Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Mrs. Mehta why she is worrying as it is just 1 night matter, and tomorrow Abhi will marry Tanu. Mrs. Mehta tells that you both have let them alone and given them chance to rekindle their romance. She says I won’t let my daughter’s life spoil and knows what to do. Dasi and Dadi talk to Purab. Dadi says They are in the same room. Dasi says Abhi is taking care of Pragya. Purab says he shall talk his heart out for pragya, else he will have to marry Tanu. Dadi says Abhi expressed his love by saving her, and Pragya also expressed her love. She says tomorrow it will be Abhi and Pragya’s day. Purab asks her not to worry and says Abhi will marry Pragya di tomorrow.

Abhi is sitting near the window. Pragya comes there. Abhi holds her hand and makes her sit.

He asks what’s more…Pragya says she has waited for this day and thought this day will never come. Abhi says when I have come, this day had to come. Pragya asks when did you realize that you loves me. Abhi says it is a long story. Pragya asks him to start. Abhi says lets start from the start….and asks if she remembers when she went to Palghar to her mama’s house. Pragya asks then…Abhi says then I realized that I was missing you. When goons caught you, then I realized that I care for you. He says when we had gone on a double date with Tanu and Purab, I realized that I can’t see you with anyone else. He asks her to come closer.

Pragya asks then you realize love. Abhi says do you remember that we had taken rounds of friendship and gave vows to each other. Do you remember that when you was locked in cold storage and your breath stopped and I…..He gets closer for a kiss and says then I realized and gets doubtful that I am in love. Pragya says you don’t remember anything. Abhi says I told everything and asks when did you realize love for me. Pragya says I remember everything, and remember all moments. Abhi says you might know being my fan. Pragya says yes. Abhi says you don’t remember when did you fall in love and asks if it was love at first sight. Pragya says it was not love at first sight, but slow and deep love, initially I don’t like you, but later on…..I fell in love with you. Abhi says you will fall in love with me again and again.

Mrs. Mehta thinks I won’t let Pragya separate Tanu with Abhi. Abhi says even my love was not love at first sight and says fortunately we have confessed love, and says you are my tune which will never go from my mouth. He says music came in my life so as to get you. He says people are watching us else…we would have…Mrs. Mehta thinks to keep Abhi and Pragya separately till he marries Tanu. Abhi asks Pragya to come and says we shall tell Dadi that I got my fuggi. He lifts her. Pragya asks him to promise that he will call her fuggi always. Abhi agrees to call her fuggi always and asks her to reply him haan ji…pragya says haan ji. Abhi and Pragya hug each other happily. Janam Janam plays……………….She recalls their marriage etc.

Tanu asks Aaliya about her opinion. Aaliya says your mum is like Sarla and says it was melodramatic. Tanu says may be..but she is concerned as my marriage broke up once. Aaliya says we can do something. Tanu says I think mummy is much hyper. Dasi tells Dadi that she will go and check what Abhi and Pragya are doing since an hour. Dadi asks her to wait and understand. She says the more we let them alone, then only they will get chance to talk. Purab comes there and asks why you are scolding her. Dadi says your supporter came. Dasi says Abhi and Pragya are locked in the room since an hour and I want to know what is happening. Purab says you didn’t check. Dadi says nobody will check and asks them to sit silently. Dasi says she will wait outside the room. Dadi asks her to be patient and says they will tell by themselves. Mrs. Mehta open the door of the room, and see Abhi and Pragya hugging and kissing each other. She is shocked and closes the door. Abhi and Pragya continue to romance each other.

Mrs. Mehta thinks how to stop Abhi and thinks Tanu don’t understand. Abhi says lets go to Dadi and tell her. Mrs. Mehta thinks to do something. Abhi says Dadi will be surprised and not shocked as she likes her and not Tanu. He says she will be pleasantly surprised and asks her to come. They are about to go, and see Tanu’s mum opening the door. Abhi asks do you have any work with Tanu. Mrs. Mehta says she was searching him and says can I talk to you alone. Abhi says okay. Pragya smiles.

Pragya is taking to Abhi’s pic and says you have given me a new life. She thinks you have fallen in love with me again and says don’t know how to stop your marriage, but now God have fulfilled all my wishes and I can’t stand on land being happy. She says although she trusts her love, but sometimes she gets doubtful, today whatever you told is directly from your heart..

Dadi is happy to know that God has listened to her and Abhi have realized his feelings. She tells that she is not afraid of anyone and got her bahu today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I watched about this in YouTube i don’t hindi also saw that girl’s face who is said to next bulbul please. If anybody knows about this please comment about it

  2. If sriti get replaced i wont see the serial not even read the updates

  3. Vidhyagayathri4

    I am very happy that f**k pragya is discontinue the serial

  4. I wish abhi and Pragya both quit the show and can part of any worthy show in which audience will not be disappointed with their stupid script. I am watching kkb only for their acting and for cute puppy face of Abhi and their nok joks. If any one quit the show Ekta will gain a huge loss. Both were the only assets to kkb for whom people are still watching kkb even in this stupid story line. I wish this news to be true so that I can come out of kkb. With Abhi and Pragya even I wish to quit kkb at the end I am watching the drama.

  5. No, guys Sriti is going nowhere. These r only rumors. This news is fake. I haven’t heard any official news regarding it. This news also have no sense becoz Sriti and her show is doing well as it is still in top-5, doesn’t matter how much peoples r annoyed with the same storyline but audience still loves Sriti and shabir as abhigya a lot and wants desperately to see their love story and union. It’s position in still in top-5 is it’s proof. So there is no logic and truth in this news.

  6. But Prathiksha is thr any new news regarding the marriage function…????

    1. No Nithi, not yet. Shabbir is busy in playing charity match at dharmashala, Himachal pradesh for TB patients. Only those related pics has posted or before it only Tabhi’s recent Haldi function’s related pics has posted. Except it, no other news or pics related to any other sequence, marriage or upcoming story is out. Even Sriti is missing from Tabhi’s Haldi function. I saw almost everybody’s pic from that function except Sriti.

      1. Yes prathiksha sis ur right me too didnt saw any pic of pragya in haldi function i think she will fully get heartbroken n may she leave mm may she will not attend d functions at all but i m eagerly waiting for today epi coz i want to see what useless answer abhi will say to pragya april fool or some other reasons let see i m eagerly waiting n i wish pragya should scold him well n leave mm

      2. Ohh…thanks Pratiksha fr d update:)

      3. Right Aishu. I too think that Pragya is missing from the function and the reason is obvious but why Sriti is missing from the set, this I didn’t understood. Becoz the pics which the other star cast has shared although these r from the mehra house’s set but the place where they all takes rest together while shooting break, that place r outside of all the set up of their show whether it is mehra house or arora house. They usually shares the pics and videos from that place while taking break too. But Sriti’s no any pic has seen from their also. May b Sriti will b on short vacation and her part has been shot already as may be she has not much scenes or any important scene to do for now and Sriti also have posted some of her recent pics, on which she is somewhere out in relax mode. So she might b on short vacation when rest of the cast were busy in doing shooting for haldi function. Anyways whatever the reason of her absence we can easily guess that what will b her situation when abhi changed his decision and ready to marry with most unworthy evil girl of the world. It is obvious that she will b so much disappoint and upset. But she will scold abhi for whatever could b his reason to back off from her, I don’t think so becoz I never saw Pragya to scold abhi to back off from her or forced him to accept her. Pragya is strong as well as at the same time weak too in abhi’s love. She can fight for him but can fight with him. But she should ask for answer from abhi for changing her decision instead of taking her steps back silently with broken heart. Aishu whatever the reason of abhi of changing his decision, no reason could b fair after confessing his love with Pragya. He already knew it that he has been given commitment of marriage to tanu and he also knew the reasons of this commitment that he have to save her respect and he have to fulfill last wish of her evil ill mother ( which is fake and everybody knows except abhi) then even after it, why he didn’t stopped his growing feelings towards Pragya, why he gave hope to Pragya by expressing his feelings for her and why he confessed his love to her and gave her a life which got filled with so much happiness? Now he thought about tanu suddenly and felt bad for her, then what about Pragya? Is this not injustice with her too after confession? If he thinks that he will do wrong with tanu to break his already given commitment of marriage to her then he is wrong with Pragya too to by backing off from her after giving hope and happiness to her by his feelings and confession. He is wrong from both the sides. He can correct his mistake for tanu by continuation of his
        decision of marrying with her but for Pragya, now he can never correct his mistake and can’t make things fine, if he gets married with tanu. I knew it from the day one that if abhi will fall for Pragya again and will confess it with her after realizing then also abhigya can’t b unite until tanu is between them and he is committed with her and we all knows from the day one that how much abhi is dedicated to his commitments and how much his commitments r most important for him more than anything else. Until abhi will not take a firm decision of getting unite with Pragya, till then tanu, Aliya, nikhil, tanu’s mom everybody will never let them unite and this story will keep continue like this forever. Either he have to take firm decision of getting unite with Pragya forever or he have to leave his everything his name, fame, money or that mehra mad house too if he wants to live with Pragya forever with happy and peaceful love life. Otherwise I doesn’t see anything else by which we can see them unite and happy together forever. For now circumstances r giving only this hint. Let’s see what happens when the day comes of Tabhi’s marriage or it will get more postponed.

  7. Even I too saw the pics of kkb
    I saw abhi,his dadi,tanu, purab but I didn’t see pragya
    I am getting irritated day by day as I lose my strength to bear this idiotic serial
    Whenever they get united for 1episode they are separated for 100 episodes
    Does that director and producer really care and hear the audience comments
    Do they really respect our comments and try to fulfill it I don’t think so

  8. I think the director and producer are trying to make us to desperate that we should see this serial only

  9. ❤️Amna Khaliq❤️

    Stupid! tanus bad behavior comes from her stupid mother her mom is a bad influence on her she knows what’s right but of course want to ruin abhi and pragyas life end this stupid show unite them it’s been a more than a year since abhis memory is gone give its back so he can teach Aliya and Tanu a lesson and throw them on the curb!!!! Take the show off air it’s dumb and a waste of time!!! Pragyas and abhis happiness will last two seconds because no one want to unite them stupid people… dramas these days are so dumb the ones back than were really good.

  10. am actually glad the haldi is before the shadi, and i really hope the shadi wasn’t pushed too far away. if they are doing alot to prolong the marriage, then something will happen on the marriage day…so let me wait!!

    1. You’re right, I think they are deliberately postponing the marriage and I really wish Pragya would leave Abhi and then he would realize he can only be happy with her.

  11. If Sriti quits the show I really won’t watch it anymore

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