Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Abhi and Pragya for not informing them that Tanu’s parents came to search a guy for Tanu. Pragya is at loss of words and gets teary eyed. Dadi laughs and tells Pragya that she is not angry. She tells Tanu’s parents that she will search a good groom for their daughter. A flashback is shown, Tanu blackmails her parents to commit suicide, if her parents tell anything to Dadi about her pregnancy. She thinks she had to do a drama to agree her parents and smiles. Purab and Bulbul are sitting romantically. Sarla, Beeji and Jhanki come there. Beeji asks what is happening here? Bulbul says something went in her eye, and Purab was checking her eye. Purab says he came to have food. Sarla asks them not to meet till their marriage, and says I will make you eat in

this house after your marriage. They send him out. Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room. Aaliya asks for her help in choosing the dress. Mitali selects the dress. Aaliya asks her to keep it. She says she wants to look different in Purab and Bulbul’s wedding, and want to look beautiful. Mitali checks her temperature, and is shocked about her changed behavior. Aaliya says she has moved on, and love is all about sacrifice. Mitali thinks Aaliya might do something and she have to find out.

Dadi talks to Sarla on phone and asks her to invite her guests. Sarla says she gets worried if guests increases, but Abhi will handle everything. Beeji takes the call and says Sarla didn’t know grand wedding. She asks Sarla and Jhanki to go, and talks to Dadi. Purab thinks to talk to Dadi, and come to her. Dadi talks to Beeji and says you did right, by not letting Purab meet Bulbul. Purab is upset. Dasi says Purab will not come near Bulbul even after 2 days of marriage. Abhi tells Tanu’s parents that he needs time. Tanu’s dad agrees. Pragya thanks the God. Tanu’s dad says I have a condition, and asks Tanu to come with them to Delhi. Tanu refuses. Tanu’s Parents tell that they are selling their properties in Delhi, and need her signature. They say they are shifting to Mumbai after that. Tanu refuses to come with them. Abhi convinces her. Tanu’s dad says that they will come back and will get Tanu married to him after Bulbul’s marriage, else Dadi will decide about his marriage.

Dadi asks Purab, why did you come? Purab says he came to meet Abhi. Sarla asks Bulbul where are you going silently? Bulbul says she is going to meet Purab in market. She then tells that she refused to meet Purab and scold him. Sarla says do you think I am mad to agree. She asks her to give phone. Bulbul gives her phone and hugs Sarla. Dadi asks Abhi to take care of all the arrangements including catering. Pragya and Abhi are tensed. Abhi thinks his life will be over if Dadi comes to know about the secret. He says once Purab and Bulbul marries, everything will be finished. He thinks how to make Dadi explain that Tanu is indeed pregnant and not Pragya. HE asks her to live her life and go. He asks Pragya to go and prove him bad husband in the world. He says you shall ruin my life. Pragya says you didn’t know that what you have done. She says I am married to you and is equally tensed. Abhi says he is afraid to lose her.

Pragya says I will not get respect when I will leave this house, but then also I am supporting you, as you gets your love Tanu. She says Dadi will hate me for this, and you are saying I should think about my happiness. She cries. Abhi comes to her and apologizes. He says he didn’t know what has happened to him. He says he didn’t run away from any problems and is afraid to lose her. Pragya looks on surprisingly and emotionally. Tu Meri Jaan Hain plays………….

Precap: Pragya says it will be wrong if she marries him again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Why pragya marry to abhi again when she is already married with him. Does it mean abhi wants to marry pragya after married with tanu! Do u guys really think that after getting married with abhi, tanu will leave him! For pragya! And other thing is, a marriage is illegal when already an exist marriage. So how can pragya will marry him again. Sorry I didn’t understand precap and I didn’t watch today’s episode. Can anyone give rite detail.

  2. tt

    In precap, Abhi asks Pragya to get remarried second time like he is doing….
    Getting boring day by day

  3. shruthi

    Aliyaa rabul mrg ja crt ta mrg date annaiki stop pannanum nu plan pannirupa pola.. bcos avalukkum purab ku mrg fix agi ava kalyana meedaiku vandu dan ava mrg stop anushu…. adhe madiri bulbul la palivaganum nu plan pannirukalam???…. and also rabul mrg crt ta muduja dan abhi and tanu mrg nadakkum..????

  4. kowsi

    I cant understand the precap…but one thing s clear they r gng to seperate abhigya and then we r all wait for reunion …(its my thinking)…hey writters wat do u want to prove…u r a gud writter na…never pls…upcoming definitely high voltage drama rabul marge and pragya abortion matter…but i hav big doubt if writters focus on sangeet ,rabul marriage,tanu’s mom and dad…but y they r introducing nikkil in between…there s no use …all the spoilers told pragya heard everything but there was nothing…they r stopped in between till wat was the climax in tat scene..they r not shown…i think this scene will be show in future episode…so many ppl watching kkb abhigya silly fights also rabul scenes…pls focus on the track…if u dng lyk this..trp will be very low…c sns always top position…pls writters do something to gain trp…

    • Chris

      I Won’t be waiting for reunion. I will be so turned Off that I will permanently STOP watching KKB. And a lot of others will be too.

    • Priya $

      Kowsi if v stop watching this serial for sum days surely soon they ll unite them. Or else they ll dragg like this only

      • kowsi

        Akka tanu’s mom dad told epa rabul marge nadukutho apa unakum tanu kum marge nadakanum nu sonanga…inga rabul ke marge nadakumanu oru periya ques mark and big doubt ithula ivaru vera cmdy pandra mathiri tat day tabhi marge ah..

      • Priya $

        Ama pa avanga marriage mudivu pathi theriya 2 weeks agum nu thonuthu ithula ithu veraiya

    • No kowsi they will not separate abhigya. They have only created these situations for misleading us so then we will feel that abhigya is going to b separated and purbul is going to b unite. But actually they r going to separate purbul and unite abhigya. Kkb is based on novel sense and sensibility. In which pragya is sense and bulbul is sensibility. Pragya will get his love but bulbul will not. She will marry with another man instead of her lover, to sacrifice for her sister. And guys purbul has been separated becoz purab has been married with aaliya unknowingly. Now bulbul will do sacrifice for her sister’s sake becoz aaliya is pragya’s sister-in-law and also a rockstar’s sister so if her marriage will break then it will badly effect on abhi’s reputation and family both and bulbul knows how much pragya loves abhi and she can’t see her husband in problem and tension and abhi too has been done a lot of favour to her family. So bulbul will back out and leave purab for aaliya and for abhigya’s happiness.

  5. kavi

    Nasama pochu!! Dragging dragging!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! No twist no nothing!! Too boring yaar!! Writer ah mathunga pa!

    • srimathi

      Guys everything gonna hapn by tiz week pragya ll say dadi tat she has been aborted so Dadi ll hate her

  6. sharmi

    I cannot believe they are on the track where Pragya can still think that Abhi loves Tanu…are we all watching the same show she is acting? He already told her he loved her. I just don’t get the logic…oh wait, there is none haha

  7. One thing is clearcin today’s episode that pragya heard nothing and it was just all tanu’s dream. That’s it. CVS r misleading us by showing misleading promos again and again. First- they showed pragya slapped by dadi but not happened then they showed pragya hears takhil conversation but actually not heard then they showed one more promo that pragya stops tabhi’s engagement but in actually she doesn’t. What is the use of showing misleading promos again and again. Cvs r only doing this for getting high trps by increasing our curiosity. Now they r showing pragya’s abortion news promo. God knows now how will this promo unfold?

    • rose

      I think that pragya and abhi won’t hurt Dhadi. Be cause they never hurted Dhadi till now . again pragya telling that she aborted the child is misleading promo as u said nikki mh… and even I didn’t like to watch Dhadi to get hurted like this.? she is so sweet.

  8. Haritha

    These people have fun in losing their TRP by keeping such q silly twists in the top serial
    Biggest twist in purab life
    Aaliya replaces Bulbul in Shaadi ki mandap

  9. I din like to comment nowadays. Totally crap story nowadays. If purab and aliya gng to marry they can married in 100th episode why till now dragging? Bcs of that how much fights between abhigya. Then abhi agreed to marry purab and bulbul then there comes kidnapping and accodent and if marriage then again aliya. What is this? If they planned like this why they waited upto now? What we are fools taken to one side and dropped? And his idiotic tanu and nikhil. If nikhil want her he can confront and ask both abhi and pragya but he is keeping silent and making us fool. We are waiting sill for their union.

  10. Another question. How could he marry tanu when her first wife is there? They dint have divorce too. How come it is possible? We are fools ah whatever they will take and we will see that

  11. Guys just saw a new on location video where abhi stops aaliya to getting married with purab before completing last phera. Abhi senses something wrong during the phera. He stops them and opens aaliya’s veil. Everyone gets shocked to see aaliya instead of purab. Aaliya pulls purab hand for completing last phera. Pragya tries to stop her but she pushed pragya. Pragya gets injured from hitting to the pillar of mandap. Then abhi comes between and slaps aaliya. Abhi says to aaliya leave purab’s hand but she refuses stubbornly. Then abhi slsppes her two time more, when he goes to slap her once more, pragya stops him. Abhi says not to come between it. And scolds aaliya for doing this. Aaliya says to abhi that u r worst brother in the world. I hate u. U doesn’t care for me but for bulbul. U don’t love me. P
    Abhi gets upset and shocked from this sudden outburst of aaliya and silently moves back. Then pragya scolds aaliya for saying bullshit things about abhi. Pragya says to aaliya u r not a good sister. U can’t love anybody. U doesn’t love purab if u does, u does sacrifice for his happiness and u can see that his happiness is with bulbul becoz he loves bulbul. U can never happy with him. But aaliya is not ready to listen anything from anybody. She says shut up to pragya and she determines on her decision. Then purab shout loudly and ask her to tell about where is bulbul. She says I hate bulbul. She says to pragya I hate ur sister. I told her every time not to come between her and purab but she refused. Now abhi asks aaliya to tell about whereabout of bulbul then she shouts loudly and says she killed bulbul. Listen everyone she killed bulbul. She says to purab that bulbul was irritating her by telling that she will do this with purab, that with purab. After seeing all this she was feeling jealous so she killed bulbul by hitting a glass bass on her head now she will be dead may be. Purab and pragya runs to the room to see bulbul. Aaliya tries to stop purab but abhi stops her and pulls her out from the mandap. Abhigya tells in their interview that puliya wedding has been stops on time but will purab and bulbul unite again? This is question.

  12. Now my question is between all this, when dadi got the chance to announce pragya’s pregnancy’s news to the guests and then pragya announces about her abortion? I mean after this big blast and lots of tensionfull drama, was this a right time for these things. I m totally confused from what’s the mean of this promo and how it will unfold in show? Any guesses guys?

      • I mean, o did before that if aaliya is exposed in wedding and a huge drama is happened, between lots of tention when dadi got the chance to announce pragya’s pregnancy’s news in wedding to all the guests and pragya announced her abortion news? If wedding already have so much drama and tension in itself then how can promo thing happen? After wedding or before? After that everybody will be looking for bulbul and take care of her beoz aaliya has injured her and everybody is already very upset and tentionized from this. So is this right time for pregnancy’s and abortion thing. And if it will happen before then how can everybody enjoy the wedding happily even pragya also, after happening this. Promo is shoot in the wedding location so I m totally confused with it that how will this promo unfold in the show.

  13. srimathi

    Pragya knows the truth behind tanu’s pregnancy tat nikkil s father fr her child and not his husband.she handsup with nikkil to reveal the truth infront of everyone and prove her husband innocence. ..

  14. srimathi

    Abhi ll thank pragya for all her help and Dadi too apologize pragya for mistaken her and Dadi ll send abhigya to Prague to enjoy their honeymoon. ..

  15. I thought pragya exposed tanu in Mondays show of kum kum so how today it showed pragya talking to abhi about a grandchild for the the grandmother and it seems like she is leaving abhi cannot understand could someone explain

  16. sanvi

    such an idiot serial…………. kidnapping dragged almost 2 months now pregnancy dragging upto 9 months lol……. foolish people bakwaas serial

  17. Chithu

    Let them unite as and when writer’s think guys.. atleast we can see the show for some more time… not sure whether they have anything to show after Abhigya and Rabul’s union…

  18. diya

    So will abhi and pragya get seperated somehow or are they to unite and what about rabul will they get married after all this drama??

  19. Before itself they said that purab and bulbul will be married after a lot of drama. I think so after that thy will marry.

  20. Abhi always catch aaliya but why not tanu? From the day one aaliya and tanu did many plotting and plannings together but abhi catched only aaliya not tanu. Every time tanu safely out from all the problems and nobody could catch her. In a past episode abhi told to pragya that he knows tanu very well if he knows, then how does he unable to catch her red handed? We see only aaliya slapped by abhi even pragya also has been slapped by abhi once but tanu not in a single moment. I m eagerly waiting for this since long and o know when she will catch red handed and get a tight slap from abhi then show’s trp will definetly touch the sky. In fact she deserves nonstop 3-4 slapp like aaliya got from abhi recent. This is my highly awaited moment and scene then abhigya’s reunion and consummation. I can wait for it but not for tanu’s slapp moment anymore. God knows when will CVS complete my wish.

  21. Aaliya takes Bulbul’s place to marry Purab; Bulbul’s death news shocks everyone in KumKum Bhagya

    Aaliya wonders with Pragya’s smart move. Purab was about to marry Bulbul, but Aaliya turned up as the bride at the Mandap. The family is not aware of Aaliya’s presence behind the veil. Aaliya plays her ploy, but the question mark persists on her marriage. Aaliya thinks once marriage gets done then nothing can be done. She wears similar bridal dress as Bulbul. Abhi gets doubt on Aaliya as the bride and it has to be seen whether she reveals her face after the marriage or before.

    Abhi gets suspicious seeing the bride’s bracelet resembling Aaliya’s one. He lifts the ghunghat and reveals Aaliya’s face. He slaps Aaliya and scolds her. Aaliya holds Purab’s hand and says she will never leave him, she loves him a lot. Purab says leave my hand and get angry. Pragya scolds her that she does not deserve any relation in her life. Aaliya tricks them that she has killed Bulbul and asks Purab to marry him. Purab breaks down and weeps. The truth is Bulbul is alive and Aaliya just lies to fool Purab. Abhi feels disgusted by Aaliya’s move. Pragya and Abhi get shocked, and Purab runs from the venue to find Bulbul. Abhi drags Aaliya and says he will never forgive her for this. He is totally shocked by her madness and is ashamed of her doings. Abhi consoles Pragya and gives her hope that Bulbul will be alright. They all start finding Bulbul. Will Bulbul and Purab get married? On another front, Pragya speaks to herself on the sacrifice for family’s sake and informs Dadi on doing the abortion. Keep reading.

  22. Now nikki u know from this ah!
    That promo is too dream only maybe true. But in this they mentioned it is to herself talking hope so soon we will know about this but next week so.

    • In today’s segment of SBB and SBS,they told that bulbul is fine and alive. And I think about the promo may be pragya has listened dadi talking about announcing pregnancy’s news so pragya was thinking how to stop it. when pragya was talking to herself then she is seeing this abortion thing in her dream. May b she has decided to do this but becoz of aaliya’s drama, she cannot go with it. This time I really wish that what I predict , becomes true and this promo would be a dream like last promo. Well let’s see what will happen.

  23. srimathi

    Dragging alot.I think abhi has no trust in god atlast he ll go infront of god and seek fr help then he ll help him to reveal the truth. .thats y in previous episode he refuse to take thilak and mistakenly it sticks to him…finally god is going to help abhi

  24. srimathi

    Here’s the latest update on Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya…
    Abhi and Pragya will be in for a shock! Aaliya will switch places with Bulbul and get married to Purab. Unaware of the exchange, Purab will get hitched to Abhi’s sister. Of course all hell will break loose when the family realises that Aaliya got Bulbul kidnapped just before her wedding and decided to sit in the bride’s place with her face covered in a ghoonghat. Purab is thrilled to get married to the woman he loves and will be seen flirting with Aaliya thinking that it is Bulbul who’s hiding her face behind the veil. Will Abhi be okay with Aaliya’s this move? We’ll have to wait to find out…
    On the other side Tanu who was day dreaming of how her lie will be out in the open. She imagines that Nikhil reveals her truth to Pragya, who informs Abhi about the same. An angry Abhi not only reprimands her for lying but also throws her out of his house in her parents presence. It seems like this dream will indeed come true sometime soon. Coz as per reports Pragya will overhear Nikhil and Tanu’s conversation in time and save her husband from marrying his liar girlfriend.
    WhileAbhi and Pragya‘s life might come back on track, Aaliya seems to have derailed Bulbul and Purab‘s love story forever with her vicious ways. Here take a look at what will happen in today’s episode…

  25. shaabbaaa ivanga lollu thaanga mudila vara vara kadupa iruku serial paaka podhum guyZ porumaye ila one mnthku 1 episd thaan nallaruku ? ? ?

  26. abigyaah**###

    Hey mokkaya pothu pa……olunga Bulbul la puraboda sethu vainga… Draggggggggggging…………….

    • Devga

      tht can also not b sure may b wen they r abt to die in old age these writers will unite thm……… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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