Kumkum Bhagya 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling that Purab is alone and if we take care of him then he will be dependent on us. Aaliya asks Purab to open the door. Purab says he needs to be alone and don’t open the door. Tanu asks Aaliya to give some time to Purab and come again later. Purab cries asking Bulbul to return for once, and says he will do as she says. He cries badly and says I haven’t learnt how to stay without you. He asks what is in my life now. Later he gets Bulbul’s letter and thinks it is the reason for his survival now. He comes to Dadi. Dadi says Pragya has lost her sister and says she must not have strength to do this anymore. She says she doesn’t want to do, but I forced her for my grand son. I didn’t know that Pragya have to lost her sister and sacrifice her. She says I can’t

ask her anymore. Purab says I will talk to her, and says I can’t see everything ruined infront of my eyes.

Pragya is crying and looking at Bulbul’s photo. Purab comes to her and says Bulbul might be happy whereever she is. Pragya says you have also weaken after she left, and says she is also weaken and lost strength. She says she can’t act anymore and there is no reason to smile. Purab asks her not to give reason to Bulbul to cry, and says you have to punish Bulbul’s criminals. He says I will fulfill her last wish anyhow. Pragya says last wish. Purab gives her letter. Pragya reads that….Bulbul wants them to be strong even after she dies, and says I will be burden on you if I am alive, I want you to win and asks her to promise not to weaken, take revenge from the persons who tried to kill her and killed her. I will be happy if you are happy…Purab says that Bulbul gave strength to them while leaving. Pragya says she needs to catch her killer. Purab says if we catch one, then we will catch all. He says until when you will cry, and says we have to do something. He says I won’t be at peace and will not let the criminals stay in peace. Pragya says I have a reason to live now, and says she will take revenge for Bulbul’s death. Purab asks her to promise. Pragya promises that our enemies will be right infront of us, and says it is justice time for Bulbul.

Akash comes back. Raj asks if the work is done in hyderabad. Akash says yes, and says they heard about Bulbul and rushed back. Tai ji asks him to stay with them. Rachna asks about Pragya. Tai ji says she has changed a lot and she is not old Pragya. Abhi asks them to have food. Aaliya says it is a nonsense talk. Pragya comes downstairs. Tanu whispers in Aaliya’s ears that Pragya was crying and now she is here. Pragya says she wants finger prints of everyone. She says I am sure that the killer is among the family member, and says she will take revenge. She asks Ronnie to take everyone’s finger prints and if anyone refuses then tell her. Dadi thinks what happened which forced Pragya to come in her avatar, and she is looking very strict.

Pragya cries seeing Bulbul’s photo and says I promise that I will find the guilty and will punish him. Abhi comes and asks what she is doing? Pragya says I was searching the person who tried to kill me, and now searching my sister’s killer. Abhi says Bulbul is related to me also, and says you have sidelined me and doing the investigation alone. Pragya says the killer is your family member, and I don’t want you to be emotional. I am very practical and don’t want the killer to go. Abhi says he is realistic. Pragya says I have to find the killer alone and asks him to excuse her.

Aaliya says I thought she will take 10 days to be normal, but she has become normal. Tanu gets worried. Aaliya says she has given fingerprints after keeping fingers in oil. Tanu says Abhi said that he will punish the killer, and gets worried. Aaliya wonders what is the proof, and asks her to keep Abhi busy when Pragya leaves for forensic lab. She says she will search proof in Pragya’s room.

Rachna tells Akash that she saw Pragya going towards that side of house. Akash asks if she is sure. Pragya tells Dadi that she has to fulfill Bulbul’s last wish. Dadi asks if you can reach the killers. Pragya says Aaliya and Tanu will do some mistake and will be caught. She says it is difficult to catch Vijay and that’s why she made this plan. Rachna and Akash come there. Pragya and Dadi are shocked. Rachna says Bulbul told them about their plan. Akash says we will help you. Pragya asks them not to risk their life. Rachna says this life is given by you and says they want to do something for Bulbul. She says we also want to fulfill Bulbul’s last wish. Aaliya comes to Pragya’s room to find the proofs. Dadi comes there and calls Abhi. Aaliya hides.

Aaliya thinks she has 30 mins to search the proofs, till Tanu keeps Abhi busy. Just then Dadi comes and calls Abhi. Aaliya hides in the changing room. Dadi calls Abhi. Aaliya gets Power of Attorney papers, and gets happy. She says Pragya will become powerless and thinks to kick her out of house.

Abhi tells Pragya that he want to punish the person who is guilty and asks her to tell. Pragya asks him to wait till the reports come tomorrow. Abhi asks why did you make the announcement today, and fears if the criminal attacks her again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. sana

    Yes…Rachna and akash also joined pragya group….Aaliya u wont be able to escape from god even if u escape from pragya…All the Best pragya…..Expose aaliya and tanu

    • Iyae

      Not only pragya must expose aliya and tanu bit even raj just he went to jail cause of mitali (but he thinks its abhi) he wants to ruin him. Can’t they just stop it they have some or the other loving relationship with abhi.
      By the way I am Iyae I am from gurgaon
      I watch this series from the day it started and Now it’s dragging
      But I am happy that pragya has got more supporter and no one can stop her from winning ans punishing these people
      I am sure bulbul is not dead she is alive and there is a big secret behind her suicide

  2. Hi i am juhi . I’m from Tamil nadu . I watch kumkum bhagya since last year. I liked the plot but now its dragging so much .when this vilan Alia get exposed ohhh I’m feed up watching this .so pls speed up

    • kirthi

      Hii …I’m also frm TN ….and i also feel the same thing they r dragging it very much..they have to change this current track..soon..

      • Ishu

        Hai…. i am also from tn… and i feel that those two heartless vamps will escape this time by acting smart… because just now rachna and akash have joined the team… how can the director let them win so easily? And it has been almost 11 months that tanu got pregnant but she does not even have a baby bump… this shows the height of stupidity….

  3. jaydeep

    This power of attorney papers again came in the scenes ….i wanna see abhi’s reaction regarding these papers now what’s his stand regarding the papers… How much they matters to Him it seems interesting

    • shilpa

      I am from Kerala.it was going too Gud…but what the hell is going there….yaar plz stop dragging?too boring …we want our romantic abhigya back

  4. ria

    Oh no this serial is going in what track.pls reveal the criminal fast. Alia and tanu are just a characterless women’s.

  5. Gud start of the episode, gud to see pragya in full form but this form is different from previous mogambo. Shabbir was right. Priorities has changed now. Now abhi and pragya both’s priorities has changed but in same way that is gud. Their missions r same now. So no chances of differences, in fact this will bring them closer with each and every step. Now I think aakaash and rachna helped bulbul in saving her and I think on her request they r keeping her away and do not tell about her from pragya or anyone for sometimes until her recovery so pragya could concentrate on her missions and could completed it. Becoz as she wrote in her letter that if she will remain with them like this then everybody will b busy in taking care of her and pragya eill b alone. And I think after getting treatment of cosmetic surgery. Now aakash and rachna will also support pragya and they will help her, it is also gud. Everything was going gud but again pragya did stupidity leaving and keeping property papers safe. Why she didn’t destroy it. Now it is in aaliya’s hand means taaliya’s hand. Now what will happen with pragya? I think this time abhi will support her and help her somehow in this property matter’s thing. Or may b becoz of pragya’s announcement of catching culprit becoz she told everybody that fingerprints report has came so I think this could help pragya and distract aaliya from property papers matter or I wish somehow that papers comes back to pragya. God knows how it will b solved.

    • akshara

      I read it somewhere that Pragya will do memory loss drama after aliaya gets the property papers and soon the whole family will get to know about the drama and throw Pragya out and at that time akash sill come as pragya’s savoiur is it true ?

    • nivi

      I too felt d same bt abhi din think abt d property. One hand it s gud as he s thinkin abt pragya’s sake nd d other hand it s confusin whether they can cum across al these probz together ah nu…… bt pragya ll b more strong than before. Im hopin it……

  6. Reji I told you that rachna knows everything …….but Bulbul’s aaliya want be caught again as she gave her fingerprint by dipping in oil she has escaped again and aaliya gaining the poa papers is really bad ……I hope she doesn’t throw pragya out of the house but if she tries then purab and akash will definitely come in between may be dadi and if I am not surprised abhi also as abhi knows outside mehra mansion anything cqn happen to pragya….

  7. Shavi

    Oh.. track is going speed.. if it goes on like this sure pragya will find out d evidence. . Bt aliya made oil fingerprints and also she got POA papers how come pragya find her out.. abhi wont allow pragya to get out MM. Many twists are going to be there.. writers and director you can keep many twists bt at last make truth to win.. pls dont make any flop in revealing truth. akash and rachna helping pragya is nice.. interesting to see how pragya going to catch taaliya. How they wil introduce kajol here is a big twist.. lets see..

  8. Priya $

    Property papers is really one r fake one… They are always confusing us… Aliyah fingerprints Sapppppppaaaaa whether they ll reveal the truth ah.. How many confusions.. Actually CVS want us to b in confusions so only they can maintain their trp.. Wat ll happen next… Y no new updates…

    • Priya $

      Everbody came to know abt pragya but except abhi. Soon dasi ll come to know.. Even aliyah and tanu may come to know but abhi no chance… How rude this writers… Tat too abhi alone…

  9. reji

    pratiksha now akash and rachana joined pragya’s team now will they get any improvement i the track i don’t understand this did bulbul told the plan to akash and rachana how rachana is saying that bulbul told about their plan and sahithi will this fingerprint plan will workout

    • razia

      Bulbul did this fake drama (death) jus to make pragya determined on her mission in a full swing
      Yes as bulbul wrote in her letter if she’s wit them al vl b busy taking care f her
      As she left pragya started being so serious n concentrated in finding the proof to expose aaliya

    • Sahithi

      If Aaliya or Tanu show POA papers then they will b caught because as per Abhi only he knows whr the papers are. He will easily make out they were searching n stealing from his room n mattress.

      Problem is Pragya always gives imp work to Ronnie n he is messing. Catching Vijay, taking finger prints or taking care of Bulbul in hospital

      • Ya sahithi this is the point. I was also thinking this.I think aaliya will not announced about property papers for now but she could use papers to getting money from abhi’s wealth. And one more thing sahithi aaliya has given oily fingerprints so her fingerprints do not come. She thinks, she will get saved by this but I think she will b trapped by this becoz when everybody’s fingerprints will come and match but only aaliya’s not then pragya will easily gets understand that culprit is aaliya becoz she has tried to hide her fingerprints. Pragya could use this opportunity and tells everybody that aaliya is culprit becoz her fingerprints has matched. When aaliya will see blame r coming on her so to proof herself right and pragya wrong she may blurt out that her fingerprints couldn’t match becoz her fingerprints couldn’t show becoz her fingers were oily. Through this aaliya’s lies will get catch and she will also get catch.

  10. Amu

    Nice to see Rachna & Akaash back but I am with all of you, the dragging is annoying.
    When Pragya suspects Aaliya (rather knows for sure) why do all important matters have to be revealed in front of her and the whole family. Talia are always present when it comes to discussing plans to find the culprit -they were there when the decorator was being treated in Abhi’s house, in Bulbul’s hospital room…etc. When they know it is someone from the family who is responsible then why don’t they start excluding people from their plans to find the culprit! Itna common sense to banta hai!

  11. dhilipan31

    now its getting interested cos now rachna and akash too joined pragya will hope that pragya will catch the killers soon

  12. Sahithi

    So looks like Bulbul thought about what has to be done in her absence n informed Rachna n Akash.

    There is definitely a well thought about plan this time, n order of events.

    I have this gut feeling Abhi is the one who is involved this time with Bulbul n knows to some extent about Pragya truth.

    And if the POA papers that Aaliya got r genuine n she tries to push Pragya out, Abhi may stop her n even say she is his wife as he never signed the divorce papers.

    Eagerly waiting for next epis.

    • Sahithi if aalya tries to push pragya through property papers then these words could b used b pragya that she is abhi’s legal wife and nobody could thrwo her out from the house becoz abhi doesn’t know that pragya didn’t give him divorce yet. He knows that through mutual consent papers, pragya has been taken divorce from him. That’s why along with him, everybody in the house knows it that they r divorced. Only pragya, dadi, purab, bulbul and now akaash and rachna knows that their divorce was never happened. Pragya has given only permission to tabhi’s marriage through mutual consent papers which she was taken with her when she was going from abhi’s house. So tabhi’s marriage cannot possible in any way. And becoz pragya is abhi’s legal wife so she have full right on abhi, his house and everything which belongs to abhi. So after getting property papers back, then also it will b useless for aaliya becoz everything will b on abhi’s name and becoz of Bulbul’s death, abhi is on her side completely. So he will support her from every possible way. These r the possibilities of what haapens if aalya will try to throw pragya out from the house through property papers but what if she will b unable to use it or papers will somehow missed from her as it was missed from abhi and came in pragya’s hands back. So may b something like this will happen but whatever happen, I don’t want to see pragya working below in evil’s foots, with no power, helplessness and with insult. When everything is looking like full of power and finally teach has taken an interesting turn then it will b ruined all exitment and enjoyment if pragya will become powerless becoz after property transfer on abhi’s name, pragya will have to depend on abhi so much which could create problems on her missions.

      • Sahithi

        But I think Pragya cant force herself to be the legal wife of Abhi n stay in MM unless Abhi also comes in support of her. Or if Abhi starts such argument first.

        He seems to have softened towards her after the second murder attempt n now seeing an emotional Pragya after Bulbul left abruptly. So chances r he will defend her or support her. And u never know when writers want Abhi to be mum or when they want him to swing into action.

        So if he has to take charge, he may well claim that since she used his sign on property papers when she was leaving, there is no question of divorce between them.
        The next few episodes r definitely going to be interesting, whether truth comes out or not, so many twists.

  13. srimathi

    what’s going on track is going too fast.But I’m little scared that POA papers are with Alia but is the POA authority is in the name of Abhi so she can’t do anything. But precap was really interesting.

  14. abinaya

    truth will neva be exposed and according to my thought bulbul hadnt died..she stays alive..she had lightnf fire on praghya.now praghya wid full fire will get to knoe the truth..in between alaiya had got attorny papers uh?? wat the hell..its just irking..am sure that even that forensic lab report will end in flop..but according to cvs writers there should be some justce fa bulbuls sacrifice..If there is any new segment or update please inform yaar

    • Jada

      I am with you – Bulbul is NOT dead – they will bring in the new person and say that Bulbul had cosmetic surgery. That is why NO BODY was FOUND>>>>

  15. akshara

    Hi ,I think rachna and akash would ask Pragya to do DNA test for Tanu as they did for akash and rachna that’s the reason they have got them back I guess.

  16. Pri

    I think Bulbul might come back with a “face change” and help Pragya or she will come back when Purab will be married to someone else (maybe Aaliya) and perhaps take revenge to start a new story on the show. So they might expose Tanu and Aaliya soon hopefully. If not, this show will be by far the most bakwas show. Let’s hope the writers won’t disappoint.

  17. Sharad

    Wow if DNA test happens then its such a positive track in kk. Sad for prAgya n mrunal. Such a bubbly character. I hate taaliya n now hating them even more. Wen will they be exposed? God is there no end to their good luck streak?

  18. Well I don’t know what to say, alliya now has the power of athornity to kick pragya out so what is the point of pragya came as new avatar. No point doing this it will always b the villian winning and innocent punished.

    • wth

      finally someone said what i was thinkin …thats the worst part of the show jus when u thought finally something good will happen aliya gets the papers…so i hope no one keep their hopes up once thats in aliya hands pragya cud have a whole army on her side it wont make a difference cuz the villians have one up on pragya again

  19. It’s going to take another year for pragya to expose those 2 witches and more twist then more dragging. I think the writers dragging bcoz if alliya gets exposed then the serial will come to end.

  20. Chaudhary Amisha

    Y they dragging it so much, plz ladies n gentleman do something, we all get fd up from a these drama. Bulbul hd died but no one is able catch a single villain. Y r u mkng this so boring. Feeling frustrated to see all these things. Pakistani serials are better than these dramatical serials.

  21. Sushma

    Hi director Sir this s sushma from Karnataka I’m watching this kkb day it’s start it was good but now y ppl r dragging this plz an bulbul s strong girl more than pragya how cone she commits suicide plz expose the villain…we seeing in ur direction villain r became hero’s but hero an heroin became use less I hope here after at lest expose the cheaters

  22. Sneha

    Serial is now getting bore and bore everyday, from months pragya not able to expose aliya tanu and the brother even she is not able to find who is behind these all. I think they don’t have story that’s why just they are just showing this, the serial is just like wasting time to watch there will be no end to it…

  23. stop dragging it it is vecoming irritating n boring. .. ugh… how many times will pragyas plans be foiled?? I men seriously…- end it now for Gods ske

  24. Divy

    I think aaliya getting trapped herself which will create doubt for abhi, and others , becoz if she shows the POA paper s then abhi might wonder how did she get those papers as he has not told anybody where he has kept the papers, while abhi enquires with aaliya how did she get those papers .. pragya might say that she is the legal wife of abhi and she has all the rights to stay here , as they are not divorced at all, which will make tanu shock, and abhi would starting thinking more about pragya and try to find out the truth behind … anybody who shows those POA other than abhi , will definitely get trapped .. let’s wait watch … guys what do u think

    • abinaya

      do u think so abi will doubt on alaiya…neva he s sooo dumb yaar..he will nva dbt on her..she s so gud in cooking up stories na..will wait and watch..no guess abt furthr episodes..but wat will be the twist in pop paperss??

  25. xavier

    Waiting to watch this episode tonight. Hi guys my name is Xavier , I am a boy . I am 20 years old will be 21 in April 23 rd. I am of east indian decent . I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean. I am a big of zee tv . I look at zee tv on directv prepaid every day with my parents together. We love your shows.. here Sarojini shows at 5:30 PM , Satrangi sasural – 6:00 PM. Tashan e ishq – 6 :30 PM . Kala Teeka – 7 : 00 pm. Jamai Raja – 8 :00 PM. Santoshi maa – 8 : 30 pm. Kum kum bhagya – 9 : 00 pm. Ek tha raja ek thi rani – 9 : 30 pm. Qubool Hai – 10 : 00 pm . Yeh vada raha – 10 : 30 pm. And Lajwanti – 11 : 00 PM. We watch them all and we love them so much 🙂

  26. JR

    I’ve stopped watching KKB. I just read the updates and all your comments. The second longest pregnancy is Tanu’s and no stomach is showing! The director is making the story as it goes. This April it will be 2years and the serial is no closer to finishing the season. Don’t you all think it has been dragging too long?

  27. rajvi

    Arrey, koi naya serial me aliya aur tanu ko chance de do yaar, tah ki pragya taliya ko xpose karke iss serial se he bahar nikalde.
    Dadi, yeh apka ghar hi court nahi. Apke gharwale itna buri harkate kar rahe hi, being elder person of this house kuch action le lo na , aap iss pagal pragya ke saat silly proof ke peeche padi hi. Dimag me gobar hi kya?
    Sarla maa, y r u angry wid pragya? ur son in law tanu ko bina shadi ke pregnt banake apni beti ke saat ek he ghar me reh raha hi. Apko ulta abhi se naraz hona chayiye. Kaisi maa ho tum?
    Director/ writters , eat more badam, dimag doudega.

  28. Nakshu

    Bulbul not died, mirnal quit the show so new face going to come which they going to show like bulbul did plastic surgery as her face got injured with glasses

  29. Nikki 1

    Aliya is very smart unlike her buddy Tanu. Hence, she’ll pass the POA to tanu and ask her to pressure Abhi. Aliya knew if she reveals the POA, all attention will be on her hence the switch to Tanu. ALIYA will not get trapped.

  30. nasima

    While abhi knows her real fact about tanu and aliya? But both are still lived in his home.there is so many twist is happend. And sometimes it may confuse..

  31. Jes

    Hope abhi gv a good support…tis time realy good power strenghth of pragya hope no any failure….it will loose the energy of coming episode..

  32. I think in today’s episode abhi will scold pragya for thinking wrong about his family as aaliya ‘s fingerprints won’t match atlast dadi agreed that she was selfish about her grandson……next week we will see property drama for sure may be for 2weeks. …..

    • Sahithi

      Why would he scold, he also knows now that someone from his family is involved. Aaliya called him as if like a nurse from hospital n distracted them while they were chasing Vijay. Now someone from the family only know about bulbul condition, hospital name n wanted them to stop searching for Vijay.

      • Sahiti abhi doesn’t know aaliya called him he thought some nurse called him and if he ever knew aaliya had done this then he would have probably asked her he just blindly believes his family and yes pragya was accusing his family so I don’t think he will just keep quiet

      • Sahithi

        Agreed he doesn’t know it was Aaliya who was calling. But he does know someone in the family either called him or made the call through someone else, to distract his attention. So he believes someone from the family is involved – directly or indirectly.

        Let us see the next 2-3 espis.

  33. naren

    At least alia got the paper she will make fast move unlike pragya. finally the writers remember akash and rachana then what about purvi and pragya dadi. They didn’t show it. Now only the story moving fast. but in this new twist how long they will drag it don’t know. I have a one doubt when bulbul didn’t tell the pragya truth to her mum then how she said the truth to rachana quite confusing

  34. Guys I just saw a pic of pragya, taiji, rachna and abhi together on taiji ( shivani pori’s account. In this pic, pragya is her same glamorous mogambo look in megra mension. It means she is still the owner.

    • jaydeep

      if finger print doesn’t match with anyone then alia will say that pragya trying to defame her family blah blah. …. &Use poa papers ask abhi to throw pragya out of the house but. He will definitely not do this bcoz if he believes that killer is from outside the house then there are 100% chances of pragya getting attacked after
      thrown out in that case he will never throw pragya out of the house until killer
      get caught…..and if he still believes killer is
      From family then there is no reason to throw pragya out…..what you guys think ????

  35. Just saw SBB serial express segment. Aaliya and tanu comes with property papers. They insults pragya in front of everyone and makes fun of her and her things. Tanu has shown making fun of fuggy doll and other things of pragya. They packs pragya’s luggage and says pragya to get out from the house becoz property belongs to abhi now. Pragya packs her bag and about to leave mehra mension with her suitcase just then dadi calls pragya’s name from behind and gets faint. Pragya and everybody rushes to see dadi and hold them. Abhi comes and stops aaliya to throwing pragya out from the house. He stops pragya from leaving.

    • Guys now pragya has become powerless and from now she is totally depending on abhi. Now it’s up to on abhi that how much he will give her support and until when? Now with this, I think tabhi’s marriage preparations or talk could begin becoz now tabhi has no pressure on them, specially tanu, she will definetly forced abhi for fixing marriage date and it’s announcement. And otherside, becoz of no power, her way of reaching to her missions will b so much difficult now how will pragya deal with all this now, it is left to see.

      • Priya $

        Ya pratiksha… I think dadi was acting to save pragya… In this situation surely abhi want to know abt pragya.. Without powers it’s not easy to expose taaliya.. After tat surely taaliya ll insult her often.. Tanu ll give pressure to abhi to marry her… Do u think in this situation aliyah ll b exposed by tat forensic report.. I don’t think so..

      • Sahithi

        Okay Abhi thinks without property she will back from Mogambo to Fuggy, but will he be okay to hear all the insults for Pragya from his sis n gf.

        So Pragya will stay in MM being caretaker n nurse of Daadi is it? We saw Pragya as wife but not wife of Abhi for a long time, then trying to distance from Abhi n bring Tanu, then as owner of MM n boss of Abhi.

        So next stage is being a maid for the sake of the Daadi n husband she loves. I hope we are not tortured to that extent.

        Last time Abhi gave excuse that he will marry once Bulbul recovers, now will he again give excuse that he will marry once he catches the culprits.

    • Sahithi

      The inevitable finally happened. But how will Daadi justify her longing for Pragya when she is not her bahu. During MMS track, if she got sick, that was okay. But based on Daadi’s request, how long will Tanu n Aaliya let her stay.

      Will Daadi finally tell the truth to Abhi now, we got to see it. And I didnt understand from the segment clearly, Pragya was taking the Fuggy doll along with her or is Tanu throwing the doll also outside?

      • Sahithi tanu was making fun of fuggy doll. Pragya warns her and snatches that doll from her and packs it in her suitcase. Dadi’s illness whether it is drama or real but it will put doubt in everybody’s mind for sure that why dadi has this much attachment with pragya yet when she has cheated them and torchered them? Specially taaliya and raaj they will surely doubt on dadi and obviously in abhi’s mind too. Now when pragya has lost everything her mother, her sister, her power and she is about to lose dadi and abhi too then dadi and pragya has only one option that is- telling whole truth to abhi becoz now he is the only one who could help pragya and sought out everything becoz only he has that power now which pragya is needed to fight with the evils and expose them. Otherwise it is almost impossible for pragya now to defeat evils without any power and without anybody’s help. If we r right in guessing then I think time has came when abhi will get to know whole truth finally. Otherwise to stopping pragya, abhi has only one option which is- to find culprit of Bulbul’s death. But it also will help only in stopping pragya for sometimes and in exposing aaliya. Tanu’s matter will not solved with this much. Becoz to expose tanu, pragya needs sometimes and before it she has to stop tabhi wedding anyhow till then and for this she should have some valid reason or power in her hands which she have not now. So it is very important to pragya and dadi that they tell everything, every truth to abhi at this point now, before it gets late. But if CVS will want more dragging and to torcher us then they will again dragged it through unnecessary rubbish things but as the things and tracks r moving fastly now so I think it should happen now as we r thinking.

      • Sahithi

        Daadi shouldnt have stopped Pragya, if not to her mom’s house, she can go to Purab’s place.
        Then we can see how serious is Abhi in catching the culprits n bring justice to Bulbul.
        Also, Daadi seems to be realizing her mistake of this plan and makeover for Pragya after what happened with Bulbul so I hope she tells the truth atleast now to Abhi.

        But we can never see what we expect on this show. Daadi stopping Pragya from leaving is so boring, instead would have liked Pragya or Abhi speaking up and questioning Tanu n Aaliya on why Pragya should leave the house. It will be interesting if they speak about the consent papers.

        How long can Daadi try to keep this relationship, when either of them dont speak up for themselves.

      • Ya sahithi it is boring and to add spice in it Cvs will show us pragya insulted by evils every minute in the mehra mad house. Becoz without power and without proving own innocence, pragya will have to live under the shoes of evils and tolerate all the insult and taunts, specially by that wicked vamp tanu. She can throw tanu out from the house and abhi’s life by her legal power as a wife of abhi. But let’s see what way pragya and dadi will choose now? But seriously yaar pragya’s makeover plan has wasted now and now her image has also ruined. Every time abhi gives taaliya opportunity to insult pragya, specially tanu. He has taken sign of pragya before solving tanu’s matter now he himself will trapped in taaliya’s trap with pragya.

    • Shavi

      Y they are always insulting pragya and not allowing her to win.. this much she should bear even after lasting her sister .. in yesterday episode I thought pragya and purab got a fire to expose d truth very soon . Bt hearing this cvs all hope vanished. . Twists are nice in the episodes bt always everytime favouring evils cant acceptable. . Audience should develop special guts to watch this kind of track.. at last abhi is d only hope to reveal all d truth from taaliya.. bt directors are making his character dump.. OMG .. positive things are expected..

    • jaydeep

      But even if pragya is not in the power she is the legal wife of abhi so she should fight for it on what basis they are throwing her out ??? She should not leave like loser she is still abhi’s wife

    • No she is not? Property papers on abhi’s name and aaliya is just using it to throw pragya out from the house becoz she thinks abhi will also not stop her as pragya has cheated them. But becoz of dadi’s illness, he will stop pragya from leaving.

  36. srimathi

    Is there any chance for Abhi to know the truth because Dadi feels for Pragya and pragya too cares for dadi after seeing this Abhi can get some clue over dadi and pragya?what u guys are thinking

  37. I can’t understand this writer.what messages and related information will she give us. She is soooo negative. She want tell us it better to do wrong things.because in this serial only the evil ones are enjoying their own lives.the only thing that pragya know is crying. She is suffering so much.And know she lost her sister. This is to wrong and negative.I’m fed up with you writer and editor of this serial

  38. reji

    srimathi you know know abhi is a dumb i think he will not doubt on dadi if he doubted dadi also dadi will speak about trust and manage it and pragya will be not be careless with her drama after this much obstacles do u think abhi will get clue on dadi and pragya and now abhi’s focus is only on the culprit (vijay) who tried to kill pragya and bulbul’s condition i think bulbul’s strengthening letter will give pragya’s team the real strength now coming to the power of attorney problem now pratiksha and sahithi aliya got the POA papers will all the property belong to aliya ??? i don’t know more about this property papers pls explain me

  39. Ayooo ????who is still watching this nonsense drama n the biggest joke of 2016 is the msg that any fool can become the owner of the property n can change accordingly I think writes don’t know anything they just want to write n because of stars n trp this show is still going on otherwise it would be off air by now?????

    • razia

      Trp is depends on the viewers only
      So everybody watches it n tas y its in top 5 in trp
      Don jus say it wud n off air

  40. Srimathi

    Reji POA is not in Alia’s name it is in Abhi’s name but Alia using the chance to insult and kick out Pragya out of the house.Abhi ll stop Pragya from going out.So,I think Abhi suspect Pragya.

  41. jaydeep

    .these cv’s always make the impossible…the illogical and the irrational the story…so I really don’t know where this is heading now…but yes let pragya leave the house…let tanu and alia rule the roost and continue the story with them both…Vijay should also come in mm and marry alia and they can form a liason and be known as two professional killers…and move the story with them…because the rest has no hope…And then, instead of MM (Mehra Mansion) it will be KM (Killers Mansion)

  42. Nithya

    Guys have u are all watching today episode..really I felt so vad for abhi..aliya got propert papers on her name..vouldnt understand how it is possible. ..:(

  43. Nithya

    Atleast pragya n dadi should tell abt tanu now only..otherwise he will be brokwn too bad afterwards if he comes to know like this. … im really felt very bad for abhi…:(

  44. Pinky

    kumkum bhagya going full flop show it is becoming boring serial now.the serial director has no work.showing all nonsons things he should open the truth now.poor bulbul also died now.if the director wants the serial to go hit he should open the pole now.other wise all the people will stop watching the serial…………..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.