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* Episode begins with Aliya thinking i came here to the outhouse but it still feels like jail and see’s Tanu comming and thinks shez one who always comes with her problems bt i have to bear her till i get info on Mehra house .

*Tanu tells Aliya i have a good news. Aliya gets exited. Tanu tells her that its her news and says that Pragya is going help her to get to the kidnapper. Aliya says oh really and u believe her. Tanu says i dont have any other option. just then Nikhil comes in and says What?

* Nikhil comes in and says u’ll take Pragya’s help?.. Tanu says all this is ur fault. Now the blackmailer gave the proof to another blackmailer and hez asking 20lakhs. Nikhil says i’ll try to get the money. and asks wer did the blackmailer call you. Takhil and Aliya

Precap scene .. just then Mithali bngs the door and every1 gets scared.

*Tanu hides Nikhil . Mithali comes in and asks y are you both tensed. they give some excuses. Mithali says i heard some 3rd persons voice. Aliya gives some excuses. and they send Mithali out. Tanu starts shouting at Nikhil y is he coming to Mehara house wen she asked him not to. Aliya asks Tanu wen n wer is the concert. Tanu says i dont knw, will tell u wen i get to knw.

*Aliya thinks now i can do what i came here to do. The concert will definitely be a flop. and Abhishke Mehra’s downfall will start.

*Abhi is thinking that Mogambo is not a person who u can talk peacefully. Now se Mogambo wat i will do. Daadi will be on 1 side n me on the other. then i’ll see how u wont give me divorce.

*Daadi, Purab, Pragya in Daadi’s room. Daadi asks y did u call Tanu without telling Abhi 1st. Pragya says i got angry. Abhi while going to daadi’s room thinks i have to attack Mogambo with a full proof plan. Tayaji catches Abhi and talks to him abt Raj. Abhi says i’ll 1st talk to Daadi something imp and then come to u.

*Team is discussing on how to tell Abhi and Abhi knocks Daadi’s door. Purab sends Pragya into the bathroom to hide. Abhi comes in and asks Purab wat hez doing here.. Daadi says she called him here to talk abt Abhi’s and Pragya’s divorce.

*Abhi starts talking against Pragya and Daadi and Purab get tensed. Pragya listens to everything from the bathroom. Pragya’s saree gets stuck in the door and while removing it she hurts her head and makes a noise. Abhi notices it and Daadi makes a painful noise to distract Abhi.

*Daadi asks Abhi wat were u saying . Abhi says now we’ll behave how shez behaving. talk to her rudely. She hasent seen my anger yet. if she see’s it she’ll give the divorce the same day. and tells Daadi and Purab to talk to Pragya rudely. Abhi see’s them silent and ask wat.. Daadi says ur right beta.. Abhi says its time to tame the tiger and while leaving looks at the bathroom door and Daadi again makes a painful noise to distract him. Abhi says to Purab u do something as she only listens to u. and leaves.

*Pragya comes out of the bathroom and says what to do now as hez soo angry. Purab says we have to do something as u already informed Tanu. Purab and Daadi at the same time tell Pragya to convince Abhi. Purab says if we are doing the concert then i have to start the preparations and leaves. Daadi also gives excuse and leaves before Pragya can say anything .

*Tanu thinks of asking Pragya details abt the concert and thinks that she cant ask her directly and even Pragya wont tell her. just then Tanu notices Ronnie and decides to ask him. Tanu sooo sweetly asks Ronnie abt the concert. And Ronnie starts his drama irritating Tanu.

*Pragya is prayig at the MM mandir and asks god for his blessings as she dosent want to loose Abhi and this battle. She z just a stem away from victory and she has to do this. Pragya gets up and thinks how to do. and thinkins that if i keep on thinking then wen will i do. Hez soo angry on me that wat ever i tell him id wont give a straight answer. and thinks of calming his anger 1st.

*Abh is watching TEI and switches of the TV wen he sees Pragya.. Abhi sees her and thinks tat she has something imp to tell him. Pragya stumbles seeing his anger and says there is a concert in few days. Abhi gets surprised n exited.

*Precap scene of Abhigya.. Pragya watches with a shocked face as Abhi excitedly talks abt da concert. Abhi says of course i’ll do the concert. Abhi asks her to put Big Big hoardings saying WELCOME BACK ABHI. and keeps telling her to do this and that.. Pragya watches him surprisingly.

*Abhi asks Pragya why are you looking like that. M soo Happy. arent you? Pragya says yes i am. and Abhi gives Pragya Hi 5. and ask her to give divorce. and Pragya gets stunned. Abhi says after that wer ever u tell me i’ll perform there.

*Tanu is thinking and Abhi come to her room. Abhi says he soo happy today and is relaxed. Tanu says happy? Abhi says i just put a bomb in Enemy’s territory. Tanu asks wat did u do with her. Abhi says she always makes every1 dance to her tunes. Now i’ll make her dance. Abhi tells her that he wont perform the concert until Pragya givves Divorce.

*Tanu thinks wat did u do Abhi. u have created much bigger prooblem now. now how will i catch the blackmailer. Abhi says y r u nervous wen u have to be happy Tanu says m not nervous. but y did u do like tat. This is ur career. Abhi says M Abhi the rockstar i can do concerts any time. But now i have to teach a lesson to Mogambo.

Episode Ends

Precap: Pragya tells Dadi she was lost, now they have this last option. They are one step away from their mission. She requests Dadi to do something. If they can’t expose Tanu, then it will be very hard to control Abhi.

Update Credit to: Sowmii

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  1. boring.plz end this episode

  2. I watched the episode after three long weeks… right now the show is at where the show was… hats off to the people who regularly watches this nonsense…. I feel like spoilers r more than enough for this show to know the story…. anyways after a positive spoiler I will watch it again…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      It is me yaar I watch it regularly. I am waiting for 155 epi they did not expose tanu till now

  3. Uff… Wt a drama….????
    This tanu will not expose until Pragya thinjs cleverly…
    Abhi u r awesome I know u r on the true path… Keep going on..
    They hv 2 tell u the truth before itself… But now timeup?

    That Pragya vl never tell u the truth she is herself ruining her life

    1. Ya pragya is spoiling her life
      I ve heard that in this concert pragya will come to know that Nikhil is tanu’s baby father
      And it will take some more time to expose tanu infront of abhi

      Don’t knw how far this is true

      1. Yeah shobana..
        It will keep dragging dragging dragging…..

  4. Just dragging the serial, too boring

  5. only one request with want make abhigya together & pragya should tell abhi why she change in. modern avatar is she say like that when abhi will believe her then director & producer how many years u want to drag u drag when pragyaa should tell truth to abhi
    what do u think guys

  6. I think pragya n dadi should tell abhi the whole truth about tanu

  7. Let’s hope this serial ends as its second anniversay is approaching in the middle of April. Only one month to go. It’s a wait & watch till mid April……

  8. I just hate dadi she is the one and only reason behind pragya’s change over

    Im just waiting for abhi’s reaction wen he comes to knw that dadi is behind pragya’s all plan

    And have you all noticed one thing when ever they celebrate a function or wen ever a concert has been arranged at the end of the function or concert definitely there will be some problem
    Lets see this time wat happens wen concert comes to an end

    1. Abhi listen his dadi whatever she says. They why cannot tell him that Tanu is cheating him a

      1. U r right sham
        Abhi listens to dadi blindly and this dadi is taking it an advantage

    2. U r right yaar…
      Anyways v cant do anything than commenting??
      So hv 2 wait n watch… Am I right???

      1. Yes v can only wait and watch

  9. getting bored…..it was on top in my list of serials BT it has out now….#stupid #boring #hdkar di

  10. Do the writers remember what they wrote? A few days back they had sarla saying that she will not believe in God if Tanu is not exposed today. That happened a few days back and still it will take a few more days to expose Tanu. So what about Sarla’s faith now?

  11. Just tell truth to abhi how many day to dragging the serial just stop tanu chapter now

  12. Oh lawd god
    God plzzz give this Writters some other idea to expose this boring price of shit of tanu these writers gone mad
    KKB becomes one of the most disgusting doring series

    1. Hey love..no the truth is these writers don’t have brains..what are they even doing..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  13. Actually should never watch Ekta Kapoor’s serials. She makes viewers idiots by draging & draging.

    1. Hey revathymm yes right..when no one will watch it..she will definitely get her brain back and then make good serials..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  14. what bullshit this serial is ……plzzzzzzz…..end this serial….

    1. Why are you watching then?

    2. Hey shweta.. I know right..they have gone mad..stupid writers..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  15. wat z diz for God’s sake y can’t they just bring tanus truth to light nd continue Nd dz abhi so idiot he can’t sense anything writer’s plz do sth nd finish dz tanus things first nd tanu been pregnant for almost a year nd her belly not showing wat kind of nonsense z diz just stop dragging boring….

  16. Only dragging and dragging

    1. Hello samir yes absolutely right they are dragging it since such a long time..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella..you will like it

  17. Nice Episdoe.

    1. Hey sonya..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  18. Tanu is the dumbest person in kkb why can’t they expose her ??? She’s so stupid and abhi is also stupid because he believes that dumbass tanu I don’t know why dadi and Pragya can’t catch her or tell abhi the truth he will believe dadi why are they dragging if dadi tells abhi then abhi will believe her and Purab soooo please stop these nonsense at once it’s booooorrrrriiiinnnnngggggg and irritating

    1. If they have doubt on Tanu why no one will follow her where ever she go. She go to Aliya and Nikil comes in Mr. India style because no one can see him entering house.

  19. I think the last option is also going to fail… abhi nice offer u gave to pragya. …if she give divorce only u will perform means no problem. …?!!! Wat for pragya? ?? She is trying this much to save abhi but abhi is putting conditions with her….. and the next thing tanu is in a decision to find the blackmailer so she will use her manipulation technique and abhi will trust her ….. so guys concert will happen but some rumours r saying aliya will spoil the concert …. is this true guys ??? Please tell me ?….!!

    1. Yeah Reji most spoilers r saying the concert will be spoiled by Aaliya n Pragya will not be successful this time also.
      But let us wait for next segment, as spoilers cant be believed. There were spoilers that Sarla will die n all that. Everytime some new topic comes on the show, spoilers also start floating around.

      In the segment reporters were mentioning that atleast Pragya will know from the concert that Nikhil is Tanu’s baby father. But if that is not true, and if this concert plan also fails we cant even guess by when Tanu will be exposed, 1 month, 2 months or more time.

      If writers r making this plan also fail for Pragya hopefully they will then give Abhi some part to play n make him bring Tanu truth out himself. If that is not the case, even the few ppl who r watching the show will definitely give it a miss. How many times can we watch samething – Pragya plan fail.

  20. My gosh…This serial is dragging too much! I just hope the truth comes out and AbhiGya are reunited before HOLI..KKb is going at a slow timing..This story line needs to change now..Let the truth be out and then bring in a new story line..JUST LET ABHIGYA BE REUNITED!!

  21. It truly time to change the storyline.abhi is a fantastic actor he should die n come in new avatar.a south Indian avtar he will perform very well.since he is humours person.stop this boring drama bring some comedy n romance.

    1. You are right leena..in fact why don’t they just kill everyone and let the villains live in peace haha..these writers are crazy..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  22. why dont the team of kkb try new story line…. .. like abhgya fighting against tanu and aaliya…. like that…… the current line is really irritatinggggggg….. mudiyala

  23. Once watchman mission after 190 episodes to expose tanu …got failed …ok…but again one more flop ?….this is ridiculous….

    1. Hey brintha..I know right..these serials are becoming ridiculous day by day..same boring story line..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  24. i really think writer dont no how to end the story ……….thats y repeating the same old one …boring n irritating kkb

    1. Hello suresh…yes because they done have a proper story line..these days ff are better than their stupid stories..can’t these writers make one story without a villain and a nice love story..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  25. hi this the first time i am commenting i like pragya & bhi. Please director uncle reunit them.
    Pratiksha start commenting as soon as possible.

    1. Hey megala… I’m seriously fed up of this stupid serial..these days are writers are going crazy..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  26. abhi can’t understand pragya love.

    1. Sorry to say this yaar…
      There is no mistake of abhi.. Bcz he dont know the actual truth right? She takes property from him, then hw vl he trust her?
      When he will come to know the truth then only he can understand everything even pragya’s love n her sacrifices..there is only mistake of writers ???

  27. Pragya har planing karne se pehele ye hi bolti ki ye hi humare paas akhri mokha hai par kuch nahi hota 1 year hogaya tanu ka pregnency track chalte hue aduiance ka sabar ka imtehaan lerai bass bohot hogaya plz end this tannu pregnency track soon

  28. When the writers have so much scope to explore, they r only holding onto one track n concept for too long. No wonder Mrunal quit, why dont the writers watch the initial episodes themselves. The no. of characters has come down too, its always like same 3-4 ppl, same dialogues.

    Now this divorce topic, they r dragging each topic so badly that finally when it is concluded also no one will be interested to know how it ended.

    Tanu n Aaliya have now become experts in fooling ppl. Thats their only job.

    Abhi can face-read Pragya that she wants to speak something important but he cant read Tanu’s face. But still he wants to go and marry Tanu.

    When Pragya wanted some support Purab n Daadi are also escaping from there now, but Pragya goes back to Daadi and requests her as in precap. Only filling episodes these days, nothing more exciting.

    The writers r only wasting the actors capabilities n testing audience patience.

  29. stupid serial…

    1. Hey miya..I know right..they are dragging it too much..can you check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  30. When abhi and pragya unite,my kids will be grown enough…..

    1. Hey noor…haha I know right..can you check out new ff “music sheet” hope you will like it

  31. I’m getting bored of kkb.

  32. The story is being dragged to much.

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