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Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu challenging Dadi that she will win and Pragya will lose. Dadi thinks if Tanu knows Abhi from 5 years and is taking advantage, then she is with him since his birth and will make only Pragya take his advantage. Tanu is being pampered by Abhi and he gives her soup to eat. He asks her to have soup and says Dadi called him. Nikhil thinks he has to eat outside food daily, and thinks he has only a girl friend who has someone else in her heart. He thinks once Tanu is married to Abhi, and then he will become CEO of his company, and will hire 4 girls chefs, laughs. He gets Tanu’s call and asks what happened? Tanu says Abhi has thrown his anger out of his heart, and is taking care of me very much. She says he stands outside bathroom to make sure that I am fine. Nikhil says wow, your

one move brought him closer to you. Tanu says Abhi will forget sarla and Pragya and says her life will be blossoming when these two go. Nikhil asks her to make Abhi have feelings for her, and says men have two weakness. One is food which you couldn’t make and other thing is tears which directly flow in a man’s heart. He asks her to go and get inside Abhi’s heart.

Abhi comes to Dadi’s room and sees Pragya crying. Pragya goes from there. Abhi asks what happened? Dadi says she was crying as you have played with her feelings. Abhi says I didn’t do anything. Dadi says when I went to your room that day, she was hearing your songs on her phone and smiling. She says Pragya was smiling seeing your pic also, and says you have melted mogambo’s heart. She says Pragya was dishearted as Tanu entered your home and says your fuggi is hidden behind mogambo’s attire. Abhi says yes, and says he feels same. He asks if she was crying much. Dadi says yes. Abhi asks what shall I do? Dadi says propose her. She says tomorrow is her birthday and if you propose her then she will get happy. She asks him to say sorry to her also. Abhi says Pragya scolds me. Dadi asks him to say sorry. Abhi says what about Tanu? Dadi asks do you love her? Abhi says no. Dadi says I will take care of Tanu and her child. She asks him to handle Pragya before anyone else propose her as she is beautiful. Abhi says yes. Dadi says she is rich also. Abhi says it is mine. Dadi says but nobody else knows, if a man propose her then…She asks him not to waste time and handle Pragya. Abhi says Tanu….Dadi says I will handle her. Abhi thanks her and says he will remarry Pragya and have honeymoon with her. Dadi says you have to propose her today itself. Abhi says yes. Dadi says Tanu have used my trick, and now I will used hers.

Abhi says mission propose. He holds her photo frame and says I came to know that you are my fuggi, and loves me. He asks do you like me with jacket or without jacket. Rachna and Purab come to his room and sees him with specs, jacket etc. They laugh. Abhi says I am trying my new look. Purab says we didn’t know. Rachna says did you really try your look? Abhi says yes. He asks Purab and Rachna, if they have done his work. Rachna says you didn’t give any work. Abhi asks her where is Pragya? Rachna says she is in kitchen making sandwiches for Dadi. Abhi says I love Sandwiches and goes there. Rachna says we shall go and see.

Abhi comes to kitchen and asks what are you cooking? Pragya angrily says achaar. Abhi thinks she is angry. Pragya asks if he wants to make sandwiches for Tanu. Abhi says he wants to learn from her and asks her to teach him. He holds her closely and asks him to take his name….Pragya says you…and makes sandwiches for him. Abhi thinks I am so close to her and she is not saying anything, it means she is my fuggi. Shall I propose her now or after sometime. Pagya says sandwich is ready and gives to Abhi. Rachna and Purab are happy to see their romance. Abhi eats sandwich from her hand. Purab says we should have made their video. Rachna says they should be happy always. Tanu hears them and asks what? Robin is about to go to kitchen. Purab and Rachna stop them from going there. Rachna says food will not be made today. Robin says what about others? Rachna says I will order food from outside and asks him to take a day off. Robin says I will ask Pragya. Purab says Pragya is with Abhi in kitchen and they are making sandwiches. Robin is happy also and goes. Tanu hears them and thinks to go and check on Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya talk to each other. Abhi says I talked to your pic and asks if she liked his help. Pragya blushes. Abhi asks her to tell about her feelings. Pragya says I am habitual to work in kitchen and says you will get irritated here. Abhi says you want me to take clothes out. Pragya says no. Abhi says I was joking and helps her in making sandwiches. Tanu peeps in the kitchen and says so this is happening here.

Nikhil tells Tanu that Pragya will not receive Abhi’s surprise gift but he will send her a shocking gift, and after seeing it, Pragya will think why did she take birth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for the quick update ,Hasan ma’am !!!

    1. Enough is Enough

      The whole BoyFriend story line is too DUMB. When does Pragya have the time to see a boyfriend?? She is ALWAYS at home…taking care of EVERYONE. Who in their right mind (Abhi) is going to fall for that stupid line??? This same phony boyfriend story line was in another serial and that show went off the air shortly after………

      1. U mean to say that is kkb gng to air off???

  2. Fed up of this ta u drama…go to hell …how much dragging thy will do…so stupid irritating…oy for trp abhigya scenes…

  3. Epi was nice expect tanus part
    So our abhi is planning to propose pragya by seeing today epi I felt abhigya like a newly married couple the way he was romancing with her it’s really awesome so nice to see them like this lovely couple ?

    1. Hai asmita..
      Hw r u??
      Yup I too enjoyed today’s episodes both n Hindi n Telugu to the core
      Wt abt u?

      1. Hai kutty I am fine
        Ya me to enjoyed in both languages
        I think this week we will enjoy our kkb so many funny scenes r their bwn them as per segments
        But one thing I didn’t understand about abhi is he was saying he needs his fuggy back and he needs baby too but what he was thinking about tanu??
        The Most funniest part is no one has interest on tanu either nikhil r abhi ? what u say

      2. One more thing is I saw a pic in instagram of abhigya they r looking pretty in their attire and pragya wore a long frock I think it is her bday dress may he gifted her

      3. Exactly yaar..
        Can’t wait to watch their performance???
        But takhil.. wt they r up to?
        Takhi using their baby..

  4. Thank you fr fast update hasan. Discusting episode I didnt watch jus red….. y tis evil tanu coms inbtwin dragging I jus hate thought somting vil b ter ya small part of romance was gud over all nt happy nt satisfied….wen pratiksha said frm tat day I stopped watching serial other alsoo started hating guys losing patience. …thank god I didnt watch….wat u say guys……srry yaar hi to everyone…..

    1. Hai dear.. Hw r u??
      BTW now a days its irritating only
      But today some comedy &romance included
      V can enjoy dear

  5. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Dragging!!?????????they are showing abhigya scenes.. For that.. They can expose her.. Tanu.

  6. Stupid story. Tanu wins all d time..boring

  7. If any rubbish is happen tomorrow definitely I kill the director in my mind voice

    1. me too thinking like that

  8. U guys..If u guys didn’t like the current track of kkb means stop watching and reading!

    Comment edited.

  9. Swarnali Mukherjee

    Awesome epi… Finally Purab, rachna and Akash able to stop Robin from going into kitchen! But not Tanu… What the hell! Dadi you are a real Rockstar. Waiting for pragya’s birthday party… Hope that Champak will not spoil it. I am sure this time Abhi will be with his pragya… Takhil will flop for sure… All the best Abhi.. Propose her like a Rockstar. Make that party like a rock concert… Want #abhigya reunion. ?

  10. Abhigya are looking cute in this episode I hope this stupid tanu will go early from their life

  11. abhi has no charecter or spine once he wants pragya….everyday romance n thn he wants tanu….idiotic felow…. pragya also shameless she forgets everythg n yhn romance as if nothg happnd…wht bullshit serial is this

  12. abhi has no charecter or spine once he wants pragya….everyday romance n thn he wants tanu….idiotic felow…. pragya also shameless she forgets everythg n yhn romance as if nothg happnd…wht bullshit serial is this

  13. It is waste of watching serial every time evil only wins when the tanu truth come out buddy

  14. Why in all serials the version has to suffer and cry and y should Jillian be happy?? And at last villain will change. Co.e on yaar think something different and write. Bored of all this expose tanu soon or are you ppl planning to drag it to some 200 more episodes or wat?? Same boring romance scenes and same boring planning by nikhil n tanu. I completely stopped seeing it only reading it. It’s disgusting.

  15. Wow, wow, wow…
    Excellent, terrific, wonderfulness, extraordinary, beautifulness idea for more dragging. I don’t know what to do for the writer’s brain???? Kkb’s beauty has gone with abhi’s fuggy. Now there is no any charm instead of everyone’s chattering. No any improvement. I think pragya’s brain has slept after tagya’s challenge. The story is moving slowly than snails. They r dragging for two years and also crossed d limit of fans patience.

    First Rachna was pregnant. After tanu’s pregnancy chapter gets started, Rachna’s pregnancy chapter came to an end.
    I think after pragya’s pregnancy chapter gets started, tanu’s pregnancy chapter will come to an end.
    When will the writer’s pregnancy serial come to an end?

    Ohh! Maths teacher (writer) ur lesson is soooooooo boring. Bcoz u r always teaches us shapes, addition, & subtraction. We all have learnt it in nursery.
    your story – CIRCLE
    the characters – TRIANGLE ➡ SQUARE ➡ PENTAGON….
    Few months later ur brain will think to bring a new girl friend for nikhil. Then it will become HEXAGON.
    The number of characters are increasing & decreasing. (Addition & subtraction)
    Though the characters r healthy, they r reacting like handicaps.
    Brainless Blind, deaf – abhi
    Brainless Dumb – pragya, dadi, purab, akash, rachu
    Shameless culprits – takhil
    Blabbering mental – mitali
    They r wasting the time. They r cheating the fans by showing abhigya’s romance. I think the story writer also gets irritated by his story. That’s y the story is going like ancient cart.
    Oh please change the topic…. Please..
    If u can’t change then stop the serial without dragging more.

    1. awesome sha,im still laughing

    2. Sha… I must appriciate u?
      R u maths student??
      I think so?
      Ur way of reasoning is superb?
      Ur comment is hilarious?????
      Especially blabbering mental…….????

      1. Frnds i am sorry. I am not ‘sha’ I am shaz. I hv missed ‘z’ when I was writing. I am a bio student from Sri Lanka. Coming August I am going to start my higher studies in Russia. But definitely I know that they will not expose tanu before August. That’s why I am so angry.

      2. well described shaz
        and all the best for ur studies

      3. Nice name shaz???
        Ofcrse it vl not end so soon…?
        All the very best for ur studies…???

    3. sha, i think ur angry level gone to peak.. gud one.. what u said absolutely right..
      ronnie drama, sarla kidnapping, pragya arrangements for abhi concert… ronnie ghost drama, vedio record of tanu blabbing.. x+y+z+++++++++=0


      Well said Sha

    5. Superb shaz. ..☺

  16. The shocking surprise that Nikhil is going to give Abhi is that he is going to bring Pragya’s boyfriend out of somewhere to spoil her Birthday! Haha

    1. Enough is Enough

      I know – doesn’t that sound stupid…

  17. Way too much dragging

  18. Today also I didn’t watch show ?? due to rain thunder and lightning power went off ? and yesterday due to rain no signal in tv ?

    1. Ooh dear u missed abhigyalicious moments…
      Literally nice episode.. Abhi’s antics at dadi, with fuggy photo & abhigya romance in kitchen
      Just wow…

      1. hi kutty
        i will watch today retelecast
        and tell u how was yesterdays episode

    2. hi shobana.. sorry dear i cud not reply after ur comment.. i stopped watching kkb.. i only read t comments.. prathiksha updates are giving visual effects in writing na so i avoid watching on tv.. whr is gowtham?…hi sweety.. in the uodate purab tells he wud hv recorded abigya romance.. omg.. if he wud hv video recorded ronnie effort, whn takhil tried to kill him.. after bulbul vanished, purab brain also vanished..

      1. hi sis… m here… fate s not letting me watch kkb… daily something happened to stop me watching it… yesterday sema thunder and rain so no signal in dish…. so lik this daily something is happening…. but m nt saying ds in a sad note.. anyhow nothing ll happen in kkb.. so didn’t feel fr that…

      2. no need of sry and all brindha. actually nowadays im also not watching. as gowtham said something is happening while im getting ready to watch the show.
        but nothing to worry since as you said prathiksha’s update is giving visual effect.

  19. giys let us not even comment then the writers will know we are fed up. I have not watched in in 2 months. End the show pleassssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. Frustated viewer

    Is dis nikhil acting or overacting as if he is acting like a villian in a high budjet movie
    Waste serial ever
    I remember tanu was pregnant from last year may so til nw she didnt deliver which means dats a record of 12 n haf month pregnancy,wow amazing super and mind blowing script
    Pragya trying expose tanu from a long time but dadi exposed tanus chori in a single day then why pragya is there for,always loosing and giving lectures.
    I really pity the actors for wasting their talent in such senceless scripts.

    1. Exactly it is over acting. Can any third person get decision in other couples life? Or will any wife allow a person to betray her husband? I don’t know what a kind of couple they are. Abhigya is not loving couples they r only romancing couple.
      Writer must think about takhil’s exposure instead of thinking about abhigya’s romance.

  21. I hope he say nikhil send him so abhi abhicab throw his ass out n tanu need to go hell with her baby

  22. Nice episode but is back to abhi’s house again! Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

  23. This tanu girl shd go 2 hell ooo .

  24. Nice episode.

  25. I don’t know who are mentals the writers or we watching this crap 6 days a week..???

  26. OMG!! There is some thing called patience ! and the director n writers are just sold their minds in market! they didn’t even think of exposing tat tanu bi**h ..
    if the same story line is going on, then fans ll rush to d shoot place n kill d writers !!
    guys I simply n kindly request you all to stop watching this show and nt to waste the time !! there are other more good things yet to watch ..
    my mom says that the writers still don’t have any idea how to expose that tanu shameless!! Nikil shld b killed ..
    If at least they don’t expose tanu. Then make pragya die, n abi get married to tanu vamp.
    I want this stupid, senseless and brainless drama to end ..???????????

  27. disgusting,writer should borrow brain from a good and sensible writer so as to end this nonsense show.What prevents you from exposing this devil called Tanu n co?mcheeeeew

  28. So Dadi set the stage for Nikhil’s plan. So he thinks his plan is there for Abhi to doubt Pragya, when all that Abhi will see is some man after his fuggy like his granny said might happen and he will become jealous. So once again, jokes on Nikhil.
    Anyway these writers need to move away from recycling the script. If you can’t move the show forward just end it and put us viewers, readers and the actors out of this nauseating cycle.

    1. ***becomes jealous and fight even more for Pragya. Tanu won’t even be on his radar, the attention he will pay to Pragya and her potential new beau.***

    2. Exactly, Daadi did samething during concert also, the whole suggestion of propose Tanu in front of fans came from Daadi only. Now again instead of telling Abhi to do something she is telling in round about way.

  29. shobana hifi…. sema mazha thunder…. no signal fr me too…. so could not watch…. but m nt feeling fr that… anyways nthng is gonna happen…. and neenga entha area….?? i thnk u must be nearer to me….

    1. gowtham bro even powercut near ernavoor unabke to watch. i’m new to this comment section i read ur comments evrydy.

      1. oh good and welcome sathish…. keep commenting

    2. hifi gowtham
      and im not nearer to your area.
      you are in one end of chennai and im in other end of chennai
      i’m from redhills (near puzhal central jail).

      1. red hills… too far… apo angaum yesterday raining ah.. ok ok

      2. yup bro its quite far from city

        and i think yesterday all over chennai its raining with thunder and lightening

  30. I think we can expect a dance frm abhigya on her bday there is a pic of both which is a still of a dance moment did anyone saw it

  31. New onlocation video update of pragya’s birthday party- mehra house is fully and beautifully decorated for pragya’s birthday party. All r dressed beautifully. Pragya is looking gorgeous in black gown. Party has begun. Guests r gathering and enjoying the party. Pragya is looking happy. She goes to that side where all flowers bouquets. She looks them happily and thinks how abhi have made her birthday special with these beautiful flowers. Abhi sees her and thinks to propose her as she is alone. He comes towards pragya from behind and calls her. Pragya turns with rose bouquet and just then bouquet slips from her hands and flies up. All flowers falls on abhigya. Abhi catches a rose and gives it to pragya. Abhi gets start telling about his feelings for her and about to complete his propsal but just then pragya gets sarla maa’s call and goes from there to talk with her as they couldn’t talk becoz of network unavilibilty. So pragya goes for other side to talk with sarla maa and says to abhi to wait for her here. Abhi gets irked and upset as he was about to propose pragya but couldn’t complete becoz of sarla maa’s call. Abhi picks rose which he gave to pragya whom she left there on table for talking with her maa. Abhi keeps it in his pocket and goes from there. Pragya comes back and gets sad after not finding abhi there. She thinks he was telling his feelings from her but just then she had to go. In another scene, abhi again tries to propose pragya and he was about to say that he loves her but just then someone announces to that abhigya will do dance. Abhi again loses this chance to propose her as they were calling out for dance on stage. Abhigya goes on stage. Abhi takes pragya’s hand in his hand and takes her on stage to dance. They starts couple dance with two more background dancers. Abhigya performs romantically. At the last of dance, pragya about to fall but abhi holds her beautifully. Dance ends, guests claps. Abhi greets guests. Pragya feels shy and embarrased and leaves from there. Video link- https://youtu.be/OK6aJsdt_ql https://youtu.be/B-Dd98Plzz8

    1. Guys..So by this segment I am getting a doubt as Abhi may propose Tanu instead of Pragya unknowingly because she is also wearing a similar dress as Pragya and Pragya will get upset again..hope this shouldn’t happen..but Almost similar thing happened during concert aswell right, Abhi proposed Pragya thinking it’s Tanu.. and we all know writers are repeating the scenes..so this may also happen..and don’t know what the new entry will be doing with this couple..these days am feeling very pity about Abhigya..how many days they struggle for their love..

  32. so irritating drama ever…dragging too much for a plot…hate this drama….dump abhi poor pragya….fed up of this stupid drama…go off air quickly

  33. how disgusting yrr whem tanu truth will come?

  34. Hi friends. How r u all.today episode was good right

  35. Hello guys !!..i am in fasting .. So cant comment more !!..and yesterday in my house also semma rain !!thunder air blows heavily !!..TV signal was cut !!..in our house we use HD set up box !!…but they cut the signal!!.. But thank god till 9:10 signal was cut !!..after 9:10 only signal came !!..so luckily takhil scene was skipped !!..so felt happy !!..and ya pragya’s birthday so excited about it !!..Abhigya r going to dance !!..and guys in gold awards pragya is going to dance in the song sanam re !!..but solo performance only not confirmed that abhi is also dancing with her !!…and how r u all my frnds !!..fasting la irukken athan comment panna mudiyala !!.anyways how is ur job going gowtham bro brintha sheetha !!…pratiksha sahithi shobana how r u ??hency shivanya which college r u studying??.. And all how r u ??i am fine

  36. New segments update- segment same as today’s onlocation video. Abhi tries to propose pragya many times during her birthday party but gets fails agin and again becoz of some interruptions. Abhigya dances together on song “dehleez pe mere dil ki jo rakhhe hain tune kadam”. They both gets lost in each other and performes so gracefully. Tanu and nikhil keeps on abhigya everytime whenever abhi goes near pragya. But takhil feels relax as they have already planned to spoil pragya’s birthday and abhi’s suprprise for pragya. They keeps eyes on abhigya everytime and tanu thinks how to stop abhi somehow from proposing pragya until they completes their evil plan. Reporter says tanu will stop abhi from proposing pragya by emotinal blackmailing him through her baby and after setting up their evil plan to seperate abhi from pragya, she will not let abhigya close. Sriti and shabbir told to reporters that abhi has been proposed pragya in big way and he has been gotten it’s answer too. ( which actually abhi couldn’t)They laughs. Sriti asks tell us how abhi should propose her? Sriti tells reporters that abhi have gifted this beautiful gown for her birthday. Reporter asks from them about new entry. Sriti and shabbir says that they don’t know about it. Reoprter asks from leena about abhigya’s romance and abhi’s proposal that what is all this happening? Leena says that she also don’t know what abhi is doing? One side he makes promise with her to marry and otherside he is proposing pragya. Leena laughs. Reporter says until tanu is between abhigya, she will never let them unite. Reoprter tells that pragya’s birthday party started by abhi beautifully and romantically but it will get spoiled by takhil at last.

    1. The last sentence of the update, we can always expect in this show, any function or event or celebration is not complete without some unwanted drama.

      Probably its wake up time for Pragya, the hundredth time, that she cant hope to be happy with Abhi while having Tanu stay back between them.

    2. Reporter tells that before abhi will end up propose pragya, pragya’s fake boyfriend will get introduced according to takhil’s plan and abhi’s love proposal for pragya will get remain incomplete.

      1. Guys how many of u still watching kkb as same old tricks is using by cvs but little difference. And according to me, only situations r different but things r happening with same tricks. Abhigya’s romance is main key of cvs trick which is weakness of abhigya’s and kkb’s fan’s. And most of peoples can go to any extent of tolerance just to watch it. Isn’t it guys? Until cvs will use this trick, they will never lose the trp and the audience of their show. It means nothing is in our hands except two choices. If we want to see, we can and if not then also nothing will change. And it seems now tanu is not here to exposed. It seems cvs want to cover her two more months of pregnancy to stretching the storyline until tanu’s baby’s delievery or may b they can take it more further even after her baby’s delievery. What they r planning? Can’t say exactly. But onething is sure that it is waste to hit our head on wall. That’s it.

      2. Pratiksha, previously also writers took forever to make Pragya express her feelings. She starts planning to propose Abhi way back and will do that only towards end of kidnapping track.

        Its always a habit for things to be prolonged. But back then, though we had Tanu, we didnt have Nikhil, who has become equally irritating. Also we had Bulbul and more screen space for Purab, and since the scenes were happening first time it was interesting. Daadi also didnt have so many scenes, sorry to say, but her lectures for Pragya in last few episodes are so archaic. Not suitable for current times.

        Now we see the same faces repeatedly, no Bulbul, no Aaliya, its all Tanu n Nikhil, which is getting boring. But the writers cleverly, yeah slowly, turned Abhi’s behavior towards Pragya.

        First after Raj was exposed they showed Abhi wanted to hate Pragya and was in hurry to marry Tanu. After 2 failed marriage attempts, and divorce attempts, now they turned him towards Pragya again. But if you look at it overall, the story has been stagnant.

        After seeing Tanu baby bump I realised it will be more time for this track to end. And after the new montage, its clear we need to wait more.

      3. I m getting ur points sahithi but frankly speaking i m not getting even it’s present montage so how can i get it’s storyline. It’s totally unacceptable and indegestible for me.

  37. Hai friends how all.. Miss u all so much I have not watched kkb for past one week my exam over today.. From tomorrow I will be here. I m just reading the updates .. CVs have no idea of exposing tanu… Nowadays I m losing interest in kkb

  38. Hey guys one more news sriti aka our pragya is performing in gold awards on song Sanam re. It is a solo performance by her on female version. Shabbir is performing or not, it is not confirmed. But sbb people has shown sriti’s dance rehearsals for gold awards.

    1. Yeah in all rehearsals Sriti is only seen solo, so looks like only she is performing.

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