions…again almost meet different direction and over and over and over. These ppl r in d same buildin same vacinity with same ppl tryna get them to meet and yet…arrrrggggggg

  2. I agree Leisa, The usual delaying tactics, when no new plot is going to be offered. It did allow the opportunity for Disha to become a definite target for Tanu. And I am glad that Disha was shown to be standing up. She and Purab had agreed to hide the truth about Kiara, so it’s good that she has regained her hope. Tanu’s ferocity is not there. (Thank-fully) But nothing has replaced it. Even as she is behaving more like an adult still that lack of emotion in her eyes remains. She’s doing the job. I was surprised at her makeup and outfit. The dress is beautiful. I noticed several red, pink and reddish dresses all around her. I hoped that it was intentional, a subtle reminder to the viewer that Miss Tanu is a virginal beauty. In the west white stands for or messages; fresh, new, virginal. The 2nd time that I saw her face I heard my mind question, “What! is that the lighting? Hmmm. Is that the makeup on, too heavily? Is that on purpose?” I waited to see more but cannot deny that the makeup on today’s episode is very similar to the way it is done …in the west…. to characters that are vampires or to a character who is the chief guest (lying quietly, on display) in a funeral scene. Hey Cathy, Naz and all the others who see these kind of things! I am doing my best, here but it just would have been simpler to say, “Omg! She looks like a …..”
    I also noticed that Sunny remains being set up as ‘good obedient boy’ who listens to his smarter females that are Kiara, Mom and teacher. Just something to note, not a complaint. And we know the style here, that the production team favours and embraces. Be sure to offer next weeks pre-cap yesterday so that when the pre-cap is not ‘answered’ of course we now have a couple of pre-caps for Monday or sometime next week. Maybe. All the more to keep us coming back. “Good work”, production team, don’t you think?… I mean wouldn’t you agree? So who will be the star of the show next week? Tanu or Pragya/Abhi? King, I hope will have splashdown next week . As usual, I’m not counting on it.

  3. Faltu episode and serial

  4. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. A whole episode of nothingness. Why don’t u just let abhi know the damned truth? At least partial truth? I want that blo*dy man to know that pragya and King have a baby for themselves. That man thinks that pragya cannot have baby with someone else. Like, hw selfish is it? He thinks pragya cannot move on and even of she does, she cannot have a baby with her husband. Like seriously? Freaking dumb spineless hypocrite.
    And dear miss pragya, having lived with abhi for almost 4 yrs, u still din’t realise that he is the dumbest dumb on planet earth. Don’t worry. Just go stand in front of ur so called love of life with ur daughter and he wud blindly blv that Kiara is king’s daughter. That man wud definitely fail to do the math. He wudnt snatch Kiara coz he wudnt even find out abt her unless he gets a freaking DNA proof or a written confession from u. So don’t wry.
    I am only so happy to be proven wrong abt hw abi wud react after knowing Kiara is pragya daughter but if wat I said happens I wudnt be surprised either.
    On top of everything, king falling for pragya only makes things worse. Heartbreak. Heartbreak. Heartbreak. That’s all he is gng to get at the end. I feel so very sad for him. I hope he just makes pragya realise that abhi is not right fr her. I desperately want pragya nd king to end up together.
    But I know it won’t happen… Bcoz of their so called “bhagya”. Crap.

  5. Omg I got a headache too no joke

  6. Once again after watching the precap.. Evil wins.. Tanu once again dominates over pragya… Fail to understand pragya ka divorce hua nahi so how is tanu abhi’s wife. Pata nahi how many more days,months and maybe years evil will win… Also what happened to the police enquiry regarding pragya’s accident and John murder. Maybe as it has happened in the last 4 years after every accident, murder anx kidnapping police tho aati hai, ek din ki enquiry karti hai and then the writer forget about the fact as he is more busy thinking about how more evil to show or maybe tanu and aliya in fear of being caught and role getting over are warming his bed, so once again the truth is lost…

  7. is like end this dmn show and start something else more interesting too much time wasting

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