Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to Mehra’s house. Mitali sees him and thinks Dadi and Rachna were talking about him and he came. She asks Nikhil…..if he came to meet Pragya? She asks if he is having something to do with Pragya? She says I will get gold’s dupatta…if you said yes. She confuses him and says if I get it then you can use it for a day. Nikhil says do you want a man to wear dupatta. Mitali says you can wear it in jagrata or concert. Nikhil asks her to leave him and says he needs to talk to Pragya. He thinks Mitali have eaten his brain, and thinks even Tanu us like that. He thinks everyone have gone mad except Pragya. He thinks to see how is Sarla? He comes inside Sarla’s room and sings Sarla ji Sarla ji…he asks how are you? I came here to know about your progress report.

He says I am talking to you from far so that you don’t get violent. Sarla holds his hand. Nikhil asks her to leave his hand. He says if you starts speaking then I have to kill you. He says I will give a good bye kiss to you legs. Just then Sarla hits him with her leg. Nikhil shouts and falls on the door.

Pragya and Purab come there. Nikhil says Sarla have moved her leg. Pragya says you will be alright and hugs her. Nikhil thinks Sarla is getting her power seeing me. Purab asks Nikhil, why you are with Sarla when she has any movement in her body? Nikhil says may be God wants me to give good news. Purab asks why is he dressed up formally? Nikhil says Pragya called me for meeting. Pragya thinks he is a danger for Maa. She asks him to come. They sit in a room. Pragya says she is searching for someone, who is responsible and can handle CEO position. Nikhil thinks he has to grab this position. He says Purab is taking care of this position. Pragya says Purab is busy with his own work and she don’t want to pressurize him. Nikhil thinks Tanu have promised me to convince Abhi to get me this position, but I can get this position right now. He tells Pragya that he is appropriate for this position, and much experienced too. Pragya says you have proved yourself…I thought you might be busy in your company. Nikhil says who can lose chance to work with you and Abhi. Pragya agrees and says I have to think about it. She thinks plan is alright. Purab thinks meeting should be successful. Just then he sees Tanu bringing Aaliya home on a wheel chair. Abhi also comes. Purab comes there and asks Pragya to come as something wrong is happening there. Nikhil thinks Purab is crossing his path and don’t want him to become CEO. Pragya sees Tanu and Aaliya along with Abhi. Tanu asks Robin if the room is arranged. Dadi asks why Aaliya is here? Tanu says your grand daughter have saved my life and your heir…and that’s why I brought her here with Abhi’s permission.

She continues that Aaliya was kicked out of out, but she has no hard feelings for us. She says my accident would have happened and she has saved me. She says Abhi has seen with his eyes. Pragya thinks Tanu forced him and it is her plan to bring Aaliya home. Tanu says she has done good for Mehra family and it is our duty now to behave good with her. Tai ji says you have done right. Mitali goes to bring juice. Abhi goes to his room angrily. Tanu asks Robin to help her take Aaliya to room. Robin takes Aaliya from there. Tanu sees Nikhil and wonders what is he doing here. Pragya says it was your plan to bring Aaliya here, and says you don’t know who will be against you. Aaliya gets up from wheel chair, and says she is feeling good to be back home. Tanu asks her to act infront of others and says nothing have happened to you. Pragya hears them. Aaliya says we will celebrate for our win.She says we have to be alert…and attack her.

Tanu calls Pragya and says I know you came here to hear us. She says you have failed twice. She says I have become more strong after Aaliya came here. Pragya tells her that she is getting strong and this people will leave her for their betterment. She says I have my family and asks her to be careful. She says I told you that I will be two steps ahead of you, if you stopped for a sec to take a breath. She says she will win the race. Tanu thinks if Pragya is making plans with Nikhil, and doubts him. She thinks this idiot might do any mistake. She calls Nikhil……Nikhil picks the call and says he is going home. Tanu asks him to meet her right now. Nikhil says he is going for an important meeting and says he will meet her tomorrow. Tanu agrees. Pragya sees Abhi upset and thinks he is having tears in his eyes because of Tanu and Aaliya. She thinks how to cheer him up.

Pragya tells Abhi that I know you will do this eventually being a nice man. Abhi asks how did you know as my fuggi knew about me. Pragya says your fuggi told to my rockstar and he told me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. One more nice episode, may be because we didnt know what will happen next, no spoilers or segment, so it was interesting to watch in anticipation.

    Most of the scenes that were showed yday were what we all discussed recently or in past. The first scene was good between Mithali n Nikhil. Mithali heard Pragya, Tanu, Nikhil but she connected Pragya n Nikhil though she saw Tanu n Nikhil together. May be Abhi will have a doubt on Pragya if she likes Nikhil, when Pragya will make this announcement that Nikhil will be their company’s CEO 🙂

    And as guessed, Pragya’s new plan involving Nikhil will first bring differences between him n Tanu as Tanu is only using Nikhil for now to get married to Abhi. It will be interesting to watch this, as it was when Nikhil first entered the show, he would bother Tanu much. Only recently they both r working as one team n bothering Pragya n her mom. It will be back to that, where everytime Nikhil is around Tanu would be tensed.

    And Nikhil will gradually start pushing Tanu to marry him instead of Abhi, two reasons – now he also has a good post and he will think he can manipulate Pragya n may be takeover this company or benefit from it, so in that way both himself and Abhi work for same boss Pragya, so he will argue with Tanu that he is as good as Abhi is.
    Second reason, he knows Pragya is still the old person n loves Abhi, so Nikhil knows she wont let Tanu marry Abhi easily, so Nikhil may use that argument also.

    And what Pragya told Tanu is what I always felt, be it Pragya or Abhi, their family n frens who love them dearly are always standing by them. Only with Nikhil, Tanu, Aaliya, they dont know who is with them when n who is with whom next moment. They dont have that loyalty or affection among themselves. That was like a slap on Tanu’s face, when Pragya spoke who r her support and who Tanu thinks r supporting her.

    But what was most amusing was the precap, I dont know who is a split personality – Abhi who asks about Fuggy to Pragya only or Pragya who speaks to Abhi as if there are 2 personalities within her.

    1. sahithi… considering nikhil aaliya and tanu, tanu is the most intelligent person..its a known fact in kkb…. so i thnk whether nikhil is wd her or not, she may able to do anythng…. by manipulating abhi coz in the end abhi is above all…. and once if she comes to knw about nikhil planning against him, it ll juz take a minute fr tanu to throw away him like a ball…. so watever now prgayas doing ll not help her by the way she thnks…. this could lead abhi knw about the truth…. i thnk by no chance prgaya would get anythng frm nikhil…. whn abhi gets some possessesvness, he may start collecting details about tanu even more atrongly so by chance he ll come to knw about takil… i thnk it ll be like this… my guess

      1. Gowtham whether tanu don’t need nikhil but she can’t kick him as nikhil himself is the biggest proof against her that he is the father of tanu’s baby and he have DNA proof also with him. So until nikhil himself separates tanu from ownself completely till then tanu can’t ignore him.

    2. No Gowtham, Tanu may manipulate Abhi but Nikhil had been helping Tanu very much. If he didn’t switch off power when the video was playing, Tanu’s chapter would have closed. Same when Pragya came in watchman getup.

      See Nikhil also never wants the truth to be out, as more than cheating Abhi, trying to kill Sarla will b crime n his chapter closes along with Tanu. So he won’t directly confess or help Pragya now.

      But soon there will be situation where differences will come between Tanu n Nikhil n then situation may change in Pragya’s favor. Because Tanu wants to use Nikhil till she gets Abhi n then dump him. But Nikhil ultimately wants Tanu n his baby along with money she will get from Abhi.

      Now that Pragya plans to change these equations it won’t be same between Tanu n Nikhil after few days. Then Tanu will involve Aaliya for support, and Pragya will expect Nikhil to speak up against Tanu. Nikhil will also when he knows Tanu n Aaliya r playing with him.

      I am hoping this is how will b upcoming sequences.

    3. but sahithi and pratiksha… watever maybe the situation nikhil also cant come up wd the truth?? though he can trust prgaya will he openly go against tanu?? so neither of them dnt go against each other… but it was my guess that tanu can handle wdout nikhil… but wat u guys r saying i agree that point coz he himself a big proof… so tanu wont let him out tat much easily

  2. all telegu guys HAPPY UGADHI and for tamil guys telegu putthandu nalvazhukal.actually to be frank i’m also a telegu girl.it’s my mother tongue but i does know telegu.as i hav been broughtup as a tamil girl.i’m from dindigul.

    1. apo…. fr u both wishes…. happy yugathi and tamil putthandu nalvalthukal…..

    2. Hi kartika
      Iniku chennai holiday va??

  3. Happy ugathi and navarathiri…

  4. Hi guys m back I was so bysy cant comment happy ugathi fr u guyss nd pratiksha happy navarathri yaar……I don’t no much bout tis festivals. … nd fr tamils happy new year guys…..nd fr us inshallah ramzan gona com ……..saying bout tis serial…. dragging guysss vry boringggg…. don’t jo wat hapn to ekta kapoor nd cvs all dumb…. I jus hate tanu wen evr I see her chaaa…..chid aatha yaar koi ithna neech kaisa reh saktha hai…..m nt watching kkb jus reading u guys updates. ..soon it ll com tanus truth l….aliaa selfish. …mithali us useless gud fr nothing

  5. Take dis crap of a serial out of Zee n give us more Tashan e ishq

  6. thanq gowtham wish u the same and my other frnds razia,reji shobana sis,kutty,swetha,harini and all other frnds.sorry if i missed anyone and wish u all advance tamil putthandu nalvazhthukal.pratiksha happy navratri.

  7. sorry anjhana, nee enna solla varainu ennaku puriyala?konjum detaila sollu pa.

    1. Chennai la holiday va??
      Sorry for the confusion

  8. Ye writers ko tanu ka pregnancy drama ko end karneka iradha nahi hai shayad iss drama ko aisa hi chalate rahenge ye year poora kya dimak karab hora I hate this show

    1. Ur right fuggy.. yeh drama toh 2020 tak bhi khatam nai hoga lagta hai..and I don’t think the makers now care about viewers interst anymre..

  9. Ur right fuggy.. yeh drama toh 2020 tak bhi khatam nai hoga lagta hai..and I don’t think the makers now care about viewers interst anymre..

  10. I think tanu had aborted d baby nd again got pregnant coz seriously all dumbass in dis show think if a gal get pregnant within 10 months she ll deliver her baby BT dis show is outstanding gav a new hope to all girls dat pregnancy can b extended to one year ! Hats off to u guys

  11. This show is going nowhere.. Lyk the writers are nt at all serious about what they r showing.. There comes a high tym n then nthng happens.!
    I can bet nothing is goin to happen for some weeks or longer
    Getting outta this man!!
    f**k off writers.. Go get us sth logical. Not this piece of shit!!

  12. Just curious, is Tanu the lead character of this drama ? It makes absolute sense that the entire drama revolves around her.fantastic storyline, 1 year pregnant, does everything humanely unethical and gets away with it, etc. the writers should keep it up, they will probably get an award for the worst drama series. They should give Tanu the house and money, kill Abhi and Pragya and spare us from watching another boring round of Aliyah, Tanu and Nihkil plotting to kill them again.

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