Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Akash getting a new guitar for Abhi and Abhi telling him sadly that he cannot without his favorite guitar. He thinks if his concert fails, he will ruin Pragya’s life. Crew member gives him his favorite guitar and says a lady gave it. Abhi gets excited seeing his guitar repaired and asks who is that lady. Just then, he sees Tanu coming and happily hugs and thanks her. She asks what did she do. He shows guitar. She gets tensed seeing it repaired but the starts as getting excited and asks when did he repair it and now he can perform well with this guitar. Abhi realizes that she is not that lady (so dumb that he cannot think of Pragya) and thinks whoever has done this needs his hug and hugs in air (dumbest fellow, can’t even think who can enter his

room and pick his guitar except Pragya). Pragya comes there and sees him getting him and walks back home. She thinks she can watch his concert from home.

Aaliya and Mitali throw bearing balls on stairs and wait for Pragya to fall. Pragya comes there and falls from stairs till the last step and starts writhing in pain. Mitali goes near her room and shouts. Suresh hears shoutings and goes out to check. He sees Pragya on the floor, picks her and takes her to her room. Aaliya captures everything in her mobile.

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Abhi’s concert starts. Tanu thinks of calling Aaliya and check if their plan is working well. Abhi starts singing Kurbaan huaa……song. Daadis get happy seeing him singing so well. Tanu thinks after today, everyone will see Abhi and her and not Pragya. Daadi says if Pragya would have been there, she would have also enjoyed. Tanu says so what Pragya is not here, we all can enjoy. She walks out from there to call Aaliya. Daasi asks Daadi what is she telling. Daadi says forget it and enjoy Abhi’s performance.

Aaliya captures Suresh helping Pragya sleep on bed. She stops video after that and waits. Suersh then checks her legs and then gets up to take pain balm, but slips and falls on Pragya. Aaliya captures them again in that position and says Mitali she will show this video to Daadi and make her kick Pragya out of house. Abhi finishes his first performance and relaxes in green room. Suresh asks Pragya about switch board, but power comes before he could check. He then sees car on floor and says he slipped because of it. Pragya thanks him and asks why is he here. He says Mitali requested me to teach her children and referred your name. She is surprised to hear that and says she did not. Suresh asks forget that, why are you here when everyone has gone to watch Abhi’s performance. She asks him to switch on TV to watch Abhi’s performance. Abhi performs sad song Rishton ki parchayiyaan mile….song. Suresh says Pragya looks like your married life is going well. She says after Abhi saved marriage hall, she started liking and respecting him, says Abhi is not like he looks and is very caring. She starts enjoying his performance and smiles. Aaliya comes to concert area and takes Tanu with her.

Aaliya shows video to Tanu. Tanu says it is amazing and asks where is this sound coming from. Aaliya says she added it as she wants to show that Pragya and Suresh as making that sound. She says she will go and show this video to Abhi. Tanu stops her and says Abhi will question how did she capture it and says we should send it from some unknown number. She calls Akash and asks if she can call from his mobile as her phone is not getting network. Akash gives his mobile, and she adds an unknown number sim and sends video to Abhi.

Precap: Abhi is on stage to perform. He sees video and shockingly drops his juice glass.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. tamilmathi

    hmmmmm nothing to say !!!!…………………..this serial is boring to watch in HINDI ….. but now TAMIL (polimer TV) is also ……ENA KODUMA BOSS ETHU……

  2. anette

    this show is pointless and annoying…pragya needs to change to somebody more proactive and beautiful,then the show will attract more viewers. Change Pragya now!!!

  3. sarla arora

    how can someone be so dumb like pragya n abhi..when u guys want to stop taking all these kind of typical dramas that always show hero n heroines so dumb..she;s not looking like a prof but a kindergaten leave.abhi is such a dumb asss…go to hell if u keep on producing these heartbroken sequences.u can pack up ur production and go back to punjab and sell laddu…

  4. Kt

    This show must be about Aliyah and Tanu as they are the only ones winning all the time. Abhi is like a puppet who believes all nonsense. I hope this results in Pragya telling the truth as if she doesn’t she truly doesn’t love herself.

  5. ak

    The writers clearly don’t take the comments of the viewers seriously on this site. If they did they would bring some change to the show. Aliyah has stooped so low in this show with that video. After everything that pragya has done the writers are still giving her a part where she is insulted. I truly wonder how serious do the writers and producers take our comments. Not on guys. ……. tanu also needs to be caught out by abhi. Pragya fixed the guitar yet tanu gets the credit. I know this is only a show guys but you know what us viewers look forward to seeing abhi and pragya come together.

    • fan of show

      That’s funny. And children should fall asleep right when you put them to bed. And bosses shluld give you a raise every week. And partners should share equally in the domestic chores. And all your firends shlould be irch and famous. And all lovers should have only clear saiing and perfect happiness in thier relationships. That’s what viewers want to see…..

    • Mendi

      I can agree that we want to see positive. I can understand that in life things happen that is not always nice but wake up to some realities people… wicked people don’t do bad things and don’t get caught. In every episode its the same things over and over again. Unless in my part of the world people get caught when they continually do wrong things and it does not happen in India.

      Yes what we want is some reality not this stupidity

  6. Jessica

    This episode is the worst I’ve seen so far ..Abhi character is a dumb a*s …he has no brains …and pragya is a fool ..y u writer can’t think before u write a ridiculous episode like this .

  7. Jessica

    This show is going to the shit hole. SHIT HOLE !! People who can’t read could write better than this. I am ashamed to even call this a show.

  8. jus wondering

    justwonderng why people who hate the show watch it, then complain about it… maybe they’re aleady mad abou somethingand like to get even madder by watching something they hate? Like a “fix” of more madness?

  9. DeeDee

    They are watching because they are hoping that it will change back into a decent story that provides entertainment NOT a show that is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. The show did not start out like this. It has developed into a ridiculous conglomeration of senseless rubbish!! If it is meant to be a foolish, slapstick, comedy than let the audience know so that they can move on to something more intelligent. Does that answer your question??

    • Kristelle

      exactly…..Pragya was my favourite female lead (except Urmi) on Zee, and they turned her into an idiot! Her character had so much potential….instead….I don’t want it all the time again, but I read the updates here (since it is on here before it is actually shown in Trinidad) to determine if I am going to watch for the night…and always hoping that the writers are going to carry my character’s personality where she exactly started.

  10. soapjunk

    not sure who is more stupid abhi and pragya or the writers of the story or US ?

    Now I think again the same story might repeat . silly bulbul might marry/engage to Suresh to help her dumb sisters and dumb brother in law.

    unwanted sacrifice , unwanted love , unwanted relationship.

    maybe we should make it an unwanted and unwatched series.

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