Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab telling that they shall hit on Vijay’s feet to wake him up. Abhi says we shall dip him in hot water. Purab says then we have to hang him upside down for 2-3 hours. Abhi says I will give him electric shock and says get up else you have to bear electric shock. Vijay wakes up scared. Abhi says it is a treatment, and asks Doctor to give his degree and take his guitar in exchange. Doctor checks Vijay and asks if he is having any pain. Vijay asks where I am? He asks who are these people? He feigns head ache. Tanu says I think he is having memory loss. Abhi says you don’t remember me, Abhi- the rock star…..You came to decorate my house on Dussera day. Vijay says I don’t remember and asks them to let him go. Abhi says how can this possible. Doctor says may be he is

having internal injury.

Abhi thinks it means he will stay in my house, and asks do you remember about the 1 crore which I have to give you. Vijay says I don’t remember. Pragya asks how can you forget my face, or you are acting. Vijay acts and says let me go home. Purab says we will call your family here. Vijay says I have no family. Purab says he is remembering everything and will be fine. He asks Doctor to give him injection so that he gets peaceful sleep. Vijay resists, but doctor gives him injection. Pragya thinks if he is really acting then he will not tell everything so easily. Purab asks the doctor, when he will wake up. Doctor says 5-6 hours later. Tanu gets angry at Purab and Raj. Raj argues with her, and says I can’t handle you. Aaliya asks Tanu to leave them and go. Tanu says I knew it that you will say at the end moment, and says everyone is selfish here. Raj asks them to stop the drama. Aaliya asks her to stop the blame game drama. She thinks to add something in his food so that he dies. Raj asks can you do this. Aaliya refuses. Raj says he will handle Vijay and asks Aaliya to handle Tanu. Tanu cries.

Ronnie comes to them and asks Aaliya, how can she play with Abhi’s feelings. Aaliya asks him to say straight. Ronnie says Tanu is your to be bhabhi and asks why you are making her cry. She asks her to give whatever wants. Aaliya grabs his collar and says Tanu needs your blood.

Purab talks to Pragya and tells them that he saw Vijay feeling the injection pain. He understood that Vijay is acting. Pragya says he might get alerted. Bulbul says we will pretend as if Vijay is useless for us. Purab likes her idea. Dadi agrees. Pragya says she will not back off. Bulbul says we will make map of exit and entry points of the house. Pragya goes to give food to Abhi.

Abhi eats the breakfast made by Pragya and likes it, but then thinks to hide the plate and thinks Mogambo is changing. He thinks Pragya will take care of him etc. Pragya comes to Abhi and says she kept his breakfast in the hall. Abhi says he is hungry…..Pragya says I thought you will fight with me. Abhi says I want to love you so much that there comes no misunderstanding between us, my day should start with you and end with you, I should stare you so that I don’t feel hungry. Pragya finds plate beneath the sofa and asks who had eaten the sandwich. Abhi says he didn’t eat and says rat might have eaten it. Pragya says you have claimed that you loves me, and asks him to make her believe. She asks him to close his eyes and keeps his hand on her heart asking him to count and feel the heart beat. Abhi nods yes. Pragya says I will be sure that you love me when you count and feel my heart beat without touching me. He says this feeling can be felt with only one person. They have an eye lock…….while the Rang De Tu Mohe…………..

Mitali asks Tai ji why did Aaliya and Tanu called them here. Tai ji says they must have called to bore us. Aaliya says she thought to spend quality time with family, and speaks about family. Dasi says you did right and says only family members should be here, but not outsiders. Tanu says we shall sit together forgetting who is insider or outsider. Pragya thinks they might be planning something with the decorator.

Abhi asks Pragya, who are you.? Pragya says you needs eyes to identity me, which you don’t have. Abhi looks on surprisingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my God .. Dint watch the episode BT it seems .. Pragya startd making him feel she’s his fuggy .. Thank God wanted only dis

  2. Nice precap

  3. if they dragging the truth of taliya, then also am happy with some quality of scene by abhigya making me little happy…

  4. guys please tell me did qubool hai got any award yesterday … please someone … i missed some portions of it

    1. yes….favourite saas bahu-mahira and khan begum

    2. Best saas bahu award fa qh

  5. Ha ha .. Yes nowadays dragging doesn’t matters even if tanus truth d not revealed abhigya wer together .. So the purpose is solved ..

  6. Sounds good but i think purab will find out wat vijay is up to

  7. Suprb ?

  8. Good conversation between Pragya and Abhi and the way Pragya finally made Abhi realize what he was missing.

    But at least Abhi kept saying before this flirting drama that he is not able to hate her completely. Somewhere he couldn’t believe the Pragya he was seeing. That too knowing her for hardly an year.

    But how is it justified that her mother misunderstands the most about Pragya. Will she tell her mom also that she doesn’t have eyes to see her true self? I don’t know how the writers will justify this point at the end of this track.

  9. Upcoming, Pragya’s character will be questioned so she reveals the truth about Vijay. She tells the family that Vijay tried to kill her on Dusshera. Abhi gets really mad and starts fighting with Vijay. After the police arrive, Vijay tell the family that Abhi told him to kill Pragya so Abhi goes to jail. Pragya, knowing that Abhi is innocent, takes back her complain.

  10. yes qubool hai fav saas bahu awards

  11. Kumkum Bhagya will be airing Monday-Saturday at 9PM. Also, Kumkum Bhagya won three awards at the Zee Rishtey Awards 2015.

  12. S sweety qubool hai won best saas- bahu award

  13. My kumkum bhagya is deserve for all awards,but kkb receive 3 awards I’ m really disoppointed.my Abhi is the world me best bhai , but the award winning is sid this is sooooooo bad ,are you bling guys????????

    1. Ya mahisha our kkb team truly deserves the award for every category but it has won 3 awards I think this time the categories are less this time there is no favourite popular face male and female and the hosts kept us little boring last time rahi dubey and shabbily makes the funny and rocking but this time little bit is missing but the writers only should do something to get more awards

      And about the current track I really don’t know why this taaliya are so money minded and maybe purab and bulbul will find the truth I think so and the tricks they used to wake up vijay was funny

      1. Sorry guys spelling mistake it is shabbir and ravi dubey I didn’t see it with hurry I typed but they rock the show

  14. My kkb is the world ki best serial ,but zee TV only gives 3 awards I’m really disappointed.my Abhi is world ki best bhai but this this is award receive worst sid really sooooooo bad

    1. hey madam
      sid is amazingggggggggggggggg
      he deserved it

    2. Exactly I am very disappointed

      1. Only 3 awards my favourite kkb

  15. Where are you nikki – 1 ..

  16. Nikki-1 wating for comments

  17. Saran priya … Its not dragging .. I think in upcoming episodes pragya and abhi will unites .. Maybe I am wrong

    But from my point of view right known they are focusing and working how to unite abhi and pragya and after uniting them they will then show us truth revelation of tanu, aliya and raj ..

    Until then maybe they will also show us some tragedy parts with pragya ..

    But its my guess maybe I am wrong ..

    Where are you nikki – 1 waiting for your comments regarding today episode ..

  18. Why are they dragging soooooo much. Pleeeease at least expose tanu!

  19. Kumkum Bhagya is my favourite..Really love Abhi and Pragya..But thetruth needs to be out quickly and let the romance continue flowing again with AbhiGya. Shabir, U r the best..Really enjoy your jokes.

  20. Pakka episode really enjoyed it……after long days spent some quality time with kkb …..Waiting for abhigya reunion nd taaliya exposure

  21. I think abhi will get a hint from pragya’s statment

  22. Guess… Whatever they dragging the serial.. But the missing between the lovers s such an awesome feeling… Love s awesome a bhagya..

  23. Friends am going to form a group of kkb serial anybody interested to join send your number to 7402084201

  24. Hi guys, sorry for the late comment. I was attending a wedding function last night so I didn’t saw yesterday’s episode. That’s why I didn’t comment becoz I thinkthat to do a comment n any thing, we should watch it first. So in the morning at 9am after watching the episode,I m back to comment.Nice to see u guys r waiting for my comments. Well I saw the episode and what I assumed a gud thing in whole episode that the confusion which was going on in our minds since long regarding to abhi’s plan and pragya’s respond, now it get cleared. Now we knows that abhi wants his property and pragya both back in his life but pragya as fuggy, through his love and romance’s efforts. And pragya is also clear that she will not believe on his love until he will not count her heartbeat without touching her. Now our both confusions and fear has solved. We were scared na that what if abhi will choose wrong aim and ends up with trapping pragya in his love and taking his all wealth from her beciz of which pragya could b so much hurt. Now I’m relaxed after abhigya’s talks. I m relaxed that now finally abhi has chosen right path and pragya also will remain alert until she will satisfied from abhi’s feelings. And guys counting heart beat without touching means to fall in love with someone with truely and deeply. So if this will happen with abhi then there will b no chance for them to hurting each other through wrong steps. So this was my assumption about abhigya’s part. Now come to the killer vijay’s drama part, so I m waiting for another new segment becoz this much we knows that he will b caught and ends up blaming abhi then abhi will b arrested but pragya will saved him. Now we needs to know it’s further part that what will b next step if abhi, team pragya and taaliya and raaj, or what CVS will show next after this becoz according to new promo, pragya is going to take Bulbul’s life’s important decision which I feels it will b marriage of purbul. And shikha aka aaliya is on vacation too so I think CVS will again stop this matter for sometimes and they will go for another track which will b according to promo is about to bulbul. That’s why i was nit expecting anything big from this killer vijay’s re-entry. Ya if this killer vijay’s step of taking abhi’s name for hiring him for killing pragya will put a doubt on abhi’smind regarding it and becoz of his doubt, he will start to investigate about this, then this killer vijay’s re-entry could work. Well this is what I think but I still can’t say anything surely until I will watch any new segment or update.

  25. Okay nikki – 1 . but when will new segment will come ?? Will it come today or tomm ??

    New picture of abhi and pragya camed . which is on shoot ..

  26. We have to wait for today episode ..

  27. today’s episode is awsm ……just lv it …
    i hope aliya n tanu truth reveal soon….n as alwys u rock in zee rishtey award

  28. thank u sana .. aishu.. pallavi.. razia for ur reply

  29. Hey teji just saw yua comment on the previous episodes page .. Oh I neva seen doli armanoon ki .. Jus saw those promos .. Hey surya na urmis son uh .. Son character a kunal kappor wil portray huh ? Samrat Ku such a son .. It means urmis upbringing has such impact
    .. So nice .. OK let’s come to this.. Some one in last episode page don remember her name .. Y to comment badly abt ones personal life y shud cal kunal a flop actor .. Very bad indeed .. To b frank I’ve seen na bole tum/nenjam pesuthey .. Kunal acted so well n I like him so so much .. Even bfor seeing abhi I liked him .. So hit actor flop a tor tat doesn’t matters at al .. If they loves each other no pblm at al .. It’s their life .. BTW here v shall discuss only abt pragya n abhi nt sriti n shabbir .. Wat say

    1. ya razia i also said that only in my comment but i love abhigya scenes very much and i am very much interested on their acting

  30. Ranaji(narendran)

    Why they are dragging pls reveal the truth soon

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