Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Nikhil that Pragya have become powerful and will not let her marry Abhi and get his property. She apologizes to her baby. Nikhil says this baby is ours, and I will help you get his right. I will kick that Pragya out of the house. Tanu asks about his plan. Nikhil asks her to be with her in this fight and is about to hug her, but Tanu says she has to leave as Abhi might be alone. She goes. Abhi is sad and thinks about the happenings. Pragya says sad too. Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise…….

Pragya thinks to cheer him up, and tells poetry Mohabbatein type….Ek ladka tha anjana sa…Abhi hears her and says I love my fuggi very much. If my fuggi loves me. Pragya asks him to find out. She plucks the flower petals and says I love you/ I love you not…Abhi stares her…while

a song plays…Boldo Na Zara…..Pragya says it is I love you not. Abhi says you are cheating, and plucks the flower petals. Pragya says I love you. He hugs her and says I love you too. Allah Wariyan plays……………Tanu comes home and sees Abhi hugging Pragya intensely. She gets jealous and goes. Tanu thinks how can Pragya cross the limits, and take advantage. She thinks she can’t abort the child also. She thinks to protect herself or kill Pragya.

Pragya thinks what to do now? Abhi looks at her. Abhi asks Pragya to look at him and says I told you that you are hidden in mogambo, and will confess your feelings. Pragya thinks what to do now. Abhi asks her to tell that she can’t be away from him. Pragya says I have done what I want to do. Abhi asks what do you mean? Pragya says I am your boss and friend too, and can’t see you sad as it will affect my business. Abhi says you are acting now, and says he felt her emotions. Pragya says I was acting then.

Abhi says you can’t hide your heart beats, and asks her to hug him. Pragya refuses to hug him and says it was good that you was sitting quietly. She says I am going to sleep. Abhi says see what I will make you do in dreams. He thinks I will not forget this day and want you to say this daily even if it is a lie. Pragya thinks this moment happens daily. She smiles and sleeps.

Tanu thinks how to keep Pragya away from Abhi. She sees Nikhil coming and says she couldn’t sleep entire night. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu says Abhi and Pragya were hugging as if they will never leave each other. Nikhil asks her to relax and says I have made a plan to kill Pragya. It is a matter of few days. Abhi calls Robin and thinks to apologize to Tanu. Tanu hides with Nikhil. Abhi looks for her in the room, and thinks she might have went for breakfast.

Nikhil shares his plan. Tanu asks do you know about my delivery date and says Pragya will kick me before that time. Nikhil says I just need to execute the plan and asks her to do it. He asks her to bring Pragya to the said place. Tanu says Pragya is my best friend and will come with me. Nikhil says she will come. Just then they hear sound, and see Sarla in room. Tanu says it is Sarla’s room and she heard our planning to kill Pragya. Sarla looks on tensed and angry.

Tai ji and Mitali argue over taking dhoklas. Dadi asks them to end the fight. Dasi asks Robin to bring two more plates of dhoklas with chillies. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Dadi talks about family and happiness. Dasi asks him to have food. Abhi sees Pragya tensed and asks what happened? Dadi asks him to cheer her mood, and says she is hungry.

Abhi comes to Pragya and tries to cheer her up. He says I have returned your favor and asks her not to take tension as report will be normal. He asks her to make Sarla have dhokla. Dadi gets happy seeing them talking happily. Pragya says I will meet Maa before Doctor comes. Abhi holds her hand..A song plays……Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai…

Abhi sees Tanu with Nikhil and asks about it. Doctor tells Pragya and others that Sarla is scared of someone or for some reason. Sarla signs at Nikhil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Today abhigya scene is superb????but it is dragging pls expose tanu soon

  2. Priyaraj

    expose this tanu soon otherwise i will stop watching. Then i will not even read updates.

  3. Ashu

    Wowwwww… Abhigya scenes was superb… Especially the last scene, they r just cute in orange n blue… Wat a lovely scene… I cant take out my eyes from them… So sarla hears their plan,so promo can be a dream… N shameless nikhil talking about his baby’s rights,stupid…

  4. As usually abhigya’s scenes were charm if the episode. So it means abhi is not ready to believe on pragya’s refusal or any excuse anymore and he is just enjoying his love life with her, no matter how much she will refuse. It seems abhi is in different world where he have not any care except pragya and her love. Very gud, at least we could see romance between abhigya somehow. But what will happen when pragya’s accident will happen? Abhi will get broken totally. But sarla maa had listened takhil’s talk and abhigya too saw them together but as usually they will surely make some excuse. That’s why they were present in sarla maa’s room with everyone during doctor’s check-up. It seems sarla maa gave indication towards pragya and half completed doctor. Then how pragya is going to face accident even after getting this much indications and alerts. Didn’t she understood what sarla maa was trying to say or just ignore it. Or she will show some over smartness and strength to takhil to face them? Promo is for 12-13 may but they showed a lot of today regarding that promo. So what will happen before the promo sequence, let’s see. But looks like pragya’s accident incidence will not go in vain and takhil could b trapped. They will trapped after pragya’s accident or gets succeed in removing pragya from their way clearly somehow? It is left to see.

    • Aishwarya

      S prathiksha ur right they r so cute together n in last scene when abhi holds pragya hand at tat time both r blushing n precap i tjink abhi will keep asking ques at tat time someone will shout inside sarala maa room may be pragya so everyone will get distracted but sarala maa is pointing nikhil may be abhi might get some idea but if pragya accident happen abhii will totally broken then how he investigate may be purab will not let it happen which happens to bulbul i think he n abhi may join together n find abt the truth but d dadi if pragya in critical stage at tat time dadi shd defenitely open her mouth then also she remains silent then she is the biggest enemy for abhigya

  5. Ashu

    In the last scene How they stares each other n their expression… No words to say… Gonna watch again n again…

  6. Sharada

    There is an episode precap where pragya meets with an accident n takhil are laughing in the background. ……watz now?

  7. navi

    the happy moments of tday’s episode s hearing Allah warriyan song.. the best thng s seein abhigya togethr.. they both r superb.. bt I likd pragya wearing specs than tis modern avatar.. cvs r gvin us trt by gvin abhigya moments..

    the worst part s tat tanu’s jealousy.. hw cunning she s to thnk lik tat..? tat baby s of sme1 else bt she s feeling jealous of abhigya’s togtherness.! hell man.!!! n even she thought to abort the child..! oh wow wt an woman she s..!!(selfish) hw cme she can feel possessive on abhi wen she s carrying sme1 else child ! hw insecure she s feeling wen abhi s wit pragya bt she slept wit another man.!

    none othr than pragya making hr lyf more complicated n miserable.. at the strtin itself tanu ws about to abort the child.. bec of pragya’s kindness oly she s suffering..

    omg.! tis nikhil s ridiculous.. if he really lies tanu y he s planning to kil pragya..! he he the moment wen he said the child s ours I bursted out laughing.. no baby ll gt a father lik tis.. original father of baby s trying to gt baby’s rits frm sme1 lse..! hw funny n ridiculous s tis..! actually the rits should b givn by nikhil oly..! money minded ppl..

  8. bhagyasree(die hard fan of ishveer)

    awesome episode.ekta ji please unite abhi and pragya soon

  9. Naveen

    Expose tanu fast and nikhil also please tanu chapter close I will also not see the serial iit getting now too much of boring now

  10. Shivanya

    Sry gowtham anna ennala aniku reply panna mudiyala na Pondicherry poiten iniku than vanthen result pathi nanecha payama iruku anna pls pray for me ?

    • reji

      Shivanya don’t worry result will be good only….my prayers and wishes is with u…ellam nalla resulta thaan varum…bayap padathey…all the best …and advance congratulations. ..

    • gowtham

      shivanya…. surely u will get succeed…. not only in this exam… in lif also u will get your desires….. wishing you best of luck my dear…. ??

    • shobana

      Shivanya don’t worry
      Your results will be good. You will get good marks and my prayers and wishes are always there for you

      • Shivanya

        Thank you shobana akka . I am really very lucky to have such good friend wonderful brother and sister .I thank telly updates for giving me a precious gifts?

    • deepa

      Haiii frnds. i’m deepa.i’m a silent reader dailyum nenga pandra comment ah padipen but reply panadhu ila.na kkb and swaragini fan serial pakamaten indha update ah padichi fan anen dailyum padichiduven. Serial pakuradha vida nengalam adhan explain pandradha pathe serial patha mari oru feeling vandhudum.yellarum avangavanga view la nalla explain padringa nice.kkb first la pathen ana ipo than ennala pakka mudiyala.1st la pakkupodhu hindi serial pakuradhala vtula semmaya thittu vanguven puriyadha serial ah pakuriyenu thittuvanga ana ena mariye hindi serial pakura ivlo viewers irupinganu na nenaikave ila anyway nice to meet u frnds.ipo tamil la matum than kkb pakuren.bvoz enaku bayandhukiten en vtula hindhi channels yellathayum cut panitanga.enala avangalala tv pakka mudiyalanu hindhi channels ah cut panitanga.

      • shobana

        Hi Deepa first enga vitula kuda scolded for watching in Hindi but later mom didn’t say anything. Naa pakura ore serial kkb dha. And I won’t watch in Tamil. Becoz Hindi and Tamil la Partha mom romba tension aagituvanga. But some important scenes or some good scenes vandha appo mom Ku teriyama I used to see in Tamil

      • Reji

        deepa first my mom used to scold me and my younger bro too………now my mom didn’t used to scold me……….she is working in office………..whenever she get time only watch in tamil…….but my young bro now also scolding me but he will let me to watch …….actually first i saw this serial in tamil only …….then only i got touch in hindi…….

      • deepa

        Haii shobana and reji.yellarukum idhe prblm thana na matum than idhukagalam thittu vanguradha nenaichen ena mariye ivlo peru irukinga kekka rmba happy ah iruku.nice to meet u frnds….

      • deepa

        Today i’m very happy bcoz i have a new frndsss…. recent ah than na clg mudichen so i really miss my frnds….and i feel lonely. But now i’m happy.try to be in touch frnds…

      • nithya lekha

        Hi frnds im new for telly updates nanum nenache pakkala ivlo tamilians kkb papeenganu si anyway enga veetlayum zee hindhi varadhupa only tamil zee tv mattumdhan im housewife enakum kinjum reply pannuveengala frnds

      • Reji

        Hello Nithya lekha….actually i am very younger to u …I am glad that u r a house wife..superb yaar…and welcome to our group….eppo intha tanu expose aavanu theriyala…??

    • NJoy

      Hai shivanya don’t worry about your results. U gave ur best so result will also come good. innum evalavo neenga life la achieve panna vendiyathu irukku.advance valthukkal.

  11. KJ

    Wow… Allah wariyan song….!! Dts the perfect one for Abhigya’s cute romance…!! ???

  12. karthika

    guys this’ll be my last comment for this episode..as i’m going to temple tomorrow..guys i hav to share a humourous thing to u..when i switched on to zee tv my choti padmini kiruthika seeing takhil’s scene said eduthaondane ivanga scene ah.appidinu sonna.i just laughed..i know it’s mokkai..sry if i made ur ears to bleed.but jokes apart today’s epi clearly shows nikhil is supporting tanu.now tanu will become powerful.i really astonished when tanu felt bad for alia and cries.i mean she’s one of the person who only cares for her and self-centered..abhigys’s scenes was just awesome…i just luved it…the songs all were superb…absoultely adores their love…cvs is changing the story flexibly s they wish..when pragya offer CEO post for nikhil..they portrayed nikhil giving more prominence for the post not caring for tanu and baby..now in today’s episodes he says he cares for the baby and wanted to make it’s life secure so that he’ll support tanu..guys now i feel everythng is moving very fast..frnds i’ll miss u all

  13. AbhiGya,IshVeer,IshRa,Rivanya, SwaSan And RagLak fan

    AbhiGya scenes were so cute .
    Some spoiler said that , AbhiGya will go on a coffee date. In the upcoming episodes we will soon see cast of Azhar in KKB promoting their film.

  14. karthika

    abhi is flying in his fantasy world…i luved the part when pragya reads the verse in the greetings… abhi came to know that pragya is luving him eventhough she hesitates..abhigya’s tight hug was aweome…their luv clearly reflected in their eyes…abhigya r the best and rocking jodi forever….i luv them lot..loads of luv for them..shabbir and sriti u r just mindblowing luv u a lot……frnds come fast and comment guys about the rocking episode guys ..i’ll keep missing u all frnds tomorrow…

  15. razia

    Oh my god oh my god ..
    When pragya said I love u I fell in love with her ..

    Abhiii yua so adorable ..
    Oh my god at last the way they both looked n their convo .. It’s out of the world .. Tisha Mmuaaahhh :*:*:*

  16. Guys after pragya’s accident now who will come in changed avatar pragya or abhi……..remember all the previous abhigya scenes reminded me of the proposal and the concert episodes and after that now accident will pragya save herself guys I don’t think so cuz tanu can save herself but pragya can never………total bullshit anyway trp of the series have reduced drastically audience though kkb is in 3rd position have lost their patience of prolonged tanu track…….sorry I didn’t mean to frustrate anyone. ………

    • gowtham

      no billu… actually kkb got 2.8 last week it was 2.7….. but the worst part is kkb last its 3rd position… though trp incresed, kkb could not tetain its 3rd position…. and becomes 4th…. naagin YHM saath nibana saathya…. coming under top3….its a sad news.. fr kkb viewers….

  17. gowtham

    keeping that romance scene aside, there are some issues to be discussed…. bcoz we all knw abhigyas romance scene wipp be awesome… so i ll leave that in my comment…. fisrt of all how the hell nikhil enters mehra house??? abhi is a rockstar and nikhil was once a friend.. now he ia planning against abhi… so from abhis point of view he mist have informed to the security not to allow nikhil.. but nikhil easily enters and abhi shockingly asks….. this is not at all in a line…. and frm precap sarla ma clearly indicates nikhil.. then how the hell no one from that room comes to know about nikhil??? i thnk this time also some pathetic excuses they ll give….. but one thng irritates me…. b4 abhi didnt know about nikhil… so he was silent… whn video showing drama of tanu taken place, and nikhil stole the phne…. abhi didnt doubt him.. bcoz at that time he didnt doubt him…. but now case ia different… and sarla ma clearly indicates… now why the hell abhi doesn’t understand anythng?? or maybe he may get doubt on nikhil.. from todays episode it ll be cleared…. and another important factor… now the story line goes easily predictable…. before itself it was like that.. but now evrn with the scenes it easy to predict… whn aaliya leaves i knw next nikil will give a entry to join tanu.. same happened…. and next nikhip will be exposed from this accident sequence.. but not tanu… like i said whoever helping tanu will get exposed but not tanu… wriyers think she is that much important…. if she is not around stry wont be go along…. but why don’t they understand?? even wdout this sequence or track all klb fans are ready to watch….. cvs dont understand that…. keeping tanu in a safe side makes me feel lik she is that much an asset to the story line….. but she is not….. and finally pragya has all rights on abhi… why does she havenyo avoid him whn he comes closer to her?? its not at all needed?? if he comes closer let him do it… she doesn’t have to avoid right…. initially it was tanu who is in between thm…. now prgya comes to know about tanu… thn wats wrong?? abhi is hers….. fully…. so she doesn’t have to hesitate at all…. the person nees to be hesitated is abhi…. bcoz he is not aware of tanu but he comes closer to pragya….. so wats the problem wd prgya….. abhi itslef didn’t hesitate fr this.. then y the hell dumbest prgya does this….?? i dnt get… juz fr a cause of exposure…. it kind of irked me…. but if my guess is right, aftr the accident nikhil ll be exposed not tanu…. thats y sarla ma to indicatea that which ll make abhi to get a doubt on nikhil more.. and nikhil ll get caught… lets wait for the upcoming episodes….

    • Nithi

      Even I hav d same dbt gautham. I dunno still fr wat pragya is waiting…y cant she protect abhi frm his enemies along with him. Atleast she should make abhi so emotion n atlast telling tat she is his friend to make him happy..

      really pathetic

  18. shobana

    So Nikhil is filling alia’s place.
    I think that the promo is sarla ma dream. Sarla ma heard tanu Nikhil conversation and abhigya too not able to get what she is indicating. So she will be sad thinking about her daughter and will end up in dream as pragya gets accident.
    What Nikhil said that he will get the right for tanu’s baby. Don’t he be shame to say like that. Such a worst character for his baby he is making some other man as father and he is saying its the baby right to get abhi’s name.
    Why abhi didn’t speak anything to Nikhil after lawyer incident??
    Abhigya scenes was great as usual. Nowadays abhi is not believing pragya’s lie. Its good to see abhi like that.

    • Reji

      Shobana I think u r ryt… accident may be someone’s dream….but takhil also planned to kill her na….it may be also real….and precap will not be the end….sarla maa is pointing nikhil …but only pragya is identified…but others doesn’t understand. ..so sumthng is gonna happen we have to wait and watch. …

      • shobana

        Yes reji it can also be true since tanu and nikhil are planning to kill pragya but what I feel is it will be dream lets wait and watch.
        Or it can also be like this someone(purab or abhi or Aakash) will come and save pragya. Lets wait for more updates

  19. arpi

    haha looks lik thy will repest again d same story murder plan n crap….aur kitna drag karoge yaar

  20. wow what an episode it was!!!after a long!!!lots of things happend in yesterday’s epi.Pragya’s confession, Abhigya romance…..i love you i love you not part was the best of all, Tanu-Nikhil’s evil plan to kill pragya bt at the same time their plan expossed infront of Sarla Ma….fun moment at breakfast table…Abhigya dhokla scene….full entertaining epi….i hope this time Takhil will expose…Sarla Ma recaver very well and she will soon back in action….As they plan to kill Pragya so i guess it will be the last stage of Takhil drama….just hope Pragya will be safe…..want #abhigya reunion…..excited for team Azhar to come in KKB…..all the best Abhigya…..

  21. Guys shikha Singh actually went to Australia with her hubby. She is on long holidays with him. For now, she is in Sydney, Australia and later they will go to Fiji for their honeymoon.? So guys we have a long time break from aaliya, I think may b for almost a month!

  22. gowtham

    hi guys… all busy?? sunday also busy?? i am watching zee ristey awards 2015….. waiting for abhigyas performance…..

    • Surbhi

      I am also watching the same can u tell me when abhigyas performance will take place ?? I am watching it first time actually so no idea

    • Ya busy in shopping and enjoying weekend with family and specially with my mom. Becoz it’s her day. Anyways guys do u know today is mother’s day. I m celebrating it from whole day and for now I m doing shopping for my mom and then I will give her special dinner at night. I love my mom so much. She is very close to my heart and I know all of u have too. So guys wish u all and ur mothers a very happy mothers day.? May god keep us in the shade of our mother’s blessings unconditional love forever. Love u my mom and all the moms in this whole world.??Guys stop watching the repeat award shows and do something for ur mom so ur mom could feel special today.

      • Reji

        Ya Pratiksha me too…spending some time with my mom….she asked me to take shopping…and today for the first time I gonna enter into the kitchen and cook for my mom…don’t know how it will be ??but I think it will be good…so i gonna make dinner today…but let’s see..my mom told me to be careful…while cooking in kitchen…so i am searching for a good dish…anybody can say which is it fav food and how to cook it??

      • Reji make some sweet dish for ur mother. It will b best to make ur mum’s mouth filled with sweet as it will b the sign of ur love too.

  23. ruhi

    Wat a fantastic episode!!!
    Allah wariyaan song touched my heart very deeply espcly today n the situation was sooo romantic n emotional.
    really i was abt to cry to see abhigya’s love 4 eachother.
    If sm1 love sm1 like abhigya in real life then i cngrts n hatsoff to thise couples. I love this serial

  24. asmitha

    watched zra very nice abhigya dance mind blowing they r looking very cute they have got award too as best pathipathni very cute in blue &blue

  25. Deepa it’s OK dear.sorry for the delay reply I went to write entrance exam. Kutty, swetha sheeta why no comment dear busy right? ? ? ? ☺??

  26. gowtham

    actually why i didnt comment anything about mothers day is i dnt believe in particular day…. mothers day valentines day lik that… its my opinion…. coz according to me… love and affection fr a particular person is not needed to be shown particularly juz on one day….. so only i dnt believe in these extra caring days.. all days are same to me and my care will be wd my mom as alwys… she too feels the same…. its juz my opinion. .. giving respect to all your comments,, i told my view… ?

    • Reji

      ya gowtham u r ryt……..actually wat i think abt mother’s day is ……..evryday …..i see my mom working very hard……..she will get up early in morning and will rush to cook………..and run to office…….i didn’t help my mom that time………..but i can’t take her responsibilities ……but i thought one day i have to free my mom from all these tight works…….my love and affection will always be with her……..forever and ever……..but my heart will question ……tell me wat big thing u did to ur mother……..so this one day i become mom…….this is my view on mother’s day…….daily she will be working hard …….one day i took all her works and did….this is a good experience on mother’s day ……..and gowtham bro u r absolutely ryt……. our love towards mom shuld not last for one day ……..it shuld last forever and ever……!!

      • gowtham

        reji i appreciate yr action… i hope your mom must have felt the love…. keep it up…. and i dnt knw last couple of days i feel lik not being in touch wd all… ipove ipadina naan wrk join pana apram ena aagum…. i cant able to comment properly… kastama iruku enaku romba…. inga maximum of the time spend paniten… so ipo adikadi vara mudiama porathu oru maari feel aaguthu…

      • Reji

        don’t feel like that gowtham bro ……..i told na …….whenever u get time pls comment ……….we r there to read ur comment……..neenga itha ninaichu feel pannathinga…….u have to be happy ……..as u r going to join in ur job……and funny thing is………eppadiyum tanu delivery panna piragu thaan expose pannu vaangannu thonuthu……so kavalai padatheenga………ha ha …….i think u laughed for this joke…….i tried my best to make u laugh !!……..

      • shobana

        Gowtham as reji said don’t worry whenever u find time comment. We can able to understand your situations. Unnaku eppo time kidaikudho nee appo comment pannu. Most probably nee Saturday and Sunday free ah irrupa appa nee comment pannu. Nanga nee eppo comment pannunalum read pannuvom and reply pannuvom. And Unna maradida maatom. But will be missing you. Sorry en Tamil romba mistake ah irrukum. Ajust panniko ?

  27. karthika

    hi guys..i just came home late….i missed all u frnds so much….shobana sis how r u??i feel so happy to see ur comment…naan unga mela romba kobama iruken…no no i’m just kidding u…i know u would have been busy….but i was little worried when i didn’t see ur comment for 2 days….i missed zee rishtey awards 2015…i hope u all hav enjoyed abhigya’s performance…i got bit emotional in their ageless love performance…do u all feel the same??reji what do u cook for ur mom???i’m sure she would have been very proud of u….shivanya we both r sailing in the same boat…i’m also waiting for my result….don’t worry ur mark is just gonna rock..it will surpass all the expections of u…my result will also come within may-15th.i just donno the exact day..as the board didn’t announce the result day still exactly..i think it ‘ll come after may-15th.deepa don’t worry…enjoy it in tamil and chat with us frnd and share ur views about kkb by reading update….

    • shobana

      Hey karthi how r u??
      Im gud
      Kovilku poitu vandutiya ??
      Not able to comment due to some reasons. Don’t worry here aft I will be regular

      • shobana

        Even I missed u these many days.
        Today only I read your last 3 episode of ff. Since now only I found time.

      • karthika

        nethu evening dhan vandhen…nethu travelling appa summa indha page ah open panne…unga comment ah parthadhum i felt so much happy ..ennoda oru wish koilikku poitirukum podhe neraveriruchu nu nenachen….

  28. sutha

    T0day rishtey show abhi dance where we can see? TODAY I miss it If anybody know the link please post it

  29. Guys I have a news for u. Pragya will not face any accident and will completely fine. I just saw a little video and a pic of sriti aka pragya and supriya shukla aka sarla maa was celebrating mothers day on the set of kkb with the members of CVS. Sriti and supriya ji both were in show’s costume. Sriti aka pragya was really fine. There is no injury on her. They celebrated the mothers day yesterday. Supriya shukla aka sarla maa cuts tge cake and feed it’s bite to sriti aka pragya. And rest of the peoples claps. The accident promo has been shot very before and surily it has been shot for the episode too becoz it is for 12-13 may and yesterday when they were celebrating mothers day, it was 8th may. Although it is 8th may but as we knows that they shoots for upcoming episodes before 4-5 days. So it means they have completed this week’s episode’s shooting and now they r shooting for further episodes after this week. And promo also was saying that if pragya will b able to save her? If pragya faced accident then how could she save herself? So most probably guys, pragya will somehow get saved and will not face accident. This is the info what I got and thought after watching that off screen video and pic, which has shared by one of the member of CVS.

      • shobana

        When I saw Saturday episode itself I have decided that accident won’t happen. It might be sarla ma dream. Since she cant bear even a small thing against her daughter. After hearing Nikhil tanu conversation she will be sad and disturbed as a result she will get a dream like pragya getting accident.
        This is just my opinion only And im also not cent percent sure. But I feel accident won’t occur.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha I saw those pics of Sriti; when I first saw promo was bit disappointed as it again will be repeated scenes with one more crime attempt. But then felt atleast that way the track will move further and may be ultimately time to push Tanu out. Because if Pragya is hurt that may be like pre-climax.

      But if this promo is also just to engage audience and not a real one, then what interesting sequences can we hope this week. Also we didnt see Pragya coming up with any new plans to expose Tanu. Tanu n Nikhil r one step ahead and planning things again. And even when whole family is aware of truth they r not opening mouth n Tanu is also not giving up her dream to marry Abhi.

      So if there is no twist at this point, it will get more boring. And hope writers r not planning to do some timepass till Alia is back from her vacation.

  30. Reji

    Hello guys ….karthika eppo kovilukku poitu vandheenga. ..and pratiksha thanks for ur sugggestion. ..I made 3 sweet dishes for my mom…bread halwa…kheer and gulab jamun and for dinner. ..chappathi and paneer butter masala and paratha gravy and idly vadacurry. … my mom enjoyed all the dishes…but while making paratha I burnt one of my finger but I put bandage and managed to do all the dishes….and i happy that I burnt one finger to make all the dishes to my mom…she enjoyed the dishes….but after she finshed eating I tasted all the dishes…all were not bad..
    But in kheer I put only less sugar …ha ha…but my family didn’t say anythng abt that….and like this I celebrated mother’s day ….!!!

      • reji

        It’s just a try pratiksha. ..but I have to practice more and cook more dishes. ..and my younger bro also helped me in doing this …so only I did all the dishes on time…thank u pratiksha for ur appreciation…

    • shobana

      Reji great yaar
      Kitchen kulla poga mattan sollitu superb ah cook panni irrukura . That’s really good.
      As gowtham said I too don’t believe in a particular day showing love and affection towards someone. Whenever I get time I will take care of her. I love my parents more than anything in this world.

      • reji

        Ayyo shobana nethu thaan kitchen na ennathunnu therinju kitten…but cook panrathu romba kashtam…theriyaama nethu virala suttukutten …so innum konjam carefulla pannanum…but inime adutha mother’s daykku thaan kitchena visit pannuvennu ninaikkiren….!! Ha ha …and me too I love my parents more than anything in this world gowtham bro sonnathu romba crct….but nethu oru naal ammavoda kashtam ennanu therinjuthu!! Thanks for ur appreciation shobana…

      • reji

        Superb hazel…I think ur mom felt so happy…keep it up…and dahi vada is my fav….

      • hazel

        Thnxx reji… my mom love dat kolhapuri…. n dahi vada is mine fav too… i wish k i can give u…

    • Aww Reji.. Its really great to make all those dishes
      Seriously great yaar
      First tome u hv went kitchen n prepared so many items?????????

  31. karthika

    hi reji nethu evening 6:00ku dhan vandhen…paravala eh unga mom ah semma ah suprise panirika…well done reji….becoz every mom r so special…she knows only to love her kids but in different way…my mom is really special for me..we r just lyk frnds..we always used to argue with each other…as a team we keep cracking jokes about my dad…she have sacrified a lot for me..i’m daily praying god that support me to become a doctor..if i become doctor that’ll be the best mother’s day gift for her..her face will get a great smile as that she have accomplished somethng…really our mom is the person who’ll be happy in our achievement…her dreams for her child r really transcended…..she cares….she loves…she scolds…but never hates….that is motherhood……she’s substitute for her…noone can take her place expect her……

    • reji

      Karthika akka romba santhosam. …kovilukku nalla padiya poitu vandhuteenga. ..and akka enakku therinja alavukku ellam dishes uh pannen…etho paravala….and my ambition is too become a doctor…I have to fulfill my parents dream…and neenga mom paathi sonnathi romba crct…love u mom!!

      • karthika

        reji…if u need any tips regarding cooking just ask me…u know i’m very much interested in cooking and luv to cook..my dad lyks my cooking very much…somtimes amma gets jealous of me…en cooking nalla irukum appidinu nane sollikure…hahahaaaa …anyways reji first time kitchen kulla nollanje asathita…..take care of ur finger and i hope u r fine now

  32. ஸ்வேதா

    Hi guys h r u all hi karthika how is u r travel and karthika sorry dear last few days unnoda ff padika mudiyala sorry and give me your ff link i ill read it once again sorry

    • reji

      Hi swetha akka…romba naal kalichu unga comment paakuren….naan nalla irukken …neenga eppadi irukeenga. .??

      • ஸ்வேதா

        Hi reji naan nalla iruken da little busy adhanalathan comment panna mudiyala

    • karthika

      swetha ennaku link eppidi anuparadhunu theriyala paa…adha eppidiyadhu sollunga…just lead me to send link if anyone could…

  33. Hai friends how are u all??
    I’m little busy that’s y didn’t comment
    N u knw I didn’t watch the last episode so sad?
    Belated happy mother’s day to all ur wonderful moms..???
    Keep loving them❤❤❤

    • reji

      Hi kutty …I am fine convey my mother’s day wishes to ur mom…and don’t worry watch the re telecast….

    • karthika

      hi kutty ..don’t worry..watch repeat telecast….belated wishes for ur mom too…keep commenting…

    • Hi Kutty?i m fine and how r u? And wish u the same from me to u and ur mom a very happy mothers day.?Reji is right. U can see repeat telecast or it’s downloaded video on zee website or on youtube. I too have been seen the last episode so many times, just becoz of abhigya.

  34. rose

    Hi guys.. am rose .. did anyone remember me.. am now not commanding bcz of diaappoitment of this tanu track… today I saw a news in fb it made me command again…. bulbul to Hav an dramatic rentry…
    Bulbul is all set to make a dramatic re-entry on the show.It is still not sure whether Mrunal Thakur will makeacomeback as Bulbul or the makers will bring in anotheractress.on the other hand, Bulbul’s re-entry will surely bring anexciting twist for fans of the show.

    • Hi rose?offcourse I remember u. We too disappointed with tanu’s track but we r still seeing it only for abhigya. During some days, their scenes r treat to watch. And rose I too heard about that spoiler of Bulbul’s comeback. But we haven’t get any official info about this. The actress kajol srivastav who was selected to play Bulbul’s role, she has chosen other show to act. And CVS haven’t finalized any new actress for Bulbul’s role yet. We haven’t get any official news of Bulbul’s re-entry and who will play this role, by any news channel and production house. It is only some spoilers who r giving this news and mostly spoilers provides wrong info. So when we will finally get an official announcement and news about it, then only it will b confirmed. Till then we have to just wait.

  35. Elda

    Hi Dears,

    Sorry! Was busy with my hectic work schedule. Hope everything is fine. And it’s lovely to hear that people celebrated Mother’s day in your unique style. Hats off to all, especially Reji for burning your finger (coool 😉 ) Prathiksha, your guess is good and I hope so. Karthika, all the best for your career dear.

    • Hi Elda?how r u? Thanks for appreciation. Let’s see if my guess proves right or wrong! Becoz it’s really hard to guess about kkb’s things becoz of unbelievable cvs. But I mostly believes it should b prove right. Well let’s see.

    • reji

      thank u elda…but i am happy that i burnt my finger to cook these dishes for my mom…!!

  36. jay

    Haii Guysssss……My self Jay………Some of u may know me……as I guess many of here are tamil .You all tamilians knows about thirukkural I guess so… For other who don’t know…..Thirukkural is one of the most important works in the Tamil language consisting of 1330 couplets or Kurals. It was written by Thiruvalluvar……..
    I would like to share the literature with u all (frndzzz)…………..I am planning to give daily one kural (couplet) in Tamil As well as English Translation and its explanation …………If u like it or have any doubt u can comment ………
    Pls Pls Give your opinion on this Pls………………


    Here with 1st couplet (Kural)….
    Chapter/Athikaram Name : கடவுள் வாழ்த்து/The Praise of God/Katavul Vaazhththu

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)

    அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி
    பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

    Transliteration in English :
    Akara Mudhala Ezhuththellaam Aadhi
    Pakavan Mudhatre Ulaku

    மு.வ உரை:
    எழுத்துக்கள் எல்லாம் அகரத்தை அடிப்படையாக கொண்டிருக்கின்றன. அதுபோல உலகம் கடவுளை அடிப்படையாக கொண்டிருக்கிறது.

    Couplet in English:

    A, as its first of letters, every speech maintains;
    The “Primal Deity” is first through all the world’s domains

    Explanation :

    As the letter A is the first of all letters, so the eternal God is first in the world

    If U like it I Will Post One Kural(couplet) Daily…………Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz…….

  37. ஸ்வேதா

    Hi reji naan nalla iruken da little busy adhanalathan comment panna mudiyala

  38. gowtham

    hi shobana… we are out of touch romba naal ah i guess…. unga tamil nala than iruku… and reji super… u ll become a great chef?? juz kidding… and kkb gone to 4th place in trp… sad fr that?

  39. Guys there is a public reporter video in instagram I just saw it abhi had a bandage on his it didn’t seem like an old video as pragya was in blue night gown I think accident happens but abhi saves her at the correct time.

    • Sahithi

      Hey Billu can u pls give the link. Going by the description, Pragya was in blue night gown and Abhi in black tee, Abhi with bandage after Abhi chases Vijay(decorator). He gets hurt and comes to mall where Bulbul, Purab n Pragya were shopping for their reception. May be it is same one. That night Pragya gives Abhi a tablet. I am remembering that scene.

      Or may be this is new, but from your description I thot u may be looking at the old scene.

  40. rose

    Hi prathiksha nd kutti am vry happy that u r remembering me…. luv u frnds … am fine gud..m how r u kutti prathiksha, reji, gouwtham, swetha, razia, fathima, sahithi and all….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.