Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi saying sorry to Pragya and asks her not to tell anyone that a rockstar apologized to her. He asks her to give papers to his boss else he will scold her. Pragya smiles. Allah Wariyan plays………Abhi comes home, thinks about Tanu. He thinks she is cute and that’s why showing attitude. He waits for Aaliya to come. Aaliya comes. Abhi asks her about Tanu. Aaliya asks do you need her number? Abhi says yes. Aaliya asks her to go on a date with her, and says you are blushing. She says you are liking her. Aaliya says I know you are my brother and acts childish. She thinks you are getting mad and I know what you are going through.

Pragya thinks about Aaliya threats that she won’t let her get close to Abhi. Beeji comes to Pragya and asks why your mood is off.

Pragya makes an excuse. Beeji asks her to tell fast what happened else she will call Sarla. Pragya stops her. She says today I have seen something which is not right. She tells that she met Abhi today, but he didn’t see her and was looking at Tanu instead. She tells about Aaliya’s threats. She says I have decided not to meet him again, and will leave that job. Beeji asks her to think about SRK’s words, and says when we love someone intensely then destiny makes sure that they unite. She says Aaliya’s plans will fail infront of God’s plans. She gives her strength asking her to fulfill her dreams. Abhi asks Robin to get his clothes, and asks him to get his breakfast fast. Aaliya thinks Abhi will go to office for recording, and thinks she lied to Pragya that Abhi is on holiday with Tanu. She gets an idea and thinks I will see now, how he goes to office now. She keeps his marriage pic on his bed secretly and hides. Abhi comes and sees his pic in groom clothes. He thinks my marriage pic, and I didn’t know. He gets a flashes of his marriage and falls down unconscious.

Robin comes inside and sees him fallen. He calls everyone. Dadi gets worried for him. Aaliya gives him medicine with water. Taya ji asks what is this tablet. Aaliya asks him to call doctor. She looks at the pic. She asks who has kept this pic in his room. She questions Dadi and says someone have kept this pic deliberately, and asks Mitali if you have kept this pic to take revenge from him. Mitali says I can’t do this, and says I didn’t see this pic before. Dasi says she was with me when we heard Dadi shouting. Tayi ji says we were sitting, waiting to get breakfast. Taya ji says why anyone will do this. Aaliya says don’t know who have done this? She asks them not to make his past come infront of him.

Doctor comes there. Aaliya tells that she has given him tablet, and asks Raj to tear the pic. Doctor checks Abhi and says he got a stress stroke. He says you people shouldn’t be careless and let him stay at home for 2-3 days. Aaliya is happy at her plan, thinks Abhi will not go to office now, and Pragya will think that he is on holiday with Tanu. She thinks Pragya’s dreams will break now.

Purab comes to see Abhi and cracks jokes to cheer him up. Abhi is sad and confused. Pragya comes to office. Saira tells him that Abhi will not come to office for some days. Pragya says where did he go and with whom. Saira says I didn’t know, I am not his wife.

Abhi tells Purab that he got a flashes of his marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think those tablets are consumed for loosing his memory… aaliya might have instructed that doctor to give those tablets… today, I felt happy that I didn’t watch today’s episode.. I have only read the written updates.. nowadays, they are not at all showing abhigya scenes… i am just watching this kkb only for them…

  2. End this alia and tanu drama.. Fedup

  3. And asmitha, I won’t leave you until you accept my apology…please forgive me pa… I am restless pa.. for more information, refer previous episode’s comments…

  4. i think abhi memory is back… abhi so confuessed that reason…

  5. i am fed up with this serial y he is acting r really he is having memory loss ………….k if he had also y he is seeing tanu…………before(starting in kkb) tanu only went to abhi …..then y abhi is going to tanu……………………………………………i hate abhi ………………….i really feeling sad for pragya……………………………fed up with this aliya first cut her character………………if she is not their definetly kkb will be superbbb……………………………..by the way MR.Anil Nagpal r u having also having memory loss HMMM……. what happened to purvi…..where is she u r not showing her pragya ,sarala all the truth that aaliya created all the problems then y they didn’t bring purvi…………………& u killed bulbul but her body is not shown …yyyyyyy? & what happened to dadi ……abhi trust dadi blindly then she can say the truth to him ……………ok she is afraid of his health ……then y pragya is hiding that she & abhi r meeting …..she can say to purab that their no problem that if she is talking to him like stranger……then he may help in meeting them like aaliya is doing with tanu…………………y ANIL yyy r u dragging the serial ……..actually last 1 week the serial is intersting but aaliya spoiled all………….& messed it……..see how pragya is feeling bad…………….pragya is handling all y her own only no one is their to support her i mean dadi,maa all will say positively but they can’t help her in doing any plan so plz bring any one who supports pragya & make abhi love pragya …………..i can’t see it yarrr plz……………………… see my comment & plz atleast don’t drag it yarrr…………………….i am really bored of seeing aaliya bad face again………………………………………

  6. Oh well I guess nothing good will be happening anytime soon

  7. If abhi acts as a memory loss he attracted toward tanu to get the proof against tanu n aaliya nikhil n if he is not acting the serial story just dragging again with this boring n irritating character tanu who looklike old lady with heavy makeup

  8. kumkum bhagya

    ye kya bakwas yar hai dimak karab hora isse beter tho pregnency track tha at least abhigya ke pyar dekheneko miltha tha

  9. I really hated todays episode. Why r they just dragging the serial?? I think I should stop watching this boring drama.

  10. Tanu is really irritating. How can anyone one earth ever call her a super model. Even d managress look good. Tanu os really horrible.

  11. Today’s episode has proved only one thing that, abhi is not faking..
    How can alia do like this??? Something is coming to his memory when he sees his pic in sherwani.. But, why nothing comes to his memory after seeing Pragya???
    Still abhi’s mind is fixed with that pic only… When abhi is questioning, why no one is ready to saw about what has happened in last 2.5yrs.. Since he himself is asking about it, if anyone tell about his marriage with Pragya also, I think nothing will happen to abhi’s brain..
    And why abhi is thinking about Tanu.. Oh my god???.

  12. After watching today’s episode, what i felt that r cvs making us fool again by using same old trick to keep maintain it’s audience and the show on top? Again they r showing same crap, again pragya is in same poor and helpless situation, some body will push her back to her Dreamlands and to hell, whenever she will try to move on in her life by leaving abhi with his life and on his sitaution by accepting the horrible and bitter reality of her life, others r just to support rubbish and evils r for crossing all the limits of evilness and cheapness and between all this showing abhi as in confusing state like always between pragya and tanu, right and wrong. So we could stick with the show with this expectations that things will get fine and turn positive one day like always. Today I felt that we r again becoming fool by CVS. After showing some lollipop scenes between abhigya from the start of this second season, it seems that we r going to hell in further episodes. What’s the need of meeting of abhi with pragya before tanu, if he will again bend towards tanu like before. I know he will not love tanu truely but if he again starts attracting towards tanu by her artificial beauty, status, style and glamour then his meeting with pragya before tanu will get waste.We thought that he will get negative vibes and will feel suffocated with her, even after watching yesterday’s episode, I had this faith that he will not think about tanu after leaving that place but today he thought not only about tanu, even he asked about her plan of dating with him and even her phone number also!!! from aliya.It was all so much disappointing. These last three episodes was horrible, god knows how much further episodes will b awful. I thought for a change they will show that after meeting with pragya and getting attracted with her, abhi will not give any importance to tanu but opposite is happening. They r again showing avhi as in 50-50 situation, where he feels attracted toqrda pragya becoz of his heart and other side he feels attracted towards tanu becoz of her glamorous look and status. Same game is going to play between mind and heart. Same crap, everything is almost same as season-1 then what’s new and interesting in this season? Abhi got flashback but with smoky and dusty scenes, which is not clear for him and he is feeling suffocated with them. He got flashback becoz of aliya’s intentional plan and he got successful in it to stop abhi from going to that music company and as well as to stop everyone forever to reminding him anything about his past by showing them threat of abhi’s health, even doctor was supporting. How amazing it was? I didn’t hear that kind of treatment and suggestion from professional doctors. They r showing rubbish. Abhi’s case can handle by proper treatment and process but a rich rockstar couldn’t handle by any doctor with proper treatment. How much rubbish is that? Anyways leave it and talk about the ongoing story so I will want to say about it shortly that it seems yet that CVS r making us fool by serving us same stale food in a new plate with bit different manner. Let’s see what happens further but I can’t see thesectype of episodes. I was thinking that will i have to b regret on my decision of watching kkb with keeping expectations with it? Hope not, it will better for cvs to b careful about their so call creativity. Othwewise a new show is waiting for us with it’s gud a differnt concept and ut is diected by mahesh bhatt, the producer of the show udaan if colors chamnel so i have no doubt for it’s gudness. So if i will not satiafied with it’s further story, then no one can stop me from leaving it.

    1. Pratiksha, May be after dating with that tanu, abhi will start comparing pragya with tanu… because in the second season, abhi met pragya first.. I think there will be a reason for this meeting…

      1. Vinodhini, my free advice, don’t have any hope in this show. Since, the CVs will do anything at any time with illogical facts. CVs don’t know the meaning of logic and they don’t even follow their own story
        But if it happens like you said it will be good. Lets see what that CVs are going to do further…..

      2. Vinodhini this is the only way to make tanu’s presence tolerable in the show and hope what u r thinking it gets true. Let’s see. But now keeping any expectation with kkb, it seems scary as nothing goes ever as we wants to see. But as someone said that world runs on hope so let’s see.

      3. You are absolutely right shobana.. indha cvs ah nambave mudiyaadu…

    2. Exactly prathiksha, Pragya in Mogambo avatar, dadi will make her emotionally weak in the name of abhi and now RS dadi is doing that character…
      Actually the moment when he entered into his room, he said the whole day was wasted, no music etc etc…i thought, for meeting Tanu only he is saying like this. But the very next moment, he said only one thing good is seeing Tanu. On hearing this I got angry to the core. I thought even to punch CVs ?? for irritating like this.

      Do you remember one thing before accident abhi said that, even if he die, his heart wont stop loving her.. Now what his heart is doing ??? Why it is thinking about Tanu instead of Pragya???
      And again yes, there is no difference between seaon 1 and 2. CVs are again and again proving that they are good in making us fool…
      And regarding new show.. Tell about it. Especially about the theme and the cast. Since, I am yet to see the promo of the show. I even don’t know the name of the show ☹ .

      1. Hi….shobana sis….how are you. ..I am back…

      2. Shobhna, Naamkaran” is upcoming show on Star Plus. It’s produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Gurudev Bhalla who are producing Udaan on Colors and Rishton Ka Saudagar…Baazigar on Life Ok.

        The serial will based on life of Indian film director, producer and screenwriter Mahesh Bhatt.

        It will be an adaption of Mahesh Bhatt’s Bollywood film Zakhm (1998). However, there’s a has a small change. Unlike the film, the story will be told from the perspective of a girl.

        The role of Shireen i.e. Mahesh Bhatt’s mother will be essayed by popular TV sctress Barkha Bisht. Pooja Bhatt played the part in the film. The father’s role will be played by Viraf Patel who won the Mr India title in 2005. He was last seen on Life OK’s Ek Boond Ishq. Nagarjuna played the role of Mahesh Bhatt’s father in the film.

        While Kunal Kemmu and Ajay Devgn essayed Bhatt saab’s role in the film, actress Ashween will do it. She will play the role of young Avni. The child artiste is a new face and the channel have kept her under wraps.

        “Namkaran” will replace Star Plus long time running show Diya Aur Baati Hum.

        TV actress Sayantani Ghosh will play Viraf’s wife on the show.

        As it was shown in the film, Viraf though is married to Sayantani will be also married to a Muslim lady played by Barkha Bisht Sengupta.

        The serial will be from the child Avni and the role will be played by child actor Ashween. The serial will show the struggle of the child who fights for her legitimacy caught between Muslim society and a orthodox Hindu family.

      3. Thank you prathiksha for this detailed info ??.

      4. I will definitely try to watch the show since the concept is very different and surely there will be retecast in the morning.. I will to watch by that time?

      5. Hi ? hency…???
        How are you???
        I am good ?
        How is your studies going on…???
        Didn’t expect your comments today… But, happy to see you after a long time ??

    3. Why are you so surprised??? They are NOT going to give the fans a happy story line to follow. It is just a different line of stupid drama. Wake up. Many of the old fans have Stopped watching this crap. The writers have just found a new way to drag the story line on and one and on……

  13. Guys really fed up , why this happen pragya only suffer all the time for abhi. Abhi too do something for pragya na. Really pity for pragya intha abhiya ena than pandrathu. Marupadium tanu pinnadi poran . For the first time i realy hate him, yen pragyaku mattum ipudilam nadakuthu.

  14. Christine Nanan

    Speed up this story it’s the same old thing over again u gonna lose viewers

  15. Iswarya_santhosh

    If he really went in to ml means after seen the marriage pic of him, he might got his memory back( i hope it must happens). Aaliya if that happens means u r good example for this proverb(AS U SOW, SO U REAP).

  16. I really hate this story! especially Tanu & Alliya characters!

    1. They lied and said that Ailya was LEAVING the story after she got married BUT yet here she is with the same old BORING character and how is it that everyone believes that she has Abhi’s best interest at heart????? This is a DUMB story and it does not entertain nor stimulate the mind. How in the world do you guys watch it day after day???

  17. Even though in real life there is no girl who suffers like Pragya! I and all kkb fans only want abigya together forever!

  18. i think now abhi is not much serious vth the engagmnt of aliya and purab.if bulbul come bak …i think purab can get married .so they together can give abhi a better treatment .aliya is such a strong stubborn character so a person lik bulbul is necessery frm pragyas side i hope writers vl yhnk abt it ,,

  19. hi every one so boring episode of kkb pratiksha is it true that aliya attempt to kill pragya on ganesh utsav and abhi reveals his fake memory loss plzzz answer me

  20. So Aalyia forced Abhi to see into his past by placing that picture on his bed. Will this be the thing that will drag his memory? Will this be the start of Aalyia’s deviled scheme blowing up in her face? but how long before it does? So Abhi now has memory of part of his past, it is obvious he will not forget it and asking Purab will not get him the answers he wants. Aalyia already plant that fear in them and they will refuse to talk to Abhi about it. So the lying is to be continued and the same old drama will once again be recycled under the guise of new and interesting beginning. the only difference is that Abhi met Pragya first this time around, Tanu pregnancy drama is done away with and Nikhil is not yet present in the show, I guess he ran away to avoid execution when he saw Abhi drove over the cliff. he have him as dead. did Aalyia or Tanu tell him otherwise? Last season Pragya gets the bad end of the stick and this season seems to be heading in the same direction, Pragya again suffering at the hands of these two women. the couple hasn;’t have time to be a real couple.
    If you want your viewers to continue viewing this….this, let good triumph over evil more this time. Don’t even give evil time to rise. All the negativity from last season is still strong and fresh in our minds and our tolerance level is at the very low. So show positive things in this season or else….. or channel turn!
    Viewers like the scenes of Abhigya that’s the reason we stay….well read most and watch few but it’s for them. You must can do a serial without this level of evil plotting and conspiracy all the time. Please don’t prolong this Abhi and Tanu scene and bring his memory back so he can fight for Pragya’s right as his wife for once in his life. Take the burden from Pragya’s hand, this much we ask.

  21. New onlocation video- Ganesh mahotsav special episode- Abhi, pragya and purab does aarti of Ganesh along with jeetendra, Ritesh. Ritesh and nargis fakri comes to promote their upcoming movie. Written update:

    Purab, Abhi, Pragya, Jeetu and Ritesh are standing Infront of idol. Purab in white kurta- pajama, abhi in his Rockstar style with t-shirt and jacket and pragya is in deep frock style red suit with carrying a Jooda for hairstyle.

    Jeetu, Pragya, Purab give Arthi to Bappa.

    Ritesh’s interview-

    He says he is here for promotion and feels nice.
    He says shabir plays a RS and he is a RS in real life too.
    He mentions he isn’t playing A RS but a different role who has his won style.

    1. Thanks pratiksha..??

  22. I knew I knew I knew it. Again the writer has started to torture us by his worst dragging mental plot. Hey devil writer if u don’t have a nice idea y r u writing story???? R u writing this story with the support of psycho patients??? What is your problem???
    At start abhi’s brain is under taaliya’s control.
    In middle he got his brain but no use
    And now I don’t know what he will do with that memory loss brain….
    Pragya is his fan no 1. So abhi can’t hurt her bcoz he always says he loves his fan. So he doesn’t want to lose his fan no 1. That’s y he is giving important to pragya.
    But he has attracted by tanu becoz she is so cute, pretty super model.
    Last week pragya’s week dz week tanu’s week. So we can see tabhi’s love. Then pragya will be insult & ignore. Then abhi’s confusion. Then truth will come out after two years(may be in 2018). Then again donkey writer’s STUPID TWIST. Then pragya will loss memory. Again & again the same circle.
    Change the serial title as ‘Abhigya’s life cycle’.
    As usual we are fooooooooools to see the evi’s victory again & again with some hope & expectations.

  23. I don’t think being a middle class person is a crime. People with money think they have it all but sorry to say it can’t buy love or respect. Aliya, you enjoy your bhai money while it lasts. Abhi, hope you get your memory back soon and get your wife Pragya.

  24. You know what would be funny? I would want when he goes out with Tanu he finds her too agreeable and boring. We all know that she would do anything to make Abhi get attracted to her again and believing, being agreeable is the way to do it. Abhi will become overly bored and turned off by this and will wish for a conversation like ones he would have with Pragya. Let’s see how fast he will regret this meet with Tanu and rushes back to Pragya?

  25. Hiiii guys from today onwards my exams r going to start plzz pray for me i have to do it well n tq for d update prathiksha so sweet of u according to kkb i have no comments coz i was totally dissapointed as my trust were coz of this cvs i have d hope till yesterday that abhi is acting but after watching yesterday epi my hope were gone n also feel very pitty for abhigya n i cant see tabhi together even pragya tooo but this rs dadi is behaving like abhi dadi how can pragya tolerate all these things she is also a human being n aliya is she is sister r something dont know hereafter i watch kkb only on sunday for deva shree ganesha but one confusing thing is now also in facebook many spoilers saying that abhi is faking ml n will tell his truth to pragya ganesh utsav is this true plzzzz prathiksha sahithi shobana reji gowtham anybody clear my doubt????

    1. Aishwarya first of all best of luck for ur exams and don’t bother urself by thinking about kkb and it’s story and don’t believe on anything. Not only sources, even kkb itself is not trustworthy. So don’t expect anything becoz they will show, what they wants to show and only they knows what they will show. We just keep waiting forever like this and they will always make us fool by giving false hopes through liitle scenes of satisfaction so our interest remain always in the show. That’s it. Just leave about thinking too much about the show, just watch worthy stuffs and avoid unworthy. That’s it. Don’t waste ur mind in such a waste story.

    2. Hi ? aishu..
      All the very best for your exams.
      As of now just concentrate on your exams as it is more important than kkb. So prepare well and give your best in the exam….

  26. The situation is little worst. I think Aaliya is responsible for Abhi to get his memory back. Looks like it impacts Abhi’s mind and something is happened
    Hope for good
    Thanks shobana and ur most welcome pratiksha.

  27. Now the are showing this only for making us excited. wait for today’s episode there is nothing with that scene. Always they are making us fools. Irritating scene sequences again and again…

  28. kumkum bhagya

    ye kya bakwas hai yar dimak karab hora serial ka title mein tho kumkum hai par iss serial mein heroine apne maang mein tho kumkum hi nahi lagathi and hero heroine se apna rista and pyar hi bhul jayega ye kaunsa logic hai aduianse mein kisi ko bhi pasand nahi aara and koi bhi behen apne sagge bhai ke saat itna gatiya harkat kaise karegi isse tho wo pregnency trak hi acha tha at least abhigya ka pyar dekhne ko miltha tha

    1. Pls pls write in English – I only know the meaning of bakwas hihihi. Thanks
      NB: Surprised more than 40 comments for bakwas KKB serial.

  29. hi everyone good morng… i was busy in my cousin marriage.. thats why would not able to comment… sorry reji, gowtham and shobana for not replying on sunday.

    after watching last two day epi feeling disappointed… cvs are again bringing same old track… i thought abhi will not care about tanu … but after watching the epi feeling iritated…

    1. Don’t be sorry sheetha. Can understand that you are held with work….
      And ya, not only last two epic, this week is full of disappointment.. Better not to hope anything from CVs, atleast we will not be disappointed..

  30. I always hated Aaliya character for the way she is made to mock blood relations but what she did yday was like heights what her character could do. If none of his family members are giving him proper answers hope Abhi tries to find if he is married or not from some other source. And I didnt mean that source to be his biggest fan Nikhita.

    The writers dont let characters see logic so quickly, but atleast Abhi should think why he was seeing flashes of a marriage and connect it to how Daadi stopped forcing him to get married. With these writers, we can only hope.

    1. None of his family members will let him know that he is married as they are expert in hiding truth.
      That’s a good point you have mentioned. Connecting flashes of marriage and dadi stopped asking him to marry.. But abhi wont do so, since the writers have snatched his brain. Not only that, only he himself have to take steps to know what has happened to him in the past 2.5 yrs.

      Now I have a doubt, if he surf in internet about himself, will he come to know that he is married??? Or alia has done something to earise the details about him in internet too???

      1. Practically if u have good reach and influence, can erase out details from internet. Thats what is done when there are some controversies which go to cyber crime ppl. But the current links and google search details will be generally erased. But if someone comes back after say a month and start posting same stuff, I am not sure if it will be monitored so closely. Anyways in this show, the writers stopped using their brains long back. They dont really bother for logic more so in recent times.

        As I always said they dont show these characters from current times. The writers enjoy making them look the dumbest ever.

  31. Arre yaar Puri story badal ke bakwas bana diya itna acha serial tha…

  32. Hi guys !!..How r u all ??..Hi gowtham pratiksha sahithi sheetha shobana asmitha aishwarya hency vinodhini megha ayat mitenzz shaz and everyone!!Sorry if i left out any names !!.. !!Pratiksha how your work went ??and how was the TEEZ festival !sheetha gowtham how is job going ??..And shobana unga work finish panniteengala ??megha hency how r u ??really happy to see your guys comment after a long time??..Asmitha mi college ela undi ??.OK guys ..like aishwarya my exams r also going to start !So only cant comment !!Aishwarya all the best for your exams !?do well ..Even i am also having exam !?we both r having exam fever???..And i tried to see kkb !!After seeing last 3 episodes i got very angry ?..How abhi is getting attracted towards tanu ?.I thought he will not feel good with tanu and he will just forget her !!..But he is just getting attracted towards tanu by her status ,artificial look , glamour etc ..All be coz of aliya’s magic !.Pratksha you r 100℅ ryt !!i completely agree with u !!..This is a game between mind and heart !..Shobana you also have a point ! Yesterday when abhi saw his pic in sherwani outfit he got to remember something but when he saw pragya then he got remember nothing !..Anyways now abhi is faking his memory loss or not !!..This is a big question mark ❓❔❓❔ ..May be it might be a acting of abhi to be normal before aliya !..And ya pratiksha Deva shree ganesha is coming !..ya forgot to ask how all of your ganesh chathurthi and teacher’s day went ??i wished but don’t all noticed it ! I think all remember last time what happened in DSG (Deva shree ganesha) ?It was tanu’s pregnancy drama !..and pragya’s mogambo avatar ..This time we can pleasantly enjoy it as now pragya is in fuggy makeover and tanu’s presence also will not be more !! and last time Jeetendra ji this time also he was here !..So waiting for all the Zee stars performance !..So GANPATI BAPPA MAURYA !!????☺??!??

    1. Sorry guys !!..Some spelling mistakes and some words will be missed there !..My mobile’s keyboard has some problem !!..I will check and make it good !!..Sorry guys !???

    2. Hi reji, I m gud and my work and teez festival also got finished well. How r u? All the best for ur exams and don’t bother urself for thinking about kkb, whatever cvs plan is, it will take long time to finish like always. So don’t care about it and peacefully concentrate on ur exams. Our wishes r always with u and with aishwarya too. Just give ur best. Kkb will remain same like this forever as well as our discussions and complains too will b same, there will b no change will happen ever in it almost. It’s been habit now. So just leave it. Finish ur exams then we will back to our discussions. We will wait for u.

    3. Hi Pratiksha !!.Happy that your work got finished well !..Thank so so so much for your wishes !!..??..Definitely i will follow your advice !!..Sure for some days i will be free from CVS games and will be freely writing my exams !!..i will try to comment whenever i get free !!..Once again thanks a lot Pratiksha !!..I will be waiting to meet you guys !!???

    4. Hi reji I’m fine. Now only irritating thing is kkb

  33. u all guys please stop watching this show and also stop to comment here..

  34. Guys kkb is on number-1 position in trp ratings of last week. Trp ratings got increased till last week becoz of abhigya’s uninterrupted cute and lovely meetings but let’s see what happens after tanu’s come back in abhi’s life for again showing tabhi relationship?

    1. Ya Pratiksha !.Kumkum bhagya is no 1 ..again ..CVS r just mainaining the Trp by showing some Abhigya scenes !!..But don’t know what will happen after showing tanu’s entry !

    2. Isnt Aaliya equally disgusting these days? I never felt for Tanu or Nikhil what I felt for Aaliya in last episode. Beyond words to describe.

      All that warning to Nikhil to stay away from her family and those crocodile tears when her brother was unconscious in hospital. Yes Nikhil and everyone else can stay away, she is enough to do such dirty things.

      I believe some relations always retain their essence and a certain purity even though everything else changes with time. One such is with ur siblings. The way Aaliya was satisfied with the result of showing her bro that pic, I was so disturbed. If they repeat these Aaliya tricks I think I will stay away from the show. I cant see her evilness what they showed yday.

      1. Ya sahithi agree with u. Nothing has changed in kkb actually and infact almost everything got more increased than before. Before it, I was thinking that CVS ruined the true essence of pure word kumkum but they ruined not only this word even they have ruined relationships very disgustingly. Kumkumbhagya story is based on pragya but it is more about tanu. Pragya got only a right of tagging herself as a wife of rockstar abhishek prem mehra but tanu always enjoyed all the rights of pragya. In starting, pragya carried kumkum on her for head but with the time passes, that kumkum also got vanished from her for head and even now she have been lost the right of calling herself as wife of abhi. With the each passing years, pragya is losing her kumkumbhagya so where bhagya of her kumkum fits here? Always tanu wins it somehow and pragya lives with this satisfaction that abhi is her husband becoz they r still not divorced. From the day one of the show, only tanu’s bhagya has shown with abhi upon pragya’s bhagya. Tanu is not carrying just kumkum and mangalsutra of abhi’s name but she enjoyed all the rights of a wife from always. On the name of proving their concept, they shows that abhigya’s marriage doesn’t break in any situation and they keeps meet with each other after becoz of thwir destiny even after getting seperate everytime and almost and rest of the story, they keeps tanu between them forever. We and pragya remains satisfied with it that abhigya r still married and they will unite one day. And tanu will keep enjoy pragya’s life and all her rights on behalf of her place in abhi’s life. Like this, they will never let abhigya unite by using tanu and aliya or by someother reason and in waiting of abhigya’s union, audience will keep stick with the show always. That’s it. What to say about aliya, not only she, infact almost relationships in kkb r disgusting except few. But taaliya r too much disgusting. I wonders sometimes that these writers and cvs ever thinks that what messages they r conveying through their show? I think they doesn’t think that’s why they shows everything without any care so easily, whatever they wants.

  35. Hi guys !!Today we all had some segments !.Same one as pratiksha given for OLV !..

    All about Deva Shree Ganesha Special. Abhi Pragya Purab shown doing maha aarti wtih Jeetendra and Ritiesh Deshmukh. Performances of Vishkanya, Kaala Teeka , Yeh Vaada Raha and Brahmarakshas leads shown.

    No TiSha or Arjit offscreen Interview.

    Link for the SBAS SBB SBS segments

    SBAS- http://youtu.be/UVgN5BD007g

    SBB- http://youtu.be/H5lUQOZbOfc

    SBS- http://youtu.be/Iqm6n9EkU2Y

  36. Trp chart this week !!..Week 35

    1 Zee TV Kumkum Bhagya 12636
    2 STAR Plus Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 10689
    3 Zee TV Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitan 10646
    4 Colors Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9132
    5 STAR Plus Ye Hai Mohabbatein 9076

  37. OMG…… Viewers still watching this serial? Been off this forum for a good while, out of curiosity I peeked in and to my consternation saw that kkb has done a 360 degree turn…. Same crap, same characters, same villain etc. Tanu is still there along with her cohort in crime. The more things change, the more it remains the same!!!!! Abhi remembers his sister as well as others but not pragya?? Selective memory? What a torture of a serial?

  38. Kumkum bhagya trps ratings from Week 31 to 35 ..(Weekly comparison)

    31 week – 14968
    32 week – 12369
    33 week – 11297
    34 week – 12261
    35 week – 12636

    So from the starting the trp was so high .Then CVS tried to manage !!..So comparing to last week this week there is a rise in trp !!

  39. Are abhi &tanu childhood friends or not? Once purab told that abhi loves tanu as she was with him in his all life even in poor condition. That’s y abhi loves her.like this he told. But now, abhi looks tanu as unseen person. Aalia introduced tanu. but abhi forgot only 2 yrs events.

  40. hi writters pls bring back bulbul. Bhubhul is only girl who can reach lesson for aliya & tanu.

    1. not only bulbul but also purvi …. she is ruined by alia so its the time to hit bak for their evilness

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