Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Stressed out Abhi meets with an accident

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The Episode starts with Purab calling Abhi and tells him not to believe on others and believe on Pragya. Abhi asks him to come home. Purab says how can you trust Aaliya and Munni. Abhi says she is munni. Purab says she is Pragya di and says she risked her life for him and his family. Abhi says she is an imposter and wanted to get my money. Purab says this is not truth. Abhi ends the call. Pragya thinks what she will tell to Sarla. Just then a lady drops a utensil. Pragya turns and looks at her. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is going to Sarla’s house. Aaliya says she might be going for some other purpose. Abhi thinks about Pragya. Disha comes there and says she needs to talk to him. Abhi says he don’t want to talk about Pragya’s lookalike. Disha says don’t you feel that she is Pragya, your

wife. Abhi says he don’t trust her. Disha says why lookalike will do whatever she has done for you. Abhi says she acted with them. Disha says she didn’t show the proofs as she felt that her eyes and love for you are enough for you to believe you. Abhi sits on bed quiet. Pragya comes to Sarla’s house.

Tanu says now she is sure that she is Pragya. Aaliya asks her to just see what she is doing and says nothing is proved till now. Pragya thinks she wants to hug Sarla and cry. She is about to ring the bell, but just then she sees Aaliya and Tanu in the mirror. She thinks they are doubting me and thinks they shall not know that she is Pragya and not Munni. She thinks to go to Munni’s address to clear their doubt. She goes from there.

Mitali sees herself in the mirror. Raj says you will not get lean by keeping fast for you. Mitali says she is thinking if her lookalike will be intelligent like her. Raj says you are just once and says God don’t repeat his mistake. Mitali gets upset.

Abhi comes to the restaurant and gets coffee. Irfan Khan comes there for his film promotion and sits to talk to Abhi. He tells about his name yogi and tells that he was in love thrice and is going to fall in love for fourth time. Abhi says you are lucky and tells that his love left him, but he is sure to unite with her. Yogi promotes his film. Abhi promises to watch his film. Yogi leaves. Abhi gets a call and goes. Pragya comes to Munni’s house and pretends to search for keys, as the door is locked. She finds something under the mat and thinks if it is keys. She gets it. Aaliya gets sure that she is Munni and informs Tanu.

Pragya thinks Munni might be at home by now, she thinks temple diya is lighting, she must be coming. She thinks once Munni returns, she will take her with her and then Aaliya and Tanu have to return Munni’s niece and nephew. She looks at Abhi’s pic and thinks they will soon unite. She thinks if Aaliya and Tanu are still outside and thinks to check from back door. She comes out and sees Aaliya and Tanu talking. Tanu says if she is Munni then why she would go to Sarla’s house. Aaliya says her confusion is over and tells that Munni went to her house and that’s why she is Munni. Pragya thinks she came here at right time else they would have understood that she is Pragya.

Tanu says she will not agree and will stand here till she gets proof that she is Munni and not Pragya. Aaliya says she is going home. She asks her to hold and receives Mitali’s call. She says aloud that Abhi met with an accident and he is in City hospital. Pragya is shocked to hear this and thinks to go home. Aaliya informs Tanu that Abhi met with an accident and she is going there. Abhi is taken to OT. Pragya thinks if she had told him then this wouldn’t have happened.

Aaliya asks everyone why they have not informed her about her Bhai’s accident. Pragya is standing far from there hidingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tiny series filled with empty rings and trivial

  2. smart aliya nicely tricked pragya for following her after listening to abhis accident news. Abhi when will he believe in pragya he will say he will not need proofs to trust her but he is not believing her again, Why always pragya have to fight for their relationship. Why not he will try to find the answers by himself. why not he is recognising pragya. logic less directors infront of all the people how aliya and tanu played with pragya by taking the kids away from her. disgusting serial most dumbest rockstar ever seen always romance either with tanu or with pragya every day simply sitting in home and try to romance with pragya. Writers have not satisfied the audience in romance part also making us bored of their romance without their consumation. Quitting the updates also

  3. how many times do they meet with accidents and survives….they put cats to shame with their measly nine lives….

  4. How many times will Abhi meet with an accident???

  5. Yeah again he will loose memory lol ?

  6. Abhi is an idiot. Since this show has begun, I never saw him thinking for himself. It has always been Aliya, Tanu, Dadi, Pragya…then full circle, Aliya, Tanu blah blah…stupid stupid stupid.

    I have deleted over 2 months of taped episodes, just reading up on it and it still hasn’t gotten anywhere positive with the story. How totally demented are these people who are making these shows.

  7. when will all this stop never because of stupid audience like us Pragya is such a stupid person she keeps blurinding and then try to make it better the kids r right there tanu can’t do any thing dish is there why Pragya not tell abhi and dadi how tanu and alhia try to rob him dish is there she can prove oh these writher and producers making the audience stupid STOP LOOKING PEOPLE

  8. Sarifa Patel

    Utter nonsense. For those of you who cooment please don’t waste your time watching this rubbish. Ekta Kapoor and her writers and zee tv are lacking in vision, inspiration and most of all no common sense whatsoever and lie about trp ratings.

  9. When will this serial wind up? Fed up with accidents and amnesia. Kumkum bhagya is so unsuitable title for the show as the person on whose care of the kumkum is kept is not worth of it.

  10. Why Abhi doesn’t get to prove himself? Pragya always have to prove herself and her dumb doltish husband always putting her through countless tests. I hope he doesn’t lose his memory again. I am getting tired of the repeats. Aaliya and Tanu have been scheming and conniving to rob Abhi and put him in the street. Stupid man cannot think for himself that his sister and mistress are misleading and fooling him. Its time that Munni and Pragya meet and turn the tables on Aaliya, Tanu and Raj. Afterwards let Pragya move on with her life and leave the foolish rockstar

  11. Frustrated Fan

    Seriously this serial has crossed all limits…. How can anyone write such crap..is no one from zee management not reviewing the contents.. How can evil Win all the time.. ABHI is a Rockstar, but in the last 3 years that the serial is being telecast he must have done only 3-4 concerts.. Tanu a supermodel is staying at MM since she was pregnant… Who would want a husband like Abhi… Spineless does not have any mind of his own gets influenced by his ruthless sister and mistress.. Don’t know why pragya says uska kumkum uska bhagya hai… Actually uska kumkum uska DURBHAGYA hai… Ekta please change the name of the serial from Kumkum bhagya to kumkum DURBHAGYA… And let abhi marry tanu and come on the road… Pragya leave Abhi and be happy… Let abhi be with the rouges.. Alia, Tanu, Raj and the so called Dadi who is worried only about her grandson and can’t recognize pragya whom she claims to be daughter instead of her daughter in law

  12. Frustrated Fan

    Does the writer feel the public is dumb.. Alia shows adhar card of so called munni… Fine but abhi he has proved that he is dumb… Can’t he verify the adhar. Aaj Kal tho mobile sim lene ke liye adhar verification hota hai.. Yahan tho wife ka verification ho raha hai.. Hah hah this happens only in Balaji serials.. She being a woman how can she degrade someone so much and pragya you are an actress of so much talent, why are you still doing this shit serial… Is money all that matters.. Let your so called kumkum get married to tanu and let his life become Hell.
    Abhi does not deserve you.

  13. abhi and Praga act like fools

  14. Disturbed Fan

    Guess the writer is sick in the mind,or a victim of a absue in his childhood… God knows how one can be do sick… Ekta tops it up

  15. Carol from Trini

    Sheesh. Stopped commenting on this show a while now. I don’t watch it anymore. Yet in all that time the storyline has not changed. So why does Pragya always have to be the one to prove herself? At the rate this show is going, Pragya should be the rockstar. Unless Indian rockstars have no obsessed fans who are always throwing themselves at them?

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