Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Abhi’s residence
Pragya finds abhi sitting sullenly, with his back towards the door, and progresses inside hesitantly. she places a hand on his shoulder. he is disturbed. she asks him to listen once. he asks why is she here. she says that she wishes to say something. he asks whats left to be heard or said, and asks if what happened downstairs wasnt enough. she asks him to listen to her once. he asks why should he, as if what he did after hearing to her wasnt enough insulting. he asks why she did so, and that she has enemity with tani, which is understandable, but what enemity she has with him. she asks how can he even suggest that. he asks how could she not think what he shall go through, as he called his own child illegitimate and bad blood, thinking that

it belongs to someone else. she tries to talk to him, but he shuts her up, asking her to merely listen and not say a word. he asks if she actually cares for her, as she doesnt, and she is highly selfish and thinks only for herself and her bright future, and she is ready to risk his child’s future for hers. he says that he cant imagine she could do it, as she isnt what he thought she is, as she could have sacrificed her happiness, but she doesnt care for relations, who only knows how to torture people, and since she cares little, then he too doesnt want to bear any relation with her. she is shocked and asks whats he saying, as she is his wife, and why would she mean his harm. he asks what if she is the wife, he wouldnt act as a puppet and comply to everything she says, without reasoning. he says that she misued her status as his wife, and hence he ends all relations with her today, be it marriage, friendship, professional or any other. she is aghast. he says that she had given him fake divorce papers, but he shall present her real ones, with signatures. she is aghast and distraught as he hastily walks out. she is then jerked into reality, and understands that she has been dreaming this sequences and is still standing out only. she is thankful that it was just a dream but thinks what if it becomes a reality and if she talks right now, he might just call off every relation, and hence she needs to talk to someone else, instead of him. she leaves from there. he turns around instinctively, and then goes out, wondering why he felt pragya was here, and maybe he still loves her only, and hence misses her. he fervently wishes that she had talked to him, and vice versa so that they could have cleared the confusion as to why she feels tanu’s child isnt his. he paces around nervously, thinking that he cant remember when they made love, and never doubted tanu, since she told him but maybe there is sense in what pragya says, because there were two DNA certificates, and that too on the same day, from the same doctor and in the same hospital, and if its pragya’s friend, who turned her foe now. he decides to find for himself whats the truth, instead of speculating.

MEanwhile, Granny talks with the boys, as to how pragya’s attempt at unfoiling tanu failed yet again in front of abhi, and she was branded a liar by her own friend, and wonder how long would this continue, and why did sheena betray her. Granny says that whats done is done. she wonders what they need to do now, and that they should tell abhi that they are with pragya, and her reports are accurate. they agree on it, but wonder how to. Purab says that they have planned enough, and now pragya is in trouble, because of what she has had to do, and that they have never spoken to him, due to lack opf evidence, but their silence merely aggravated the problem. he says that he shall spill it all out to him. she asks him not to act rash in anger, and what if abhi reprimands him. he says that its okay, but he cant bear to see pragya like this even at the cost of his friendship. he leaves hastily. they deliberate that they dont have any other option, other than this. she decides to go and stand outside abhi’s room, to see where the discussion is going and intervene if necessary, to handle it. they comply and rush out too.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
PRagya, while driving, remembers how the friend lied and is upset. she says that she cant do this, then why she helped tanu, and decides to talk to her and find out. she stops the car and gets out.

Scene 3:
Location: Sheena’s residence
Pragya arrives at sheena’s place, and she opens the door and stands tensed seeing her. she walks in enraged. then she confronts the doctor as to how and why she did it, and if she sold her integrity for money, and then points out why she had wanted this so desperately, and after such problems, they were uniting, but she ruined it. she is asked to leave immediately. but pragya insists for an answer, and saays that she had helped sheena when she had wanted it so desperately. she asks what would happen when her mother knows, what sheena did. sheena asks her to go, as she wont explain at all. she is distressed. pragya asks if she did this for money, and she shouldnt have betrayed her, and that she wouldnt be able to trust anyone now. sheena says that she didnt do anything, that she is being accused of. pragya asks why then. sheena says that she had no other option, as her child has been kidnapped, and they threatened to kill her, if she didnt side with tanu. as she goes on a motherly rant, as to how she couldnt have allowed them to hurt pari, pragya is shocked to know the reason. she consoels her, saying that she should have thought that she must have been so helpless to have done this, and apologises for not understanding. sheena breaks down, and pragya says that its fine, as she did absolutely right, and she wouldnt have been able to forgive herself, had she risked pari’s life. sheena then explains how she was kidnapped. pragya asks why wasnt she told. sheena says that she didnt want to bother her. she is distressed. sheena says that then she got the call, from someone, to ask her to falsify pragya’s reports and say that tanu’s were right. pragya listens on intently. sheena is tensed if anything shall happen to pari. pragya assures her that she shall bring pari back. sheena thanks her and says that when she finds pari, and gets her back, she shall tell the truth to abhi. pragya says that she knows who did it and shall get pari back anyhow. she thinks that this must definitely be nikhil’s work, and she shall have to go there, to find some clue, which shall definitely be there, if he has done it.

Scene 4:
Location: Nikhil’s residence
Tanu and her boyfriend are amused at the plight of pragya when the doctor betrayed her. she says that it would have been best had abhi hit her. he says that pragya shall cry forever, once abhi signs the will in the child’s name. tanu is boggled how did this happen. he says that he was behind it, and reminds her not to underestimate him. he then says that he wants her to meet someone. she is highly curious, while he deliberately opens the door late and reveals that its aliya, who had kidnapped the daughter. tanu expresses happiness at seeing her, and then asks how she managed it. aliya says that when she received tanu’s distressed call, after having landed in hot waters, and wanting help from anywhere, she refused her on face. but then she thought oevr it, she realised that pragya had made her so desperate, that she did this for pragya’s defeat but not for her win. tanu says that its okay, and they aliya welcomes her in. tanu is very curious to know of their co ordination and the plan. nikhil then points out their entire strategy, and called up aliya to have a defensive strategy. she says that tanu wouldnt have been believed, as only the doctor could have confirmed to the truth. ALiya tells them that she knew if not a friend, a mother would definitely do what they want her to do, and hence thought of the kidnapping plan, so that the doctor is forced to say what they wanted.

Scene 5:
Location: Abhi’s residence
Abhi is tensed, when purab comes in, and says that he wishes to talk. abhi says that he knows what he wishes to say, that pragya is right and tanu is falsifying evidence and that he should trust pragya. granny arrives and stands outside. abhi says that he knows what purab wants him to do and understand, and believe, but why should he listen to him. outside, granny finds that abhi is enraged, and thinks that she shall have to do in. but they they decide to wait for somemore time. Inside, abhi tells purab that he thinks pragya is right, and he is taken aback, by surprise. pointing out how the doctor changed statements, abhi says that she is definitely betraying someone. he hopes that its tanu, but they need evidence, and that he shall get another DNA test if necessary. he says that he can instinctively feel pragya is right, as sheena had tears when she falsified pragya. purab is overwhelmed. he says that tanu was behaving weird. he says that if tanu is lying, then how can they get to it, and if tanu is saying the truth, then why does she need evidence to strengthen her stance. Purab is tensed. abhi says that he shall get to the bottom of this, and find out whats the truth. Outside, they are very happy that abhi is finally turning in pragya’s favour. Purab turns around. The screen freezes on abhi’s and pragya’s faces.

Precap: Tanu tells that nikhil cant be anyone’s husband. he too says that she cant be anyone’s wife. she fumes and says that she shall be and that too abhi’s. he retorts at her and asks her to learn to be someone’s mother and basically a woman first. aliya is frustrated with their fight. LAter, tanu tries to get abhi emotional, saying that its understandable that pragya did this to her, but why him, and how could she brand his child as illegitimate. he starts getting impatient, and says that he doesnt wish to talk at all. she is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. hi rimjhim we love ur updates. Please update your comments

  2. Well, well. That’s an unexpected twist….a dream!
    We fired at the writers and rightly so, but this?! Nicely done. For once in your writing experience you all had done something positive. We don’t want to give you mountainous praise just yet, don’t want it to get to your heads and push out the little creativity you have left.
    We want to see you keep this momentum going and finally end Tanu’s and Nikhil’s chapter.
    Applause: for making Abhi start using his brain.
    Applause: for making the rest of Pragya’s team finally have the courage to come forward to Abhi
    Fingers cross: that you guys don’t throw another twist to divert Abhi’s quest in solving this matter once and for all.
    I see that all our lamenting, cursing and name callings did not go in vain. We will go easy on you this time…well, for now. Don’t fail us because we are not afraid to start the process all over again.
    Glad to see exposure is close.
    Finally Pragya in for “A win”.

    1. Thank you. I and probably most of us, share your sentiments

  3. Better episode than yesterday’s

  4. I think sheila n pragya will help look for her daughter n bring her to abhi

  5. Seriously people I’m giving up on this one and would advice evertone to do the same how many more times will they’re be a twist the actors should get out now they making fools of them as well is tanu carrying an elephant even an elephant would have given birth by now come on if u want us to carry on watching give us something that we can relate to

  6. Good that’s a twist….to the producer keep it going..

  7. Much better than ….pragya hope abhi help u soon.

  8. New onlocation update- Pragya found Pari ( sheela’s daughter). Full update- Nikhil is telling Tanu (still in party clothes) that if she ever needs to get inside his house, he leaves an extra key outside his door underneath a nearby table, so even if he’s not home, she can come in.

    Pragya is quietly trying to sneak to where Pari is held captive. She hides as the kidnappers come to eat dinner, though they’re skeptical to leave Pari alone. But since Pari is sleeping, they decide to quickly eat first and then go back to her later. One of the kidnappers goes to grab beer, thinks he sees a part of Pragya’s saree, but gets distracted by the other kidnappers (bechara, the kidnapping crew is getting scolded at by KKB crew for needing to be told how to act!!). As the kidnapper leaves, Pragya gets the chance to get to Pari’s room and enter without anyone seeing.

    Pari child actor being told to cry harder and louder, calling out for her mom (super cute!!). Loll, she’s not crying convincingly and the KKB crew keep asking her to cry!

    Pragya comes to a tearful Pari and unties her hands from the chair. She checks for any bruises on Pari’s wrists and then kisses each hand. She asks Pari to stay quiet or else the kidnappers will hear them and then Pari can’t go home. She asks whether Pari wants to go home, Pari asks where her mommy is. Pragya says her mommy is at home and she’s sent Pragya to come save Pari, and in order to be successful, they have to be super quiet. They start to leave when Pari pauses and goes back to get her backpack, which gets stuck. So when Pari pulls on it, pots fall to the ground, making lots of sounds. Pragya quickly grabs Pari and hides behind the door as one of the kidnappers comes to find her gone. He sweetly calls out Pari and asks whether she’s playing hide and seek.

    In a seperate scene, Nikhil comes to the hideout where Pari is held captive and finds his kidnapping crew playing cards and drinking, basically having a good time. He whips one of them with his coat and starts yelling/slapping them, asking what were they doing. One of the gang members in a trembling voice starts to explain that Pari is sleeping, but then pauses and ends up apologizing to Nikhil instead. Nikhil asks where is Pari, and they say she’s in the room. He starts walking towards the room, with the gang following him.

    This place looks just like where Pragya was held captive.

    Nikhil Arya’s interview- He says the moment that all the fans have been waiting for is finally here. And then the IV is cut loll. So I’m not sure what else he had to say!

    1. Guys pragya follows nikhil and then reaches at kidnappers place. She finds Pari. Nikhil clearly gives hint to the reporter that the most awaited exposure is going to happen after this. So guys if this is true then get ready for the party.

      1. Gd news pratiksha but y only pragya came if it both abhigya then it will be awesome to see

      2. Finally the big day is going to come.
        I think Sheela is going to tell everything to abhi after Pari returns home. Since in one pic abhi was spotted with Sheela.

      3. Someone here was supposed to break coconuts also.. They should also get ready 🙂

        Shobana, I think Abhi went in the same white shirt to meet Sheela probably after Pragya leaves her house and goes in search of Pari. Not sure if Sheela will tell anything to Abhi at that point and if Pragya will be successful in bringing back Pari herself.

        If both Pragya and Pari are held by kidnappers, then as usual Abhi will be her savior, as per the montage also, thats what is expected naa..

        Asmitha, I think it was u who wanted a Aashiqui style sequence/montage right, I think ETRETR show now has that, I read somewhere. Not sure if they will repeat samething here also, as both are Zee shows, and if indeed Tanu and Nikhil exposure is near, then I am excited to see next montage, how it will be designed.

        But if we go back and look at the money theft sequence and Champak one, it was more like slow built up for actual exposure, as this is first time Abhi partially realized Tanu’s actual dirty character, trying to implicate Sarla or trying to bring down Pragya’s character. With these 2 sequences, Abhi has clue to some extent what Tanu can do to revenge Pragya. If these sequences were not there and directly truth comes out, Abhi will take time to believe all that he sees around.

      4. Sahithi, now I am again excited to watch tanu’s downfall.
        It was Narendran( ranaji ) who was supposed to break the coconut.

        Yes, I too think so. If pragya and pari caught by Nikhil then it will be abhi to become pragya’s saviour. But if abhi tries to save them he will also get to know that Nikhil was the one behind kidnap. Or else as usual nikhil might get escape and then abhi will come to know about it through some other way.
        I want tanu’s all truth to be exposed not only baby’s truth and about Nikhil but also about sarla ma kidnapping and accident then attempt murder on pragya along with this all MM members should tell abhi that they know the truth long back

      5. Ya sahithi I have seen it when I was watching kkb segment in SBB at that time I thought if it will be abhigya then it will be awesome to see let’s see but waiting fr exposure

      6. Guys here is complete interview update of nikhil and sriti with reporters- Nikhil Arya IV: He says the moment that all the fans have been waiting for is finally here. He says something really interesting is about to happen this week. He says “catch the crook ka game apne aakhri hissay pe pohch gaya hai (The game is almost over)

        OMGGG! He says either Taakhil are about to get exposed or their opponents (Team) is about to get destroyed. He asks what day it is (is told its Thursday) and then says BY NEXT FRIDAY “SAB DOODH KA DOODH PAANI KA PAANI HO GAYA HO GA (EVERYTHINGS GOING TO COME OUT IN THE OPEN)” He mentions that Team Taakhil has gotten an addition with Aliyah returning. He also says that Pragya is a “zakhmi sherni (wounded tiger) who is now not going to leave any stone unturned to get this solved.” They ask whether he knows how Pragya got to Pari, and he says he might have dropped a key, but Nikhil has no idea.

        He thanks the audience for bringing back KKB to #1 and says that the next week should only increase the viewership.

        Sriti IV: She says even she feels the end is near, but at present, Pragya is still struggling, because Sheila’s daughter has been kidnapped and Pragya is trying to rescue her. They ask her how she narrowly escaped Nikhil and the gang, and Sriti says to keep the suspense, such tense situations are created.

      7. Guys there is a pic of nikhil and sheela I have seen in Instagram but she is not in saree I think it was after shoot r may before shoot r may her role is completed in kkb don’t know

    2. I think we can see conservation bwn abhigya after exposure only
      What I am thinking is after sheela and pragya conservation may pragya will directly go to nikhils home and from there she will follow him and here abhi and dadi purab aakash will think to consult doctor again by this we can see abhi visiting doctor if she says truth then it will be awesome and I think may nikhil will see pragya and pari so he will be decides to harm them then at last our abhi will become saviour fr pragya then at last it will happen most waited moment but one thing should happen abhi should beat nikhil badly then it will awesome to see

  9. nice episode pragya will surely bring out the truth. ………..

  10. OMG! OMG! OMG! Really prathiksha wow thank you for the update yaar….glad to see u…… and I am new to comment here….. After a long time this is going good… And as u said waiting for the party ???

  11. Just three words for this show. I hate it????

  12. Good news guys… Nikil IV he said long awaited tranu track will get exposed by next week … oooohhh yaaaah at last they going to end this track…:)

  13. A very gd news thanks pratiksha

  14. Thanks prathiksha can u pls share d link….

  15. i just think t was awesome than yesterdays

  16. thanx for updates but one thing all u fans need to say sorry to abhi bcause all kind of words was used on him #SORRY ABHI# he is only acting na so hope u all dont mind na thanx alot

  17. I really dont understand d longetivity of alia role…she is a villain forever…forever..forever…d actress doesnot feel bored of doing this..she seems to have masteted d art of kidnapping….she keeps kidnapping different people..haha

  18. Finally an episode we can be proud of. I had stopped reading midway but glad I read to the end. I only wish that Pragya would wear her wedding chain. I also hope Abhi exposes Tanu.

  19. Yesterday Pragya drove the car for first time right? There was big argument between me and my hubby regarding this, i said its the first time but he said already she drove,anyone clear my doubt…

  20. New segment update- Abhi looks pragya’s photoframe. He emotionally reminds her. Dadi sees it from behind but doesn’t disturbes him. Abhi lies on the bed in same party outfit. He losts in deep thoughts of pragya and gets emotional. He seems restless. Pragya follows nikhil and reaches at kidnappers place. She finds pari and carefully gets successful from making park from kidnappers clutches and in running with her from the place but when she about to leaves from there in car, she gets fail to leave from there as Nikhil gets hide in the car already. Pragya doesn’t realize it. Pragya about to start the car, just then nikhil covers pragya’s face by a black cloth from behind and stops her from leaving. Pragya and pari both struggles with nikhil to make ownself free from nikhil but gets fail. Now it is left to see that how pragya will b free from nikhil’s clutches with pari or nikhil , tanu and aaliya will again get successful in their plan? Nikhil and sriti’s interview- Nikhil Arya IV: He says the moment that all the fans have been waiting for is finally here. He says something really interesting is about to happen this week. He says that the game is almost over. He says either Taakhil are about to get exposed or their opponents (Team) is about to get destroyed. He says that by the next friday, everything goint to come out in open, milk will get milk and water will get water. He mentions that Team Taakhil has gotten an addition with Aliyah returning. He also says that Pragya is a “zakhmi sherni (wounded tiger) who is now not going to leave any stone unturned to get this solved.” They ask whether he knows how Pragya got to Pari, and he says he might have dropped a key, but Nikhil has no idea.

    He thanks the audience for bringing back KKB to #1 and says that the next week should only increase the viewership.

    Sriti: She says even she feels the end is near, but at present, Pragya is still struggling, because Sheela’s daughter has been kidnapped and Pragya is trying to rescue her. They ask her how she narrowly escaped Nikhil and the gang, and Sriti says to keep the suspense, such tense situations are created.

    1. Nikhil told to reporters that peoples r complaining and constantly asking that when this long running baby thing will b finished, so here the time has come where everything will b open by next Friday. But before it, we will see lots of suspense and tensions as both team ( team tanu and team pragya) will put their whole power against each other.

    2. Pratiksha I didn’t understand one thing is abhi feeling that pragya is in danger r may Shelia again told lie that pragya report is wrong when he went to her r may he was feeling that pragya is leaving him and another one is as per nikhil INT it was going to complete on next Friday is shoot completing on Friday r it may telecast on Friday

      1. My guess is, may be he was missing Pragya as she didnt meet or speak to him after the party scene. And what Nikhil meant was the telecast will be on Friday or rather all this drama will happen next week till end of week, but better to keep less expectations, else it may be again disappointing.

        Let us see how her team will react on realizing that Pragya is missing, I dont think Abhi will believe she left him and went away without informing him. Even when Aaliya got property for a day and asked her to leave, Pragya assured Abhi that she wont leave.
        So even if Tanu tries to manipulate now saying Pragya left him, he wont believe as Daadi, Purab atleast these ppl will know if she is leaving. He might initially think that she is upset and somewhere outside, may not realize immediately that she is in danger.

      2. Aamitha it can’t say surely that why abhi was getting emotinal with pragya’s pic or why he was feeling restless. Lots of reasons could b for this as he is going through unstable situation of his life where everything ia messed up and becoz he got know suddenly after so many days that tanu may not carrying his child so now he is getting eager to know what is exact truth as this truth can b turned his life completely. In this situation either he will loose pragya forever or he will get back her forever. At this time, he wants to talk with pragya but she is not there as pragya has gone to save pari by keeping ownself onstake. So it is obvious that he will b restless and emotional. But it was clear that he was getting emotional and restless for pragya. And we just saw abhi’s pic with doctor sheela, it is still left to see if he will actually go to meet with her or not? Or if he will go then also if sheela willbnot open her mouth then also it will increase abhi’s desperation and restlessness more and then he will wait for pragya to asl from her, like he was saying in his thinking yesterday that why she feels that tanu is not carrying his baby? He is in dilemma and needs pragya like always. So lots of reasons could b his emotions. And asmitha, according to nikhil we will see the climax if this game by the next Friday. They have started kidnapping sequence to shoot and according to nikhil, this is the last thing of this pregnancy so by the next week we will see tge final conclusion of this track. He was saying that trps will b suppose to more increase by next week. So it means surely it could b the best week of kkb ever in this track. But before reaching at this, we have to go through with lots of tensions, suspense and ups and downs as in segmemt, we saw that along wuth pari now pragya also will get kidnapped by nikhil and news people were saying that now may b abhi will b finish this game. But it will b convinient for us as now we knows that the end is very near. So finger crossed. Waiting for it eagerly.

      3. Sorry asmitha, mistakenly ur name:s spelling got typed wrong.

      4. Thanks pratiksha and I think we have to see so much pain episodes fr few days but one thing should not happen which is if abhi went to shela to ask anything she should not lie again what she did before if it happens then it will be difficult to abhi what to believe so I am hoping it shouldn’t happen but really very excited to see what is going to happen I think upto last minute it will be favor fr tanunikhil team at last abhi will change everything but one thing is gd there r giving information about exposure

      5. Billu u r expectation is right pragya also kidnapped by nikhil

      6. Sahithi is correct that we should control on our expectations and wait for next segment update. Till then keep eyes on it as it will b going a roller coaster ride for us.

  21. I think most awited moment is on next Friday

  22. Chowdary Veena

    I think that its more enough to continue the serial, just make happiness in pragya lifelife with abhi

  23. asmitha kya hoga next friday …. i m v excited

  24. ashmitha tumhe kya lagta next friday t tanu ki sacchai aajayegi i hope so… i m new here

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