Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi going to room and nervously touching Pragya’s shoulder. She turns back. He apologizes her. Tanu watches them standing outside door.

Purab tells Bulbul that Abhi is different than him and he does not know to behave properly. He worked hard since childhood to become rich and had Tanu along her since childhood, so he thinks he loves her, but he does not, he is confused. He does a lot for his family. She asks what did jiju do to didi. Purab says he does not believe she is asking this when she knows Abhi rescued Pragya from kidnappers and even was shot.

Abhi tells Pragya he know knows why she kissed him and holds her. She gets emotional. Tu meri jaan hai…..song…plays in the background. Tanu feels dejected seeing them intimate and leaves.


tells Purab that she will confront Tanu and show her real place. He says she should not and wait for some time until Abhi and Pragya’s confusion clears. She says she will create a situation where they will accept their love for each other. He says she should not. She says she will not create any problem and leaves telling him to wait and watch.

Pragya walks out of room reminiscing Abhi hugging him and thinking how come she became so bold and feeling so good…Bulbul comes and says Abhi cannot be so rude to her and she will confront him. Pragya stops her and says Abhi apologized and hugged her. she asks if she lying. Pragya asks to see her smile and realize. Bulbul hugs her and says she is happy for her. She asks if she asked reply from Abhi or not. Pragya tries to escape, but Bulbul holds her and repeats. Pragya says when Abhi hugged and apologized her, she forgot in confusion and happiness. Bulbul says nothing can happen to her. Pragya holds her ears and apologizes.

Abhi thinks he is so relaxed like he finalized deal worth crores. He calls Purab. Purab says he does not want to talk to him as he misbehaved with Pragya, because of which Bulbul is angry on him and his love life is at risk. Abhi says his life is not at risk and says he with great courage apologized Pragya. Purab asks him not to lie being a big rockstar. Abhi takes his guitar’s promise and then Daadi’s promise. Purab says if he is taking daadi’s promise, he believes him and asks what was Pragya’s reaction. Abhi says she did not reply anything and says if he would have forced, Pragya would have complained daadi. He asks him to handle the situation for some days.

Sarla tells Daadi that she thinks Pragya and Abhi are behaving differently. Daadi says it is for good. Daasi says she will cfront them from tomorrow.

Abhi goes to bed and thinks before Pragya comes he should sleep. He takes pillows and goes to balcony. He thinks she may come here to check and remove lampshade’s bulb and thinks she will not see her. Pragya enters, takes blanket, and thinks before abhi comes she should go to balcony. She sees darkness in balcony and thinks it is good, else he would have come here. They both clash each other and hide behind chairs and asks who is it. Abhi then runs into room and thinks when nobody is here, then he would have clashed with a ghost and gets afraid. He hides under blanket seeing Pragya’s shadow. Pragya comes and thinks if she sleeps on sofa, Abhi may see her, so she sleeps on floor. Abhi peeps out from blanket and falls back asleep. In the morning, abhi while rolling in sleep falls on Pragya. They both get up and see each other. Abhi holds her mouth.

Precap: Tanu comes to meet Abhi, gets into his rehearsal room and taunts Pragya before locking door. Pragya feels sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. Abhi should speak up like a grown man and STOP disrespecting his wife…..

  1. Ta u should die n go to hell

  2. Can’t leave a sweet couple alone idiot tanu

  3. Oh my wen wi ll abhi propose yaar…he is damn dat he don’t know whom to choose nd himself don’t know whom he loves

  4. Wow super luv story i’m waiting f4 seeing the same scene in tamil too.. But now only aaliya is getting engaged with purab here.! OMG!!

    1. Hai priya neengalum tamil ah pakringala am also waiting but today s nice episode

      1. Hey u too tamil ah? Tats realy nice

    2. Hi u r also tamil ah nanum tan…

      1. ya bengali erka. yunkum tamil tared irkuda but ya konchum konchum marandta… by the is there also a tamil version of this show??

  5. Today episode was suberb …….

  6. same thinking priya

    1. Then high 5 roshid

  7. Great episode today
    Absolutely loved it

  8. me tooo.hai priya,susi.do u remember me?

    1. Hai nibir!

  9. i dont know why this stupid tanu interfere in others life

  10. Hi Priya,saranya,kowsi neengalum tamillaaaa. i will also all hindi serials

    1. Ya ma me too tamil

  11. Hmmm…… nice episode

  12. Hello guyz! I m nt a watcher of this shw. I bjst wanna knw 1 thin. Whats the approx no. Of cmnts here daily. Consider this as a census! Thnk u!

  13. hey

  14. Iss tanu ki chudel ko joothe marke uss ghar se nikalna chahiye

  15. Why don’t Tanu leave this couple alone.The thing is she may have loved him since child hood and is indeed in love with him but he has a wife now irregardless of how he was able to marry her.Pragya and Abhi are husband and wife now ,so please go away and leave them alone ti enjoy their love .This was a good episode but Tanu needs to be gone.She is a homw wrecker.

  16. Why is everyone having a go at Tanu??
    Abhi is the idiot. He’s married, Tanu is not. He needs to set the boundaries.
    He was saved by Pragya and yet, he’s calling her names and assuming she has alterior motives… and how does his image get tarnished if she says she kisseed him…. i’m sure his fans expect him to be intimate with his wife???? this is so ridiculous!

  17. Curse you tanu the f**king yellow teethed b*t*h

  18. the episode of today z fantastic

  19. in tamil what is the title ,me also tamil

    1. Iru malargal in polimer channel sonu

    2. Iru malarkal

  20. in tamil the title is iru malargal

    1. Yes Monday to friday at 7.30. Now only aaliya and purab’s engagement purchase going.

  21. Ohh !!!!!! More ppl from Tamil

  22. Me to tamil guys

  23. It’s tooooo late in tamil..

  24. Am also tamil girl… But dont know hindi… Everyday watching in tamil and reading the written updates in hindi:-)

  25. Am also tamil girl… But dont know hindi… Everyday watching in tamil and reading the written updates of hindi episode:-)

  26. me too tamil i luv this serial so much

  27. Good Serial

  28. Hi am also tamil ….I think lots of tamil people watching hindi serials coz they fed up of stereotypes tamil serials and I like purab

  29. Hi am too Tamil

    1. Am watching both in Tamil and Hindi cheers mates

  30. hi guys i am praksa i changed my name as praksha

  31. Nice episode,luv it

  32. hi am african girl I love hindi movies n series

  33. the drama is too much to the extent it makes it boring

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