Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with a lady stopping Pragya from going to Abhi’s room. Pragya asks who are you? The lady says she is Abhi’s PA. Pragya asks her to move from her way and enters forcibly. Abhi acts as dancing and hearing music. Pragya asks him not to act and asks who is this lady. Abhi tells he is Rockstar Abhi and she is his assistant Payal. Pragya says I don’t need anyone’s permission to meet you as I am your boss. Abhi tries to make her jealous and tells Payal is working for him free. Pragya asks why she is working for free. Abhi says as he is her Rockstar. Pragya says she will see his PA. Abhi asks her to be careful next time. Tanu gets excited and waits for the money. Someone comes and gives briefcase to Ronnie asking him to handover cash bag to Pragya. Ronnie thinks to keep

the money in safe. Aaliya comes and tells him that Pragya is having headache, asking him to make tea for her. Ronnie handover the bag to them and says he will make tea. Aaliya and tanu get happy. Ronnie realizes and comes back asking them to make tea for him and Pragya. Aaliya asks Tanu, to do as she says.

Purab and Bulbul are worried about Abhi. Bulbul tells that Abhi didn’t want Pragya to insult them. She says she has enjoyed seeing his family working. Purab says Pragya did this work right, and making his family realized the importance of money. She asks him to drive fast and drop her home. Purab says I don’t want to drop you. Bulbul says you have to drop me home. Purab says yes, else aunty will stop sending you with me. Bulbul smiles. Pragya thinks what to do to send PA from there. She thinks stupid ideas and then thinks she shall order her to go. Ronnie comes and asks Pragya to keep the bag. Pragya asks him to keep the bag for sometime. She asks Payal to inform Abhi that she wants to keep the bag inside.

Abhi thinks she will enter the room with an excuse and asks her to tell that he is changing clothes. Payal tells the same. Pragya says he is lying to me and shouts saying Dadi has fallen. Abhi comes out asking what happened to Dadi. Pragya goes inside and tells you also lied to me. Aaliya and Tanu keep an eye on the door. Aaliya tells we have to wait a little longer. Tanu asks what we will do now?

Mitali is upset as she has to do all the house work. Aaliya asks do you have money? Mitali says she has 100-200 Rs. Aaliya says she needs 1- 2 lakhs. Mitali says she don’t have, and asks why she needs money? Aaliya tells they have to give money to lawyer. Mitali says we will hire other lawyer and tells about the girl who is a lawyer. Aaliya insists to meet her. Mitali says she will take them there.

Pragya asks Ronnie to keep the money bag in the cupboard and then on the bed. She thinks they will not find it and asks him to keep it somewhere. She tells him that she is going and will be back. She comes to Dadi. Dadi asks her to come and tells Dadi went out. Pragya hugs her and says she feels bad about her rude behavior. Dadi asks what happened to that Assistant. Pragya says she will think about her, but is concerned about her motive. She tells she has made up a plan to bring out the truth. Mitali brings Aaliya and Tanu to the famous astrologer. Aaliya asks have you gone mad? Mitali tells she is a good astrologer. Aaliya says she don’t believe in astrology. Mitali says this astrologer said correctly about my friend’s divorce. Tanu laughs and says will she get her a divorce before marriage. Astrologer says if you want to go, then you can go, but your money problem will not end.

Abhi talks to his assistant. Pragya tells Dadi that she needs her blessings to expose Aaliya and Tanu. She swears to show her strength to them and bring out their truth so that they don’t think of betraying them. She says she will bring Aaliya’s truth first. She turns and see Abhi standing. She gets shocked.

Pragya falls down. Abhi comes and lifts her in his arms. Pragya stares him lovingly. Allah Wariyan song plays……….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow!!!!! a superb epidode..hope tht abhi had heard evrythng n support pragya..throw this tanu out of their lyf as soon as possible..

  2. any1 tel me in whch site v can see d promo plz guyz….

      1. in you tube type zee tv usa….u will get d promo in dt 🙂

  3. I want to kill tanu and aliyah and payal

    1. lol payal already?

  4. Miss Ekta Krapshit will never let this truth come out this easily. It will dragged the hell out in name and power of greed for money. If this story remains the same in December . then we all should quit watching and let the trp fall right down at the lowest ever and they will realize what a crap bull shit stupid show it is

  5. No positive asss

  6. idnt thnk abhi had their talking

  7. Great

  8. Nice episode

  9. Abhi won’t hear tat he ll act as dumb I think so. May b like nikki said if he heard also they won’t show it to us. Pls writers end this track it’s dragging

    1. Ya priya if he heard their talking then also CVS will not clear it for us. Becoz if abhi heard their talk then also he will not let them know that he has heard their talk. Becoz he knows somewhere that they will turn the matter in other thing and they will not tell the truth to him when they r doing planning by hiding with everyone and even from him.And as we saw in segment that their nok-jhok and pragya’s changed attitude is still going on with abhi. So it means two things that may b he heard nothing or if he heard then he will pretend as he heard nothing but he will try to find out about what matter with taaliya becoz pragya says to dadi only that taaliya r guilty but she didn’t said that what guilt they did. So he will try to find out that guilt. And if he heard nothing but then also definetly he will have some doubt on them. Becoz the way he was looking pragya and dadi with suspicion. It was looking like this. But anyways let’s see what will happen. I hope we could guess it in upcoming episodes

      1. In fact what I think if he heard their talk then he heard last bit of pragya’s talk when she was saying to dadi that she have to bring taaliya’s truth in front if everyone. That’s why abhi’s expression was mixed with suspicion and confusion. Becoz now he will think that what is the truth of taaliya. So I think he will pretend he heard nothing but from behind he will try to find out what’s the truth of taaliya and what pragya is up to? I felt he heard like this becoz his expressions were same as it was in promo. Like I said after watching the promo that his expressions r like he knows why pragya is doing this with tanu but he doesn’t know the actual reason behind it. So he will definetly take side of tanu and will not let her go out from the house and he will just pretend like this but from behind his plan would b to find out the actual truth. We could find exact thing after going through today’s and more episodes.

      2. i hope they will not show this as similar to Pragya over hearing Tanu-Nikhil conversation… but anyway, even if Abhi has heard their conversation, as u guys told..they will not reveal it now…may be in future if Pragya is in danger due to this new avatar, at that time they Abhi may help her ..may be that time they will reveal Abhi had heard this conversation… so to confirm whether Abhi has heard it or not , we need to wait till the end of this track i feel 🙂

    2. Ya nikki but if abhi heard tat surely he ll get angry on pragya for hiding. So many confusions r there.

  10. Precap was Superb. Abhi lifting Pragya is excellent scene. This is the proof of evidance for hearing everything from Pragyya by Abhi.

  11. Yes i tink abhi heard n pretends coz they need romantic n love scene so they should tis way much better n mr nice…..coming episode……i lv 2 c they lv back.

  12. Guys..some onlocation update… seems Abhi is getting arrested for stealing the money..not having much details..will update once got…

    1. Really chithu where u got this. Can u send me d link. Y he got arrested for tanu va Ohh no. Writers making the situation worst.

    2. Ya chithu I also just saw kkb’s new segment where abhi was outside somewhere with his car. He was thinking about something. I think he was thinking about pragua and dadi’s scene. But when he comes outside from the car and goes to drink a cup of tea on a tea stall then police comes to arrest him for cheating and robbery. Abhi tries to explain them he didn’t do this kind of thing and they have misunderstood but then police officer tells him that pragya arora has filed complain of robbery and cheating against you. Abhi gets heartbreaking and his eyes gets filled with tears.

      1. I think guys abhi has heard dadi and pragya’s talk and gets suspicious about them. Becoz of this pragya gets scared from this fact that if abhi will get to know her truth then it will waste to come in changed behavior and impossible for her to expose the evils. That’s why pragya send police to arrest abhi before he guess her truth. Pragya wants to make believe abhi that she is not old pragya and she is only love money who can’t leave anyone for stealing her money, not seven abhi. So abhi could believe that this pragya is changed pragya who is only money minded. So pragya did this intentionally to divert abhi’s mind from that scene where he saw pragya and dadi together. But as we know and according to promo, at the last moment, she will come up with CCTV footage thing and she will announce tanu actual thief.

  13. Whatttttt???abhi getting arrested for stealing money????? OMG,what’s that know

  14. OMG …stupid writters…pragya hurt herself and abhi also..nikki i agree with ur point..i really want pragya xpose aliaya truth first..bcoz she s very clever..if tanu truth will be first xposed aaliya will alerted…first aaliya and next tanu…

  15. Guys here is full written update of new segment- Abhi stands somewhere outside with his car and thinks about something. They showed a flash back scene of dadi and pragya where abhi opens the door with suspicion and oragya gets shocked to see him. He gets emotional with teary eyes. Reporter says that abhi is missing his pragya a lot. He is very worried about pragya’s changed behavior. Then in next clip, they showed abhi is driving his car and stops on a tea stall to drink a cup of tea. But when he sits on the bench then suddenly police cones to arrest him for stealing the money. Abhi tries to explain him that they hav some misunderstanding, he didn’t do this kind of work then police officer says something to him and then abhi ask him for a phone call. Police officer gives him permission. Then he talks with someone on phone and after that police gets arrested him and takes him in police jeep to police station. Reports says that police have arrested abhi on pragya’s complain becoz abhi took some money from his house without pragya’s permission. Then they shows sriti and shabbir’s interview where reporter ask from pragya why she did this with abhi who is her love. Then she says she doesn’t want to harm abhi but unfortunately abhi traps becoz of wrong dialing. Then reporter says firstly pragya puts abhi in trouble then she herself bring him out from that trouble. Let’s see how will pragya save abhi from this trouble, this time.

    1. Guys sbs link of tody’s segment- https://www.youtube. com/watch? v= bi53-046268.Guys I gave u full update of each and every news segment. So some of things u will not see in this segment link which I m giving u. That’s why I wrote written update. And one more thing guys in this SBS segment they showed shared kelkar from the show agent raghav who came to meet shabbir on the set becoz shabbir is his friend.

    2. Nikki I saw abhi speaking something to reporters wat s it???? I didn’t get tat
      Did u saw tat

      1. Ya priya he is joking with reporter about the current sequence, like always. That’s it.

    3. Nikki I think whether abhi arrest also there.in pragya plan ah. I mean this cc tv footage one ah. So much confusions yaar

      1. i think so Priya.. i think initially she ll complaint on Abhi…but later she ll prove it is Aaliya/Tanu who did it.. by this i think she is trying to show Abhi how much selfish they are..i mean, though they are the one who stole the money and Abhi was arrested for that..if they really love Abhi, they should come and accept the truth..but as we know Aaliya and Tanu will not do that…so Abhi will partially understand how much selfish they are..i think Pragya is including Abhi for that purpose…but we will see,it should not against her 🙂

      2. Guys… this is plan of aliya .. after that abhi arrested then only pragya will expose tanu infront of abhi…

        In yesterday convecation pragya said she 1st expose aliya but in promo tanu will exposed by pragya… my prediction is after abhi aressed then pragya can expose tanu in front of abhi…

      3. Can’t say anything surely PRIYA becoz sriti says in her interview that pragya hadn’t wish to harm abhi but unfortunately he traps becoz of wrong dialing. And reporter were also saying that abhi has taken some money from the house without pragya’s permission. That’s why pragya has filed complain. Let’s see what will exactly happen. I think we could guess exact thing after watching today’s episode.

      4. Chithu I just read ur new comment. I agree with u and I hope what u predicted, same happen in the show. Then it will treat for us if abhi will realize taaliya’s true colour, mostly that wicked tanu.

  16. Yeah……. I also heard this news. Very disappointing

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