Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he wants to rest on her lap for one last time. Pragya lets him rest on her lap and cries. In the morning, Abhi wakes up and finds himself sleeping on bed. He calls Pragya. He calls Robin then. Robin comes and tells that Pragya didn’t come even to make coffee. Abhi thinks she might have gone to Dadi. He goes to Dadi and asks if she has seen Pragya. Dadi says no, she didn’t see her in the morning. Abhi says Pragya might have left. Dadi says she is sure that Pragya can’t leave without hearing her decision.
Bulbul talks to Purab and scolds him. Purab says he is coming soon. Bulbul says she is going to Goa with her friends. She says she is going for vacation for sure. Purab says he will come in the morning and then they will go together. Bulbul

asks what about jiju’s work. Purab says he will see.

Abhi asks if anybody have seen Pragya? Pragya comes. Abhi asks where did you go Pragya? Atleast you would have waited for Dadi’s decision. Pragya says she went to bring someone who was related to Dadi’s decision. Abhi asks who? They see Tanu coming. She asks Dadi about her decision. Dadi says she can’t tell her decision and cries. Pragya says we can’t wait and this is the right moment for taking the decision. Dadi turns her face. Pragya tells her that truth will not change, and asks her to take a decision for Abhi’s betterment and home. She asks her to permit her to go from the house and then she will understand her decision. Dadi gets emotional and cries, and says I didn’t bring you for this. She asks her not to take her test. Pragya asks her not to increase her pain, and asks her to let her go if ever she loves him. She touches her feet.

Dadi hugs her and cries. Everyone looks on. Tanu looks on uninterested. Pragya meets everyone. She asks Rachna to take care. She gives consent papers to Abhi, saying she is having no objection with his marriage, and she don’t want anything from him. Abhi turns his face and refuses to sign. Pragya asks him to sign thinking about the baby, and for her. Abhi signs on the papers unwillingly. Tanu smiles. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai plays…………..Abhi gets tears in his eyes as well, when Pragya is leaving the house. He reminisces their marriage. Pragya also reminisces their marriage and walks out of house with teary eyes.

Pragya goes to Sarla’s house and thinks to makes an excuse, as she can’t shock them with truth now. Sarla sees her and gets happy. She asks where is Abhi? Pragya says she left him and says she is joking. Sarla asks her not to say that. Bulbul talks to her. Sarla says she will not send her if Abhi didn’t come. Pragya says she will stay there for 10 days and asks her to fulfill her promise. She asks her to make ginger tea and onion pakodas.

Tanu is in Abhi’s room and throws Pragya’s stuff in the cartoon. Abhi sits sadly, still lost in Pragya’s thoughts. Tanu sits beside Abhi, hugging him. She says I am very happy that Dadi agreed for our marriage. Abhi pushes her. Tanu gets up, sees Abhi and Pragya’s marriage photo frame and throws it. Abhi catches it and asks her not to dare touch it. Tanu says why? We are going to marry? Abhi says we are going to get married, but are not married yet. He asks her not to touch the photo and asks her to leave. Tanu thinks Abhi’s mood is off and thinks to leave. He looks at their marriage photo and cries. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays………….Pragya too looks at the photo and cries. Abhi hugs the photo and cries.

Bulbul asks what you are hiding? Pragya says she left that house. Bulbul is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. chithu

    how Dadi can leave Pragya like that ?? atleast she should be informing Sarla from her end..it is bad yaar..

  2. narendran

    Irritating tanu I hate you are telling lie it will make you ugly and spoiler was good pragya will come back in abhi life.wow nice when it will happen after 2months…can anyone tell me were to download brothers film songs????plssss

  3. Now pragya left house how the truth gonna reveal. That scene happens ah? In abhi shirt pragya mangalsustra got stuck ah?

    • Priya $

      I think tat scene ll come on Monday. U remember in tat scene sarala ma and bulbul r there. I think sarla ma came to know about d truth. So.she ll come to abhi’s house pragya makes her comfort and they leaves. Tat time only I think abhi ll stop pragya and tell to stay till marriage.

      • Ya PRIYA I think when pragya will tell about it to bulbul as we saw in precap then I think sarla maa will overhear her talk and will come to know about whole matter and then she will come to mehra house taking pragya along with her and with bulbul for confronting abhi and dadi. Then SBB segment scene will happen.

  4. sibi

    Plz end this stupid pregnancy drama.. Disgusting..
    Let abhigya unite. Don’t ruin the show by simply dragging this nonsense.

  5. Shriya

    Bore hora…nd ye b*t*hes tanu n aliya ki truth kb samne layenge???? I thnk till 1 mnth n more ye drama will still continue…..bad n sad both…bt abgya so cute yaarrrr…

  6. chithu

    i think Sarla Maa will overhear Pragya-Bulbul;s conversation and she will go to Mehra Mansion …

  7. aaa

    Why this writer is dragging this dramaa? It’s hurting very bad, now she had came to her home? Then how ßhe will reveal the truth? I think the writer will continue this story for 6 more months???????

  8. Omg! Pragya took sign of abhi on consent papers.? O! That’s why they will move for marriage. ?But thank god atleast she has taken papers with her, not handover to abhi or tanu. Now if tabhi’s marriage will happen then it can b break by pragya anytime by claiming her rights as first wife of abhi after recover from accident. ?But now episodes are going and will b going worst till then everything back to normal. I can’t see abhigya’s separation and pain ??even not for a short time.At least till then when something will good happen in the show. I will read only written updates.

    • chithu

      Nikki…. don’t even tell that Abhi-Tanu marriage will happen yarrrrrrr .. on hearing that itself am feeling bad… if that happens , i think many people will quit the show atleast for sometime…

      • Chithu I m not saying that tabhi’s marriage will happen. Even I don’t want. I m just saying if marriage will happen then it can b break by pragya anytime. I think pragya will not lost her memory but I think she will b unconscious for sometimes. In between this time abhi will b destroyed by aaliya becoz she will use tabhi’s affair and tanu’s pregnancy news to spoil his image in public and media. When abhi will b totally alone and helpless then pragya will b enters in grand way like tellyreviews peoples says and then she will tell the tanu’s truth in front of everyone and will b declare him as a loyal husband and faithful lover in public and media. She will also tell about raaj’s and aaliya’s plan in front of family. Then tanu will b out, aaliya and raaj will b exposed and abhigya will b together once again.

      • Sneha

        this seems gud nikki what u told but the cvs have constantly destroyed all our hopes…. they have dragged it so long unnecessarily and also killing the story…. i just want this pregnancy drama to end on a gud point and that sud happen quicker…. waiting for some romance between the lead pair…..!!!

      • chithu

        yes Nikki..that is wat am also expecting…but they shouldn’t take much time for showing all these…this pregnancy track has almost completed 75 episodes..it started from 273..now 346… so hope no more dragging will be thr..if Pragya go unconscious , then they ll definitely finish 100 episodes for this track….

      • chithu

        but i think Nikki..we will not get to know anything about this marriage next week also..they may finish with this Pragya’s accident part next week.. only if some promo comes we will come to know..i think they will not open it up in any serial updates also…

  9. Amy

    Maybe pragya will go visit dadi and then she will just go and see abhi in his room and then she will hear tanu saying that abhi is not the father of her baby

  10. lala

    isn’t it Ekta Kapoor? Lovers must split! Divorce must happen! Marriages must happen! What a joke of a show! She gets away cus everyone watches it. The promo keeps everyone glued! Marriages and divorce a joke in all shows! Abhi had better stayed married to Tanu for a while. Ekta don’t unite pragya n Abhi till 2017. Let Tanu rule the house

  11. srimathi

    I think pragya ll loss her memory and affect by coma so tanu and abhi may get married in that gap like balh all ekta’s serial are similar balh pavitra rishta matsh and nw kumkum bhagya omg I didn’t know whn tanu ll get out of tiz

    • chithu

      yeah..in BALH also Priya will lose memory na..i hope they will not repeat the same for this also…atleast at this point….because this pregnancy track is already toooo long..so they will not further drag it by having this Tabhi marriage or Pragya’s memory loss i think..also , if we see Abhi , he doesn’t seem to be ok for marriage now also..i mean he is not even thinking about the baby or Tanu..he is doing it purely for Pragya..so if Pragya met with an accident , for sure he ll reject the marriage i think..

  12. Only one thing is gud that their divorce didn’t happen. Pragya has taken sign only on consent papers and has taken it along with her.

  13. Lala

    No one will quit watching the show. So let’s just watch whatever they write.! Lovers must split. Love is by force in all the shows. Divorce must happen. It’s EKTA remember. The promo keeps us glued to the show. Don’t unite abhi Pragya till 2017. Let tanu and Aliya rule the house.! Evil must prevail for a very long time just to teach the good to be patient.. All the best kkb fans.

    • chithu

      ha ha..i already have quitted yaarr..just reading the updates…wil be watching only after Pragya’s accident ..that too if the marriage stops 🙂 til then update only 🙂

  14. nicole

    Where the hell is Nikhil .. they need him right now … come one yaar .. send nikhil back in .. let he save Abhya marriage from.destoying by Tanu .. let he bring prove (as in papers) to show that NIKHIL THE FUUCKIN FATHER OF TANU’s BABY..



  15. But afterwards pragya knows the truth and when she goes to tell abhi the truth abhi seats in car and goes and pragya runs behind his car and here accident hads with the car and she falls on road…….

  16. I think l last time read the updates of kum kum bhagya 3 weeks ago but when I was reading today it seems to me like that that I read the updates 2 days ago.
    They are draging to much.
    I am not happy with this serial and track.

  17. Tuti

    My heart goes thumping and thumping……fuhh…..so heart wrenching. At the same time great acting by both Shabbir & Sriti. Really felt Abhi’s helplessnes & Pragya sadness….can’t wait for next week episodes….just hoping that their love survive all odds….make it quick…..pretty please Ektaji….kikiki….

  18. Jeffery

    This marriage wil never happen n it is my belief:p.It is gud that abhi n pragya get separated frm each other

  19. rock

    Thanks for ruining my weekend with pathetic CRYBABY episodes..after 2 romantic episodes where they confessedd their love with each other…this shiitt needed to happen so soon…i am only watching this show becaz i like pragya…the whole story and plots succks ..the story depicted in this nonsesne drama is unpractial in real life as are alien & star wars movies…Why don’t they let abhi pragya marry and have some other villains like in old school hindi movies to continue the show where they fight together….Kidnap saga was more entertaining than this pregnancy and pathetic tanu pregnancy BS

  20. Sneha

    it was a great relief to read in the spoilers that truth will be revealed soon and pragya to have a grand entry in abhi’s life……. like all other ekta shows, maybe here too pragya will have memory loss but i guess the possibilities are less……. they have to make the truth come out not to pack it and throw on the other side,….. if tabhi marriage takes place, it will surely be the worst serial ever!!!!!!……. i just want to ask why cant the couple fight against the evils staying together—- y they need to do divorce or sacrifice the love??????? 🙁 🙁 🙁

  21. Sneha

    all the shows of ekta kapoor are like this…….multiple marriages, divorces, memory loss, pregnancy before marriage, murders, and many conspiracies…… just stop watching her shows or she will continue like this forever…… she always mocks on indian system culture making all look-like ghatiya drama…. people from abroad also watch these shows, it always gives bad example…. we sud stop this!!!!

  22. Teresa

    And that people is exactly the reason why Ekta is not married and will never be married. Her mind is warped, the only reason she has power in the industry is because of who her daddy is and nothing else. Her cheap stories are a reflection of her sad life. Don’t watch let the trps drop.

  23. No no guys u all r wrong pragya and abhi r the leads of the show and if pragya gets memory loss or goes into coma then the show is bakwaas and I don’t think that pragya will get memory loss or go to coma because in that case abhi has to marry with tanu because it’s pregnancy matter and they can’t make it that long (stretch the show) if they do that then baby will deliver by the time pragya gets her memory. Back or if she’s out of coma and obviously it’s impossible that abhi and tanu get married. This is the whole theme of drama abhi and pragya destined to be together so after a lot of drama and tears they will meet I mean pragya will come from the hospital as save abhi and if all of this doesn’t happen then pragya will probably fake her memory loss or something so that she can expose tanu in front of abhi and everyone so guys just chill and watch this bakwaas track for a while.

  24. shira

    Dis show is all about dragging…..
    Hate dat b*t*h Tanu nd Alia….
    I think all viewers shud stop watching dis serial protesting against dragging…then the writers will learn a lesson?

  25. tanu you marry Abhi but I hope you will never take the place for pragya heart because you are using thz f**king baby to separate pragya and Abhi why don’t you use your character for a woman unless you using the poor baby shameless woman

  26. Sanam

    They say marriage iz a sacred thing bt this ekta can nevr undrstnd this…..there iz so much of negativities in her drama. She should undrstnd that we r not the viewers of kasuti zndgi ki era. She iz more like tanu having devilish nature nd lots of conspiracy keeps revolving in hr mind. U need 2 change ekta….

  27. heidi

    Yes shena you re right. I m from the Cariben/ South America and I watch kKB. And don t like this Tanu drama In most of the Indian serials evil is GOOD. ; Jamai raja/ hello Pratibha etc very irritating. To watch for so long.

  28. kowsi

    so sad for abhigya…kkb got second place in trp…now adays kkb only maintain the trp in all ektha shows..compare with others ektha show.if she doing lyk this definitely she will face low trp…now bulbul also know about truth of abhigya relation..i think sarla ma will over hear the conversation…and tanu which pregnant lady wore these types of dress..she s pregnant in april month.doctor told she s pregnant in one half month..now august ..so now she s nearly four or five month pregnant..stupidity ..writters and ektha mam pls come to practical…wen rachana delievery her baby..tanu go to hell….

    • Priya $

      Hahaha kowsi paaru Ithuvae rachna’s pregnancy ku 3 month Vairu perusa irunthechu but tanu don’t have. Spl powers tanu had

      • rose

        Ha ha ?? really priya.. tanu has great power both physically and mentally.thats y tanu is doing all these nonsense.

  29. parthy

    Abhi ko thimak chal ra ki nayee. Why did Anbi allow to Pragya to leave the house. Pragya ko ghar se math jaana chaaheye. Dadi should have been taken good,strong & right decision. Aage they kinke kya ho tha hai.

  30. Priya $

    Nikki and chithu I think once pragya got accident they tried to inform abhi once he get the message I think he won’t believe. He ll think it may b fake msg like concert one. He ll continue to get ready for marriage
    I think so yaar it may also happen na

    • chithu

      yes Priya..i also thought that…but in the end he may come to know or he may feel something weird…anyway before marriage he should come to know, as the name of the show suggests Abhi is the Kumkum BHagya for Pragya…i think CVS will not break the meaning of that and also they can not take the risk of Abhi-Pragya alone for long time which will affect the TRP…

  31. Frahia Mohamed

    Pragya wil get to know about tanu’s prenancy(nikil’s baby)..and about alia and raj…wen she will be about to tell abhi she will meet with an accident…..i hope its not about memory loss yaaaar….

  32. is pragya really going to coma or gonna be a memory loss??? pls dont tell me she is gonna,if that happens this will be the worst serial.till now,im still thinking ths serial to be the best,pls dont spoil my impression on this serial ,you writers..and guys i think this may happen,as pragya is gone through by an accident,this marriage will surely postpone and when everything gets set she may cum out saying tanu is a character less girl who slept with another boy,saying my husband is the father.and if this happens i think pragya will be in a critical conditon for few days ,where all rona and dhona will happen..they may drag this for a month mre ,but i just wish pragya doesnt go to memory loss condition

    • chithu

      yes Harini.. but can not tolerate Pragya being unwell for a month yaarr..hope this track ends with in 2 or 3 weeks …. Fingers crossed 🙂

      • shuvi

        no no no no nooo it shud end in 1or 2 week only …not also 3…. plz pray to writers …. but not god.. hihi

  33. Hazel

    Hey guyzz i thnk dat when pragya will overhear aliya n raj’s conversation she will run to tell dis to abhi n to stop her telling the truth aliya or raj will plan dis to stop her by hitting her……. i hope this will happen…. bcoz according to the news pragya will be hitten by the knwn person in her relation …..

  34. Xavier

    Ekta is one ugly looking B.I.TC HH !!!! She can’t get married because she is soo f**kkin ugly. No man wants her .. that’s why she’s creating so much evil and destroying marriages. Because she is NOT happy with herself.. they will DRAG AND DRAG ANDDD DRAGGGGGG THIS FOR SOOO LONGGGG TILL LIKE 2019

  35. Priya $

    I saw one video pragya entering into Tanu’s room. Tanu speaking in mob about her baby its not abhi’s child urs nu( I didn’t hear it clearly) Once pragya heard tat she fallen down unconsciously. Tanu dragg her inside the room and hide her . Abhi came there and asks something to tanu. I didn’t get the voice. But abhi didn’t c pragya.

  36. Guys just saw a new segment on news E24. Pragya overhears tanu and nikhil’s phone conversation and faints. Pragya comes to meet tanu in mehata house. She was about to enter in tanu’s room but suddenly stops after listening tanu talking on phone from nikhil. Tanu was telling to him that no matter the baby is his but she and abhi loves each other so they r going to marry. Pragya hears this and get faints. After finishing her call, tanu moves back and finds pragya falls on the floor unconscious. She is not sure if pragya hear anything or not. So she pulls pragya in her room and hide her behind the door. Then abhi comes to her room for some work but tanu blocks his way to enter the room and take him away out of the room with her.

    • chithu

      Nikki.. i was having a guess …that Tanu may try to prove Pragya wrong to Abhi as Tanu has a doubt that Pragya might have heard the conversation with NIkhil..i mean… she ll plan and tel something like Pragya is trying to stop the marriage something like that , thinking when Pragya goes and tells the truth he may not believe… in the mid, this Nikhil may inform Abhi about the truth thro phone or somehow…and Pragya when comes and try to tell the truth .. Abhi may act angry and leave the place i think… when Pragya try to follow him , i think this accident will happen…when Abhi meet Nikhil, Nikhil may tell the truth to him or before that Aaliya may convince/blackmail Nikhil to tell lie that Pragya is the one who compelled him to say the baby is his… they may show like Abhi believing it…but in the backend he will do something…i think they may show like that …so that when Pragya is ok… she ll be proud to see the level of belief Abhi has on her… hope in one or otherway they can end the track soon 🙂

      • No chithu I don’t think so anything like this will happen. Firstly in promo pragya hears tanu and aaliya’s talk but unable to reveal becoz of accident and second is if pragya will tell it to abhi even a once then no matter how much she will try to proof pragya wrong but abhi will believe only on pragya not tanu.

      • Priya $

        I too think it.won’t happen. Once pragya get conscious she will go to aliyah’s room I think that time she ll hear that conversation. Then only she ll saw abhi and tries to stop but accident happens

      • Even PRIYA and chitu I m thinking that after gaining consiousness pragya will go to meet abhi but she will not find him becoz tanu will keep him busy so he could not recpgnize pragya’s presence and pragya also could not found abhi then pragya will go to Aaliya not to inform about tanu’s truth but I think she will go to ask to aaliya about who could b the father of tanu’s baby or who could b very close to tanu like abhi. Becoz she still doesn’t know tanu’s baby’s father name and tanu is aaliya’s best friend and they shares everything with each other. so pragya will think that she could tell or help her about this. Then pragya will hear aaliya’s conversation with raaj. She will b shocked again and this time she will again try to find abhi for telling him both truth. Abhi will b going out in anger becoz he will b irked and irritated with tanu then suddenly pragya will see abhi leaving for out in his car then she will run behind him to stop him for telling the truth but abhi would not listen her voice and will b unable to recognize her. Then tanu, aaliya or raaj one of three will hit her from car to stop her telling the truth. And pragya will get injured badly.

      • chithu

        yeah..that is possible Nikki and Priya 🙂 also,i know that now Abhi is in a state in which he will believe watever Pragya is telling more than blindly…. but i was thinking that he may just act like believing Tanu just to know the truth..because he may find something fishy as Tanu is telling Pragya is trying to stop the marriage(he ll definitely know if really Pragya is doing then that should be correct) and Tanu’s behavior also may cause some doubt in him…
        But anyways..the writers of this show are always beyond prediction…even before we were thinking something..but to shock all of us.. they have this confession part in the mid and now Pragya’s accident.. we will see what they have in bag for us now 🙂

      • chithu

        and one more thing is,i think it might be on the marriage day Nikki..means,might be Pragya came Mehra Mansion on the day of marriage where she comes to know the truth…

      • chithu

        I wish one thing should happen… atleast Sarla ma, should tell that when that MMS thing was going on how badly Abhi was behaving with Pragya though he was the one who proved her innocency in the end..the initial torture and not believing her was too much…and now he is in the same place as Pragya…but she is not behaving the same …atleast someone one should remind Abhi..so that he atleast ll start thinking how that marriage arrangement with Suresh would have hurted Pragya…

      • Well chithu for this we have to wait for new updates, segments or any latest pic from the cast of kkb from it’s on location.

    • Priya $

      Rit nikki but having one doubt if so they ll arrange the marriage on next week Friday ah r it ll take more time.???

      • Priya I think it should come in next week if they will not waste the scenes unnecessarily. Otherwise obviously next to text week.

  37. One thing more guys that when pragya hears tanu’s conversation, pragya, tanu and abhi they all were in normal wears not in wedding wears.

  38. chithu

    ha ha..after getting consciousness from this shock, i think Pragya wil go to Aaliya to take help thinking she is still loving her brother where she ll get another shock..

  39. Malu

    Wt the shit happens tanu go to the hell . How much tell the lie ?
    wr is Nikhil ?
    he has the only man to return the Pragya in abhis life so y he doesnt tell the truth.?
    wer is DNA test result ?
    hpe before every episodes tanu and aaliyas plan will spoiled so hope much more Pragya return..
    but in promo is confusion!!??

  40. I hope that ekta will change the hole storyline.abhy and pragya should always stay together like husband and wife not like brother and sister.how could you separate them.they should investigate if the child is really abhi’s child before they get separate.they shouldn’t be so weak but have faith in each other.how come aalyia came easely behind the truth but when it was pragya’s turn how come she failed to tell her husband instead she was in a accident.the relation between husband and wife should be strong.they have to be strong and together investigate the hole matter.instead of they get separate.they have to come together.I hope that ekta kapoor will rewrite the script or else jump in a river

  41. Why did nikhil get a part in the serial.I don’t think he was needed.he can’t face abhy and tell him that it is tanu and his child.instead his threatening tanu that he will tell abhy.

  42. nancy

    yes tanu is a lier baby is not a child of abhi and pragya dhor why cant she fight tanu bt simply says to get married to him and leave the house fool…

  43. Priya $

    If pragya is not in Mehra house then pragya accident news won’t reach abhi easily. And one more thing there is chance in hospital she can get clue like Nikil getting DNA test report like tat. But for tat pragya want to get some injuries r else she. I think tanu only make the accident. My assumption only

    • Priya u r right that pragya’s accident’s news will not come to abhi so easily becoz pragya’s accident was held from some distance of mehra mention in promo. If same will happen in the show then not only abhi, even no one could found easily that pragya met with accident. That’s why I m scared for this will mehra’s and arora’s along with abhi get to know about pragya’s accident on time before marriage or not? Becoz according to promo, pragya’s accident will happen on wedding day of tabhi becoz tanu, aaliya they both were dressed up to wedding. And priya I don’t think so tanu can do pragya’s accident. I know she is evil minded but she is not criminal minded like aaliya. Aaliya have guts to do anything without any fear. But tanu have not. If she have that type of guts then she will do it with nikhil before, like she said in previous episode that if she have permit to do a murder then she kills nikhil. And in segment, she was not sure that if pragya has listened anything or not. So she will not take this type of big step without confirmation. So my biggest doubt only on aaliya becoz from the day one, only she have this much guts to take anyone’s life for completion of her plans and wishes. And according to promo, pragya hears her conversation with raaj also. Then I think she has recognized it and for saving her plan, she will try to kill pragya to telling her to tell the truth. Ya if cvs will do different like always which will b beyond our thoughts then it could b anyone like tanu, raaj, nikhi. Who could responsible for oragya’s accident. But whatever will happen, I just don’t want tabhi’s marriage at any cost. If this show’s and cvs concept is to show us the power of destiny to kumkumbhagya then they should not go with tabhi’s marriage completion at any cost. Other wise they will ruined their concept becoz of it by ownself. And one thing is more PRIYA which I felt that during these days kkb is almost similar like meri aashiqui tumse hi. These both r ekta kapoors shows and same track is going on in both the show.

      • Chithu

        yes Nikki..that is what i also felt… i do not watch Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi…but while reading some update i felt both r almost the same … and Nikki… i was watching friday’s KKB episode… the background music which they gave when Pragya was leaving Mehra mansion and this mangalsutra stuck when Pragya comes with Sarla Maa.. after seeing all this i have gained a little hope that this marriage will not happen..i mean with all those scenes, CVS seems to remind us the kumkum Bhagya of Pragya with Abhi…

      • Chithu I was watching some starting episodes of kkb where cvs had introduced the concept of kkb’s show. What I found that in starting, abhi had no believe in destiny and god. It was his thinking that destiny decides to whom we will meet but we decides that who will b in our life. But as the day passes destiny has changed everything in his life and his thoughts. It was his destiny that he got married with pragya even after his hatred for her and slowly-slowly pragya has become his habit and now he has fallen in love with pragya even after so much unwillingness. Becoz it’s their destiny and they r made for each other. Tanu was never in his destiny that’s why even after so much efforts, she could not make her permanent place in abhi’s life and it was the strength of her kumkum so after having affair with tanu, abhi didn’t cross his limits and maintained the respect of his wedding with pragya and so tanu could not throw pragya out from his life. And one important thing is chithu that pragya still have her mangalsutra and kumkum of abhi’s name even after leaving his house. So chithu no matter whatever will happen, no one and no situation could separate abhigya and pragya will b back on her place.

      • chithu

        yeah Nikki 🙂 🙂 and I saw some old interview of Abhi and Tanu taken during when Tanu was requesting Abhi to marry her as she has lost her career also… that time reporter was asking Abhi.will he marry Tanu ? ..for that Abhi was telling…han.. we will give kumkum to Tanu also..but as the name suggests “Kumkum Bhagya”..if we keep on giving kumkum all.. then where is the Bhagya ..like that he was joking… 🙂 so stil have hope that Tanu-Abhi marriage will not happen….

      • Priya $

        Rit Nikki and chithu from day one of their marriage to till.now so many problems came for their relationship but they were bond Together. Nothing affected their relationship. So they won’t separate. Rit Nikki tanu don’t have guts but if situation comes sure tanu may do tat. I mean in tension she may do it. Sumtimes corporater can do this also na.v forgot him

      • chithu

        no Nikki…but Abhi-Pragya is joking about the upcoming tracks..like Abhi is telling he will pray to God to have Pragya again in his life and Pragya is telling she will not go away from Abhi’s path like that..that might be true about upcoming episodes..

    • chithu

      Geetha and Celin.. there is nothing serious in that interview..but when reporter asked that what Abhi will do to get Pragya back on his life… Shabbir was telling that Abhi will pray god to get back her… and Sriti was telling that Pragya will not go away from Abhi’s path… actually they were telling this jokingly…but I think that may really happen in the show..because in the show Abhi;s character was shown as not having faith in the God from the beginning…but I think for the first time he will pray to God for Pragya after this accident happens…

  44. Sneha

    what is the use of tabhi’s marriage if the show is named kumkum bhagya?? the destiny surely will make abhi-pragya together again…..whatever the evils may plan but the strength of love will reunite the couple… 🙂

    • U r right sneha. That’s I want to say also that what is the use of kumkumbhagya if it will b for other one too from same person.

  45. kowsi

    guys today abhi(shabir) birthday…wish u many more happpiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee birthday to shabir…god always blessings u….♥♥♥♥♥♥

  46. Finally new week has arrived with new twists and lots of suspenses. We have lots of spoilers for upcoming twist but no one could clearly informed that what will happen with pragya after accident and what about tabhi’s marriage? We don’t have even a little hint about this. So I just want to see only pragya’s accident episode so then I could get to know what will next but guys what if they ends up this week on pragya’s accident and suspense will continue for next week. God kaasshhh… Somebody could tell about it or give us hint at least for tabhi’s marriage that it will happen or not?

    • Chithu

      Nikki… Most of us are hoping that marriage will not happen Yaar… But this week they ll drag with some sad scenes from both Pragya’s and Abhi’s home…and also from both of them as such… Mostly accident scene ll be on Friday i feel… But we can come to know if some promos or updates…

      • Chithu we don’t have any on location pics also, from which we could get some hint. No off screen pics of kkb’s cast from it’s on location, dressup for wedding function yet, after the promo. It means they haven’t shooted for wedding sequence yet. So a kind of hope I can see here that if they still haven’t shooted for wedding sequence, it means it will not happen becoz of pragya’s accident. During these days, I m just scared to check their twitter and instagram accounts for what if I will see anyone dressup for wedding function. ?

      • Priya $

        I think today his birthday so there is chance for not taking shoot. He may went somewhere others to busy in their holidays so they can’t. I think so I think v ll get some lead tomo.

    • Chithu

      Ha ha…Nikki… am sure marriage will not happen 🙂 such a hope I have in the way they showed how deadly Abhi and Pragya are in love with each other… But one thing am not sure is…. How much they ll make the situation worse before exploring it…like Abhi loosing his fame or he ll come to know the truth before it happens…or how much drama it is going to be before Pragya’s accident is revealed…and I think they may not show Pragya unconscious for long time which ll affect the trp… So hoping for the beat Nikki….fingers crossed 🙂

  47. I don’t think that tabhi marriage will happen because the love between pragya and abhy is soooooooo strong.nothing will come between them no matter what the situation is.

  48. kkb ke fan

    friends are you about this that pragya went to meet dadi to abhi mansion where she hears tanu and nikhil’s conversation which reveals that the tanu is not pregnant of abhi’s child.tanu sees pragya and hits her hardly on her head which makes her unconscious.later abhi comes to tanu’s room but tanu hides unconscious pragya and switch off her phone.will pragya be able to save herself and reveal truth to abhi .donot you think this the story which exactly happen with bulbul during her wedding.poor cvs of kkb serial na.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.