Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to hospital to meet Tanu, and is being informed about two Tanu’s in the hospital. He tells her full name, but couldn’t get her info. He thinks to check in general ward. Bulbul tells Purab and Pragya that they have to hide under the bed. Purab tries searching the place. Bulbul asks Pragya to keep an eye on the door and informs them if anyone comes. Dasi asks Dadi if she was talking about Aaliya, when she said something big is going to happen. Dadi says she didn’t know anything and said just like that. She wears her specs and says I have some work with Mitali. Dasi thinks Didi is hiding something from me, and she is not tensed as Tanu is in hospital. She thinks to find out about the truth. Abhi checks Tanu in the general ward and says I thought you are Tanu.

The patient Tanu identifies him to be rockstar and insists to take selfie with him. Abhi asks them to let her go. Nikhil tries to enquire about Tanu in the hospital and sees Abhi standing. He hides and thinks to follow Abhi. He sees Abhi coming towards him and wears mask and carries apron in his hand. Abhi asks him about Tanu’s room. Nikhil stays silent and thinks to search her before Abhi.

Bulbul and Purab are hiding behind the curtains, waiting for Tanu’s boyfriend to come. Bulbul goes somewhere, and Purab thinks to see her. Tanu wakes up and wonders where is she? She thinks she is in hospital and says she has reached here because of Aaliya. She checks her phone and sees her misscalls. Aaliya thinks it seems Tanu is still unconscious now. Tanu calls her and blames for her condition. Aaliya says I am your friend and that’s why I want to inform that Nikhil is coming there. Tanu says let him come. Aaliya says Abhi is also there and says if truth comes out then Abhi will not forgive her. She asks her to run from hospital or acts to faint again. Tanu asks her to come to her, and says she is feeling alone. Aaliya says okay.

Mitali thinks to watch TV for Tanu’s accident news. Raj asks her to give breakfast as he is going to office. Mitali says I thought you will not go today. Raj asks if Tanu will get well if I stay at home. Mitali says she didn’t make breakfast. Raj asks her to make food in dinner and says he will eat even if anything happens to Tanu. Mitali asks him to skip lunch and have dinner at home. Pragya sees Abhi coming and wonders why he is here. Abhi asks what you are doing here? Pragya jokes and says shopping. She says I brought her here. Abhi says are you responsible for her condition. He asks why you didn’t call me. They argue. Bulbul thinks Pragya is talking to whom. Pragya thinks what to do as Bulbul and Purab are hiding inside. She tells Tanu is still unconscious. Abhi thinks to check the room. Bulbul comes out of room. Abhi asks did you come with her? Bulbul says why I will come with her? She says I came with Purab to meet Neurologist. Abhi says I will meet Purab first and then Tanu. Bulbul sees Abhi looking at them and tells Pragya that she hates her. Abhi says well done.

Aaliya comes to Dadi and apologizes to her repeatedly. Dadi says okay, I forgive you. Aaliya says you are the best Dadi. Aaliya asks her to talk to Abhi, and asks him to take her back in office. Dadi says I made Abhi forgave you many times, but can’t do it again. Aaliya says if she stays at home, then Pragya will make her do house work. Dadi says I will not talk to Abhi, but you have one way. She asks her to fold hands infront of Pragya. Aaliya says no way, and says it seems you are un well that’s why giving bad suggestions. Tanu thinks how to run from here, and thinks she can’t even walk. She hears someone sleeping and acts to faint. Abhi comes and tries to wake her up. Pragya says she is unconscious. Abhi asks where is Purab? Pragya tells Bulbul that she saw him outside. Abhi looks for Purab and says he is not there.

Abhi asks them to tell what is going on here silently else…..Bulbul says I was here and was asking doctor why he kept female patient with male patient. She says Doctor justified for it. She says don’t know where did Purab go? Tanu wakes up and acts. She calls Abhi’s name. Abhi asks her if lady mogambo is responsible for her condition. Tanu thinks it is a good chance to teach her a good lesson. She thinks to take Pragya’s name and thinks Abhi will not spare Pragya.

Tanu asks Nikhil to go from there. Nikhil says he will not leave her and his baby in this condition. Just the they hear Abhi bringing Doctor there, and get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Devero

    Don’t get excited from reading the Precap. Abhi is so DUMB.. you can bet that he did not hear anything and if he did he would NOT understand anyway. DUH!!!

  2. Deepika

    Goyyala… the one thing abhi left. He did that also in today’s episode. He called tanu his biwi….. slap him hard or even SHOOT HIM AT HIS HEAD CENTER… I have no problem with it. What kind of concern is this yar??? So awkward… no feel of love. Almost forgot fuggi. Cultureless scenes. Still pragya can’t get her mangalsutra back from abhi. But she is sacrificing and struggling for her love and abhi who is not at all having any feel over her now a days. Don’t call it out Indian serial anymore. Its out of all the rituals. And ekta crossed all the limits. It’s just a f**king dragging serial I have ever seen. Guys do u still have patience??? Means u really have

    • reji

      deepika naa kumkum bhagya pakuratha eppaiyo niruthiyaachu only reading the updates because after these rubbish scenes i don’t think ever that ekta will bring some other twist but abhi will not know the truth till nikil’s child goes to school i think so ………..


      • Deepika

        Exact reji… am also quit watching now onwards… that’s my patience level for these mokka serial

    • Priya

      I stoped watching this stupid serial.am just reading updates when ever i feel something good will happen.but finally i realised that no more expectations from kumkum bhagya…no matter how many mistakes tanu and aliya do they wont exposed till the end of the serial…

      • Deepika

        Hey correct nivi.. fanzz nammale kadupagi avan tanu va ye kalyanam panniklam idhuku.. apdindra alavuku vandhitom.. yen theva illama pragya ivlo kasta padanum

  3. Akshara

    Tanu will not reveal pragya’s name since Ronnie will threathen her and later after she gets discharged from the hospital Tanu will try to kill Pragya in front of Abhi

    • reji

      AND NIKKI I WANT TO know wat will happen next in kumkum bhagya because ilost my patience nikki and u r still watching it as deepika’s words if we are stilll watching it we are stone hearted persons only


    • Priya $

      Ya rit nikki I stopped watching hate it. Then only they ll change the track. Getting irritated while seeing tanu. Stupidity

  4. Gomathi

    Evil Tanu and Aliya…hate you both..!
    Abhi when will you realise that Tanu and Aliya is cheating you!!

  5. Sharad

    Is abhi really this dumb or is he acting too? I think this tanu preg track has been dragged for toooo loooong…..longer than even the time these two were kidnapped by the contractor chap…..can’t u guys show something positive happening in pragya’s life for once??

  6. sibi

    Such an nonsense..! What kinda story line is it? Ekta is good in showing evil prevails good. How long you ppl going to drag this drama. No proper story line. First of all writers think how to portray a story line then you can quick up in serial. Seriously disgusting with same old evil plans. Day by day its going worse, Always make us watch it
    with all of the same thing which is repeated. Don’t make it more
    dramatic, it really sucks. Grow up kudos with good thinking and writings.. ! This serial is becoming bullshit now.. I bet trp goes down.. Lost patience..!

  7. sonia

    Better to leave it. Try something more entertaining in TV..i think its not tanu rather the writers need medical treatment

  8. Wat a hell serial is this plze kumkum bhagya director and producer v request u finish this serial so soon this kind of mokka serial i never seen..u will never expose aliya tanu again blame pragya..now abi is dummy piece he is not rock star now he is behave lyk deaf and blind..his character now changed u Mr.kumkum bhagya director producer..plze finish this serial so soon then ly another serial begin on ur serial tym.. this serial is too worst.. u r lose people expectation and popularity.. finish soon..

  9. sana

    Mokka serial.abhi bullshit he blindly believe aaliya every time. But every time he blindly scold pragya for any matter and doubt her even small matter.what kind of love he feels for pragya???but pragya is really dumb and blindly love abhi always and not hate abhi for any matter not doubt for any matter.stupid pragya.

  10. Dai intha serial ah mariyathai ah mudi illa channel ah podu un serial intha mathiri famous channel ah un serial ah pottu kevala ah paduthatha ah evalo kevalamana comment poduranga ah parthum kudama serial episode ah change pannamatta ah finish pannu intha serial

  11. ishani

    Too much dragging….
    When will abhigya unite
    Please change the story line.

    This nonsense can’t be tolerated.


  12. Aishwarya

    What r u ppl writings???? I can’t understand your language ??? By the way what happened about that pragya kidnapping in Ganesh chaduthi ???

  13. Leila

    I don’t understand wat is taking them so long to expose the two witches Aaliyah n tanu n I hope abhi sees nikhil with tanu this time

  14. Natasha

    Worst story line .I never seen this much dragging in any serial.we don’t even have patience to read the updates..pls put some end point for this dragging.els pls finish it soon.:'(

  15. This Abhi. I hate him more than Aaliyah and Tanu now a days. Stopped watching the serial. And don’t read updates also regularly. But when i do read it expecting some good change, it just f**ks me up. Such a bogus storyline with no human sense at all. Guys please stop watching this crap serial. And let the trp go so low that it falls out of the list. Then only Ekta and her stupid writers shall realise their mistake. Otherwise they will keep dragging the show like this and eat our brains and kill our soul. Hate you KKB. ?????????????

  16. Abhi is an playboy.he has 2 women in his live, his wife and girlfriend.can anyone tell me if this is good for us ,for the youth and our society .I think that she’s taking revenge.I very disappointed in dadi,pulbul and pragya.I expected more of them.I thought they were a very strong team.I don’t watch kkb anymore

  17. Razzy

    I didn’t used to watch kkb but bcoz of shabir aluwalliya and sriti jha I started to watch the program and now I hate watching this seriel bcoz the story ls dragging so much.! I’ve also noticed that the way this drama is going tanu and alliya’s truth will never come out bcoz what ever pragya plans to ruin them it always flops. And about abhi who claims to love his fuggi, why does he always blame pragya for everything? What kind of love is this? Where is the trust? It’s been over couple of month since tanu’s pregnancy but it’s still dragging. Ruchna was pregnant but she had the baby and everything before tanu, so it’s stupid and why is this pregnancy episode taking years. This story is going down bcoz of the story line it’s not making any sense. It’s going to take generation to expose those two madams, alliya and tannu. The best seriel of shabir was I think kyamath.

  18. nothing will happen in kkb….just making us fool only guys…guys think its about to Friday wht happnd in this serial?…nothing na….see Friday too ntng ll happn….Friday thy ll cmplte wid any of twist….we too will b eagr to watch on Monday….but Monday it ll b dream or drag…thtst…won’t giv rating guys….swaragini watch its so good now…..

  19. tuti

    I can’t even comment on this show nowadays……really upsetting. Let alone watch it. Just read the written updates…..thank you Hassan…

  20. ramya

    according to writers let aaliyah don get exposed now .. atleast they can reveal tanus truth n make abhi pragya together and let us see their happy moments?

  21. New spoiler- Pragya becomes suspicious after seeing tanu and nikhil together. Nikhil doesn’t want to leave tanu alone. He wants tanu and his baby. Tanu threatens him that if he will tell anything to abhi then she will kill this baby. Other side, pragya tries to divert abhi’s attention on tanu and nikhil indirectly. If she will get succeed or not, it is left to watch.

    • Priya $

      Where u got this spoiler nikki. This time they want to reveal the truth r else surely ll fed up. They started dragging like u said they r wasting superb actor’s talent.

      • Priya I read it on serial gossip. It says that nikhil is tensed for tanu and his baby’s health. He wants tanu and his baby with him. But tanu’s greedy nature makes him helpless becoz tanu threatens him that if he will tell her pregnancy’s truth to abhi then she will kill this baby. Apart from this, pragya notices that whenever nikhil comes infront of tanu then tanu gets tensed. Pragya gets suspicious and tries to tell about it to abhi indirectly so that he could also start think about it.

  22. misha

    This show is on getting on people’s nerves I see. And I think Ekta Kapoor is quietly enjoying all this publicity. Guys, without realising it, you are playing Madam Ekta’s game. She JUST likes it when you are commenting and commenting and commenting. This proves that you are showing great interest in this stupid show without any decent story line and any morals!!

  23. During these days, this show is only full from stupid, idiotic, illogical and childish acts and things. Nothing is watchable. Looks like CVS r not giving proper attention to it, script writers r not in their senses, that’s why the show is loosing it’s charm and sense. They r ruining such talented actor’s talent. From the starting of pragya’s come back track, it was much potential and powerful track. But with passing of each days, it became weak and now it has become nonsense. Now it looks like a nonsense comedy show. That’s it.

  24. nalini

    Boring….dragging….dont watch anymore, just read updates. Just want to see abhi and pragya unite….this show so stupid right now!!

  25. RIYA

    OMG!!! endha abhi eppadan pragya va belive pannuva… even pragya va mrg panna date la erundu eppa varaikkum ave pragya va nambunade illa… and pragya side erundu oru second yosishade illa… abhi ave sis sa nambi pragya va mrg panni pragya voda total lide fu spoil pannita… eppadi patta life partner pragya ku teva dana… munnadiyadu pragya love panna ma dout tana… eppa love pannikite dout tagura enna koduma sir edhu… abhi character yen eppavu divil side belive pandra madiriye yosikiraga endha writers… but abhi enna pannalu pragya abhiya love pannuvala … edhukku evuga rendu peraiyum settu vaika rabul jodi eppavum helping… infact serial start panna stage la erundu max rabul jodi avuga meet pannum bodu illa romance sence na erunda kuda 2sec tavadu abhigya pair patti discuspannitu dan romance se pandraga appa dan vagugalukku romance varum pola…. endha aliya va ennum ethana time dan abhi mannippan.. aliya edhavadu panni abhikita max matira but last ta edho oru poi solli escape aiduva… mms epi matitu tirundura madiri nadusha.. kidnap la kande pudikka mudiyala.. rabul mrg ls mattitu revenge start pannita ana abhi ennum aliyava belive pandrana enna story edhu… aliya vadu mattitu escape agura but endha tanu edhu varaikkum oru time kuda mattunade illa bale killadidan ava…. adhu nala dano enna mo pregnant agi evaloo month agiyum vaire teriyama short dress pottu kittu suttudu…

    Kadavuleee enna god promise sa sila vishayagala shakucukavee mudiyala… na serial le pakka matten but endha kkb ennaiya starting stage le adict akirushu eppa enna dana evanga evaloo kolaiya kondranga… endha serial ku writer yaru pa.. na avarulku kandipa parattu vila nadatiyee aganum… bcos avarala mattum dan evaloo super ra story eludha mudiyum wat a fabulous story fantastic…

    Enakku oru chinna help pandregala plz.. endha serial shoot pandra address kadasha konjam sollu na writer ta autograph vagittu kal thottu kombittu podanu…. plzzzzz

  26. Vk

    Really abhi don’t deserve pragya..he is sooo dumb and always insults her and blames her for everything that happens.I too want to quit this serial as I can’t tolerate abhi’s awkward behaviour towards pragya and this dragging boredom storyline

  27. annie

    f** k off atleast expose tanu first, really fed up of her, i cant understand why she still waiting for abhi, as nothing is in his name as of right now and on top of that she already slept with nikil that dumbo kickass i think this pregancy track started 6 months ago but she doesnt even have a bump on her apperance, stupid logics stupid serial.. really gonna lose so many as big boss also approaching , please end tanu nonsense otherwise tis serial gonna hit rock bottom.

  28. sanchu

    Hi Nikki, Chithu55… I stopped watching the Show when abhi started hating Pragya.. I was just reading updates..then stopped reading updates also when hitting Aliya was shown as Tanu’s dream.. Now i jus read the comments..

    Nikki you were always hopeful and positive so I was hoping.. Now I see that you have also given up.. I don’t know if all our comments are seen by the CVs team.. Hope there is some way to tell them to stop dragging..

    Trps has never gone too low for this show because all of us love the actors shabbir, sriti, mrunal and so on even shikha.. All are brilliant actors and its sad to see their talent is not utilized to full potential..

    I don understand why they have to drag.. After makeover except for torturing taaliya pragya dint do anything to find out tanu’s baby’s father or abt the person helpin aaliya.. She can just bribe and get the call details for both their phones.. Or try to torture them make some rule n ask for deir phone n check the call details.. They did DNA test for rachana in d beginning dey can do the same now.. Esp that taaliya don have any money to change DNA tests or bribe the doc..

    Nikki in d new update u gave… Y is pragya tryin to show abhi indirectly… Y can’t she show directly or ask about Nikhil directly to Tanu.. Anyways she gets tensed and acts stupid when she is about to get caught…

    What is wrong with Nikhil.. Where was he all dis time… Now wen he knws abhi has no money he can always tel Tanu he has more money n take her with him…

    What’s wrong with abhi.. If he truly loves pragya y can’t he doubt her.. In between they sometimes show he is confused n has some doubts but sometimes he behaves so badly that ppl have started hating tat character.. I read some comments where ppl were askin for new hero for pragya…

    I think they will dragggg this more.. Now dasi got doubt they might show that she gets to knw lik purab and joins pragya n grp.. N after full drama wher abhi really hates pragya dey wil reveal all d truth…

    I just hope CVs really reads d comments on social networking sites and improve deir story…n nit waste such talent…

    • I can understand ur frustration sanchu. For sometimes I was feeling that in any episode, we will definetly see abhi back with a bang with same true rock star style when he had during MMS track and pragya’s fake behavior’s track to give her place to tanu in abhi’s life due to her pregnancy and we will see him as supporter of pragya at least indirectly, without coming in anybody’s eyes, like he did in these previous track and with this we will see their cute rimantic fights like before.But now it is taking too much time so we r loosing their hopes and interest n the show. Only stupidity and illogical things r happening during these days.

  29. xyz

    I don’t want this serial anymore.. Just read updates it’s so boring now..hats off to the writer director producer for losing the fans who were once crazy about this serial..

  30. rrr

    ha ha ha…i stop watching ds serial…before 8 month…i just read updates sometime…but still i am in shock after these month also…the serial remain same…how s it possible…one n only kumkum bhagya…great give the award to director n producer…ABHI S SUCH A STUPID N DUMB HERo EVER..how idiot he is…epiosde 1 to still…he s fool…but fool s hero…he never find anything…simply says rockstar n hug dadi..blame pragya…fake romance to tanu…affection with aaliya…thu thu… u go n collect app form to tanu baby and join school…pragya is idiot..she s wasting time ..ds much of stupid husband..no one girl in the world dont want husb like abhi…then y she want him….dragging n boring

  31. Serial’s name is kumkum bhagya but not no girl is married.the one who is married she is without kumkum n away from husband’s love.if it so difficult to get kumkum.why to have such bhagya.there is no trust between the couple.how can be love. Kumkum bhagya means as per me the husband should love his wife to the extreme n should. Protect her at any situation. And when she will die she should have her kumkum.means the husband also takes last breathe.write pl watch movie sada suhagan or ask the viewers.

  32. Pp

    I think makers are not sure how to continue this serial so they are dragging exposing track of Aliya and tanu for months now..,, this serial is full of bakwas

  33. It is really ridiculous that how many times u catch alliah red handed with crime,but every time she gets away unpunished . Unimaginable. Even pragya would lose her heart and give up every thing.
    The Character like Dadi,Abhi and Dasi are wasted. They are so obsessed with aliah and holding on
    to her KKB seems to have lost its way . unbearable to see Abhi acting against Pragya for every thing

  34. sandhya

    Hey guyz.. I ws readng aal ur cmnts… And im sure dis serial iS gonna go to bottom if dey drag lik dis.. & one thng i dnt undrstand is when purab came to knw d truth he supported bulbul by trusting hr.. In d same way y cnt pragya say to directly all d matters?? B4 dese pragyas transfrmation he luvd hr so if she had told him he wudhv believed… But wats happning is uttrr stupidity.. & 2ndly i hv nt seen a dmb hero lik abhi.. Such a fool bullshit hero.. I support d idea of havng a new hero for pragya who wud care her extremely… Or atleast to make abhi irritated becoz im angry wit him mor dan taaaliya.. Stupid hero … Abhi u deserve tanu nly.. Marry hr & waste ur life.. Pragya pls pls leave abhi & go forever atleast den we can c if realises or not.. Hate abhi to d core.. Nonsense

  35. sana

    Abhi is so stupid and dumb.he madly ask questions about purab hand pain like James bond.but didn’t find anything about aaliya and tanu so far.he didn’t doubt tanu so far any matter

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