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The Episode starts with Sarla and Beeji’s conversation. Beeji tells Sarla, that they shall take Abhi’s help. Sarla refuses and says she has managed to get money for bail. She asks Purab to come. Beeji asks from where did you get money? Sarla says I will tell you after coming home. Abhi is going out. Aaliya stops him and asks where is he going? Abhi says he is going to make everything fine, and tells that he was restless last night. He tells what Sarla had told him. He says Pragya was with him always when she came to know that his life is in danger too. He says she worked for me day and night without caring for herself. He says I can’t give a name to our relation, but it is beyond than friendship. I am going to free her out, and goes while Aaliya tries to stop him, but in vain.


and Dasi hear him. Dadi cries. Dasi asks why you are crying? Dadi says this is happiness tears, and says Abhi went to bring Pragya back with emotions in his heart. She says he is fulfilling vows of marriage, and tells he don’t remember wedding vows but he is fulfilling his duty. She says he doesn’t remember her, but have feelings for her. Dadi says once Pragya comes back, she will not go from here. She says Abhi has realized that he has grown feelings for her and have told same to Aaliya and Tanu. She says Pragya’s entry is danger to Aaliya and Tanu now. Everything will be fine now and is happy. Tanu hears her and is angry.

Abhi is in car and recalls what Sarla had told him. He sees a couple sitting there and imagines her. He feels good and thinks he is doing right and happy after hearing his heart. He thinks it was good that Sarla came to meet him and scolded him. He stops at a signal. A girl knocks on the car window and asks him to buy flowers for his girl friend. Abhi thinks to buy it for Nikita and pays the money. Girl says I don’t have change. Abhi asks her to keep it. Girl calls him hero. Tanu gets furious and comes to Aaliya’s room. She tells that Dadi is planning to get Pragya back home. Aaliya says Abhi will not agree, and asks her to drink and relax. Tanu asks her not to underestimate Pragya and says her kumkum connection is very strong. She says I will not separate this connection, but will end it for all. Aaliya asks what she is planning to do? Tanu says she will not tell her.

Purab and Sarla come to the Police station and talk to Inspector. Inspector asks Constable to bring Pragya. Pragya comes out and asks Sarla about bail money. Sarla asks Purab to drop them home. They leave from Police station.

Tanu comes to meet Nikhil. Nikhil hugs her and says I am very happy to see you. Tanu pushes him. Nikhil says your love brought me back to you and asks her to hug him. Tanu says love…my foot. She says I came to talk to you about Abhi and me. Nikhil says yes, you always talk about him. Tanu says Abhi is always ahead of you. Nikhil congratulates her for her engagement and says I came to know how you got engaged. Tanu says even I came to know about your secrets and says you are fired from your job and you are financially unstable. He says so you came to taunt me. Tanu says no, and says she came to apply money ointment on his wounds. Nikhil says I am not a fool to agree, and asks what is her advantage.

Tanu says it is for your betterment, and says I can get this work done by a professional, but I am giving you a chance to complete the incomplete work. Nikhil asks what? Tanu says she wants him to kill Pragya. Nikhil asks why? You are going to marry abhi now. Tanu says she can’t let Pragya to come and snatch her place, and asks him to kill her. She says she will be happy to see Pragya’s death.

Nikhil tells that she is a epitome of evilness and says I fold my hands infront of you. Tanu says she will feel good to see Pragya’s death and asks him to kill her today itself. Abhi comes to the Police station and thinks what I will tell to Niku now. He practices to apologizes to her. He thinks to talk naturally and say sorry. He gets down the car. Inspector asks why did you come here? Abhi tells that he came to take back the complaint. Inspector says her family came and take her home. Abhi thinks he came late, and thinks to go home and apologize.

Tanu calls Abhi. Abhi informs her that Nikita went with her family from police station, and he is going there now. Tanu asks Nikhil to kill Pragya before Abhi reaches there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What bunch of horse shit! This crappy show needs to stop and a new show should start but don’t think z has the money for it?

  2. bkwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas tareeeeeeeen episode

  3. on my god….leena/tanu seriously need some dental work….I was terribly taken aback by her bottom teeth in the closeup…my sister is a dentist and said if she don’t do some dental work soon her teeth will decay more and fall out…come on you all are tv stars…don’t just have a pretty make up face….but your teeth needs to be in good condition…I don’t like to see anyone with bad teeth..sorry….it just doesn’t look healthy and good…today’s episode a filler….kkb has dropped in trp’s and the writers need to realise that tanu is just not what we want to see…the viewers will show our disgust and read updates….

  4. Stupid bullshit creative writers who are going round and round showing g us the same crap for last one and half years. If they cannot progress with the story, they should end this serial.
    Nikhil is back and Taliya inspire of all the criminal deeds they gave done are dominating the whole Mehra’s household and Abhi the Rockstar, Dadi and others are just wallflowers and have no say.
    A big Rockstar is getting engaged and married and it is surprising neither Media nor newspapers are questioning about his wife Pragya.
    Crap, thorough crap.

  5. Purab is a sweetheart he is so kind and manly he says ma so sweet and respect them that Abhi and his family gave this family so much pain Pragya should leave him alone and move on with her life

  6. Want abhigya to unite soon i hope abhi accept his feeling as soon as possible

  7. not a viewer anymore

    What bullshit , writer should.kill.himself

    1. SavitaVidya

      bwahahahha not a viewer any more…ahahha your name is funny. and comment even funnier

  8. and the bullshit begin again.

  9. This new purab doing really well. I like him I think his acting is good. I’m waiting for abhigya to reunited again and I hope it will be different kind of story. Abhi says he feels lot more for pragya than friend. I hope the writer brings more good things and get taliya’s truth out.



  11. Bakwaassssssssssss that should stop the bakwaassssssssssss show bullshit

  12. Why nikhil changed??

  13. I think it’s high time Tanu or Aliya killed Pragya for good. Abhi can remain in his own stupid world.

    End the story. The world needs something with more depth than a plot going in circles.

    1. True that tis show sucks

  14. Useless show – same thing back and forth. Leave Pragya alone for heavens sake!

    Tanu’s and Aaliya’s ugly faces must go.

  15. I agree with the above..writers should change story in favor of Pragya n abhi or end serial

  16. you all are dumbos still watching kb

  17. The new Purab is also doing good. And he is the only person after her sister Bulbul to protect and trust Pragya in any kind of situation.

    In this serial Purab and prgya the two characters are too good and the actors (Sriti jha, Vin rana, Arjit taneja) also perfectly match to the characters.

    They both are doing well. and give them some good thing and respect, because they only suffer and receive sadness all time for save Abhi from his enemies.

    Please change this track. There are so many true fans like me to watch the serial.

  18. Haha this show has turned into a comedian series..they have actually decided for Abhi to finally grow some b×lls.Lol standing up to his sister instead of being treated as puppet on string. Pragya,s mum is a very strong and independent woman. Why can’t pragya be like that.!!.instead her character is like a sick love puppy..Purab is the real man here, they would of being good together. TANU PLS change your dialogue (yawn) it’s getting quite boring

  19. SavitaVidya

    you know you all should just head over to the Fan fiction segment of this website. trust me all your worries will be washed away. we all love Abhi and Pragya but hate the story so read ffs and see your characters in totally awesome stories. in one story Tanu is a vampire…i love that story!!

  20. I stopped watching, neither do i read the full written updates. All i do is read your comments here to know what transpired in each episode to determine whether i should read the details or watch it. When comments are negative, i don’t even bother. At least this saves me the unnecessary torture.
    Thumps up to you all for your comments.

  21. What a thirdclass serial is this from last one year same story going again n again.crying pragya.Foolish abhi.overacting ki dukan alia and tanu.write don’t have any story that’s why he always show flashback and dreaming of pragya with yarien song.if you don’t have story stop this crap.

  22. he came to take back complaint. but he did not complain against cheating then how come he come to take back complaint. And in this serials without complaint police can take people and when crime happens no any action taken by police like kidnap, attempt to murder etc., etc.,,,,,

    Voiceover says that pragya is going away from her kumkum.

    Pragya shown inside the train, with Sarla Maa, Rockstar dadi and Janki Amma among the crowd of passengers. Pragya is in lost in thoughts.

    Some vendor asks her to buy Abhi’s magazine. Sarla Maa refuses to take and says him that don’t want, .. Go. Abhi comes to station n calls Nikita. Pragya hears him…

    Then they shows Abhi searching for Pragya with the flowers n both of them standing in front of each other. Station shows here empty in this scene. Abhi sits on his knees and forward the flower bouquet towards pragya. Pragya looks him emotionally.

    voice over says….. but will she change her decision because of Abhi’s stubbornness (zid).

    1. Last scene of promo, in which abhi forwards flower bouquet towards pragya, that scene gets convert into Montage of the show at the end of promo.

      Link for the video of promo-

      1. wow new montage, excited! So from last montage of happy, unaware RS and sad Pragya, this one is good transition..Next Phase of their relationship in season2..

  24. I really hate Alliya and Tanu,u will be caught one day,why is aliya troubling her brother..



    UPDATE –
    Abhi comes to the station to apologize from Nikita/ Pragya and to stop her. He finds pragya in a train and comes inside to talk with her. Abhi gets sits on the opposite site of seat and starts complaining from her that how he was searching for her everywhere madly and Purab told him that she is here. Firstly pragya gets happy after hearing this and asks from him that was he really searching for her then when abhi starts scolding her then Pragya too take out her anger on him and says that what she does when he has been announced her a theif. If she comes to him then he again puts her in the jail. Abhi asks I announced? Then there nok-jhok gets start. Abhi holds pragya’s hand and moves with her to bring her outside the train. Pragya looks him emotionally while the walk and happily walks with him by holding his hand. But at the exit door of train, pragya gets stop after thinking something. Abhi looks her.

    In another scene, Sarla Maa is taking pragya inside the train by holding her hand and in other side, abhi is showing as looking emotionally, seems feeling helpless with teary eyes.

    In another scene they shows abhi and pragya r standing in front of each other in an empty station and abhi sits on his knees and gives her a red rose bouquet.

    Reporter says that abhi is doing lots of efforts to convince pragya but pragya is not ready to go back as she is very angry and upset with abhi.

    Sriti’s interview –
    She says that she is angry with abhi as he didn’t came to police station to bail her out or make her free from jail and he should trust on her, when others were blaming her. So she is not ready to go back in this anger. She says that she too wants to go back with him but she have anger in her, for him and for whatever wrong happened with her and she didn’t get chance to take out her anger but now when she got a chance to take out her anger so she is taking out her anger when he is in front of her now.

  26. This story is flat lining every day. Viewers gives suggestions for resuscitation but the writers won’t concede and change their one track script circulation.
    I want Abhi to miss his opportunity to persuade Pragya to forgive him. I want her to leave him, really after finally seeing what her mother was showing her. Don’t fall back so easily into Abhi’s charm. Let him work at getting her back. Let him come to see how important she really is to him.
    I want Purab to return home without Abhi and pretend he doesn’t know that Abhi went after Pragya. When Tanu tries to call him, Purab hold up Abhi’s phone to show he has it, then goes on to tell them he went to get coffee and when he got back Abhi was not there and his phone was left on the table. Believing he went to the car but the car was also not there. He thought he came back home only to know he’s not there as well. He has no idea where Abhi is and no way to contact him.
    Abhi in car driving to the town the train was heading. When he almost reach, he began looking for his phone to call Purab. He looked up just in time to see a truck broken down around the corner. It was too late when he applied the brake the car skids and slams into the truck. Abhi bang his head on the steering wheel and passed out.
    At the hospital a nurse went thought his wallet for identification and found a phone number. She called the number and it was answered by Pragya. The nurse asked her if she knows a Abhishka Mehra because they have him in their hospital with a concussion.
    Pragya spoke with the nurse, then told Sarla what happened. When they got their Pragya inquires the room and told them she’s his wife, that she got the call he was in a accident. Pragya was shown to the room and found Abhi sleeping. She sat in the chair waiting for him to wake up, also wondering how thing will be when he does. Will he still lost his memory or worst will he once again forget who she is?
    Pragya dosed off while waiting for Abhi to wake up.
    Abhi starts to stir and was hit with some memory flashes. He remember Purab telling him that Nikhil has tampered with the brakes on Pragya’s car. The flash backs starts to come in spades. Tanu pregnant with what he thought was his child. Pragya telling him everything that Tanu, Nikhil and his own sister Aalyia had done. He remembers Bulbuls death. Also things that recently happened. Having to propose to Tanu. Why he had to and Pooja’s claim that Aalyia and Tanu planned everything to trap him.
    He turned his head and was hit with more pain but his eyes caught something… When he focus on what he saw, it was someone sitting or rather sleeping in the chair beside his bed. He smiles when he saw who it was. He reached out his hands and calls….Pragya!
    I think I’ve given them enough, the writers can continue from there. Don’t think it would be that hard to follow thus track, do you?

  27. Wow nyc promo hope its not pragyas dream

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