Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya realizing what she has just said. Abhi says correct. It should be here. Pragya says I will check. Abhi asks how do you know that I get made all pants in two sizes. Pragya shouts cockroach. Abhi also gets scared. She says it went there. Both of them jump and fall on bed, cover themselves with blanket. Zindagi ke safar me song plays…………………They have an eye lock and look at each other. Abhi asks her to check there if cockroach is there still. Pragya refuses and says it is your cockroach and asks him to check instead. Abhi says I am a rockstar and says I am ordering you. He says if cockroach dies under my foot then media will make news. He asks her to check else he will push her. Pragya checks her side and says no, it is not there. She asks him to check at

his side. Abhi says no, and asks her to go out and see. Pragya says I have to jump over you, to check. Abhi asks her to use her legs and walk. Tanu comes to room and sees Abhi inside the blanket. She takes off blanket and asks what you both are doing here.

Abhi says they are planning baby. He jokes and asks her to come on bed also. He tells that cockroach is there. Tanu says there is no cockroach. Abhi says she is my secretary and does hi five with her. He tells he thought dinosaur is here. Tanu says I have to talk to you in private. Abhi says lets go. Tanu says it is your room and asks him to send Pragya. Abhi sends Pragya to check the decoration. Abhi asks Tanu what she wants to talk. Tai ji tells Mitali that they will have a good time in the party. Taya ji says you haven’t done anything. Dasi tells Dadi, did you decide what to do? Abhi will come now and party will start. Dadi calls Raj and asks who are invited to the party. Raj says friends, media and some relatives. Dadi asks when will Abhi come to address media. Raj says 9 pm.

Dasi tells Dadi to think something. Dadi says I can’t do anything, as I am afraid that my Abhi’s name will be ruined. He says I can tell Abhi not to marry Tanu, but for that I have to tell him about her truth. Dasi asks if we will keep quiet even after knowing everything, says she will suck his blood once she marries him. Dadi says she won’t let that happen. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya was on Abhi’s bed with him, and says we have to do something. Aaliya says we can’t do same mistake again, and will do something before she diverts Bhai’s mind towards her. She says she will make her servant and ruin her. Tanu says Abhi has soft corner for Pragya. Aaliya says Pragya is trying to get back in his life, but before she succeed, we have to do something. She asks her not to come downstairs until she asks her. Tanu nods.

Clients asks Aaliya, if Abhi doesn’t know that his name is getting spoiled. Aaliya says Abhi called media and his clients to make an announcement. Pragya orders waiter to take care of guests. Aaliya calls her and asks her to take special care of guest and serve them. She tells that Abhi will be in more demand after today’s announcement and tells that distributors will be at loss. She asks Pragya to serves snacks and drinks to guests. Dadi and Dasi are shocked.

Taya ji asks Raj, why this party is kept and says reason may be special. Mitali says I know about the announcement which Abhi is going to make today. Tai ji asks her to promise before that. Tai ji promises. Mitali asks Tai ji to tell Raj to take her out for watching film. Raj refuses and asks her to wait till Abhi makes an announcement. Mitali cries. Taya ji goes to talk to Raj. Tai ji says she will also talk to Raj and asks Mitali to tell fast what is Abhi’s announcement. Mitali says you have done a limit and says she will announce about her condition in Mehra house. Aaliya asks Pragya to serve to guests and family also. She says you have to do this, else can go, I will make sure that your condition is bad. Pragya goes to Mitali. Mitali says I will prefer to die, rather than taking water from your hand. Tai ji also ill treats her and asks her to get juice made for her. Aaliya scolds Pragya and asks her to go and get fresh juice for her. Pragya says I am Abhi’s secretary and not your servant. She says she will not work for them and will leave when Abhi asks her. Aaliya says I will see you.

Abhi comes downstairs. Aaliya sees him coming and acts. She asks media to calm down and says Bhai will talk to you. Abhi asks what is happening? He asks Pragya not to do waiter’s work else his image will be ruined. Pragya says your sister asked me to do waiter’s work. Abhi asks Aaliya, why you are making my secretary do waiter’s work. Aaliya lies to him that she just asked her to get the stuff served by waiters. Aaliya asks him to come and says Media is waiting. Abhi asks her about Tanu and asks Pragya to keep the plate.

Tanu comes to party. Media surround her and asks if the incident is true. Abhi holds her hand and takes her to stage. He addresses to the media and says you might be thinking why did I call you here, when negative things are written about me. He says I request you not to make news, and don’t project any news as breaking news just to raise TRP. He says your one news piece have harmed my career and life, and asks who are you to decide anyone’s career. Reporter says we had written what was shown. Abhi asks did you see with your eyes. Someone gave money to you and you made news. Reporter says that photo. Abhi says that photo can’t be of some shoot. He asks them to make his truth reach audience. Everyone looks on.

Dadi tells Aaliya that you have separated Abhi and Pragya even after knowing that he loves her. Aaliya says she loves Bhai, but hates Pragya the most.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nonsense media didn’t know about abhi pragya marriage relationship? He is well known rockstar . nonsense story no logicss

  2. Vinothini I agree with u.stupid.hope he will not prepose that crazy tanu.when all this will over.very hardly Im waching this from Malaysia. Zee variasi already end their channel in Malaysia.

  3. Thanks aishwarya. Hope the things will go right. Thank u so much aishwarya for feeling my emotions. Love you aishwarya.

    1. Rachna sorry for late reply. I just saw ur comment. Felt very bad and sad that innocents r paying for guilty peoples. Rachna don’t lose hope. Hope everything will get fine soon. I will pray for it. Till then u can know about ur favourite shows through telly updates. We will try our best to provide u every possible update. I will try to post episode’s links too if I will get.

    2. ImRagela

      Hi Rachu yesterday I was out to my native’s place today only I read everyone’s comment!..feeling very sad for your situation!!Don’t worry dear !..I will try my best to give the links !..And pls don’t be sad as I also will be sad !!..Ok be Happy ..Evrything will be alright !..Love u my frnd !???

  4. Sorry guys for late news. I forgot to tell it yesterday.
    Sriti gave her voice in introductory episode of Moni Roy’s Nagin-2. She tells about Nagin-1 story for introducing continued part of Nagin-2.

    1. Ya i Pratiksha it is Sriti’s voice only . When i saw the episode i thought that this voice looks like Sriti’s voice . But i can’t confirmly say .So thanks for confirming . And Ekta Kapoor also thanked Sriti for her beautiful voice dub for Naagin’s Kahani ab tak (Story till now)..in her Instagram account!

  5. Guys did anyone saw fresh pic of sriti in red lehenga she was looking gd is there any program in zee tv its looking like she is going to dance r she is doing dance in kkb

    1. Ya asmitha i also saw it . This is diwali celebration by zee tv i think . As i saw a pic in IG that new Purab and tanu was present with Zaan Khan ( Etretr’s Jeevan) And Orvana Ghai (jamai Raja’s Koel) ! Purab and Tanu both were in red . So only pragya is also in red i think . so from this may be kkb is wearing red . And this pic was posted by Vin Rana with a hash tag diwale event . And also Vin Rana posted a pic with Leena that they rocked the stage !!..So may be they would have danced .

      Links for the pic – https://www.instagram.com/p/BLV1z2PjoQO/


  6. There is no logic in that story line.
    First, everyone including medai, knows that Pragya is Abhi’s wife
    Second, Abhi does not remerber that Aaliyah was engaged with Purab 2 or 3 years back before he marries Pragya.
    So, he should remember this at least

  7. hei guys wat u think abt this anouki of hum ko thum se ho gaya hei pyar as bulbu;l

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